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Week of FEBRUARY 9, 2009


Week of FEBRUARY 9 - FEBRUARY 13, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy and as hard as the new president and elitist team tries the stimulus package will fail. Just more Keynesianism, similar to what was attempted unsuccessfully in the 1930s.
"Layoffs and store and factory closings will go on indefinitely. Volume will fall in exchanges, as banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies and all matter of employers go out of business. The biggest companies are getting hit very hard exactly as we predicted."
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Ice storm survivor RON KLINEFELTER shares his most recent learning experience in living without power, without heat in sub-zero temperatures . . . and how certain preparations for extreme conditions can make or break your existence.

Arkansas farmer RON KLINEFELTER is a regular guest in past Power Hour Garden Features:
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Former U.S. Treasury Department and government analyst RICHARD COOK spells out four possible futures in the wake of this U.S. economic meltdown. "The problem does not lie with the financial sector except that the debt-based monetary system acts as a parasite on the producing economy, resulting in the vast overhang of debt that can never be repaid. “Resuscitating the flow of lending” will do no good, because the collapse of consumer purchasing power due to job outsourcing and income stagnation has made it impossible for people to pay their debts. Most of this debt now needs to be written off and our producing
economy restored as our chief source of wealth.
Articles Archived by Richard Cook:
Articles: * February 5, 2009 Open Letter to Dr. Joseph Stiglitz and Challenge to Debate
               * Town Hall Meeting in New York Canceled Due to Death Threat Against Monetary Reform Advocate Richard C. Cook

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"Ironically, the two segments of the population who are doing okay are the very rich and the very poor, who have the support of a lot of government programs.  It's the vast majority in the middle, the hard-working people, who are being destroyed by this empire of crime. Those are the people I am writing for and want to reach."

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Citizen spokesperson BILL DORSETT explains the numerous concerns to moving Plum Island to Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas(or anywhere in Tornado Alley) - despite growing concerns Governor [Kansas] Kathleen Sebelius says she's thrilled its official that a $450 million laboratory to study livestock diseases will be built near Kansas State ..."  [See Map]
The “No NBAF in Kansas” is a group of concerned citizens (retired farmers, builders, students, teachers, business owners, scientists, physicians) who believe that the NBAF facility would be too dangerous to have anywhere on the U.S. mainland, but especially in Manhattan (Kansas). Its leader, retired Kansas State University biophysicist Tom Manney, said “civic energy is so strong for obtaining the facility that many opponents are reluctant to speak out… Especially at the university, people don’t feel free to criticize it” because some fear upsetting administrators or being denied grants for research."
To get involved please visit:

Joining Mr. Dorsett is 7-generation rancher STEVEN ANDERSON to help citizens everywhere comprehend the negative economic, political, health and environmental issues surrounding this "Bio-Dealth Lab".

Related Article: Disease lab likely to be in Kansas


Health journalist and author LORNA VANDERHAEGHE discusses the critical importance that balanced hormones play in a thriving quality of daily life.

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Safety engineer and concert violinist DON MESERLIAN not only submitted government evidence disproving the government's explanation for the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapses on 9/11 to his mayor and city council - - - - Mr. Merserlian went the EXTRA STEP to place his property taxes into an escrow account until his local elected representatives RESPOND by letter of proclamation why they will not address his documented evidence.

Merserlian is now encouraging others to say, "No Answers, No Taxes" and place their own property taxes in escrow until respectfully-submitted grievance is redressed.

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