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Week of JANUARY 26, 2009


Week of JANUARY 26 - JANUARY 30, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the intentional collapse of the U.S. Economy:
There is now no question that all the legacy or money center banks will be merged into one nationalized bank.
"The real estate crisis is probably about 40% over. They’ll be further declines. The injection of cheap interest rates and a stimulus package of
$825 billion are going to temporarily delay the downside. Instead of ending in 2011 it could extend to 2012."
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Jubilee USA Network Spokesperson NEIL WATKINS explains the Biblical SOLUTION to solve Americans current economic crisis
- "Forgive Us Our Debts...."
"In the Jubilee Year as quoted in Leviticus, those enslaved because of debts are freed, lands lost because of debt are returned, and community is restored. Today, international debt has become a new form of slavery. Take a detailed look at what we’re doing to restore right relationships and why we do it:"

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Joyce and Dave apologize for this unannounced rebroadcast schedule.  Due to personal family occurrences, they have been called away. Please keep Joyce and her beloved mother Naomi Thompson in your prayers during this difficult time. The Power Hour Team deeply appreciates your understanding and pray for their safe return.

Due to severe weather, The Power Hour is closed today(Tuesday).  For all of the products listed below, please visit and your order will be processed as soon as possible.  Thank you so much for your continued support.


1st Hour: ATTORNEY PHIL J. BERG provided behind-the scenes information on the gatekeepers stopping the required proof that Barack Obama is in fact a constitutionally qualified ‘natural-born’ citizen – allowed to be a lawful President of the United States.

2nd and 3rd Hours: Author and Speaker PERRY A~ ARLEDGE provided an insightful introduction and understanding of therapeutic clay. Perry A~ shared the latest information on stopping needless amputations, clay for injuries, sores, blood flow and more! In addition,
Perry A~ also draws on her university studied agriculture and animal husbandry to teach healthy ways that calcium bentonite clay can detox the human body, be used on animals, and even beneficial when added in your garden soil.
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Another Clay Book:
The Clay Cure By Ran Knishinsky


1st Hour: Freedom fighter DEVVY KIDD discussed the Supreme Court Justices' cowardice and shirking of their sole responsibility to rightfully address the Obama as a Natural Born Citizen case law. Are these Justices' keepers of the Constitution or tin-horn gatekeepers?
Remember: The Supreme Court Justices took an OATH before GOD to uphold and defend OUR Constitution - - - apparently they care about neither.
Devvy's Most Recent Articles:

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2nd & 3rd Hours: Taxation expert PETER HENDRICKSON provides his perspective on the staggering corruption emanating from Washington and Wall Street - - - will public awareness be a silver-lining for "we the people" ? . . . . OR ....

Will recently indicted (November 14th) Peter be confined to prison JUST to scare taxpayers into continued submission?

NOTE: PETER HENDRICKSON'S MUST READ BOOK compares the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to the Bill of Rights and proves that the IRS has snookered American taxpayers - - - - knowing their secrets can truly set you free.
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SOFIA SMALLSTORM articulately explains TROUBLE FOR PETE! THIS IS A CASE (The I.R.S. vs Peter Hendrickson - trial date January 16th) that "we the people" MUST WIN"! Send whatever donation you can afford - please send it now - because Peter is the real deal and deserves the best legal defense team.

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1st Hour: Essential Oils health advocate TERI WILLIAMS recommends obtaining the best health insurance in the world -- a strong immune system! Teri details the powerful anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial properties of therapeutic-grade essential oils, with particular emphasis on the patented trademark blend of Thieves - - - and shares a variety of multipurpose uses for this amazing Thieves product line.

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2nd & 3rd Hours: Incredibly gifted SOFIA SMALLSTORM, who previously produced the highly acclaimed documentary 9/11 Mysteries (2006), has immersed herself in the global chemtrail emergency and definitively pulls it all together for people everywhere to grasp how big the chemtrail story has become.
"The [chemtrail] spraying is part of an integrated atmospheric weapons system. Though it seems the program is currently about weather modification, the aerosols contain nano-engineered biologics, or weaponized parasites. According to those who have done the research, we are virtually all infected. Perhaps ‘seeded’ would be a better word."

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A Power Hour SPECIAL THANK YOU to Editor DON HARKINS for the related article: Mission Accomplished: Globe enveloped in a radioactive, toxic chemical, heavy metal and nano particle-laden haze.
NOTE: Full article available in print version DECEMBER 2008 Issue of Idaho Observer.

DON HARKINS, Editor of The Idaho Observer, issues the following News Alert for TPH Audience: 
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DAVID MYRLAND teaches how you can restore our corrupt court system with the knowledge and confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court - - - a taught methodology that is consistent and once learned can be applied to a variety of personal/legal situations.... over and over again. Today's focus will be on Foreclosures: AFTER the property has been taken - - - find out how and why you have more recourse (after the home is taken) than before they take it! Also, the mechanics of how a home loan works, how it is financed, necessary in understanding the real problem and the fraud taking place.
** MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Service) Website Link:

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