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SEPT. 2007

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The Power Hour News Release -  Sept. 27, 2007
Public outrage causes Navy to renovate Coronado Swastika Building

YouTube: The FOX news channel interviewed vonKleist and acknowledged his spearheading the effort to raise awareness.

Navy to mask Coronado's swastika-shaped barracks -- The U.S. Navy has decided to spend as much as $600,000 for landscaping and architectural modifications to obscure the fact that one its building complexes looks like a swastika from the air.
Be sure to re-read the PAST News release dated July 13, 2006 by Dave vonKleist: NAZI SWASTIKA COMPLEX AT CORONADO NAVAL BASE SENDS THE WORLD A MESSAGE!

September 14, 2006 Response Letter from The Department of the Navy -- received by Dave & Joyce vonKleist in regards to their concern of the NAZI SWASTIKA COMPLEX AT CORONADO NAVAL BASE.

August 17, 2006 Response Letter from the Dept. of the Navy -- concerning the News Release NAZI SWASTIKA COMPLEX AT CORONADO NAVAL BASE SENDS THE WORLD A MESSAGE!

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YouTube Video: US Naval Base, California -- US Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California showing the Nazi Swastika.

Police Find Swastika Cut Into Acres Of N.J. Cornfield -- Swastika In Same Area As Others Found 8 Years Ago. It is one of the most infamous symbols of hate -- a swastika -- cut into acres of cornfields in Washington Township, Mercer County.

B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran, Not For Decommissioning: Airforce Refused -- WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Read More...

Alabama City Reopening Fallout Shelters -- HUNTSVILLE, Ala. Fearing a nuclear strike by terrorists, officials are working to identify potential shelters for 300,000 people in the city and surrounding county.

Radio Host Wants Ron Paul Supporters Dead -- The radio host Lee Rodgers thinks Ron Paul is a moron. When his co-host Melanie Morgan gets email from Paul's supporters she deletes them. Rodgers took it one step further and suggested that email from Paul's people be traced so that they can "run you down and kill you like a mad dog."

4 Top G.O.P. Candidates Skip Debate With Minority Focus -- The four all cited scheduling conflicts and did not participate last night in the long-planned debate, where they were to be quizzed by black and Hispanic journalists about issues important to minority voters. Alan Keyes, the conservative former diplomat who recently entered the race, defended the absentees.

Who owned drug plane that crashed in Mexico? -- U.S. authorities are assisting the Mexican government in the investigation of an American business jet that crashed in Cancun this week with four tons of cocaine on board, officials said Thursday.

GOV'T. TO VETS: THANKS FOR YOUR SACRIFICE, NOW GIVE US YOUR GUNS -- Thank you for saving us from having to face hell and danger that you did! Oh, by the way, as a tangible way to honor your heroic, faithfulness to our country, we plan to take your guns away!

More Deaths in Myanmar, and Defiance -- Brutality and defiance marked the second day of an armed crackdown in Myanmar on Thursday as the military junta tried to crush a wave of nationwide protests in the face of harsh international condemnation.

Should Schools Fingerprint Your Kids? -- Elementary and high school students in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia use finger scans to pay for lunch — and even to check into class. But in many other states, the parental outcry about privacy has stopped the technology in its tracks. Michigan and Iowa have passed laws essentially barring schools from taking electronic fingerprints of children. Last month, Illinois enacted a law requiring schools to get parental consent before capturing an
image of a child's finger.

4 Top G.O.P. Candidates Skip Debate With Minority Focus -- The four all cited scheduling conflicts and did not participate last night in the long-planned debate, where they were to be quizzed by black and Hispanic journalists about issues important to minority voters. Alan Keyes, the conservative former diplomat who recently entered the race, defended the absentees.

Hate Bill Passes - Senate Stabs First Amendment -- By a vote of 60 to 39 this morning, Sens. Kennedy and Smith's hate crimes amendment was attached to the defense authorization act.

A Plan for Better Troop Mental Care -- The Department of Defense has released a plan to improve mental-health care for American troops who are facing multiple tours in war zones.

Bush under pressure at climate change conference -- U.S. President George W. Bush kicks off the second day of a conference on global warming on Friday under pressure from the world's major economies to accept binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases.

U.S. Repeatedly Rebuffed Iraq on Blackwater Complaints -- Senior Iraqi officials repeatedly complained to U.S. officials about Blackwater USA's alleged involvement in the deaths of numerous Iraqis, but the Americans took little action to regulate the
private security firm until 11 Iraqis were shot dead last Sunday, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Public internet access cut in Burma -- Burma's generals appear to have cut public internet access to prevent more videos, photographs and information about their violent crackdown getting out.

ASEAN slams violence in Burma -- The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has voiced "revulsion" at the killings in Rangoon and demanded that fellow member Burma stop using violence against demonstrators.

Exiled MP calls on Australia to speak out -- An exciled BURMESE MP told a candlelight vigil for Burma in Melbourne last night that Australia needed to speak out against the suppression of protests in his country.

A race with the terrorists -- It takes 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. Two Americans travel the globe to keep the fuel under wraps.

Congress agrees to raise U.S. credit limit -- With the U.S. government fast approaching its current $8.965 trillion credit limit, the Senate on Thursday gave final congressional approval of an $850 billion increase in U.S. borrowing authority.

Republican Internet Primary Poll -- Calling all Power Hour Team Members....Cast you vote...!!

Martin Noakes "9/11 building 7" song to be released on Oct. 22, 2007 -- On the 22nd October 2007 Martin Noakes releases his latest song that challenges the official account of 9/11. (Please wait until then to buy it, so that we can maximise the chances of a chart position).

Report Says Fixes Slow To Come at Walter Reed -- More than half a year after disclosures of systemic problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military hospitals, the Pentagon's promised fixes are threatened by staff shortages and uncertainty about how best to improve long-term care for wounded troops, according to a congressional report issued yesterday.

News Clip: Provisions In Patriot Act Ruled Unlawful By Judge -- Two provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional because they allow search warrants to be issued without a showing of probable cause, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
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The First Daughter's First TV Interview -- Jenna Bush sat down with Diane Sawyer to discuss her work with UNICEF, her engagement to Henry Hager that made headlines around the world and her first book, "Ana's Story."

Rather chokes up, and hunkers down -- Former CBS "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather choked back tears on several occasions when discussing his decision to file a lawsuit against CBS and he left many audience members with a sense that he may call President George W. Bush as a witness should the lawsuit proceed to trial (and Rather said he hoped it would).

Warren Jeffs Still Dominant Force Even After Conviction -- Jeffs was convicted Tuesday of being an accessory to rape for coercing a 14-year-old girl to marry her 19-year-old cousin. The verdict set off speculation over what will happen to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints if he is given a lengthy prison term.  Polygamist Leader May Still Control Sect From Prison, Former Members Say.

21 people may be ill from E. coli-tainted burgers -- Twenty-one people in eight states may have fallen ill after eating hamburgers possibly contaminated with E. coli bacteria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.

The largest U.S. homebuilder reported the biggest quarterly loss in its 53-year history -- Lennar Corp. reported the biggest quarterly loss in its 53-year history after $848 million of costs to write down the value of real estate. The third-quarter net loss
was $513.9 million, or $3.25 a share, exceeding the most pessimistic estimates from analysts and suggesting the worst housing market in 16 years shows no signs of stabilizing.

The Secret Code on Veteran's DD214 -- Edwin H. Cosby III Vietnam Vet. explains the secret code on the 26,000,000 veteran's DD214 forms, and how it is used against the veterans.

One-fourth of Gulf War veterans ill -- Sixteen years after the Persian Gulf War ended, more than 1 in 4 of those who fought remain seriously ill with medical problems ranging from severe fatigue and joint pain to Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis
and brain cancer, the chairman of a congressional advisory committee testified Tuesday.

Consumer alert: Popular air fresheners found to contain toxic chemical -- A test of air freshener products recently conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that 12 out of 14 popular air freshener products contained a chemical known to be
harmful to the health of humans. Phthalates, known to cause reproductive problems and hormone disruption in humans, were found in virtually all air freshener brands, including several Walgreens-branded air fresheners that the popular retailer has now
pulled off its shelves. Releases New Ad Exposing Wal-Mart's Cozy Relationship With China -- Did you know seventy percent of Wal-Mart's goods come from China. Wal-Mart is China's #1 importer and sixth largest trading partner, surpassing even Germany and Britain. When huge retailers like Wal-Mart pressure Chinese suppliers to cut costs, they cut corners. And now we're paying the price.

Shots fired at Burmese protests -- Burmese soldiers have again fired shots as they attempt to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters in the main city, Rangoon.

List of Senators who are Still Waffling on Vote on DREAM Amnesty -- Take Action after seeing how your senators pledge to vote.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel -- American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems-owned in part by the government of Israel-is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.

Photos resembling missing British girl examined -- The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are keeping an open mind as to whether a photograph taken by a Spanish tourist in Morocco is that of their daughter, their spokesman said on Wednesday.

Give Ron Paul a Boost -- This is a real time counter which will register as you donate. Ron Paul needs to raise $500,000 by Friday. Listeners please donate.

Burmese riot police attack monks -- Thousands of Burmese Buddhist monks and other protesters have been marching in Rangoon despite a bloody crackdown by police. At least one death is reported.

Bush quietly advising Hillary Clinton, top Democrats, says new book -- President Bush is quietly providing back-channel advice to Hillary Rodham Clinton, urging her to modulate her rhetoric so she can effectively prosecute the war in Iraq if elected president.

UAW reaches tentative agreement with GM -- General Motors Corp. said Wednesday they have reached a tentative contract agreement that ends a two-day nationwide strike immediately.

Anger at Giuliani 9/11 fundraiser -- Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has been criticised over a fundraising party at which participants are being urged to donate $9.11. Mr Giuliani is accused of exploiting 9/11 for his presidential candidacy.

Iranian leader enjoys the spotlight -- He has said little that he has not said many times before, and it is not his first time at the United Nations. But for some reason President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has dominated the opening of this year's UN General Assembly.

Application for New Nuclear Reactors in South Texas Sends U.S. Back to Failed Energy Policies of the 1970s -- NRG Energy’s request today to build two new nuclear reactors in southern Texas is déjà vu all over again. The U.S. has been down the nuclear power path – and it has proven to be expensive, polluting, dangerous and a security risk.

Israel's virus 'epidemic' -- Israel has declared an outbreak of West Nile fever an epidemic following the death of 13 people in recent weeks.

Berlin Says US and France Guilty of Hypocrisy -- German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier opposes French calls for European Union sanctions against Iran. He will back up his case with German Foreign Ministry data showing that leading French and American companies are conducting large amounts of business with Iran.

Magna Carta Is Going on Auction Block -- A rare copy of the Magna Carta, the document which is the basis for modern constitutional law, will be auctioned off in mid-December for an estimated $20 million to $30 million.

Jurisdictionary -- Legal Self-Help That Works!  Learn Case-Winning Lawsuit Procedures!

Pandemic Flu tests at Financial Institutions -- Hundreds of banks and other financial institutions are participating in the largest test of its kind ever conducted to ensure the nation's financial system can keep functioning in case of an outbreak of pandemic flu.

Homeland Security Department sues Illinois for blocking immigrant crackdown -- The Homeland Security Department is suing Illinois to undo a new state law the federal agency says would make it more difficult to enforce the nation's immigration laws.

UN general assembly in full swing -- The United Nations General Assembly road show has arrived in New York, as it does every year. Streets have been closed, security barriers erected on every avenue leading to the UN headquarters and summer temperatures are forcing the almost ubiquitous secret service agents, in their uniform dark grey suits, to wind down the windows of their black Jeep Suburbans parked on nearly every corner.

U.S. snipers accused of 'baiting' Iraqis -- Army snipers hunting insurgents in Iraq were under orders to "bait" their targets with suspicious materials, such as detonation cords, and then kill whoever picked up the items, according to the defense attorney for a soldier accused of planting evidence on an Iraqi he killed. Gary Myers, an attorney for Sgt. Evan Vela, said Monday his client had acted "pursuant to orders." "We believe that our client has done nothing more than he was instructed to do by superiors," Myers said in a telephone interview.

India tries outsourcing its outsourcing -- Now India is outsourcing outsourcing. lately, packs of foreigners have been strolling the campus. Many are Americans, recently graduated from college. Some had been pursued by coveted employers like Google. Instead, they accepted a novel assignment from Infosys, the Indian technology giant: Fly here to learn programming from scratch, then return to the United States to work in the Indian company's back

Space bugs become more dangerous -- When Salmonella typhimurium food bugs were flown in special flasks on the shuttle, they were found to alter the way they expressed 167 genes.

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Deaths -- More Gulf War Veterans have died than Vietnam Veterans: Read the statistics the Department of Veterans Affairs, May 2007, Gulf War Veterans Information System reports!

Man on military 'mission' is among 'genius grants' -- Jonathan Shay, 65, a clinical psychiatrist who works with veterans and active-duty military, is one of 24 winners of the $500,000 grants, announced today, given to individuals in a variety of fields. Shay, who works at the Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Boston, says he plans to use the money to continue his
work on preventive psychiatry.

What Really Happened in Jena -- These events have become a rallying cry for “civil rights” for only one reason: The national media have shamelessly warped them to fit the pattern of unregenerate Southern bigotry. Read what actually happened.

Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike -- THE United States Air Force has set up a highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with “fighting the next war” as tensions rise with Iran.

Mystery surrounds deaths of Minot airmen -- Six members of the US Air Force who were involved in the Minot AFB incident, have died mysteriously.

YouTube Video: The Secret Code on Veteran's DD214 -- Edwin H. Cosby III Vietnam Vet. explains the secret code on the 26,000,000 veteran's DD214 forms, and how it is used against the Veterans.

VETERANS DISARMAMENT ACT TO BAR VETS FROM OWNING GUNS -- The Veterans Disarmament Act -- which has already passed the House -- would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the federal gun ban list.

Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In, Over 3500 Adverse Affects Reported -- In just little over a year, the HPV vaccine have been associated with at least five deaths, not to mention thousands of reports of adverse effects, hundreds deemed serious, and many that required hospitalization.

Are Rove's missing e-mails the smoking guns of the stolen 2004 election? -- E-mails being sought from Karl Rove's computers, and recent revelations about critical electronic conflicts of interest, may be the smoking guns of Ohio's stolen 2004 election. A thorough recount of ballots and electronic files. preserved by a federal lawsuit, could tell the tale.
Black Box Voting Website

Gold Star Father Who Lost Son In Iraq Allegedly Beaten By Members Of Pro-War Group -- Here are photos of members of “Gathering of Eagles” who assaulted gold star father Carlos Arredondo in broad daylight in Washington, D.C., on September 15, 2007, throwing him to the ground and kicking him.

Iran promises missiles will fly if US attacks -- Iran has threatened to retaliate with missile attacks if Western forces launch raids against the Islamic state's nuclear programme — putting on a defiant show of military force to back up the message.

Was John Paul II Euthanized? -- In a provocative article, an Italian medical professor argues that Pope John Paul II didn't just simply slip away as his weakness and illness overtook him in April 2005. Intensive care specialist Dr. Lina Pavanelli has concluded that the ailing Pope's April 2 death was caused by what the Catholic Church itself would consider euthanasia.

$6 Billion in Contracts Reviewed, Pentagon Says -- Military officials said Thursday that contracts worth $6 billion to provide essential supplies to American troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan - including food, water and shelter - were under review by criminal investigators, double the amount the Pentagon had previously disclosed.

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report -- Seven CIA veterans have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and have called for a new investigation. “I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke,” said Raymond McGovern, 27-year veteran of the CIA, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates during the seventies. “There are a whole bunch of unanswered questions. And the reason they’re unanswered is because this administration will not answer the questions,” he said. McGovern, who is also the founder of VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity), is one of many signers of a petition to reinvestigate 9/11.[1]

Military chief: 'No war' with Iran -- The commander of U.S. military forces in the Middle East does not believe current tensions with Iran will lead to war and urges for greater emphasis on dialogue and diplomacy.

More Profit and Less Nursing at Many Homes -- Over three years, 15 at Habana died from what their families contend was negligent care in lawsuits filed in state court. Regulators repeatedly warned the home that staff levels were below mandatory minimums. When regulators visited, they found malfunctioning fire doors, unhygienic kitchens and a resident using a leg brace that was broken.

Chlorine Restrictions Due To Security Concerns Help Fuel Spread Of Cholera In Iraq -- Chlorine imports have been dramatically curtailed in the wake of insurgent bombs that used chlorine. Dr. Naeema al-Gasseer, the WHO’s representative in Iraq, said some 100,000 tons of chlorine were being held up at Iraq’s border with Jordan because of fears the chemical could be used in explosives, leaving Baghdad with only a week’s supply. Cholera “is a
gastrointestinal disease that is typically spread by drinking contaminated water and can, in extreme cases, can lead to fatal dehydration.”

$100 laptop design unveiled -- Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Labs, has been outlining designs for a sub-$100 PC. The laptop will be tough and foldable in different ways, with a hand crank for when there is no power supply.

U.S. Repeatedly Rebuffed Iraq on Blackwater Complaints -- Senior Iraqi officials repeatedly complained to U.S. officials about Blackwater USA's alleged involvement in the deaths of numerous Iraqis, but the Americans took little action to regulate the private security firm until 11 Iraqis were shot dead last Sunday, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Brown allies found support from families -- In online videos, blog posts, interviews and court records, a picture of the support system for the Browns' supporters becomes clear. Gonzalez, Danny Riley and Robert Wolffe all had family members who stood firmly behind them, embracing their political views and lionizing the Browns. Fewer details have emerged about the family of the fourth man, Jason Gerhard.

IRS Agent Admits to Tax Evasion and Embezzlement -- An Internal Revenue Service agent on Thursday pleaded guilty to charges he helped a real estate developer avoid taxes and also failed to pay taxes on $250,000 he embezzled from the developer.

Feds Target Blackwater in Weapons Probe -- Federal prosecutors are investigating whether employees of the private security firm Blackwater USA illegally smuggled into Iraq weapons that may have been sold on the black market and ended up in the hands of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, officials said Friday.

New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production -- Produced at less than $1 per watt, the panels will dramatically reduce the cost of generating solar electricity and could power homes and businesses around the globe with clean energy for roughly the same cost as traditionally generated electricity.

No Shots - No School Poster -- This poster was torn off of a doctor's office wall and sent to us at The Power Hour - You need to check this out!! Thanks Bonnie!

Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81 -- Reports claimed that what the United States' man in Iraq had done was no less than tell each and every Iraqi farmer -- growers who had been tilling the soil of Mesopotamia for thousands of years -- that from here on out they could not reuse seeds from their fields or trade seeds with their neighbors, but instead they would be required to purchase all of their seeds from the likes of U.S. agriculture conglomerates like Monsanto.

Dubai to Buy Stakes in Nasdaq -- Dubai, the fastest-growing financial center in the Persian Gulf, will buy stakes in Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. and London Stock Exchange Group Plc to diversify the economy from oil to financial services.

La. Protests Hark Back to '50s, '60s -- Demonstrators gathered at the local courthouse, a park, and the yard at Jena High. At times the town resembled a giant festival, with people setting up tables of food and drink and some dancing while a man beat on a drum. Old-guard lions like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton joined scores of college students bused in from across the nation who said they wanted to make a stand for racial equality just as their parents did in the 1950s and '60s.

U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read -- International travelers concerned about being labeled a terrorist or drug runner by secret Homeland Security algorithms may want to be careful what books they read on the plane. Newly revealed records show the government is storing such information for years.

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods -- Your body pH affects everything...Balancing the pH is a major step toward well-being and greater health.

Local Drinking Water Information -- See if your annual drinking water quality report is posted on-line.

Highway checkpoint asks drivers for blood, saliva -- Motorists in Colorado are expressing outrage over a weekend stunt in Gilpin County, about an hour's drive west of Denver, where highway checkpoints were set up so a private organization could ask for samples of blood and saliva.

Press Conference by the President -- September 20, 2007 Press Release.

BUSH TRIES TO GRANT HIMSELF IMMUNITY FROM WAR CRIMES -- Bush tries to grant himself and entire administration immunity for war crimes dating back to 9/11/01. Wonder what he is afraid of?

US Air Force sets up cyber command -- The US Air Force established a provisional Cyber Command today as part of an expanding mission to prepare for wars in cyberspace, officials said. The move comes amid concerns over a wave of hacker attacks originating in China against western governments and a crippling attack in May against Estonia amid a dispute with Russia.

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times -- A Clay County woman's family said it's seeking justice after their loved one died shortly after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police. A medical examiner found Delafield died from hypertensive heart disease and cited the Taser gun shock as a contributing factor, the report said. On her death certificate, the medical examiner ruled Delafield's death a homicide.

FDA Moves To Shut Down Red Yeast Rice Distributors Online -- On August 9th the FDA issued a warning to the public against buying or consuming three red yeast rice products sold on the internet. The FDA stated as their primary reasons for this action; “The products may contain an unauthorized drug that could be harmful to health. The products are promoted as dietary supplements for treating high cholesterol.”

US agriculture secretary to quit -- US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is resigning from the cabinet, President George W Bush has confirmed.

‘Jena 6’ protesters gather on Louisiana town -- Thousands of chanting demonstrators filled the streets of this little Louisiana town Thursday in support of six black teenagers initially charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate.

Emerging Diseases for the 21st Century -- Our climate is changing rapidly, and with this change, we are seeing emerging and re-emergiing diseases not endemic to the particular areas of outbreak.

Ed Brown ally wins fight to move trial -- Joe Haas, a Gilmanton man and Ed Brown ally facing charges over an e-mail he sent to a Lebanon city councilor, got a brief reprieve from his trial yesterday when he persuaded a judge to move his case to a different venue.

Bin Laden video to declare war on Musharraf: site -- An Islamist Web site said on Thursday it would carry a new video from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in which he declares war on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistani army.

Ron Paul Reintroduces the Sunlight Rule (H.RES 63) -- This proposed rule stipulates that no piece of legislation can be brought before the House of Representatives for a vote unless it has been available to members and staff to read for at least ten days. Any amendments must be available for at least 72 hours before a vote. The Sunlight Rule provides the American people the opportunity to be involved in enforcing congressional rules by allowing citizens to move for censure of any Representative who votes for a bill brought to the floor in violation of this act.

Corsi of WND banned from secret Public-Private Partnership meeting on selling U.S. assets -- EuroMoney PLC, the UK-based company that arranges dozens of financial conferences around the world each year, has refused to allow WND staff reporter Jerome Corsi to attend next week's "North American PPP (Public-Private Partnership) & Infrastructure Finance Conference" in New York, even though WND offered to pay the $1,999 conference fee required to attend. "By refusing to allow WND to attend as a paying customer," Corsi argued, "EuroMoney is telling the American public that they intend to conduct a secret meeting designed to teach government officials how to sell out U.S. public infrastructure to foreign investment concerns.

Deadly amoeba lurks in Florida lakes -- Something in the lakes around Orlando, Florida, has claimed the lives of three boys this summer.

Fight the U.S., al Qaeda's Zawahri tells Muslims in video -- Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims to fight the United States and its allies around the world and praised the operations of Islamist militants in a new video released on Thursday.

Army conducts brain tests on soldiers -- Before they leave for Iraq, thousands of troops with the 101st Airborne Division line up at laptop computers to take a test: basic math, matching numbers and symbols, and identifying patterns. They press a button quickly to measure response time.

GI pays to be shot to avoid Iraq -- A US soldier has been sentenced to one-year imprisonment for paying someone to shoot him in the leg and avoid being redeployed to Iraq.

Bush Calls for Expansion of Spy Law -- President Bush said Wednesday he wants Congress to expand and make permanent a law that temporarily gives the government more power to eavesdrop without warrants on suspected foreign terrorists.

Senate blocks bill on Iraq combat tours -- Democrats' efforts to challenge President Bush's Iraq policies were dealt a demoralizing blow Wednesday in the Senate after they failed to scrape together enough support to guarantee troops more time at home.

Iran keeps Picassos in basement -- Ruled by one of the most vehemently anti-Western governments in the world, Iran is, by many assessments, home to the most extensive collection of late 19th and 20th century Western art outside the West. It is a treasure trove of masters that is all but forgotten outside knowledgeable art circles because, for all but a few of the last 30 years, it has been virtually unseen.

Celestial Seasonings teas contain unapproved herb (stevia) -- Some Celestial Seasonings tea mixes, called Zingers to Go, contain a South American herb, stevia, that hasn't been approved by regulators, the Food and Drug Administration said in a warning letter posted Tuesday on its Web site.

Fed slashes interest rates to buffer economy -- The Federal Reserve on Tuesday slashed U.S. interest rates by a hefty half-percentage point in a bold bid to shield the economy from a housing slump and financial turbulence, sparking a big rally on Wall Street.

YouTube Video: Anti-Aspartame, Pro Ron Paul Song -- Check it out.

YouTube Video: David Walker GAO Chief Speaks Out -- America the Bankrupt. David Walker speaks on Wake Up Call produced by Andy Court.

DNA test may help prove if people have had their health damaged by exposure to chemicals -- Samples of DNA are taken from a healthy person and exposed to the chemicals to see which genes are affected. This is then compared to the claimants' DNA. Experts say it could have huge implications on civil cases where workers seek compensation for illnesses caused by things such as asbestos.

UN hunts stolen billions -- THE United Nations and the World Bank have launched a plan to recover billions of dollars of public money stolen from developing countries every year by corrupt leaders and officials.

Iraqi threat to foreign security firms -- IRAQ will review the status of all security companies in the country after a deadly shooting incident involving contractors from the firm Blackwater USA.

Global warming to increase infectious disease: study -- Global warming likely will lead to an increase in infectious disease around the world, as viruses, microbes and the agents that spread them flourish, experts at a medical conference warned Tuesday.

Hi-tech crime 'is big business' -- Internet crime has become a major commercial activity, reveals a report by computer security company Symantec.

Earth's Axis Shift -- Earth's Axis Tilt - Has recently increased by an additional 26 degrees.

University of Florida Student Tasered During John Kerry Speech -- Florida Student Tasered Andrew Meyer, a UF student from Weston, is tasered and taken away by police after asking John Kerry a question during a speech.
Take Action: Please call to express your concerns about this horrific incident!

Fred Thompson collides with Ron Paul at Gun Show -- Campaign aides and supporters ignored or simply glared at a handful of supporters for Ron Paul, a former Libertarian Party candidate for president and former Republican congressman who now is running for the GOP nomination. They waved Paul signs and passed out leaflets implying Thompson wasn't as pro-gun as he claims to be.
Find Freedom at

Successful vaccine may come with a price: 'superbug' ear infections, doctors report -- A vaccine that has dramatically curbed pneumonia and other serious illnesses in children is also having an unfortunate effect: promoting new superbugs that cause ear infections.

The Killing of California Almonds (and why dead foods lead to dead people) -- Rather than take the risk that a few raw almonds might occasionally be contaminated and harm a few individuals, the industry believes that it's better to harm everyone equally by making sure all almonds are pasteurized or irradiated, rendering them nutritionally deficient.

Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine -- A soldier serving in Iraq who is stationed in Baghdad says he has faced “threats” and “intimidation” from his Army superiors – including the possibility of forced inoculations – after he refused to take the military’s controversial anthrax vaccine.

Dole Recalls Salad Mix in E. Coli Scare -- The tainted bag of Dole's Hearts Delight salad mix was sold at a store in Canada, officials said. Neither Canadian health officials nor Dole Food Co. have received reports of anyone getting sick from the product. The voluntary recall, issued Monday, affects all packages of Hearts Delight sold in the United States and Canada with a "best if used by" date of September 19, 2007, and a production code of "A24924A" or "A24924B," the company said.

Criminally rich: All the money in the world -- Of the more than 1,200 wealthy individuals that have appeared on Forbes's annual list of the 400 richest Americans over the past quarter century at least 13 have been convicted of serious crimes or jailed.

Military intervention in Iran would be "catastrophic": Moscow -- Any US military intervention in Iran would be a "political error" that would have "catastrophic" consequences, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said in an interview published Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton unveils $110bn universal health plan -- Hillary Clinton yesterday set out an ambitious $110bn (£55bn) plan to introduce universal healthcare in the US more than 10 years after her earlier failed attempt.

Relief as Northern Rock shares up -- Shares in stricken lender Northern Rock bounced back after the government's promise to protect savers' deposits.

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village -- Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said Monday.

Dog Toy Recall China hits us Again -- Expertox, a Texas lab, has found elevated levels of lead, chromium, and cadmium in two Chinese-made pet toys sold at Wal-Mart. But two veterinarians said the levels found by the lab are not a health risk to cats and dogs.

Iraq punishes US firm over 'random' killings -- Employees of a US security firm face prosecution in Iraq after a Baghdad shooting in which 11 people were killed. Iraq has withdrawn the licence of Blackwater, one of the biggest foreign security contractors in Iraq.
Related Article: Iraq battle was self-defense, says Blackwater security firm says -- Iraqi officials Monday condemned the weekend killings of eight civilians during a Baghdad street battle involving American security contractors and said they would shut down Blackwater, the company involved. Blackwater said its employees acted in self-defense. The U.S. State Department said it plans to investigate what it calls a "terrible incident."

Hundreds Line Up Overnight For Opening Of New Homeless Shelter -- SAN FRANCISCO—Traveling from as far away as park benches on the other side of town, hundreds of rabid temporary housing enthusiasts lined up overnight Friday in hopes of being among the first admitted to the city's newest homeless shelter.

Who Does U.S. Food Aid Benefit? -- Last month, in a move that shocked observers, CARE, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, rejected $45 million in U.S. food aid, shining a spotlight on a practice the group says may hurt starving populations more than help them.

Spy chief: China, Russia spying on U.S. -- China and Russia are spying on the United States nearly as much as they did during the Cold War, according to the top U.S. intelligence official.

U.K. hospitals issue doctors' dress code -- British hospitals are banning neckties, long sleeves and jewelry for doctors — and their traditional white coats — in an effort to stop the spread of deadly hospital-borne infections, according to new rules published Monday.

Today is Constitution Day (Sept. 17, 2007) However Study finds Teens blank on Constitution Day -- Constitution Day is here and many teenagers know little about commemorating the document's signing.


Amnesty for illegals back for another try -- President Bush's comprehensive immigration reform, defeated in June, will make a second appearance this week when the Senate takes up various pro-amnesty amendments submitted to the Department of Defense funding bill, H.R. 1585, which is scheduled for debate.

Blackwater license being pulled in Iraq -- The Interior Ministry said Monday that it was pulling the license of an American security firm allegedly involved in the fatal shooting of civilians during an attack on a U.S. State Department motorcade in Baghdad. "We have canceled the license of Blackwater and prevented them from working all over Iraqi territory. We will also refer those involved to Iraqi judicial authorities," Khalaf said.

Panicked customers rush to withdraw savings from Northern Rock -- Hundreds of Northern Rock customers crowded into branches across Britain on Friday to pull out their savings after the mortgage-loan provider sought emergency funding from the Bank of England.

A deafening silence on report of one million Iraqis killed under US occupation -- What does the pursuit of “success” mean in the context of the reports of 1.2 million violent deaths in Iraq since the US invasion and occupation?

Cholera Cases in Iraq Keep Rising -- The number of suspected cholera cases in northern Iraq continues to rise, with 16,000 people now showing symptoms, the World Health Organization said Friday.

Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil -- AMERICA’s elder statesman of finance, Alan Greenspan, has shaken the White House by declaring that the prime motive for the war in Iraq was oil.

O.J. Simpson Arrested, Held Without Bail in Vegas Robbery -- O.J. Simpson was arrested Sunday and ordered to be held without bail in connection with an alleged armed robbery involving sports memorabilia that took place Thursday night in a Las Vegas hotel, say police in the gaming capital.

Crocker Blasts Refugee Process -- The U.S. ambassador to Iraq warned that it may take the U.S. government as long as two years to process and admit nearly 10,000 Iraqi refugees referred by the United Nations for resettlement to the United States, because of bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Bush to nominate judge for Attorney General -- President George W. Bush has settled on retired federal judge Michael Mukasey as his choice to replace outgoing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, people familiar with the selection process said on Sunday.

State Dept. Convoy Attacked in Baghdad, Sparking a Shootout -- A U.S. State Department motorcade came under attack in Baghdad on Sunday, prompting security contractors guarding the convoy to open fire in the streets. At least nine civilians were killed, according to Iraqi officials.

Israeli Jets Destroyed Syrian Nuke Cache -- It was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F-15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria’s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way. Read More...

Near Fossett search, three pilots die in crashes -- Amid a massive search effort to find missing aviator-adventurer Steve Fossett, three pilots have died in as many days at an unrelated aviation race competition about 80 miles north of the search area.

Browns' festival quashed - Marshals block cars from couple's property -- Supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown hoping to attend their "Fall Freedom Fest" party in Plainfield yesterday were turned away by federal marshals, who established a checkpoint on Center of Town Road.

NH woman arrested at roadblock by Browns' property -- U.S. marshals detained a New Hampshire woman yesterday after she allegedly refused to obey a court order that forbid anyone from visiting the home of tax protesters Ed and Dr. Elaine Brown.

Roadblock at the Browns: Brown Supporter Lauren Canario Arrested -- Federal Marshals set up a roadblock on Center of Town Road in Plainfield today and are refusing to let anyone visit the Browns. In a deliberate act of civil disobedience, Lauren Canario began walking to the Brown's home from the roadblock and was arrested.
More up-to-date Info:

The New York Post article regarding The Brown's and the 4 arrested -- ARSENAL FOUND AT Long Island HOME - Charges against the four accused in the Brown case range from accessory after the fact to possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence. Officials believe the men participated in various efforts to assist the Browns in avoiding justice at their rural home in Plainfield, N.H., and conspired to impede federal agents.

More Than 190 Arrested at the March On Washington D.C. Protest -- Several thousand anti-war demonstrators marched through downtown Washington on Saturday, clashing with police at the foot of the Capitol steps where more than 190 protesters were arrested.
YouTube Video: September 15th War Protest (as shown on TV) -- This video is a compilation recorded at 3:00 pm eastern time. What makes it sad is the difference between what the Fox News Channel said about the war protest (their #1 story) and what CNN stated about it (their #3 story).

Air Force ordered to stand-down today Sept. 14: NORAD, NORTHCOM on alert for U.N. meetings -- The stand-down Friday was ordered by Gen. Ronald Keys to conduct a command-wide review of operations, safety procedures and checklists after the Aug. 30 incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, according to the Air Force Times.

Bush agrees to limited troop cuts in Iraq -- President George W. Bush on Thursday ordered gradual troop reductions in Iraq but defied calls for a dramatic change of course, telling war-weary Americans the U.S. military role there will stretch beyond his presidency.

US develops 14-ton super bomb, bigger than Russian vacuum bomb -- The
U.S. has a 14-ton super bomb more destructive than the vacuum bomb just tested by Russia, a U.S. general said Wednesday. McInerney said the U.S. has "a new massive ordnance penetrator that's 30,000 pounds, that really penetrates.

Army cancels NATO exercises -- As NATO countries prepare for next week's Oslo meeting, the Norwegian army announces it will cancel NATO military exercises to cut costs. A military boss also wants to close some West Coast bases and and move headquarters to northern Norway.

Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq -- TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) - The mother of a soldier who died in a Baghdad vehicle accident weeks after co-writing a New York Times op-ed piece -- wants the Army to explain his death.

Putin fires Russia navy commander -- President Vladimir Putin has fired the commander of Russia's navy, taking to at least four the number of top brass dismissed since he appointed a new defense minister, media in Russia reported on Friday.

Greenspan says didn't see subprime storm brewing -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said he was late to see the storm gathering around mortgage lending practices and commended his successor Ben Bernanke's handling of the crisis, saying he would likely be responding in a similar fashion.

New Sumatra quakes rock Indonesia -- Frightened residents on Indonesia's Sumatra island huddled in tents outside their damaged homes on Friday, traumatized by the latest of more than 40 aftershocks since a huge earthquake struck two days ago. There have been a series of tremors ranging in intensity from 4.9 to 7.8 since Wednesday's 8.4 quake, repeatedly setting off tsunami warnings in Indian Ocean countries.

Cholera breaks out in northern Iraq -- A cholera epidemic in northern Iraq has infected about 7000 people and could reach the capital within weeks as it spreads through the country's decrepit and unsanitary water system.

A REPORT ON CURCUMIN'S ANTI-CANCER EFFECTS -- Imagine a natural substance so smart it can tell the difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell; so powerful it can stop chemicals in their tracks; and so strong it can enable DNA to walk away from lethal doses of radiation virtually unscathed. Curcumin has powers against cancer so beneficial that drug companies are rushing to make drug versions. Curcumin is all this and more.

4 associates of tax-evading couple Ed & Elaine Brown arrested -- Four men accused of helping obstruct justice in the case of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have been arrested, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Wednesday. Monier said the men are Cirino "Reno" Gonzales, 30, of Alice, Texas; Daniel Riley, 40, of Albany, N.Y.; Jason Gerhard, 22, of Brookhaven, N.Y.; and Robert Wolffe, 50, of Randolph, Vt.

9/11 Terror Attacks -- President Bush along with first lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne Cheney, stand with White House staff and members of Congress as they take part in a moment of silence, marking the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

First 9/11 damages trial to hear cockpit tapes -- Tapes of the final moments before one of the hijacked airliners in the September 11 attacks crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania may be played at the first case over damages from the attacks to go to trial, a judge ruled on Wednesday.

U.S. officials confirm Israel strike on Syria -- U.S. officials on Wednesday confirmed Israel launched air strikes against Syria last week and said they were to target weapons Israel believes were headed for the militant group Hezbollah.

Canada compensates for Vietnam-era Agent Orange -- Canada will compensate people who may have been hurt by U.S. testing of the defoliant Agent Orange at a Canadian military base in New Brunswick during the Vietnam War, the government said on Wednesday. It will pay compensation to those who have come down with conditions such as spina bifida and prostate cancer and who lived in or near the Gagetown base during the 1966-67 period when the testing went on.

Study finds spinach, eggs ward off cause of blindness -- Two nutrients found in eggs, spinach and other leafy green vegetables offer some protection against the most common cause of blindness among the elderly, researchers said on Monday.

Hilary Clinton to Return $850,000 Raised by Hsu -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign said Monday it will return $850,000 in donations raised by Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, who is under federal investigation for allegedly violating election laws.
Wolfson said the Clinton campaign also will vigorously review its fundraisers, including thorough criminal background checks, in the future.

UK News: New foot-and-mouth case confirmed -- A new case of foot-and-mouth disease has been confirmed in the same county as the UK's last outbreak.  (Thanks Mike)

US Senator asks for Iran invasion -- Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, among the US Senate's fiercest hawks, has once again asked for the expansion of US invasion into Iran.

Powerful earthquake rocks Indonesia -- The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.9 and hit at about 6:10 p.m. (1110 GMT). It was centered about 9.7 miles underground in the southern Sumatra area, it said.

90% Women With Copper IUDs Get Cancer Using Cell Phones -- A Swedish study showed that ninety percent of the women who used a copper-T I.U.D. as their birth control method, while simultaneously using cell phones, developed uterine cancer; the cause being that the I.U.D. functioned as a transmitter and receiver of unnatural, dissonant vibrations.

Stop Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets -- American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company, who ironically have launched an "organic" line of their sugar,and several other leading U.S. sugar providers have announced they will be sourcing their sugar from genetically engineered (GE) sugar beets beginning this year and arriving in stores in 2008. Like GE corn and GE soy, products containing GE sugar will not be labeled as such. Take Action at the link.

-- Republican members of the U.S. Senate Committee on
Veterans' Affairs today announced they have chosen Senator Richard
Burr (R-North Carolina) as the temporary ranking member of the

Russia unveils the 'father of all bombs'-- Russia's military yesterday announced that it had successfully tested a lethal new air-delivered bomb, which it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear weapon.

Israel resists Palestinians on peace talks -- Israel is resisting pressure from the Palestinians to set a strict timetable for implementing any statehood principles agreed at a U.S.-sponsored conference, Israeli officials said on Wednesday.

Tangerine peel could help fight cancer -- Tangerine peel could help in the fight against certain cancers, researchers said on Wednesday.

Putin dissolves Russian government -- President Vladimir Putin has dissolved the Russian government on the request of the prime minister, the Kremlin said Wednesday, a major political shakeup that comes less than three months before crucial parliamentary elections.
Putin accepts cabinet resignation -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and his entire government, the Kremlin has said.

China regulator approves Shanghai Futures Exchange to trade gold futures -- The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said it has given the Shanghai Futures Exchange the go-ahead to trade gold futures.

VA hospital evacuated over bomb threat -- ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A bomb threat forced hundreds of patients and staff to evacuate a Veterans Affairs hospital for about three hours Tuesday.

Remembering 9/11 - 6 years ago today

Rare 9/11 CNN Photos Expose South Tower Bomb -- By Jon Carlson.

Ron Paul and the Aaron Russo Memorial Service -- Ron Paul was the only political speaker at the service. Most of the speakers were family members or from the Hollywood crowd. However, I think each and every speaker brought up Aaron’s fight for political freedom multiple times. Dr. Paul didn’t deliver a campaign speech, but spoke about his friend of fifteen years.

YouTube: Ron Paul and Bill O'Reilly Duke It Out (09/10/07) -- Check out the video if you have a chance.

Univision #1 Network for Entire Week Beating ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW -- Univision Communications Inc. is the premier Spanish-language media company in the United States. It captured the #1 network ranking among all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics, and outdelivered ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW for the entire first week of Nielsen's single national panel (NPM).

Reports of Drug Side Effects Rise, U.S. Study Finds -- U.S. regulators received more than twice as many reports of deadly or debilitating side effects from drug treatment in 2005 as they did seven years before, a study found.

General Petraeus or General Betray Us? -- General Petraeus is testifying in front of Congress. He will likely say that we are making progress in Iraq. Read More...

US experts arrive in North Korea -- A team of US technical experts has arrived in North Korea to discuss ways to disable the Communist state's nuclear programme.

U.S. gives Russia data on sunken sub -- U.S. military officials on Monday gave Russia a videotape and other archival materials on the Soviet K-129 submarine, whose sinking in 1968 is one of the lingering mysteries of the Cold War.

Commander disciplined for nuclear mistake -- The Air Force continued handing out disciplinary actions in response to the six nuclear warheads mistakenly flown on a B-52 Stratofortress bomber from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to Barksdale Air Force Base, La., on Aug. 30. The squadron commander in charge of Minot’s munitions crews was relieved of all duties pending the investigation.

Fossett search reveals old wrecks -- Rescuers searching for the adventurer Steve Fossett in the Nevada desert have found old wrecks of planes, some of them from crashes decades ago.

VIDEO: 9/11 ills linger for workers -- A New York photojournalist captures the ongoing struggles of 9/11 first responders.

Bush Endures Very Bad Day at the Sydney Opera House -- He'd only reached the third sentence of Friday's speech to business leaders, on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, when he committed his first gaffe. Read More...

Pentagon planning base near Iraq-Iran border -- The Pentagon is preparing to build a military base near the Iraq-Iran border to try to curtail the flow of advanced Iranian weaponry to Shiite militants across Iraq, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday in its online edition.

Novel Disease Paradigm Produces Explanations for a Whole Group of Illnesses -- A Common Causal (Etiologic) Mechanism for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Pakistan 'deports' ex-PM Sharif -- Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been arrested and deported within hours of returning to Pakistan from exile, officials say.

Prisons Purging Books on Faith From Libraries -- Behind the walls of federal prisons nationwide, chaplains have been quietly carrying out a systematic purge of religious books and materials that were once available to prisoners in chapel libraries. Some Excluded Works The chaplains were directed by the Bureau of Prisons to clear the shelves of any books, tapes, CDs and videos that are not on a list of approved resources.

3D face scans spot gene syndromes -- 3D face scans are set to speed up the diagnosis of rare genetic conditions in children, UK scientists say.

Alex Jones arrested during city protest -- Alex Jones, a fringe filmmaker who believes President Bush was responsible for 9/11, was arrested last night by the NYPD. Jones, 33, of Austin, Tex., was charged with operating a bullhorn without a permit during a protest at Sixth Ave. and 48th St. about 8:30 p.m., cops said. Two other people were issued summonses for disorderly conduct during Jones' arrest, police said.
* Related Link: Alex Jones Arrested In New York

Microchip implants cause fast-growing, malignant tumors in lab animals: Damning research findings could spell the end of VeriChip -- The Associated Press will issue a breaking story this weekend revealing that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory animals and dogs, says privacy expert and long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht.
* Related Link: Chip implants linked to animal tumors

Ron Paul, Godzilla, The Fed - and Gold -- Ron Paul has been saying it all along, for decades, now - and it's finally happening. We are facing very serious domestic and international problems because of the way the federal reserve honchos have been handling our economy. Well, actually it's not because of how the Fed handled the economy. There really is not a "better way" in which they could have handled it. It's because of who and what the Fed represents and how it is designed to operate.

Thousands of GIs cope with brain damage -- NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The war in Iraq is not over, but one legacy is already here in this city and others across America: an epidemic of brain-damaged soldiers.

Watch Montel Williams Show Today - Friday, Sept. 7, 2007 -- Montel Williams will broadcast a show on anthrax vaccine risks entitled "Dying to Serve." Check your local listings for time and station. Excerpts from a documentary "A Call to Arms" produced by Scott Miller will be shown.

Exercise Vigilant Shield ’08 slated for October -- North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command along with U.S. Pacific Command, the Department of Homeland Security as well as local, state and other federal responders will exercise their response abilities against a variety of potential threats during Exercise Vigilant Shield ‘08, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-designated, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)-sponsored, and U.S. Joint Forces Command-supported Department of Defense exercise for homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities missions.

Police State Planning (Police Sate Road Map) -- A 'new world order' is a vision long shared by political leaders, industrialists, and intellectuals around the world. 'Peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law', what a wonderful idea! Strange then, that they have tried to conceal the reality of their vision from the wider public. Be sure to check out the many chapters after the "Preface".  (Thanks to Maureen for sharing this information)!

HAS MARTIAL LAW ARRIVED? -- Okay, what does it take to declare Martial Law in America? It takes 1) a declared state of emergency, 2) a readied “homeland” paramilitary system to enforce the powers of Martial Law, and 3) one signature of the one person who has the authority to make the declaration. Read More...

US doles out millions for street cameras -- The Department of Homeland Security is funneling millions of dollars to local governments nationwide for purchasing high-tech video camera networks, accelerating the rise of a "surveillance society" in which the sense of freedom that stems from being anonymous in public will be lost, privacy rights advocates warn.

Our very own Power Hour Team Member Sheila Shultz's Letter to the Editor in the Nevada Appeal -- Veterans office hard to get to. "I am a disabled veteran and recently had a need to go to the Regional Office of the Veterans Administration, which was previously located at 1201 Terminal Way for many years."
Now there is a new office located at 5460 Reno Corporate Drive. If you can find this place then there are many other problems. First there is not a Reno Transit Bus within one mile. What are the wheelchair-bound to do at that point?  Read More...

Teddy Roosevelt Quote -- Excellent quote by Teddy Roosevelt. (Thanks Sheila)

Zogby Poll: 51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11 Attacks; Over 30% Seek Immediate Impeachment -- As America nears the sixth anniversary of the world-churning events of September 11, 2001, a new Zogby International poll finds a majority of Americans still await a Congressional investigation of President Bush' and Vice President Cheney's actions before, during and after the 9/11 attacks. Over 30% also believe Bush and/or Cheney should be immediately impeached by the House of Representatives.

Food alert as every additive comes under new suspicion -- The safety of every food colouring and additive is being assessed independently by the European Food Safety Authority. Food safety experts expect most of these artificial colourings to be banned or phased out within two years.

Mexican rigs hitting U.S. pavement today -- Trucks owned by Mexican trucking companies and piloted by Mexican drivers are scheduled to hit the pavement of U.S. roadways as early as today, according to an Oregon congressman.

Officials calling for vigilance among residents regarding terrorists -- State and federal officials are calling for more vigilance among residents. On the eve of the sixth Anniversary of 9/11 they met in Albany to talk about the state of Homeland Security.

Health Canada warns of high lead levels in some cellphone charms, zipper pulls -- Health Canada is warning that some cellphone charms and zipper pulls from China contain high levels of lead and should be kept out of the reach of young children. Health Canada says if the items are used for their intended purpose they pose no health risk, but they shouldn’t be in the possession of young children.

Virus implicated in bee decline -- A virus has emerged as a strong suspect in the hunt for the mystery disease killing off North American honeybees.

SPEAKOUT: Who Won the New Hampshire Republican Debate on the FOX News Channel? -- Who do you think was the winner of the debate? FOX wants to know! E-mail them at

YouTube: Fox Debate Results: Paul Supporters Driving Hannity Crazy --
Hannity said that RP supporters are just hitting redial every second and said stuff like that happens.

Nashville is Talking: Fox News Republican Debate Poll: Ron Paul wins by a landslide -- Ron Paul was clearly the most intelligent and well spoken candidate in the Fox News Republican debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday night. The response of the live audience was clear, as was the post debate Fox News Poll. Check out the results!

Huckabee and Paul tussle on Iraq -- Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took on Rep. Ron Paul over the Iraq war during Wednesday's debate.

Syria says it fired on Israeli aircraft -- Syrian air defenses opened fire on Israeli aircraft that violated Syrian airspace, a Syrian military spokesman said Thursday.

Leech invasion makes Japan residents see red -- Long confined to the mountains, Japanese leeches are invading residential areas, causing swelling, itching and general discomfort with their blood-thirsty ways.

Anthrax cases reported in Danbury -- Two city residents contracted cutaneous anthrax — a form of anthrax that develops under the skin — last month after working with imported animal hides used to make African drums.

Ron Paul will be in the  Republican debate to be aired on the Fox News Channel [often listed in cable guides as FNC] TONIGHT Wednesday, 9/5 at 8 PM CST.

B-52 mistakenly flies with nukes aboard -- A B-52 bomber mistakenly loaded with five nuclear warheads flew from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to Barksdale Air Force Base, La., on Aug. 30, resulting in an Air Force-wide investigation, according to three officers who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to discuss the incident.

Recipe: Try this "End of the Season Slaw" -- Check out the other Power Hour Recipes!!

Have Dinner with Dave! -- Sept. 19, 2007 - 4:30 to 6 PM - in Alcoa, TN.

Germany arrests 3 in alleged plot on U.S. sites -- Germany has arrested three men it suspects of planning "massive bomb attacks" on U.S. installations and belonging to a domestic cell of the Islamic Jihad militant group, German officials said on Wednesday.

Mattel discloses 3rd recall of Chinese-made toys -- Mattel Inc. on Tuesday announced its third significant recall in just over a month of toys manufactured in China because lead-containing paints were used on the surfaces of the toys in violation of U.S. law.

Craig reconsiders decision to resign -- Sen. Larry Craig says he may still fight for his Senate seat, a spokesman says — if the lawmaker can clear his name with the Senate Ethics Committee and a Minnesota court where he pleaded guilty after his arrest in an airport men's room sex sting.

Senate blocks mandatory ID implants in employees -- Tackling a dilemma right out of a science fiction novel, the state Senate passed legislation Thursday that would bar employers from requiring workers to have identification devices implanted under their skin.

All UK 'must be on DNA database' -- The whole population and every UK visitor should be added to the national DNA database, a senior judge has said.

Mom's Genes or Dad's? Map Can Tell -- Scientists have for the first time determined the order of virtually every letter of DNA code in an individual, offering an unprecedented readout of the separate genetic contributions made by that person's mother and father.

Rafsanjani to head Iranian clerical body -- Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president and longtime Machiavellian figure in Iranian politics, was picked Tuesday to head a powerful clerical body — another defeat for the current president's hard-line faction.

Explosive cargoes steam by airport -- During the biggest security operation in Australia's history, the explosives-grade ammonium nitrate, used in mining operations, will be transported to and from Port Botany, near Sydney Airport, on five unregulated vessels registered in overseas ports such as Liberia and Antigua and Barbuda.

British Army deploys new weapon based on mass-killing technology -- A new 'super-weapon' being supplied to British soldiers in Afghanistan employs technology based on the "thermobaric" principle which uses heat and pressure to kill people targeted across a wide air by sucking the air out of lungs and rupturing internal organs.

Lung specialist reports possible case of illness from home-microwaved popcorn -- Consumers, not just factory workers, may be in danger from fumes from buttery flavouring in microwave popcorn, according to a warning letter to federal regulators from a doctor at a leading lung research hospital.

911 Sixth Anniversary Candlelight Ceremony & Call To Action -- Ed Asner, Mimi Kennedy, Blase Bonpane, GinaBelafon & our very own Dave vonKleist.

Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army -- A previously undisclosed exchange of letters shows that President Bush was told in advance by his top Iraq envoy in May 2003 of a plan to “dissolve Saddam’s military and intelligence structures,” a plan that the envoy, L. Paul Bremer, said referred to dismantling the Iraqi Army.

FDA-Approved Drug Makes You Hypersexual and a Compulsive Gambler -- Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has updated the package insert for its restless legs syndrome (RLS) drug Requip. According to the new insert, Requip may cause “pathological gambling” and “increased libido including hypersexuality.”

Little-Noticed 9/11 Lawsuits Will Get Their Day in Court -- Now, in a concrete sign of movement in the families’ cases, the judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein of Federal District Court in Manhattan, has set a trial date of Sept. 24 — 2,205 days since 19 hijackers brought four planes out of the sky into the twin towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Heat wave grips Southern California -- POWER KNOCKED OUT FOR THOUSANDS!

Truckers outraged at impending opening of Mexican border -- Calls and letters are flooding into the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association from truckers expressing everything from dismay, to outrage, to genuine fear for their livelihood with the opening of the border to Mexican motor carriers. Please check out the legislative alerts for each state.

Army Examines Possibility of Private Medical Contractor -- Military medical treatment facilities in Iraq have been overwhelmed trying to handle routine health-care problems for some of the more than 129,000 people working for U.S. and coalition force contractors. As a result, the U.S. Army is trying to determine whether a private medical contractor is willing to take over the job.

Hawaii soldiers died before testifying -- The Army has confirmed that "several" of the 10 Schofield Barracks soldiers who died in an Aug. 22 helicopter crash in northern Iraq were witnesses in a murder case involving two other Schofield soldiers accused of shooting an Iraqi detainee.

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran -- THE Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days, according to a national security expert.

POLL: Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories? -- Live Vote - Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories suggesting the U.S. government was somehow involved in 9/11?

Drugging Kids by Gary Null -- A superb film about one of the most noteworthy evils taking place in the US and other countries that have been subverted by the pharmaceutical industry...The daily drugging of millions of children with powerful psychoactive drugs in order to make them "easier to control."

Hypocrite Bathroom Seducer Sen. Larry Craig Also Likes to Shaft Veterans -- As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in 2005, Craig also helped engineer a secret end-run assisting the administration's efforts to shaft veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after their service.

Chinese military hacked into Pentagon -- The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, say American ­officials.

Ed Brown Interviews -- This is a list of some of the Ed Brown Interviews for those that missed some of them.



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