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Week of JANUARY 19, 2009


Week of JANUARY 19 - JANUARY 23, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy, contrary to mainstream analysts who are predicting a recovery in 2010, Bob believes there is no end in sight and all signs point to a coming depression.

"Over 6 million jobs have been lost in the past eight years in great part due to free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing. In December another 149,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. The only way this can be reversed is by Congress implementing tariffs on goods and services. If we do not have such legislation, America cannot survive as a first-class nation."
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JEANNIE MITCHELL explains the many benefits of owning and using a Sun Aire Ductless Furnace during these tough economic times. In addition, Jeannie covers the extreme importance of clean breathable air and why the Sun Aire Air Purifier is used in hospitals, nursing homes, mold remediation, and funeral homes - - - you can safely say "Breathing or not - you need one!"

Attention Essential Oil Users: Jeannie explains how the Sun Aire Air Purifier works uniquely in harmony with your essential oils diffuser/s - when used together the essential oils travel further, faster and stronger!

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NOTE: Our guest, Terri Hall was unable to join us today due to an illness.  She will be re-scheduled but please check out the important information below:
Texan grassroots organizer and political activist TERRI HALL has met the true enemy of "we the people" and it is every elected official, and worse - - - those political lapdog "appointees" at local level. Terri will talk about their recent lawsuit and how the Trans Texas Corridor has been renamed, and regardless of what they tell you is not dead.
IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE: Trans Texas Corridor NOT dead

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DR. JODY GRENGA, MS, DC, RMT, not only demonstrates how to cut your gas and electric bill monthly, but shares a personal family account of growing up on a working farm in the rural Midwest during the Great Depression.
"By grit and wit, the Woolf family survived the 1930s largely through their own down-home ingenuity. In the 1930s, 4,000,000 Americans were forced into despair and from their homes, including 250,000 children. That the Woolf family stayed intact by growing their own food."
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Past Radio Interview: A Year of Drinking Berkey Purified Rainwater by JODY GRENGA
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Incredibly gifted SOFIA SMALLSTORM returns to The Power Hour to discuss various topics.  and

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Independent journalist BECKY AKERS provides keen insight into the Inaugural hoopla, “You can say this for the TSA and the millions of Americans cheering an emperor who has no clothes: they certainly deserve one another.”

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ADAM LOCK discusses "Snow": Can you really use it for water? Should you filter it first?
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International lecture and legendary researcher/author JOHN TAYLOR GATTO brought his now-famous phrase - Dumbing Us Down - into common use worldwide, and continues to expose that everything you know about public school is wrong. His sage observations on the school system, corporate world and consumer-driven culture are brilliant. He even addresses how this country has gone from manufacturing steel to manufacturing "Bubbles" (as in Real Estate bubbles)...and more.
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