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Week of January 1, 2007


MONDAY - JANUARY 1, 2007:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  NEW YEAR's Holiday REBROADCAST of original December 22nd with show with ANNIE MACHON, former U.K. MI5 Agent, makes serious allegations against the British state's intelligence services, MI5 and MI6.
BOOK: Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 And the Shayler Affair (by) Annie Machon available at

Economics expert ANDREW GAUSE pulls back the veil on a small group of financial heavyweights that secretly help American consumers stay afloat in choppy economic waters - - - they are known as The Plunge Protection Team.

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BOOKS: Secret World Of Money by Andrew Gause
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Foremost leader in a nationwide succession movement, KIRKPATRICK SALE reports on the First North American Secessionist Convention held November 2006 - - - striving to place secession on the national political agenda.

NOTE: You may wish to hear a past presentation with Thomas Naylor on Vermont as the role model to secession: December 12th [2nd and 3rd hours) archived at

MATT OLSON shares why a powerful little book has sold over 3 million copies! This is a must have book for every conceivable Juror in the land.

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CAROLINE SNYDER, PhD, voices her deep concerns to the recycling of sewage waste (sludge) into land used by farmers, ranchers, vegetable growers, animals and human habitants.

Sludge victim BARBARA RUBIN (no relation to Dr. Alan Rubin below) details her health issues caused by exposure to unsafe sludge materials.

Citizen activist LORRAINE POTTER discusses a variety of legal challenges to combat the spreading of sewer sludge.

DR. ALAN RUBIN, is considered one of several experts in assessing the risks to human health from the presence of both metals and organic pollutants in agricultural soils and materials, such as biosolids (sludge), being added to agricultural lands as a source of nutrients and as a soil amendment.
NOTE: "Organic Fertilizer" made from sewage sludge, is now EPA-approved for use on vegetables.
** Article of Interest:  Let Them Eat Sludge by John C. Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

Noted neurosurgeon and author DR. RUSSELL BLAYLOCK educates on the importance of nutrition and its undeniable connection to human healing powers.
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DR. CASS INGRAM returns to report on current health issues and precautions everyone can take to protect themselves in an increasing unpredictable situation and an unstable economic climate (i.e. no health insurance). * Germ-a-Clenz *Infla-eez *OregaSpray *Flush-eeze *Kid-e-Kare Products *P-73 Oregano Products, *CocaPalm and *SesamE Oil and *OregaBiotic *Total Body Purge and items discussed during this broadcast available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or

Georgia dairy farmer ANDY McELMURRAY, and his attorney EDWIN HALLMAN, share a personal and horrifying story of a prize wining herd virtually destroyed by ingesting forage grown on "sludged" land.

DR. JAMPA STEWART announces a new colon cleanse MetaCleanse made from three of our most popular natural substances:
Ground Flaxseed
Whole Psyllium Husks
Food-Grade Bentonite Clay

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