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Week of JANUARY 12, 2009


Week of JANUARY 12 - JANUARY 16, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy and President-elect Barack Obama's dismal plan to pump unprecedented dollars into the national economy, for his mammoth spending proposal of "let's print more money!"
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ATTORNEY PHIL J. BERG will provide up to the date events surrounding Mr. Obama - - - as not being a constitutionally qualified ‘natural-born’ citizen: "Our Writ of Certiorari is still pending and is now scheduled for Conference before U.S. Supreme Court on January 9, 2009. I am appalled that the main stream media continues to ignore this issue as we are headed to a ‘Constitution Crisis.’ There is nothing more important than our U.S. Constitution and it must be enforced. I am concerned that our Courts have not yet decided to look into the merits of our allegations. I know that Mr. Obama is not a constitutionally qualified ‘natural-born’ citizen and therefore, is ineligible to assume the office of President of the United States. Obama, knows he is not ‘natural born’
as he knows where he was born and he knows he was adopted in Indonesia."


Israeli reporter, BARRY CHAMISH tries to stimulate the Jews of America to think differently about Israel:
"America's Jews are doing nothing to stand up for Israel in its war in Gaza. While Hamas can gather crowds in the thousands worldwide to protest the invasion, American Jews do nothing to publicly stand with Israel. I mean nothing. Nada. Bubkis. Kloom. Gournischt. And I think I have a clue why. Let it be said that I accurately predicted this war in my book Bye Bye Gaza."
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Notorious Vote Fraud researcher (and Ohio Congressional Candidate in 2008) JIM CONDIT, JR., is reporting on 'The Theft of America' by exposing the "fleecing" of millions of dollars by the top trustees of various organizations and away from the original intended benefactors. This includes the behind-the-scenes Madoff Scandal and the inside crime against the honest Ron Paul and his dedicated internet donors.
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Incredibly gifted SOFIA SMALLSTORM, who previously produced the highly acclaimed documentary 9/11 Mysteries (2006), has immersed herself in the global chemtrail emergency and definitively pulls it all together for people everywhere to grasp how big the chemtrail story has become. "The [chemtrail] spraying is part of an integrated atmospheric weapons system. Though it seems the program is currently about weather modification, the aerosols contain nano-engineered biologics, or weaponized parasites. According to those who have done the research, we are virtually all infected. Perhaps ‘seeded’ would be a better word."
BOOK: Cracking The Code by Peter E. Hendrickson
DVD: 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions - SOFIA SMALLSTORM

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A Power Hour SPECIAL THANK YOU to Editor DON HARKIN for the related article: Related Article from the Dec. 2008 Idaho Observer: Mission accomplished: Globe enveloped in a radioactive, toxic chemical, heavy metal and nano particle-laden haze
NOTE: Full article available in print version DECEMBER 2008 Issue of Idaho Observer.

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ADAM LOCK provides "Water In The News." Current news items relating to water that made the news in the past month (December) –
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DAVID MYRLAND teaches how you can restore our corrupt court system with the knowledge and confidence to engage seasoned attorneys and judges in court - - -
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