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Week of February 7, 2011


Week of February 7 - FEBRUARY 11, 2011


Canadian talk host GEORGE FREUND joins with Joyce to discuss the Egyptian meltdown- with a very different perspective and analysis from that of mainstream news reporting.
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Attorney ELLEN BROWN explains exactly how Egypt, and other countries too, are becoming major tinderboxes and how banks and investors are purposely starving the third world for self- enrichment. One of their ways was by creating “the food bubble” which has now increased the ranks of the world's hungry by 250 million.
     “What for a poor man is a crust, for a rich man is a securitized asset class."
                            -Futures trader Ann Berg, quoted in The Guardian UK.

BOOK: The Web of Debt
February 3 , 2011 Article by Ellen Brown: The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World

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Dedicated editor JACK DEAN believes so strongly in “FAIRNESS” that he continuously tracks data and shares these findings on the number of employees in goods-producing sectors of the economy vs. employees of the government. Today, evidence of that abuse is everywhere. Private employees find themselves working longer and being taxed more heavily so that government employees can enjoy outlandish pay and perks. This is now the “Mother of all Bubbles” and Jack explains in detail how this can never be economically sustained.
   "Public-sector unions have become the exploiters,'' Minnesota's outgoing Governor Tim Pawlenty argued last month, "and working families once
    again need someone to stand up for them.''

In the heartland as on the coasts, that challenge is being taken up.

TPH recommended viewing video (on this site) with Nick Gillespie:
Click Here for Chart posted by ClusterStock which tracks the number of employees in goods-producing sectors of the economy vs. employees of the government
The private employees are the ones keeping the public employees in business. And it isn’t just the government employees’ salaries we have to worry about. Think about the exorbitantly generous pensions and other benefits those employees receive. How long can we keep this up?

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A Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, and a market analyst and commentator, spokesperson MARSHALL AUERBACK provides a case for wiping out American debt - - - It’s time we had a debt Jubilee!

“Even on today’s payouts, the vast majority of people will have almost nothing but Social Security with which to support themselves on retirement. The value of their homes has declined, their 401(k)s have been decimated, many have lost their jobs. Yet these are the very people being called upon to make sacrifices to preserve our “national solvency”, even as the people largely responsible for this crisis sustain their jobs and lifestyle on the back of huge government bailouts.”
Today’s Topic:
Related Article by Attorney Ellen H. Brown of 
“At one time, federal securities were a safe and adequate investment for retirees. Then federal interest rates plunged, and investors moved into municipal bonds. Now that market, too, is collapsing, due to threats of bankruptcy among bond issuers. Cities, counties and states floundering from the credit crisis have been denied access to the quantitative easing tools used to bail out the banks - although it was the banks, not local governments, that caused the crisis.” See "The Fed Has Spoken: No Bailout for Main Street."
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LOU PARADISE, CEO and product formulator of Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream (an FDA regulated topical biomedicine), speaks out on Rx clinical tests, as an increasing amount are being conducted outside of U.S. and the FDA’s inability/unwillingness to monitor. Find out the reason why this trend will continue, how the test results can be skewed, and other alarming and frightening reasons why we need to be paying attention.

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Internationally lecturer, author, and world authority on greens, superfoods, and whole-food nutrition, DAVID SANDOVAL educates on how you can increase your energy, boost your overall health and overcome many illnesses with super green foods like barley grass, wheatgrass, kamut, chlorella, spirulina and others!
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ADAM LOCK provides information on purifying and drinking “snow”… you never know when you may need it. Plus, Water In The News: Current news items relating to water, that made the news in the past couple months:
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FRIDAY – FEBRUARY 11 – Change Your World FEATURE:

DANA VISALLI returns to TPH to provide a reality check: “We cannot vote them out” - - - so people, everywhere, need to take responsibility for their own lives. Dana provides numerous ways in which we can thrive without playing their governmental games.

Dana’s local community website in Washington state: 
Related Article: The Biology of Human Behavior by Dana Visalli

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