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Week of January 30, 2012


Week of JANUARY 30 - FEBRUARY 3, 2012:


At present I do not feel that I have seen more than the fringe of poverty. Still I can point to one or two things I have definitely learned by being hard up. I shall never again think that all tramps are drunken scoundrels, nor expect a beggar to be grateful when I give him a penny, nor be surprised if men out of work lack energy, nor subscribe to the Salvation Army, nor pawn my clothes, nor refuse a handbill, nor enjoy a meal at a smart restaurant. That is a beginning.”   
                               - - - Orwell Quote, Down & Out in Paris & London

Florida attorney MARK HANKINS details “The Credit Industry” to understand the businesses: that extends credit, performs collections, and trades in debts; with more details when a debtor defaults. In addition, Mark provides the greatest tools and
strategies for debtors’, as secret weapons, to use when finding themselves caught up in a series of flawed credit systems, that various interest groups have purposely created, then fully exploited.

Articles of Interest:
 * Robosigning Credit Cards:
The Next Major Bank Scandal?; January 17th, 2012:
 * Unsecured Credit Card Debt Default as Taxable Income:
***There is an obscure 2008 IRS ruling that supposedly pulls back the 2006 requirement that 1099-c forms be issued by creditors after 36 months of nonpayment…there is a way to fight this.

Interesting Article by Mark Hankins: Is your Wi-Fi the Biggest Threat to your Finances?

3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES LIVE with Debt Questions or Concerns to Atty. Mark Hankins: To call the show – Toll-free: 1 800 259 9231
or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

If the country is to survive the current debt crisis, the Jubilee year declared in Leviticus may need to be reinstituted, or at least the demand of Nehemiah 5:9 “Leave off the usury!” as well as the forgiveness of the dishonest steward described in Luke 16. After all “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” is smack dab in the middle of the Lord’s prayer.

Debt Hope: Down And Dirty Survival Strategies By Mark S. Hankins, J.D., LLM

AVAILABLE online at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time.

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January 30, 2012 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
January 30, 2012 (hour 2) - Guest Mark Hankins
January 30, 2012 (hour 3) - Guest Mark Hankins + Open Lines


Board certified Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat) DR. ELAINA GEORGE spotlights the necessary requirements for affordable healthcare, as in many cases current treatment has become impossible to pay. Most importantly, how governmental
agencies are planning to make a bad situation even worse by rationing and vastly limiting individuals’ health options - - -and controlling doctors as well.
Articles of Interest by Dr. Elaina George:
 * If Doctors Choose To Put Patient Care First They Can Look Forward To Fines Or Jail Time
 * Will Your Medical Information Be Used Against You?
Additional Articles Available on: 

New Year’s Tax To Help Ration OBAMACARE; By News With Views News Writer Jim Kouri; January 6, 2012

Essential Oils health advocate and author, TERI SECREST introduces a NEW premium blended tea made of wholesome and rare ingredients, called SLIQUE TEA, to be used as part of a healthy weight-management program. This tea contains Ecuadorian ocotea leaf (Ocotea quixos), a member of the cinnamon family, Amazonian cacao, vanilla essential oil, hand-picked Taiwanese jade oolong tea leaves, and enriched with 100% pure therapeutic-grade Arabian frankincense powder from Salalah, Oman.

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January 31, 2012 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
January 31, 2012 (hour 2) - Guest Dr. Elaina George
January 31, 2012 (hour 3) - Guest Teri Secrest


1st Hour - News LIVE with Joyce Riley

2nd Hour: RE-BROADCAST - Founder of Oath Keepers STEWART RHODES tells why they launched a national effort to recall all of the oath breaking members of Congress, in both the House and Senate, who voted for the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2012 (NDAA).
This Act contains provisions that authorize indefinite military detention and trial by military commission of "any person" - including U.S. citizens and lawful residents - upon the mere say-so of the President or one of his subordinates in the Executive Branch, such as within the Department of Defense or CIA.”
Websites: and
 * Oath Keepers Launches National Effort to Recall and/or Remove Members of Congress Who Voted for NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, U.S. Congress!

3rd Hour: RE-BROADCAST  - Sheriff RICHARD MACK continues teaching that sheriffs are the most important and powerful elected officials in the nation. Sheriffs have the power to keep federal government agents at bay and protect the rights of citizens in their county. Too many sheriffs fail to understand their Constitutional duties.

The solution is in your hands, it is within your own backyard, it is right in your own county. The solution is state sovereignty and each county acting in accordance with the principles established in the 10th Amendment. It’s you working with your county sheriff and locally elected officials to stand up for the Bill of Rights and to stand against the out of control federal government and its agencies. – Sheriff Mack

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION: January 30th and 31, 2012, Sheriff Mack and his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), will host the Constitutional Sheriffs Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click on this link for all the details:

The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope (by) Richard Mack available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time.
TPH Recommended DVD: 10 RULES For Dealing With Police Produced by
Available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4Central Time

RAE COPITKA and LOMA WHARTON, from the great state of Oregon, joins TPH during the 3rd hour to give a salute Sheriff Mack for having inspired so many of their locals into action. Because of him and his educational materials, they are now making great strides with their local sheriffs.

Audio Archived at:
February 01, 2012 (hour 1) - News Live with talk show host Joyce Riley
February 01, 2012 (hour 2) - RE-BROADCAST of the Stewart Rhodes interview
February 01, 2012 (hour 3) - RE-BROADCAST of the Sherriff Richard Mack interview along with Rae Copitka & Loma Wharton who joins in to give a salute to Sheriff Mack for having inspired so many of their locals into action.

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Leading Environmental Medicine authority SHERRY ROGERS, M.D., addresses the negative consequences of combining various prescriptions simultaneously. There is a prescription drug legal “cocktailing epidemic’ and patients must be VERY diligent as to what and when they are taking controlled substances.

Related Best Selling Books by Dr. Sherry Rogers:
* Detoxify or Die
* Pain Free in 6 Weeks
* Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?

Other Best Selling Books by Dr. Sherry Rogers:
* Depression Cured At Last
* Wellness Against All Odds
* No More Heartburn
* The Cure Is In The Kitchen
* The E.I. Syndrome
* You Are What You Eat
* Macro Mellow

Any natural products discussed during today’s broadcast, including The Detox Cocktail will be available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time. 

3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES LIVE with YOUR Health Testimonials and JOYCE:
To call the show -- toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

Audio Archived at:
February 02, 2012 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
February 02, 2012 (hour 2) - Guest Sherry Rogers, M.D.
February 02, 2012 (hour 3) - Guest Sherry Rogers, M.D. with open lines

FRIDAY – FEBRUARY 3 – Change Your World FEATURE:
Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open. --Source Unknown

Author of "The Immortal" series JOSEPH JOHN DEWEY strives to bridge the gap on “New Age” perspectives into tolerance by those holding steadfast religious beliefs. He can speak Bible with anyone and quote it thoroughly. What makes him so good at what he does is that he has ancient knowledge and is versed in all theological ideologies, and, best of all, his goal is to move people into a greater awareness and consciousness shift – which is what December 2012 is all about. He challenges
conventional religious thinking using the very tools others use to defend their non-movement.
Website:'s Web Site

You may download Book I for free at: or by calling 1-800-390-5687. You may also obtain Book I and II through that web site ($19.95).

3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES LIVE with JOSEPH JOHN and JOYCE: To call the show -- toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

Audio Archived at:
February 03, 2012 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
February 03, 2012 (hour 2) - Guest Joseph John Dewey
February 03, 2012 (hour 3) - Guest Joseph John Dewey with open lines



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