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Today In History - Friday - September 30, 2011
1777 - The Congress of the United States moved to York, PA, due to advancing British forces.
1787 - The Columbia left Boston and began the trip that would make it the first American vessel to sail around the world.
1882 - In Appleton, WI, the world's first hydroelectric power plant began operating.
1935 - "The Adventures of Dick Tracey" debuted on Mutual Radio Network.
1946 - An international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, found 22 top Nazi leaders guilty of war crimes.
1954 - The U.S. Navy commissioned the Nautilus submarine at Groton, CT. It was the first atomic-powered vessel.
1955 - Actor James Dean was killed in a car accident at the age of 24 near Cholame, CA.
1962 - James Meredith succeeded in registering at the University of Mississippi. It was his fourth attempt to register.
1963 - The Soviet Union publicly declared itself on the side of India in their dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir.
1971 - The Soviet Union and the United States signed pacts that were aimed at avoiding an accidental nuclear war.
1971 - A committee of nine people was organized to investigate the prison riot at Attica, NY. 10 hostages and 32 prisoners were killed when National Guardsmen stormed the prison on September 13, 1971.
1983 - The first AH-64 Apache attack helicopter was rolled out by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company.
1986 - The U.S. released accused Soviet spy Gennadiy Zakharov, one day after the Nicholas Daniloff had been released by the Soviets.
1987 - Mikhail S. Gorbachev retired President Andrei A. Gromyko from the Politburo and fired other old-guard leaders in a shake-up at the Kremlin.
1989 - Thousands of East Germans began emigrating under an accord between the NATO nations and the Soviet Union.
1989 - Non-Communist Cambodian guerrillas claimed that they had captured 3 towns and 10 other positions from the residing government forces.
1992 - Moscow banks distributed privatization vouchers aimed at turning millions of Russians into capitalists.
1993 - About 10,000 people were killed in India when an earthquake that measured 6.4 hit the southern part of the country.
1993 - U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell retired.
1994 - The space shuttle Endeavor took off on an 11-day mission. Part of the mission was to use a radar instrument to map remote areas of the Earth.
1997 - France's Roman Catholic Church apologized for its silence during the persecution and deportation of Jews the pro-Nazi Vichy regime.
1999 - In Tokaimura, Japan, radiation escaped a nuclear facility after workers accidentally set off an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.
2003 - The FBI began a criminal investigation concerning the possibility that White House officials had illegally leaked the identity of an undercover CIA officer.

World News

Prominent US-born al-Qaida cleric killed in Yemen
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born Islamic militant cleric who became a prominent figure in al-Qaida's most active branch, using his fluent English and Internet savvy to draw recruits to carry out attacks in the United States, was killed Friday in the mountains of Yemen, American and Yemeni officials said. The Yemeni government and Defense Ministry announced al-Awlaki's death, but gave no details. A senior U.S. official said American intelligence supports the claim that he had been killed. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

U.S. slaps new sanctions on Haqqani leaders
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday announced sanctions on individuals it said were linked to militant groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but stopped short of declaring the Haqqani network, blamed for recent attacks on American targets, a terrorist group.

Syrian regime supporters pelt US envoy with eggs
BEIRUT (AP) — Angry supporters of President Bashar Assad's regime hurled tomatoes and eggs at the U.S. ambassador to Syria on Thursday as he entered the office of a leading opposition figure and then tried to break into the building, trapping him inside for three hours. The Obama administration blamed the Syrian government for the attack in Damascus, saying it was part of an ongoing, orchestrated campaign to intimidate American diplomats in the country.

Gilo plan ‘a flagrant violation of international law’
Ankara- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu issued on Thursday September 29th, 2011 statement condemning decision by Israeli occupation authorities to permit construction of new homes in the illegal Israeli settlement of “Gilo” in the Occupied East Jerusalem. ‘It raises serious suspicions about its sincerity, true intentions,’ he announced.

France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal
DEBKAfile - Ambassador Gerard Araud warned Wednesday, Sept. 28 that Iran runs a high risk of a military strike if it continues on the path to nuclear proliferation. "Some countries won't accept the prospect of Tehran reaching the threshold of nuclear armament," he said. "Personally I am convinced that it would be a very complicated operation …with disastrous consequences in the region."

Hands off our taxpayers, Flaherty tells U.S.
Jim Flaherty, Canada's Finance Minister, has leapt into a simmering battle over a U.S. tax crackdown in Canada, accusing the United States Friday of targeting and frightening "honest and law-abiding" people who generally owe no taxes... On a second front, "government-to-government conversations" are underway involving the U.S. Treasury Department on proposed U.S. legislation that will compel Canadian banks to turn over information on their American clients to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, according to a source briefed on the matter.

UN salaries hiked 'dramatically'
The Obama administration told the United Nations that too few of its 10,307 workers are being cut and average salaries, currently $119,000 a year, have risen “dramatically.” The U.S. ambassador for UN management and reform, Joseph M. Torsella, said today that the proposed $5.2 billion UN budget for the next two years would scrap only 44 jobs, a 0.4 percent reduction. After an “onslaught” of add-ons, the 2012-13 budget would rise more than 2 percent to $5.5 billion, he said.

Euro Rises as German Lawmakers Vote to Approve Expansion of Bailout Fund
The euro rose toward a one-week high versus the dollar as Germany’s lower house of parliament approved the expansion of a bailout fund for debt-stricken euro- area nations to help contain the sovereign-debt crisis.

Hugo Chavez in hospital 'for kidney failure'
Sep 29, 2011 - The leftist, staunchly anti-US stalwart Chavez went into the Military Hospital in Caracas on Tuesday morning, the report on the newspaper's website said, citing anonymous sources with knowledge of the case. "He was in fairly serious overall condition," a source told the Miami-based Spanish-language daily. "When he arrived, he was in quite serious shape and that is why he was brought in for emergency care."... On Sunday, Chavez sought to assure Venezuelans he was healthy, telling them that cancer-fighting chemotherapy treatment has not left him with any debilitating side effects.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

700 Pilots Question United Continental Merger Issues in Wall Street Protest- Corporate Media refuses to report it
More than 700 Continental and United Continental pilots took to Wall Street on Tuesday to protest slow contract negotiations and misinformation regarding merger integration. The demonstrating pilots marched together, queitely, in order and in full uniform, holding two signs. “Merger Progress is More than Painting Airplanes,” said one sign. “Management is Destroying our Airline,” said another sign. See photos here.

Rick Perry's presidential campaign imploding in wake of Gardasil scandal
(NaturalNews) Many media pundits have been working overtime to defend Texas Gov. Rick Perry's detestable 2007 executive order mandating the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil for all young girls in the Lone Star State. Far from saving his campaign

Data breach exposes 4.9 million Tricare patients
One of the Pentagon's largest contractors said late Wednesday it had discovered a data breach affecting as many as 4.9 million patients who have received care from military facilities in San Antonio since 1992.

Could model airplanes become a terrorist weapon?
Federal officials have long been aware of the possibility someone might try to use such planes as weapons, but there are no restrictions on their purchase — Ferdaus is said to have bought his over the Internet. Counterterrorism experts and model-aircraft hobbyists said it would be nearly impossible to inflict large-scale damage of the sort Ferdaus allegedly envisioned using model planes. The aircraft are too small, can't carry enough explosives and are too tricky to fly, they said.

VIDEO: U.S. mulls Canadian border fence
The United States is looking at building fences along the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and other criminals, according to a draft report by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency

Poll: Ron Paul v Obama a dead heat in Fla.
Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning polling firm, shows Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, and former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., trailing President Obama by a mere one point in their latest poll of Florida voters. Obama has a 56 percent disapproval rating in the swing state.

End of Q3 Push
September 30 marks the end of the third quarter of fundraising and each candidate must release information on how much they've raised since the last report and the media, voters, and potential donors and supporters will be paying close attention to what each candidate reports. And Ron Paul is doing exceptionally well and very close to achieving his goal of 1.5 million!

GOP starting line inches toward New Year's Day
WASHINGTON (AP) -- So much for pushing back the start of primary season. Despite efforts by both political parties to avoid a repeat of 2008 by delaying early presidential primaries and caucuses, states trying to increase their influence are leapfrogging their dates, threatening to push the first Republican contests into early January - again.

Four US states may leapfrog Florida primary date
(Reuters) - Four U.S. states holding contests early in 2012 to choose the Republican presidential nominee threatened on Thursday to leapfrog Florida if it goes ahead with a primary election date of January 31.

VIDEO: Bruce Fein Explains Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Beautifully
Bruce Fein, was recently interviewed by Fox News about Ron Paul's candidacy.

Cain wins one straw poll and he is Top Tier?
What about Ron Paul's 73.57% on Fox News Poll Sept. 22nd? Fox News Poll: GOP Race Top Tier Now Romney, Perry and Cain. Three September debates have shaken-up the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Herman Cain has jumped into the top tier. Rick Perry’s stumbled. Mitt Romney's holding steady. And Michele Bachmann is hitting bottom. That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. The new poll found Cain’s support has nearly tripled among GOP primary voters to 17 percent. That’s up from 6 percent before this month’s debates, and puts him in what is essentially a three-way tie with Perry and Romney.

First lady a not-so-secret 2012 campaign weapon
WASHINGTON (AP) — She's mingled barefoot among Aspen's elite, stirred a Vermont utility executive to tears and bucked up disenchanted New Yorkers. The 2012 presidential campaign is well under way for Michelle Obama, and the first lady is promising to put herself into the election effort like never before. More than a year out from Election Day, she is hauling in millions in campaign cash and sketching a portrait of her husband that is drawn with an intimacy that no one else could duplicate.

See what Obama promises Arabs after 2012 election
Democrats fear treatment of Israel is voting liability: The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it cannot significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the 2012 presidential elections, a top PA official told WND. The official, however, said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is re-elected. "The main message we received from the U.S. is that nothing will happen in a serious way before the 2012 elections," said the official.

U.S. Invented Soviet Threat
Kurt Nimmo - And just about every threat since. According to former CIA agents and historians participating in a forum held at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, in the early 1960s the U.S. government invented the so-called “Missile Gap” and wildly over-estimated the number of ICBMs the Soviet Union had. How many ICBMs did the Soviets actually have? Four, according to declassified documents.

Michigan bill would jail teachers who send political emails
The Republican-led Michigan House of Representatives is considering legislation that would prohibit public employees, such as teachers, from sending a political message using a publicly-owned email service. Violating the law would result in a $10,000 fine for an organization, and a $1,000 fine and one-year imprisonment for an individual.

Pentagon Developing Spy Drones to Spot “Adversarial Intent”
The Pentagon is developing spy drones that can identify individuals by their facial features and also denote targets by their “adversarial intent,” part of the new approach of treating everyone as guilty until proven innocent as law enforcement across America turns to unmanned vehicles as a crime fighting tool. The Army has recently handed out six contracts to companies in the pursuit of developing a system that can tag and track an individual based on their facial biometrics and track them permanently even if they get lost in a crowd.

Military to Collaborate with Wyoming Cops in Drunk Driving Crackdown
In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, F.E. Warren Air Force Base will collaborate with state and local governments and law enforcement to cut down on underage and irresponsible drinking, officials announced Tuesday. The $300,000-per-year program, funded with federal dollars, will step up education and enforcement efforts to combat alcohol use among minors and abuse among adults, Gov. Matt Mead said at a State Capitol press conference alongside Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak and Col. Christopher Coffelt, commander of the 90th Missile Wing at F.E. Warren.

VIDEO: Cops Try To Hit Illinois Man With 15 Year Jail Sentence For Recording Traffic Stop
Cops arrested an Illinois man and tried to hit him with a 15-year jail sentence for “eavesdropping” after the man filmed his own traffic stop, in another example of how citizens are being intimidated out of documenting the actions of public servants despite every single case against Americans for recording police officers being thrown out of court.


More bad news for bank customers: Debit card fees
NEW YORK (AP) — Bank of America will start charging debit-card users $5 a month to pay for purchases. The move comes as the cards increasingly replace cash and as banks look for ways to offset the loss of revenue from a new rule that will limit how much they can collect from merchants. Paying to use a debit card was unheard of before this year and is still a novel concept for many consumers. But several banks have recently introduced or started testing debit card fees.

Recent Gold Takedown A Form of Economic Warfare
Bob Chapman - The takedown of gold and silver markets over the past two weeks signified a new milestone in corruption, brazenness, arrogance and it reveals the level of evil control behind our government.

VIDEO: Dylan Ratigan With Author Ron Suskind: "Tim Geithner Ran The White House, Stopped Attorney General Eric Holder From Prosecuting Wall Street"
Who's the White House boss? Start watching at the 2-minute mark. This is the most important Ratigan clip since his on-air meltdown. You will hear that Geithner and Summers defied orders from Obama and took over White House policy, instructing Attorney General Eric Holder to back off Wall Street criminal prosecutions.

Meat Supply’s ‘Precipitous’ Drop to Spur Prices to Records, Rabobank Says
U.S. meat and poultry production may drop as much as 5 percent next year, sending beef and pork prices to a record amid climbing feed costs and shrinking herds, according to Rabobank International. Producers are curbing output as tighter feed supplies boost costs, which will lead to a “precipitous fall” in available meat in 2012, David Nelson, a global strategist at Rabobank, said in a report. The drop is compounded by a drought that is forcing ranchers in the Southwest to cull herds and by surging demand for U.S. beef in developing countries, he said.

Housing Market

Nevada foreclosure fraud law takes effect Oct. 1
On May 20, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed Assembly Bill 284 into law. The law now requires homeowner access to information on the companies holding their mortgages. The bill intends to do this by requiring any documents used in the foreclosure process are also recorded in the local office of the county clerk. In addition, the law requires a foreclosing party to record a notarized affidavit of authority to foreclose, including all the information needed to ensure the party has a legal right to foreclose on the property.

Energy & Environment

Solyndra’s $733 Million Plant Had Whistling Robots, Spa Showers
The glass-and-metal building that Solyndra LLC began erecting alongside Interstate 880 in Fremont, California, in September 2009 was something the Silicon Valley area hadn’t seen in years: a new factory. It wasn’t just any factory. When it was completed at an estimated cost of $733 million, including proceeds from a $535 million U.S. loan guarantee, it covered 300,000 square feet, the equivalent of five football fields. It had robots that whistled Disney tunes, spa-like showers with liquid-crystal displays of the water temperature, and glass-walled conference rooms.

Fukushima’s Contamination Produces Some Surprises at Sea
Off the coast, the early results indicate that very large amounts of radioactive materials were released, and may still be leaking, and that rather than being spread through the whole ocean, currents are keeping a lot of the material concentrated. Most of that contamination came from attempts to cool the reactors and spent fuel pools, which flushed material from the plant into the ocean, and from direct leaks from the damaged facilities.


Listeria does not grow on cantaloupes: Why the 'deadliest food outbreak' of the decade is yet another food scare campaign
(NaturalNews) Disease outbreaks associated with the US food supply have become an all-too-common occurrence these days, with at least six major outbreaks having been reported just this year alone. And with the most recent listeria outbreak affecting Colorado-sourced cantaloupes, where at least 13 people have died and 70 others have been sickened thus far, officials and the media are once again working the public into a frenzy about food safety.

'New' Virus Catches CDC's Eye
It’s not a new virus, but doctors need to keep an eye out for one that’s not usually on the radar screen, federal health officials said on Thursday. It’s called human enterovirus 68, or HEV68, and it can cause an unusually severe type of cold that can even kill in some cases. The virus has been around for decades, but for some reason it’s been causing clusters of serious illness over the past three years, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

Ten reasons why you should use pure unrefined sea salt
(NaturalNews) Salt use has been a controversial health issue. Most allopathic MDs consider it a source of high blood pressure. But researchers from holistic health circles, including some independent MDs, have embraced pure sea salt as vital for good health.

Another adverse side effect of Obamacare rears its ugly head - government rationing
(NaturalNews) Increasingly, as additional provisions of the Affordable Care Act come online, more and more states are, coincidentally, moving to limit the amount of care Americans can receive. In Washington, as well as other states, health officials have begun imposing limits on the number of times government-insured (i.e. Medicaid) recipients are permitted to visit emergency rooms. According to reports, beginning Oct. 1 - the start of the new fiscal year - only three non-emergency visits to the E.R. will be covered by Medicaid each year, giving hospitals the right to bill patients for any visits over and above the allotted number.

Dementia patients suffer dubious hospitalizations
One-fifth of Medicare nursing home patients with advanced Alzheimer's or other dementias were sent to hospitals or other nursing homes for questionable reasons in their final months, often enduring tube feeding and intensive care that prolonged their demise, a new study found. Nursing homes may feel hospital care is warranted when a frail, elderly patient develops swallowing problems, pneumonia or a serious infection, but researchers suspect a different motive for many transfers: money. Medicare pays about three times the normal daily rate for nursing homes to take patients back after a brief hospitalization.

Eating TVP? Textured Vegetable Protein may contain trace levels of toxic chemical solvent
(NaturalNews) Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is an ingredient often listed on a wide spectrum of "healthy" products including many energy bars and veggie burgers. Every time you eat any product containing TVP you are consuming traces of hexane, the petroleum chemical, in which soybeans are treated in order to convert them into TVP. Soy processors use hexane as a solvent to separate soy fat from soy protein. The procedure involves soaking the soybeans in hexane, a by-product of gasoline refining.

Sodium benzoate is a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells
(NaturalNews) Organic consumers and nutritionists may already know, but the rest of the general population does not know about sodium benzoate. It has the ability to deprive the cells of oxygen, break down the immune system and cause cancer. This killer is flying under consumer radar with its user friendly tag line, "as a preservative." This silent cell choker has found its way into thousands of products, even foods that are labeled as all natural.

Zinc found critical within the brain to improve memory and cognition
(NaturalNews) Zinc is an essential mineral known to improve skin tone, aid wound healing, fight cancer and shorten the length of the common cold. Researchers publishing in the journal Neuron now identify the crucial role this super-nutrient plays in support of memory formation and cognitive stability. Additionally, they have found that zinc may also play a part in controlling the devastating occurrence of epileptic seizures.

Research says eating walnuts improves critical thinking
Walnuts have long been known to influence the brain and in the natural health world, they're known as a key brain food. Now, according to research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, eating walnuts regularly can significantly increase critical thinking and especially what's called inferential reasoning.

Mustard seeds deliver more nutrition than you might suspect
(NaturalNews) In terms of nutritional value, mustard is an excellent source of antioxidants. Its high content of selenium and magnesium give it anti-inflammatory benefits. A small amount, as little as a teaspoon, packs a powerful nutritional boost, providing both omega3 and omega6-fatty acids, as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The dense nutrition in mustard speeds up body metabolism while lowering blood pressure.

Average American diet deficient in key nutrients
A three-year study surveying the dietary habits of over 16,000 Americans has found that a large portion of the population consistently fails to meet even the minimal intakes recommended in the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for many key nutrients.

Chuck Norris strikes back against GMOs, Codex, and government assault against health freedom
(NaturalNews) Chuck Norris is a famous martial artist, actor, and superhuman-like legend. He deserves recognition for a lot more than simply his fearless strength and unrivaled manliness. The former star of the television show Walker, Texas Ranger is also well-versed in natural health issues, and has taken an open stand against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), Codex Alimentarius, and the government assault against health freedom.

Science & Technology

Don’t Worry, The Federal Reserve Just Wants To Be Your “Online Friend”
According to CNBC, the Federal Reserve "is planning on monitoring what you say about it on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook". Apparently we are not supposed to be alarmed though, because as the CNBC headline states, the Federal Reserve just "wants to be your Facebook friend". In fact, the CNBC article says that anyone that feels threatened by the fact that the Federal Reserve will be monitoring what we say on Facebook and Twitter is just "paranoid".

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Montgomery County Says Can’t Extend License to Nick’s Organic Farm for 1 More Year - License to Expire in 3 Months
Sept. 16, 2011, Potomac, MD—Montgomery County has said, at this time, it can’t extend the license for Nick’s Organic Farm to farm the school land along Brickyard Road for another year, because the legality of the lease that underpins the license is being challenged in court... Nick Maravell, farmer and operator of Nick’s Organic Farm, had been organically farming the site for 31 years until March of this year. Then, in a controversial move that resulted in a great deal of public outcry, the school board turned the lease over to the County for the development of private pay-for-play soccer fields, which would destroy the farm.


Humanity's Main Event, What a Show!
Sometimes I meditate about sitting on the Moon watching events unfold on Earth. It seems to help me keep observational perspective on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the emotions of daily news. I imagine when I'm on the moon that there must be a great deal more beings from around the galaxy also watching the show on our planet. After all, it's the greatest show in the universe!


YOUTUBE: Cat keeps perfect timing with a metronome
Snooky and the Metronome

Photo of the day: The last photo of a moron
It's one of the laws of nature that the stupid usually remove themselves from the gene pool.

Today In History - Thursday - September 29, 2011
1789 - A regular army was established by the U.S. War Department with several hundred men.
1943 - U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marchal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson.
1951 - The first network football game was televised by CBS-TV in color. The game was  University of California vs.University of Pennsylvania.
1953 - "Make Room for Daddy" premiered on ABC-TV.
1962 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy nationalized the Mississippi National guard in response to city officials defying federal court orders. The orders had been to enroll James Meredith at the University of Mississippi.
1967 - The International Monetary Fund reformed monetary systems around the world.
1978 - Pope John Paul I was found dead after only one month of serving as pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.
1982 - In Chicago, IL, seven people died after taking capsules of Extra-Strength Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. 264,000 bottles were recalled.
1983 - The War Powers Act was used for the first time by the U.S. Congress when they authorized President Reagan to keep U.S. Marines in Lebanon for 18 more months.
1984 - Irish officials announced that they had intercepted the Marita Anne carrying seven tons of U.S.-purchased weapons. The weapons were intended for the Irish Republican Army.
1986 - Nicholas Daniloff was released by the Soviet Union. He had been held on spying charges.
1988 - The space shuttle Discovery took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It was the first manned space flight since the Challenger disaster.
1990 - "Millie's Book" by First Lady Barbara Bush was the best-selling non-fiction book in the U.S.
1993 - Bosnia's parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject an international peace plan unless Bosnian Serbs returned land that had been taken by force.
1994 - The U.S. House voted to end the practice of lobbyist buying meals and entertainment for members of Congress.
1995 - Three U.S. servicemen were indicted on rape charges concerning a 12-year-old Okinawan girl. The men were handed over to Japanese authorities.
1998 - Hasbro announced plans to introduce an action figure of retired U.S. General Colin Powell.
2010 - In China, Canton Tower became operational.

World News

Al-Qaida calls on Ahmadinejad to end 9/11 conspiracy theories
Al-Qaida has sent a message to the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asking him to stop spreading conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks. Iranian media on Wednesday reported quotes from what appears to be an article published in the latest issue of the al-Qaida English language magazine, Inspire, which described Ahmadinejad's remarks over the 11 September attacks as "ridiculous".

Osama bin Laden's bodyguard freed by Pakistan
Amin al-Haq, who escaped from Afghanistan with the al-Qaeda leader in 2001 and went on to become a key financial aide, was detained in Lahore three years ago by Pakistan's intelligence agency. "Amin al-Haq had been arrested mistakenly, therefore, the police failed to prove any charge of his association with Osama bin Laden and the court set him free," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Destroying a Country's Standard of Living: What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed
The NATO invasion and occupation marks the ruinous "rebirth" of Libya's standard of living That is the forbidden and unspoken truth: an entire Nation has been destabilized and destroyed, its people driven into abysmal poverty. The objective of the NATO bombings from the outset was to destroy the country's standard of living...

Libya's new rulers believe Gadhafi hiding in south
Libya's new rulers believe Moammar Gadhafi may be hiding in the southern desert under the protection of ethnic Tuareg fighters, while two of his sons are holed up in cities besieged by revolutionary forces elsewhere in the North African nation, officials said Wednesday.

Israel says newly approved homes 'not settlement'
Israel on Wednesday rejected an international outcry over its plans to build 1,100 new homes in Gilo in annexed east Jerusalem, insisting the neighbourhood was "not a settlement." The housing plan, which was signed off by Israel's interior ministry on Tuesday, drew a sharply worded response from the Palestinians...

UN Council buys time on Palestine membership bid
The UN Security Council on Wednesday pushed back a decision on the Palestinian bid to join the United Nations in a move that will give more time to international efforts to revive direct talks. But UN envoys for the two foes wrangled over who is to blame for the latest year-old negotiations deadlock...

Iran equips marine forces with 'cruise' missile
Iran has equipped its naval forces with a short range "cruise missile," able to hit targets in costal areas and warships within "200 kilometres (125 miles), the country's defence minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Russia may legalize cannabis for agriculture, industrial use
Russia may soon authorize the cultivation of hemp - otherwise known as cannabis sativa - for agricultural and industrial needs, Russia's Federal Drug Control Service said on Friday. On September 28, the country's State Anti-drug Committee will decide whether to allow the cultivation of hemp, currently prohibited in Russia.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US man charged in aerial bomb plot on Washington
BOSTON, Massachusetts (AFP) - A US follower of al-Qaeda was arrested Wednesday on charges of planning to fly explosive-packed, remote controlled airplanes into the Pentagon and the US Capitol, authorities said. Rezwan Ferdaus, 26, was arrested and charged with the aerial bombing plot to attack Washington and attempts to deliver bomb-making materials for use against US troops in Iraq, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in Boston. "The conduct alleged today shows that Mr Ferdaus had long planned to commit violent acts against our country, including attacks on the Pentagon and our nation's Capitol," Ortiz said.

WASHINGTON - Hurricane Zoe, a Category 2 storm, damaged a large number of District homes, caused major roads to flood and left more than 87,000 D.C. residents without power. That fabricated scenario was the setting for a full-scale exercise performed by D.C.'s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Wednesday, allowing a wide swath of District agencies to practice their response to a massive city-wide emergency.

Herman Cain Describes Ron Paul Supporters’ Concerns As “Stupid”
Businessman Herman Cain has made remarks somewhat unbecoming of a presidential candidate, declaring his annoyance at “stupid” questions continually put to him by Ron Paul supporters. The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, who is running for the GOP nomination on a broadly libertarian platform, seems to have a problem with Paulites’ concerns regarding the Federal Reserve.

Judge upholds key parts of Ala. immigration law
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - A federal judge refused Wednesday to block key parts of a closely watched Alabama law that is considered the strictest state effort to clamp down on illegal immigration, including a measure that requires immigration checks of public school students. U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn wrote in a 115-page opinion finding some parts of the law that conflict with federal statutes, but others that don't.

Military Rocket Blasts Off From Alaska’s Largest Island
An experimental military communications satellite was blasted into orbit Tuesday morning aboard a Minotaur IV rocket from the Kodiak Launch Complex on Narrow Cape, according to the latest update posted by the Naval Research Laboratory. The $75 million TacSat-4 spacecraft lifted off at 7:59 a.m. Alaska Daylight Time into red-dawn sky over the North Pacific Ocean, and was 574 miles out and 231 miles above the sea within the first four minutes of its flight, according to a live launch blog.

18 Examples Of How Christians Are Being Specifically Targeted By Big Brother
When the freedom of speech of one group is being threatened, it is a threat to all of us. Just because you may not be a Christian, don't think that what you are about to read is not a problem for you as well. The truth is that any individual or group that does not "fit in" with the new "politically-correct" global system that is emerging is going to be persecuted sooner or later.

VIDEO: LRAD Corp. Claims LRAD Sound Cannon Is Not A Weapon
Intel Hub - Responding to an ACLU backed lawsuit by a women who suffered permanent hearing loss after the LRAD sound cannon was deployed on protesters at the Pittsburgh G20 summit, an LRAD Corp. spokesman claimed that their sonic device is simply not a weapon.

Judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional
Portland attorney Brandon Mayfield sought the ruling in a lawsuit against the federal government after he was mistakenly linked by the FBI to the Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people in 2004. The federal government apologized and settled part of the lawsuit for $2 million after admitting a fingerprint was misread. But as part of the settlement, Mayfield retained the right to challenge parts of the Patriot Act...

Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay on F.B.I.’s Watch List
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is permitted to include people on the government’s terrorist watch list even if they have been acquitted of terrorism-related offenses or the charges are dropped, according to newly released documents. The files, released by the F.B.I. under the Freedom of Information Act, disclose how the police are instructed to react...

Feds Tell Legal Medical Marijuana Patients They Have No Right to Own Guns
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) issued a memorandum on September 21 to all gun dealers in the United States for the expressed purpose of informing them that they MUST discriminate against lawful medical cannabis patients and DENY them their Second Amendment right to buy and possess a firearm for hunting and/or personal protection.

First on CNN: Florida will likely hold Jan. primary, threatening presidential calendar
Florida is now expected to hold its presidential primary on the last day in January 2012... If that happens, it would almost certainly force the traditional early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada to leapfrog Florida and move their primaries and caucuses into early- to mid-January. Florida's move would directly violate RNC rules...


Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination
Advocates for the unemployed have cheered a push by the Obama administration to ban discrimination against the jobless. But business groups and their allies are calling the effort unnecessary and counterproductive. The job creation bill that President Obama sent to Congress earlier this month includes a provision that would allow unsuccessful job applicants to sue if they think a company of 15 more employees denied them a job because they were unemployed.

Hallmark Now Selling Unemployment Sympathy Cards
DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Call it another sign of our difficult economic times: Hallmark has taken a cue from the nation’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate and released a line of cards for people who’ve lost their jobs. Caring or insulting? “It’s says something about the economy I suppose. But it also says something about that folks are still loving and caring and want to encourage folks along the way,” Emily Louis said.

YouTube 9/11 First Responder At Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street: NYPD Cop Outted For Pepper-Spraying Protesters
Russia Today - Hacktivists with Anonymous have identified the NYPD officer that pepper sprayed female protester as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, a long time veteran of the force. In a video of the ongoing demonstrations from last week that has since gone viral, a white-shirted officer believed to be Bologna uses mace on a group of roped off non-violent protesters without provocation...

Occupy Wall Street spreads across America
Russia Today - More than a week after protests began in Lower Manhattan, the Occupy Wall Street movement is moving, well, off of Wall Street. Both Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois have both hosted demonstrators in the days since the first protest kicked off in New York, and now dozens of more locales across America are expected to be swarmed...

15 stunning statistics about the jobs market
Next week, the Labor Department will release its much-anticipated monthly jobs report. Last month, the economy added exactly zero jobs overall, and 14 million Americans still remain unemployed. Economists expect September's numbers to be a slight improvement, but not enough to make a noticeable dent in the unemployment rate.

Dallas Fed Chief Says Central Bank Is Under Attack From Ron Paul, Barney Frank
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher said the central bank’s independence is under attack from both ends of the political spectrum in Congress, and he singled out two of the critics by name.

Housing Market

Mortgage fraud reporting up, way up
Reports of possible mortgage fraud grew in the second quarter, with financial institutions filing 29,558 mortgage loan fraud suspicious activity reports, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network said Wednesday... The surge in SARs are coming as mortgage lenders sift through the paperwork in past mortgages. Mortgage servicers remain under heavy scrutiny...

Freddie Mac outsourcer launches REO rental program
Green River Capital plans to operate a national program to rent out previously foreclosed homes. In March, the REO asset management company, which will oversee the program from its Salt Lake City headquarters, became one of three firms handling REO sales and upkeep for Freddie Mac. Green River's investment in a new rental program follows the Obama administration's move seeking new ways to handle the 92,000 properties...

Robert Shiller: House Prices Won’t Hit Bottom For Years
The July numbers for the most widely followed measure of house prices, the S&P/Case-Shiller Index, were released this morning. The numbers weren't terrible--on a seasonally adjusted basis, July was basically the same as June--but one of the creators of the index, Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University, isn't taking much solace in them.

Energy & Environment

DEADLINE: White House approves 2 more solar loans for $1B
WASHINGTON (WLS) - The Energy Department on Wednesday approved two loan guarantees worth more than $1 billion for solar energy projects in Nevada and Arizona, two days before the expiration date of a program that has become a rallying cry for Republican critics of the Obama administration's green energy program. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the department has completed a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar Energy for a 110 megawatt solar tower on federal land near Tonopah, Nev., and a $337 million guarantee for Mesquite Solar 1 to develop a 150 megawatt solar plant near Phoenix.

Texas ranchers suffer $152 million in wildfire losses
SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - The wildfires that have roared across Texas in the past nine months have caused $152 million in direct losses to the state's farmers and ranchers, economists at Texas A&M University estimated on Wednesday... The losses cited by Texas A&M are those caused directly by the fires and are in addition to the $5.2 billion already suffered by the state's agricultural producers due to the year-long drought. The drought has dried up crops and forced the sale of entire herds of cattle because no grasslands still exist where they can graze.

Secret U.S. plan to dump decommissioned nuclear reactors into sea
The United States secretly sought Japan's support in 1972 to enable it to dump decommissioned nuclear reactors into the world's oceans under the London Convention, an international treaty being drawn up at the time. Countries working on the wording of the pact wanted to specifically prohibit the dumping of radioactive waste at sea. But Washington wanted to incorporate an exceptional clause...

Report: EPA cut corners on climate finding
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration cut corners before concluding that climate-change pollution can endanger human health, a key finding underpinning costly new regulations, an internal government watchdog said Wednesday.

Outrage: Federal training manual refers to sickened nuclear workers as “Freddy Krueger”
CINCINNATI — Advocates for U.S. atomic workers sickened by radiation exposure say they're stunned that a federal claims training manual uses fictional characters' names, including an apparent reference to the disfigured villain of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" horror movies.

Japan 'scared' of telling truth to Fukushima evacuees
A former adviser to the Japanese cabinet has revealed the government has known for months that thousands of evacuees from around the Fukushima nuclear plant will not be able to return to their homes. Nearly seven months after the meltdowns at Fukushima, about 80,000 people are still living in shelters or temporary housing.

Radiation Map by Ministry of Education: Gunma Looks Worse Than Expected
On September 27 the Ministry of Education and Science announced the result of their latest aerial survey of radiation contamination they did over Gunma Prefecture, and many people are dismayed that the contamination in the prefecture looks worse than feared.


CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by "NORC at the University of Chicago" and that households should "have your child's immunization records handy when answering our questions."

Listeria cases likely to rise through October: officials
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Cases of illness in the U.S. listeria outbreak linked to tainted cantaloupes -- already the deadliest in a decade -- likely will rise in the next month as more people who have been infected with the bacteria begin to develop symptoms, health officials said on Wednesday... Unlike E. coli and salmonella, two common causes of foodborne disease, listeria bacteria can cause illness as long as two months after a person has consumed contaminated food, making these outbreaks especially vexing.  Facts and Symptoms on the Dangers of Listeriosis

Obama's healthcare law appealed to Supreme Court
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Twenty-six states and a small business group appealed on Wednesday to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to strike down all of President Barack Obama's signature 2010 healthcare law. The states and the National Federation of Independent Business said in separate appeals the entire law should be invalidated...

Texas school girls still dying in the wake of Rick Perry's greed
(NaturalNews) Reports are still streaming in of girls in Texas as young as 9 years old having outbreaks of genital warts, going into convulsions, becoming paralyzed, slipping into comas, and even dying after being force-vaccinated by the highly controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil. Thousands of well-documented cases have been posted to VAERS...

Ground beef recalled in 14 US states
Tyson, the biggest meat processor in the United States, is recalling 131,300 pounds of ground beef sold in 14 states after an outbreak of e.coli in Ohio, US food inspectors said Wednesday. The ground beef -- enough for more than half a million hamburgers -- was sold with a best-before date of September 12, but the Department of Agriculture fears...

Low vitamin B12 levels in elders cause brain shrinkage and possible dementia
(NaturalNews) When elders have cognitive problems, like forgetting things, and when imaging tests show their brains are actually shrinking, the diagnosis is often a hopeless one -- some form of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. But what if the problem in a lot of these people is simply a lack of a nutrient?

Now is the time to take action! FDA extends comment period for dietary supplement takeover proposal
(NaturalNews) Massive public outcry against the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) proposed guidelines for New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) in supplements appears to be having a significant impact, as the agency recently announced a 60-day extension period for the public to submit comments on the issue. This means that now is the time to petition everyone you know to bombard the agency with concerted opposition to its proposed takeover of the supplement industry.

Vitamin C provides beautiful skin, enhanced immunity and cancer prevention
(NaturalNews) Vitamin C is one of the most well known, cost effective and universally beneficial antioxidants that we know of today. This vitamin topically and internally encourages beautiful skin, helps boost the immune system, and aids in the prevention of several types of cancer.

Chart Shows Healthier Real Food Meals Cheaper than Fast Food
The number one excuse given by fast food lovers when asked why they don’t switch their diet to avoid the astronomical risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other diseases is always the same: “I don’t have enough money to buy healthy foods.” A new chart created by the New York Times shows that eating wholesome real foods...

Forks Over Knives documentary reveals astounding health benefits of largely plant-based diet
(NaturalNews) America may boast some of the most advanced medical technology in the world, but the health of the American people continues to decline every year, with ever-growing rates of degenerative diseases. Approximately two-thirds of the population...

Consumption of white food and flour products linked to diabetes
For many people these days, the emphasis seems to be on eating foods which look the nicest and which look appealing. Unfortunately, these snow white and visually appealing foods come with a hefty price tag. That price tag isn`t one that is measured in monetary terms, but rather in terms of your health and wellbeing. An ingredient called alloxan...

Science & Technology

Pentagon launches war court website
The Pentagon on Wednesday morning went live with a new, slicker interactive military commissions website — with no new information — ahead of a decision from a senior Defense Department official on whether to go forward with the first death penalty war crimes prosecution of the Obama administration.

UPDATE: Satellite fell in south Pacific, not Canada
WASHINGTON (AP) — The dead NASA satellite fell into what might be the ideal spot — part of the southern Pacific Ocean about as far from large land masses as you can get, U.S. space officials said Tuesday. New U.S. Air Force calculations put the 6-ton (5.4-metric ton) satellite's death plunge early Saturday thousands of miles (kilometers) from northwestern North America, where there were reports of sightings. Instead, it plunged into areas where remote islands dot a vast ocean.

Glowing bacteria can be used to encode spy messages
DARPA-funded genetically-modified microbe research presents new way to transmit data In the future, spies and undercover operatives could use an intricate method to encode messages: one that entails usage of live, glowing microorganisms.

VIDEO: Giant Sun Spot Turns Toward Earth – More Large Flares Possible
Stretching for more than 100,000 km (62, ooo miles) from end to end, solar Active Region (AR) 1302 is slowly coming into position where it directly faces the Earth. The region contains a “behemoth” sunspot — several times larger than the Earth — named sunspot 1302.

Remains of satellite may never be found, NASA says
As it fell to Earth, UARS passed from the east coast of Africa over the Indian Ocean, then the Pacific Ocean, across northern Canada and the northern Atlantic Ocean to a point over West Africa. Most of the transit was over water, with some flight over northern Canada and West Africa...

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto, says biotech giant is stealing nature for corporate gain
(NaturalNews) Representing one of the most agriculturally bio-diverse nations in the world, India has become a primary target for biotechnology companies like Monsanto and Cargill to spread their genetically-modified (GM) crops into new markets. However, a recent France 24 report explains that the Indian government has decided to take an offensive approach...

Flooded Farmers Learn to Be Creative
RAY BRADLEY has always earned money from his laying hens, but until Sunday he’d never enlisted one to work in a fund-raiser...

Today In History - Wednesday - September 28, 2011
1781 - During the Revolutionary War, American forces began the siege on Yorktown, VA.
1787 - The U.S. Congress voted to send the new Constitution of the United States to the state legislatures for their approval.
1850 - The U.S. Navy abolished flogging as a form of punishment.
1850 - U.S. President Millard Fillmore named Brigham Young the first governor of the Utah territory.
1892 - The first nighttime football game in the U.S. took place under electric lights. The game was Mansfield State Normal School vs Wyoming Seminary.
1915 - The British defeated the Turks in Mesopotamia at Kut-el-Amara.
1924 - The first around-the-world flight was completed by two U.S. Army planes when they landed in Seattle, WA. The trip took 175 days.
1950 - The United Nations admitted Indonesia.
1955 - The World Series was televised in color for the first time. The game was between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1961 - "Dr. Kildare" premiered on NBC-TV.
1961 - "Hazel" premiered on NBC-TV.
1967 - The first mayor of Washington, DC, Walter Washington, took office.
1972 - Communist China and Japan agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations.
1974 - First Lady Betty Ford underwent a mastectomy to remove a lump in her breast.
1985 - Rioting erupted in London's Brixton district that lasted for two days. The incident occurred after a black woman was shot by a police officer during a raid on her home.
1987 - Mehdi Hashemi was executed for treason in an Iranian prison. Hashemi had at one time been a close aide to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
1991 - In response to U.S. President Bush's reduction of U.S. nuclear arms Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev promised to reciprocate.
1991 - Marion Barry, former mayor of the District of Columbia, was sentenced to six months in prison for possession of crack cocaine.
1995 - Yasser Arafat of the PLO and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed an accord that transferred control of the West Bank.
1997 - The 103rd convention of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) was held in New York City, NY. The official debut of the DVD format was featured.
2000 - The U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved the use of RU-486 in the United States. The pill is used to induce an abortion.
2004 - The U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Secret Service introduced the first newly redesigned $50 bill.
2009 - At least 157 demonstrators were killed in a clash with the Guinean military.
2009 - The iTunes Music Store reached 2 billion applications downloaded.

World News

20,000 Heat-Seeking Missiles Reportedly Feared Missing From Libyan Warehouse
A recent secret White House meeting revealed that an estimated 20,000 portable, heat-seeking missiles appear to have vanished from an Army warehouse in Libya, reported. The new revelations stoke ongoing fears that such weapons, which are light, relatively easy to use and have the capacity to take down a commercial airplane, could end up in the wrong hands as the Libyan war that ousted Muammar Qaddafi winds down.

Germany slams 'stupid' US plans to boost EU rescue fund
Germany and America were on a collision course on Tuesday night over the handling of Europe's debt crisis after Berlin savaged plans to boost the EU rescue fund as a "stupid idea" and told the White House to sort out its own mess before giving gratuitous advice to others.

Iran says could deploy navy near U.S. coast says report
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran raised the prospect on Tuesday of sending military ships close to the United States' Atlantic coast, in what would be a major escalation of tensions between the long-standing adversaries. "Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders," the head of the Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said, according to the official IRNA news agency.

Israel approves 1,100 new homes in east Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel granted the go-ahead on Tuesday for construction of 1,100 new Jewish housing units in east Jerusalem, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out any freeze in settlement construction, raising already heightened tensions after last week's Palestinian move to seek U.N. membership.... The announcement drew swift condemnation from the Palestinians, who claim east Jerusalem as their future capital. The European Union's foreign policy chief in Brussels, Catherine Ashton, also said that the decision "should be reversed."

Syrian uprising showing signs of armed rebellion
BEIRUT (AP) -- Once-peaceful Syrian protesters are increasingly taking up arms to fight a six-month military crackdown, frustrated that President Bashar Assad remains in control while more than 2,700 demonstrators are dead, analysts and witnesses say.

Pakistan and “The Haqqani Network” : The Latest Orchestrated Threat to America
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - Have you ever before heard of the Haqqanis? I didn’t think so. Like Al Qaeda, about which no one had ever heard prior to 9/11, the “Haqqani Network” has popped up in time of need to justify America’s next war–Pakistan.

Dick Cheney's Vancouver visit sparks protest
VANCOUVER, Canada - Protesters clashed with police Monday night outside a private club in downtown Vancouver where former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney was promoting his new book. As a crowd of about 150 chanted, "Shame. Shame on you" at guests entering the Vancouver Club, a line of police pushed back protesters who tried to surge against the club's front door.

BC's Politicians Debate Wisdom of Smart Meters
VICTORIA - Delegates at this week’s annual convention of the Union of B.C. Municipalities can expect to be exposed to more than 4,500 minutes’ worth of electromagnetic radiation from wireless networks as they schmooze and debate their way through four days of meetings in Vancouver. Those same mayors and councillors will debate a resolution that demands a moratorium on the mandatory installation of smart meters in B.C. homes over concerns that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless smart meters poses a health threat.

BAE Systems axes nearly 3,000 jobs in UK
British arms manufacturer BAE Systems has said it plans to axe almost 3,000 jobs, mainly at its military aircraft division, as governments slash their defence budgets. "Our customers are facing huge pressures on their defence budgets and affordability has become an increasing priority," BAE Systems chief executive Ian King said in a statement on Tuesday.

New busybody army: Hundreds more civilians get powers to fine people and demand personal details
UK - Thousands of civilians have been given sweeping police-style powers allowing them to fine people and demand personal details. Following a worrying expansion of a discredited Labour project, more than 2,200 civilians including street wardens, housing officers, traffic marshals and stewards can issue financial penalties for ‘offences’ such as dropping litter, dog fouling and truancy.

Dress witches in pink and avoid white paper to prevent racism in nurseries, expert says
UK - From the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz to Meg, the good witch from the Meg and Mog children's books, witches have always dressed in black. But their traditional attire has now come in for criticism from equality experts who claim it could send a negative message to toddlers in nursery and lead to racism.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Wyoming Sheriff Thread is Bogus, Unfortunately
This article is a statement issued by Wyoming District Court explaining the dismissal of the case. Basically, they side-stepped the whole issue of who rules--county sheriff or feds. There has been a lot of mistatement, misunderstanding, & phony baloney re this case. The sheriff himself stated about 95% of what is reported on internet is incorrect.

Judge to mull an extension of Loughner's treatment
The man accused of wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a deadly shooting rampage is scheduled Wednesday to make his first court appearance since an angry outburst got him kicked out of a May competency hearing. But this time around, Loughner will be under the effects of psychotropic drugs, which he has been forced to take the past 60 days. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns will decide whether to grant prosecutors' request to extend Loughner's stay at a Missouri prison facility by another eight months. A psychologist told the court that Loughner remains mentally unfit to stand trial, but that the extended stay would give him time to improve and become competent.

VIDEO: Harris Poll: Ron Paul Would Beat Obama 51-49
Only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would beat Obama, according to the poll, which found that Obama would defeat every other Republican candidate, including Rick Perry. The survey is another indication that Paul is quickly moving into second place to become Romney’s main challenger as Rick Perry’s campaign crashes and burns.

National Security Lab Hacks Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machine by Remote Control With $26 in Computer Parts
What makes this hack so troubling --- and different from those which have come before it --- is that it doesn't require any actual changes to, or even knowledge of, the voting system software or its memory card programming. It's not a cyberattack. It's a "Man-in-the-middle" attack where a tiny, $10.50 piece of electronics is inserted into the system between the voter and the main circuit board of the voting system allowing for complete control over the touch-screen system and the entire voting process along with it. Add an optional $15 radio frequency remote control device, and votes can be changed, without the knowledge of the voter, from up to half a mile away.

VIDEO: Operation Garden Plot Plan Unfolding
"Is it far fetched to imagine that these U.N. peace keeping forces would be used against U.S. citizens?"

AP Labeled “Racist” For Accurately Transcribing Obama Speech
MSNBC has yet again played the race card to demonize not even criticism, but merely unsympathetic portrayal, of Barack Obama as racist after an AP writer was lambasted for accurately transcribing Obama’s Black Caucus speech.

Government Twists Science of 9/11 – Just As With Iraq, the Gulf Oil Spill and Fukushima – to Promote Its Policy Objectives
Washington’s Blog - President’s National Medal of Science winner Lynn Margulis notes that the scientific method is to follow the facts where they lead, to adopt the theory which has the most proof, and to discard theories which are contradicted by the facts. Margulis says that – in the case of 9/11 – the government has adopted theories which are backed by very little evidence, and refused to look at the most likely theory – the one backed by overwhelming evidence.

CIA, Pentagon fight to keep bin Laden death photos secret
Photos and videos of Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May in a U.S. military/Central Intelligence Agency raid in Pakistan should not be released publicly because they would reveal military and intelligence secrets and could lead to violence against U.S. personnel, the Obama administration argued in papers filed in federal court in Washington late Monday night.

Dr. Ron Paul's 11-Point Plan That Could Save America
Huffington Post - Have Americans read Dr. Ron Paul's written plan for the country? Are Americans ready to upset the apple cart in a controlled and methodical way for the betterment of the greater good? The main source I am referencing here is Dr. Ron Paul's website, so that we can debate his priorities and proposed approaches. I have paraphrased items from his site; however, I encourage the reader to thoroughly review all the links. Here is Dr. Ron Paul's 11-point plan...

YouTube: Ron Paul- Time to De-Recognize the United Nations
Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/26/11 - The Palestinian Authority's recent announcement that it would seek UN recognition as an independent state dominated the news and the political debate in the United States last week, though in truth it should mean very little to us. Only a political class harboring the illusion it can run the world obsesses over the aspirations of a tiny population on a tiny piece of land thousands of miles away. Remember, the UN initiated this persistent conflict with its 1947 Partition Plan.

The Hill: When Rick Perry drops out: Ron Paul could be 2nd Place
I will not speculate about the reasons for Rick Perry' s strange, weird and incoherent debate performance. Major new negative stories about Perry will soon emerge in the media. Trust me. Perry will drop out long before the year ends. If he dropped out today Ron Paul could well be in second place. Will pundits say it is a two-man race between Romney and Paul?

Movement springs up in Ohio to reclaim sovereign state's rights
(NaturalNews) In a sign of the divisive political times in which we live, there have been more calls in recent years for a reassertion of local sovereignty over federal control. And in at least one case, the governor (and a current presidential candidate) of one of the nation's most populous states has entertained outright secession as a possible course of action if Washington continues to push for more influence and control.

VIDEO: Do People Have The Right To Fight Back Against Police?
Orange County District Attorney on Freedom Watch says yes they do!


YouTube: Bacevich: US wars serve powerful interests
Russia Today - It has almost been two weeks since the Occupy Wall Street movement started in New York City. The message from NYC is now resonating throughout America and reaching major cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles. Many Americans are fed up with Wall Street and Andrew Bacevich, author and Professor at Boston University, thinks that the military industrial complex is a big part of America's economic problems.

VIDEO: As Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread Nationwide, Women Arrested For Filming Speaks Out
Russia Today reports on the spread of the Occupy Wall Street to cities across America and interviews a women who was arrested for allegedly filming on the streets. You may not know it, but the Occupy Wall Street Protests have spread nationwide. Some protest camps are already up an running with live streaming of the occupation available online and protest planning underway in other states and cities. Check out for more.

Perdue jokes about suspending Congressional elections for two years
Speaking to a Cary Rotary Club today, N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue suggested suspending Congressional elections for two years so that Congress can focus on economic recovery and not the next election.... The comment -- which came during a discussion of the economy -- perked more than a few ears. It's unclear whether Perdue, a Democrat, is serious -- but her tone was level and she asked others to support her on the idea.

YouTube: Lawrence O'Donnell Reporting on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street
MSNB-Ge's Lawrence O'Donnell on Police Brutality full clips of the clash between demonstrators at occupy wall street at Occupy Wall Street.

Report: 100 New York Police Officers Boycott In Solidarity with Wall Street Protesters
Washington's Blog - After New York’s finest brutalized peaceful Wall Street protesters, rumor has it that police officers are boycotting.

VIDEO: Moment trader told shocked BBC presenter the City just LOVES an economic disaster
Mail Online - An outspoken City trader left interviewers open-mouthed as he admitted that traders ‘don’t really care that much’ about the prospect of an economic collapse. Alessio Rastani astonished BBC viewers yesterday by describing his hopes of profiting from a recession, adding: ‘The governments don’t rule the world – Goldman Sachs rules the world.’

VIDEO: Thousands Line Up In Philadelphia For Food Stamps
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Thousands of people in Philadelphia are waiting in long lines for aid due to losses caused by Hurricane Irene. However, there is a lot of confusion as to who exactly qualifies.

Obama’s jobs plan isn’t top priority for Reid
President Obama still is pressing Congress to pass his jobs stimulus bill immediately, but his own party leaders in the Senate, where Democrats have a majority, have pushed that vote off yet again. Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said Monday night that when the Senate returns from a weeklong vacation, the chamber will work instead on a bill that would push to label China a currency manipulator, which would make retaliatory steps in order.

EPA: Regulations would require 230,000 new employees, $21 billion
The Environmental Protection Agency has said new greenhouse gas regulations, as proposed, may be “absurd” in application and “impossible to administer” by its self-imposed 2016 deadline. But the agency is still asking for taxpayers to shoulder the burden of up to 230,000 new bureaucrats — at a cost of $21 billion — to attempt to implement the rules.

The Judge Explains the Difference between Capitalism and Free Markets
Sep 23, 2011- The Judge explains that while today's economic crisis may be a crisis of capitalism, it is a crisis caused not by free markets but by their absence.

Chicago given many painful ways to escape budget mess
As Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepares to present his first budget next month, Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson is tossing out dozens of ways to raise more money and cut the size of city government. Many of them are politically poisonous: a city income tax, tolls on Lake Shore Drive, higher ambulance fees.

Energy & Environment

Thought it couldn't get any worse than Solyndra?
Obama Commerce pick awarded $1.37 billion in 'stimulus funds' for another risky solar plant. President Obama's nominee for Commerce secretary served as chairman of the board of a solar energy company that recently received a $1.37 billion federal loan guarantee – the largest the Department of Energy has ever given for a solar power project. Now that company, BrightSource Energy, is attempting to build the world's largest solar power plant amid concerns such ventures may be too risky an investment for the federal government.

Fukushima Desolation Worst Since Nagasaki as Residents Flee
What’s emerging in Japan six months since the nuclear meltdown at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant is a radioactive zone bigger than that left by the 1945 atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While nature reclaims the 20 kilometer (12 mile) no-go zone, Fukushima’s $3.2 billion-a-year farm industry is being devastated and tourists that hiked the prefecture’s mountains and surfed off its beaches have all but vanished.


Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students
NATOMAS, CA – Natomas school officials are going door to door with a traveling nurse to give whooping cough shots to unvaccinated students. The legislature gave districts 30 days beyond the start of the school year to make sure all students were vaccinated or had a formal exemption filed by their parents or guardians. As the deadline passes, thousands of students remain unvaccinated. Many school districts have been defying state law and allowing them on campus. But not anymore in Natomas. Video report here.

HPV Vaccine For Boys? CDC Considers Recommending Vaccinations For All
A debate that's been simmering over whether males also should be vaccinated for human papillomavirus, or HPV, could come to a head in October at a meeting of a key advisory committee of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said CDC spokesman Tom Skinner.

Health premiums now cost more than a new car
Premiums for employer-provided health insurance jumped 8-9 percent in 2011, passing $15,000 for family coverage — which is more than the cost of a Ford Fiesta. That’s a big jump from the 3 percent increase in 2010. But it’s in line with historical increases that have averaged just over 10 percent per year since 2001, according to the annual Kaiser Family Foundation's Employer Health Benefits survey.

The invasion of chemicals in vitamins and supplements
(NaturalNews) The general public is still shopping at Walmart and common drugstores for synthetic multivitamins and calcium supplements. The bad news is what you don't know might hurt you. Walking into a nutritional nightmare is easy if you don't know might hurt you.

Spirulina - Packed with protein, B12 and iron
(NaturalNews) Spirulina contains a high amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is about 60-70% protein, which is greater gram for gram than both red meat and soy. It also contains all of the essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein; this is not very common in plant foods. It contains a large amount of Vitamin B12, which is very difficult to find in other plant foods. That is one reason why Spirulina is such a great choice for vegetarians.

World Cancer Rates Rise – Watch Out, More Gov’t Action
Cancer rates have risen in most countries, and WHO is actually attributing it to population growth and longer life expectancies. A declaration signed at the end of a recent UN summit held governments responsible for more action against cancer. Some of those actions included more tobacco restrictions, and a bigger government push for vaccinations and screenings.

Prevent cancer by reducing inflammation, insulin and infections
(NaturalNews) Inflammation, infections and excessive levels of insulin in the body are major instigators of cancer. Often, they occur together, and most people in modern society suffer from some degree of all three. Yet, it is possible to reduce their influence upon the body and thereby dramatically lower cancer risk.

Natural methods to prevent and treat kidney stones
(NaturalNews) Highly acidic diets tend to create an environment which encourages kidney stones, while more alkaline diets help prevent these kind of deposits. Soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, products containing corn syrup and most forms of animal protein have an acidic effect on the body. Some fruits and vegetables have a more alkaline effect, while others are more acidic. Some otherwise healthful foods such as rhubarb, spinach, beet greens, sorrel, green tea and chocolate can contribute to kidney stone formation because they contain oxalic acid.

Olive oil and nuts in diet control heart disease better than dangerous drug therapies
(NaturalNews) More vindication for a natural Mediterranean-style diet, including plenty of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and nuts, was revealed in an advanced study published by the prestigious journal Atherosclerosis. Early results from a Spanish study with more than 7500 participants demonstrates that high quantities of dietary EVOO and a variety of different species of nuts is more effective in managing and preventing a heart event than traditional drug therapy.

Science & Technology

OnStar kills plan to track ex-subscribers
In the face of a full-on revolt from users and pressure from Congress, Drudge Report and other media outlets, General Motors' OnStar service just announced it was reversing plans to keep tracking vehicles of its 6 million subscribers if they cancel the service. Now once it's off, it's off.

2,000 Years after They Were Written, Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online
The Dead Sea Scrolls, so ancient and fragile that direct light cannot shine on them, are now available to search and read online in a project launched today by the Israel Museum and Google Inc. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful,” said Yossi Matias, managing director of Google’s R&D Center in Israel.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Is Organic Agriculture Really a Threat to the Food Supply?
“I hate organic,” Dr. Scott Merrel says. He’s an insect ecologist who recently spoke on a podcast with Miller McCune news site. He believes the main threat to our food supply is not so much the out of control pests, but the emphasis on growing organic.

Monsanto Spent $1.7 Million Lobbying Government in 2Q on Biotech Seed, Ethanol Subsidies
WASHINGTON — Monsanto Co. spent $1.71 million in the second quarter to lobby the federal government, according to a disclosure report. That’s much less than the $2.18 million Monsanto spent a year earlier but slightly more than the $1.44 million it spent during previous quarter. The world’s largest seed company lobbied Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture over regulations that would affect the distribution of genetically engineered crops like the company’s Roundup Ready sugar beets and alfalfa, according to the disclosure the company filed July 20 with the House clerk’s office.

The dehumanization of agriculture: New robotic farming devices eliminate need for human farmers
(NaturalNews) Despite a renewed interest in small-scale, organic, and urban farms, most conventional crops continue to be cultivated on ever-expanding, mega-sized industrial farms composed of thousands of acres. And according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), modern agriculture has become so dehumanized in the process that farming equipment companies are now developing automated drones to plant, fertilize, and even harvest crops without the need for an actual human being to be present.

Wisconsin: No Right to Produce or Eat Food
In scary legal news a Wisconsin judge had gone completely loopy declaring that citizens have no right to produce or eat the foods of their own choice. In response to a request from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the judge issued a clarification of his decision last week regarding his assessment of the constitutionality of food rights. The judge expanded on his original statement that such constitutional issues are “wholly without merit.”

Today In History - Tuesday - September 27, 2011
1779 - John Adams was elected to negotiate with the British over the American Revolutionary War peace terms.
1854 - The steamship Arctic sank off Cape Race, Newfoundland, with 300 people onboard. It was the first major disaster in the Atlantic Ocean.
1894 - The Aqueduct Race Track opened in New York City, NY.
1928 - The U.S. announced that it would recognize the Nationalist Chinese Government.
1938 - The League of Nations branded the Japanese as aggressors in China.
1939 - After 19 days of resistance, Warsaw, Poland, surrendered to the Germans after being invaded by the Nazis and the Soviet Union during World War II.
1940 - The Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis was set up. The military and economic pact was for 10 years between Germany, Italy and Japan.
1954 - The "Tonight!" show made its debut on NBC-TV with Steve Allen as host.
1959 - The Japanese island of Honshu was hit by Typhoon Vera. Nearly 5,000 people were killed.
1962 - The U.S. sold Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Israel.
1964 - The Warren Commission issued a report on the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963. The report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone.
1973 - U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew said he would not resign after he pled "no contest" to a charge of tax evasion. He did resign on October 10th.
1979 - The Department of Education became the 13th Cabinet in U.S. history after the final approval from Congress.
1986 - The U.S. Senate approved federal tax code changes that were the most sweeping since World War II. 
1991 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush eliminated all land-based tactical nuclear arms and removed all short-range nuclear arms from ships and submarines around the world. Bush then called on the Soviet Union to do the same.
1995 - The U.S. government unveiled the redesigned $100 bill. The bill featured a larger, off-center portrait of Benjamin Franklin.
1996 - The Taliban seized control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and hanged the former president Najibullah.
1998 - In Germany, Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder was elected chancellor. The election ended 16 years of conservative rule.
2002 - In Senegal, over 1,000 people were killed when the ocean ferry MS Joola capsized.

World News

Digital Currency Trader London Gold Exchange Permanently Closed!
It seems that the scandalous financial world has claimed another casualty: the London Gold Exchange. An announcement was made on their website claiming "Due to operational difficulties the London Gold Exchange is permanently closed for business."

Libya: BBC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda piece
Martin Iqbal - In a truly stunning display of dishonesty, the BBC has reported, citing no evidence to back its claim, that a mass grave containing over 1,200 bodies has been found in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison complex. The BBC attempts to tie this ‘finding’ to the equally concocted ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’, as it claims that the bodies are those of the inmates supposedly killed in 1996.

BBC Drops Terms “BC” and “AD” to Avoid Offending Non-Christians
UK Daily Mail - One of the BBC’s most high-profile presenters has vowed to continue using the terms BC and AD despite claims the Corporation has barred it the term to avoid offending non-Christians. Andrew Marr told how he had no plans to change the terminology he used.

US gives away billions in assets in Iraq
The United States Depart of Defense has found a nifty way of cutting costs in planning for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Rather than ship home millions of pieces of equipment from Americans bases abroad, the military is simply giving them away. Nearly two-and-a-half million pieces of equipment, estimated at a cost of $250 million, have so far been given to the Iraqi government by the US military in the last year alone, reports The Huffington Post. As the DoD looks to empty out the bases that cost Americans billions of dollars towards erecting during the last decade, everything from air conditioning units to army tanks are being handed over to the foreign government in order to avoid the costly bill of shipping those supplies back to the States.

Council takes first step on Palestinian UN bid
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council takes its first step Monday to consider the Palestinian request for U.N. membership. The council will meet behind closed doors for an initial discussion of the application submitted Friday by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to become the 194th member of the United Nations.

Turkish premier signals joint operation with Iran
AP) ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's prime minister has signaled a joint military offensive with Iran against their common enemy: Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq.

US drones kill dozens in Somalia
United States drones have reportedly struck three districts in southern Somalia, killing dozens of civilians and wounding scores of others. The attacks took place on Sunday against the Hoosingow, Diif, and Taabto districts near the southern city of Afmadow, a Press TV correspondent reported.

US-Russia 'reset' to remain under Putin: White House
WASHINGTON (AFP) - A "reset" of US-Russian ties will go forward regardless of who Moscow's next president is, the White House said, amid news that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin could return to the Kremlin next year. "The reset has always been about national interests and not individual personalities, said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor, in a statement sent to AFP on Sunday, reacting to news of an impending job swap between Prime Minister Vladmir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev.

VIDEO: UK marching banned: Police call the tune
Russia Today - People in Britain have long been able to march in protest - but those voices are being silenced in parts of London - for an entire month. The government's letting police slap a blanket ban on public gatherings in the capital. For some it's putting freedom of expression under threat, as Laura Emmett reports.

Tightening the Noose: France Bans Cash Sales of Gold/Silver Over $600
A couple of weeks ago our report that some Austrian banks had begun restricting the sale of gold and silver to 15,000 Euro (~$20,000 USD) reportedly because of money laundering issues was met with disbelief by many readers of financial news and information web sites. As we mentioned in that commentary, it is our view that governments, namely in Western nations, are making it more difficult for individuals to make gold purchases, as well as to do so anonymously.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obama Congressional Black Caucus Speech: Stop Complainin' And Fight
In a fiery summons to an important voting bloc, President Barack Obama told blacks on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and "put on your marching shoes" to follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity.

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Before Daily Show - 9/26
Judge Andrew Napolitano on the streets of New York: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch speaking about the situation in New York, the economy and big government.

VIDEO: Representative Ron Paul on Daily Show with Jon Stewart, details
Despite facing an uphill battle against more media darlings like Rick Perry, Texas Representtaive Ron Paul appears to be gaining momentum. The campaign is opening offices and launching ad buys, in an attempt to capitalize on rising poll numbers and strong fundraising.

Porn magnate funds $1 million quest to embarrass Perry
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Pornographic magazine publisher Larry Flynt offered $1 million on Thursday to anyone with proof of "an illicit sexual liaison" involving leading Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry. The offer by the politically left-leaning Flynt targeting Perry was similar to past efforts by the Hustler magazine founder to embarrass public figures he dislikes.

U.S. Government Used Taxpayer Funds to Buy, Sell Weapons During 'Fast and Furious,' Documents Show
Not only did U.S. officials approve, allow and assist in the sale of more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa cartel -- the federal government used taxpayer money to buy semi-automatic weapons, sold them to criminals and then watched as the guns disappeared. This disclosure, revealed in documents obtained by Fox News, could undermine the Department of Justice's previous defense that Operation Fast and Furious was a "botched" operation where agents simply "lost track" of weapons as they were transferred from one illegal buyer to another.

Wyoming Sheriffs Told Federal BATF & IRS Agents To Abide By The Constitution Or Face Immediate Arrest
Here’s one the mainstream media isn’t going to tell you: County sheriffs in Wyoming are demanding that federal agents actually abide by the Constitution, or face arrest. Even better, a U.S. Federal District Court agreed. Since the judge stated that the sheriff “has law enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official,” the Wyoming sheriffs are flexing their muscles. They are demanding access to all BATF files. Why? So as to verify that the agency is not violating provisions of Wyoming law that prohibits the registration of firearms or the keeping of a registry of firearm owners.

FEC rules naturalized citizens are same as 'natural born' in presidential votes
Washington reinterprets constitutional eligibility: A Guyana-born naturalized American citizen fits the Federal Elections Commission's requirements to run for president, the FEC announced in a ruling. The case involves New York lawyer Abdul Hassan, who was born in the South American country in 1974. Hassan argues it is discriminatory to not allow him to run for office. Responding to criticism of possible dual-loyalty issues, Hassan said in a radio interview that a person's place of birth should not determine his patriotism or presidential eligibility.

GALLUP: Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government
A record-high 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed, adding to negativity that has been building over the past 10 years. Majorities of Democrats (65%) and Republicans (92%) are dissatisfied with the nation's governance. This perhaps reflects the shared political power arrangement in the nation's capital, with Democrats controlling the White House and U.S. Senate, and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives. Partisans on both sides can thus find fault with government without necessarily blaming their own party.

VIDEO: Huge Passenger Backups - TSA Says It Is Trying New ‘Chat Down’ Procedures
BOSTON -- New security procedures being tested at Logan International Airport caused significant backups at security checkpoints Thursday, according to airlines. Backups lasted for about four hours after the Transportation Security Administration began testing a procedure that requires more human interaction between security agents and passengers.

NYPD Ordered to Stop Marijuana Possession Arrests
New York City may soon shed its infamous reputation as the pot bust capital of the world. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Monday issued an internal order to the NYPD telling officers they can no longer arrest people for marijuana possession in public view if the marijuana was not in public view before officers either searched the person and produced it or the person produced it after an officer's demand that he empty his pockets.

A Video Reminder: Read “The Naked Communist”
Oath Keepers - Our very own Sheriff Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, attended a class taught by Cleon Skousen while Skousen was still alive. Skousen wrote several must-read books, including ‘The Five Thousand Year Leap’; ‘The Naked Capitalist’; and ‘The Naked Communist’. The video below is a summation of The Naked Communist, and is fairly brief, under seven minutes. I am posting this video to encourage every reader here who may have not yet read this book to do so at first opportunity.


Occupy Wall Street have captured the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force on the barricades with the NYPD. They are wearing trendy golf shirts and smart pants good for blending in in the sand countries, but they are MARINES and posse comitatus is the law of the land. The Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) is a unit in the United States Marine Corps responsible for countering the effects of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosive (CBRNE) incident.

VIDEO: $200K Per Job? Timothy Geithner Says White House Jobs Plan Is Still a Bargain
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner didn't dispute a Harvard economist's estimate that each job in the White House's jobs plan would cost $200,000, but said the pricetag is the wrong way to measure the bill's worth. And he also pointed out, in an interview today with ABC News' David Muir, that there is no other option on the table for getting the economy moving and putting more people back to work. "You've got to think about the costs of the alternatives," Geithner said when asked about Harvard economist Martin Feldstein's calculation that each job created by President Obama's American Jobs Act would cost taxpayers about $200,000.

COKE chief criticises US tax rules; Says China more business friendly!
Coca-Cola now sees the US becoming a less friendly business environment than China, its chief executive has revealed, citing political gridlock and an antiquated tax structure as reasons its home market has become less competitive.

Fed’s Raskin says MORE QE may be needed
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Just days after the Federal Reserve dusted off a bond-purchase shift program from the 1960s, a central bank official who voted for that policy says more action may be needed.

AP NewsBreak: Texas refineries may get back $135M
PASADENA, Texas (AP) -- Three commissioners appointed by Gov. Rick Perry may grant some of the nation's largest refineries a tax refund of more than $135 million - money Texas' cash-strapped schools and other local governments have been counting on to help pay teachers and provide other public services. The refund would mean more pain for some communities after a year in which state lawmakers had to grapple with a $27 billion shortfall and slashed spending on public schools by more than $4 billion. Nearly half the refund would be taken from public schools, and those in cities where the refineries are based would be hurt the most.

YouTube: "Fiat Money" Explained in 3 minutes
Despite every effort by governments, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. It is now the biggest it has even been in history. All sorts of reasons for this have been proffered, but few, however, seem to realise that is a simple, inevitable consequence of our system of money and credit.

IRS tightens grip in CAIR probe
Lawmaker also refers complaint to FBI over foreign funding: The IRS has forwarded a congressional complaint lodged against the Council on American-Islamic Relations to its investigations unit for further review, WND has learned. The FBI also has been alerted to evidence the prominent Muslim group has solicited funds from state sponsors of terrorism. The 8-page complaint originally was submitted by U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, the co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, after the IRS stripped Washington-based CAIR of its nonprofit status for failure to file annual tax reports as required by federal law.

Activists charge US police with abuse
American activists have accused New York police of unleashing a violent crackdown on demonstrators protesting against Wall Street firms and US government's financial policies, Press TV reports.

Energy & Environment

Michigan nuclear plant releasing radioactive steam into environment after unexpected shutdown
Nuclear Event in USA on Tuesday, 27 September, 2011 at 03:09 (03:09 AM) UTC: Entergy’s Palisades nuclear plant near South Haven is venting radioactive steam into the environment as part of an unplanned shutdown triggered by an electrical accident. This shutdown, which began Sunday evening, came just five days after the plant restarted from a shutdown that was caused by a leak in the plant’s cooling system. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokeswoman Prema Chandrithal said that the current shutdown happened because an object slipped during work on a circuit breaker and caused an arc that took out power for one of two DC electrical systems that power safety valves and other devices.

At CIA, Climate Change is a Secret
When the Central Intelligence Agency established a Center on Climate Change and National Security in 2009, it drew fierce opposition from congressional Republicans who disputed the need for an intelligence initiative on this topic. But now there is a different, and possibly better, reason to doubt the value of the Center: It has adopted an extreme view of classification policy which holds that everything the Center does is a national security secret.

Maui residents craft legislation to ban geo-engineering 'chemtrails'
(NaturalNews) There is a plethora of additional information and reports out there as well that confirm the existence of geo-engineering and chemtrail programs, many of which have been shown to already be in use, not to mention thousands of eyewitness reports and independent particle tests. So in response, Michael J. Murphy, co-producer of the documentary What in the World Are They Spraying?, and a large and growing group of concerned citizens in Maui, Hawaii, have created a county ordinance by which they hope to put an end to this environmental terrorism.

District ignores unanimous opposition by parents, approves installation of Phillips Exxon Mobil Corp 'fracking' wells on school property
(NaturalNews) Not a single parent of a student attending a South Butler County School District (SBCSD) school has expressed support for the district's plan to allow Phillips Exxon Mobil (PEM) Corp. to build oil and natural gas drilling wells on school property. But this did not stop the Pennsylvania school district's board members from approving, in a 6 - 2 decision, a lease permitting PEM to build the wells as close as 500 feet from classrooms.

VIDEO: Fracking Hell - The Untold Story, Europe Is Next
Marcellus Shale contains enough natural gas to supply all US gas needs for 14 years. But as gas drilling takes place, using a process called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," toxic chemicals and methane gas seep into drinking water. Now experts fear that unacceptable levels of radioactive Radium 226 in gas development waste. Fracking chemicals are linked to bone, liver and breast cancers, gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory, developmental as well as brain and nervous system disorders. Such chemicals are present in frack waste and may find their way into drinking water and air.

State Dept. hears from Kan., Texas on oil pipeline
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- State Department officials could get an earful from critics in two states Monday over the agency's report concluding there are unlikely to be any serious environmental problems with a proposed oil pipeline stretching from Canada to the Texas coast.

Southampton officials vote against water fluoridation scheme
(NaturalNews) Efforts to get more communities in the UK fluoridated appear to be failing, as a recent decision by officials in Southampton, a city roughly 80 miles southwest of London, refused a proposed water fluoridation plan. In a 2 - 1 decision, city officials ultimately sided with opponents of the plan who insisted that the city keep its water toxin free.


Health reform lawsuit appears headed for Supreme Court
The Justice Department is expected to ask the court to overturn an August decision by a panel of three judges in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that found the law’s requirement to buy insurance is unconstitutional. The suit was brought by 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business, and several individuals. Since the ruling, the Justice Department had until Monday to ask the entire 11th Circuit to review the case. Administration lawyers didn’t file the paperwork by the 5 p.m. deadline, so the ruling would stand unless the Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to step in.

SHOWDOWN: Doctors and AMA Split Over Obamacare
According to a new survey, the majority of doctors do not believe that the AMA represents their views and interests. Much of that dissatisfaction stems from the organization’s support for President Obama’s contentious health care reform package. Just 13% of doctors agree with their trade association’s support of the health reform law. Some doctors are even dissociating themselves from the AMA. Of those who have terminated their membership, 47% cited the organization’s continued backing of the health care law as the primary reason.

Thousands entering Calif. schools without vaccines
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Last year's class of California kindergartners had a record high percentage of parents who used a personal belief exemption to avoid immunization requirements, a development that concerns state health officials. The percentage of parents who sign vaccine exemptions based on personal beliefs has been rising steadily since 2004. The increase coincides with rising use of the Internet for information, said John Talarico, chief of the immunization branch for the California Department of Public Health. "We really think a lot of it is due to honest, valid concern that parents do the best thing for their child coupled with misinformation that gets out through various forms of communication," he said.

AIDS Vaccine Coming Soon -- Experimental Vaccine Led to Censored Deaths
Scientists are hailing a new discovery in the field of AIDS research that may lead to the development of an AIDS vaccine. The discovery, revolving around the elimination of a cholesterol membrane surrounding the virus, emerged from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. However, the past of the AIDS vaccine is something that few scientists want to discuss. The controversial trials of experimental AIDS vaccines that led to the loss of innocent lives have been ignored by mainstream scientists and reporters.

Kids say say 'potato,' USDA says 'poh-tay-NO'
New guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture would eliminate potatoes altogether from school breakfasts and drastically reduce the amount of potatoes served in lunches. Collins, R-Maine, said the unassuming white potato has its place alongside more highfalutin vegetables in school cafeterias. She believes potatoes are healthy, as long as they're not fried. The National Potato Council says the proposal would carry a large but unknown cost to farmers in lost sales, as well as a $6.8 billion cost for school districts that will have to line up more costly foods mandated under the guidelines.

How to determine cancer in your body long before it is diagnosable
(NaturalNews) People are focused on enjoying life. Preventing disease sounds good to most individuals, as long as it doesn't stop them from having their pleasure trips, including delicious food. To the wise, for a discerning person real enjoyment begins with the state of good health, never mind in which areas they have to exercise self-control to achieve or maintain it. This difference becomes very evident in view of the ever-present threat of cancer. In the western world every 2nd man and every 2.8th woman has cancer or will suffer from it in their lifetime.

Five health-enhancing foods that don't even seem like health foods: Mustard, cole slaw and more
(NaturalNews) Hidden inside the typical western diet of highly-toxic processed foods are gems of natural medicine that you'd never suspect are really health foods. So here, I've assembled a short list of the five most powerful health-enhancing foods that don't seem like health foods but which are quite possibly the one remaining source of natural medicines for mainstream consumers.

The 10 worst chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products
(NaturalNews) The entire cosmetic industry is in a buyer beware state of alert, thanks to the latest additions to the melting pot of chemicals and pollutants in skin care, above and beyond the usual parabens. Consumers are warned by experts to put on the watch list any makeup which contains synthetic coloring ingredients, emulsifiers, leads, copolymer, triclosan, and "urea as a preservative." Also contributing to the chemical compounds are phthalates, formaldehyde, and petroleum.

Common painkillers block supposed benefits of SSRI antidepressants, says research
(NaturalNews) It's been revealed that companies cranking out the clinical trial study reports for Big Pharma have been hiding the side effects from the FDA. That doesn't seem to matter much. Despite this information, the FDA is still not convinced SSRI side effects outweigh their efficacy. It's obvious that the risks outweigh the benefits, as is the case with most pharmaceuticals known to have produced over 100,000 deaths annually.

White fleshed fruit and vegetable consumption slashes stroke risk in half
(NaturalNews) Researchers publishing in the American Heart Association journal Stroke have found that increased consumption of white fleshy vegetables and fruits such as apples and pears leads to a dramatic decline in both incidence and death from a stroke. This study is the first to differentiate between different colors in fruits and vegetables and the risk for developing a specific disease or illness. Beneficial phytochemicals such as carotenoids and flavonoids found in the white flesh and skin of apples and pears can dramatically lower your risk of suffering the devastating physical damage caused by a stroke.

The five things you really need to know about HPV vaccines
(NaturalNews) After the political tempest about Gardasil and mandatory HPV vaccinations, CNN posted an article about the things they claimed should be known. The article contended that the HPV vaccine controversy was mostly political and that HPV vaccines were safe. It also noted that we have been vaccinating children for many years. For those who prefer the truth over mainstream propaganda, here are five things you really need to know about HPV vaccines...

Raw Milk Symposium Article
(NaturalNews) After the political tempest about Gardasil and mandatory HPV vaccinations, CNN posted an article about the things they claimed should be known. The article contended that the HPV vaccine controversy was mostly political and that HPV vaccines were safe. It also noted that we have been vaccinating children for many years.

Science & Technology

The Next Phase of Internet Censorship Has Begun: Man the Battle Stations!
Reports pertaining to the censorship and takedown of personal websites continue to flood in. First, YouTube meddled with the view counts of folks like Alex Jones over at Info Wars and Prison Planet. Then Flickr, MySpace and Facebook began censoring comments and material. Now an increasing number of independent online media is beginning to feel the sharp edge of the blade.

Pentagon extends program to defend cyber networks
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As hackers and hostile nations launch increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks against U.S. defense contractors, the Pentagon is extending a pilot program to help protect its prime suppliers. That program could possibly serve as a model for other government agencies. It is being evaluated by the Department of Homeland Security, as part of a potential effort to extend similar protections to power plants, the electric grid and other critical infrastructure.

The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” And Monitor Billions Of Conversations About The Fed On Facebook, Twitter, Forums And Blogs
The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it. In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify "key bloggers" and to monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs. This is yet another sign that the alternative media is having a dramatic impact.

Shells tracked by radar
With the high costs of live fire training, the Pentagon wanted a shell-scoring system, and commissioned Cambridge Consultants to develop one; after fourteen months of development, the company unveiled its holographic radar scoring system, the Land and Surface Target Scorer (LSTS). The technology will eventually be used by the Pentagon for training against attack by fast moving land and sea vehicles.

Georgia shows app that prepares state residents, guides them to safety
New Ready Georgia mobile app uses geo-location to deliver alerts, create emergency plans, and show shelter locations; from up-to-the-minute weather and hazard alerts based on a user’ 's location, to customizable emergency preparedness checklists, the app combines a set of features not previously available in one mobile application.

Facebook policies tricky for employers, workers
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the age of instant tweets and impulsive Facebook posts, some companies are still trying to figure out how they can limit what their employees say about work online without running afoul of the law.

Internet Hits All-Time High as News Source, TV at All-Time Low
( - The Internet has risen to its all-time high as a primary source of news for Americans with 43 percent now saying they get most of their news on national and international issues from the web, according to a survey published Thursday by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

The Food Movement: Its Power and Possibilities
The number of hungry people has soared to nearly 1 billion, despite strong global harvests. And for even more people, sustenance has become a health hazard—with the US diet implicated in four out of our top ten deadly diseases. Power over soil, seeds and food sales is ever more tightly held, and farmland in the global South is being snatched away from indigenous people by speculators set to profit on climbing food prices. Just four companies control at least three-quarters of international grain trade; and in the United States, by 2000, just ten corporations—with boards totaling only 138 people—had come to account for half of US food and beverage sales.

Today In History - Monday - September 26, 2011
1777 - Philadelphia was occupied by British troops during the American Revolutionary War.
1789 - Thomas Jefferson was appointed America's first Secretary of State. John Jay was appointed the first chief justice of the U.S. Samuel Osgood was appointed the first Postmaster-General. Edmund Jennings Randolph was appointed the first Attorney General.
1914 - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission was established.
1918 - During World War I, the Meuse-Argonne offensive against the Germans began. It was the final Allied offensive on the western front.
1950 - U.N. troops recaptured the South Korean capital of Seoul from the North Koreans during the Korean Conflict.
1955 - The New York Stock Exchange suffered its worst decline since 1929 when the word was released of U.S. President Eisenhower's heart attack.
1960 - The first televised debate between presidential candidates Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy took place in Chicago, IL.
1980 - The Cuban government abruptly closed Mariel Harbor to end the freedom flotilla of Cuban refugees that began the previous April.
1981 - The Boeing 767 made its maiden flight in Everett, WA.
1984 - Britain and China initialed a draft agreement on the future of Hong Kong when the Chinese take over ruling the British Colony.
1985 - Shamu was born at Sea World in Orlando, FL. Shamu was the first killer whale to survive being born in captivity.
1986 - William H. Rehnquist became chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court following the retirement of Warren Burger.
1993 - The eight people who had stayed in "Biosphere II" emerged from their sealed off environment.
1995 - The warring factions of Bosnia agreed on guidelines for elections and a future government.
1996 - Shannon Lucid returned to Earth after being in space for 188 days. she set a time record for a U.S. astronaut in space and in the world for time spent by a woman in space.
1997 - In Indonesia, a Garuda Airlines Airbus crashed killing 234 people.
2000 - The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. The act states that an infant would be considered to have been born alive if he or she is completely extracted or expelled from the mother and breathes and has a beating heart and definite movement of the voluntary muscles.
2001 - In Kabul, Afghanistan, the abandoned U.S. Embassy was stormed by protesters. It was the largest anti-Amercian protest since the terror attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, on September 11.
2001 - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres announced plans to formalize a cease-fire and end a year of fighting in the region.
2001 - In New York City, hundreds of people began the process of filing for death certificates for family members still missing in the ruins of the World Trade Center. At the time more than 6,300 people were still missing.

World News

Defiant Yemeni leader makes no pledge to step down
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen's defiant president addressed his troubled nation Sunday for the first time since returning to the country after an assassination attempt, making no promise to immediately step down but saying he is committed to a deal to end months of spiraling violence.

Tony Blair attacks Palestinian bid for state recognition as ‘deeply confrontational’
Tony Blair yesterday condemned a ‘deeply confrontational’ move by the Palestinian president to ask the United Nations to recognise an independent state for his people. Mr Blair, who is the international community’s Middle East representative, joined Western leaders in opposing the application by Mahmoud Abbas. Mr Abbas is seeking full UN membership for Palestine, even though Israeli troops still occupy its territory. He handed his application letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and it must now be considered by the Security Council.

Gadhafi gunmen cross border from Algeria to Libya
The cross-border attack on Saturday shows loyalist forces have managed to escape Libya and regroup and collect arms, bolstering fears the North African nation could face a protracted insurgency. Fighters who took up arms against Gadhafi have seized Tripoli and have gained control of the rest of the country, but they are still battling forces loyal to the ousted regime on several fronts.

Afghanistan warns Pakistan about border fighting
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan defense officials warned Pakistan on Sunday to stop firing rockets and heavy artillery into the northeast of the country or the military will respond with force. Pakistan denied it was responsible. Separately, a U.S. official confirmed an attack on a facility used by American officials in Kabul.

Canadian Government under Israeli Control
It is so pro-Israel that it will do this despite a higher percentage of Canadians supporting the Palestinian’s bid for UN membership than voted Conservative in the last election. Two and a half months ago Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird criticized the Palestinian statehood bid, labeling it a “public-relations” exercise. On Friday Harper reiterated this position. “Canada views the action as very regrettable and we will be opposing it,” the Prime Minister said.

Russian spy agency targeting western diplomats
Russia's spy agency is waging a massive undercover campaign of harassment against British and American diplomats, as well as other targets, using deniable "psychological" techniques developed by the KGB, a new book reveals. ...The British and American governments are acutely aware of the FSB's campaign of intimidation. But neither has publicly complained about these demonstrative "counter-intelligence" measures, for fear of further straining already difficult relations with Vladmir Putin's resurgent regime. Putin, a former KGB lieutenant colonel, was head of the FSB.

New Devastating Pakistan Floods (Photos)
One year ago, Pakistan suffered the worst flooding in its history, a slow-moving disaster that left some 2,000 dead and another 11 million homeless. Nearly one million are still without permanent shelter, and meanwhile, the flooding has returned. Though it's not on the same scale as last year's flood, this summer's damage is still significant.

Widespread power blackout hits much of Chile
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- A massive power blackout affected 9 million people across Chile on Saturday, forcing thousands in the capital to be evacuated from trains or subway cars.

Veterans Today Supports Palestinian Statehood to Increase American National Security, the most widely read Military and Foreign Affairs Online Journal, urges President Obama to end the cycle of endangering American national security through continued ‘blank check’ support for Israel. This multi-decade policy has been a disaster not only for American relations in the region, but for Israel and its neighbors, also.

U.S. sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel says report
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-busting bombs to Israel, Newsweek magazine reported Friday. Israel first asked to buy deep-penetrating GBU-28 bombs in 2005, but were rebuffed by then-president George W. Bush. At the time the Pentagon had frozen joint US-Israeli defense projects, fearful that Israel was transferring advanced military technology to China, Newsweek said.

Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming
The evictions were ordered by New Forests Company, an outfit that seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the “carbon credits” on to transnational corporations. The company is backed by the World Bank and HSBC. Its Board of Directors includes HSBC Managing Director Sajjad Sabur, as well as other former Goldman Sachs investment bankers.

Hundreds of protesters attack police station in China
AFP 9/23/11 - It was the latest in a series of protests sparked by perceived social injustices in Guangdong, known as the workshop of the world for the tens of millions of migrant workers who toil in the province's factories. Rioters angered by a government land deal and rumours that police officers had killed a child wrecked vehicles and attacked police at the station in Guangdong's Lufeng city, local authorities said in a statement.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

The Great CEO Disappearing Act
There has been some concern recently amongst some conspiracy theorists out there over the fact that there has been a huge surge in resignations from top CEOs in the past year. Adding to those conspiracy concerns are the fact that US President Obama is heading to Denver Colorado on September 27th. (Video: Supposed home of a large secret underground bunker under the Denver Airport.) Here are a few examples of recent resignations...

2 hikers released from Iranian prison return to US
Before boarding the plane in the Omani capital of Muscat on Saturday night, the men made brief statements and thanked Oman's ruler for helping secure their release. "We hope to someday return to this wonderful country, but for now we are eager to go home at last," Fattal told reporters.
** Related Article: Freed US hikers describe harrowing ordeal in Iran
They say they simply got lost while hiking with another American, Sarah Shourd, who was released last year. The three paid a brutal price for their adventure, they said. "Many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them," Fattal said. Added Bauer: "How can we forgive the Iranian government when it continues to imprison so many other innocent people and prisoners of conscience?" Bauer was himself beaten and Fattal forced down a flight of stairs, Shourd told reporters.

Obama and Globalists Converging On Denver Deep Underground Military Base For September 27, 201
Barack Hussein Obama and his family will be leaving Washington DC early next week and will be heading to Denver International Airport. Obama isn’t taking a International flight from Denver he will be joining other Globalist leaders at the Denver New World Order headquarters. You won’t see them because they will descend underground. Why underground? One reason could be the Comet Elenin Earth Sun alignment on September 26-27, 2011. Another is CIA (Knights of the Holy See) false flag nuclear detonations in the United States Midewest.

NYPD chief: Police could take down plane if needed
Commissioner Ray Kelly tells CBS' "60 Minutes" that after the Sept. 11 attacks, he decided the city couldn't rely on the federal government alone. He set about creating the NYPD's own counter-terrorism unit. He says the department is prepared for multiple scenarios and could even take down a plane. Other measures include sending NYPD officers abroad, using radiation detectors and creating a network of surveillance cameras in Manhattan.

VIDEO: Mountain Guardian Exercise Takes School Children to Sports Stadium
Kurt Nimmo - reporter Darrin McBreen reported today outside Denver’s Mile High Stadium that the facility would be used for “processing activities,” according to a handout. It states that a “terrorist-driven catastrophic situation” will include the “processing” of students: Catholic Charities and Sports Authority Field at Mile High will participate in an administrative fashion to test student/teacher processing activities. “In terms of the drill or even real events, the goal is to get everybody here to reunify with their parents,” Scott Snow, director of the Victims Assistance Unit of the Denver Police, told

Military newspaper front page: "YOU WANT HIM - Ron Paul leads in donations for military personnel"
The Ranger is a weekly newspaper published for the military personnel at Joint Base Lewis McChord in WA. This week's front page is a photo of Ron Paul for an article talking about Dr. Paul's support from the military, and his foreign policy positions.

The Ever Expanding List Of Ron Paul Endorsements
Here is a list of persons who have endorsed Ron Paul for President.This list is contintually updated, please check back for more endorsements.

Ron Paul Speaks to Capacity Crowd at Louisiana State University Event
LAKE JACKSON, Texas, Sep 23, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke to a capacity crowd in Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University's Union Theater tonight. The visit marked the first on-campus visit since the launch of his Youth for Ron Paul initiative, and it exceeded expectations with more than 1,250 LSU students, other youth and the at-large community. Video of Ron Paul's speech here.

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano Talks About the Loss of the Fourth Amendment
The Judge Talks about the fourth amendment being dead and interviews Republican Strategist about the Police State. These two Videos are about the Loss of Privacy due to the passage of the Patriot Act using the attacks of Sept 11th as an excuse for a Police State.. Videos from Freedom Watch Sept 23 2011

Feds dub young man enemy combatant for uploading video to YouTube
(NaturalNews) The dubious "war on terror" has effectively nullified, at least in current practice, the individual protections afforded by the US Constitution. A recent MSNBC report explains that the federal government has charged 24-year-old Jubair Ahmad...

BUSTED: Liberals Admit Racism Charges Against Tea Parties A Tactic, NOT A Truth (Video)
Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership group are condemning the left’s false use of the accusation “racist” as a political tactic, saying they recognize the strategy from the teaching of left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky. Former U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Chairman Mary Frances Berry, a long-time prominent liberal activist, has admitted in an interview with Politico that the left is trying to smear the tea party movement as “racist” for strategic reasons, not out of genuine concern that the movement is itself racist.

Bank Of America Holds Patent On 'Changing Your Emotions' During Customer Service Call
SYSTEMS FOR INDUCING CHANGE IN A HUMAN PHYSIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTIC Patent Abstract: Systems and methods for inducing a change in a human physiological characteristic. The physiological characteristic may correspond to an emotional state of a dialogue participant. The dialogue participant may be an individual participating in a conversation. The outcome of the conversation may be related to a business objective, such as providing high quality call center services. A sensor may monitor the physiologic characteristic. A processor may relate the physiologic characteristic to an emotional state. The processor may provide feedback to the individual based on the emotional state. The feedback may be formulated to change the individual's emotional state.

VIDEO: Wells Fargo Repossesses A Fully Paid Off Car
Keeping up with your car payments, it seems, is not always enough to keep away the repo man. As King 5 TV reports, Adlantis Newton, a Tacoma, Washington, resident, says she faithfully paid her car payments of $299 each month and had a title proving that she owned her 1999 Chrysler LHS. Which didn't stop Wells Fargo from seizing the vehicle anyway.

VIDEO: Martial Law Drill Commences as Economy Begins Descent
Kurt Nimmo - KDVR reports that the media will be allowed to report on the events, but a news advisory PDF released by officialdom states media coverage will be restricted to “outside areas.”... The possibility of an actual terror event “going live” during the Operation Mountain Guardian is minimal, however, and the massive coordinated event in Colorado is designed as part of a larger effort to federalize local officials for the eventual implementation of martial law, likely in response to economic conditions, not false flag terror per se.

VIDEO: Psychologists: Questioning 9/11 Is the Sane Thing To Do
Many mental health professionals have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false, and that those who believe the official version suffer from defense mechanisms. A 15 -minute interview with psychologists.

Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality
An honors student in Fort Worth, Texas, was sent to the principal’s office and punished for telling a classmate that he believes homosexuality is wrong.Holly Pope said she was “absolutely stunned” when she received a telephone call from an assistant principal at Western Hills High School informing her that her son, Dakota Ary, had been sent to in-school suspension.

VIDEO: Mom Banned From School, Bus Stop For Yelling At 10-Year-Old Son's Bullies
A mother who confronted two boys who bullied her 10-year-old son has been banned from her son’s Minneapolis school and even her son’s bus stop for the rest of the year. Tanya Sydney said she does not regret taking actions into her own hand to keep her son from being a victim.

Texas to discontinue fancy last-meal requests on death row
SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - The Texas prison system on Thursday abolished the time-honored tradition of offering an opulent last meal to condemned inmates before their executions, saying they would get standard prison fare instead. "Enough is enough," state Senator John Whitmire wrote on Thursday to prison officials, prompting the move. "It is extremely inappropriate to give a person sentenced to death such a privilege. It's a privilege which the perpetrator did not provide to their victim."

Michelle Obama dazzles New York in $42,150 diamond bracelets
Oh my! Are we impressed? Michelle Obama dazzled in true First Lady style at the DNC fundraiser this week, her left wrist dripping with diamonds as she supported her husband at the party event.In total, she sported an astonishing $42,150 worth of bracelets to the New York Democratic Party dinner.


Why Stocks and Gold Crashed
As the Wall Street Journal notes: Investors have grown increasingly skeptical of policy makers’ ability to revive the global economy, and of their willingness to bring about a resolution to the European debt crisis. The broader rout has left many investors with unexpected losses, driving some to part with some of their better performing investments, among them gold and silver.

DHS Chemicals And Biological Response Unit Surrounding Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Chemical and Biological Response Units from the Department Of Homeland Security have been confirmed to be surrounding and converging on Occupy Wall Street Protesters. It remains to be seen exactly why these units are there, but it would seem to indicate that the police will soon be using chemicals on the protesters. Considering the fact that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have no chemical or biological weapons, the only need for these type of response units is if the government planned to either let loose chemicals to blame on the protesters or if they plan on using chemicals on them.

VIDEO: Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during 'inequality' march
Scores of protesters were arrested in Manhattan Saturday as a march against social inequality turned violent. Hundreds of people carrying banners and chanting "shame, shame" walked between Zuccotti Park, near Wall St., and Union Square calling for changes to a financial system they say unjustly benefits the rich and harms the poor. At least 80 people were carted away in police vehicles and up to five were hit with pepper spray near 12th St. and Fifth Ave., where tensions became especially high, police and organizers said.

YouTube: Unbelievable protest footage. NYPD drag girl across the street. #OccupyWallStreet
(Warning strong language) Description: Police brutalize, beat, drag, and attest peaceful protestors speaking out against wall street and the banks. American citizens, look at your rights being violated! All for what? For wall street? For money? Don't think for a second that they wouldn't do this to you in a heartbeat. We are all Americans and our constitution is being shattered every day. It's time to wake up! More videos here and here.

Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative
Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb?

Christine Lagarde: IMF may need billions in extra funding
Christine Lagarde has signalled that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may have to tap its members – including Britain – for billions of pounds of extra funding to stem the European debt crisis.

Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?
This morning I received a call from a very prominent person in the storable food industry. He has asked me not to reveal his name. I have been dealing with him for an extended period of time and I consider him to be a rock-solid source. When I talked to him today, he had just received a huge order for storable food from a U.S. government source. He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the "five figures". When he asked about why so much food was being ordered, the government source told him essentially that "you know what is coming". When pushed further, the government official did not elaborate.

Angel Food Ministries, a nonprofit with 34 sites in Tampa Bay, is closing after 17 years
The announcement comes exactly two weeks after the nonprofit announced that it had laid off all 90 full-time employees at its Georgia headquarters and canceled September delivery. Officials said at the time that they were restructuring the program and hoped to resume operations soon. However, in a statement released Wednesday, officials said they hadn't found a solution that would allow them to resume food distribution so had decided to "cease operations."

Broke California using taxpayer money to lobby for more taxpayer money
(NaturalNews) Worried that Washington lawmakers are keen to cut the federal budget by shifting the burden to the states rather than actually cutting spending, the California state Assembly, which has long been controlled by Democrats, has hired a K Street lobbying firm to fight for its "interests" on Capitol Hill. And while the price of this insanity may not seem like much - $180,000 a year - in the great scheme of things (California's gross domestic product is larger than most countries), consider this: The state is flat broke, with a debt roughly equal to $9,500 for each of the state's nearly 37 million people after years of subsequent budget deficits and borrowing.

New World Trade Center Tower To Be Made With Glass From China And Steel From Germany
1 World Trade Center, also known as “The Freedom Tower”, is not just another skyscraper. It is essentially a national monument. But that doesn’t mean that we are above awarding construction contracts to the lowest bidder. The new World Trade Center tower will contain 250 tons of steel from Germany and the lower floors will be surrounded with blast-resistant glass from China. This is yet another example of how the U.S. economy is being hollowed out.

VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street Protests: Demonstrators Demand Release Of 8 Unlawfully Arrested Tonight
As the M$M media imposed a media blackout of the Occupy Wall Street protests tensions between protestors and police heightened as protestors, exercising their right to protest, refused to follow police orders to disperse. The NYC police ultimately responded by ripping protestors from their camp sites, assaulting them, handcuffing them, dragging them across the ground and jailing them.

US lawmakers target China with currency bill
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US senators unveiled legislation Thursday to punish China over its alleged currency manipulation, promising angry American voters to put an end to Beijing's "economic murder" of US jobs. The measure aims to make it harder for the US Treasury Department to avoid labeling Beijing a currency cheat, triggering various sanctions, while making it easier for US companies to seek retaliatory tariffs on Chinese goods.

STIMULUS: Gov't paid $600m in benefits to dead people
The government has been aware of the problem since a 2005 inspector general's report revealed defects in the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund. Yet the improper payments have continued, despite more than a half dozen attempts to develop a system that can figure out which beneficiaries are still alive and which are dead, the report said.

Gold Plummets as Investors Scramble for Cash
Panic over growth was the market's takeaway from the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee announcement Wednesday. Its decision to launch operation twist -- buying longer dated Treasuries and selling shorter term ones -- was not a surprise, but its downgrade of the economy was. The Fed now sees "significant downside risk to the economic outlook" and investors think twisting is far from aggressive enough to combat that.

Should You Follow Soros Out Of Gold?
When it comes to gold, investors should certainly care what an experienced commodity investor like Soros is seeing in the market, but it is simply one data point to consider. Soros has been wrong before and may be wrong now, and investors may be holding gold for different reasons and with different expectations... Blindly copying the moves of even the most successful investors is often a recipe for profoundly disappointing performance at the individual level.

Housing Market

Fannie Mae Allowed Widespread Robo-Signing, Agency Says
WASHINGTON -- Fannie Mae missed chances to catch law firms illegally signing foreclosure documents and its government overseer did not take the right steps to ensure Fannie was doing its job, according to a federal watchdog. The Federal Housing Finance Agency's inspector general said in a report Friday that Fannie failed to establish an "acceptable and effective" way to monitor foreclosure proceedings between 2006 and early 2011. FHFA then failed to ensure it was complying with demands that it clean up its programs.

VIDEO: Banking Analyst Chris Whalen - 'It's Time For Bankruptcy, Bank Of America Is Doomed'
The part of Bank of America that's not fine, in Whalen's view, is the ongoing liability from the mortgage underwriting that Bank of America's subsidiaries did during the housing bubble. The litigation exposure from this could be so humongous, Whalen argues, that it will bankrupt the company, forcing regulators to step in and restructure it. And Whalen doesn't think the country should wait for that day. Instead, Whalen says, the government should just seize Bank of America and restructure its debt, equity, and legal obligations now.

Energy & Environment

Texas Moves to Block EPA Enforcement
The Texas Attorney General is taking the EPA to court to block enforcement of new rules President Barrack Obama is implementing. These new carbon rules are the Cap and Trade laws the President could not get congress to pass. So he bypasses congress and implements the rules through the regulatory process. The two things that could work in Texas's favor is these new rules are based on fraudulent data that has been proven to be just a fraud. The other thing is the President cannot just makes rules if he does not get what he wants from Congress using executive orders.

Cat. 4-equivalent Typhoon Roke slams Japan, Fukushima live video feed taken offline
(NaturalNews) The Japanese people simply cannot catch a break, as yet another massive natural disaster has severely ravaged many portions of western and central Japan, and dumped heavy amounts of rain on areas in the northeast, including near the crippled Fukushima nuclear facility.

10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth
Radionuclides are in the top six toxic threats as listed in the 2010 report by The Blacksmith Institute, an NGO dedicated to tackling pollution. You might be surprised by the locations of some of the world’s most radioactive places — and thus the number of people living in fear of the effects radiation could have on them and their children.

In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs
The government’s backing of Solyndra, which could cost taxpayers more than a half-billion dollars, came as the politically well-connected business began an extensive lobbying campaign that appears to have blinded government officials to the company’s financial condition and the risks of the investment, according to a review of government documents and interviews with administration officials and industry analysts.

Solyndra executives repeatedly invoke the Fifth
The repeated questions drew an objection from Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who slammed Republicans for persisting even after knowing that the executives would invoke their right to remain silent. Waxman said, saying the GOP questions were "sound bites" for the press.


Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody’s health records
In a proposed rule from Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the federal government is demanding insurance companies submit detailed health care information about their patients.... The HHS has proposed the federal government pursue one of three paths to obtain this sensitive information: A “centralized approach” wherein insurers’ data go directly to Washington; an “intermediate state-level approach” in which insurers give the information to the 50 states; or a “distributed approach” in which health insurance companies crunch the numbers according to federal bureaucrat edict.

Chicago forces city employees to participate in 'wellness' plan or pay more for health insurance
(NaturalNews) In an effort to cut in half the $500 million-a-year healthcare bill precipitated by Chicago's city employees, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has initiated a new public employee wellness program that he hopes will turn things around. But according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the program is mandatory for nearly all of the city's unions and its members, including even those members that already abide by their own personal wellness programs -- and individuals that do not comply with it will be subjected to added fees on their health insurance premiums.

AP IMPACT: Hospital drug shortages deadly, costly
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A drug for dangerously high blood pressure, normally priced at $25.90 per dose, offered to hospitals for $1,200. Fifteen deaths in 15 months blamed on shortages of life-saving medications.

Organic natto is extraordinary food for your heart
(NaturalNews) Natto is a fermented cheese-like food that has been used in Asia for over 1000 years. These native cultures used this dish as breakfast food, and it was known as a remedy for heart and vascular diseases. Research has found both vitamin K2 and a powerful enzyme nattokinase within this food. Nattokinase and vitamin K2 have extraordinary cardiovascular protective qualities.

Perry lies again about Texas Gardasil scandal, claims woman he met after signing executive order lobbied him to pass it
(NaturalNews) During the recent Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla., Perry tried once again to defend his infamous Gardasil blunder, this time by telling the heart-tugging story of a woman he met and got to know who had cervical cancer. He told the audience and viewers Thursday night that the reason he signed the executive order was because the woman lobbied him to do so.

Infant allergies found to be influenced by diet of mother
(NaturalNews) A study conducted by scientists at INRA research institute in Rennes, France, and recently published in the Journal of Physiology, has revealed a possible connection between the mother's diet and her baby's immune development. The scientists looked at a specific group of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which can be obtained from raw, vegan sources, such as flaxseed, chia seed and walnut oil, and how it models the baby's gut. If the mother's diet is high in such fats, the gut of the baby will develop significantly different from that of a baby whose mother did not consume sufficient amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Grants Issued for Next-Generation Anthrax Vaccine -- False Flag to Come, Or More Wasted Money?
On September 20, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it had awarded millions of dollars worth of grants to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Developmental Authority (BARDA) for the purpose of supporting the “advanced development of a novel next-generation anthrax vaccine and a new type of anthrax antitoxin.”

Immune System Protects Against Flu, Not Vaccines
Alfred Hero, professor at the University of Michigan College of Engineering and author of the study, explained the immune system connection to MSNBC: There is an active immune response which accounts for the resistance of certain people getting sick, and that response is just as active as the response we all know and hate, which is being sick with the sniffles, fever, coughing and sneezing. It’s just that the responses are different."

Sucralose found in drinking water supply of more than 28 million Americans
A recent study tested water samples from 19 water treatment plants in the United States serving more than 28 million people. Researchers analyzed the samples for the artificial sweetener sucralose. Samples tested positive for sucralose in the source water of 15 out of 19 plants. Furthermore, treatment failed to remove the sucralose from the drinking water: sucralose was also found in the finished drinking water from 13 out of 19 plants.

Sauerkraut offers a spectrum of health benefits
(NaturalNews) Cabbage offers a host of health benefits. It is high in vitamins A and C. Studies have shown the cruciferous vegetables can help lower cholesterol levels. Cabbage also provides a rich source of phytonutrient antioxidants. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies indicate it may help combat some cancers. However, this already helpful vegetable becomes a superfood when it is pickled.

Flax seeds - Amazing tiny seeds protect from radiation and improve health
(NaturalNews) A new study by the Pearlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania revealed the radiation protection of conferred humble flax seeds. The researchers noted that the protection offered by flax seeds even included repair of tissues after exposure. The study was published in a recent issue of BioMed Central Cancer.

Know the truth about blood pressure
(NaturalNews) It is important to note that high blood pressure is not a disease. It is a symptom. In almost all cases, high blood pressure is the mechanism by which the body provides more oxygen to keep it alive. Cultural habits have a lot to do with the variance of blood pressure levels throughout the world. The fast-paced life in western cultures that includes fast foods, junk foods, processed foods, too much salt, and sugar have a lot to do with the rise in diseases that cause high blood pressure.

Science & Technology

Where Is Activist Post?
Reason and Jest - It appears that one of my newest favorite websites, Activist Post ( has been taken down by its host, I am suspicious of this, especially given that is owned by Google. And we know about the cozy relationship between Google and the Obama Administration. It’s very suspicious. TPTB (the powers that be) do not like their corruption and crimes being exposed, and they have been very happy lately with the complicity and cover-ups of the mainstream media, the subservient, obedient stenographers of the so-called “free press.” It would not surprise me that Blogger shut down Activist Post for political reasons, not particularly from the web people and managers of, but from pressure from TPTB.

UPDATE: Statement From Activist Post Regarding Site Takedown
We’re eternally grateful to those who made the story of our removal go viral. Regardless of the actual reason Google erased this site, the power of the alternative community was proven this weekend. The incredible support and buzz generated by this story seemed to influence Google to respond quickly, and Activist Post was fully restored Sunday evening.

Debate: Faster than light neutrinos – Q&A
Guardian - Tentative new evidence suggests Einstein’s rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light may be wrong. What are the implications for our understanding of the world?Humor

Obama The Waving Moron - Photo Of The Day
In a group photo with world leaders, Obama's waving hand incites a fresh round of internet ridicule - You just gotta see this one to appreciate it.


The strange pleasure of self-sabotage
(NaturalNews) Self sabotage - the lurking vulnerability behind any plan for self-improvement. Success, goals, diets, relationships, personal discipline and more crumble in the face of self-sabotage like a building rigged with precision explosives. Better yet, self-sabotage often spares you the effort of constructing the building in the first place.


VIDEO: Colbert urges Earth evacuation before sat. crash
Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert mocked the U.S. space agency Thursday for their extremely vague predictions about where and when the satellite will hit.

YouTube: Wolf Howl
Pomeranian puppy Ellie copies a recording of a wolf howl.

Today In History - Friday - September 23, 2011
1779 - John Paul Jones, commander of the American warship Bon Homme, was quoted as saying "I have not yet begun to fight!"
1780 - John Andre, a British spy, was captured with papers revealing that Benedict Arnold was going to surrender West Point, NY, to the British.
1806 - The Corps of Discovery, the Lewis and Clark expedition, reached St. Louis, MO, and ended the trip to the Pacific Northwest.
1846 - Astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.
1897 - The first recorded traffic fatality in Great Britain occurred. It happened 2 years before the first fatality in the U.S.
1930 - Flashbulbs were patented by Johannes Ostermeier.
1939 - Sigmund Freud died in London. He was recognized as the founder of psychoanalysis.
1952 - The first Pay Television sporting event took place. The Marciano-Walcott fight was seen in 49 theaters in 31 cities.
1952 - Richard Nixon gave his "Checkers Speech". At the time he was a candidate for U.S. vice-president.
1957 - Nine black students withdrew from Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas due to the white mob outside.
1962 - New York's Philharmonic Hall opened. It was the first unit of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
1962 - "The Jetsons" premiered on ABC-TV. It was the first program on the network to be carried in color.
1986 - Japanese newspapers quoted Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone as saying that minorities lowered the "intelligence level" of America.
1990 - Iraq publicly threatened to destroy Middle East oil fields and to attack Israel if any nation tried to force it from Kuwait.
1991 - U.N. weapons inspectors find documents detailing Iraq's secret nuclear weapons program. The find in Baghdad triggered a standoff with authorities in Iraq.
1993 - Blacks were allowed a role in the South African government after a parliamentary vote.
1999 - A 17-month-old girl fell 230 feet from the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The girl had bruises but no broken limbs from the fall onto a rocky ledge.

World News

Palestinians head for UN showdown despite warnings
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The Palestinians on Thursday careened towards a clash with Washington over their UN statehood bid despite a stern warning from President Barack Obama that there was no "shortcut" to peace. A hard-hitting speech by Obama and a personal meeting with Mahmud Abbas on Wednesday failed to sway the Palestinian leader from a vow to apply for membership on Friday, as diplomats struggled to avert the showdown.

NATO strikes, NTC kill 151 in Sirte: Gaddafi aide
TUNIS (Reuters) - Ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's spokesman said on Thursday that NATO air strikes and shelling of Sirte by interim government forces on Wednesday and Thursday had killed 151 people.

US leads mass walkout of Ahmadinejad UN speech
A US diplomat left halfway through the Iranian leader's speech, while the 27 European Union nations followed in a coordinated protest move. The Iranian leader again cast doubt on the origins of the Holocaust and the September 11, 2001 attacks and criticized the United States for killing Osama bin Laden rather than bringing him to trial.

China strongly condemns US-Taiwan arms deal
China on Thursday strongly condemned a $5.85 billion US deal to upgrade Taiwan's fleet of F-16 fighter jets, summoning the US ambassador and warning the move would undermine warming military relations. China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, urged the United States to cancel the deal and said it had jeopardised recent improvements in military ties between the two world powers and affected relations with Taiwan.

Argentine economic plan: Raise spending, salaries
Few have gone farther afield from the economic doctrines of Washington and Brussels than Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez, who proudly says that her government is doing more than any other in Latin America to improve the buying power of her citizens. She raised what was already the highest minimum wage south of the U.S. border by another 25 percent this month.

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Who Won the Fox News/Google Debate?
Ron Paul in first place with 73.57% - Thursday night, the Republican presidential candidates went head-to-head in the Fox News/Google debate. Now, we want to hear from you. Who do you think came out on top? Another poll - Ron Paul in the lead with 45% here.

World Community Online Poll: Who won Thursday’s GOP debate from Florida?
Ron Paul over 90%!

VIDEO: Who Won The GOP Debate In Florida? - Media Training
The media just keeps on trying... TJ Walker offers his analysis of why Mitt Romney gets the nod as winner of the GOP Debate in Florida over Rick Perry and Ron Paul. Related article here.

VIDEO: Ron Paul in the Google / Fox News Debate
Thursday 9/22/11

Jon Stewart: Ron Paul to visit Daily Show on Monday - 9/26!
Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) will make his third appearance as a guest on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Monday, September 26 at 11:00 p.m. (ET/PT), his first since announcing his intentions to seek the 2012 Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. Dr. Paul's last appearance on "The Daily Show" was on September 29, 2009. He also appeared on June 4, 2007.

Paul Ploughs Money Bomb Haul Into $1 Million Ad Campaign
Presidential candidate Ron Paul launches a $1 million ad campaign today, using the funds he raised in one day last weekend via a grassroots organised Constitution Day “money bomb”. The television push, which represents the biggest ad buy of Paul’s campaign so far, will see three different spots played on national cable and local broadcast channels in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 44% of Americans who have a great deal or fair amount of trust and the 55% who have little or no trust remain among the most negative views Gallup has measured.

Newest Ron Paul Ad: 'He Served'
09/22/2011 - Today, the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released its latest television ad. The 60-second spot entitled ‘A Veteran’s Best Friend’ highlights Paul’s military service and unrivaled commitment to veterans.

Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise
Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011. The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies**, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.

Accused Tucson shooter, lawyers at odds over hearing
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Accused Tucson shooter Jared Loughner wants to attend a court hearing in Arizona next week, against the wishes of his lawyers who argued it could pose a risk to his mental health, court documents said.

Selling Your Driving Habits – OnStar Updates ToS
Information collected by this mutant subsidiary of General Motors include seat belt usage, GPS data, and potential access to auditory surveillance – though the FBI has been (“officially”) denied such access under a seemingly reasonable safety law. Speculation has been made that information collected by OnStar may eventually be assimilated by info-titans such as Google.

Oops, Obama touts his jobs plan today at an Ohio bridge that won't qualify
You know all those rusting bridges that President Obama wants to spend billions more dollars repairing to allegedly stimulate the economy? He's headed out to one today which he's described as a "bridge that needs repair between Ohio and Kentucky that's on one of the busiest trucking routes in North America." It is on a busy trucking route, spanning the Ohio River between Covington, Ky., and Cincinnati.

2011 Clinton Global Citizen Awards: sponsored by corporate fascists, big oil, big banks
The corporate sponsors alone should reveal that there is absolutely nothing genuine about the annual meeting's agenda of "working together" to implement "lasting change" beyond merely expanding their collective corporate-fascist interests in spreading their military, financial, and social hegemony over the planet.


VIDEO: $16 Corn Muffins? "The Answer Will Be Obvious" -Judge Napolitano
The problem is big government!!!.

VIDEO: Operation Twist and Shout: Fed Launches Stealth Attack On Pensions
Kurt Nimmo - By the time the Fed and the globalists are finished with us, we’ll be screaming in the streets... “There’s a stealth attack on and I think it’s going to be very bad news for many pension funds,” said Bengt Saelensminde of MoneyWeek. “This is going to hit our pension fund industry hard. Frankly, it’s the last thing the industry needs. I’d go as far as to say that this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many of our already struggling funds.”

STUDY: 25 Of Highest Paid CEOs Earned MORE Than Their Companies Paid In Taxes, Others Spent More On Lobbying Than Taxes
In a letter to that committee's chairman, Republican Darrell Issa, Cummings asked "to examine the extent to which the problems in CEO compensation that led to the economic crisis continue to exist today." He also asked "why CEO pay and corporate profits are skyrocketing while worker pay stagnates and unemployment remains unacceptably high," and "the extent to which our tax code may be encouraging these growing disparities."

VIDEO: "Banks Got Bailed Out; We Got Sold Out" -- Wall St. Protest Update Sept. 21st: 7 More Arrests, Yahoo Criticized for Censorship
Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman highlights statements from an activist arrested while protesting peacefully, and concludes with the news that Yahoo! has come under fire for blocking e-mails that referenced Occupy Wall Street.

VIDEO: Wall Street Sips Champagne While Watching Protestors
Wall Street has shown Americans how they feel about protests with a recent video on YouTube. The video shows unidentified occupants watching protests from the balconies of Wall Street in amusement while sipping champagne.

VIDEO: Dylan Ratigan On The Wall Street Protests: "Financial Interests Own Congress And They Make The Rules"
Start watching at the 3-minute mark.

Census: Recession takes big toll on young adults
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Young adults are the recession's lost generation. In record numbers, they're struggling to find work, shunning long-distance moves to live with mom and dad, delaying marriage and raising kids out of wedlock, if they're becoming parents at all. The unemployment rate for them is the highest since World War II and risk living in poverty more than others.

Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything
With no solution in sight for Europe and new fears of a global recession, investors dumped stocks and commodities and ran to the safety of U.S. Treasurys.

Study: Immigrants filled 81% of new jobs in TX
With both jobs and immigration likely topics of sharp debate at tonight's Republican debate here in Florida, a new report suggests that newly-arrived immigrants have filled a majority of new jobs created in Texas, home to Republican frontrunner Gov. Rick Perry.

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Fell Last Week
Applications for jobless benefits decreased 9,000 in the week ended Sept. 17 to 423,000, Labor Department figures showed today. Economists forecast 420,000 claims, according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey. The average number of claims in the past month rose for a fifth straight week, to the highest level since July 16.

Economy booms on tiny island running US drone program
The U.S. military’s deployment of MQ-9 Reaper drones to the Seychelles, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, generated $3.1 million in revenue for local businesses during their first four months of operations, according to an unclassified U.S. diplomatic cable buried in the database of State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

Bodies Pile Up as Detroit Morgue Outsources to Reduce Costs
The morgue budget has been cut to $6.2 million from $8.1 million in 2007, and its staff reduced to 31 from 52, said Dennis Niemiec, a spokesman for the state’s largest county. The deal would bring it down to $5.7 million, he said.

Housing Market

U.S. Mortgage Rates Hold Steady as Fed Aims to Lower Loan Costs
Mortgage rates in the U.S. held steady this week, keeping borrowing costs at the lowest level in at least four decades as the Federal Reserve takes steps aimed at making loans even cheaper. The average rate for a 30-year fixed loan remained at 4.09 percent, Freddie Mac said in a statement today.

Energy & Environment

Is crude oil still gushing in the Gulf? New ten-mile oil slick spotted near Deepwater Horizon
(NaturalNews) Roughly a year and a half after the BP oil disaster left the Gulf of Mexico saturated with crude oil and toxic Corexit chemicals, new evidence has surfaced showing what appears to be more crude oil spewing into the ocean.

Advanced wind turbine design eliminates need for environmentally-harmful rare earth metals, generates electricity at $0.04 per kWh
(NaturalNews) According to a recent report by Green Tech Media, the budding technology does not require the use of expensive, environmentally-damaging rare earth metals typically imported from China, and it also generates electricity at a lower cost than traditional coal-burning plants are able to do. Most wind turbines in use today rely on complicated gearboxes that run at high temperatures, that wear out easily, and that are difficult and expensive to maintain.

Marcellus Shale Pipeline Approved by Federal Regulators
Federal regulators announced on September 16 that they have given their approval for a pipeline that will deliver natural gas to East Coast states from the Marcellus Shale play... Significant controversy has erupted between landowners whose property contains natural gas and exploration and production companies that want to drill there.


Reclaiming Health: BPA Ban Passes California State Senate
On Tuesday, in a major legislative health breakthrough, the California Senate voted to ban bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and sippy cups sold within the state. The Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act (AB 1319) will be heading back to the state Assembly later this year for a vote on Senate amendments... The next step may ultimately be to ban BPA from canned goods, plastic bottles, and perhaps the food supply as a whole.

FDA phases out inhaler due to environmental impact
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Asthma patients who rely on over-the-counter inhalers will need to switch to prescription-only alternatives as part of the federal government's latest attempt to protect the Earth's atmosphere. The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday patients who use the epinephrine inhalers to treat mild asthma will need to switch by Dec. 31 to other types that do not contain chlorofluorocarbons, an aerosol substance once found in a variety of spray products.

OBAMASCARE: Health insurance premiums to jump 55-85%
The centerpiece of his domestic policy is Obamacare and now a new study shows that 790,000 Ohioans will lose their private health insurance and premiums will rise 55%-85% when Obamacare takes full effect in 2014.

U.S. health officials push flu shots for all
The CDC now recommends that everyone six months and older should get a flu shot this year and every year.... More than 85 million doses of influenza vaccine are already available in doctors' offices, public health clinics, pharmacies and retail stores. And all 50 U.S. states now allow pharmacists to administer influenza vaccine.

Poor women get more unneeded breast cancer surgery
Based on a California state cancer registry, researchers whose findings were published in the Archives of Surgery found that more than a third of some 18,000 women who had undergone a mastectomy for early-stage breast cancer had had lymph nodes under the armpits removed as well. Yet for these women, their cancer had not yet spread beyond the breast.

Allergies & Radiation Report
Radiation exposure will cause a person to have a weakened immune system and related health problems throughout his entire life. This exposure causes devastating illnesses... The good news is that there are remedies for the bad effects of radiation, and they are contained within these pages.

Scores got sick, 1 died trying to kill bedbugs
ATLANTA (AP) -- Worried about bedbugs? Maybe you should be more concerned about the insecticides used to get rid of them. A government study counted one death and 80 illnesses linked to bedbug insecticides over three years. Many were do-it-yourselfers who misused the chemicals or used the wrong product. And most of the cases were in New York City.

Citrus BioFlavonoids are a powerful defense against oxidative stress
(NaturalNews) Bioactive flavonoids, vitamin P, are found in living fruits and vegetables. The various bioflavonoids found in citrus include hesperidin, quercetin, diosmin, naringin, & rutin among others. These phytonutrients are vital for proper absorption of Vitamin C. In fact, studies have proven their ability to enhance and prolong the action of vitamin C.

Prostate Biopsy Doubles Risk of Hospitalization for Men in Study
Men who receive prostate cancer biopsies are more than twice as likely to end up in the hospital from complications than those who don’t get the procedure, a report says, highlighting risks with the practice.

Private insurance, better prostate surgery outcome?
Researchers determined that among more than 61,000 men who had their prostates removed to treat cancer, those with private insurance had fewer complications from surgery and were less likely to die in the hospital. Men covered by Medicare or Medicaid were more likely to need a blood transfusion to treat blood loss: almost eight percent and 11 percent, respectively, had a transfusion, compared with just over five percent of men with private insurance.

How hospitals violate healthcare worker vaccine rights - with impunity
(NaturalNews) Following swine flu emergency declarations in 11 states, Washington D.C., American Samoa and the entire U.S. in 2009, hospitals around the country began implementing new flu vaccine mandates for their employees. Healthcare workers who worked for decades without getting vaccinated were suddenly faced with choosing between getting vaccinated and getting fired.

Yaupon holly offers antioxidant benefits, caffeine
(NaturalNews) A recent study at Texas A&M University verifies the anti-inflammatory benefits of the yaupon holly plant in reference to inhibiting colon cancer. A 2009 University of Florida study previously validated the plant's antioxidant benefits, revealing that, depending on the specific genotype of the plant studied, yaupon holly can offer anywhere from fifty to a hundred percent of the antioxidant benefits of green tea. However, yaupon holly tea has a less bitter taste than green tea because it contains far less tannin.

Kara Kennedy's death likely caused by lung cancer treatment 10 years prior
Dr Sharonne N. Hayes, a cardiologist and founder of the Women's Heart Clinic at the Mayo Institute, told ABC: 'Depending upon where the lung cancer was, her [Kara Kennedy] heart could have taken a direct hit.' When she was diagnosed with the cancer, Mrs Kennedy was told it was inoperable but her father found a surgeon who was able to treat it by removing part of her right lung. She then received chemotherapy and radiation.

Science & Technology

Neil Armstrong calls US space program 'embarrassing'
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, told lawmakers Thursday that the end of the space shuttle era has left the American human spaceflight program in an "embarrassing" state. "We will have no American access to, and return from, low Earth orbit and the International Space Station for an unpredictable length of time in the future," Armstrong told the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

In China, Gated Organic Farms Feed The Rich & Powerful Only
LA Times -- At a glance, it is clear this is no run-of-the-mill farm: A 6-foot spiked fence hems the meticulously planted vegetables and security guards control a cantilevered gate that glides open only to select cars. "It is for officials only. They produce organic vegetables, peppers, onions, beans, cauliflowers, but they don't sell to the public," said Li Xiuqin, 68, a lifelong Shunyi village resident who lives directly across the street from the farm but has never been inside. "Ordinary people can't go in there."


VIDEO: Welcome to the Cat House... where room costs $5,700 per night and you share with 700 other furry friends
She lives with 700 furry felines and is dubbed the crazy cat lady but Lynea Lattanzio has insisted: 'I'm not mad!' With hundreds of the cute creatures scratching, sleeping and jumping around the Cat House, she said: 'If I were a cat, this is where I'd be.' Ms Lattanzio, who was banned by her mother from having cats as a child, started to take in rescue animals and strays after her divorce in 1981.

Bill Would Require Nearly All St. Louis Dogs and Cats to Be Sterilized
Riverfront Times | A bill under consideration in the St. Louis Board of Aldermen could make St. Louis one of the most restrictive cities in the nation when it comes to owning cats and dogs. Board Bill 107 would require all pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs and cats and microchip them for identification. Those who don't want to sterilize their pets would be assessed a fee of $200 per year.

Today In History - Thursday - September 22, 2011
1776 - During the Revolutionary War, Nathan Hale was hanged as a spy by the British.
1789 - The U.S. Congress authorized the office of Postmaster General.
1792 - The French Republic was proclaimed.
1862 - U.S. President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. It stated that all slaves held within rebel states would be free as of January 1, 1863.
1949 - The Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb successfully.
1955 - Commercial television began in Great Britain.
1961 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed a congressional act that established the Peace Corps.
1966 - The U.S. lunar probe Surveyor 2 crashed into the moon.
1975 - Sara Jane Moore attempted to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford. 17 days earlier Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme made an assassination attempt against Ford.
1980 - A border conflict between Iran and Iraq developed into a full-scale war.
1986 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan addressed the U.N. General Assembly and voiced a new hope for arms control. He also criticized the Soviet Union for arresting U.S. journalist Nicholas Daniloff.
1988 - Canada's government apologized for the internment of Japanese-Canadian's during World War II. They also promised compensation.
1990 - Saudi Arabia expelled most of the Yememin and Jordanian envoys in Riyadh. The Saudi accusations were unspecific.
1991 - An article in the London newspaper "The Mail" revealed that John Cairncross admitted to being the "fifth man" in the Soviet Union's British spy ring.
1992 - The U.N. General Assembly expelled Yugoslavia for its role in the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina.
1993 - 47 people were killed when an Amtrak passenger train derailed near Mobile, AL.
1994 - The U.S. upgraded its military control in Haiti.
1995 - AWACS plane crashed on takeoff at Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, AK. All 24 of the U.S. and Canadian military personnel were killed.
1998 - The U.S. and Russia signed two agreements. One was to privatize Russia's nuclear program and the other was to stop plutonium stockpiles and nuclear scientists from leaving the country.
1998 - U.S. President Clinton addressed the United Nations and told world leaders to "end all nuclear tests for all time". He then sent the long-delayed global test-ban treaty to the U.S. Senate.

World News

Libyan rebels 'capture Gaddafi chemical weapons site'
Libya's interim rulers said on Wednesday they had captured one of Col Muammar Gaddafi's last strongholds deep in the Sahara desert, finding chemical weapons, and largely taken control of another.

French want Palestinians to drop UN membership bid
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The French and U.S. presidents planned to heap pressure on their Palestinian counterpart Wednesday in a concerted push to persuade Mahmoud Abbas to end his bid for full U.N. membership and to instead seek upgraded status in the world body.

Palestinians May Delay Call for Quick UN Vote
The Palestinian Authority, while determined to seek full membership in the United Nations, won’t push for an immediate vote in the Security Council, where it doesn’t yet have enough support for its statehood bid.

After Disclosures by WikiLeaks, Al Jazeera Replaces Its Top News Director
Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news network financed by Qatar, named a member of the Qatari royal family on Tuesday to replace its top news director after disclosures from the group WikiLeaks indicating that the news director had modified the network’s coverage of the Iraq war in response to pressure from the United States.

Libya rulers claim capture of Gaddafi bastion
TRIPOLI/NORTH OF BANI WALID, Libya (Reuters) - Libya's interim rulers said on Wednesday they had captured most of one of Muammar Gaddafi's last strongholds deep in the Sahara desert, a boost to an administration struggling to assert full control over the country.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Beef Ends In Patron's Bust
SEPTEMBER 21--Angered that his Taco Bell drive-thru order failed to include hot sauce, a Missouri man returned to the fast food restaurant and allegedly pulled a shotgun on an employee, who fled in fear from the takeout window.

Ga. executes Davis; supporters claim injustice
JACKSON, Ga. (AP) - Davis was scheduled to die at 7 p.m., but the hour came and went as the U.S. Supreme Court apparently weighed the case. More than three hours later, the high court said it wouldn't intervene. The justices did not comment on their order rejecting Davis' request for a stay.
Related Article:
** Troy Davis asks Supreme Court to stop execution
JACKSON, Ga. (AP) — Troy Davis, the condemned inmate who convinced hundreds of thousands of people but not the justice system of his innocence, filed an eleventh-hour plea Wednesday asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Georgia authorities from executing him for the murder of an off-duty police officer.

Fox News-Google 2012 Republican Presidential Debate Live Stream Video Sept. 22, 2011
Watch Fox News-Google 2012 Republican Presidential debate live stream video online on Thurs. Sept. 22, 2011 from Orlando, Florida. Eight GOP candidates participate in the event at the Orange County Convention Center with moderator Bret Baier, host of Fox News’ Special Report, and panelists Megyn Kelly, host of America Live and Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday. It will be broadcast live on television on Fox News cable channel starting at 9 p.m. ET.

California City Closes Down Bible Study in Private Home
In Orange County, California, it is illegal to hold a religious meeting in your home. This is what Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, of San Juan Capistrano, discovered when they were fined $300 earlier this month for holding a Bible study class on their property.

VIDEO: Ron Paul to Jon Stewart: thanks for the help
At a breakfast Wednesday sponsored by the Monitor, Ron Paul was clearly appreciative of the publicity that comedian Jon Stewart has been providing his campaign for president.

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Faced Life In Jail For Recording Cops
Michael Allison, the 41-year old Illinois mechanic who faced life in jail for recording police officers, has had all charges against him dropped after a state judge ruled that his First Amendment rights had been violated, following a trend of similar rulings across the country that underscore the fact that it is not illegal to film cops.

New Smear: Ron Paul Is Elitist
CBS News has sunk to new lows of desperation in the establishment media’s crusade to derail Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign by any means possible – ludicrously smearing him as being elitist for using a private jet. Of course, the report completely fails to mention the fact that Paul’s two frontrunner rivals, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, have shelled out far more in expenses than the Congressman.

Rick Perry travel bankrolled by activist rabbi Irwin Katsof
The rabbi, Irwin Katsof, has spent years recruiting American officials to participate in lavish trips meant to strengthen U.S.-Israel economic and political ties. Perry’s travel was bankrolled by Katsoff’s investment firm, initially called Global Capital Associates, then Doheny Global Group.

VIDEO: Congress Threatens To Cut Off Aid To Palestinians
The U.S. gave the Palestinians 4 Billion over the last decade and a half.

Donald Rumsfeld Stripped Of Immunity In Torture Case
Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was stripped of immunity in a case involving the torture of two United States citizens. Two FBI informants, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, were detained and tortured by United States military personnel in Iraq in 2006. They filed suit against Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for violations of their constitutional rights.

The Mad MUSIC of Machine Warfare
The MUSIC project officially integrates unmanned and manned aircraft in combat, and was put on display with the largest showcase of "aircraft interoperability" to date: "...all have the capability to shoot and stream live video. These aircraft also possess the ability to exchange and use the information as needed, whether it is to conduct surveillance or reconnaissance of a given area."

Public Toilets vs. Homeless Veterans
Councilman Rosendahl, You and your office staff not come to the aid of a homeless Female Veteran last weekend who was denied shelter and care at the Los Angels VA... However, over this weekend you and your office arranged to have portable toilets on the the sidewalks on the main street of Brentwood to accommodate a 5K race. This shows where your priorities really are.

A Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds, Says Latest US Data
More than 1.6 million people were arrested for drug offenses in the US last year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report 2010, and more than half of them were for marijuana. That's a drug arrest every 19 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day last year. The numbers suggest that despite "no more war on drugs" rhetoric emanating from Washington, the drug war juggernaut is rolling along on cruise control.

VIDEO: Police raid IHOP locations in Ohio and Indiana
Several IHOP locations are re-opening after seven IHOP locations in Ohio and Indiana were raided early Tuesday morning by the FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and local police. Officials with Homeland Security tell us the investigation is currently sealed and cannot release any additional information. A well-placed source with Toledo Police Department tells WTOL 11 the investigation surrounds allegations of money laundering and possibly undocumented workers.

YouTube: Top Threats to Civil Liberties After 9/11: Q&A w Mike German of ACLU/former FBI Agent
German sat down with to discuss the top threats to civil liberties after 9/11. They range from new interpretations of the Fourth Amendment to law enforcement's fascination with vast empires of data to "fusion centers" that pool sources among intelligence agencies and local police.


Ugh, Another Shutdown Threat? Federal Funding Bill Dies in House
As Congress wrestles to keep the government funded, a House GOP bill to extend federal funding until Nov. 18 went down to defeat 195-230 Thursday night, in a dispute over money for disaster relief.

Moody's downgrades Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup
Among the primary reasons: the U.S. government is less likely to step in to save a troubled financial institution. "It is more likely now than during the financial crisis to allow a large bank to fail should it become financially troubled, as the risks of contagion become less acute," Moody's wrote in its downgrade note of Wells Fargo's stock.

Fed agrees new stimulus for US economy
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would shift $400 billion in its debt portfolio holdings to longer-term bonds in hopes of cutting interest rates and stimulating more growth

VIDEO: CEO: I Was Fined For Hiring Too Many People
"Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals, provided stunning testimony to the House Oversight Committee and explained how President Obama's ideas of government stimulus are not the solution to the unemployment problems, they are the problems."

Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet: Day Five, 99 Percenters Rise Up
Support for Occupy Wall Street is growing by the hour. Solidarity actions in Chicago, Phoenix and Paris, France, are all getting off the ground. In Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Atlanta, actions are in the works. Each of these may be occupations. And, now there is indication the Industrial Workers of the World will have members at the site supporting the occupation plus it appears Sojourner’s, a Christian Left organization, is taking an interest in the action.

AUDIO: NYPD Manhattan Precincts 1-23 and Citywide 1-3 Live Audio Feed
Hear what the NY cops are doing about the Wall Street protest!

VIDEO: Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall Street Emails
The effectiveness of the Occupy Wall Street protests is being blunted by the internet corporation Yahoo, according to activists. According to a pair of videos posted on YouTube, the company intentionally blocked emails that included “,” the main website of the effort to shut down New York’s financial district organized by a shadowy group of hackers known as Anonymous.

VIDEO: What happened in Freetopia? Video fable reveals how free societies become bankrupt police states
(NaturalNews) NaturalNews editor Mike Adams has just published a video fable called "What happened in Freetopia?" The fable, written and narrated by Adams, tells the story of how free societies collapse into bankrupt police states, even as people attempt to solve problems with good intentions.

Housing Market

Mortgage servicers could soon face criminal actions in Nevada
Attorney General Masto reportedly opposed releasing the largest servicers from future criminal liability. Earlier in September, Iowa AG Tom Miller, who is leading the settlement talks, pledged the final agreement would not indemnify the banks from any criminal actions and not all civil suits. Miller's office further clarified that immunity from criminal prosecution is not and never has been part of the settlement negotiations.

VIDEO: Free Program Helps Mortgage Problems
Despite the federal government and banks’ efforts, thousands of Houston homeowners struggle to pay their mortgage. NACA's historic Save the Dream Tour has been an incredible success. Many thousands of homeowners receive same day solutions saving hundreds some over $1,000/month.

10 million more mortgages set to default, expert says
Roughly 10.4 million mortgages, or one in five outstanding home loans in the U.S., will likely default if Congress refuses to implement new policy changes to prevent and sell more foreclosures, according to analyst Laurie Goodman from Amherst Securities Group.

Energy & Environment

Al Gore's five loaves and two fishes
Not content with having invented the internet, the great Climate Science communicator Al Gore appears to have developed still more miraculous skills of late: the ability to turn 17,000 into 8.6 million – just like that. The figures refer to the number of "views" for Gore's special "24 Hours Of ManBearPig" which this column helped celebrate the other day.

Typhoon passes Japan tsunami zone, heads north
A powerful typhoon that left at least 13 people dead or missing, paralyzed commuter trains and dumped rain on tsunami-ravaged northeastern Japan was headed to the major northern island of Hokkaido on Thursday. Typhoon Roke caused no immediate problems other than broken security cameras at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which had been in its path overnight.

Global warming and the twisting of our children’s minds
Bogus new Times Atlas Of The World will be used in schools as scaremongering evidence of global warming. One of the most disturbing features of this is that copies of the new atlas may soon be found in school libraries, where it will be cited by teachers as yet more evidence that climate change is now dramatically changing the world we live in. With active encouragement from the Government, whole generations of school-children have now had the apocalyptic threat of climate change pushed down their throats.

Gore and Climatists Get Ready to Hibernate: Another Record Breaking Winter is Coming
You can always gauge the level of desperation in a political movement by its inability to maintain a coherent message. This usually happens when the reality visible in the world runs contrary to the reality being professed from their pulpit. It seems now that, in the face of more and more record-breaking winters, increased polar ice cover and an endless string of academic scandals, that Al Gore and the global warming/climate change movement are having their own Berlin bunker moment.

Climate 'science' gone wild: UK researchers to pump toxic sulfates into sky to promote global cooling
(NaturalNews) Deniers of geo-engineering, or man-made weather manipulation, truly are the real conspiracy theorists, as climate "scientists" have once again openly admitted that they have the technology to alter weather at will. And a recent piece in Scientific American highlights a new geo-engineering endeavor being undertaken by UK scientists, who plan to pump toxic sulfate particles into the sky to supposedly thwart natural sunlight back into space, and ultimately prevent the earth from "warming."

Spray-on film turns windows into solar panels
Imagine if all the windows of a building, and perhaps even all its exterior walls, could be put to use as solar collectors. Soon, you may not have to imagine it, as the Norweigan solar power company EnSol has patented a thin film solar cell technology designed to be sprayed on to just such surfaces.

World’s first 100 watt equivalent LED replacement bulb
Switch Lighting says all its LED bulbs offer incandescent quality light and the 100 watt-equivalent LED bulb is no exception. The bulbs are also dimmable and can be mounted in any direction. Additionally, in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle principals, all parts of the bulb can be reused, recycled or reclaimed.


Green tea alters gene expression to improve cholesterol metabolism
(NaturalNews) Green tea consumption has been shown to benefit many health issues ranging from help with weight management to cancer prevention and treatment. New research published in the British Journal of Nutrition explains that the natural extract from the Camellia sinensis plant has a powerful effect on cholesterol metabolism in the human body.

US pediatrician doctor raped dozens of children, toddlers and called it medical care
(NaturalNews) A pediatrician has been tried and convicted for several counts of child sex crimes. The victims were his patients, and most were toddlers under 3 years of age. Dr. Earl P. Bradley got away with his deviant sexual behavior with over 100 toddler patients for years.

New Revelation - The Neurotoxin Far Worse than Mercury
Dr. Mercola - When it comes to vaccine safety, much of the talk about toxic ingredients focuses on thimerosal (contains mercury) that is added to killed (inactivated) vaccines as a preservative. But vaccines also contain adjuvants -- agents that stimulate your immune system to greatly increase immunologic response to the vaccine – and one of the most toxic is aluminum... According to a new study published in Current Medical Chemistry, children up to 6 months of age receive 14.7 to 49 times more aluminum from vaccines than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety limits allow.

Over 140 organizations confront UN demanding recognition junk food and beverage industries kill 36 million a year
(NaturalNews) The United Nations Summit on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is being held in September in New York -- and 140 international non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and public health organizations are using the meeting to confront the UN. Their concern? They want the UN to come clean about the organization's current approach to working with the food and beverage industries.

Culinary spices can help lower triglyceride levels
(NaturalNews) Adding enough of the right kind of spices to your food can partially offset the negative health impact of a high-fat meal, according to a recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition. Sheila West, PhD, associate professor of bio-behavioral health at Penn State University and lead researcher for the study, stated that "Antioxidants like spices may be important in reducing oxidative stress and thus reducing the risk of chronic disease."

Federal government has paid out vaccine autism compensation awards to 83 families
(NaturalNews) The USA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a crafty federal program to relieve the vaccine industry from liability for extreme vaccine injuries. Most claims have been rejected. But enough claims have been awarded to indicate the government's secret awareness of the link between a vaccine and autism while publicly denying it.

Billions Spent On A Cure For Cancer And Yet Cancer Rates Continue To Explode?
A vast amount of resources from all over the globe is poured into cancer research, yet according to the WHO about seven and a half million people will die from cancer this year alone. Not only that, the WHO also says that the number of global cancer deaths will almost double over the next twenty years.

Even BPA-Free Plastics Leach Harmful Chemicals
A new study has found that even products that claim to be BPA-free oftentimes still leach endocrine-disrupting chemicals. In fact, the study found that 70% of common plastic products were tested positive for estrogenic activity, and the number skyrocketed to 95% when the products were put through real world conditions such as microwaving or dishwashing.

Avoid artificial fragrances
(NaturalNews) We live in a world where we are bombarded with artificially scented products. The chemicals that are often used to formulate these fragrances are toxic to the human body over time. There are many people who are allergic to heavy scents. This is because these often contain chemicals that cause irritation to the nose, eyes and throat.

Cure acne at home with five lesser known home remedies
Acne is the scourge of adolescence... and for many adults too. Many readers are likely familiar with the more common home remedies for curing acne... tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and burdock root.

Not your grandma’s milk
There are so many additives and processes involved that buying a gallon of milk or a cup of yogurt at your grocery store essentially guarantees that you'll get a mixture of substances from all over the country -- and possibly the world. But that's not where it ends; milk by-products also now appear in a wide variety of other processed foods.

Science & Technology

Is bionic vision about to become a reality?
Bionic vision was once the preserve of futuristic technology shows. But those Tomorrow’s World days could soon be reality, with a pair of glasses linked to a computer offering hope to thousands of visually impaired people in Britain.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

WI Judge: No "Fundamental Right" to Own a Cow, or Consume Its Milk...Am I Making Myself Clear?
In response to a request from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the judge issued a clarification of his decision last week regarding his assessment of the constitutionality of food rights. The judge expanded on his original statement that such constitutional issues are "wholly without merit."


12 Things Happy People Do Differently
Studies conducted by positivity psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky point to 12 things happy people do differently to increase their levels of happiness. These are things that we can start doing today to feel the effects of more happiness in our lives.

12 Ways to Get a Second Chance in Life
We rarely get things right the first time. Almost every major accomplishment in a person’s life starts with the decision to try again and again – to get up after every failed attempt and give it another shot. The only difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is attitude. Getting a second chance in life is about giving yourself the opportunity to grow beyond your past failures. It’s about positively adjusting your attitude toward future possibilities.

Today In History - Wednesday - September 21, 2011
1784 - "The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser" was published for the first time in Philadelphia. It was the first daily paper in America.
1893 - Frank Duryea took what is believed to be the first gasoline powered automobile "horseless carriage" for a test drive.
1897 - The New York Sun ran the "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial. It was in response to a letter from 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon.
1931 - Britain went off the gold standard.
1931 - Japanese forces began occupying China's northeast territory of Manchuria.
1938 - A hurricane struck parts of New York and New England killing more than 600 people.
1949 - Communist leaders proclaimed The People's Republic of China.
1957 - "Perry Mason", the television series, made its debut on CBS-TV. The show was on for 9 years.
1961 - Antonio Abertondo swam the English Channel (in both directions) in 24 hours and 25 minutes.
1964 - Malta gained independence from Britain.
1966 - The Soviet probe Zond 5 returned to Earth. The spacecraft completed the first unmanned round-trip flight to the moon.
1970 - "NFL Monday Night Football" made its debut on ABC-TV.
1973 - Henry Kissinger was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become 56th Secretary of State.
1976 - Orlando Letelier, former foreign minister for President Salvador Allende of Chili, was killed by a car bomb in Washington, DC.
1981 - The U.S. Senate confirmed Sandra Day O'Connor to be the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
1981 - Belize gained full independence from Great Britain.
1982 - National Football League (NFL) players began a 57-day strike. It was their first regular-season walkout.
1982 - Amin Gemayel was elected president of Lebanon. He was the brother of Bashir Gemayel who was the president-elect when he was assassinated.
1984 - General Motors and the United Auto Workers union reached an agreement that would end the previous six days of spot strikes.
1985 - North and South Korea opened their borders for their family reunion program.
1989 - Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston, SC, causing $8 billion in damage.
1991 - Richard Worthington freed his 9 hostages at the end of 18 hours in Sandy, UT. Worthington killed a nurse before seizing control of a maternity ward.
1993 - Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin announced that he was ousting the Communist-dominated Congress and seizing all state power.
1996 - The board of all-male Virginia Military Institute voted to admit women.
1996 - John F. Kennedy Jr. married Carolyn Bessette in a secret ceremony on Cumberland Island, GA.
1998 - The videotaped grand jury statement that U.S. President Bill Clinton made concerning the Monica Lewinsky case was made public.

World News

Lawyer: Iran to release 2 jailed Americans today
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Two Americans jailed as spies in Iran will be released on Wednesday, their lawyer said, after the court approved a $1 million bail-for-freedom deal that cleared the way for the release of the men after more than two years in custody.

Israel Floats 'Interim Solution' To Palestinian Statehood Debate
Israel floated the possibility of an “interim solution” to allow the Palestinians to establish a state within existing borders in Gaza and the West Bank and deal with all the tough stuff later, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

VIDEO: Obama sends more ground troops to Libya
WASHINGTON (AP) – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the Pentagon has sent another dozen troops to Tripoli to help the State Department lay plans for reopening the U.S. Embassy.

USA building secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula
The Obama administration is assembling a constellation of secret drone bases for counterterrorism operations in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as part of a newly aggressive campaign to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, U.S. officials said.

Ex-Afghanistan president Burhanuddin Rabbani killed by 'turban bomb'
The former president of Afghanistan - a major figure who was leading peace talks aimed at ending the war - was killed in his home Tuesday by a suicide attacker wearing an exploding turban. Burhanuddin Rabbani died when he hugged his assassin, who triggered the bomb, officials said. The slaying threatened to destroy fragile hopes of ending the Afghan war with a negotiated settlement.

Greek Default Could Tip US Into Recession
Despite being more than 5,000 miles from Washington D.C., a default in Athens could trip up the global banking system just enough to tip the U.S. into a recession, investors and economists said. “Due to financial trading relationships and off-balance sheet exposure to European banks, the U.S. banking system will not go unscathed,” said Michelle Meyer, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist, in a note to clients Friday. “If the crisis in Europe escalates, it could be the shock that pushes the U.S. economy into recession

Israel PM departs for UN, says does not expect 'warm welcome'
Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at Likud conference, says has tried to approach Palestinian President Abbas several times for negotiations, to no avail.

Israel Has Dumped 46 Percent of Its U.S. Treasury Bills; Russia 95 Percent
Foreign ownership of U.S. government debt declined in July for the second straight month, according to Treasury Department data released Friday. Overall, foreign holdings of U.S. debt dropped from an all-time high of $4.5115 trillion in May to 4.4956 trillion in June and then to $4.478 trillion in July.

Palestinians: we are already recognized as a state by two-thirds of the globe
Almost two-thirds of the UN's member states – representing more than 75% of the world's population – already formally recognise the Palestinian state in some form, according to analysis by the Guardian.

Israel & Palestine: The Maps Tell The True Story
The following maps show what Israel has actually done. Photos and videos also included.

AIPAC conference 4th Jun 08.

Massive 750 Million Dollar U.S. Embassy In Iraq Will Expand Further As Soldiers Leave
The embassy compound is by far the largest the world has ever seen, at one and a half square miles, big enough for 94 football fields. It cost three quarters of a billion dollars to build (coming in about $150 million over budget).

OPEC's $1 Trillion Insurance Policy
Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabia will spend $43 billion on its poorer citizens and religious institutions. Kuwaitis are getting free food for a year. Civil servants in Algeria received a 34 percent pay rise. Desert cities in the United Arab Emirates may soon enjoy uninterrupted electricity. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries members are poised to earn an unprecedented $1 trillion this year, according to the U.S. Energy Department, as the group’s benchmark oil measure exceeded $100 a barrel for the longest period ever.

News Corp. Said to Pay $4.7 Million in Dowler Family Settlement
Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- News Corp.’s U.K. unit will pay 3 million pounds ($4.7 million) to settle claims that the News of the World tabloid hacked the mobile phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

U.S-Canada Perimeter Security and the Consolidation of North America
The U.S. and Canada are very close to unveiling a North American perimeter security deal that would promote greater integration between both countries. This includes expanding collaboration in areas of law enforcement and intelligence sharing which could dramatically affect sovereignty and privacy rights. While there is a need for more public scrutiny, incrementalism has been used to advance North American integration.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

What withdrawal? Obama wants $100 million prison in Afghanistan
While President Obama insists that the US will save $1 trillion over the next decade by pulling out of the Afghan War, he has devoted little time to discuss his plans to build a new prison in Afghanistan — at a cost of $100 million.

Drug cartels throw parties for US officials
Both Greg Gonzales and Wesley Dutton say they spent around 18 months working as informants for the Federal Bureau of Investigation along the US/Mexico border. It was there that they stumbled upon a slew of unjust activity carried out by of the big names in that part of America. Despite their findings, however, they tell the El Paso Times in Texas today that top-brass in the FBI won’t investigate their allegations.

Whistleblowers reveal tight-knit relationship between U.S. officials and drug cartels
The relationship between the global drug trade and the government of the United States of America is a long, complicated and irrefutable one. Some of the most infamous dealings that have come to light have involved the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and various drug trafficking rings throughout the world. However, it now appears that the CIA involvement in drug trafficking is just one aspect of an incredibly close relationship between so-called authorities in America and the drug cartels they pretend to fight.

VIDEO: Battle over First Amendment waged in San Francisco
Critics say BART has now violated four of five freedoms in the First Amendment: speech, assembly, petition and free press. San Francisco is already changing its policies, but the FFC is reviewing whether BART broke the law in shutting down its cell phone service.

Air Force Resends Grounded Stealth Fighters Into Action … Without Fixing Them
Four months after grounding its entire force of F-22 Raptors, the Air Force has cleared the roughly 170 high-tech stealth fighters to resume flying. Just one little problem: The brass still doesn’t know why a dozen Raptor pilots blacked out and one fatally crashed, prompting the May 3 no-fly order. Officials suspected the oxygen system aboard the $300-million, radar-evading superfighter. Ground crews starting up the jets in sealed, garage-like hangars might also have been a factor. After months of study, the Air Force still can’t say for sure.

Ron Paul Issues Open Letter to President Obama Concerning Cuts to Veterans` Benefits
"We have put our troops in harm’s way, and we must honor our promises. And, our troops have paid a heavy price these past ten years. Over 5,000 have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, 40,000 have seen crushing injuries, and hundreds of thousands more suffer from brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder."

GOP-led states change voting rules ahead of 2012
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- After years of expanding when and how people can vote, state legislatures now under new Republican control are moving to trim early voting days, beef up identification requirements and put new restrictions on how voters are notified about absentee ballots.

The List Of Congressional Representatives Who Took Trips To Israel
Do they represent you or Israel? Voters need to tell these men and women you cannot serve two masters. You must either serve America or serve Israel and the New York and London banks. You cannot serve us and them. You might also ask them when will they get around to forcing the Attorney General to arrest and convict the bankers who stole tens of trillions of dollars from us.

Major Synagogue in New York Occupied by Catholics
For the third time this year the Fifth Avenue Synagogue in upper Manhattan was invaded and occupied by parishioners from the nearby St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This disturbance made it impossible for the observant Jewish congregants to take part in pre New Year Selichot, special prayers for forgiveness.

Occupy Wall Street Photos
Cryptome photos, taken around Noon, 19 September 2011. Thank you Andy!


Nervous Breakdown? 21 Signs That Something Big Is About To Happen In The Financial World
Will global financial markets reach a breaking point during the month of October? Right now there are all kinds of signs that the financial world is about to experience a nervous breakdown. Massive amounts of investor money is being pulled out of the stock market and mammoth bets are being made against the S&P 500 in October.

GOP leaders: Fed should resist new stimulus
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In an unusual move, Republican leaders of the House and Senate are urging Federal Reserve policymakers against taking further steps to lower interest rates. On the eve of the Fed's two-day policy meeting, the leaders sent a letter to Chairman Ben Bernanke warning that the Fed's policies could harm an already weak U.S. economy.

Reid threatens gov't shutdown
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday there is a chance that the government could shutter at the end of this month. Criticizing House Republicans for the disaster relief provisions in their budget bill, Reid told reporters, "We're not going to cave on this." Reid, however, said, "I'm not that sure" there won't be a shutdown. He added, "I am not as certain as McConnell." Related article here.

VIDEO: IMF and Boehner both brace for recession
The latest report from the International Monetary Fund warns America that a double-dip recession could be very much a reality. In their just released six-month World Economic Outlook, the IMF cautions America that the global economy is currently “in a dangerous place” and could pose serious problems for the United States. As crippling conditions sweep across the globe, the IMF warns that another recession for the US shouldn’t be unexpected.

The Obama Tax Plan: Is Barack Obama Plotting To Use Class Warfare As A Tool To Win The 2012 Election?
Most of these tax increases would hit the wealthy, and Obama keeps insisting that it is time for them "to pay their fair share". Of course Obama knows that the Republicans will never go for this. You see, what is going on is that Obama is laying a trap. First, he laid out a 447 billion dollar "jobs plan" that contained all kinds of goodies for the poor and the middle class. Now he has introduced a massive tax plan which specifically targets millionaires in order to pay for it.

Former adviser defends Obama's decision-making
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former White House economics adviser is backing the administration's denial of an assertion that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ignored President Barack Obama's order to consider dissolving Citibank.

Housing Market

Housing starts drop underscores economic woes
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New construction of homes fell more than expected in August, dragging on economic growth and keeping pressure on President Barack Obama to do more to help the sputtering economy. Housing starts dropped 5 percent, the most since April, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 571,000 units, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday.

New High: 37% Say Their Home Is Worth Less Than Remaining Mortgage Payments
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of 753 homeowners finds that 37% say their home is not worth as much as what they still owe on their mortgage. Forty-seven percent (47%) say the value of their home exceeds the amount left on their mortgage. But that’s down seven points from last month and is just two points above the all-time low of 45% in June.

Energy & Environment

Powerful Typhoon Roke hits Japan
BBC's Roland Buerk: "There are concerns that rain could force radioactive water into the sea". Typhoon Roke is on course to hit Fukushima, where engineers are still struggling to bring a nuclear plant under control after the March tsunami. There are concerns that rain could force radioactive water into the sea. Across Japan more than a million people were urged to evacuate their homes; an advisory was later lifted in one area but 330,000 people remain at risk. The typhoon made landfall on Wednesday afternoon (0500GMT) in Hamamatsu, scouring its way up the main island of Honshu, bringing high winds and torrential rain.

Emanuel on Solyndra: I don’t know about it
CHICAGO (WLS) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel is denying any knowledge of a developing scandal in Washington that dates back to his days as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff. WLS Radio’s Bill Cameron reports taxpayers are apparently on the hook for a $100 million federal loan guarantee for a solar panel company called Solyndra, which has gone bankrupt. Emanuel was the chief of staff during the Obama administrations's green energy initiative when the loan was rushed through.

Update: CA Rep Issa to Investigate Obama’s Admin and Solyndra
Republicans claim they have emails showing the White House pressuring Department of Energy bureaucrats to hand out government loans. The White House has responded that nothing improper occurred. Related article here.

NWS: Many in Joplin ignored 1st tornado warnings
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Many Joplin residents either ignored or were slow to react to the first warning sirens about a massive and deadly tornado this spring, partially because of years of false alarms, the government said Tuesday.

Order barring Ecuador from collecting $18B vacated
NEW YORK (AP) -- A federal appeals court vacated an order Monday by a New York judge that barred an $18 billion judgment in Ecuador against Chevron Inc. for contaminating the Amazon. The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had previously expressed skepticism that a New York judge could wield jurisdiction outside the U.S.

US scientists testing earthquake early warning
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -- After years of lagging behind Japan, Mexico and other quake-prone countries, the U.S. government has been quietly testing an earthquake early warning system in California since February.

Typhoon Roke Nears Japan on Track for Leaking Nuclear Plant
Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Typhoon Roke brought evacuation orders and fears of floods to Nagoya city in central Japan today as it approached the main island of Honshu on a course toward the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant. More than 1 million people in Nagoya have been advised to evacuate because of Roke and almost 80,000 have been ordered to leave due to flood risk, said Katsuya Kobayashi in the city's disaster prevention center.


New Ron Paul Bill Would Restore Some First Amendment Rights for Supplement Producers
It’s the latest in a series of the candidate’s bills supporting health freedom and our access to natural health remedies. The Testimonial Free Speech Act, HR 2908, is a brief bill that would allow the dissemination of testimonials “containing a consumer’s actual perception of the mitigative, preventive, or curative properties of any food or dietary supplement based on the consumer’s experience with that food or dietary supplement.”

Perry and the Texas State Medical Board
The HPV vaccine is not the only issue which ties Governor Perry to special interests and “dirty deals” in medicine. Another scandal involves the Texas State Medical Board. Many people have wondered why the TMB has been able to harass integrative doctors so aggressively and in such an underhanded way. This too involves Perry quite directly.

VIDEO: OBAMASCARE: Dr. Dean predicts companies will drop private health coverage for employees
Former Democratic National Committee Chairman, and doctor, Howard Dean backed a McKinsey & Co. survey today that found that almost a third of private-sector employers will drop their employee health insurance coverage when Obamacare's government-managed insurance exchanges come online.

Vaccine Lobby Launches Gardasil Safety Hoax
In the aftermath of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s comments about the Gardasil shot causing mental retardation, vaccine lobbyists and the pharmaceutical-friendly establishment media have launched a new hoax claiming the vaccine is completely safe, despite the CDC’s own figures confirming over 18,000 cases of adverse reactions.

Five foods for healthy skin
(NaturalNews) Although the cosmetic industry would have us believe otherwise, beautiful skin doesn't come from a jar full of perfumed chemicals. Beyond being born with great genes, the best thing you can do for your skin is to eat a healthy diet. Learn how to enhance your skin from the inside out by eating foods that will make your epidermis glow with health. Try adding these foods to your diet to both feel and look better.

pH Food Chart
Alkalizing the body is probably the best thing that a person can do to ensure good health and well being. There is a direct relationship between a person's pH and the oxygen content of his blood, and a tiny change in pH can have dramatic effects upon a person's oxygen intake. An alkaline body pH will prevent diseases, and will cure existing ones by exponentially boosting a body's oxygen intake. As a general rule, pathogens and cancers cannot survive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment.

Increased vitamin D in blood adds years to life and helps prevent colon cancer
(NaturalNews) Just in case you needed more proof that low blood levels of vitamin D represent a significant health concern, researchers publishing in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrate that small increases in the sunshine vitamin can add precious years to your life. For nearly a decade scientific evidence has been mounting to show that the vast majorities of adults (and many children) are grossly deficient in circulating blood levels of vitamin D.

Essential First Aid Item: Activated Carbon
Activated carbon in powdered form should be in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit. It is also called activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is used around the world as a universal antidote for hundreds of poisons, including arsenic, mercury, pesticides, strychnine, warfarin, hemlock, E. Coli endotoxin, and petrol (gasoline).

Bioethicist challenges Bachmann on vaccine claim
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A prominent bioethicist has offered $10,000 to charity if Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann can prove her claim that a vaccination caused mental retardation.

Calif. bill aimed at breast cancer worries docs
About 40 percent of women over 40 have breast tissue dense enough to mask or mimic cancers on mammograms, but many of them don't know it. Mammogram providers in California will be required to notify those patients, and suggest that they discuss additional screenings with their doctors based on their individual risk factors, if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill that the Legislature passed this month.

Real-time tracking of diseases improves diagnosis
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Today, hundreds of hospitals, clinics and health departments automatically report certain symptoms and diagnoses to the government. That practice has a wonky name - biosurveillance - but it's how officials track the spread of flu, detect the latest whooping cough outbreak, and watch for weird symptoms that might signal a brand-new
disease or even bioterrorism.

Science & Technology

UFO Sightings Ramp-Up As Government Plans Staged Invasion
There has been a recent rash of UFO outbreaks (sightings) across the United States, including heightened activity in and around Phoenix Arizona. The Intel Hub has had reports of black helicopters in several cities chasing UFO’s with strange beams of light, or possibly projecting them in a holographic fashion.

Russia, China, Tajikistan propose UN "code of conduct" for the 'Net
Quick show of hands: which four countries would you most trust to introduce a United Nations-backed “international code of conduct for information security” on the Internet? If your list included China, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, then you'll love the new code of conduct (PDF) introduced at the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week.

Smartphone on wheels for a fascinating ride in the back seat
FORGET ''I spy'' and hand-held video games, a team of developers is working on technology that will entertain little ones in the back seat with holograms controlled by motion sensors. Three-dimensional images are projected into the back seat to entertain passengers, who control the action with gestures rather than hand-held devices.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Whose Side Is the USDA Really On?
Last week, USDA secretary Tom Vilsack gave a clear directive to his department’s new Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21): come up with a plan to compensate organic and conventional farmers whose crops become contaminated because of genetically engineered foods. Monsanto might now have to treat organic farmers fairly and pay them for the damage caused by the contamination? Or does the USDA actually have in mind a new protection scheme for Monsanto—a legal shelter that will limit Monsanto’s future monetary damages?

E. Coli Concern Prompts Washington Raw Milk Recall
Pride & Joy Creamery, a dairy farm in Eastern Washington state, has recalled its raw milk because it may be contaminated with E. coli, a bacteria that can cause serious illness, according to a news release issued by the state's Agriculture Department at the dairy's request. Tim Church, spokesman for the state's Health Department, told Food Safety News that since August, there have been four cases of children sickened with E. coli, possibly caused by raw milk. All of the children said they drank raw milk.

Second Go at Animal Disease Traceability Hits Bumps
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is experiencing a hailstorm of opposition to its new animal disease traceability system as the proposal reaches the halfway point in the comment period that ends November 9. If most of more than 160 comments sent to APHIS to date are any indication, the new plan is roughly as unpopular as NAIS was. "What part of 'NO' is beyond your comprehension?" asks Laura Richardson of Deer Lodge, TN. "This latest salvo from USDA is NAIS all over again."

Get Your Hands Dirty: 9 excellent blogs for beginning gardeners
There's something about getting your fingers into the soil, planting seeds, and watching as things magically start to grow. Whether you've got several acres to play with or plan on borrowing space from a gardening co-op like Hyperlocavore, you can find tons of gardening apps to help you get started.


A 'Mike Tawse Original' Thought For The Day -  Make The Best Of Every Opportunity
From our good friend Mike Tawse in the UK.

Law Firm Investigating Animal Feed Flavoring Plant
Pet Food Flavoring, seen on labels as 'natural flavor', is another one of those little secrets of pet food manufacturing. An investigation by a law firm could provide us with a little more information as to what 'natural flavor' really is.

Today In History - Tuesday - September 20, 2011
1881 - Chester A. Arthur became the 21st president of the U.S. President James A. Garfield had died the day before.
1921 - KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA, started a daily radio newscast. It was one of the first in the U.S.
1946 - The first Cannes Film Festival premiered. The original premier was delayed in 1939 due to World War II.
1946 - WNBT-TV in New York became the first station to promote a motion picture. Scenes from "The Jolson Story" were shown.
1953 - Jimmy Stewart debuted on the radio western "The Six Shooter" on NBC.
1955 - "You'll Never Be Rich" premiered on CBS-TV. The name was changed less than two months later to "The Phil Silvers Show."
1958 - Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed in the chest at a New York City department store by an apparently deranged black woman.
1962 - James Meredith, a black student, was blocked from enrolling at the University of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett. Meredith was later admitted.
1963 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy proposed a joint U.S.-Soviet expedition to the moon in a speech to the U.N. General Assembly.
1977 - The first of the "boat people" arrived in San Francisco from Southeast Asia under a new U.S. resettlement program.
1982 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced that the U.S., France, and Italy were going to send peacekeeping troops back to Beirut.
1984 - A Hizbulla suicide bomber destroyed the rebuilt U.S. Embassy in Beirut. 25 people were killed.
1985 - A second major earthquake hit Mexico City.
1988 - The United Nations opened it 43rd General Assembly.
1989 - The wreckage of a DC-10 belonging to the French airliner UTA was found in Niger. The plane disappeared on September 19 with 171 passengers onboard. The Paris-bound plane was believed to have been brought down by a bomb.
1991 - U.N. weapons inspectors left for Iraq in a renewed search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
1992 - French voters approved the Maastricht Treaty.
1995 - AT&T announced that it would be splitting into three companies. The three companies were AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and NCR Corp.
1995 - The U.S. House of Representatives voted to drop the national speed limit. This allowed the states to decide their own speed limits.
1999 - Raisa Gorbachev, wife of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorvachev, died of leukemia.

World News

Lloyd's insurer sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks'
A Lloyd's insurance syndicate has begun a landmark legal case against Saudi Arabia, accusing the kingdom of indirectly funding al-Qa'ida and demanding the repayment of £136m it paid out to victims of the 9/11 attacks. The Brighton-based Lloyd's 3500 syndicate, which paid $215m compensation to companies and individuals involved, alleges that the oil-rich Middle Eastern superpower bears primary responsibility for the atrocity because al-Qa'ida was supported by banks and charities acting as "agents and alter egos" for the Saudi state.

Palestinians will submit UN membership letter
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is pressing ahead Tuesday with his diplomatic campaign to gain full U.N. membership, brushing aside heated Israeli objections and a promised U.S. veto as the issue of Palestinian statehood takes center stage with world leaders gathering for the opening of the U.N. General Assembly session. Abbas had meetings scheduled Tuesday with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, among leaders, as he sought to line up support ahead of his speech Friday to the General Assembly when the Palestinians vow to submit a letter formally requesting U.N.

In UN week, Saudi says to ease Palestinian crisis
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will pay $200 million to the Palestinian Authority, the official Palestinian news agency said on Monday, funds that will ease a financial crisis faced by the authority as it prepares to apply for full U.N. membership this week.

AP Exclusive: Police investigate Iran nuke expert
VIENNA (AP) — A colleague of a nuclear scientist shot dead recently in Tehran is being investigated by Iranian security services who suspect him of leaking information leading to the killing, says an intelligence summary shared with The Associated Press. The report by an International Atomic Energy Agency member nation identifies the colleague as Mojtaba Dadashnejad. It says he worked with the victim, Darioush Rezaeinejad, on suspected Iranian attempts to make a component used in nuclear weapons.

Libyan fighters take airport near pro-Gadhafi city
TRIPOLI, Libya — Facing little resistance, revolutionary fighters captured the airport and other parts of a southern desert city that is one of the last remaining strongholds of Moammar Gadhafi's forces Monday, even as military offensives stalled to the north. The capture of Sabha would be a welcome victory for Libya's new rulers, who have struggled to rout forces loyal to Gadhafi a month after sweeping into Tripoli and forcing the ousted leader into hiding. He has not been found.

Yemen protesters storm elite military base; 50 die
SANAA, Yemen (AP) - Thousands of protesters backed by military defectors seized a base of the elite Republican Guards on Monday, weakening the control of Yemen's embattled president over this poor, fractured Arab nation. His forces fired on unarmed demonstrators elsewhere in the capital, killing scores, wounding hundreds and sparking international condemnation. The protesters, joined by soldiers from the renegade 1st Armored Division, stormed the base without firing a single shot, according to witnesses and security officials. Some carried sticks and rocks.

S&P cuts Italy ratings one notch, outlook negative
Sept 20 (Reuters) - Standard and Poor's downgraded its unsolicited ratings on Italy by one notch to A/A-1 and kept its outlook on negative, a major surprise that threatens to add to concerns of contagion in the debt-stressed euro zone.

Palestinian push for statehood jeopardizes US aid
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas have repeatedly been warned: Pursue statehood recognition at the United Nations and risk losing millions in U.S. aid. For months, congressional Republicans and Democrats have threatened to cut off some $500 million in economic and security assistance to the Palestinians if they defy the United States and Israel by seeking statehood.

Greece seeks to avoid ‘humiliation’ with more cuts
Greece will try to avoid international "blackmail and humiliation" by speeding up reforms and civil-service staff cuts, the finance minister said Monday, hours before holding an emergency teleconference with creditors. Greece's international bailout creditors stepped up the pressure at the start of a crucial week in the nearly two-year debt crisis, urging the government to do more to heal its finances. Global markets were skeptical, however, and stocks fell sharply on fears Athens will default on its mountain of debt.

UBS starts probe into $2.3 billion rogue trade loss
ZURICH (Reuters) - UBS has kicked off an internal investigation into the catastrophic failure of its risk systems after rogue equity trades cost the Swiss bank $2.3 billion, raising the pressure on top management.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

On Friday, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he has assembled a special law enforcement posse to investigate the allegations the birth certificate President Barack Obama released to the public April 27 is a forgery. Michael Zullo, a retired police detective from Bergen County, N.J., will head up the posse, which will consist of two former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys.

Big Sis Tags Coffee Cups With Big Brother Eye
Homeland Security’s See Something, Say Something snitch campaign is now so pervasive that Big Sis has extended the message to coffee cups, recruiting jittery coffee drinkers to spot terrorists as part of a deal with the Maryland Transit Administration, which used DHS funds to purchase the ads.

Jon Stewart praises Ron Paul in latest issue of Rolling Stone
Jon Stewart just can't stop talking about Ron Paul, apparently. There’s a long interview with "The Daily Show” host in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, and in it Mr. Stewart holds up the libertarian GOP presidential aspirant as an example of something that’s unusual in US politics: consistency.

Washington Times: Ralph Nader to Challenge Barack Obama in Democratic Primaries
President Obama’s smooth path to the Democratic nomination may have gotten rockier Monday, after a group of liberal leaders, including former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, announced plans to challenge the incumbent in primaries next year. Mr. Nader said the intent is not to defeat Mr. Obama but to make him focus on issues that might get lost in a purely Obama-versus-GOP discussion.

Obama's health care cuts spread the pain
WASHINGTON (AP) - Health care savings in President Barack Obama's deficit-reduction plan would squeeze future Medicare recipients, cut payments to drug companies and hospitals, and shift costs to states. Still, some advocates say the president's approach is less painful than other major ideas being debated this year, from privatizing Medicare to letting the states run Medicaid without a federal guarantee that the poor would get needed care.

FACT CHECK: Are rich taxed less than secretaries?
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama makes it sound like there are millionaires all over America paying taxes at lower rates than their secretaries. "Middle-class families shouldn't pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires," Obama said Monday. "That's pretty straightforward. It's hard to argue against that." The data tells a different story. On average, the wealthiest people in America pay a lot more taxes than the middle class or the poor, according to private and government data. They pay at a higher rate, and as a group, they contribute a much larger share of the overall taxes collected by the federal government.

Repeal of gay ban causing few waves in military
WASHINGTON (AP) - After years of debate and months of final preparations, the military can no longer prevent gays from serving openly in its ranks. Repeal of a 1993 law that allowed gays to serve only so long as they kept their sexual orientation private took effect Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. EDT.

Mexico still waiting for answers on Fast and Furious gun program
Top Mexican officials say the U.S. kept them in the dark. One official was stunned to learn that the cartel hit men who killed her brother had assault rifles from Fast and Furious in their arsenal. U.S. officials also kept mum as other weapons linked to Fast and Furious turned up at dozens of additional Mexican crime scenes, with an unconfirmed toll of at least 150 people killed or wounded.

AUDIO: Secret recordings raise new questions in ATF 'Gunwalker' operation
WASHINGTON - CBS News has obtained secretly recorded conversations that raise questions as to whether some evidence is being withheld in the murder of a Border Patrol agent. The tapes were recorded approximately mid-March 2011 by the primary gun dealer cooperating with ATF in its "Fast and Furious" operation: Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company in Glendale, Arizona. He's talking with the lead case ATF case agent Hope MacAllister.

Secret recordings emerge over Operation Fast and Furious and the ATF's conspiracy to put more guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs
pursued for the ultimate purpose of dismantling the Bill of Rights. It involved ATF agents running a criminal scheme that sold literally tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs, after which the government planned to call for "gun sales restrictions" following the wave of gun violence that would inevitably result.

Three Quarters of "Homeland Security" Grant Money Goes to Jewish Causes
"There’s good reason for the Jewish community to be proud. A Forward analysis of the 995 grants distributed through the national program from 2007 to 2010 found that 734, or 73.7%, went to Jewish organizations. DHS announced its grants for 2011 in late August, and here, too, Jewish groups were the big winners, with 81% of those awards."

Google / Fox News Debate, Thursday 9/22
On September 22, the Republican primary candidates will meet in Orlando, Florida for the Fox News/Google Debate - and they’ll be answering YOUR questions. Submit your question now for the chance to have it asked live during the debate!

American Military is too top-heavy
Some serious restructuring in the United States military has led to the US hiring more and more highly paid senior officers to oversee fewer and fewer low-ranking personnel. POGO told a Senate panel on Thursday that admirals and generals, who start off with a base salary of over $227,000 annually, are doing work that could easily be carried out by junior officers.

New 24-hour hotline unveiled in Illinois -- to help illegal immigrants facing deportation
Modeled after those for the homeless or victims of domestic violence, the "first-in-nation" crisis hotline will serve callers 24 hours a day. It launches Monday afternoon at Jane Addams Hull House. Volunteers will take calls and direct people facing deportation to lawyers and social service agencies by asking them a checklist of questions to help determine the right course of action.

Ron Paul Cheated Out of Texas Straw Poll Win?
Ron Paul is riding high again after his California Straw Poll victory yesterday, but some Paul supporters are questioning why the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled for “lack of interest,” and whether it was actually killed because the Congressman would have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Governor Rick Perry in his own state.

Blackout: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC Ignore Thousands Of US Day Of Rage Protesters
Even though estimates have varied from hundreds to as many as 50,000 protesters flooded into Manhattan and others cities to take part in events around the country to, “nonviolently disrupt the disloyal, incompetent, and corrupt special interests which have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to our liberty, lives and national security,” the three cable news networks have devoted no airtime to the story.

Wall Street Protests Continue, With at Least 6 Arrested
In a continuation of the demonstrations that began on Saturday, nearly 200 protesters marched along Wall Street and other parts of the financial district Monday morning, brandishing American flags and signs denouncing the economic system. At least six of them were arrested.


Geithner: US has 'huge stake' in Euro crisis
Geithner, just back from a trip to Poland in which he reportedly expressed concern of a "catastrophic risk" to markets from the Greek debt crisis, said at the White House that Europe had the will to combat its challenges.

Obama's urgent jobs plan: Right now, 'right now' means sometime next month maybe
Well, here we are on the next Monday after that next Monday and we've just learned from the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, that actually it seems that body won't really be seriously getting into the legislation for a while yet. The Senate has some other more important business to handle. And then there's this month's congressional vacation, which in Washington is called "a recess," like elementary school.

Obama Proposes New Czar
Instead, in the American Jobs Act, Obama is proposing a new group of czars as a part of his "jobs" act-- the American Infrastructure Financing Authority (AIFA) czars. President Obama’s newest czars will be given the authority to manage over a trillion dollars of federal funding for roads, bridges, buildings, waterways, dams and other infrastructure.

President Obama deficit plans back ending Saturday mail
President Obama supports allowing the U.S. Postal Service to stop delivering mail on Saturdays and to start selling items other than stamps and shipping supplies at post offices nationwide, according to his deficit reduction proposals released Monday.

To save money, federal government buying in bulk
Starting this week, several federal agencies and departments will pool their purchases of office printers, copiers and scanners in hopes of collectively saving $600 million in the next four years, administration officials said late Friday. The move, known as “strategic sourcing” in government contracting circles, is also forcing agencies to take a serious inventory of their supplies.

The Real Reasons That NWO Buffett Supports Higher Taxes and Obama
The reason Buffet likes more taxes is that he is a billionaire. Does Buffet make income off his investments; sure he does. Yet the great bulk of Buffett's, Bill Gate's and the International Bankers great wealth is NOT in income -its in assets. Do you ever hear Obama or Buffett or even the Communists championing an asset tax (not that they should)? When you are a billionaire you are worried about protecting assets-not income. CEO Patrick Byrne announces support for Rep. Ron Paul's 2012 presidential candidacy
(NaturalNews) In a recent interview on FOX Business, (which was recently rebranded as founder and CEO Patrick Byrne had a lot to say about the flailing economy, and the fake "recovery" that so many in the business community and in the public naively bought into. And when asked about who he supports in the 2012 presidential election, Byrne vocalized his support for Rep. Ron Paul.

Housing Market

America's homeless crisis washes up in Obama's birthplace
Hawaii currently has the third-highest ratio of homelessness of any state in the nation, behind Oregon and Nevada. A recent study by the research firm SMS found that 96,648 Hawaiians are now members of the "hidden homeless" community, a demographic which contains people squatting, living in temporary accommodation, or staying with friends or family members. Another 262,000 people – a staggering one in five residents of the seven islands – are classed as being "at risk" of homelessness.

US mortgage finance head: shift risk from Treasury
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The chief regulator of mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac says restructuring the country's housing finance system may require more mortgage insurance and charging lenders more, steps that could increase borrowing costs.

Paralyzed Oregon man, living on $22,000 a month and able to pay, fights foreclosure
Robert Galanida was a skinny teenager when a drunken driver rammed the pickup he was riding in, hurtling him to the blacktop and paralyzing him from his shoulders down. With the help of multimillion-dollar legal and insurance settlements, he and his mother now live comfortably on annuity payments of $22,000 a month. So they are at a loss as to why his mortgage servicer, Bank of America, has repeatedly tried to evict him from his Tualatin home.

Energy & Environment

Fluoride Pollution Kills Thousands of Fish In China, Citizens Riot
A solar-panel manufacturing plant in the eastern Chinese city of Haining has been forced to close after hundreds of residents attacked the facility in a 4-day protest over accusations the factory contaminated a nearby river, according to the BBC. The riots began on Thursday and lasted until Sunday, at times turning violent.

Breaking News: 60,000 people stood up against nuclear (photos)
An anti-nuc demonstration was held in Tokyo, from Meiji koen. 50,000 people were assumed to attend but at least 60,000 people are in the demonstration for now. From an unconfirmed report, over 100,000 people are in the demonstration at this moment. This time, a lot of lawyers attended at the demonstration, also, they have learnt to take videos of police, so police could not touch the demonstration. Video report here.

4 earthquakes rock Guatemala, 1 confirmed dead
GUATEMALA CITY (AP) - Four earthquakes struck the southeastern part of Guatemala in less than two hours Monday afternoon, causing at least one death as some walls collapsed, authorities said. At least three people were reported missing. President Alvaro Colom urged calm after the temblors were felt across much of the Central American country, the largest a 5.8 magnitude. All were centered in an area about 30 miles (51 kilometers) southeast of the capital, Guatemala City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey

Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet
Most Americans do not know this, but a single EMP attack could potentially wipe out most of the electronics in the United States and instantly send this nation back to the 1800s. Just imagine a world where nobody has power, most cars will not start, the Internet has been fried, the financial system is offline indefinitely, nobody can make any phone calls and virtually all commerce across the entire country is brought to a complete stop.

New Database Shows Spate of Congressional Attacks on the Environment
Dubbing it the “most anti-environment House in history,” Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, released a new searchable database last week listing a staggering 125 pieces of legislation that will reduce environmental protection. The bills, introduced and passed by the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives, are aimed at limiting the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal institutions tasked with upholding environmental laws set in place to protect human and environmental health.

White House Blocks EPA Chemical Health Review
Bowing to pressure from the chemical industry, the administration of President Barack Obama recently blocked a new and desperately needed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review of chemical health hazards which was developed under the agency’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), according to Daniel Rosenberg of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo
TOKYO (AP) — Chanting "Sayonara nuclear power" and waving banners, tens of thousands of people marched in central Tokyo on Monday to call on Japan's government to abandon atomic energy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident.


Drug company CEOs targeted in government crackdown of illegal marketing
(NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical companies are often prosecuted for off label marketing. Off label marketing is a form of fraud where the company pushes a drug with higher doses than the FDA permits, for a purpose not approved, or to a group for whom it is not allowed. If the government successfully prosecutes an offending pharmaceutical company for off label marketing, the government is obliged to ban that company from future sales to government medical agencies, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or The Veterans Administration (VA).

Frankincense - Ancient herbal remedy proven to be effective against arthritis
(NaturalNews) Cardiff University scientists have discovered that an age old, traditional cure may actually be efficient against painful arthritis. The edible, aromatic resin known as frankincense has been used in the traditional medicines of Asia for centuries, mainly to aid digestion, heal wounds, fortify the endocrine system, destroy germs and help control skin conditions.

Chemotherapy is not the answer to cancer
(NaturalNews) Chemotherapy will never be the cure of cancer. Cancer will only heal when the toxic load is decreased and an internal biochemical environment is achieved that only produces health and not disease. When you get the chemicals and toxins out of the body and the proper nutrients in, along with living a lifestyle of seven basic steps to total health (which include proper oxygen, water, food, sleep, exercise, fasting/detoxification and learning to live fully in the moment), then cancer and all disease can heal.

Horrors of Chantix and Zyban
(NaturalNews) Understanding why suicide is a side effect of smoking cessation pills is of ultimate importance to smokers considering taking the drug. Several lawsuits have been filed because the manufacturers of these pills do not provide ample warning.

Contents, Benefits and Uses of the Bay Leaf
The bay leaf is an astringent, diuretic and antiseptic, and has a number of health benefits. The antioxidants in the leaf impart it with anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, these phytonutrients protect against cardiac problems. The antioxidant vitamin C gives the bay leaf anti-viral properties; it also boosts immunity, heals wounds and neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin A is required for healthy skin and membranes, good vision.

Resveratrol and vitamin D synergistically team to boost metabolism and prevent obesity
(NaturalNews) Resveratrol has been on the nutritional radar of researchers because of its proven ability to mimic some of the life-extending characteristics provided by calorie restriction as seen in animals and humans alike. Scientists publishing in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research draw a solid link between resveratrol, vitamin D and other phytonutrients as agents that may lend a helping hand in the life-threatening battle against overweight and obesity.

Researchers find side effect-free natural way to slash stroke risk by half
(NaturalNews) It is common sense that eating a healthy diet should help prevent disease. But Big Pharma must surely have superior elixirs, pills, potions and shots when it comes to serious prevention of the big killer diseases like stroke, right?

Warning of more cases of flu vaccine disorder
A SUPPORT group for parents who believe their children developed a chronic sleeping disorder after receiving the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix has said there are “a lot more” undiagnosed cases.

Nanoparticles Cause Brain Injury In Fish
Scientists at the University of Plymouth have shown, for the first time in an animal, that nanoparticles have a detrimental effect on the brain and other parts of the central nervous system.

Study shows increased mammograms result in more mastectomies
The study drew on data from Norway's national breast cancer screening program for 35,000 women aged 40 to 79 diagnosed with early or invasive breast cancers. Oslo researchers discovered a 31% increased risk of mastectomy among women invited to receive mammograms compared with a non-invited younger age group.

The idea that one can get proper nutrition from diet alone is largely a myth
Decades of over-farming has left the world's top soils severely depleted of essential minerals. For the most part, the only minerals replaced have been those needed for optimal growth and not vital minerals such as magnesium which are needed for optimal health.

VIDEO: Gardasil – If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Then A Video Report, Or Two, Or Three, Or SEVEN
MUST be worth an indictment, Right? Somebody going to jail? Or at least being arrested and tried for crimes against Humanity? Or at least the deaths of these People? Somebody needs to be held accountable…Rick Perry might know who those somebodies are.

Prescription Drug Deaths Now Outnumber Traffic Fatalities in U.S.
In 2009, drugs exceeded the amount of traffic-related deaths, killing at least 37,485 people nationwide. According to information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the very pharmaceuticals that are prescribed to treat life-endangering conditions are now ending lives. The death toll is partially due to an increase in mental illness medication known as psychotropics, which have been criticized by health experts as being oftentimes unnecessarily prescribed.

Science & Technology

Man faces $675k in fines again for downloading music
A 2009 copyright case aimed at Tenenbaum found him responsible for a $675,000 verdict to be awarded to five record labels after he admitted to illegally sharing music online. The Obama administration has supported the fines of nearly $700,000 and have also taken the side of the appeals court in that Judge Gertner should not have questioned the constitutionality, reports Wired.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

USDA Seizes 1,000 Personal Lemon Trees, Threatens Fed Raid
Donovan never imagined that buying a simple lemon tree three years ago would come back to haunt her. The lemon tree was under a quarantine at the time of purchase but three years later, the USDA demanded seizure with tedious instructions for removal although there were no signs of disease. The original article made it sound as though Donovan was glad to comply but actually she protested the USDA’s intrusion. She was threatened with a search warrant and visit from the feds, if she did not comply! The USDA made 1,000 similar seizures.

Northeast Having A Pumpkin Shortage
If you live in the Northeast you'll want to buy your pumpkins early this year because they're going to run out fast, as we guessed last week. A rainy summer and flooding from Irene have ruined many pumpkin crops. Now that the official harvest has come in, it looks like instead of hunting for The Great Pumpkin, most people will just be hunting for "a" pumpkin.

As ranchers in drought areas sell cows, others buy
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — The drought in the Southwest may help 29-year-old Chad Bicker get to his goal of being a full-time farmer and rancher by the time he's 40. As farmers in Texas and other bone-dry areas sell cattle because they can't grow hay or afford to buy feed, Bicker has been buying animals for his farm in Illinois. Cattle experts in areas not affected by drought say they're seeing a lot of farmers like Bicker take advantage of rising beef prices and cattle sales in dry areas to expand their businesses. Beef prices have risen because of strong export demand from Asia and a relatively low supply in the U.S.


Finnegan the Squirrel
For about as long as she can remember, Debby Cantlon says, friends and strangers have brought her animals in need. So it wasn't much of a surprise when someo

Today In History - Monday - September 19, 2011
1777 - The Battle of Saratoga was won by American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.
1796 - U.S. President Washington's farewell address was published.
1881 - James A. Garfield died of wounds from an assassin. The 20th U.S. president lived for 11 weeks after the wounds were inflicted.
1934 - Bruno Hauptman was arrested in New York and charged with the kidnapping and murder of the infant son of Charles and Anna Lindbergh.
1955 - Argentina President Juan Peron was ousted after a revolt by the army and navy.
1957 - The U.S. conducted its first underground nuclear test. The test took place in the Nevada desert.
1959 - Nikita Khruschev was not allowed to visit Disneyland due to security reasons. Khrushchev reacted angrily.
1960 - Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in New York to visit the United Nations, checked out of the Shelburne Hotel angrily after a dispute with the management.
1970 - "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" premiered on CBS-TV.
1982 - Scott Fahlman became the first person to use :-) in an online message.
1983 - Lebanese army units defending Souk el-Gharb were supported in their effort by two U.S. Navy ships off Beirut.
1984 - China and Britain completed a draft agreement transferring Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule by 1997.
1985 - An earthquake registering 8.1 on the Richter Scale hit the Mexico City area. About 6,000 people were killed.
1986 - U.S. health officials announced that AZT, though an experimental drug, would be made available to AIDS patients.
1988 - Israel successfully launched the Horizon-I test satellite.
1990 - Iraq began confiscating foreign assets of countries that were imposing sanctions against the Iraqi government.
1992 - The U.N. Security Council recommended suspending Yugoslavia due to its role in the Bosnian civil war.
1994 - U.S. troops entered Haiti peacefully to enforce the return of exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
1995 - The Unabomber's manifesto was published by The Washington Post and the New York Times.
1995 - The U.S. Senate passed a welfare overhaul bill.
1995 - The commander of American forces in Japan and the U.S. ambassador apologized for the rape of a schoolgirl committed by three U.S. servicemen.
1996 - The government of Guatemala and leftist rebels signed a peace treaty to end their long war.
2002 - In Ivory Coast, around 750 rebel soldiers attempted to overthrow the government. U.S. troops landed on September 25th to help move foreigners, including Americans, to safer areas.
2003 - It was reported that AOL Time Warner was going to drop "AOL" from its name and be known as Time Warner Inc. The company had announced its merger and name change on January 10, 2000.

World News

Palestinians See U.N. Bid as Their Most Viable Option
RAMALLAH, West Bank —The official, Nabil Shaath, spoke to journalists before leaving for New York as part of the Palestinian delegation heading to the United Nations. He said that the appeal would change the ground rules of the conflict, and that although the Obama administration had vowed to veto the request and Israel had threatened punitive countermeasures, the Arab uprisings should make them reconsider.

European Commission head calls NATO bombing of Libyans a “moral duty”
For weeks the mainstream media has been calling the uprising in Libya a success, despite any support for their position. Despite this false narrative, which included the capture of Tripoli from loyalists long before any such thing could be claimed, NATO is saying that they must continue to destroy what’s left of the Libyan infrastructure through their over-the-top bombing campaign.

NATO And Libyan Rebels Lied About Death Toll Libya Counts More Martyrs Than Bodies
September 17, 2011 "NT Times" - -TRIPOLI, Libya — Where are all the dead? Officially, according to Libya’s new leaders, their martyrs in the struggle against the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi should number 30,000 to 50,000, not even counting their enemies who have fallen. Yet in the country’s morgues, the war dead registered from both sides in each area so far are mostly in the hundreds, not the thousands.

Egypt declares Camp David accords with Israel 'not a sacred thing'
Dramatically heightening tensions during an increasingly volatile time in Israel's relations with the Arab world, Essam Sharaf's suggestions that the 32-year treaty could be revised prompted disbelief in the Jewish state. "The Camp David agreement is not a sacred thing and is always open to discussion with what would benefit the region and the case of fair peace," Mr Sharaf told Turkish television.

Obama's Cold War? Raytheon Missiles On Russia's Border By 2018
The U.S. will set up it new Raytheon (RTN) SM-3 missile defense systems in Poland, roughly 50 miles from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad in seven years. A Russian spokesperson at the Foreign Ministry said his government was not pleased to hear about the U.S. military decision for a permanent base missile defense base so close to home.

NHS trust sends data CD to landfill
The personal information of 1.6 million people has been put at risk after a CD was sent to a landfill site by an NHS trust by mistake, a watchdog said. The Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust put the CD, which contained the name, address, date of birth, NHS number and GP of about 1.6 million people, in a filing cabinet during an office move.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Ron Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb 2011 Raises Over $1M
September 19, 2011 -As of Monday morning Ron Paul has raised $1,042,915.92 from 18,590 supporters.

Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. on Lockdown; Reasons Not Clear
TUCSON, Ariz. — Early on, it looked ominous when an Air Force base on the southern edge of Tucson was locked down Friday morning amid unconfirmed reports of gunfire. In the end, no shots were fired, and no weapons and gunman were found.

Bush’s Toronto Visit Canceled Amid Mass Public Pressure for Arrest
This weeks appearance by former U.S. president George W. Bush at an event hosted by a local evangelical Christian university has been canceled while the mainstream U.S. Media ignores the international embarrassment. The decision came Wednesday, the same day three former students launched a petition urging the university to cancel the speech.

Vigilance Required as More Nuke Material Goes "Missing"
Like missing nuclear material, roving explosives might serve as an excellent pretext for a false flag attack in the future and would serve to explain why the explosives and other material used in this attack were DHS, military, and US government owned and controlled. There would be a need to explain away the “conspiracies theories” that would dare suggest the government itself might stage a false flag attack for the purpose of mass manipulation.

VIDEO: Congress Wanting To End Local TV Stations, Creates National Control over Media
The mainstream media will not cover this, apparently certain members of congress were plotting to shut off local TV stations according to WJXT Jacksonville and a YouTube user named NABroadcasters.

Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders
Kindergarten and 1st grade students are now required by law to participate in monthly terrorism drills, including active shooter, bomb threat and evacuation drills.

Ron Paul wins California GOP straw poll
The Texas congressman drew large, boisterous crowds of supporters for several speaking appearances at the state party convention under way this weekend at the JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. He won roughly 45 percent of the 833 ballots cast.

VIDEO: Ron Paul Arrives at CA GOP Convention
The amount of Paul supporters at the CRP Convention in Los Angeles dwarf the presence of every other candidate. Maybe even combined.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Speech At LA Straw Poll
The Congressman received a raucous welcome from supporters who chanted “President Paul”.
More from the Congressman’s speech here.

Military Donations: A visual aid.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what does this picture say to you? Military Donation Receipts, Republican Candidates 2Q 2011: Ron Paul 71%.

VIDEO: 'Mass casualties’ reported after plane crashes at Nevada air show
Reno, Nevada (CNN) -- "Mass casualties" were reported at an air show after a plane slammed into the box seat area in front of a grandstand at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show in Reno on Friday, a spokesman for the show told CNN. At least two people died and 54 people were transported from the scene with injuries, according to officials.

VIDEO: New York Residents Protest US Support of Israel
130 Nations in favour of Palestinian UN Representation; Only One Nation to Veto, the United States of America! Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of New York on Thursday ahead of a scheduled UN vote on the recognition of a Palestinian statehood due next week, which the United States has signaled it will veto.

Lawsuit Aims to Punish Olympia Food Co-op for Boycott of Israeli goods
Olympia, WA. A lawsuit, filed Friday in Thurston County Superior Court, aims to punish the Olympia Food Co-op for enacting a boycott of Israeli Goods. Plaintiffs, including several candidates whose recent Co-op Board of Directors campaigns failed by large margins, threaten financial harm unless the local food cooperative rescinds its boycott.

FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’
The FBI is teaching its counterterrorism agents that “main stream” [sic] American Muslims are likely to be terrorist sympathizers; that the Prophet Mohammed was a “cult leader”; and that the Islamic practice of giving charity is no more than a “funding mechanism for combat.” At the Bureau’s training ground in Quantico, Virginia, agents are shown a chart contending that the more “devout” a Muslim, the more likely he is to be “violent.”

Rick Perry the Pornographer
Maybe it’s time for Ben Bernanke to actually be concerned about Rick Perry’s warnings that things are going to get ugly. Or, at least, perhaps the head of the Fed might want to ask for clarification; It turns out that those are just two of the titles that have been released by Movie Gallery, at one time the largest domestic distributor of pornography in the country. Oddly enough, it turns out that Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry has invested quite a pretty penny into the porn-pushers.

California campaign manager might have stolen millions
They are already saying it could be the largest campaign embezzlement scandal in the history of American politics. Kinde Durkee, a California account that worked on countless campaigns in the Golden State since the early 1990s, is being accused of stealing millions. Durkee also assisted with five campaigns for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is now worried that her $5.2 million in funds shes putting towards a reelection run are ruined.

9/11 hysteria: Innocent woman removed from plane, strip searched for looking Middle Eastern
(NaturalNews) What better way to commemorate the tragic events of September 11, than to target innocent air travelers with detention, interrogation, and even a strip search. That is exactly what happened to 35-year-old Shoshana Hebshi, a half-Arab, half-Jewish woman who was traveling home on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

Postal Service wants to end overnight delivery
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Postal Service, struggling to cut costs and conserve cash, said on Thursday it wants to end overnight delivery of letters and postcards and will study about 250 processing sites for possible closure.

FBI searches home of former aide to Wisconsin governor
MADISON, Wis (Reuters) - A former top aide to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said on Thursday she has nothing to hide from law enforcement officials, one day after an FBI raid on her home in the state capital. One neighbor, Dale Riechers, told reporters the Wednesday morning raid on the home of Cynthia A. Archer involved multiple law enforcement personnel wearing FBI jackets and that neighbors saw a "bank box" being removed from the house.

Teachers in Tacoma, Washington, defy no-strike order
SEATTLE (Reuters) - Striking teachers in Tacoma, Washington, returned to picket lines on Thursday in defiance of a back-to-work order, forcing school officials to cancel classes for 28,000 students for a third straight day.


VIDEO: Where is our money going? What is the U.S. Budget really all about?
Atlanta TV Station Breaks Big Story - National Disgrace

Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue
The president on Monday will announce a proposal that includes repeal of Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers, nearly $250 billion in reductions in Medicare spending, $330 billion in cuts in other mandatory benefit programs, and savings of $1 trillion from the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the officials said.

Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
As Washington looks to squeeze savings from once-sacrosanct entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, another big social welfare system is growing as rapidly, but with far less scrutiny: the health and pension benefits of military retirees. Citing the fiscal hazards and inequities of the system, the Defense Business Board proposal would allow soldiers with less than 20 years of service to leave with a small nest egg, provided they served a minimum length of time, three to five years. But it would prevent all retirees from receiving benefits until they were 60.

Undocumented workers got billions from IRS in tax credits, audit finds
People who are in the country illegally to work don't have to have a Social Security number. They can get what the IRS calls individual taxpayer identification numbers instead. And, according to the IRS' inspector general report, 72 percent of those using individual taxpayer identification numbers claimed the child tax credit of course.

Tensions Escalate As Riot Police Surround Occupy Wall Street Protestors Refusing To Disperse
Wall Street firms are the target of a nonviolent demonstration in which organizers say they want 20,000 people to participate with tents, kitchens and “peaceful barricades” in lower Manhattan. Dubbed “#OccupyWallStreet,” the goal of the protest is to get President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end “the influence money has over our representatives in Washington,” according to the website of Adbusters, a group promoting the demonstration. Organizers want participants to “occupy” the area for “a few months,” according to the website.

15 Mind-Blowing Charts About Wealth And Inequality In America
The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Cliché, sure, but it's also more true than at any time since the Gilded Age.

VIDEO: DeMint: Obama jobs plan ‘venture socialism’
DeMint said, I mean, he [Obama] basically has taken an approach where it’s the government that needs to stimulate jobs, and I know as an employer… you don’t hire someone because the payroll tax is a little lower or you get a $4,000 tax credit. the president says — everybody making over $200,000 got to pay more of their fair share. They already pay 50 percent of all federal taxes now and 40 percent of that income is small business.”

U.S. nets thousands in offshore tax dodge crackdown
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Major progress is being made in a crackdown on international tax evasion, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service said on Thursday. In a program that offers leniency in exchange for volunteering information about undisclosed offshore assets and income, the IRS said that as of this month it had collected $2.7 billion from thousands of U.S. taxpayers. Related article here.

TARP for Europe; more stimulus for U.S.: bankers
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Europe must take immediate and decisive action to safeguard its banking system, while the U.S. economy is at stall speed and needs a dose of fiscal stimulus, top bankers and investors said on Thursday. The troubles on both sides of the Atlantic have cast a pall over the prospects for global growth in recent weeks and have undermined confidence among investors, business and consumers.

Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each
The Washington Post might be a day late and $38 billion short, but it's being honest about Barack Obama's failed green jobs program. According to the Post, the "$38.6 billion loan guarantee program" has created just "3,545 new, permanent jobs" "after giving out almost half the allocated amount." For those not doing the math at home, that means more than $5 million per job.

Three years after Lehman Brothers, have we learned anything?
September 15 marks the three-year anniversary since Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in America, declared bankruptcy. And what have they been doing? Spending, spending, spending. If that continues, economists predict that the debt will only get bigger. “If we double the debt, how are we going to make the payments?" asked Denninger. Maybe banks should ask the Lehman Brothers to find out.

Housing Market

Week Ahead: Fed Expected to Launch New Program While Europe Debt Troubles Bubble
The Fed in the week ahead is widely expected to pull the trigger on a new easing program, as the European debt crisis continues to boil. The housing market will also be a focus when new and existing home sales data is released Tuesday and Wednesday.

Affordable 'tiny houses' offer innovative, compact living solutions for as little as $16,000
(NaturalNews) The old adage "less is more" just might have some profound truth in it after all, at least according to Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Since 1997, Shafer has comfortably lived in a tiny 89 square foot home made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials -- and his company offers this model and more than 20 other tiny home designs, plans, and self-build kits to customers, including a 65 square foot home that can be built for as little as $16,000.

Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to record 4.09 pct
Still, cheap mortgage rates haven't helped home sales. Sales of new homes are on pace for the worst year on records dating back a half-century. The pace of re-sales is shaping up to be the worst in 14 years. Many Americans are in no position to buy or refinance. High unemployment, scant wage gains and large debt loads have kept them away.

Energy & Environment

At least 50 dead as earthquake hits India, Nepal and Tibet
Hundreds of paramilitary soldiers and local police working through the night cleared away concrete slabs, bricks and mud to rescue scores of people trapped under the debris of houses that collapsed after a 6.9-magnitude quake struck the mountainous Himalayan region on Sunday night (local time).

YouTube: Japan’s Fukushima ‘worst in history’
Al Jazeera, September 18, 2011 - Experts say that the total amount of radiation leaked will exceed amounts released from Chernobyl, making Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster in history. The need to evacuate parts of the sprawling capital of 35 million may have once seemed an incredible prospect but some experts say the possibility can no longer be ignored.

Gore’s 24 Hour Climate Show Gets Negative Reviews From Fellow Global Warming Activists
Former Vice President Al Gore 24 hour climate “reality” show is surprisingly facing strongly negative reviews from Gore’s fellow global warming activists and environmental allies. In addition, two German scientists ridiculed Gore for his “apocalyptic” tone and his “promise of salvation.”

Alert: St. Louis Radioactive Rainfall Recorded At Levels 133 Times Greater Than Background Radiation (Video)
Intel Hub: The same citizen who recorded levels of radiation 178 times normal background levels in St. Louis Missouri has released a new radiation reading that once again shows high levels of radiation possibly coming from the meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. On September 14, 2011 levels of radiation from the rain where recorded at 1.33 mR/hr which is much higher than normal background radiation.

VIDEO: Massive New Radiation Releases Possible from Fukushima … Especially If Melted Core Materials Hit Water
Nuclear expert Paul Gunter says that we face a “China Syndrome”, where the fuel from the reactor cores at Fukushima have melted through the container vessels, into the ground, and are hitting groundwater and creating highly-radioactive steam.

Palisades Nuclear Plant In Michigan Shutdown After Another, Repeated Cooling System Failure
The Palisades Nuclear Plant in Covert Michigan has been shutdown after critical parts of the cooling system needed to cool the reactor failed for at least the third time within the last 2 years.

Texas rain: 'Like manna from heaven'
At about three-quarters of an inch, it's the most significant rain this part of Texas -- east of New Mexico and west of Oklahoma -- has seen in months.

25 Signs That A Horrific Global Water Crisis Is Coming
Rivers, lakes and major underground aquifers all over the globe are drying up, and many of the fresh water sources that we still have available are so incredibly polluted that we simply cannot use them anymore. Without fresh water, we simply cannot function.

Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China
What's on Xiamen, a Chinese news source, reports that countless millions of dead fish were found floating on a large portion of the Minjiang River stretching from Huangtian in Gutian County, to Shuikou, an area that represents the largest grass carp breeding region in China's Fujian Province. As many as nine million fish have reportedly died in Huangtian alone, thus far.

Government Races to Close Billions in Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees
The Obama administration is in a race against the clock to close by month’s end more than a dozen renewable-energy loan guarantees totaling $9 billion. Of that, just over $3 billion would come from the federal government’s coffers. It now has to do that amid an escalating political battle over a federally backed solar company spiraling into bankruptcy and facing an FBI probe.

Obama administration e-mails: Giving more taxpayer money to Solyndra was risky
A White House official fretted privately that the Obama administration could suffer serious political damage if it gave additional taxpayer support to the beleaguered solar-panel company Solyndra, according to newly released e-mails. The firm had burned through millions of dollars and in January still tottered near collapse.

GE inks health care, energy deals in Russia
NEW YORK—General Electric Co. said Friday it has secured two separate deals in Russia that could generate between $10 billion and $15 billion in sales. The agreements focus on the energy and health care industries. The energy deal allows GE to manufacture and sell natural gas turbines in the country. The health care deal clears GE to make and sell high-tech medical diagnostic equipment.

Analysis: BP oil spill report may prompt $30 billion pay-out
LONDON (Reuters) - Findings of the second major investigation by the government into the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, may press BP into putting over $30 billion on the table to quickly settle its outstanding legal headaches.

Fish to be rescued from Texas river amid drought
LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — Wildlife biologists on Friday will evacuate two species of minnows from the shrinking waters of a West Texas river in the first of what could be several rescue operations involving fish affected by the state's worst drought in decades.


Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses: Medically Unexplained Chronic Multisymptom Illnesses
VA presumes certain chronic, unexplained symptoms existing for 6 months or more are related to Gulf War service without regard to cause. These “presumptive” illnesses must have appeared during active duty in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations or by December 31, 2011, and be at least 10 percent disabling. VA is seeking to extend the date to December 31, 2018. These illnesses include: fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, respiratory disorders, and memory problems.

Study concludes Gulf War syndrome involves real brain damage
Now a long-term study at the University of Texas in Dallas has used a new technique to measure blood flow in the brains of sufferers and has detected "marked abnormalities" in brain function that can probably be attributed to low levels of exposure to sarin nerve gas. This abnormal blood flow has persisted or even worsened over the eleven years of the study. reports the Dallas Observer.

Kids Drinking Raw Milk Have 40% Less Asthma and Allergies: Study
Reuters, Fox and other media outlets reported September 13 about a large European raw milk study published at the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, online August 29, 2011, showing kids who drink raw milk are 41% less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies. The study included 8334 school-aged children, and 7606 of them provided serum samples to assess specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. Over 800 cow’s milk samples were collected at the participants’ homes.

Try natural delicious coconut products and recipes
(NaturalNews) Many people are wheat intolerant or simply prefer alternatives to wheat flour, such as rice flour or rye flour. Coconut flour provides an excellent alternative to wheat flour for baking and cooking. In addition, other products of the coconut such as oil and milk help to reduce weight, help with first-aid and are delicious in recipes.

Discover an obscure, inexpensive, easy to use tasty superfood - arugula
(NaturalNews) There is another cancer preventing cruciferous vegetable that few know about. It is perfect for salads or pesto. Uncooked, the nutrients and enzymes are preserved. It's a green called arugula. Arugula's health benefits exceed most other greens.

Ensure you are not deficient in this critical nutrient vitamin B12
(NaturalNews) One of the most critical but overlooked vitamins in the world is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body. It is crucial for processes such as DNA synthesis and energy production. B12 deficiencies are a hidden epidemic in our society. Boost your energy and mental clarity with high quality sources of Vitamin B12.

VIDEO: A Parent’s Horrid Nightmare: Coming Soon to YOUR State?
The state of California has just passed bill AB499, which will permit minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines like Gardasil without parental knowledge or parental consent. This means that if you live in California, school or medical personnel would be allowed to vaccinate your child against an STD without your ever knowing it.

Unvaccinated students in California being refused entry
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Some California schools are turning away middle and high school students who have not received a required whooping cough vaccine while others are defying a law passed last year after a historic spike in cases of the potentially fatal disease. The law approved last September initially required all students entering grades seven through 12 to get vaccinated by the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

Civil rights group adopts resolution opposing water fluoridation
(NaturalNews) The days of artificial water fluoridation truly are numbered, and this has been made even more evident by yet another prominent group that has come out in strong opposition to the heinous practice. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a truth about fluoride advocacy group, reports that the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the US, recently adopted a resolution decrying water fluoridation as a civil rights abuse.

Exposed: California officials manipulated safety data on methyl iodide, ignored scientist warnings against approving deadly strawberry chemical
(NaturalNews) Many of those plump, juicy strawberries found on produce section shelves are hiding a deadly little secret. In 2010, regulators in California, where over 90 percent of conventional strawberries are grown, quietly approved the use of toxic methyl iodide as a fruit pesticide after the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved it nationally.

Treat cancer - Recent research shows natural combinations boost IV vitamin C
(NaturalNews) The latest research on high dose, intravenous vitamin C continues to confirm its cytotoxic effects on many cancers in tissue culture models. Results have been so promising that oncologists are now researching the combination of vitamin C with standard chemo drugs.

Lemon grass eases muscle cramps
(NaturalNews) Since the beginning of medicine, people have looked for a way to ease the pain and discomfort of a variety of ailments. Over time, some herbs have been found to be highly effective as natural remedies, and lemon grass is one that is known to alleviate the pain felt as a result of muscle cramps.

Thermography is a safe alternative to Mammography
Thermography is a high technology tool that specifically measures inflammation in the body. This test is particularly good for assessing active areas of cancer cell formation. It is more effective and is significantly less invasive than mammography.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Earth Groans Or HAARP Warfare? - The Strange Sound Phenomenon
This strange sound phenomenon is being reported more and more frequently from diverse places on the globe, and sometimes just preceding earthquakes. And not just by a few individuals, but by stadiums of people and even whole cities. The day before the big Northeast quake in the US the weird sound was heard during a baseball game and caught on TV. (see below). It's also been reported in Russia, Canada, also preceding an earthquake, and other locations.

Huge Defunct Satellite Falling to Earth Faster Than Expected, NASA Says
NASA space junk experts have refined the forecast for the anticipated death plunge of a giant satellite, with the U.S. space agency now predicting the 6 1/2-ton climate probe will plummet to Earth around Sept. 23, a day earlier than previously reported. he debris is expected to fall over a swath of Earth about 500 miles (804 kilometers) long, NASA officials said.

Should Faking a Name on Facebook Be a Felony?
The little-known law at issue is called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It was enacted in 1986 to punish computer hacking. But Congress has broadened the law every few years, and today it extends far beyond hacking. The law now criminalizes computer use that "exceeds authorized access" to any computer. Today that violation is a misdemeanor, but the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to meet this morning to vote on making it a felony.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

USDA Proposes Animal ID Rule
On August 11, 2011, USDA proposed a new rule for mandatory identification and traceability for livestock. At a time when farmers and ranchers are facing significant economic problems, the last thing we need is additional burdensome federal rules hindering the economic viability of the small businesses of the nation.


10 Fantastic Cat Facts (slideshow)
Got a cat? While you probably know lots about your furry feline, we bet there are some fantastically fun facts you don’t know…

VIDEO: Self-training for Activists
The majority of people are moral cowards who tell themselves that “we have to just get through this and things will eventually get better,” or are contented by telling themselves that “we have to go along in order to get along”. Native peoples shared this philosophy at the beginning. The government went back on hundreds of established agreements with the Natives. What makes you think they haven’t already reigned on their promise to the Constitution?


Webcam 101 for Seniors
Warning: one line of Sr. humor here! "This may not be the first set of grandparents to go viral by accidentally recording a video of themselves, but it doesn't make this clip any less charming. Watch these two ham it up while they try to figure out how to take a photo with their new webcam.

Today In History - Friday - September 16, 2011 - POW MIA Day - WE WILL NOT FORGET!!!
1782 - The Great Seal of the United States was impressed on document to negotiate a prisoner of war agreement with the British. It was the first official use of the impression.
1893 - The "Cherokee Strip" in Oklahoma was swarmed by hundreds of thousands of settlers.
1908 - General Motors was founded by William Crapo "Billy" Durant. The company was formed by merging the Buick and Olds car companies.
1940 - U.S. President Roosevelt signed into law the Selective Training and Service Act, which set up the first peacetime military draft in U.S. history.
1940 - Samuel T. Rayburn of Texas was elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. He served for 17 years.
1972 - "The Bob Newhart Show" premiered on CBS-TV.
1974 - U.S. President Ford announced a conditional amnesty program for draft-evaders and deserters during the Vietnam War.
1976 - The Episcopal Church formally approved women to be ordained as priests and bishops.
1982 - In west Beirut, the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children began in refugee camps of the Lebanese Christian militiamen.
1985 - The Communist Party in China announced changes in leadership that were designed to bring younger officials into power.
1990 - An eight-minute videotape of an address by U.S. President George H.W. Bush was shown on Iraqi television. The message warned that action of Saddam Hussein could plunge them into a war "against the world."
1991 - A federal judge in Washington dismissed the Iran-Contra charges against Oliver North.
1994 - Exxon Corporation was ordered by federal jury to pay $5 billion in punitive damages to the people harmed by the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.
1994 - Two astronauts from the space shuttle Discovery went on the first untethered spacewalk in 10 years.
1998 - Universal paid $9 million for the rights to the Dr. Seuss classics "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "Oh, the Places You'll Go."
1999 - In Volgodnosk, Russia, a bomb in an apartment killed at least 17 people. Chechen militants seeking independence from Russia were suspected as the planners.

World News

VIDEO: Cameron and Sarkozy Travel to Libya to Meet al-Qaeda
British PM David Cameron and French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Tripoli, Libya, on Thursday and have pledged to provide military, political and economic support to al-Qaeda. The New York Times, however, does not mention the fact al-Qaeda is part of Libya’s new leadership.

Soros: Embrace Mass Centralization Of Power In Europe Or Face Another Great Depression
Steve Watson | Elite old guard accelerate bold push for radical

As Iraq pullback nears, US still at war in south
COS GARRY OWEN, Iraq (AP) -- Soldiers at this base sleep with their shoes on so they don't cut their feet running under rocket fire. Elsewhere in Iraq the tanks are being packed up, but here they still serve in the hunt for insurgents. And when U.S. troops hand out soccer balls to village children, Apache helicopters circle above....

UK, French leaders take the stage in Libya
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy offered broad support for Libya's new rulers Thursday, promising to unfreeze billions in assets and give help in finding Moammar Gadhafi, even as revolutionary forces attempted their first significant assault on the ousted leader's hometown....

Palestinians to seek full UN membership Sept. 23
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- The Palestinians will ask the Security Council next week to accept them as a full member of the United Nations, the Palestinian foreign minister said Thursday, a move that would defy Washington's threat to veto the statehood bid....

Farage: Greece Under Full Globalist Dictatorship
In typical firebrand fashion, European MEP Nigel Farage unleashed a barrage of home truths during a speech in the European Parliament today, including the assertion that Greece is now under full control of a joint European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund dictatorship.

UK tightens rules on arresting foreigners
LONDON (AP) -- Britain has amended a law Thursday to make it tougher for ordinary citizens or activist groups to get arrest warrants against suspected war criminals or torturers - a move that angered some human rights lawyers and activists....

3-Year-Olds Branded “Racist,” “Homophobic” Put In Government Database
Over 30,000 British schoolchildren, some as young as three, have had their names registered on a government database and branded “racist” or “homophobic” for using playground insults, infractions that could impact their future careers. The shocking figures were disclosed...

British Footballer Under Investigation for 9/11 Comments
The Liverpool Football Club says it will investigate Nathan Eccleston for comments the athlete made about the September 11 attacks. Eccleston is a striker for the Liverpool team.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

National POW/MIA Recognition Day, September 16, 2011
We will never give up the search for those who are held as prisoners of war or have gone missing under our country's flag. We honor their sacrifice, and we must care for their families and pursue the fullest possible accounting for all missing members of our Armed Forces. On September 16, 2011, the stark black and white banner symbolizing America's Missing in Action and Prisoners of War will be flown over the White House, the United States Capitol, the Departments of State, Defense, and Veterans Affairs, the Selective Service System Headquarters, the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, United States post offices, national cemeteries, and other locations across our country. We raise this flag as a solemn reminder of our obligation to always remember the sacrifices made to defend our Nation.

The Ron Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb Starts @ Midnight Tonight
The Constitution Day 'Money Bomb' Starts September 17th. Lets give them a 'Money Bomb' they'll never forget!

CA Straw Poll: September 17 ~ Vote For Your Freedom
Can we pass this along and share for people who can get down there...(coming from a Californian) we GOTTA get past the liberal Californians that inhabit the southern part of our state!!! Ron Paul 2012!

NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums
The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.
Under the new "enhanced" pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from the ankles to the knees as well as the waist up. Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up while looking for booze, weapons or other banned items.

VIDEO: Rick Perry Says He Opposes Globalist Super Highway
Kurt Nimmo - During a call-in radio show in Des Moines, Iowa, declared GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry told a whopper. He said the idea of a NAFTA Super Highway (or Trans-Texas Highway) does not appeal to him.

Pictured: The Amish men going to jail for not displaying orange safety triangles in their buggies
All but one has already been released. Randy Haley, the Graves County jailer, told ABC News that 'They were very nice. They did anything we asked them to do, we had no problems.' The men, who belong to an ultra-conservative sect in western Kentucky, had objected to displaying the triangular stickers because they are bright orange and 'violate' their modesty code.

SHOCK CLAIM: White House pressured AF gen to change testimony to Congress
The Pentagon has worried for months that a project backed by a prominent Democratic donor might interfere with military GPS. Now Congress wants to know if the White House pressured a general to change his testimony.

VIDEO: World Premiere of SPOiLER - How a Third Political Party Could Win
James Jaeger and Matrixx Productions latest film, SPOiLER, is a feature-length documentary that explores how a third political party could win the presidential election of 2012 or 2016 with four key issues.

Donald Trump takes Gold for APMEX New York City Office
For the first time in the history of The Trump Organization, Donald J. Trump will be accepting Gold Bullion as a security deposit. APMEX, one of the largest U.S. precious metals dealers, will give Mr. Trump Gold Bullion today as a deposit on a 10 year commercial lease for the entire 50th floor at 40 Wall Street, also known as the Trump Building.

Gutierrez: ‘I Want to Thank’ Obama for Bypassing Congress to Cancel Deportation of Illegals
CNS News | Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) thanked President Obama for circumventing the Legislative branch when it comes to immigration law. itle 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code makes it a federal crime to be in the United States illegally. Nevertheless, the Obama administration...

Law Would Encourage Americans To Report On Each Other
Paul Joseph Watson - ‘See Something, Say Something’ Act protects snitches from prosecution. A new piece of legislation being backed by the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) would encourage Americans to frivolously snitch on each other by providing legal protection for people who report “suspicious behavior” to the authorities.

ACLU report: 9/11 casualties include death of First Amendment in 33 US states
(NaturalNews) As devastating as they were, human casualties were not the only tragic loss that took place on September 11, 2001. A compilation of incident reports put together by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) highlights the corresponding death...

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to drop out
Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should consider calling on Rick Perry to drop out of the campaign because in the last debate, he falsely claimed...

VIDEO: Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul’s 9/11 Theories: “What He Said Is Completely Uncontroversial” – During the most recent Republican presidential debate on Monday, September 12th, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas drew boos and jeers from the crowd and his fellow debaters for his views on the roots of 9/11 attacks. Dr. Paul criticized U.S. foreign policy...

Ky. Ex-Marine honored for saving 36 in Afghanistan
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Dakota Meyer was ambling through the cafeteria of his Kentucky high school in 2006 when he came upon a recruiter for the Marines. Curious, the beefy senior struck up a conversation, but told the military man he was hoping to play college football after graduation. "Yeah that's what I would do, because there's no way you could be a Marine," the recruiter told him....

Pat Robertson says Alzheimer's makes divorce OK
Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson told his "700 Club" viewers that divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer's is justifiable because the disease is "a kind of death."...

Anthony must pay almost $100K for investigation
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Casey Anthony must pay almost $100,000 in law enforcement costs for investigating the death of her 2-year-old daughter, a Florida judge ruled Thursday....

Amish investor charged with defrauding his community of millions of dollars
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Members of the Amish community traditionally have settled their scores independent of secular society, but the federal legal system will decide the fate of Monroe Beachy, 77, of Sugarcreek, Holmes County.


World's central banks flood market with dollars
The European Central Bank said it will coordinate with the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank to offer three-month dollar loans to banks through the end of this year. There was no separate statement from the Fed.

Peter Schiff testifies before Congressional Jobs Committee
September 13, 2011 - One of the Austrian economists that predicted the collapse almost a full decade before it happened testified before the Congressional Jobs Committee. Peter Schiff is the CEO of Euro-Pacific Capital, and an author of several books on this very topic. Part 2 video here.

Liberals would raise Social Security tax for rich
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nervous that Social Security seems under siege from all sides, congressional liberals on Wednesday proposed raising the payroll tax that funds the program, but only for people earning more than $250,000 a year....

Dumpster Diving?
Have you ever thought about getting your food out of a trash can? Don’t laugh. Dumpster diving has become a hot new trend in America. In fact, dumpster divers even have a trendy new name. They call themselves “freegans”, and as the economy crumbles their numbers are multiplying.

Applications for unemployment benefits continued to rise in the past week, while inflation pushed higher and a key manufacturing index weakened.

Consumers paid more for range of items in August
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Consumers paid more for a range of goods and services last month, pushing up inflation and squeezing Americans' purchasing power.

A Declassified Jon Huntsman On China’s Terror Of A Gold-Pegged Dollar
9/14/2011 - While last night's quid-pro-quo from Chinese officials will likely be remembered as the start of escalating trade wars, Wikileaks has uncovered a declassified cable from John Huntsman...

Arizona Hospitals Propose A Bed Tax
PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona hospitals are renewing a proposal for a new per-patient tax to be imposed on hospitals to help restore Medicaid coverage being reduced due to budget cuts.

Housing Market

JPMorgan Unit Must Buy Back $558 Million in Loans, Suit Says
JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s EMC Mortgage unit was sued by Wells Fargo & Co., the trustee for a mortgage portfolio, for refusing to buy back more than $558 million in defective home loans.

Mortgage default warnings surged in August
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Banks have stepped up their actions against homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, setting the stage for a fresh wave of foreclosures. The number of U.S. homes that received an initial default notice...

Energy & Environment

Government Nuisance Abatement Teams forcing residents to destroy their homes and vacate land
(NaturalNews) Government officials in California are hard at work getting rid of all the "lone rangers" living in Los Angeles County's Antelope Valley. According to a recent report by, "armed county inspection squads" are regularly raiding...

'Wi-fi refugees' shelter in West Virginia mountains
Dozens of Americans who claim to have been made ill by wi-fi and mobile phones have flocked to the town of Green Bank, West Virginia.

Surprise summer snow in Colorado
ASPEN — A slow-moving storm is expected to bring the mountains surrounding Aspen an early taste of snow on Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service. Chill map here.

Ultimate impact of damage to Japan nuclear reactors still unknown
The Washington Post - The detection of the highly radioactive elements cesium-137 and iodine-131 outside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant heralds the beginning of an ecological and human tragedy. The open question is whether it will be limited, serious or catastrophic.

SOLYNDRA among 5 stimulus firms to go under
Solyndra, the solar panel company whose highly publicized failure and consequent investigation by federal authorities has flashed across headlines recently, isn't the only business to go belly up after benefiting from a piece of the $800 billion economic stimulus package passed in 2009.


Penn bioethicist challenges Bachmann on Gardasil remark
Presidential aspirant Michele Bachmann has a history of being gaffe-prone, but her latest remarks so angered University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan that on Thursday he challenged her to put up or pipe down.

SANE Vax to FDA: Recombinant HPV DNA found in multiple samples of Gardasil
At the request of medical consumers concerned about HPV vaccine safety and efficacy, SANE Vax Inc. has retained a private laboratory to test a number of samples of HPV 4 Gardasil™ (Merck) for possible contamination by human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in the vaccine lots distributed to physicians.

FDA Launches New Outbreak Response Team
he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has assembled a new network of epidemiologists and other public health experts in hopes of responding more quickly and effectively to outbreaks of foodborne illness.Dubbed the Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation (CORE) Network, the...

Obesity: What do everyday chemicals have to do with it?
As scientists search for answers, they’re finding disturbing links between obesity and certain chemical exposures. Researcher Bruce Blumberg has coined a new term for chemicals that can disrupt normal metabolism and contribute to obesity: “obesogens.”

Adult Supervision for Fries
YATTSVILLE, Md. (AP) -- Michelle Obama said Thursday that a pledge by the Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants and their sister chains to serve healthier meals is a "breakthrough moment" for the industry.

Processed foods linked to increase in obesity and cancer
When processed food comes to mind, many people think they are safe because of the fact that they do not consume takeouts or eat at restaurants. The truth is that any food or food product found on grocery store shelves in bags or boxes is...

Generalizations in red meat studies have led to potentially unhealthy advice (Opinion)
A number of recent studies about red meat consumption have led to widely publicized advice that eating red meat is unhealthy. However, such studies have often made flawed generalizations. As a result, many people have likely been mislead...

New research: Electropollution can cause diabetes (type-3)
(NaturalNews) Most people are familiar with type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes, but did you know researchers have discovered a third type of diabetes? Type-3 diabetes, as they are calling it, affects people who are extra sensitive to electrical devices that emit "dirty" electricity.

Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood
(NaturalNews) In seeking answers to why adolescent girls are suffering devastating health damage after being injected with HPV vaccines, SANE Vax, Inc decided to have vials of Gardasil tested in a laboratory. There, they found over a dozen Gardasil vaccine vials to be contaminated...

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines
(NaturalNews) One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry -- a Merck scientist -- made a recording where he openly admits that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses.

Medical societies maintain secret financial ties to drug companies
(Natural News) There are many interlocking financial conflicts of interest between Big Pharma and medical institutions. Many members of major medical groups, universities, and medical journals also have financial ties with pharmaceutical companies.

'Shy' children at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorder
Children who are merely shy or sad are at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorders and given powerful drugs, experts warn.

Push underway to cut drugs for dementia patients
Day after day, Hazel Eng sat on her couch, a blank stare on her face. The powerful antipsychotics she was taking often cloaked her in sedation. And when they didn't, the 89-year-old lashed out at her nursing home's aides with such anger and frequency her daughter wondered if her mother would be better off dead....

Online database lets you research the side effects of common psychiatric drugs
(NaturalNews) If you have ever seen a commercial for a pharma drug, you are probably familiar with the long list of dangerous side effects that are rattled off in the last five seconds of the advertisement, just after viewers are told how Drug...

Discover the astounding healing properties of clove oil
(NaturalNews) You may be familiar with clove oil used by the dentist. Some of us have used clove oil to self medicate a toothache. Clove oil is an externally applied local antiseptic that numbs on contact. But very few are familiar with a variety of other...

Acupuncture and pain relief - Discover how it really works
Let's be real here: Attending frequently with chronic low back pain can be distressing for both patient and doctor. Because conventional treatment options tend to be ineffective and limited, many sufferers now seek help from licensed acupuncturists...

Jedi Mind Tricks for Depression
(NaturalNews) The Jedi are big believers in alternative cures for what darkens the mind, for the mind is your most effective weapon to combat evil in the world and create peace. When darker forces invade your consciousness, it is imperative that you learn...

Science & Technology

Vaccine Information Website Hacked in Attempt to Remove Data
Several days ago, we announced that we would be taking part in the Vaccine awareness initiative started by the Natural Society. Yesterday, some of our readers reported that they were getting a virus alert when signing into our website. Our tech team researched the issue and concluded...

Uh-oh: Scientists say film 'Contagion' is for real
ATLANTA (AP) -- Yes, it could happen. But it's a stretch....

VIDEO: Southland Residents Report Seeing Strange Lights In The Night Sky
LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Residents in and around the Southland and southwest US Wednesday reported seeing a series of strange lights up in the sky. Viewers described shooting lights, with many colors, including many reports saying the object or objects “had a tail.”

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Nick's Organic Farm has issued a press release
September 9, 2011 - State Board of Education Says Appeals about Move on Brickyard Site Can Go Forward. Nick's Organic Farm is a heritage farm, one of the few organic farms in our county and the only one to produce genuine organic seed. Earlier this year, the Montgomery County School Board, which owns the land, gave Nick three weeks notice that they intended to cancel his lease, and give the lease to the county government in order to build... soccer fields. The deal was made with no public or community input.

Seeds hold the key to a GMO-free food future
Want to get GMOs out of our food? Start with the seed. It sounds simple, but non-GM seed breeders and farmers face many challenges in their efforts to provide organic food.

Today In History - Thursday - September 15, 2011
1775 - An early and unofficial American flag was raised by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Mott after the seizing of Fort Johnson from the British. The flag was dark blue with the white word "Liberty" spelled on it.
1776 - British forces occupied New York City during the American Revolution.
1789 - The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs was renamed the Department of State.
1821 - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador proclaimed independence.
1853 - Reverend Antoinette Brown Blackwell was ordained becoming first female minister in the United States.
1858 - The first mail service begins to the Pacific Coast of the U.S. under government contract. Coaches from the Butterfield Overland Mail Company took 12 days to make the journey between Tipton, MO and San Francisco, CA.
1883 - The University of Texas at Austin opened.
1916 - During the Battle of the Somme, in France, tanks were first used in warfare when the British rolled them onto the battlefields.
1917 - Alexander Kerensky proclaimed Russia to be a republic.
1923 - Oklahoma was placed under martial law by Gov. John Calloway Walton due to terrorist activity by the Ku Klux Klan. After this declaration national newspapers began to expose the Klan and its criminal activities.
1928 - Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin in the mold Penicillium notatum.
1935 - The Nuremberg Laws were enacted by Nazi Germany. The act stripped all German Jews of their civil rights and the swastika was made the official symbol of Nazi Germany.
1940 - The German Luftwaffe suffered the loss of 185 planes in the Battle of Britain. The change in tide forced Hitler to abandon his plans for invading Britain.
1949 - "The Lone Ranger" premiered on ABC. Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels was Tonto.
1950 - U.N. forces landed at Inchon, Korea in an attempt to relieve South Korean forces and recapture Seoul.
1959 - Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in the U.S. to begin a 13-day visit.
1961 - The U.S. resumed underground testing of nuclear weapons.
1972 - The Watergate indictments began against seven perpetrators.
1982 - The first issue of "USA Today" was published.
1982 - Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, Iran's former foreign minister, was executed. He had been convicted of plotting against the government.
1983 - The U.S. Senate joined the U.S. House of Representatives in their condemning of the Soviet Union for shooting down a Korean jet with 269 people onboard.
1990 - France announced that it would send an additional 4,000 soldiers to the Persian Gulf. They also expelled Iraqi military attaches in Paris.
1993 - The FBI announced a new national campaign concerning the crime of carjacking.
1994 - U.S. President Clinton told Haiti's military leaders "Your time is up. Leave now or we will force you from power."
1998 - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the Iranian military to be on full alert and massed troops on its border with Afghanistan.
1998 - It was announced that 5.9 million people read The Starr Report on the Internet. 606,000 people read the White House defense of U.S. President Clinton.
1999 - The United Nations approved the deployment of a multinational peacekeeping force in East Timor.

World News

US ambassador: Haqqani group behind Kabul attack
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan on Wednesday blamed the Pakistani-based Haqqani network for the coordinated attack against the American Embassy and NATO headquarters in the heart of Kabul...

Iran judiciary: bail for 2 Americans under study
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- A bail offer for two Americans convicted of spying is still under review, Iran's powerful judiciary said Wednesday in a potentially embarrassing rejection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's prediction that their release could be in a matter of days...

Explaining Afghanistan: US Marines find it hard
PATROL BASE FULOD, Afghanistan (AP) -- "Baby, I walked on a path today. Everything was clear. Nothing happened."...

UN to allow Gaddafi associates to attend conference
The U.N. has quietly released the list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that will be allowed to attend its “anti-racism” conference on September 22, 2011 in New York.

Al-Qaeda gaining strength in Africa
Al-Qaeda’s core leadership in Pakistan may be losing strength, but the terrorist network’s affiliates in northern and central Africa are hardly weakening. In fact, U.S. officials say, the groups are increasingly collaborating with each other.

Fatigue may have caused fatal crash of UN chief
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Fifty years after the plane carrying U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold crashed in the African bush during a peace mission to Congo, killing all aboard, the accident remains one of the Cold War's greatest unsolved mysteries...

Paris appeals court acquits ex-PM in slander case
PARIS (AP) -- Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin was acquitted by an appeals court on Wednesday of charges he took part in a murky smear campaign against his archrival, President Nicolas Sarkozy...

China dissident writer free after 5 years in jail
BEIJING (AP) -- A Chinese dissident writer who spent five years in jail said Wednesday he was wrongly imprisoned and subjected to ill-treatment "beyond people's imagination."...

Eurozone crisis could rip EU apart: officials
AFP - The eurozone crisis could wreck the European Union, top EU officials warned on Wednesday as the leaders of Germany and France held talks with Greece to avoid a default and widespread chaos.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Freedom Watch Video: "Ron Paul Has The Deepest Support I've Seen In Decades!"
Great insight to Ron Paul's deeply rooted support offered by Republican strategist Jack Burkman on Freedom Watch.

Michigan to Track Kids' BMI
LANSING, Mich. (WLS) - In an attempt to combat Michigan's childhood obesity epidemic, Gov. Rick Snyder announced Wednesday that the state would begin tracking kids' body mass index through the Michigan Care Improvement Registry. Although the policy would be one of the most extensive government anti-childhood obesity efforts, pediatricians were divided over whether it would have the desired impact.

The Bomb Plant
Thanks to funding from the Colombe Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America and an anonymous donor, National Security News Service reporters spent the last two years investigating the most secretive institution in the federal government: the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and its radioactive weapons facility – the Savannah River Site (SRS).

VA Tortures Homeless Veterans
A homeless Female Veteran has been denied shelter at the Los Angeles VA because she essentially did not answer the “right” questions. As a result, she was ordered off the VA premises (Veterans property) and forced to live on the public sidewalk outside the VA. Related article here.

9/11 Memorial in NJ Inscribed with Names of Politicians, Not Victims
A piece of inscribed granite that was part of a 9/11 memorial in front of a New Jersey municipal building was removed Wednesday, just days after its dedication, because it contained the names of politicians, not victims.

Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror
by Ron Paul - from Ron Paul’s congressional website Ten years ago shocking and horrific acts of terrorism were carried out on US soil, taking over 3,000 innocent American lives. Without a doubt, this action demanded retaliation and retribution.

Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports
A recent article published by the BBC entitled “New Emotion Detector Can See When We’re Lying,” introduces a new concept to the prison camp known as Western airports -- the addition of “emotion detectors.” The “new” technology is essentially a system of video cameras connected to “a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor and a suite of algorithms.”

Feds raid home of CBS correspondent
ALAMEDA (CBS 5) – Some new parents got an unexpected scare Wednesday morning when they awoke to a team of armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents attempting to raid their home.

VIDEO: Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives
As the 2012 presidential campaign heats up, President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site,, to challenge negative statements about the president made by Republican presidential candidates and conservatives. Watch the Attack watch commercial.

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign just sent out this creepy email, with the subject line "Sometime soon, can we meet for dinner," asking supporters to donate to his campaign for a chance to have dinner with Obama.

Field Poll: Californians sour on Obama
Even in heavily Democratic California, President Barack Obama's job approval rating has plummeted among voters, largely on his handling of the economy, according to a new Field Poll.

Woman has to pay $1k for forced cavity search
A woman in the state of New Mexico is asking cops to cover her medical bill after she was ordered by the Metro Narcotics Agency of Las Cruces, NM to undergo a costly cavity search — at her own expense.


Obama Declares 'National Emergency' for Action on Jobs Plan
President Barack Obama opened the sixth day of his jobs push Wednesday with a campaign-style rally at North Carolina State University, saying the country is in the midst of a “national emergency” that requires Congress to act swiftly on his $447 billion plan.

VIDEO: Obama: 'If You Love Me, You Gotta Help Me Pass this Bill!'
President Obama, speaking today in North Carolina, said that "if you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill!" Obama also suggested in today's remarks that bridges will fall if his jobs bill isn't passed...

President Obama's Tax On Soup Kitchens
Yesterday, it was announced that an astounding 1 in 6 Americans are living in poverty. President Obama's response? To demand a tax on donations to soup kitchens and other charities that help people desperately in need. The President's proposal will impact approximately 40% of all the tax deductible contributions...

Comprehensive List of All 14 Tax Hikes in Obama's "Stimulus 2.0" Plan
President Obama has asked Congress to pass his “American Jobs Act,” a bill which is a series of permanent tax increases funding temporary tax relief and new spending programs. The overall act is a net tax increase (score pending). All tax hikes are scheduled to take effect in 2013. Below is a comprehensive list of the 14 tax hikes in the bill...

Housing Market

Bank Of America Foreclosures Surged 200% In August
Bank of America is ramping up its foreclosure processing, sending out far more notices of default to borrowers in August than in previous months, well over 200 percent more month-to-month.

Energy & Environment

GE Dumps Offshore Wind-Power Plans AFTER Collecting $125 Million In Stimulus From Taxpayers For Wind Projects
GE was awarded 44 contracts totaling over $46,000,000 and 44 grants totaling more than$79,000,000 from the Obama-Pelosi $757 billion dollar stimulus package. Millions of dollars in stimulus funds were used by GE in green energy projects.

40 Years Ago : Top Stanford Scientist Warned The Oceans Would Be Dead By 1979
The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982)

US gov't prepares to release BP oil spill report
A key federal report into what caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history was being readied for release as early as Wednesday amid revelations that BP made critical mistakes on the well and failed to tell its partners and the U.S. government when it realized it....


Foods most protective against colon cancer
It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed each year in the U.S. alone, and colon and rectal cancers are the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths. The American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that forty-five percent of these new cases could be prevented by following a few simple lifestyle habits...

Milk Destroys Antioxidant Benefits in Blueberries
(NaturalNews) Not much is better than a bowl of fresh blueberries. Bursting with flavor and sweetness, low in calories, and packed with nutrients and antioxidants, these tiny fruits are anti-aging superstars. There is however one word of caution. Blueberries lose their power when eaten with milk.

Listeria Concern Prompts Avocado Recall
An Ontario, CA company is recalling 1,423 cases of frozen avocado pulp and 1,820 cases of avocado halves distributed since June because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Bill Would Broaden USDA Definition of 'Adulterated'
The 67-page bill, introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate with no cosponsors, widens the definition of 'adulterated' meat, poultry, and egg products and adds criminal penalties for food manufacturers that knowingly introduce contaminated food into commerce.

Exclusive: NaturalNews obtains documents proving FDA abducted an American citizen in illegal war against herbal cancer cures
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration masterminded an illegal international abduction of an American citizen as part of its illegal war against natural cancer treatment products, NaturalNews can now reveal.

The FDA’s Plan to Cripple the Health Food Industry: Their New War Has Begun
According to a July 7, 2011 report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pathway to Global Product Safety and Quality, government spending on healthcare has been on the rise since at least 1990 in the world’s leading economies. U.S. Medicare spending is projected to reach ...

Million Hearts Initiative to Bring Half US Adults into Medical System
The Initiative will not improve cardiovascular health. But that's just fine. It assures that people will be stuck on the medical system treadmill for the rest of their foreshortened lives.

Unusual coalition boosts health overhaul
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Betting that President Barack Obama's health care overhaul withstands lawsuits and a Republican repeal drive, an unusual alliance of industry, health care and consumer groups is laying the groundwork to sign up uninsured Americans....

FDA “Negotiating” to Get More Money from Big Pharma—Again!
Increasingly Pharma is funding the FDA. No wonder the agency seems to dance to their tune.

Readers’ Corner: Can Physicians Write Prescriptions for Drugs that the FDA Has Not Approved?
A reader asks us to clarify.

Naming Names: Lawmakers Tighten the Screws on Pharmaceutical Marketing
It’s not as if the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t had time to prepare and respond. In 2009-2010, Congress passed a law requiring companies to disclose the amounts of money they pay physicians to promote their products (typically as conference speakers) – as well as the names and addresses of the physicians.

The Cancer-Fighting Spice So Potent - It Even Beat Brain Tumors in Mice...
Dr. Mercola - Curcumin – a derivative of turmeric, and the pigment that gives the curry spice turmeric its yellow-orange color -- is a natural compound that has been extensively researched, and has been found to have numerous health applications. As a result, turmeric is becoming increasingly popular as a supplement.

Why Selling Natural Products is Such a Dangerous Business
The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) gives authority to the FDA to regulate interstate commerce of supplements, drugs, and devices. According to the FD&C, by definition, only drugs can claim to cure, prevent, mitigate, or treat a disease...

Every other American obese by 2030?
(NaturalNews) According to the world's leading medical journal, Great Britain's Lancet, by the year 2030, half of all Americans will be obese." The Lancet suggests that the United States Government should somehow begin a top down approach to regulating and taxing unhealthy foods in...

Science & Technology

Ontario School replaces Wi-Fi with Wired Internet
Another school has decided not to play Russian roulette with the health of students and staff. Pretty River Academy, a private school in Collingwood, Ontario, with 150 students attending kindergarten to Grade 12 replaced...

Google to offer location opt-out to Wi-Fi owners
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google Inc. is going to let people with home wireless networks decide whether they want to be lumped into a system that helps pinpoint the locations of people on cell phones...

APNewsBreak: NASA unveils giant new rocket design
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The design for NASA's newest behemoth of a rocket harkens back to the giant workhorse liquid rockets that propelled men to the moon. But this time the destinations will be much farther and the rocket even more powerful....

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Veterans Greenhouse and Gardens Program
Beyond wheelchairs, waiting rooms and wards is a healing center not afraid of a little dirt, especially if it helps heal the wounds of combat Veterans.

Storms wiped out crops at many farms
The onslaught of tropical storms Irene and Lee drenched the region, leaving local farmers to watch helplessly as soon-to-harvest crops were lost. Even days after the storms, crops floated away. Farmers worked to recover but were left to wonder about long-term side effects...

After Scorching Summer, Consumers May Get Burned
The government on Monday sharply reduced its estimate of this year’s corn harvest because of hot, dry conditions in July and August. That will prop up already high prices for the grain that is the main source of feed for cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys.

Today In History - Wednesday - September 14, 2011
1807 - Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was acquitted of a misdemeanor charge. Two weeks earlier Burr had been found innocent of treason.
1812 - Moscow was set on fire by Russians after Napoleon Bonaparte's troops invaded.
1814 - Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner," a poem originally known as "Defense of Fort McHenry," after witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, MD, during the War of 1812. The song became the official U.S. national anthem on March 3, 1931.
1901 - U.S. President William McKinley died of gunshot wounds inflicted by an assassin. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt, at age 42, succeeded him.
1938 - The VS-300 made its first flight. The craft was based on the helicopter technology patented by Igor Sikorsky.
1940 - The Selective Service Act was passed by the U.S. Congress providing the first peacetime draft in the United States.
1948 - In New York, a groundbreaking ceremony took place at the site of the United Nations' world headquarters.
1959 - Luna II, a Soviet space probe, became the first man-made object on the moon when it crashed on the surface.
1963 - Mary Ann Fischer gave birth to America's first surviving quintuplets.
1982 - Princess Grace of Monaco died at the age of 52 because of injuries she suffered the day before in a car crash. She was formerly actress Grace Kelly.
1982 - Bashir Gemayel, Lebanon's president-elect, was killed by a bomb at his party's headquarters in east Beirut.
1983 - The U.S. House of Representatives voted 416-0 in a resolution condemning the Soviet Union for the shooting down of a Korean jet on September 1.
1994 - It was announced that the season was over for the National Baseball League on the 34th day of the players strike.
1998 - Israel announced that they had successfully tested its Arrow-2 missile defense system. The system successfully destroyed a simulated target.
1999 - Disney World closed down for the first time in its 28-year history. The closure was due to Hurricane Floyd heading for Florida.
1999 - It was announced that "US" magazine would change from monthly to weekly and change its name to "US Weekly."
2001 - The FBI released the names of the 19 suspected hijackers that had taken part in the September 11 terror attacks on the U.S.
2009 - Greyhound UK began operations as an hourly service between London and Portsmouth or Southampton.

World News

Greek PM to hold crisis talks with Merkel, Sarkozy
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- The leaders of Greece, France and Germany will seek ways to contain the spiraling debt crisis and prevent it from further roiling global financial markets in a teleconference on Wednesday evening....

NATO airstrikes pound pro-Gadhafi targets
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- NATO says its warplanes have pounded targets in a number of key strongholds of support for fugitive dictator Moammar Gadhafi....

U.S. businesses gets active to support post-Gadaffi Libya
The United State business world is gearing up for an active participation in the post-Gaddafi Libya according to a statement from the Department of State on Monday. According to business pundits and energy experts there are major infrastructural and security considerations that need attention before Libyan oil production exports reaches the maximum levels.

Taliban attack US Embassy, other Kabul buildings
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Taliban insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and assault rifles at the U.S. Embassy, NATO headquarters and other buildings in the heart of the capital Tuesday while suicide bombers struck... Live updates here.

Lawyer: Iran sets bail for 2 jailed Americans
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- An Iranian court Tuesday set bail of $500,000 each for two American men arrested more than two years ago and convicted on spy-related charges, clearing the way for their release a year after a similar bail-for-freedom arrangement for the third member of the group, their defense attorney said....

Algeria ends state monopoly of broadcast media
ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) -- Algeria has passed sweeping media reforms, ending a state monopoly on the broadcast sector and the imprisonment of journalists for libel...

Abuse victims seek int'l court case against pope
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- Clergy sex abuse victims upset that no high-ranking Roman Catholic leaders have been prosecuted for sheltering guilty priests brought their claims Tuesday to the International Criminal Court, seeking an investigation of the pope and top Vatican cardinals for possible crimes against humanity....

Manila port gets radiation detection equipment
The governments of the Philippines and the United States formally inaugurated on Tuesday the upgrade of radiation detection equipment designed to further increase security measures at the Port of Manila.

Syria opens to atomic regulatory body probe; IAEA to release info on Iran nuclear activity
The UN atomic agency announced Syria had opened its doors to allow inspection at a desert site bombed by Israel in 2007 that is thought to have been a secret nuclear facility.

German Leader Faces Key Choices on Rescuing Euro
BERLIN — As Europe struggles to reverse a plunge in financial confidence, the world waits for Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, to make a fundamental choice. She, more than any other European politician, will have to either summon the leadership to rescue the euro or concede that the political will is not there.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The NAFTA of the Pacific
Labor groups and anti-free trade activists are stepping up their efforts to shape a massive trade pact that could end up dwarfing the North American Free Trade Agreement. According to People’s World, activists are demanding that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership include protections for worker’s rights and the environment.

VIDEO: Bering Strait tunnel to connect two biggest continents
Russia Today - A revolutionary route may soon be available to tourists, as Russia and the US have set their minds on connecting the Eurasian and American continents via an underwater tunnel in the Bering Strait.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Republican wins Democratic New York House seat
With the outcome of his own reelection effort 14 difficult months away, President Obama suffered a sharp rebuke Tuesday when voters in New York elected a conservative Republican to represent a Democratic district that has not been in GOP hands since the 1920s.

The Obama Campaign: Join Attack Wire—and help stop the attacks on the President before they start. When another unfounded attack surfaces, we'll arm you with the truth so you can share the facts with your friends and family.

VIDEO: Ron Paul Booed for Suggesting 9/11 was Caused by American Foreign Policy
Read the comments on Reddit and the full text of Osama bin Laden's 'letter to America'. For our sound-bite world, bin Laden says: "Why are we fighting and opposing you? Because you attacked us and continue to attack us." He continues: "If the Americans do not respond, then their fate...

Liberty Political Action Conference: September 15-17 Reno, Nevada
The Liberty Political Action Conference will play host to freedom activists from across the country. LPAC will feature conservative, libertarian, constitutional, and free market organizations, activists, and businesses.

VIDEO: New York prepares frosty reception for Ahmadinejad
Russia Today - No cordial welcome awaits Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his upcoming visit to New York to attend a UN General Assembly. A massive billboard has appeared in Times Square implying Iran has allegiances with Al-Qaeda.

Post-September 11, NSA ‘enemies’ include us
Somewhere between Sept. 11 and today, the enemy morphed from a handful of terrorists to the American population at large, leaving us nowhere to run and no place to hide.

Nation's food anti-terror plans costly, unwieldy
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- One of the deepest fears sweeping a shattered nation following the Sept. 11 attacks was that terrorists might poison the country's food....

Manifest Destiny to PNAC
Veterans Today - This is the history that the USA school system does not teach, that of Manifest Destiny, before it existed as a coherent thought, and beyond the dawning of that idea to PNAC.

Congress considers law allowing interstate travel with concealed guns
Congress plans to hear testimony Tuesday on a bill that would allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms across state lines without notifying anyone. Like other gun disputes, this one comes with heated opinions on both sides.

VIDEO: Profit from punishment
Russia Today -The US needs all the cash it can get just now, and reducing the prison population would save billions of dollars. However, some have a vested interested in keeping as many people as possible behind bars.


Obama's Stimulus Plan Will Cost $250,000 Per Job
I'd say $250k per job is a bargain compared with Obama's last stimulus...

How the Greek debt crisis can hurt hiring in the U.S.
In a global economy, the Greek crisis will affect the far reaches of business and finance, including the U.S. job market.

VIDEO: 60 Minutes - Financial WMDs: Credit Default Swaps, The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street
Anyone with more than a casual interest in why their 401(k) has tanked over the past year knows that it's because of the global credit crisis. It was triggered by the collapse of the housing market in the United States and magnified worldwide by the sale of complicated investments...

FDIC Approves on ‘Living Wills’ for Banks
U.S. regulators approved two sets of guidelines that banks including Citigroup Inc. (C) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) will have to follow in drafting plans to protect the broader economy in the event of their own collapse.

Census: US poverty rate swells to nearly 1 in 6
WASHINGTON (AP) - The ranks of the nation's poor swelled to nearly 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment woes left millions of Americans struggling and out of work. The number of uninsured edged up to 49.9 million, the biggest in over two decades. The Census Bureau's annual report released Tuesday...

The Disappearing Mom & Pop Stores Of New York City
Hundreds have closed in the past two years. The mom-and-pop stores that once defined New York City are slowly disappearing. We came across some amazing photos of the bakeries, delis and record stores that have either closed or are fighting to survive...

Housing Market

101-Year-Old Detroit Woman Evicted In Foreclosure
DETROIT (WWJ/AP) - A 101-year-old woman has been evicted from the southwest Detroit home where she lived nearly six decades...

Bank Foreclosure Deal Shouldn’t Waive All Claims, Minnesota’s Swanson Says
Banks shouldn’t be protected from liability linked to bundling mortgages into securities and other conduct in a settlement of a nationwide foreclosure probe...

VIDEO: Taxpayer Funded Mortgage Fraud 101
Neil Garfield, Esq, MBA, JD - Foreclosure Defense - What You Need To Know

Let's Play Find The Wells Fargo Fraud! - What's Wrong With This Mortgage Assignment?
Wells Fargo Fraudulent Assignment of Mortgage

Energy & Environment

Minnesota forest fire spreads plume far and wide
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- A rapidly expanding wildfire in Minnesota's north woods spread a plume of smoke across the Upper Midwest on Tuesday, with haze smudging the sky as far away as Chicago and Milwaukee, where the Brewers closed their stadium roof before a night game....

New evidence cites more BP oil spill mistakes
A BP scientist identified a previously unreported deposit of flammable gas that could have played a role in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but the oil giant failed to divulge the finding to government investigators for as long as a year, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Associated Press....

BURNED: Emails Show White House Monitored Huge Loan to Solar Company
Newly uncovered emails show the White House closely monitored the Energy Department's deliberations over a $535 million government loan to Solyndra, the politically-connected solar energy firm that recently went bankrupt and is now the subject of a criminal investigation.


Meningitis vaccines now pushed onto 9-month-old toddlers
(NaturalNews) Another potentially hazardous vaccination, Menactra, purportedly protecting against an extremely rare disease, meningitis, has been FDA approved for children aged 9 to 23 months.

Merck-backed Rick Perry tried to mandate HPV vaccines for all young girls in Texas
(NaturalNews) Texas Governor Rick Perry can try all he wants to mimic the liberty-oriented language of honest presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, but it will never...

Glutathione is the master super antioxidant of the body
(NaturalNews) The human body is under oxidative stress from a variety of sources at all times. To combat this stress and damage the body utilizes anti-oxidants of all different varieties. Glutathione (GSH) is a very special peptide molecule that provides...

Reverse osteoporosis - one of seven reasons why you should learn about lactoferrin
(Natural New) An old Ayurvedic (ancient Indian medicine) proverb says: "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need." It's tragically ironic that one of nature's most medicinal foods is under attack - pure raw milk.

Cantaloupe warning issued after Listeria outbreak
DENVER (AP) -- Health officials have issued a warning for cantaloupes from a revered melon-producing area of Colorado amid a bacteria outbreak blamed for four deaths in the state and New Mexico, troubling farmers who depend on sales of the fruit....

Dangerous TB spreading at alarming rate in Europe
LONDON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are spreading at an alarming rate in Europe and will kill thousands unless health authorities halt the pandemic, the World Health Organisation(WHO) said on Wednesday.

Doctors find abnormal blood flow in Gulf War vets' brains
Doctors have found abnormal blood flow in the brains of veterans of the first Gulf War that has persisted 20 years after the war.

Merck Paid Legislators to Pass Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine Bill
Key California legislators who were instrumental in the passing of legislation that would require mandatory Gardasil & hepatitis B vaccinations for children as young as 12 received financing from vaccine titan Merck. Politicians who received Merck funding, according to Cal Watchdog.

Vaccine Information Week to Launch October 1st
In an effort to educate millions worldwide, leading natural health experts from around the globe are teaming up to launch a new campaign entitled Vaccine Information Week. Launching on the 1st of October 2011...

OBAMASCARE: 1.5 million lose health insurance from employers
Fewer people received insurance coverage through their employer in 2010 than in 2009, and the number of people covered through government insurance programs continued to rise, according to 2010 data reported Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Pa. federal judge rules against insurance mandate
President Obama's plan to require individual Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty exceeds the powers granted both the president and Congress by the Constitution, a federal district court judge ruled Tuesday in Harrisburg.

US Homeland Security now tracking medical records of Canadians
(NaturalNews) If you are a Canadian citizen trying to visit the US, but have a history of mental illness -- even just a minor, non-violent incident that was recorded in official records -- you could be denied entry by the US Department of Homeland Security...

VIDEO: On Guard: FDA Set To Ban Your Supplements
The FDA's new Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients threatens to remove some of your most commonly used supplements from the market. Manufacturers of supplements will be forced to conduct expensive safety studies using absurdly high doses, which will force many out of business...

Experts: 366 million people now have diabetes
LONDON (AP) -- An estimated 366 million people worldwide now suffer from diabetes and the global epidemic is getting worse, health officials said Tuesday....

Ginger is an amazing wide spectrum tonic and remedy
(NaturalNews) Ginger root is more than a zesty culinary spice. It's both a general tonic and specific medicinal herb. Ginger is actually the rhizome or horizontal "creeping root" of the Zingiber officinale plant, which belongs to the same family as turmeric...

Broccoli's anti-cancer agents boosted by more spice
When it comes to boosting broccoli’s cancer-fighting benefits, spicier is better, according to a study released this week.

Maple syrup may promote liver health
Good news to pancake lovers around the world; Japanese researchers said this week that pure maple syrup may promote liver health.

Science & Technology

(Reuters) - Can a computer tell when it hurts? It can if you train it, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday. A team at Stanford University in California used computer learning software to sort through data generated by brain scans and detect when people were in pain.

Exclusive: U.S. in criminal probe of eBay employees
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors have launched a criminal probe into whether eBay Inc employees took confidential information from classified ad website Craigslist as eBay sought to build a rival service, a copy of a grand jury subpoena obtained by Reuters shows...

Hot new planet could be in habitable zone _ barely
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Astronomers believe they have found a second planet outside our solar system that seems to be in the right zone for life, just barely. But it would feel like a steam bath - hot, sticky and beyond uncomfortable....

FOIA Victory Will Shed More Light on Warrantless Tracking of Cell Phones
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday (pdf) that the government must turn over information from criminal prosecutions in which federal law enforcement agencies obtained cell-site location information without a warrant.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Students to get a big taste of Minnesota during Farm to School Month
MINNEAPOLIS – Students across Minnesota will enjoy a wide variety of Minnesota-grown produce during the month of September as part of the expanding effort to connect K-12 students with fresh, locally grown foods and the farmers who grow them.

Use of Soil Fumigant Still High Despite Ban
(Beyond Pesticides, September 12, 2011) While the fight continues over the use of toxic methyl iodide in California, new research is showing that the banned chemical methyl bromide, which methyl iodide was intended to replace, is continuing to be used in alarming amounts across the state due to a sizeable loophole in the regulations.


YouTube: Barney Fife and the Preamble to the Constitution
Classic Comedy bit where Don Knotts as Barney Fife demonstrates his masterful memorization of the Preamble the US Constitution.

Today In History - Tuesday - September 13, 2011
1788 - The Constitutional Convention decided that the first federal election was to be held on Wednesday the following February. On that day George Washington was elected as the first president of the United States. In addition, New York City was named the temporary national capital.
1789 - The United States Government took out its first loan.
1862 - During the American Civil War General Lee's Order No. 191 was found by federal soldiers in Maryland.
1898 - Hannibal Williston Goodwin patented celluloid photographic film, which is used to make movies.
1948 - The School of Performing Arts opened in New York City. It was the first public school to specialize in performing arts.
1948 - Margaret Chase Smith was elected to the U.S. Senate and became the first woman to serve in both houses of the U.S. Congress.
1959 - The Soviet Union's Luna 2 became the first space probe to reach the moon. It was launched the day before.
1960 - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission banned payola.
1971 - In New York, National Guardsmen stormed the Attica Correctional Facility and put an end to the four-day revolt. A total of 43 people were killed in the final assault. A committee was organized to investigate the riot on September 30, 1971.
1977 - The first diesel automobiles were introduced by General Motors.
1981 - U.S. Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig said the U.S. had physical evidence that Russia and its allies used poisonous biological weapons in Laos, Cambodia and Afghanistan.
1988 - Forecasters reported that Hurricane Gilbert's barometric pressure measured 26.13. It was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.
1993 - Israel and Palestine signed their first major agreement. Palestine was granted limited self-government in the Gaza Strip and in Jericho.
1994 - U.S. President Bill Clinton signed a $30 billion crime bill into law.
1995 - A grenade was fired at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The wall was pierced but there were no injuries.
1998 - The New York Times closed its Web site after hackers added offensive material.
1999 - At least 118 people were killed when a bomb exploded in Moscow, Russia.
2000 - In Albuquerque, NM, former Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee pled guilty to one count of mishandling nuclear secrets.
2001 - U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell named Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect in the terror attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Limited commercial flights resumed in the U.S. for the first time in two days.

World News

U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya, Pentagon Confirms
Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

Turkey says flotilla raid was 'cause for war'
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey's prime minister said Monday that Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last year was "cause for war" but added that his country showed "patience" and refrained from taking any action....

They Want A "United States Of Europe" But They Are Going To Need A Massive Financial Crisis In Order To Get It
Are we about to see a huge push for a "United States of Europe"? As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues to spiral out of control, suddenly this term is popping up in the New York Times and in major newspapers all over Europe.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Ron Paul Subcommittee to Explore Restoring Sound Money Tuesday, September 13, 2:00 p.m ET
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Ron Paul, Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee, announced today that the subcommittee will hold a hearing on legislation to restore sound money to the economy through competition. Live stream link...

Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks
Paul Joseph Watson - CNN poll confirms Congressman is top tier candidate.

Ron Paul Snubbed on Federal Reserve Question at CNN Debate
Aaron Dykes - Author of ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Not Asked for Position on Auditing the Fed.

Divide And Conquer: Are The Left And The Right In America About To Go To War With Each Other?
Every single day, America is becoming a little bit more divided. It is probably not a stretch to say that there could be more political hatred in this country today than at any time since the Civil War. In fact, there are some very disturbing signs that the very heated war of words between the two major political parties could soon spill over into very real violence in the streets.

“Credible” Terror Alert Turns Into Fearmongering Farce
The consequences of a “credible and specific” warning that terrorists were planning to blow up bridges or tunnels on the anniversary of 9/11 turned into a police state showcase and ended in a farce when fighter jets were scrambled as a response to people visiting airplane bathrooms. Related article here.

VIDEO: Unable to pay child support, poor parents land behind bars
Judges can jail alleged defaulters — who are not covered by the presumption of innocence — without a trial


Taco Bell, KFC lobby federal government to subsidize fast food through food stamps
(NaturalNews) Soviet-style government food distribution is quickly becoming standard practice in the rapidly decaying United States of America, with more than 20 percent of Americans now participating in the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Supplemental...

REVEALED: Obama's Jobs Plan To Raise $400 Billion In Taxes
White House Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew outlined President Barack Obama's plan to pay for his $447 billion jobs plan — mostly through tax increases.

The Obama Jobs Plan: 10 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Joke
So that was what we have been waiting for? That was what all the hype was about? With a little over a year until the next election, that was the "best shot" that Obama has for fixing the unemployment crisis in this country?

Free Trade Ideology
Perhaps the biggest obstacle standing in the way of real economic reform and progress is the persistence of entrenched ideology. Few ideologies are more universally supported by political elites than that of “free” trade.

9/11 generates growth of homeland security college programs
The 9/11 attacks led to a flurry of spending not only on defense and homeland security needs, but also education; in recent years dozens of homeland security programs have emerged at community colleges, universities, and graduate schools across the country and thousands of students have flocked to these new programs lured by the promise of jobs

Bank of America will cut 30,000 jobs
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Bank of America says it will cut about 30,000 jobs over the next few years in a bid to save $5 billion per year.... Related article here.

Patent Reform Failure
For once, Republicans and Democrats actually agreed on something. Unfortunately, it was for a patent reform bill that heavily favors large corporations over entrepreneurs.

Union protests turn violent in Washington
Work is expected to continue without incident at the coastal ports of Washington state this week after protests waged by unionized longshoremen on Thursday turned violent.

Smaller corn surplus could push food prices higher
NEW YORK (AP) -- Food prices could rise next year because an unseasonably hot summer is expected to damage much of this year's corn crop....

Peanut butter prices rising to new heights
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- First gas, then coffee, and now peanut butter. Consumers fed up with the higher cost of filling up their cars and buying their morning java might now have to pay more for their PB&J. Scorching hot, dry weather in the major peanut-growing states like Georgia and Texas has devastated this year's peanut crop.

Housing Market

More clues of a mortgage refinancing plan on the way
There were three important developments in the mega mortgage refinancing story in the past week. Clearly there is something in the works. The questions are, “What?” and “How big?”

Energy & Environment

Wyden Calls for Action on Solar Panel Imports
Unable to compete with illegally subsidized Chinese counterparts, three American manufacturers of solar panels have gone out of business. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) wants the president to do something

Emergency cleanup plans for potential Cuban oil spill
With Cuba set to begin offshore drilling, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pressing the United States to immediately begin developing emergency plans to assist Cuba in the event of a major oil spill

VIDEO: Blast rocks nuclear plant in France
RT - At least one person has been killed and four more wounded in an explosion which rocked on Monday a nuclear power plant in Marcoule, southern France. According to emergency services, there is a risk of a radioactive leak after the blast. Meanwhile French nuclear authorities say there is no leak “at this time”.


Breaking news: lawsuit filed against Duke for fraudulent cancer study
(NaturalNews) Last fall, Dr. Anil Potti resigned from his position at Duke's Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy and the School of Medicine. He wasn't leaving to move on to another high profile job. Instead, he had been busted -- big time. It...

Yeast extract is hidden source of MSG in your food: Here's where its found
(NaturalNews) Just about everyone who visits Natural News knows that MSG should be avoided. But crafty food processing firms have found ways to disguise MSG's most active ingredient -- free glutamate. There are several ingredients and names used. And...

Antibiotics: Killing Off Beneficial Bacteria … for Good?
It’s an accepted concept by now that taking antibiotics in order to quell an infection disrupts the personal microbiome, the population of microorganisms that we all carry around in our guts, and which vastly outnumbers the cells...

The Mineral That Helps Fight Fatigue, Stress, Pain, Cancer, and Wrinkles, Too
Dr. Mercola September 12 2011 - Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in your body, after calcium and phosphorous. It's an important mineral element that you get almost wholly through dietary proteins, yet it's been over 20 years since the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) issued its last update on recommended daily allowances (RDA) for it.

Brain Stents Double Risk of Stroke: Proof Evidence-Based Medicine Is a Fraud
When there's no excuse for not knowing and when patients do worse—including death and permanent disability—what should we call it? How can it be considered anything but negligent homicide?

Chances are the iodine in your diet is not enough! Iodine is a chemical element which is found abundantly in seawater and in some minerals in the earth. There are many uses for iodine, especially in the field of medicine...

Science & Technology

Cyber Terrorism Now at the Top of the List of Security Concerns
In the shadow of the 10th anniversary of the 9–11 terrorist attacks, the United States finds itself facing a different threat from terrorists. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano recently stated that...


YouTube: Dog (Molly) Sees Mom, Just Home From Afghanistan
US Air Force Captain sees her 8 and a half year old pup, Molly, at the airport. Molly tells her how much she missed her.

Today In History - Monday - September 12, 2011
1814 - During the War of 1812, the Battle of North Point was fought in Maryland.
1873 - The first practical typewriter was sold to customers.
1918 - During World War I, At the Battle of St. Mihiel, U.S. Army personnel operate tanks for the first time. The tanks were French-built.
1922 - The Episcopal Church removed the word "Obey" from the bride's section of wedding vows.
1938 - In a speech, Adolf Hitler demanded self-determination for the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia.
1943 - During World War II, Benito Mussolini was taken by German paratroopers from the Italian government that was holding him.
1944 - U.S. Army troops entered Germany, near Trier, for the first time during World War II.
1953 - U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.
1953 - Nikita Krushchev was elected as the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1954 - "Lassie" made its television debut on CBS. The last show aired on September 12, 1971.
1966 - "Family Affair" premiered on CBS television.
1974 - Violence occurred on the opening day of classes in Boston, MA, due opposition to court-ordered school "busing."
1974 - Emperor Haile Selassie was taken out of power by Ethiopia's military after ruling for 58 years.
1980 - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini listed four conditions for the release of American hostages taken on November 4, 1979. The conditions were the unfreezing of Iranian assets, the return of the shah’s wealth to Iran, the cancellation of U.S. claims against Iran, and a U.S. pledge of noninterference in Iran’s internal affairs.
1986 - Joseph Cicippio was kidnapped in Beirut. He was the acting comptroller at the American University in Beirut. He was released in December of 1991.
1986 - The U.S. released Soviet physicist Gennadiy Zakharov and the Soviet Union released journalist Nicholas Daniloff. Both were put into the custody of their respective countries pending their espionage trials.
1988 - Hurricane Gilbert hit Jamaica killing 45 people and causing about $1 billion in damage.
1991 - The space shuttle Discovery took off on a mission to deploy an observatory that was to study the Earth's ozone layer.
1992 - Dr. Mae Carol Jemison became the first African-American woman in space. She was the payload specialist aboard the space shuttle Endeavor. Also onboard were Mission Specialist N. Jan Davis and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mark C. Lee. They were the first married couple to fly together in space. And, Mamoru Mohri became the first Japanese person to fly into space.
1994 - Frank Corder was killed when he crashed a stolen, single-engine Cessna on the South Lawn of the White House.
1995 - Two Americans were killed when their hydrogen balloon was shot down by the Belarussian military during an international race.
2009 - Steve Jobs announced that Apple's iTunes had 88% of the legal U.S. music download market.

World News

No Government, No Problem - Belgium Celebrates 450 Days Without Government But With Growth
Belgium has not had a government in over 15 months, a record for modern economies. Yet their economy somehow managed to outperform those of the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, and Switzerland in the most recent quarter.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Blackout: San Diego authorities warn of price gouging
Authorities in San Diego are warning residents to beware of price gouging following this week’s massive blackout that left more than 4 million without power.

Text of President Barack Obama's speech at the Kennedy Center commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, as provided by the White House... Related article here... "Be still, and know that I am God,'' the president intoned.".

Heavy Smoke From High-Rise Fire In Manhattan Scares On Eve Of 9/11
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A possible transformer fire on the roof of a Manhattan high-rise caused a brief scare in a city already unnerved by an unconfirmed terror threat.

961 days in, Obama becomes sick and tired of someone dawdling about jobs
Los Angeles Times slams Obama's jobs speech. Obama wants $140 billion largely to update roads and bridges. Obama wants another $245 billion in business and individual tax relief. Obama also wants to extend unemployment benefits. And Obama wants it all right now. Seriously. Now that his Martha's Vineyard vacation is over, this situation is urgent.

Neighbor Against Neighbor – Reports of Suspicious Activity Up 60% In DC
Intel Hub - According to DC’s Police Chief Cathy Lanier, reports of suspicious activity in DC are up 60% and all tips are being investigated.

RED DIRT REPORT: "Ten years on, local 9/11-truth activists continue spreading message"
OKLAHOMA CITY – On this 10th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks that forever changed America and the world, the media is in a literal frenzy, doing all they can to commemorate that catastrophe and reminding people that despite 10 years of war, America is winning and avenging the deaths of those 3,000 people killed that day.

VIDEO: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
Corbett Report - Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

VIDEO: Audio Tapes Released From 9/11 Archives, Majority of Records Still Sealed
This is Behind the Headlines from on this 9th day of September, 2011. As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, the National Archives has released a compilation of audio clips of air traffic controllers, military officers and pilots recorded that morning.

The Crime of the Century ~ 9/11
Intel Hub - As we all remember the events of September 11, 2001, many of us have been searching for the truth regarding the events of 9/11 for many years. A new documentary produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth...

9/11 ANALYSIS: Airplanes Have Been Flown By Remote Control Since 1917
Washington’s Blog September 11, 2011 “Any sufficiently advanced technology...

9/11 Symbolism in Hollywood
In Hollywood’s many Masonic productions, we find the 9/11 World Trade Center “terrorist” attacks alluded to in several films long before 2001! (This propaganda technique is known as Predictive Programming or Revelation of the Method)...

CNN, Tea Party Express to Host First-Ever Tea Party Debate, Sept. 12
CNN and the Tea Party Express, along with more than 100 local tea party groups from every state across the country, will team up Monday, September 12 to present a first-of-its-kind debate from the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention: Tampa, Florida. Eight Republican presidential contenders will face questions from moderator and lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer during the two-hour event, which will air live on CNN from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m....

Ron Paul Widens MSNBC/NBC Presidential Poll Lead; Over 205,000 Votes Now Cast
MSNBC's First Read continues attracting votes for its post-Presidential Republican Debate poll. As of 3:30 a.m. Sept 9, more than 205,000 votes have been cast. Ron Paul has widened his lead over Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Paul has 57.1%, Romney 14.5%, and Perry 12.4%.

Congress sends patent overhaul bill to president
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress has given the U.S. patent system its first major overhaul since the age of the transistor radio by passing legislation designed to spur innovation and provide a sorely needed boost to the job market....

EXCLUSIVE: Third Gun Linked to 'Fast and Furious' Identified at Border Agent's Murder Scene
A third gun linked to "Operation Fast and Furious" was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, new documents obtained exclusively by Fox News suggest...

Doomsday Planes Used As 9/11 Attack Control Center?
Intel Hub - On September 11, 2001 at around 10am, a giant white plane was seen and filmed over restricted airspace near the White House. The aircraft, later identified as an E-4B modified Boeing 747-200, has never been officially explained and was completely left out of the now infamous 9/11 Commission Report.

Obama Has Finally Become Dick Cheney
In Barack Obama's rise to national prominence, when he criticized the Bush Administration for its false claims about WMDs in Iraq, its torture of detainees, and its illegal program of spying on American citizens without warrants, he owed a particular debt of gratitude to...

Phoenix police take blame in stolen-bomb flap
The Phoenix Police Department has taken full responsibility for recently losing a bag containing explosives during a security test at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and acting Chief Joe Yahner vowed to conduct a full internal investigation of the incident.


VIDEO: Pentagon Frets Over Wasted Billions (Ignores Missing Trillions)
An investigative committee released a report this week estimating that the US Government has lost as much as $60 billion to waste, fraud and corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. The report is the work of the Wartime Contracting Commission...

JPMorgan CEO says bank rules "anti-American": FT
LONDON (Reuters) - The United States should consider pulling out of the Basel group of global regulators, Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, said in an interview with the Financial Times.

YouTube: Ron Paul Responds To President Obama's Joint Session Of Congress Address
CNN September 08, 2011

FACT CHECK: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's promise Thursday that everything in his jobs plan will be paid for rests on highly iffy propositions....

Bank of America discussing about 40,000 job cuts: report
(Reuters) - Bank of America Corp officials have discussed slashing roughly 40,000 jobs during the first wave of a restructuring, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the plans.

Futures down after Obama speech as investors uneasy
(Reuters) - Stock index futures fell on Friday as a jobs proposal by President Barack Obama did little to reassure investors concerned about weak economic growth. Obama's U.S. jobs package, revealed...

Stocks lower ahead of G-7 meeting
LONDON (AP) -- The failure of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke to outline new monetary stimulus weighed on markets Friday ahead of a meeting of finance ministers of the Group of Seven top industrialized countries where pro-growth measures are set to be discussed....

Thai rice subsidy scheme to push up world prices
BANGKOK (AP) -- Thailand's plan to pay its rice growers far above market rates is expected to push up prices for the staple that feeds almost half the world's people as rice importing nations look to other countries for tightened supplies....

Housing Market

An Extreme Early Mortgage Payoff Story
Earlier this week, a long-time commenter named Carlos (aka CharlieBoy) mentioned that he paid off his mortgage early. Having done the same thing myself, I was intrigued, so I sent him a note asking for details.

Energy & Environment

AUDIO: While homes burned, feds told Texas volunteer firefighters to go home - interview with Daniel Miller
(NaturalNews) Washington doesn't want states to solve their own problems.

Feds: Fort Calhoun Nuclear plant among two worst
Omaha World Herald September 6, 2011 – Federal regulators have downgraded the flood-idled nuclear power plant 20 miles north of Omaha, ranking it as one of the two poorest performing reactors in the United States. Could be considered a letter grade of “D.” No plants have an “F,” which requires a plant be shut down

Days of rain turn into fatal East Coast flooding
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) - Days of rainfall from what had been Tropical Storm Lee inundated a wide portion of Pennsylvania and other northeastern states Thursday, pouring into basements and low-lying homes and forcing tens of thousands of people to seek higher ground.

Sewage-tainted floodwaters threaten public health
MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) -- Nasty floodwaters from the remnants of Lee and Irene - tainted with sewage and other toxins - threaten public health in parts of the Northeast by direct exposure or the contamination of private water wells, officials said Thursday....

Sea radiation at Japan nuke plant much higher
TOKYO - Radioactive material released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis is more than triple the amount estimated by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co, Japanese researchers say.


Melatonin plays an important role in healthy digestive and immune function
(NaturalNews) Melatonin is known as the regulator of the sleep wake cycle in the body. It is produced in the pineal gland of the brain and monitors sleep cycles while playing an important role in healing and anti-oxidant protection. New indicators are...

Researchers Advise: Delay Breastfeeding & Modify Gut Biota to Increase Vaccine Response
If breastfeeding and improved immunity stand in the way of vaccine profits, then the solution is simple: Delay breastfeeding and undo the immunity.

YouTube: Natural Allopathic Principles - Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD
Natural Allopathic Medicine reaches deeply into emergency rooms and intensive care wards for answers to chronic disease. In these medical areas we find that the best, safest and most reliable workhorse medicines are concentrated nutritional medicines, not pharmaceuticals.

A handful of walnuts each day significantly lowers breast cancer risk
(NaturalNews) Researchers from Marshall University in West Virginia report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer that small amounts of walnuts eaten daily can significantly lower the risk of breast cancer in women. Walnuts are a naturally great tasting...

Trust People Not Brands
Last week I posted a funny story about how I discovered a selection of Bob’s Red Mill products at the local Big Lots store. I received a couple of emails and comments from folks about this post...

Heal your gut with the amino acid l-glutamine
(NaturalNews) With chemical additives, excessive gluten consumption, over prescription of antibiotics and more, the integrity of our gut lining is weakened further with each passing year. It's no wonder that digestive disorders and their accompanying...

Reverse asthma naturally
(NaturalNews) Asthma is one of the most common inflammatory conditions of the lung. It is characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, bronchospasm and reversible airflow obstructions. Reverse asthma with natural lifestyle interventions, modulate...

Carnosine improves cellular antioxidant reserves to battle stress and improve cognitive function
(NaturalNews) Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant and metal-chelating nutrient that is shown to minimize the damaging effects of stress on cellular function. Research presented in the PLoS One journal explains that carnosine can help...

Comprehensive Bull
A comprehensive evaluation of eight common childhood vaccines has found that any adverse effects from vaccines are very rare or very minor. The report, issued last week by a panel of experts assembled by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), said there is no evidence that childhood vaccines cause autism, diabetes,..

Science & Technology

CEO Schmidt admits Google+ is massive data-mining, advertising scheme
(NaturalNews) The new, but floundering, social media service Google+ has been exposed as being nothing more than a user-driven data mining and advertising scheme, similar to its popular predecessor, Facebook. In a recent interview with National Public...

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

EPA declares hay a pollutant in effort to drive small, mid-sized family cattle ranchers out of business
(NaturalNews) The assault against American industry and individual livelihood continues -- and no, it is not coming from Al-Qaeda or other foreign terrorists. A recent report from R-CALF USA, an advocacy group for American cattle producers, says the US...

Judge Says End Drug Misuse But Keep Dairy Going
Federal Judge Gordon Jay Quist found that cows owned by Scenic View Dairy had antibiotic levels too high for the animals to be sold for slaughter as human food, but he does not want to see the farm shut down.

Today In History - Friday - September 9, 2011
1776 - The second Continental Congress officially made the term "United States", replacing the previous term "United Colonies."
1836 - Abraham Lincoln received his license to practice law.
1850 - California became the 31st state to join the union.
1893 - U.S. President Grover Cleveland's wife, Frances Cleveland, gave birth to a daughter, Esther. It was the first time a president's child was born in the White House.
1904 - Mounted police were used for the first time in the City of New York.
1943 - During World War II Allied forces landed at Taranto and Salerno.
1957 - The first civil rights bill to pass Congress since Reconstruction was signed into law by U.S. President Eisenhower.
1965 - French President Charles de Gaulle announced that France was withdrawing from NATO to protest the domination of the U.S. in the organization.
1981 - Nicaragua declared a state of economic emergency and banned strikes.
1983 - The Soviet Union announced that the Korean jetliner the was shot down on September 1, 1983 was not an accident or an error.
1984 - Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears broke Jim Brown’s combined yardage record when he reached 15,517 yards.
1993 - Israeli and PLO leaders agreed to recognize each other.
1993 - Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was buried in his homeland. The event occurred about four years after his death in exile.
1994 - The U.S. agreed to accept about 20,000 Cuban immigrants a year. This was in return for Cuba's promise to halt the flight of refugees.
1994 - Los Angeles prosecutors announced that they would not seek the death penalty against O.J. Simpson.
1994 - The space shuttle Discovery blasted off on an 11-day mission.
1995 - Amtrak's Broadway Limited service made its final run between New York City, NY and Chicago, IL.
1997 - Sinn Fein, the IRA's political ally, formally renounced violence as it took its place in talks on Northern Ireland's future.
1998 - Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr delivered to the U.S. Congress 36 boxes of material concerning his investigation of U.S. President Clinton.
1999 - At least 93 people were killed when a bomb exploded in an apartment building in Moscow, Russia.
1999 - The Sega Dreamcast game system went on sale. By 1:00pm all Toys R Us locations in the U.S. had sold out.
2009 - The iTunes Music Store reached 1.8 billion applications downloaded.

World News

UK issues findings of Iraqi abuse inquiry
LONDON (AP) -- An Iraqi man beaten and killed while in the custody of U.K. troops was the victim of "an appalling episode of serious gratuitous violence" and a serious breach of discipline, an investigation found Thursday....

Syrian ally Iran urges dialogue, end to violence
BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian security forces kept up a deadly crackdown on dissent Thursday as the embattled regime faced surprising calls to end the violence from its closest ally, Iran, in a sign of growing alarm over the 6-month-old uprising....

Libyan estimate: At least 30,000 died in the war
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- At least 30,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded in Libya's six-month civil war, the interim health minister said, offering a first detailed estimate of the high cost in lives of bringing down Moammar Gadhafi....

Gadhafi loyalists fire rockets from desert bastion
WADI DINAR, Libya (AP) -- Moammar Gadhafi's loyalists fired at least 10 rockets from inside one of his last strongholds Thursday, hours after a TV station aired an audio message believed to be from the ousted Libyan leader urging his fighters on...

Gaddafi regime sold 29 tons of gold
London Independent | The new governor of Libya’s central bank says Gaddafi sold about 20% of the country’s gold.

Palestinians officially launch statehood campaign
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- The Palestinians on Thursday officially launched their campaign to join the United Nations as a full member state, saying they would stage a series of peaceful events in the run-up to the annual gathering of the U.N. General Assembly later this month....

U.S. News, Politics & Government

U.S. Citizen Linked To Al Qaeda Terror Plot on 9/11 Anniversary
Federal officials say they have a specific, credible -- although still unconfirmed -- threat involving a possible al Qaeda plot aimed for the anniversary of September llth. Related articles here and here.

Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama
Flashback: July 14, 2010 - A former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton says that the only thing which can rescue Barack Obama’s increasingly tenuous grip on power as his approval figures continue to plunge is a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11...

Homeland Security Companies Made A Fortune After 9/11
While there's certainly an argument to be made over whether government spending on homeland security since 9/11 has made the nation safer, companies like Rapiscan Systems, makers of security screeners for passengers and cargo...

After 9/11, Perry’s Texas Wasted Homeland Security Money On Sports Cars, Neckties, And A Hog Catcher
Texas officials used DHS money to buy two 2011 Camarros. In the years since the Sept. 11 attacks, Texas has received at least $1.7 billion from the Department of Homeland Security, with little accountability over how lawmakers spent the money.

U.S. Army orders its first batch of suicide drones
Soldiers who fly hand-launched drone scouts to spot enemies on the battlefield may soon get a deadly robotic device capable of also delivering a knockout blow. The U.S. Army has ordered its first batch of small suicide drones that are capable of launching from a small tube, loitering in the sky and then diving at a target upon command.

Ron Paul Missing From Fox News GOP Poll (only 3 candidates listed)
There's a new poll up at Fox News asking, "Who is the strongest GOP presidential candidate at the moment?" The only choices listed are Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. The funny part is that it's titled "No Spin Poll." hahaha. Related poll here.

AND the Award for Most Deceptive Graph Goes to: NBC!
...What? How? Why? Who? How do these people keep getting work? Twice in a day I find myself in a bewilderment.

NEW VIDEO - Jerry Doyle Slams Perry and Defends Ron Paul - Amazing Radio Segment
Jerry Doyle hit a home run again for Ron Paul and for what we are fighting for. He destroyed Rick Perry, destroyed Rick Santorum and then said things about Ron Paul that we have been wanting ANYONE in the media to say. This was sensational.

Greenwald: "Creepy and disgusting" cheering for death penalties/ Perry
Wildly cheering the execution of human beings as though one's favorite football team just scored a touchdown is primitive, twisted and base. All of that would be true even if the death penalty were perfectly applied and only clearly guilty people were killed. But in the U.S., the exact opposite is true...

VIDEO: The 9/11 Toronto Hearings Now Live
Streaming live video by Ustream: This is the official broadcast site of the International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, at Ryerson University from Sept. 8 to 11, 2011. The official website of the Hearings is:

The 9-11 Ten Years After (20 pics)

Exclusive: National Archives sits on 9/11 Commission records
(Reuters) - Ten years after al Qaeda's attack on the United States, the vast majority of the 9/11 Commission's investigative records remain sealed at the National Archives in Washington, even though the commission had directed the archives to make most of the material public in 2009, Reuters has learned.

Gates: More defense cuts would be security threat
DENTON, Texas (AP) -- Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes the $400 billion in cuts that the Pentagon will face over the next 10 years should be manageable but anything beyond that would pose a threat to national security....

Big Sis Set To Zap Travelers With MRI-Style Scans
Janet Napolitano’s promise that travelers will soon not be required to take their shoes off at airport security checkpoints comes at a cost – new MRI-style scanners that will zap Americans with a powerful magnetic field that has been linked with numerous health risks.

Obama Preparing for Martial Law During Hyperinflation
September 7, 2011 - In August of 2009, the city of Paterson, New Jersey, proposed the implementation of martial law by imposing an adult curfew at night in an attempt to curb violence. This unprecedented proposed ordinance...

Ron Paul: Border Fence Could Be Used To “Keep Us In”
Paul Joseph Watson - Having made similar comments to the Alex Jones Show last week, Presidential candidate Ron Paul warned last night during the Republican debate in California that constructing a border fence could...

Pictures Suggest Perry Attempted To Physically Intimidate Ron Paul
Pictures taken during a commercial break in last night’s GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library suggest that Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to physically intimidate Congressman Ron Paul, prompting Paul’s security to intervene. Photographs published by the AP and Reuters show...

Embarrassing for the Establishment: Poll Showing Ron Paul Won Debate at Reagan Shrine
Kurt Nimmo - It’s embarrassing for the establishment. They keep holding these “debates” and Ron Paul keeps winning. The corporate media keeps posting polls and Ron Paul keeps winning. And yet we are told he can’t possibly win the nomination.

FLASHBACK: Neo-Con Hierarchy Launches Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Real Constitutionalists
A prominent insider has told Infowars that Texas Governor Rick Perry and other establishment neo-cons have decided to deliberately target grass roots constitutionalists with dirty tricks campaigns in an effort to derail and hijack the growing liberty movement whose influence is threatening to blow the Texas gubernatorial race wide open.

Obama: ‘Best Debate Ever’
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – A jubilant President Barack Obama said that tonight’s Republican forum was “the best debate ever,” calling it “the first good news I’ve had since I nailed bin Laden.”

VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul calls for vote of no confidence in Treasury Secretary Geithner
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) on Wednesday took to the Senate floor to call for a vote of no confidence in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, one of the stalwarts of President Barack Obama's administration.

NYC mayor: NYPD not unfair in surveillance
NEW YORK (AP) -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the New York Police Department's surveillance of the city's ethnic neighborhoods had not unfairly targeted any group in an effort to root out possible terror connections, and compared it to screening kids for measles....

Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism fusion center reports
Bloomington, Minn. – On May 1, 2008, at 4:59 p.m., Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security. As he shopped for a children’s watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused of wrongdoing, the guards filed...

VIDEO: Mobile Surveillance Towers to be Showcased to Congress
The Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) is slated for demonstration to The House of Representatives, Senate and their staffs today, according to Homeland Security Newswire.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sues trucking company for sidelining alcoholic truck driver
(NaturalNews) As the actions of the federal government continue to spiral out of control -- with armed raids on Gibson Guitars, raids on Rawesome Foods and the assaulting of children's lemonade stands across America -- the insanity of government only...


Obama sees U.S. crisis, pushes $447 billion jobs plan
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama laid out a $447 billion jobs package of tax cuts and government spending on Thursday that will be critical to his re-election chances but he faces an uphill fight with Republicans.

Obama's "Jobs" Plan: Just Don't Call It "Stimulus"
Failure of the President's hallmark spending plan doesn't stop him from hoping to repeat it

Goldman Sachs Head Gold Trader: Authorities Could Intervene To Slam Down Price of Gold
Central banks could openly intervene at a key inflection point to slam the price of gold down.

Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes
Which one of these tax hikes will destroy the most jobs?

The NAFTA Of The Pacific Will Soon Allow Millions More American Jobs To Be Shipped Overseas
The United States is negotiating one of the biggest free trade agreements in history and there is barely a peep about it on the news.

More people applied for unemployment benefits
WASHINGTON (AP) - The number of people seeking unemployment benefits ticked up slightly last week, evidence that the job market isn't improving. Weekly applications for unemployment benefits rose 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 414,000, the Labor Department said Thursday.

You think we owe $14.5 trillion? The real figure is more like $211 trillion
(NaturalNews) Remember the tussle between Congress and the White House earlier this summer over raising the nation's debt limit? Supporters of the "deal," including President Barack Obama, tried to assuage our angst over the incredible amount of money...

Restaurants Want a Piece of Food Stamp Pie
The number of businesses approved to accept food stamps grew by a third from 2005 to 2010, U.S. Department of Agriculture records show, as vendors from convenience and dollar discount stores to gas stations and pharmacies increasingly joined the growing entitlement program.

Higher prices push Smithfield Foods 1Q profit up
SMITHFIELD, Va. (AP) -- Smithfield Foods Inc.'s fiscal first-quarter net income rose 8 percent, as the world's biggest hog producer charged higher prices and sold more packaged meats....

Housing Market

Mortgage rates lowest in decades, but few qualify
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mortgage rates have reached their lowest levels in six decades, making this the best time in most Americans' lives to buy or refinance a home. For people who qualify, today's rates could save thousands of dollars a year....

Energy & Environment

UPDATE: Outage affects millions in Southwest, Mexico
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- The lights were back on Friday morning in Arizona and steadily returning to parts of Southern California and Mexico after a power outage accidentally triggered by a utility worker cut electricity to millions of people, leaving southwestern residents sweltering without air conditioners and paralyzing some San Diego freeway and airport traffic.

SAN DIEGO -- A major power outage hit San Diego County, Imperial County and parts of Orange County Thursday, leaving residents throughout the region without power.
 * Related Article: Southern California blackout led to shutdown of two reactors at San Onofre nuclear power plant
NOTE: Our very own Marie of The Power Hour is completely without power. HOWEVER, the good news is she is a Power Hour listener and was all prepared. She will keep us updated!

Officials triple number of homes charred in Texas fire
AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Some 1,386 homes have been destroyed in a monstrous fire burning southeast of Austin that has destroyed more homes than any other blaze in Texas history...

PHOTO GALLERY: More Texas Wildfires
Sep 6, 2011 - Especially hard-hit has been Bastrop County, about 25 miles from the city of Austin, where a 30,000 acre fire still burns uncontained. Collected here are some of the scenes from around Texas, where residents continue to struggle with a long drought and wildfires that have burned 3.6 million acres since November 2010. See earlier entry Texas Wildfires, from April, 2011. [39 photos]

Remnants of Lee bring floods to soggy Northeast
WINDHAM, N.Y. (AP) -- From Maryland to New England, the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee on Thursday flooded roads and highways, swelled waterways and put emergency responders still weary from dealing with last week's cleanup back on alert....

After Quake, Virginia Nuclear Plant Takes Stock
New York Times - The situation is so unusual that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, already facing questions about American earthquake safety after a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant, has no protocol in place for determining whether North Anna’s 1970s design still holds up, post-earthquake. USA TODAY article here. Photo gallery here.

YouTube: Fukushima Fallout 255 CPM Radioactive Manure Purchased In Southern California August 2011
This manure was purchased in Redlands, Ca at the local home improvement store. Thankfully I tested this before I used it in my yard. Results log here and radiation report here.


Essential First Aid Item: Activated Carbon
Activated carbon in powdered form should be in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit. It is also called activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is used around the world as a universal antidote for hundreds of poisons, including...

Discover the most versatile medicine in nature
(NaturalNews) For centuries, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) has been used to treat a number of medical and skin conditions. This miracle plant is also known as the 'harmonious remedy' by the Chinese people, the 'elixir of youth' by the Russians and the...

Milk thistle provides a protective shield to the liver, heart and brain
(NaturalNews) The liver is one of the most critical organs essential to human health. It serves more than 300 functions in the body to detoxify against chemical and environmental intrusions, and it promotes metabolic function as well. Silymarin is commonly...

Be aware of the problems of organ printing and the future of artificial biology
Organ printing, or the process of engineering tissue via 3D printing, possesses revolutionary potential for organ transplants. But do sociological consequences follow? Organ printing offers help to those in need of immediate organ transplants...

Find out about an exceptional source of omega-3 and more
(NaturalNews) Finding the right inexpensive source of omega-3 fatty acids is trickier than ever before. Fish are a great dietary source. But sea life has been exposed to many toxins lately. And seafood is not so cheap. Flax seeds or oils (organic) are...

Five easy ways to restart your metabolism with Ayurveda
At one point or another, just about all of us have tried to lose weight. With almost 75% of the American population either overweight or obese, this challenge is becoming seemingly more insurmountable every day. The typical quick diet programs...

Science & Technology

Google Details Electricity Usage of Its Data Centers
Google released what was once among its most closely guarded secrets on Thursday: how much electricity its enormous computing facilities consume. The company said that its data centers continuously drew almost 260 million watts — about a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant...

UN chief calls for urgent action on climate change
SYDNEY (AP) -- United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Thursday that urgent action was needed on climate change, pointing to the famine in the Horn of Africa and devastating floods in northern Australia as examples of the suffering caused by global warming....

VIDEO: Japan gov’t now posting Fukushima radiation forecast maps
Forecast maps from the Swiss Meteorological Bureau

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

EU high court rules on GMO contamination; opens door to biotech liability
On Sept. 6, the European Union’s top court paved the way for farmers and beekeepers to recoup losses when their crops or honey become genetically contaminated from neighboring GM fields.


ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers... Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you...


VIDEO: Man vs Dog Eating Competition
Cute Video of a man that challenges his dog in an eating competition. One of the foods they competed with isn't on my top ten list of things a dog should eat (something I'd never give my own pets), but still a cute video.

Today In History - Thursday - September 8, 2011
1664 - The Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who then renamed it New York.
1866 - The first recorded birth of sextuplets took place in Chicago, IL. The parents were James and Jennie Bushnell.
1892 - An early version of "The Pledge of Allegiance" appeared in "The Youth's Companion."
1888 - In London, The body of Annie Champman was found. She was the second victim of "Jack The Ripper."
1900 - Galveston, TX, was hit by a hurricane that killed about 6,000 people.
1935 - U.S. Senator Huey P. Long, "The Kingfish" of Louisiana politics, was shot and mortally wounded. He died two days later.
1945 - In Washington, DC, a bus equipped with a two-way radio was put into service for the first time.
1945 - Bess Myerson of New York was crowned Miss America. She was the first Jewish contestant to win the title.
1951 - A peace treaty with Japan was signed by 48 other nations in San Francisco, CA.
1960 - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, was dedicated by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
1971 - In Washington, DC, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was inaugurated.
1974 - U.S. President Ford granted an unconditional pardon to former U.S. President Nixon.
1975 - In Boston, MA, public schools began their court-ordered citywide busing program amid scattered incidents of violence.
1994 - 132 people were killed when A USAir Boeing 737 crashed as it was approaching Pittsburgh International Airport.
1997 - The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction of Timothy McVeigh for his role in the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.
1999 - Russia's Mission Control switched off the Mir space station's central computer and other systems to save energy during a planned six months of unmanned flights.
1999 - U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno named former U.S. Senator John Danforth to head an independent investigation into the 1993 fire at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX.

World News

GPs ordered to ration cancer scans: Lives 'being put at risk' by bureaucrats' new cost-saving directive
Family doctors have been ordered to ration the number of patients they send for life-saving cancer scans to save money. They are being told to slash the number they refer to hospital for tests including ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans commonly used to spot tumours.

Exclusive: Documents detail Western arms firm's Libya deal
(Reuters) - A major Western defense firm was upgrading military equipment for an elite Libyan security brigade just before an uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, documents show, showing how the West tried to foster ties with him during his final years in power.

Libya sends envoy to Niger, seeking Gaddafi
(Reuters) - Libya's new leaders sent envoys to neighboring Niger on Wednesday to try to prevent Muammar Gaddafi and his entourage evading justice by fleeing across a desert frontier toward friendly African states.

Palestinian hits out at U.S. policy on U.N. bid
(Reuters) - The United States is showing "disdain" for Arabs by trying to prevent the Palestinians from gaining statehood recognition at the United Nations, a senior Palestinian official said on Wednesday.

UBS: Euro Collapse Could Lead To Martial Law, Civil War
Paul Joseph Watson - Hank Paulson-style fearmongering is desperate effort to save single currency, preserve plan for superstate.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Poll: Who won tonight's GOP debate?
MSNBC poll shows different results than NBC's Poll, but Ron Paul is still the winner with 79% of the votes! Michele Bachmann second with 5.7%...

Gibson Guitars proves the environmental police state that wants your wood products and guns
(NaturalNews) The recent US government raid of Gibson Guitars' Tennessee manufacturing facility is now receiving widespread media coverage, thanks to a flood of reports that have appeared across the web in recent weeks, including here at NaturalNews...

Live On Location TV: “The International Hearings on The Events of Sept. 11″
Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - Live On Location TV will be broadcasting live from the “The International Hearings on The Events of Sept 11, 2001″ – Toronto, Canada.

Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library?
Ron Paul!!!  HOWEVER....Look how the graph in NOT in proportion to votes!!

VIDEO: Ron Paul in the NBC / Politico GOP Debate - 9/7/11
Missed the debate? Well you missed a major media shafting of the Good Dr Paul. But never the less here it is. All of Ron Paul's questions & responses here.

Paul: Perry’s not really conservative
Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, for the second day in a row, criticized Rick Perry’s record as a conservative and cast the Texas governor as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In an open letter to the Perry camp, Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton...

Dream Job: Martin Luther King Statue With Made in China Label?
An American bricklayer's union is calling on the Obama administration to deny visas to a group of Chinese workers selected to travel to Washington this fall to assemble a sculpture on the National Mall in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This morning members of the Local 1 Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers union leafleted the Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation offices in downtown Washington, telling commuters that outsourcing the project to China...

The New MLK Statue is a Fine Example of Chinese Communist Iconography (Photos)
The first time I saw this image, it was just a thumbnail on a webpage, and I could not make out the face: “Just another clichéd statue of a Chinese leader,” I thought, as I moved on to other news. magine my shock when I discovered that it was a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. for a national memorial in Washington DC. As it turns out, the statue is indeed an example of Chinese communist iconography.

Stone Carver for Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Wins Prestigious Macarthur Foundation "Genius" Grant
(Washington, D.C., September 28, 2010) – The leadership of the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. congratulates stone carver Nicholas Benson as a recipient of one of the MacArthur Foundation's "genius" grants. Benson is currently working on the four-acre King Memorial that is being built on the National Mall.

As Chinese workers build the Martin Luther King memorial, a union investigates
Francis Jacobberger's plan was simple - show up with a six-pack of beer and talk his way into a Crystal City apartment. An investigator for the Washington area union that represents stonemasons, Jacobberger was working a case dear to the members: Who should build the centerpiece of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial - Americans or imported Chinese workers?

Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses
Health problems associated with military service during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn and related VA benefits...

ACLU to sue over welfare drug testing
MIAMI -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida plans to challenge the state's law requiring new welfare recipients to pass a drug test. An ACLU spokesman told The Associated Press...

9/11 Was A Fantastically Profitable Covert Operation
Now that the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 approaches, I spoke with former Wall Street investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts on aspects related to the financial angle of the crime. “9/11,” she says, “is the symptom of a model of control which is centralized and top-down.”

Pentagon ups threat level at bases ahead of 9-11
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon is raising the security level at its military bases across the country because of the upcoming anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks....

Republicans cry foul over Democrats accepting corporate cash for convention, despite Obama pledge
Although President Barack Obama has promised he won’t be taking any corporate money to support his re-election bid, the organizers of the 2012 Democratic National Convention have already shown that they will.

Members of debt panel have ties to lobbyists
Like many federal contractors, General Electric has a lot riding on the work of a new congressional “supercommittee,” which will help decide whether to impose massive cuts in defense and health-care spending. But the Connecticut-based conglomerate also has a potential advantage...

YouTube: Congressman Says Israel Has Manifested TOTAL POWER Over U.S. Congress
"I believe they control the Senate and the House Foreign Affairs Committee........." - former Cong. James Traficant.

Texans in 39 foot boat expected to arrive off coast of Gaza on Tuesday to honor USS Liberty
A retired college professor who has sailed approximately 8,000 miles to the eastern Mediterranean is expected to arrive at his destination within the next 24 hours: the exact location where Israeli forces tried to sink a US Navy ship in 1967, killing or injuring over 200 American servicemen.

Postal Service may get short-term financial help
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House may pull the Postal Service back from the brink of insolvency, at least for a few months....

Coming soon: The IRS will do your taxes for you
Imagine this scenario: The IRS may soon just do your taxes for you — and send you the bill. If this sounds farfetched, it’s not. With a new congressional “super committee” tasked with finding $1.5 trillion in cuts by November, creative ways to find additional revenue are in high demand. And allowing the IRS to prepare you taxes could be one solution.

Calif. treasurer accused of campaign fund theft
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A longtime Democratic campaign accountant whose clients included U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein siphoned off nearly $700,000 from a California candidate to pay her credit cards, a mortgage and business bills, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Writing About TSA 'Rape'
Attacking the TSA for its privacy-invasive screening procedures has become a favorite activity for many journalists, especially Matt Drudge. TSA horror stories are often featured prominently on The Drudge Report and he has taken to calling Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (of which the TSA is a part) “Big Sis.”

The Truth about the Oath Keepers Encourages military, law enforcement personnel to respect the Constitution
There was a time in our nation’s history when the American people came together to rally against a domineering British monarchy. It was during this time that the Founding Fathers produced the Constitution of the United States of America.

Video Game Allows Frustrated Libs Chance to Kill Tea Party Opponents
Kurt Nimmo | Despite the obvious adolescent nature of the video game, it reveals how some liberals and Democrats feel about the political opposition – they want to kill them.

Giffords-Kelly memoir coming Nov. 15
NEW YORK (AP) -- The joint memoir of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, is coming out Nov. 15....


VIDEO: Ron Paul: How I would fix the economy quickly
Congressman Ron Paul explains how he would change the economy around quickly and stimulate business in America.

Obama 'to inject $300 bn' in bid to create jobs
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President Barack Obama will propose the injection of $300 billion into the sputtering US economy in a pivotal speech laying out his plan to create jobs, US media are reporting.

Survey: US falls to 5th in global competitiveness
GENEVA (AP) -- The U.S. has tumbled further down a global ranking of the world's most competitive economies, landing at fifth place because of its huge deficits and declining public faith in government, a global economic group said Wednesday....

Housing Market

Related’s CityPlace Sued in $150 Million Mortgage Foreclosure Action
CityPlace Retail LLC, the developer of a mixed-use condominium, restaurant and retail project in West Palm Beach, Florida, was sued in a foreclosure action after allegedly defaulting on a $150 million mortgage.

Energy & Environment

Texas residents quickly fled as wildfire closed in
BASTROP, Texas (AP) -- Dennis Silman was in line at the store when his wife's urgent call came through: They needed to get out. Smoke was drifting up through the woods and the wildfire that just 30 minutes earlier wasn't near enough to pose a problem was visible over the treetops by the time he got home....

VIDEO: Japan gov’t now posting Fukushima radiation forecast maps
Forecast maps from the Swiss Meteorological Bureau.

Austin fire chief out of town as wildfires raged outside city
As fires tore through hundreds of Central Texas homes, Austin officials dispatched nearly 200 of their firefighters to help across the region and issued an urgent request Sunday for 25 off-duty firefighters to report to work. But Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr stayed in Colorado for a Labor Day weekend golfing trip, leaving subordinates largely in charge...

Feds to assume control of Bastrop Co. fire; volunteer firemen turned away
BASTROP — Firefighting-trained volunteers from around the state converged on Bastrop and Smithville Tuesday to lend a hand to the beleaguered local firefighters battling the Bastrop County Complex Fire — only to be sent away as federal officials arrived at the scene and took command, apparently because local officials never made a formal request for volunteers.

Texas cut fire department funding by 75 percent this year
Under Gov. Rick Perry (R) this year, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires like the ones that have recently destroyed more than 700 homes. Volunteer departments that were already facing financial strain were slated to have their funding cut from $30 million to $7 million...

Contract Dispute Grounds Firefighting Planes
Nearly half of the federal government’s firefighting air tankers are siting idle at a California airport, grounded by the Obama administration in a contract dispute just weeks before wildfires swept through Texas killing a mother and her child, and destroying 100,000 acres.

Tropical Storm Maria Joins Katia in Atlantic
Tropical Storm Maria formed in the Atlantic, the 13th named system of the 2011 season, as Hurricane Katia weakened further on its path around Bermuda.


Prenatal exposure to common chemicals called phthalates linked to brain damage
(NaturalNews) According to the American Chemistry Council, a family of plasticizer compounds called phthlates are fine and dandy additions to everything from wall coverings, flooring, toys, perfumes, shampoos and IV tubes. In fact, Centers for Disease...

Dietary Supplement Importers Won’t Be Exempt From New FDA Fees According to
According to Benjamin England, Founder and CEO of, many dietary supplement importers are not aware that new FDA food inspection and re-examination fees will apply to them beginning October 1st, 2011.

Television watching - One hour may shorten life by twenty-two minutes
(NaturalNews) Extremely shocking information has recently been revealed in a new report released by the University of Queensland. According to the report, a person reduces his lifespan by 22 minutes for every hour spent watching television.

Tai Chi improves a variety of medical conditions
(NaturalNews) We see them in parks slowly and softly moving their limbs in seemingly random ways. We may pass them without thought, but do these Tai Chi practitioners have anything to teach us?

Use feverfew for natural migraine relief
(NaturalNews) Close to a billion people around the world suffer from migraines at some point or other in their lives. This neurological condition is characterized by vomiting, severe headaches, nausea and photophobia of varying intensities (sensitivity...

Diet Controversies
(NaturalNews) Bill Clinton this week probably did more for the vegan lifestyle than any other single event in the history of dietary controversies. When the former president announced that he has adopted a vegan diet, news media picked up the story with...

Science & Technology

Scientist pleads guilty to attempted espionage
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A former government space scientist pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of attempted espionage for trying to sell classified information to an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli spy....

Tech company to build science ghost town in NM
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- New Mexico, home to several of the nation's premier scientific, nuclear and military institutions, is planning to take part in an unprecedented science project - a 20-square-mile model of a small U.S. city....

BAE Systems shows invisibility cloak-wrapped vehicle
BAE Systems has tested an invisibility cloak that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings; sheets of hexagonal "pixels," which can change temperature very rapidly, allow vehicles -- even moving tanks -- to match their surroundings, thus making them invisible.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

EPA Declares Hay a ‘Pollutant’ To Intimidate Ranchers
Billings, Mont. – During his presentation on the status of the nation’s new country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law, and on behalf of the R-CALF USA COOL Committee, R-CALF USA member and Kansas cattle feeder Mike Callicrate was asked a non-COOL question that set convention goers on their heels during the 12th Annual R-CALF USA Convention held August 26-27 in Rapid City, S.D.

Nick’s Organic Farm, Civic Groups, 400 Individuals Pave Way for Lawsuits on Brickyard Rd School Site
Potomac, MD Sept. 2, 2011 —Separate Notices of Monetary Claims Filed. Nick’s Organic Farm, Nick Maravell and his wife Victoria Cowles filed legal notice with Montgomery County this week that the County’s actions pertaining to the Brickyard Road school site caused them injury, a legal step necessary ahead of filing a lawsuit. Citizens groups made a similar move this week.


This One Procedure Could Reduce Your Pet’s Lifespan by Over 30%
A study conducted at the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation and published in the December, 2009 issue of Aging Cell, has found a correlation between the age at which female rottweilers are spayed and their lifespan.

Holistic Treatment for Your Cat’s Bladder Infection
Your normally well-behaved kitty is leaving smelly surprises on your carpet, or maybe she’s having difficulty going to the bathroom altogether. It seems pretty obvious that she has a urinary tract infection, right?

VIDEO: Fail to Give this Fat to Your Pets and You are Asking for Trouble
Contrary to popular belief, not all dietary fats cause obesity in your pet. Just as in humans, the “good” fats (omega-3 fats) enhance energy production in your dog or cat, so they actually create less fat. Because most pets consume an abundance of high carbohydrate, empty calorie dry foods (kibble)...


VIDEO: Which is the Guilty Dog?
Three dogs are questioned to find out which one made the mess …

Drunken elk rescued from Swede's apple tree
A drunken elk desperate for just one more mouthful of fermenting apples lost its balance in the attempt, leaving it stuck in an apple tree in western Sweden.

Today In History - Wednesday - September 7, 2011
1813 - The nickname "Uncle Sam" was first used as a symbolic reference to the United States.
1822 - Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.
1888 - Edith Eleanor McLean became the first baby to be placed in an incubator.
1901 - The Boxer Rebellion began in China ending the Peace of Beijing.
1921 - Margaret Gorman of Washington, DC, was crowned the first Miss America in Atlantic City, NJ.
1927 - Philo T. Farnsworth succeeded in transmitting an image through purely electronic means by using an image dissector.
1930 - The cartoon "Blondie" made its first appearance in the comic strips.
1940 - London received its initial rain of bombs from Nazi Germany during World War II.
1942 - During World War II, the Russian army counter attacked the German troops outside the city of Stalingrad.
1963 - The National Professional Football Hall of Fame was dedicated in Canton, OH.
1977 - The Panama Canal treaties were signed by U.S. President Carter and General Omar Torrijos Herrera. The treaties called for the U.S. to turn over control of the canal's waterway to Panama in the year 2000.
1977 - G. Gordon Liddy was released from prison. He had been incarcerated for more than four years for his involvement in the Watergate conspiracy.
1979 - ESPN, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, made its debut on cable TV.
1984 - American Express Co. issued the first of its Platinum charge cards.
1989 - Legislation was approved by the U.S. Senate that prohibited discrimination against the handicapped in employment, public accommodations, transportation and communications.
1992 - 28 people African National Congress supporters were killed and 200 were wounded when fired upon by troops in South Africa.
1995 - U.S. Senator Bob Packwood announced that he would resign after 27 years in the Senate.
1998 - Mark McGwire set a new major league baseball record for most homeruns hit in a single season. The previous record was 61 set in 1961.
1999 - The White House announced that 12 jailed members of the Puerto Rican independence group Armed Forces of National Liberation had accepted a clemency offer proposed by U.S. President Clinton.
1999 - Viacom Inc. announced that it had plans to buy CBS Corp.
2001 - Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants) became the only the fifth player in major league baseball history to hit 60 home runs in a season.

World News

Libyan fighters say Gadhafi surrounded
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- Libyan fighters have surrounded the ousted dictator Moammar Gadhafi, and it is only a matter of time until he is captured or killed, a spokesman for Tripoli's new military council said Wednesday....

Atlantic Council: Is Libya a "Global Con?"
The Atlantic Council claims to be a "preeminent, non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security." It is partnered with NATO and sponsored financially...

Unseemly Scrabble for Libya's Post-Gaddafi Oil Assets Underway
While NATO members, led by France, piously proclaimed at the onset of their military offensive in Libya that their concerns were solely humanitarian, a covert tussle to gain a commanding lead in developing the country's energy riches in light of Colonel Gaddafi's departure is well underway.

CAIRO — The Egyptian authorities are erecting a wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo as relations between the two neighbors who signed a peace treaty in 1979 are at a delicate phase.

UN leader urges world to unite and act on Syria
AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the world community on Tuesday to take action on the situation in Syria.

Proposed austerity measures lead to protest, strike in Italy
A coalition of socialist, labor and union organizations took to the streets of Rome Tuesday as part of a nationwide, general strike against proposed government austerity policies that organizers say hurt workers.

Phone-Hack Lawyer Says Murdoch Career in Peril
Mark Lewis, the lawyer representing dozens of News of the World phone-hacking victims, said testimony by former News Corp. (NWSA) executives to the U.K. Parliament today may determine if James Murdoch lied about the scandal.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

In the tradition of the Weaver family murders and the Waco inferno, ATF has now brought us “Fast and Furious” with the highest body count to date: approximately 200. At the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), that merits transfers for the four managers involved.

Dysfunctional government: Head of ATF sacked as evidence mounts of a cover-up
(NaturalNews) If you have ever wondered why the national government is dysfunctional, you needn't look any further than the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Revelations regarding this renegade agency over the past few days...

CIA lawyer says Obama administration backed and continued virtually all Bush-era programs
(NaturalNews) As he campaigned for the presidency in 2007 and 2008, then Sen. Barack Obama made clear there would be no torturing of terrorism suspects on his watch, as had been done by the agency with White House and Justice Department approval during...

Panetta Calls Terror Threat ‘Very Real’ in Visit to Ground Zero Memorial
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, visiting New York’s World Trade Center site today to mark the approaching 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said the potential for another al-Qaeda strike is “very real.”

9/11: A Time For Truth
Now is the time to support the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth’s 10th Anniversary Campaign...

YouTube is running a campaign to promote “DeBunking” Videos for anyone watching the new Architects and Engineers’s video
Here is a screenshot of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth's new video on YouTube. When you access the video from the embedded version on the Architects and Engineer's website, YouTube/Google/NSA has promoted 6 videos that purport to "DeBunk" various aspects of 9-11 Truth.

In addition to the gross human rights violations inherent in illegal Israeli settlement expansion, US taxpayers simply cannot afford to build homes and walls in illegal Israeli settlements while record numbers of Americans are losing their homes, and unmet domestic needs in the US are at an all time high.

Obama, Republicans battered in two new polls
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Public support for both President Barack Obama and the US Congress has hit news lows, as a pair of polls Tuesday reflected Americans' frustration with the stalled economy and rancorous partisan squabbling.

YouTube: Ron Paul Ad

Ron Paul is taking on Rick Perry in a new television ad blasting the Texas governor for for supporting Al Gore’s 1988 presidential campaign...

Sources: Obama Administration to Drop Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000
The Obama administration has decided to drop the number of U.S. troops in Iraq at the end of the year down to 3,000, marking a major downgrade in force strength, multiple sources familiar with the inner workings and decisions on U.S. troop movements in Iraq told Fox News.

Sanctioning Messenger Dr. Bouthainia Shaaban Assaults American Values
As part of its 7th set of US sanctions against Syria, which began in June, 2011, the Obama administration has targeted a messenger, a sometime spokeswoman, a positive image of Syria, someone people of all religions and cultures have easily identified with over the past several years, Dr. Bouthainia Shaaban.

VIDEO: The Endangered Species Act and Agenda 21
The Endangered Species Act and the destruction of the Constitution.

Ex-Citigroup Executive Foster Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud
Gary Foster, a former Citigroup Inc. (C) vice president accused of embezzling $22.9 million from the bank, pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

California bill would wipe out independent and private businesses
There are big bills pending in California right now that will ultimately wipe out independent and private businesses. One of them is AB 361 which establishes “California B Corp Benefit Corporations,” a program for buddies and beneficiaries who agree to advance the principles of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21.

Feds Charge Man As Enemy Combatant Supporting Terrorism For Uploading YouTube Video, Subjecting Him To Permanent Imprisonment, Torture, And Lethal Beatings Without A Trial
Take freedom of speech and other personal liberties — including protections against cruel and unusual punishment, right to face your accuser, and right to trial by jury — and throw them right out the window. All for the crime of uploading a YouTube.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling out web news aggregator Matt Drudge for suggesting that she's an ogre eager to invade the privacy of Americans and in particular those who travel by air.

10 Facts That Prove Big Sis Is Wrong, Drudge Is Right
Security has been caught lying again and again about airport security in a bid to undermine genuine privacy concerns.


Gold fever sweeps the criminal underworld
Record-high prices lead to a spike in thefts, local police departments say. After a summer of brazen attacks on gold stores, parts of downtown Los Angeles now look more like a militarized zone than a commercial corridor.

Ford to build $1B plant, create 5,000 jobs -- in India
AFP - US auto giant Ford has started construction on a $1 billion manufacturing and engineering complex in India as it bets on the country to help drive global growth, a company statement said on Tuesday. Related article here.

YouTube: Why Can’t We Afford Irene?
Southern Avenger Sep 6, 2011 - The New York Times reported last week that “Hurricane Irene will most likely prove to be one of the 10 costliest catastrophes in the nation’s history … Industry estimates put the cost of the storm at $7 billion to $10 billion …” Read the article here.

Video: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 9/06/11
Ron Paul "We Want Our Rights & Our Liberties But Unfortunately We've Grown Very Soft".

Ron Paul on Economic Platform, U.S. Budget, Obama
Bloomberg Sept. 6, 2011 - U.S. Representative and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas talks about his economic and political platform, the outlook for success of the 12-member congressional supercommittee assigned to cut $1.5 trillion in federal spending and President Barack Obama's scheduled speech before Congress on Sept. 8. Paul speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance Midday."

SOROS: 'This crisis has potential to be lot worse than LEHMAN BROTHERS'
As Europe struggles to contain its government debt crisis, the greatest fear is that one of the Continent’s major banks may fail, setting off a financial panic like the one sparked by Lehman’s bankruptcy in September 2008.

Obama Considers Tax Cuts Beyond Republican Plans
President Barack Obama may press Congress for tax cuts that would exceed his past proposals as well as some of the offerings from House Republicans to strengthen his hand in talks on measures to boost the U.S. economy, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

More Bad News on Jobs: Stores Trim Holiday Hiring
Don’t expect a big boost in hiring from the retail sector during the holiday season, according to the results of a survey released Tuesday. Although the vast majority of retailers — some 68 percent — plan on keeping holiday hiring at roughly the same level as last year...

Illinois to lay off thousands of state workers by end of week
A decision made by Gov. Pat Quinn may leave thousands of state workers without a job by the end of the week. The cuts are coming in the face of a budget deficit that doesn't leave enough money to pay the workers...

Roubini Warns - Sell Stocks, Go To Cash, New Crisis Is Coming
Nouriel Roubini, co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics LLC, said the current slowdown in the world economy has brought forward the timing of a new financial crisis.

10-year yields hit RECORD low - Traders begin their own ‘Operation Twist’ before Fed
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Treasury prices pared gains, after pushing 10-year yields to a record low, as U.S. stocks recovered some of their decline and investors seeking safety got flushed out of the Swiss franc after officials there set a ceiling for the currency against the euro.

Housing Market

Former GE Unit WMC, EquiFirst Are Sued by Trustee in Mortgage-Loan Dispute
WMC Mortgage Corp. and EquiFirst Corp. were sued by a trustee over a pool of more than $550 million in securities backed by allegedly defective mortgage loans.

What Did Fannie, Freddie Know?
The 17 lawsuits filed Friday by federal regulators against some of the world's biggest financial institutions hinge on a simple premise: The mortgage loans that banks packaged into securities often didn't meet the underwriting guidelines the banks outlined in their securities filings.

Energy & Environment

UPDATE: Texas wildfires consume 1,000 homes, 100,000 acres
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- More than 1,000 homes have burned in at least 57 wildfires across rain-starved Texas, most of them in one devastating blaze close to Austin that's still raging out of control, officials said Tuesday.

As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighters
(NaturalNews) As fires raged across central Texas for the past three days, local citizens sprang into action to protect their lives and property. Local churches opened their doors and began hosting refugees left homeless by the fires which have now destroyed...

Firefighters have yet to control Texas wildfire
BASTROP, Texas (AP) -- One of the most destructive wildfires in Texas history is slowing down thanks in part to calming winds, but stretched-thin firefighting crews have yet to gain any control of the blaze that is plowing across rain-starved grasslands now littered with hundreds of charred homes....



BMJ had secret financial ties to Merck during publication of articles attacking Wakefield
(NaturalNews) When a corrupt medical group wants to discourage dissidence from within, it targets a high profile figure to disgrace. This intimidates others from doing the right thing if it disrupts the lies and profits of Big Pharma. Dr. Andrew Wakefield...

Debt commission members rake in health money
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Doctors, drugmakers, hospitals and health insurers have spent millions over the years wooing lawmakers who now are on the powerful congressional panel charged with finding a formula to control deficits and debt, a new analysis finds....

Chocolate and cocoa polyphenols vindicated in the war against heart disease
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Cambridge in England have finally published solid evidence to demonstrate the consumption of chocolate is associated with improved heart and vascular health. Writing in the prestigious BMJ (British Medical...

How and why melatonin is an effective cancer treatment
Numerous studies have established melatonin as one of the most effective anti-cancer treatments in existence. It inhibits cancer cell growth and proliferation; it destroys cancer cells, stops angiogenesis (new tumor blood vessel growth),...

YouTube:"The Great Culling" Official Fluoride Trailer 2
Paul Wittenberger here, producer and director of What in the World are they Spraying. I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know where I am currently in production of my latest film, "The Great Culling". I along with my co-producer, Chris Maple, for the past 6 months have been exploring the direct connection between heavy metal toxicity and the current epidemic...

Spices Protect Against The Effects of Fatty Foods
Spice up your food life! Using spices like paprika, cinnamon, turmeric and more can do more for you food than flavor. Powdering your meals with some spices not only protect against fatty acids, but also against the effects carbohydrates, insulin spikes, and gas.

Not Your Grandma’s Strawberries
Unfortunately, the typical fruits and veggies of today’s world are not the vital source of nutrition they used to be. Find out the major causes of nutrient depletion and the estimated percentages of reduction.

This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body’s Toxins
The website Green Med Info has assembled a list of studies that found evidence of over 40 conditions that chlorella can help to prevent or ease. The conditions include: hypertension, anemia, diabetes, acute stress, fibromyalgia, and liver cancer. According to one of the studies on the subject: “Chlorella vulgaris (CV) has been reported to have antioxidant and anticancer properties …

Bromelain - Find health with the healing qualities of proteolytic enzymes
(NaturalNews) Pineapples have long had a tradition for their healing qualities among the natives of Central and South America. Bromelain is a powerful proteolytic enzyme from the juice and stems of pineapples. It is very helpful for aiding the digestive processes. It has...

Gut Biota Never Recover from Antibiotic Use – Extends to Future Generations
Antibiotic use, it turns out, does more damage than just leading to drug resistant diseases. We may never fully recover from the gut damage. There are already mass problems with food assimilation and breathing difficulties continually on the rise. Worse still, the damage is passed on...

Vaccines Are Dangerous – The Government Says So!
According to the first comprehensive safety review in 17 years (required by law) the side effects that doctors long have known about, such as fever-caused seizures and occasional brain inflammation are risks parents take every time they take their kids in for shots.

Mercury Poisoning Linked To Beauty Cream
HOUSTON – Several people in south Texas have tested positive for elevated levels of mercury in their blood, and officials said those cases have been linked to a Mexican beauty cream.

Science & Technology

New first response, military tool: surveillance insects
Micro air vehicles (MAVs) are tiny, insect-size UAVs used for search-and-rescue operations, surveillance, monitoring of hazardous environments, and detection of explosives; University of Michigan researchers had an idea: rather than build insect-size UAVs, why not use the insects themselves to fly these missions?

Molecules could help solve radioactive waste concerns
One component of nuclear waste -- called "minor actinides" -- present an extreme hazard as they are intensely radioactive and long-lived nuclides; they must be safely stored for at least 100,000 years; researchers have discovered a class of molecules that can selectively extract minor actinides, making the eventual waste far less radiotoxic.

Sprint Sues to Block AT&T Deal With T-Mobile
Sprint Nextel Corp. sued to block AT&T Inc.’s proposed $39 billion purchase of wireless carrier T- Mobile USA Inc. less than a week after the U.S. Justice Department moved to halt the transaction.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

GM Feed Toxic, New Meta-Analysis Confirms
EXTRACTS: A meta-analysis on 19 studies confirms kidney and liver toxicity in rats and mice fed on GM soybean and maize, representing more than 80 percent of all commercially available GM food; it also exposes gross inadequacies of current risk assessment.


QUOTES OF LIFE: Confirm We Should Keep Our Thoughts Motivational And Positive!
The following quotes of life come from some of our worlds greatest leaders yet they all seem to have the same message. You can call it the law of attraction, positive thinking or simply call these quotations spiritual but they all say BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS!


YouTube: Two Dogs in a Diner
How in the world did the pet owners get them to sit still during this meal?? Really something!

YouTube: Grocery Store Wars
Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away.

Today In History - Tuesday - September 6, 2011
1876 - The Southern Pacific rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco was completed.
1899 - Carnation processed its first can of evaporated milk.
1901 - U.S. President William McKinley was shot and mortally wounded (he died eight days later) by Leon Czolgosz. Czolgosz, an American anarchist, was executed the following October.
1909 - Robert Peary, American explorer, sent word that he had reached the North Pole. He had reached his goal five months earlier.
1939 - South Africa declared war on Germany.
1941 - Jews in German-occupied areas were ordered to wear the Star of David with the word "Jew" inscribed. The order applied to Jews over the age of 6.
1959 - The first Barbie Doll was sold by Mattel Toy Corporation.
1966 - In Cape Town, South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd was stabbed to death by a deranged page during a parliamentary session.
1970 - Palestinian guerrillas seized control of 3 jetliners. After all were evacuated the jets were blown up while on the ground in Jordan. 
1975 - Martina Navratilova requested political asylum while in New York for the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.
1983 - The Soviet Union admitted to the shooting down of Korean Air Lines flight 007. They said the pilots were not aware that their target was a civilian aircraft.
1990 - Iraq warned that anyone trying to flee the country without permission would be put in prison for life.
1991 - The State Council of the Soviet Union recognized the independence of the Baltic states.
1992 - A 35-year old man died ten weeks after receiving a transplanted baboon liver.
1995 - Los Angeles police detective Mark Fuhrman invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination at the O.J. Simpson trial.
1995 - U.S. Senator Bob Packwood was expelled by the Senate Ethics Committee.
1997 - More than 2 million people watched the funeral service of Princess Diana that was held at Westminster Abbey.
2000 - The U.N. Millennium Summit began in New York. It was the largest gathering of world leaders in history with more than 150 present.
2001 - The U.S. Justice Department announced that it was seeking a lesser antitrust penalty and would not attempt to break up Microsoft.
2002 - In New York, the U.S. Congress convened at Federal Hall for a rare special session. The session was held in New York to express the nation's mourning for the loss on September 11, 2001 and unity in the war against terrorism.

World News

Israeli general: Likelihood of regional war growing
Senior IDF officer warns of 'radical Islamic winter' that may lead to regional war, could prompt use of WMDs...

Gadhafi spokesman: Toppled Libyan leader resolute
TARHOUNA, Libya (AP) -- Moammar Gadhafi is determined to fight his way back to power, the toppled dictator's spokesman said Tuesday, but a large convoy of his soldiers has apparently deserted, crossing the Libyan desert into neighboring Niger....

Turkey Vs. Israel: Will The Current Diplomatic Crisis Become A Military One?
Intel Hub - If you have been paying attention to the international news at all as of late you might have noticed that there is currently a full-scale diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel. This diplomatic crisis looks as though it very well could evolve into a military one as well...

Air drops bring aid to typhoon-isolated Japanese
TOKYO (AP) -- Helicopters began ferrying supplies Tuesday to communities cut off from the outside world by Japan's worst typhoon in seven years. The storm has left at least 37 dead and 54 missing in a nation still struggling to recover from its devastating tsunami just six months ago....

Defense establishment to simulate strike on nuclear facility
Security forces to hold 'worse case scenario' drill testing enemy strike on nuclear compound, lessons learned from Japan's Fukushima disaster...

Iceland says it was "bullied" over bank debt
(Reuters) - Iceland's president accused European countries on Sunday of having bullied it into agreeing to guarantee repayment of the debts of a failed bank, reviving a dispute with Britain and the Netherlands whose citizens are owed billions.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

New York becomes latest city to get 'non-intrusive' airport body scanners
New York has joined three other major U.S. cities in installing 'non-intrusive' body scanners in one its airports.
The machines are being installed around the country in a bid to avoid passenger protests over the 'naked' X-ray type scanners currently in use.

Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel
WASHINGTON — When Shamai K. Leibowitz, an F.B.I. translator, was sentenced to 20 months in prison last year for leaking classified information to a blogger, prosecutors revealed little about the case. They identified the blogger in court papers... Related article here.

VIDEO: Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event
Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa had some profane, combative words for Republicans while warming up the crowd for President Obama in Detroit, Michigan on Monday. Obama's response here.

AUDIO: Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk
September 5, 2011 - Show True Compassion by Abolishing FEMA.

How Darrell Issa Got Richer While In Congress, Helping his District And Helping Himself
A NYT profile of Issa's shady dealings. Issa is the 2nd richest member of Congress, with a net worth of $220 million.

Senator's Husband’s Firm Cashes In On Crisis
Just another day among the entrails in the bowel of the American dream. This one pushes the limits. Feinstein is the 9th richest member of Congress...

Poll: OK to trade some freedoms to fight terrorism
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Surveillance cameras in public places? Sure. Body scans at airports? Maybe. Snooping in personal email? Not so fast....

Police State Roundup: 15 Reasons Why I Choose Not to Live in the USSA
I left the United Soviet States of Amerika (USSA) five years ago and never looked back. Upon discovering that government forces executed what I learned was a “false flag operation”...

YouTube: States' Rights vs. the Supreme Court
Tom Woods explains that States can nullify (invalidate) unconstitutional federal laws, even if they are endorsed by the Supreme Court.

Chaos On The Streets Of America
It is so sad to see what is happening to America. Things did not have to turn out this way. But we have turned our backs on the principles handed down to us by our founding fathers. We were convinced that we knew better than they did. Well, now we are finding out that perhaps we should have listened to them.

VIDEO: DHS: We Lost Our Own Explosives During a Live Drill
Intel Hub Sept. 5, 2011 - DHS misplaced their own bombs used in a drill at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix recently. For the past few days the Department of Homeland Security and other officials have been hunting for live explosives that have “gone missing” from a drill conducted late last week.

Obama Orders Sweeping Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress
Once again President Obama has used the authority vested in him in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act to impose sweeping sanctions against a sovereign nation without Congressional approval.

US Warns Of Small Airplane Terror Threats
WASHINGTON — The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a nationwide warning about al-Qaida threats to small airplanes, just days before the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

FEMA Uses Waffle House Menu to Determine Storm Damage
WELDON, N.C.—When a hurricane makes landfall, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency relies on a couple of metrics to assess its destructive power.

Missouri prepares to end tax credit for elderly and disabled
The Associated Press is reporting that Missouri legislators are about to repeal a $750 state tax credit that has helped over 100,000 disabled and elderly residents who live in rental housing.

Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount
The United States Postal Service has long lived on the financial edge, but it has never been as close to the precipice as it is today: the agency is so low on cash that it will not be able to make a $5.5 billion payment due this month and may have to shut down entirely this winter unless Congress takes emergency action to stabilize its finances.

Wake Tech uses grant funding to expand law enforcement education
North Carolina-based Wake Tech Community College received grants of more than $2.5 million in the 2010-2011 fiscal year; the money was used, among other things, to develop training programs in the latest cybercrime and latent evidence technologies and to add a new, state-of-the-art crime lab to its public safety training facility.

Obama pushes Congress to pass transportation bill
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to pass a transportation bill to ensure funding for roads and construction jobs, arguing that failure to do so would spell economic disaster. Republicans say they support passing the bill, but Obama says time is running out and "political posturing" may stand in the way.

Video Update: Ron Paul at SC Palmetto Freedom Forum
Ron Paul speech at Palmetto Freedom Forum 9/5/2011

Ron Paul's Statement of Faith
My faith is a deeply private issue to me, and I don’t speak on it in great detail during my speeches because...

Fox and Google to Host GOP Debate Sept. 22. Vote for questions to be answered!
Fox News and Google are teaming up in the upcoming GOP debate on 9/22 where: "Viewers will be able to vote on the questions they want the candidates to answer, and Fox News will use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates.

Former TSA agent pleads guilty to assisting criminals in smuggling cash, drugs through security
(NaturalNews) A 43-year-old former US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent who was arrested back in March on charges of aiding a drug smuggling ring has pleaded guilty, according to reports. Minetta Walker says she knowingly assisted criminals...

'You're going to jail and will never see your parents again': What children aged SIX were 'told after being handcuffed for talking in class'
A primary school security guard handcuffed a group of first-grade children for hours and told them they would go to jail for talking in class, a lawyer has alleged.


Oil falls to near $83 on global slowdown fears
SINGAPORE (AP) -- Oil prices headed lower to near $83 a barrel Tuesday in Asia as investor fears of a recession in developed countries sent equities and commodities lower....

Amazon Offers Sweet Carrot To States To Kill Taxes
When it comes to a jobs program, Barack Obama could use a dash of Jeff Bezos‘ chutzpah.

Gold Rises Above $1,900 an Ounce as Growth, Debt Concerns Enhances Demand
Gold gained above $1,900 an ounce in London as concern about slowing economic growth and Europe’s debt woes spurred demand for a protection of wealth. European equities dropped after an election...

What Has Caused Our Economic Crisis?
Six key general policy failures have contributed...

Commerce Department Rules Against American Manufacturer
The U.S. Commerce Department issued a preliminary ruling this week that rejects Whirlpool’s request to impose countervailing duties on South Korean refrigerator imports. The U.S.-based company claimed that at least three manufacturers in South Korea were being highly subsidized by the government...

VIDEO: China is Draining Our Economy
China now has accumulated trillions of U.S. dollars of currency reserves, of which a major portion consists of U.S. treasury bonds. This has happened through an escalating...

Housing Market

Tropical Storm Irene Leaves Mark On Real Estate Market
Another problem facing the local market is the designation of Rhode Island as a federal disaster area. Due to most counties in Rhode Island and Massachusetts being declared federal disaster or federal emergency areas, every property that was previously appraised now has to be re-inspected for potential storm damage, said Mike Nadeau, a Senior Loan Officer at Mortgage Master, Inc. of East Providence. "Logical and necessary, but a delay in many closings nonetheless." In some cases, scheduled closings on homes are in jeopardy. After all, a home that sustained damage could be a vastly different place than the one a buyer bid on just days before.

There Are Two Big Reasons Why Goldman Sachs Just Got Sued For Fraud Again
Dan Sparks and the money it paid to get a window into the mortgage origination process.

Energy & Environment

Utility-Scale Smart Meter Deployments, Plans & Proposals April 2010
This map and table summarize smart meter deployments, planned deployments, and proposals by investor-owned utilities and some public power utilities. The program descriptions include the target number of meters to be deployed for each utility in the Meters column...

Wildfire destroys nearly 500 homes in Bastrop, Texas
A roaring wildfire raced unchecked through rain-starved farm and ranchland yesterday in Central Texas, destroying nearly 500 homes during a rapid advance fanned in part by howling winds from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

Hurricane Katia roars to Category 4 strength
MIAMI (AP) -- Hurricane Katia has roared to a monstrous Category 4 storm as it moves across the Atlantic Ocean....

Lee's remnants spawn Ga. twisters, drown Miss. man
ATLANTA (AP) -- The destructive remnants of Tropical Storm Lee slithered farther north Tuesday morning after spawning tornadoes, flooding numerous roads and sweeping several people away. Record amounts of rain have fallen in parts of Tennessee, and more was expected....

Fires rage across Texas, turning drought-stricken state into raging inferno
(NaturalNews) High winds whipped up devastating fires across Texas Sunday and sent them coursing through the tinderbox landscape at record speed. Across central Texas, spanning Austin, Waco and even approaching Shreveport, wildfires leapt across the drought-stricken state with astounding speed. Related article here.

How bad is the drought in Texas, really? - BAD!!!!
(NaturalNews) As I've been living in Austin, Texas, for a while, I thought I would report on the Texas drought situation first hand. How bad is the drought situation here? It's critically bad, actually. Even the wildlife are facing starvation...

News Alert! Dutchsince Youtube Account Shut Down!
Dutch was afraid they were going to do this. Having followed him closely the past few months as he was hot on the controllers heels identifying HAARP rings manipulating weather, and telling the real truth about the potency of the earth changes we’re undergoing, all of which are either ignored or under-reported in the MSM news...

New green compliant 60-watt LED bulb to cost $15
(NaturalNews) When the US federal government begins to unlawfully rip away Americans' freedom to purchase the light bulbs of their choice beginning on January 1, 2012, the only available choices will be poisonous compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs...


Use essential oils to treat and heal acne
(NaturalNews) Essential oils are one of the most effective natural weapons against acne. Topical use of a few specific essential oils can be a first line defense against the bacteria that cause pimples to form.

Cancer breakthrough: scientists discover harmless bacteria in soil kills cancer tumors
(NaturalNews) Cancer remains one of the most feared diseases on the planet -- and cancer patients being treated by mainstream medicine are usually bombarded with radiation and subjected to toxic chemotherapy that destroys healthy cells and weakens the...

Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance Testing- Accurate or Misleading?
(NaturalNews) Jane G. made an appointment to see me after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid with links to celiac disease) and suffering from years of gastrointestinal issues. I reviewed Jane's medical history...

SerratioPeptidase is a potent anti-inflammatory enzyme
Proteolytic enzymes are specific enzymes that metabolize protein. These enzymes are naturally produced by the human body and other living organisms and help carry out essential functions. Supplementing with these enzymes has shown to have...

Dr. Ron Paul Discusses Liberty, the Economy and Raw Milk (Part 1/2)
Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Rep. Ron Paul about Liberty, the economy and raw milk.

McDonald’s Pushes Dangerous Vaccinations On School Kids
We can expect to see an even bigger vaccine campaign this fall and winter. The media and medical push is in full throttle. Now McDonald’s is lending a helping hand to government and health organizations with an effort called “Immunize for healthy lives.”

Philadelphia exurb ends water fluoridation
(NaturalNews) We can only hope that the recent surge in American communities voting to end water fluoridation is an omen to the eventual end of this abominable and toxic practice across the entire country. A recent report in the The Mercury explains...

VIDEO: Still Carrying Around This Potent Neurotoxin Next to Your Brain?
This eye-opening video from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to illustrating the very real danger of mercury fillings.

Science & Technology

San Francisco Police Department now admits it 'assisted' Apple investigators
We were skeptical at first, as this sounded too weird to be true, but it seems "three or four" plainclothes SFPD officers did, in fact, accompany private Apple detectives to the home of Sergio Calderón...

Saturday, 3 September 2011 - WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange was at the centre of another political storm yesterday after more than 251,000 US diplomatic cables were published in their original form on the internet for anyone to read.

Artificial volcanoes to reverse global warming
British scientists are investigating a method to reverse the effects of climate change by creating an artificial volcano and suspending it 12.5 miles above the earth; the team's goal is to recreate...

Space junk at tipping point, says report
A report by the National Research Council says the debris could cause fatal leaks in spaceships or destroy valuable satellites. It calls for international regulations to limit the junk and more research into the possible use of launching large magnetic nets or giant umbrellas.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Rootworms defy Monsanto and eat away at GMO Corn in U.S. Midwest
(NaturalNews) Farmers in the big corn states watch in dismay as their "bug proofed" corn once again is being eaten by rootworms. As evolution would have it, the Western rootworm beetle, one of the most serious threats to corn, has developed resistance...

How To Take Down A Giant - Part 3 (Opinion)
(NaturalNews) From the past two articles written about Monsanto, its Roundup and the corruption by Hawaii's Generically Modified Politicians (those that became "hookers" for Monsanto by accepting campaign contributions from them), which included our Governor...


SATIRE: Meet your new Federal Family (and don't use the word "government" please) (satire)
(NaturalNews) As the reputation of the U.S. government is now in shambles, the feds are turning to the same bait-and-switch tactics used by the Corn Refiners Association as they tried to rename High Fructose Corn Syrup to the more innocent sounding...

Today In History - Monday - September 5, 2011
1836 - Sam Houston was elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas.
1877 - Sioux chief Crazy Horse was killed by the bayonet of a U.S. soldier. The chief allegedly resisted confinement to a jail cell.
1881 - The American Red Cross provided relief for disaster for the first time. The disaster was the Great Fire of 1881 in Michigan.
1882 - The first U.S. Labor Day parade was held in New York City.
1905 - The Treaty of Portsmouth was signed by Russia and Japan to end the Russo-Japanese War. The settlement was mediated by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in New Hampshire.
1914 - Babe Ruth hit his first home run as a professional player in the International League.
1914 - The Battle of the Marne began. The Germans, British and French fought for six days killing half a million people.
1917 - Federal raids were carried out in 24 cities on International Workers of the World (IWW) headquarters. The raids were prompted by suspected anti-war activities within the labor organization.
1939 - The U.S. proclaimed its neutrality in World War II.
1945 - Iva Toguri D'Aquino was arrested. D'Aquino was suspected of being the wartime radio propagandist "Tokyo Rose". She served six years and was later pardoned by U.S. President Ford.
1953 - The first privately operated atomic reactor opened in Raleigh, NC.
1961 - The U.S. government made airline hijacking a federal offense.
1972 - Arab guerrillas attacked the Israeli delegation at the Munich Olympic games. 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team, five guerrillas and a police officer were killed in the siege.
1975 - A Secret Service agent foiled an assassination attempt against U.S. U.S. President Gerald R. Ford. Lynette A. "Squeaky" Fromme was a follower of Charles Manson, who was incarcerated at the time. 17 days later, Sara Jane Moore attempted to assassinate Ford.
1977 - The U.S. launched Voyager .
1983 - U.S. President Reagan denounced the Soviet Union for shooting down a Korean Air Lines. Reagan demanded that the Soviet Union pay reparations for the act that killed 269 people.
1986 - A Pan Am jumbo jet carrying 358 people was hijacked at Karachi Airport. When security forces stormed the plane 21 people were killed and dozens were wounded.
1986 - Merv Griffin aired his final program for Metromedia Television after 23 years on various talk shows.
1986 - NASA launched DOD-1.
1989 - Chris Evert retired from professional tennis after a 19 year career.
1990 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged for a Holy War against the West and former allies.
1991 - Soviet lawmakers created an interim government to usher in the confederation after dissolving the U.S.S.R. The new name the Union of Sovereign States was taken.
2002 - In Kandahar, Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai was unhurt in an assassination attempt. Kandahar governor Gul Agha Sherzai was wounded in the attack. Karzai's American body guards returned fire and killed three people.

World News

UN warns Libya is short of water, fuel, medicine
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- The U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Libya has warned the country faces critical shortages of drinking water, food, fuel and medicine, following the six -month civil war between rebels and Moammar Gadhafi's forces that disrupted supply lines and damaged infrastructure....

Globalists to Rebuild Libya
The war is far from over - in fact, Libya's rebels have yet to actually take Tripoli, with entire sections of the city still being contested. Furthermore, entire cities, including Sirte, Bani Waled, and Libya's entire interior still stand completely under the Libyan government's control and have repelled rebels continuously...

VIDEO: Libya: NATO Enabling War Crimes
According to Fox News, a Libyan rebel "spokesman" recently boasted, "in the end, we will get [the city of] Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity and let NATO pound it with airstrikes." Sirte is one of many cities still standing in defiance of NATO's operations to seize the nation of 6 million people, impose upon them an "internationally approved" government...

US military hospital at forefront of saving lives
LANDSTUHL, Germany (AP) -- Volunteer staff from the U.S. military's Landstuhl Regional Medical center huddle outside the emergency room doors, waiting under heat lamps on a crisp morning for what has become a daily routine in a decade of war - the arrival on a blue bus of the latest casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan....

Chinese investor defends plan for Iceland resort
BEIJING (AP) -- Iceland is having a China crisis....

Israelis seek EU passports amid existential angst
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) -- Despite their country's turbulent history, Israelis enjoy a fairly secure existence: they have military might, a world-class high tech industry powering a strong economy, and America as a solid ally....

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Firefighter Cancer Tied To Ground Zero Exposure, New Study Says
Firefighters who responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, selflessly exposing themselves to the toxic dust that clouded Ground Zero, were 19 percent more likely to develop cancer over the subsequent seven years...

Ralph Nader: 10 painful lessons of 9/11
The commemorative ceremonies that are planned for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 massacre are those of pathos for the victims and their families, of praise for both the pursuit of the supporters of the attackers and the performance of first responders and our soldiers abroad.

WikiLeaks: Airstrike ordered to cover up U.S. shooting of Iraqi children
A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks suggests that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident in the central Iraqi town of Ishaqi.

White House requests $5.2B in new disaster funds
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House told Congress on Thursday there's a need for more than $5 billion in additional disaster relief money, not even counting the billions that probably will be called for to help East Coast states hit by Hurricane Irene....

Department of Veterans Affairs admits to mistake, but refuses to correct it
ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - Months after the 10 News Investigators revealed a typo could be costing veterans all across the country benefits they deserve, the Department of Veterans Affairs is admitting the mistake. But it isn't fixing it.

JW Uncovers Documents from DHS Detailing Obama Plan to Impose DREAM Act by Suspending Illegal Alien Deportations
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detailing behind-the-scenes efforts by the Obama administration to bypass Congress and grant amnesty at least one million illegal aliens by suspending immigration deportation...

CHICAGOLAND: $108,000 pension for a $40,000 job
Every month, Thomas Villanova gets a $9,000 reminder of how lucrative it can be to serve as a union leader in Chicago.

'Contempt' for not Standing on a Broken Leg
RALEIGH, N.C. (CN) - A man who was eating a taco at a Raleigh bus stop says a cop swept-kicked him to the ground, broke his leg and arrested him, then hauled him before a judge who sentenced him to 30 days in jail for contempt, because he could not stand on his broken leg.


Economy Gains No Jobs in August
CNBC Friday, 2 Sep 2011 - It was the first time since World War II that the economy had a net zero jobs created for a month. Economists had been expecting the report to show a net of 75,000 jobs created, an unusually low number considering the US is technically more than two years removed from the end of the last recession.

CHART SHOCK: The REAL Unemployment Rate Is 22%
It's now above 23% with the August update. Details from John William's Shadow Stats.

The counterfeit culture - useful observations for understanding why collapse is inevitable
(NaturalNews) Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become the counterfeit culture. Nothing is real anymore -- not the food, not the money...

U.S. exporting millions of chopsticks to China as wood shortage grows in Far East
More than 60 billion sets of chopsticks are produced every year in China, so you’d have thought they would be making enough. But a chopstick shortage is growing in the Far East, prompting a U.S. company in Georgia to start exporting millions to the country.

Housing Market

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages
The federal agency that oversees the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is set to file suits against more than a dozen big banks, accusing them of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities they assembled and sold at the height of the housing bubble,...

Energy & Environment

White House Abandons Ozone Rule
President Barack Obama today directed EPA to drop its highly controversial effort to set, under the auspices of the Clean Air Act, more stringent standards for ground-level ozone pollution, a key constituent of smog. Obama cited the need to reduce regulatory burdens and uncertainty among the business community in light of the struggling economy.

YouTube: “Bugnadoes” Develop Across Areas of Missouri
Parts of Missouri affected by serious flooding in recent months are having to contend with a bizarre new natural hazard, swarms of bugs that appear in the shape of tornado funnels.

ETC Group Calls on UK Government to Halt Geoengineering Experiment
In response to reports that British scientists are about to test the hardware needed to put sulphur particles in the stratosphere as a climate technofix, international technology watchdog ETC Group is calling on the UK government to halt the controversial test and respect UN processes underway to discuss these issues.


Use essential oils to treat and heal acne
Essential oils are one of the most effective natural weapons against acne. Topical use of a few specific essential oils can be a first line defense against the bacteria that cause pimples to form. There are also natural skin toning oils that...

How Black Elderberry Benefits Health
One of the many black elderberry benefits is it's power to fight of colds and flu but first let's take a look at the plant.

Dried plums shown to be effective against fractures and osteoporosis
A study recently conducted by a team of researchers at Florida State and Oklahoma University, and featured in the esteemed British Journal of Nutrition, reveals that consuming a handful of natural, dried plums every day will help prevent...

Doctor sues family of young girl he killed with pharma drugs
(NaturalNews) Dr. Kevin Buckwalter of Henderson, Nev., has a history of malpractice and shady dealings during the time when he still had a practice and a license to prescribe controlled substances. Now that he has lost both, Buckwalter has sunk to a new...

Science & Technology

Is a nuclear-powered car in our future?
The Cadillac World Thorium Fueled Concept car theoretically powered by an onboard nuclear reactor that uses thorium as its fuel. Less radioactive and more plentiful than uranium, thorium is being tested by researchers in China as a potential fuel for nuclear reactors. Swapping uranium for thorium in a nuclear reactor is one thing, but putting a radioactive element in moving vehicles is another.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Family farmers, ranchers call for extension as Animal ID Act comment period nears completion
(NaturalNews) The window of opportunity to submit comments in response to the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) proposed new animal identification requirements is quickly coming to a close, and many small farmers and ranchers say there simply is not...

Authenticity grows from the ground up at NaturalNews - here's what I harvested from my garden and my free-range chickens
By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor - Since hanging out in Texas over the last few months, I've been working hard on my garden, improving the soil, and raising my chickens which are now producing eggs. Yesterday I made an omelet with my farm-fresh eggs and herbs picked right out of the garden. Check out...

Flooded fields in ND lead to higher pasta prices
PLAZA, N.D. (AP) -- Consumers are paying more for pasta after heavy spring rain and record flooding prevented planting on more than 1 million acres in one of the nation's best durum wheat-growing areas. North Dakota typically grows nearly three-fourths of the nation's durum...


Inner Freedom Comes First
Is freedom a place, or an idea? A state of society, or a state of mind? Does it begin around us, or within us? In today’s world of the all-you-can-eat sensory buffet, where every facet of life is a bit and a byte and a radio wave and a laser beam, most of humanity looks for all of its answers to such questions in the grand ether of the tumbling data stream.


Today In History - Friday - September 2, 2011
1789 - The U.S. Treasury Department was established.
1864 - During the U.S. Civil War Union forces led by Gen. William T. Sherman occupied Atlanta following the retreat of the Confederates.
1897 - The first issue of "McCall’s" magazine was published. The magazine had been known previously as "Queens Magazine" and "Queen of Fashion."
1901 - Theodore Roosevelt, then Vice President, said "Speak softly and carry a big stick" in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair.
1935 - A hurricane hit the Florida Keys killing 423 people.
1938 - The first railroad car to be equipped with fluorescent lighting was put into operation on the New York Central railroad.
1945 - Japan surrendered to the U.S. aboard the USS Missouri, ending World War II. The war ended six years and one day after it began.
1945 - Ho Chi Minh declared the independence the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
1961 - The U.S.S.R. resumed nuclear weapons testing. Test ban treaty negotiations had failed with the U.S. and Britain when the three nations could not agree upon the nature and frequency of on-site inspections.
1963 - The integration of Tuskegee High School was prevented by state troopers assigned by Alabama Gov. George Wallace. Wallace had the building surrounded by state troopers.
1969 - Ho Chi Minh died. He was the president of North Vietnam.
1985 - It was announced that the Titanic had been found on September 1 by a U.S. and French expedition 560 miles off Newfoundland. The luxury liner had been missing for 73 years.
1986 - Cathy Evelyn Smith was sentenced to three years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the overdose death of John Belushi.
1991 - The U.S. formally recognized the independence of Lithuania, Lativa and Estonia.
1992 - The U.S. and Russia agreed to a joint venture to build a space station.
1996 - Muslim rebels and the Philippine government signed a pact formally ending 26-years of insurgency that had killed more than 120,000 people.
1998 - In Canada, pilots for Canada's largest airline launch their first strike in Air Canada's history.

World News

World leaders back new Libyan administration
PARIS (AP) -- World leaders lined up behind Libya's new de facto administration Thursday and a U.N.-led effort to stabilize the country after decades under Moammar Gadhafi's rule....

Gadhafi, in hiding, vows no surrender in Libya
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - In a fiery broadcast from hiding, Moammar Gadhafi warned Thursday that loyalist tribes in his main strongholds were armed and preparing for battle, a show of defiance hours after rebels extended a deadline for the surrender of the fugitive leader's hometown....

Libyan rebels catch Gadhafi foreign minister
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- Rebels hunting the top officials in Moammar's Gadhafi's ousted regime have captured his foreign minister and are closing in on Gadhafi himself, rebel officials said Thursday....

Britain, US call for tougher stance on Syria
PARIS (AP) -- The U.S. and Britain called for a tougher stance over Syria's bloody crackdown on protesters Thursday, demanding tough new international sanctions on President Bashar Assad and his regime....

Al Jazeera slanders Kucinich in an effort to delegitimize his opposition to the unauthorized war in Libya
The prolific propaganda house out of Qatar known as al Jazeera is at it again, this time claiming that an internal Libyan document offers proof of how Dennis Kucinich was attempting to build up a defense for Gaddafi’s second son, Saif al-Islam.

The Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before the 9/11 Attacks
In the summer of 2001, while the American media kept the people distracted with "All Condit All The Time", the US Government was informing other governments that we would be at war in Afghanistan no later than October.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

YouTube: Can Ron Paul Lead the 2012 GOP Field?
Fox News Sept. 1, 2011 - Ron Paul campaign senior advisor Bruce Fein knocked it out of the park today on Fox News.

Exposed: Military contractors hired to create fake Facebook accounts, infiltrate opposing groups
(NaturalNews) A secret campaign to take out groups and organizations that oppose the policies and agendas of the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and the US government has been outed, thanks to an archive of private emails obtained by Think Progress.

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar
The Gibson Guitar saga has taken a sinister turn. It seems that the Department of Justice wasn’t satisfied with merely raiding the law abiding factories of Gibson Guitar with armed agents, shutting down their operation costing them millions, and leaving the American company in the dark as to how to proceed without going out of business.

White House working to avoid clash with NFL's opening game
In agreeing Wednesday to reschedule his planned address to a joint session of Congress, President Obama might have placated House Speaker John Boehner at the expense of the nation's football fans.

NFL Fans To Obama: Jobs Speech Shouldn’t Cut Into Season Kickoff
LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There may be high drama in Washington over the nation’s economic future, but local football fans on Thursday warned the president against going into overtime during his address to the nation.

US security intensifying as Sept. 11 date nears
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As the nation prepares for the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks - a date al-Qaida has cited as a potential opportunity to strike again - security is intensifying at airports, train stations, nuclear plants and major sporting arenas around the country....

White House creates website for online petitions
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House is making it easier for people to press the federal government to act. Related Video and article here.

Court case reveals details of secret flights
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The secret airlift of terrorism suspects and American intelligence officials to CIA-operated overseas prisons via luxury jets was mounted by a hidden network of U.S. companies and coordinated by a prominent defense contractor, newly disclosed documents show....

Propganda Lesson Plans for teachers to Talk About Sept 11th Attacks in Schools
When I was watching the local news talking about to approach the anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. There seems to be a lot of grand standing trying to regurgitate to propaganda of Al Quaida is going to get us. The news broadcast set up a link on the website for School teachers literature for lesson plans...

Vermont has no National Guard choppers to help with cleanup from Hurricane Irene because they are all in Iraq
Aug. 30, 2011 - Eight helicopters on loan from the Illinois National Guard were expected to arrive Tuesday night in Vermont to help the Vermont National Guard deliver food, medicine, water and other supplies to 13 Vermont towns ...

San Francisco moves to block US military from collecting students’ information
When San Francisco school board members voted last fall to let students choose whether their information goes into a military recruiting database, they didn’t expect a call from the Department of Defense. But after months hashing...

Identifying bad guys in a crowd
New CCTV technology aims to do two things: for post-incident forensic analysis the system retraces a person's steps after they have left a site; and for real-time analysis the system alerts security to immediate or imminent threats; researchers say the technology...

New Jersey Governor Christie Sued by Unions Over Pension, Health Benefits
More than 20 unions and individuals representing teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees claim the law enacted June 28 violates the U.S. and state constitutions by forcing them to pay more for pensions and health insurance.

A Privately Owned Nuclear Weapons Plant in…Kansas City?
In Kansas City, Missouri, a local zoning fight is going nuclear, literally: A Monday-morning courtroom showdown between activists and politicians could determine whether the city becomes host to the world's first privately owned nuclear weapons plant.


Economic Theory versus the Real World
The United States remains the only country in the world that is blindly pursuing free trade at all costs. It is the only country in the world that completely overlooks the increased hardship of its own population in pursuit of cheaper televisions and sneakers.

Infrastructure bank could be part of jobs package
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A national infrastructure bank that would entice private investors into road and rail projects could be a major part of the jobs package that President Barack Obama hopes will finally bring relief to the unemployed....

Gasoline close to record high before Labor Day
NEW YORK (AP) -- Gasoline is near the highest it's ever been for this time of year, just ahead of the Labor Day weekend..

Housing Market

Goldman to stop controversial mortgage practices
NEW YORK (AP) -- Goldman Sachs' mortgage subsidiary agreed Thursday to stop many of its controversial mortgage-related practices in a settlement with a New York state banking regulator...

Robo-Signing Redux: Servicers Still Fabricating Foreclosure Documents
Some of the largest mortgage servicers are still fabricating documents that should have been signed years ago and submitting them as evidence to foreclose on homeowners.

Robo-signed mortgage docs date back to late 1990s
New York (AP) -- Counties across the United States are discovering that illegal or questionable mortgage paperwork is far more widespread than first thought, tainting the deeds of tens of thousands of homes dating to the late 1990s....

Energy & Environment

FEMA'S use of term 'federal family' for government expands under Obama
Don’t think of it as the federal government but as your “federal family.” In a Category 4 torrent of official communications during the approach and aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has repeatedly used the phrase “federal family” when describing the Obama administration’s response to the storm. The Obama administration didn’t invent the phrase but has taken it to new heights.

Gulf braces for rain from tropical depression
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A slow-moving tropical depression was slogging toward the Gulf coast Friday, packing walloping rains that could drench the region with up to 20 inches....

Tsunami warning for Alaska's Aleutians after quake
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A tsunami warning is in effect for parts of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the ocean....
 * Related Link: Magnitude 7.1 - FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
September 02, 2011 10:55:54 UTC

AP IMPACT: Quakes pose greater risk to US reactors
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The risk that an earthquake would cause a severe accident at a U.S. nuclear plant is greater than previously thought, 24 times as high in one case, according to an AP analysis of preliminary government data. The nation's nuclear regulator believes a quarter of America's reactors may need modifications to make them safer....

Strong aftershock jolts quake-hit Virginia reactors — Epicenter in same county as North Anna nuke plant
September 01, 2011 - A strong aftershock emanating from the Mineral area shook up Central Virginians at about 5 a.m. today.

Spent nuclear fuel shifted
Fredricksburg September 1, 2011 - Inspectors find that containers holding spent fuel shifted several inches in last week's earthquake. Related article here.

French map of cesium-137 deposition from Fukushima shows the US more contaminated than Western Japan (MAP & VIDEO)
August 31, 2011 - According to the map, the US, particularly the West Coast and particularly California, may be more contaminated with radioactive cesium than the western half of Japan or Hokkaido.

Nuclear expert says Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way
(Natural News) There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears the government agencies of other nations cooperated with Japan while the international nuclear industry sided with TEPCO's (Tokyo Electric Power...

Wild sockeye salmon collapse linked to salmon fish farms
August 30, 2011 - In a blog posting yesterday, following a series of major developments at the Cohen Commission, biologist Alexandra Morton suggests she now has enough pieces of the puzzle to pin much of the blame for collapsing Fraser sockeye stocks on salmon farms.

Giant Plastic Bag Makers Sue Reusable Bag Company for Telling the Truth about Disposables
More and more, the courts are being used to drive smaller eco-friendly and humane companies out of business. At risk is our access to humane and eco-friendly products.


Industry Commends USDA for Codex Support
Top food and agriculture industry groups are commending U.S. officials for their leadership at the recent session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a global food standards-setting body created by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.In...

Codex Alimentarius (Food Code)
Codex Alimentarius is creating dozens of international trade standards. One of the most controversial documents is entitled Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements.

Take action NOW to stop FDA from turning your vitamins and supplements into unapproved 'food additives'
(NaturalNews) We here at NaturalNews cannot stress enough how important it is to take the time to fight back against the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) latest assault against vitamins and dietary supplements. Proposed guidelines put...

Scare tactics begin: UN warns of Asian bird flu resurgence
(NaturalNews) Autumn is upon us, which means flu season and all of its corresponding scare campaigns are once again starting to propagate in full force. New reports from the Associated Press (AP) claim that the H5N1 avian flu virus, which afflicted 63...

Discover a natural potent anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal
Pharmaceutical antibiotics do not work on viral infections. They can only be used for bacterial infections. But they also destroy the good bacteria, which creates all sorts of health problems down the road. And the more antibiotics are used...

Latest ConMed Cancer Treatment: Maximum Invasive Surgery Paired with Heated Chemo & No Proof It Works
Isn't modern medicine supposed to be evidence based? Apparently, only when evidence can be drummed up. When it can't be faked, then they just say it works and sell sell SELL it!

Nashville suburb officially ends water fluoridation
Rather than wait for new federal guidelines, city leaders have opted to quit adding fluoride to city water altogether.

Investigation panel concludes U.S. government conspired with doctors to commit murderous medical experiments in Guatemala
(NaturalNews) U.S. government medical researchers, including those from the National Institute of Health (NIH), engaged in heinous crimes through secret medical experiments on Guatemalan medical experiments, concluded an investigative report commissioned...

Science & Technology

WikiLeaks: How the leak was leaked
NEW YORK (AP) -- It was meant to be a strictly-managed release, carefully censored to avoid putting innocents at risk and tailored for maximum media exposure. But by Thursday WikiLeaks' release of some 250,000 US diplomatic cables had turned into a massive online document dump.... Related article here.

Woman sues Microsoft over mobile location tracking
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. is being sued by a Michigan woman who alleges the world's largest software maker illegally tracks people whose mobile devices run its Windows Phone 7 operating software...

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

APNewsBreak: Monsanto seeks OK for low-fat soybean
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The soybean industry is seeking government approval of a genetically modified soybean it says will produce oil lower in saturated fat, offer consumers a healthier alternative to foods containing trans fats and increase demand for growers' crops.


VIDEO: Father allows his daughter, FOUR, to take the wheel of family car along busy city road
Speeding along a busy city highway skillfully negotiating traffic, this motorist would not have looked out of the ordinary to pedestrians from a distance. But video footage of the tiny driver shows the girl put behind the wheel by her parents is, amazingly, a four-year-old child.

VIDEO: Man says he found $150K in his garden: 'We have enough problems, now we got another'
Wayne Sabaj, an unemployed carpenter who lives in unincorporated McHenry County, went out to his garden to find some broccoli to go with his grilled beef for dinner. There he found greens of a different sort Monday. Lying in the garden among the peppers was a duffel bag filled with $20 bills—lots of them.


China unveils new low-cost, nine-passenger family transportation system
(NaturalNews) Ever wonder why China's economy is beating the USA? It's all about efficiency! China has unveiled a new, low-cost mass transportation system with the following features...

Today In History - Thursday - September 1, 2011
1807 - Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason.
1878 - Emma M. Nutt became the first female telephone operator in the U.S. The company was the Telephone Dispatch Company of Boston.
1887 - Emile Berliner filed for a patent for his invention of the lateral-cut, flat-disk gramophone. It is a device that is better known as a record player. Thomas Edison made the idea work.
1897 - The first section of Boston's subway system was opened.
1905 - Saskatchewan and Alberta became the ninth and tenth provinces of Canada.
1922 - The first daily news program on radio was "The Radio Digest," on WBAY radio in New York City, NY.
1923 - About 100,000 people were killed when an earthquake hit Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.
1939 - World War II began when Germany invaded Poland.
1942 - A federal judge in Sacramento, CA, upheld the wartime detention of Japanese-Americans as well as Japanese nationals.
1945 - The U.S. received official word of Japan's formal surrender that ended World War II. In Japan, it was actually September 2nd.
1951 - The ANZUS Treaty, a mutual defense pact, was signed by the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.
1969 - Col. Moammar Gadhafi came into power in Libya after the government was overthrown.
1979 - The U.S. Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to visit Saturn.
1982 - Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo closed all the country's private banks.
1983 - A Soviet jet fighter shot down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 when it entered Soviet airspace. 269 people were killed.
1985 - The Titanic was found by Dr. Robert Ballard and Jean Louis Michel in a joint U.S. and French expedition. The wreck site is located 963 miles northeast of New York and 453 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coast.
1986 - The Soviet Union announced the accident involving the Admiral Nakhimov the night before. 448 people died in the ship collision.
1986 - Jerry Lewis raised a record $34 million for Muscular Dystrophy during his annual telethon for Jerry’s kids over the Labor Day weekend.
1993 - Louis Freeh was sworn in as the director of the FBI.
1995 - Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds announced his resignation. He had been convicted of having sex with an underage campaign volunteer.
1997 - In France, the prosecutor's office announced that the driver of the car, in which Britain's Princess Diana was killed, was over the legal alcohol limit.
1998 - The movie "Titanic" went on sale across North America.
1998 - Vietnam released 5,000 prisoners, including political dissidents, on National Day.

World News

APNewsBreak: Syria reportedly stonewalling IAEA
VIENNA (AP) -- Diplomats say Syria has reneged on a promise to quickly cooperate with a U.N. probe of its secret nuclear activities....

A Gadhafi son vows no surrender to Libyan rebels
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- Two men claiming to be Moammar Gadhafi's sons made conflicting appeals from hiding Wednesday night, with one of them calling for talks with rebel leaders and the other urging the regime's loyalists to fight to the death....

AP IMPACT: Pakistani fertilizer fuels Afghan bombs
MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) -- The main ingredient in most of the homemade bombs that have killed hundreds of American troops in Afghanistan is fertilizer produced by a single company in Pakistan, where the U.S. has been pushing unsuccessfully for greater regulation....

VIDEO: Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi
Al Jazeera uncovers evidence that influential Americans tried to help the now-deposed Libyan leader cling to power.

Mexico to give HPV vaccine to all girls from 2012
MEXICO CITY — Mexico plans to administer the vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer, to all girls beginning next year, the country's health ministry said Tuesday.

Killer ants threaten Australia
An infestation of ants which is attacking numerous animal species in Australia is threatening to spread across the country, scientists have warned.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Military Spending Waste: Up To $60 Billion In Iraq, Afghanistan War Funds Lost To Poor Planning, Oversight, Fraud
As much as $60 billion in U.S. funds has been lost to waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade through lax oversight of contractors, poor planning and payoffs to warlords and insurgents, an independent panel investigating U.S. wartime spending estimates.

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar
It seems that the Department of Justice wasn’t satisfied with merely raiding the law abiding factories of Gibson Guitar with armed agents, shutting down their operation costing them millions, and leaving the American company in the dark as to how to proceed without going out of business.

Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept. 8
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a retreat after an hours-long test of wills Wednesday, President Barack Obama agreed to deliver an address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8, yielding to House Speaker John Boehner, who had balked at Obama's request for a Sept. 7 speech....

Judge blocks NM plan to verify immigrant licenses
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) -- A New Mexico judge blocked Republican Gov. Susana Martinez's administration Wednesday from requiring tens of thousands of immigrants to recertify their driver's licenses and verify whether they continue to live in the state..

Man dives into moving Jeep after driver blacks out
ATLANTA (AP) -- A man jumped into an out-of-control Jeep as it drifted across lanes of traffic on a bustling parkway and steered the vehicle safely into a guardrail after its driver suffered a seizure, authorities said.

Thousands of service members honor fallen SEALs
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Military officials say 2,000 members of the Navy, Naval Special Warfare and San Diego military communities attended a memorial service at a San Diego church to pay their respects to the 30 Americans killed Aug. 6 when their helicopter was downed in Afghanistan....

N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights
On Aug. 12, 2003, a Gulfstream IV aircraft carrying six passengers took off from Dulles International Airport and flew to Bangkok with fueling stops in Cold Bay, Alaska, and Osaka, Japan.

11/9/11 Nationwide EAS Test to Last About 3 Minutes
More technical details about the upcoming national EAS test are trickling out of the FCC. For one thing, the commission is confirming that the test on Nov. 9 will last for about three minutes, something of an eternity in modern-day radio.

Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech
President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, slugged it out on Wednesday over the calendar and the president’s desire to give a speech to Congress. The prize is next Wednesday night, Sept. 7. That night was supposed to belong to the Republicans. It was to be a showcase for the eight GOP contenders for president... Related article here.

Carney grants NBC permission to reschedule debate
Carney gave NBC his permission to reschedule the Republican debate so it doesn't conflict with the president's speech, saying "if the network so chose and the candidates so chose" to reschedule, "that would be completely fine with us."

The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice
Huffington Post - The top 10 reasons why Dr. Ron Paul is the only rational presidential choice for Americans, Democratic, Republican and Independent...

Perry Parses Past Praise of Hillarycare
Texas Governor Rick Perry has been among the most vocal critics of President Obama’s health care reform initiative, and of Mitt Romney’s preceding health care program in Massachusetts. But in 1993, while serving as Texas Agriculture Commissioner...

The Crime of the Patriot Act, 9/11 and a Whistleblower’s Truth
Intel Hub - Susan Lindauer’s piece of the 9/11 puzzle adds more evidence to support the charge of criminal negligence at the command level and exposes the utter depravity of the Patriot Act.

Gibson Guitar uses Twitter to tap into Tea Party anger over federal overreach
Gibson Guitar, the maker of the iconic Les Paul electric guitar, is appealing to anti-government Tea Party anger as it fights a government investigation into the wood it uses.

"Church closes food bank because it attracts poor people"
Winnipeg: A busy church food bank, known for offering warm drinks and snacks to its regulars, has announced it’s closing because it is attracting too many poor people.

YouTube: Convicted Child Molesters Become Illinois State Workers Baby Sitting Poor Kids
Fox News - Cornelius Osborne may not seem like baby-sitting material. He was convicted of raping two women. A succession of felonies, from robbery to failing to register as a sex offender, repeatedly sent him to prison, state records show.

Bullying Law Puts New Jersey Schools on Spot
Under a new state law in New Jersey, lunch-line bullies in the East Hanover schools can be reported to the police by their classmates this fall through anonymous tips to the Crimestoppers hot line.

Florida lawmaker hands out belts under saggy pants ban
Democratic State Senator Gary Siplin of Orlando pushed for six years for the so-called Pull Your Pants Up law, and finally got his wish last spring.


S&P: Subprime mortgages safer bet than US debt
Standard & Poor’s is giving a higher rating to securities backed by subprime home loans, the same type of investments that led to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, than it assigns the U.S. government.

Obama Calls for Extension of Gas Tax
President Obama called on Congress Wednesday to pass a transportation funding bill that includes an extension of the federal gas tax, claiming the move would protect about 1 million jobs.

Obama's Labor Boss Buys Car -- Built in Canada!
To show her support for American workers, President Obama's labor secretary, Hilda Solis, has junked the standard black limo and purchased a new Chevrolet Equinox to ride around Washington in. The problem: the crossover SUV is built and assembled in Canada from parts also made in Canada.

1,100 'green jobs' gone
The shutdown marks a high-profile collapse of a company that received more than $1.6 billion in federal and private funding in recent years.

VIDEO: Day Ahead: ADP may give clues to payrolls data
The volatile ADP National Employment report should give investors an idea of just how weak the labor market is with an expected read of 100,000, according to a Reuters poll of economists.

Oil hovers near $89 amid surprise US supply jump
SINGAPORE (AP) -- Oil prices hovered near $89 a barrel Wednesday in Asia after a report showed U.S. crude supplies unexpectedly jumped last week, a sign demand may be weakening....

Housing Market

Now banks ring up their cash-strapped customers to warn them: 'Ditch mobiles and gym membership or lose your home'
UK - Cash-strapped homeowners are being telephoned by their banks and told to cut spending on ‘luxuries’ – or risk losing their homes.

Nevada Says Bank Broke Mortgage Settlement
The attorney general of Nevada is accusing Bank of America of repeatedly violating a broad loan modification agreement...

Mortgage Fraud Examiners Warns: Beware Of The Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam—“Pretender Defenders”
Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the "criminal loan modification trap," “forensic loan audit” scams, and the “Mortgage Elimination” scam is now warning that “pretender defenders”...

Energy & Environment

North Anna Power Station Spent nuclear fuel shifted
Unprecedented: Quake caused massive containers of spent fuel to shift at Virginia nuke plant — “We’re trying to learn as much as possible” says NRC.

Virginia: Tritium trouble? Nuke fears rise with quake, self-policing
After the nuclear catastrophe that followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last spring, some Central Virginia activists cautioned that a similar nightmare could unfold right here at the Dominion-operated North Anna nuclear generating plant...

Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey’s letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
August 31st, 2011 Congressman: Emergency diesel generator was inoperable due to flooding at Maryland nuke plant where transformer exploded during hurricane

Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come
Fukushima is now far and away the worst nuclear disaster in all of human history. Chernobyl was a Sunday picnic compared to Fukushima and the amount of cesium-137 released at Fukushima this year so far is equivalent to 168 Hiroshima bombs.

Sun Causes Climate Change Shock
If Michael Crichton had lived to write a follow-up to State of Fear, the plotline might well have gone like this: at a top secret, state of the art laboratory in Switzerland, scientists finally discover the true cause of “global warming”. It’s the sun, stupid.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Fabric Dyes
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities may result from garment finishes and dyes found in most fabrics. These sensitivities can range from runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, skin rashes, nausea, fatigue, poor concentration, breathing, aching joints and muscles, dizziness, and seizures.

Chemicals found in fabric softeners by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Principal chemicals found in Fabric Softeners/Dryer Sheets are...

University in Texas Opens Vegan Dining Hall
University of North Texas opens an all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria — perhaps the first one in the nation, say animal rights supporters.

Forks over Knives documentary reveals stunning healing power of plant-based diet
(NaturalNews) America may boast some of the most advanced medical technology in the world, but the health of the American people continues to decline year by year, with ever-growing rates of degenerative diseases. Approximately two-thirds of the population...

Food Safety in China, and the Risk to the U.S.
Another week, another food-safety crisis in China.

Hidden sources of high fructose corn syrup in your groceries
(NaturalNews) It is amazing how ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has become. Most of the products that you purchase from the grocery store contain HFCS, including the ones you would least expect. It has the same sweetness and taste as an...

Turmeric and cinnamon combine to lower insulin and triglycerides triggered by high fat meals
Many spices such as turmeric and cinnamon are powerful antioxidants that continue to gain acceptance as natural nutrients able to assist human health and prevent chronic disease. Researchers from Penn State publishing in The Journal of...

Cool down with a healthy and delicious natural fruit freeze
Research has shown that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is healthy in many ways, including combating and preventing cardiovascular disease and obesity and lowering your risk of cancer. One deliciously refreshing and super healthy...

Pro-vaccine agenda in shambles after pivotal Washington meeting
(NaturalNews) Efforts to save the sinking pro-vaccination ship are failing, especially after a recent US State Department Listening Meeting during which various non-government organizations (NGOs) presented sound scientific evidence against the continued...

Report links global warming with mental illness; 'skeptical environmentalist' scoffs
A report from Australia’s Climate Institute which links global warming with mental illness is already drawing eyerolls from a central academic in the global climate-change debate.

CA Senate Votes to Ban BPA In Bottles, Sippy Cups
After failed attempts in past years, the California state Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would ban bisphenol A...

Nearly half of children living in Fukushima region have radioactive iodine in their thyroid glands
(NaturalNews) An anonymous official from the Japanese government recently came forward with the startling results of radiation tests conducted on children shortly after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility...

Science & Technology

WikiLeaks releases mystery file
WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks released a mysterious encrypted file on Wednesday after telling its followers on Twitter to stand by for "an important announcement." WikiLeaks did not identify the contents of the 571 megabyte file and it could not be opened without a decryption key, which the anti-secrecy website said would be released "at the appropriate moment."

AT&T vows to bring back 5,000 U.S. jobs if merger approved
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Telecommunications giant AT&T Inc, whose proposed buy of T-Mobile USA is under scrutiny by U.S. regulators, promised to bring 5,000 wireless call-center jobs back to the United States if the deal wins approval.

U.S. files to block AT&T deal for T-Mobile USA
(Reuters) - The Obama administration on Wednesday filed to block AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition of wireless rival T-Mobile USA because of anti-competitive concerns. Related article here.

AT&T Takes A Lesson From Banks: Will Now Charge You For Not Using Enough Long Distance
Sometimes you wonder if there's some sort of competition between airlines, banks and telcos as to who can come up with the more ridiculous "fees" to add.

WikiLeaks site brought down
AP 8/30/11 - The WikiLeaks website crashed Tuesday in an apparent cyberattack after the accelerated publication of tens of thousands of once-secret State Department cables by the anti-secrecy organization raised new concerns about the exposure of confidential U.S. embassy sources.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Hurricane Irene adds to US farm woes. Will it raise food prices?
With much of the coastal mid-Atlantic and interior New England embarked on a massive cleanup effort from hurricane Irene, farmers are starting to take stock of crop damages that ranged from potentially catastrophic to "could have been worse."


VIDEO: More Rabies Vaccine Controversy
Important video for pet owners: Vaccines “do have components in them that can cause hypersensitivity reactions and so forth,” he said. “So you never give a vaccine more often than is needed.” The following is a video presented by Dr. Patricia Jordan regarding safety of vaccines...


Ron Paul Cartoon
How the media films Ron Paul.




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