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Week of FEBRUARY 4, 2008


Week of  FEBRUARY 4 - FEBRUARY 8, 2008:


Taxation expert PETER HENDRICKSON provides his perspective on the current Wesley Snipes "Tax Trial". Did Mr. Snipes take the correct approach in safe-guarding what rightfully belongs to him? Was his case a missed opportunity - - - or a strange silver-lining for "we the people" ?
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Coming from an entrenched background in mainstream news (pure propaganda) reporting RANDALL LIBERO continues with educating Americans on HOW the media works and highlights current MANIPULATIONS.


On this 221st Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution ROBERT PELTON educates on 0ur Founding Fathers' sacrifices and original intent for Freedom & Liberty - - - almost ALL of which have been ILLEGALLY stolen by bureaucrats and corporate carpetbaggers - - - exactly the danger our Founding Fathers warned about when society neglects their due diligence.

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A Uniquely Different Piece of American History
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NOTE: This book and George Washington will be detailed on FEBRUARY 18th - President's Day

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George Washington's Prophetic Vision
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Writer RAMIEL NAGEL shares his discovery that what we have been told about the health of our teeth is a shiny white fantasy.
"We cannot continue to fool ourselves by saying that we do not know the cause of tooth decay. The cause is known. The primary cause of tooth decay is not bacteria; it is caused by a deficiency of nutrients."

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Additional Books on this Topic:
The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe
Eating For Beauty By David Wolfe
Naked Chocolate By David Wolfe
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G Enig, PhD


Speaking from personal experience JIM PURCEY tells you why you do NOT need a drivers license, a marriage license, how a "promissory note" can work in your favor...and many more items the greedsters do not want you to know.
NEW BOOK: "Am I The Only American Who Thinks This Way?" (Author) Jim Purcey

Architect RICHARD GAGE, AIA, exposes yet another round of lies and deception as controllers wish to falsely demonize 911 truth-seekers.
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Professional Engineer in Chemical Engineering, REAGAN HOUSTON, MS, PE, returns to TPH to cover other Vitamins and individual cancer benefits, plus cancer pain relief.
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JASON DERKEVICS discusses how diet can heal the body and how nutritional supplements can stop the degenerative process and simultaneously promote true healing.

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ADAM LOCK educates on Trihalomethanes. Big word… ... what does this it mean? We’ll discuss which THM’s a Berkey system can remove and why it’s important to do so.
Water in the news:
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International reporter JOEL SKOUSEN provides in-depth analysis to election/media Primary manipulations and behind-the-scene
one-two punches.

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Arkansas farmer RON KLINEFELTER shares his timely and proven gardening tips and expertise on backyard gardening, succession planting, storage and distribution ideas. Now is the time to get ready for Spring Planting!
Greenhouse Plans (author) Ron Klinefelter
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