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Week of Jan 15, 2007


MONDAY - JANUARY 15:  KATHERINE ALBRECHT, PhD, exemplifies a model or fine example of a great SUCCESS STORY brought about by political activism - - -
as their group solely derailed The 2002 RFID Plan and has become a proven major set-back to a massive RFID scheme...."We Will NOT Stop!"
Related Article: Court Challenge of ID Requirement Fails

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DR. NICK BEGICH returns to TPH with full emphasis on new brain and mind enhancing technologies - - - the sinister side of controlling the human mind (enslaving us) verses exploring limitless possibilities freeing us to our fullest potential.
NEW BOOK: Controlling the Human Mind (by) Dr. Nick Begich
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Eighth-generation-herbalist from an Austrian family, JIM STRAUSS shares timely herbal remedies and the historical uses on a wide variety of herbs, plants and plant enzymes.
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Click below hyperlinks for more articles:
* VitaMind Protocol (pdf file) written by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND and Dr. Robert Jackman PhD.

* HD HEDRONSTUDY (pdf file) is a One-Year Observational Study to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of Strauss Heartdrops in Reducing Risk to Coronary Heart Disease. It was conducted by Hedron Analytical and written by Dr. Paul Hornby PhD. The appendices and references were done by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND.

RICHARD REEVES presents an emergency action item on a particular Texas case that sets the precedence for the rest of the nation. If the powers that be succeed in hijacking existing roads in Austin (the hotbed of the resistance) then the rest of the country's roads will be a slam dunk to undergo toll conversion.

DANEEN PETERSON, Ph.D., returns to detail specific, newly signed, 'Executive Orders' and depicts the coming ramifications of such Constitutional robbing Legislation on every man, woman and child.

Author and leading nutrition authority DAVID WOLFE educates on the unique healing abilities of HEMP as a daily dietary regimen.  You will not want to miss this dynamite "Hemp, Hemp, Hooray" show! All HEMP Products discussed and books "Hemp For Health: The Medicinal and Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa", The Sunfood Diet Success System and Naked Chocolate are available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or

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Father, police officer and patient's rights advocate JOHN McCORMACK shares their deep and tragic story and his personal commitment to create Federal Laws affording patients and families the right to make a victim impact statement and bring an attorney to hearings at the Board of Registration in Medicine hearings.

Attorney JIM PERDUE, Jr. discusses wrongful medical acts and what must be done for the injured party to recover damages.

ADAM LOCK enlightens us on "Bottled water - is it really worth it?" BERKEY Special includes the free sport water purification bottles - available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or or 1-573-378-6049 to order.

DR. CASS INGRAM returns to report on current health issues and precautions everyone can take to protect themselves in an increasing unpredictable situation and an unstable economic climate (i.e. no health insurance). * Germ-a-Clenz *Infla-eez *OregaSpray *Flush-eeze *Kid-e-Kare Products *P-73 Oregano Products, *CocaPalm and *SesamE Oil and *OregaBiotic *Total Body Purge and items discussed during this broadcast available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or
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FRIDAY - JANUARY 18 - DOUBLE "Sludge Part 3" Feature:
CAROLINE SNYDER, PhD, returns on the "Sludge" issue to shed additional light on: The Integretiy of Science; Whistleblower Protection; Remedies.

Citizen activist LORRAINE POTTER details what has happened Campbell County, VA.

ALAN RUBIN, PhD, returns to support State and Federal research programs promising no risks to human health from the presence of both metals and organic pollutants in agricultural soils and materials, they prefer be called "biosolids" vs. sludge, that are being added to agricultural lands as a source of nutrients and as a soil amendment.
NOTE: "Organic Fertilizer" made from sewage sludge, is now EPA-approved for use on vegetables.





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