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Week of FEBRUARY 2, 2009


Week of FEBRUARY 2 - FEBRUARY 6, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN explains what is going on with Treasury Securities and what this means to the American Taxpayer.
"These are assets that other nations own but really cannot spend. The money is essentially frozen. If these dollar assets were sold in any big way the dollar would collapse and so would the entire financial system."
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"Will of the People" has provided a timely book that shares a two-year plan to wake up the masses, by changing the way people feel - - - to the way they THINK. Then . . . acting upon those thoughts by granting CONSENT; or likewise, stopping consent on an individual basis. "By thoroughly understanding Freedom and how to secure it, sharing this truth with others, we will systematically wake each other up to a change how we think and function, just like the Colonists did to ignite the American Revolution."
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Concerned citizen SHANE CONNORS is sending an alert to be prepared for False-Flag Operations: TPTB (The Powers That Be) and Federal Reserve will do anything to avoid being blamed for the coming chaos that they themselves created. Be prepared and let's not allow them to get away with any more skullduggery.

Shane Connor is the CEO of and consultants and developers of survival solutions to government, military, private organizations and individual families worldwide.
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Shane's Related Article: Nuclear Armageddon

DR. CASS INGRAM educates on common kitchen spices and their not so known healing powers - - - perfect as an emergency medicine chest!
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Independent journalist BECKY AKERS returns to TPH to blow the whistle on the Federal Air Marshal Service and their totalitarian airports. The caliber of Air Marshal employees and level of misconduct are staggering, compliments of Homeland Security and your tax-dollars.

Becky's writings (archives) can be accessed from:

Related USA Today Article and Investigation by ProPublica: Chief Calls on Air Marshals to ‘Root Out’ Misconduct

NOTE: For additional writings of Becky Akers just click here.


Among the top internet reporters AMY WORTHINGTON provides startling research into the negative health effect of cell phones on unborn children - including birth defects. Babies born to GENERATION X-RAY may be on the fast track to humanity's genetic DEAD END."

"Scientists warn that a pregnant woman using a cell phone, with or without a headset or bluetooth device, could cause her to place the transmitting phone near her abdomen, exposing her baby to dangerous levels of microwave radiation. Both the pelvic structure and amniotic fluids promote the deep penetration of microwaves, which can be easily absorbed by the fetus."

Part 1
: Generation X-Ray: Child Victims of Technological Abuse --
Part 2: Generation X'd Out" - The impact on pregnancy and fetal development:

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INGRI CASSEL, Director of Vaccination Liberation, zeroes in on a stealth psy-ops program taking place in Ashland, Oregon where "doctors" are paying parents in the entire community to find out why they are not vaccinating their children. There is a story behind this story! Learn why they would do such a thing - and the correct to response to such inquiries.

Mainstream News reporting Article: Ashland, Oregon - The real story - - - behind this story will be covered by Ingri Cassel.

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ADAM LOCK discusses Trihalomethanes. Big word… what’s it mean? We’ll discuss which THM’s a Berkey system can remove and why it’s important to do so.
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Talk Radio Host DR. STAN MONTEITH exposes Alan Greenspan and his legacy of the Federal Reserve by connecting all the dots in today's PLANNED economic meltdown.
"They will take your house. They will take your job. They will take your savings. They will take your pension. Step-by-step, exactly as they planned."
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****URGENT ACTION**** for those in Arkansas -- HB1046 Freedom to Farm passed the House Ag-Committee. Now the VOTE goes to the HOUSE. Please call the State House switchboard NOW 501-682-6211. PLEASE KEEP THESE CALLS GOING UNTIL THE HOUSE VOTE. (POSSIBLY TUESDAY) Message: "I would like to leave a message for Rep.__________to please support HB 1046 Freedom to Farm. Thank You." **(they may ask your name, address or phone #)



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