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Week of JANUARY 11, 2010


Week of JANUARY 11 - JANUARY 15, 2010


Brandon Sazue, the Crow Creek Tribal Chairman, is back with us today to give us any updates on the situation involving the Crow Creek Indian Reservation having been auctioned off by the IRS for back taxes owed. Brandon can share with us if anything is being done to find out why this has happened and if there is hope of stopping the sale.

Brandon was previously on The Power Hour on Tuesday December 15, 2009 if you would like to listen to that show on the GCN - The Power Hour Archives at

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To send words of encouragement or donations of any kind:
Brandon Sazue
Ruth Fire Lane
House # 164
Fort Thompson, SD  57339

David Wolfe will be back with us today to talk about raw foods and how they benefit us. David has a masters degree in nutrition and a background in science and mechanical engineering and is considered an authority on nutrition, herbalism, chocolate and organic super foods. David brings us his Sunfood line of products and has written many books:

PRODUCTS: Sun Warrior Protein [Vanilla or Chocolate] and Sun is Shining
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Erin Dakins of Indiana Preppers Network will be back to talk about prepping - why she preps and the benefits of prepping - what this means today with everything going on in the world from the hyped terrorist threats to the decline of the dollar. A grass-roots group of like-minded people from every socio-economic level have joined together to share freedom through self-reliance through a network called American Preppers. Erin will share with us the HOPE that she gains from learning, sharing and preparing.
       - (make sure to check out your state!)
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Power Hour Books: The Official Urban and Wilderness Emergency Survival Guide and Storey's Basic Country Skills

New Items: Strauss Wonder Tea
                  Book: The Medicinal Herb Grower by Richo Cech

Sofia Smallstorm sees something wrong with the trees and she believes it is excess levels of aluminum that are slowly killing them. Sophia will talk about “Silent Forest” today and to understand what this is all about, please visit her website and there you will see pictures of “tube socks.” Sofia will explain what to look for to identify tree decline and how to determine if it is present in your area.


Lies and deceptions are occurring even in the field of archaeology and Jonathan Gray will be with us today to tell us some truths from his home in New Zealand. You will be angry but he will share some truths with us that researchers have been told to discard, to not be told, to not be shared with the world. If a discovery does not fit in with their neat little package for the people to be allowed to know, then many artifacts are destroyed and many dumped into the ocean. Maybe some of the pieces of the puzzle can be put into place by knowing some truths that have been hidden.

Roger Tolces is a licensed private investigator and founder of Advanced Electronic Security Bug Sweep Company located in California specializing in electronic harassment and he can share with us why this is a problem - this loss of privacy. Even if you break no laws and do nothing wrong, you are watched and recorded almost 24 hours a day even in your own home. Roger is all about preparedness and he will discuss that as well today and why we need to prepare in these uncertain times.


Electromagnetic frequencies bombard our bodies every minute of every day and this continues to worsen with the advances in technology and the electronic equipment we have in our homes. Jody Ryabinov has developed EMF Resonance Shields to protect our bodies from these dangerous frequencies that we are exposed to.

Alyosha Ryabinov will join his wife, Jody, to talk about Hebraic Thoughts. He will share the difference between Hebrew thoughts and Greek thoughts and perhaps shed some light on some of the differences that are coming to light between translations of the bible.

ADAM LOCK discusses “Fluoride in Your Water” What’s the latest news on fluoride and how you can reduce it with PF - post filter elements.
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Water in the News:


We did not come from apes and we had advanced technology many years ago that has been hidden and forgotten and Doug Yurchey will share some of his research with us on the links between Nikola Tesla and ancient technologies.
NOTE: Jeffery Grupp also joins Joyce on the show this morning to talk with our guest Doug Yerchey in the second hour.

You can listen to Jeff on
Book: Corporatism by Jeffery Grupp can be purchased by visiting  or by calling 877-817-9829

Ever dreamed of having a garden growing 12 months a year even if you live up north and there is snow on the ground? How great would it be to lengthen your growing season and have fresh produce year around? Sterling Allan will share with us what he has learned about Walipini Gardening. Wouldn’t a fresh tomato taste just great right now during this deep freeze and tons of snow?! Let’s find out how this is done!!




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