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U.S. finds trace of melamine in baby formula -- U.S. health officials have found trace amounts of the chemical melamine in one sample of infant formula sold in the United States, a Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

WRIF FM 101 "Mike in the Morning" program regarding Barack Obama's Kenyan birthplace Kenyan Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Peter Ogengo, Admits Obama Born in Kenya -- Read about on-air comments to Detroit's WRIF FM 101 "Mike in the Morning" program regarding Barack Obama's Kenyan birthplace.

Venezuela's Chavez welcomes Russian warships -- Russian warships sailed into a Venezuelan port Tuesday, greeted by a 21-gun salute and an eager welcome from President Hugo Chavez as Moscow seeks to expand its influence in Latin America.

Besieged Bangkok airport shut down -- Thai authorities have shut down Bangkok's international airport after a grenade attack injured anti-government protesters occupying the terminal building.

THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY -- Just in case you didn't know the Federal Reserve is a private company of bankers with twelve branch banks that confiscate our money and they have been doing this for almost a hundred years,--- this time! They are not part of the United States Government. Yet today they collect hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers every year. Pay attention now, you're about to read about the biggest and most successful scam in History. Read More...

Is Clinton barred from taking Sec. of State position? -- Article One, Section Six of the U.S. Constitution says: No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

Arkansas seizes 21 children from evangelists -- Arkansas authorities have taken into protective custody 21 children associated with the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries based on allegations of neglect and physical abuse.

No wonder Iceland is rioting -- Address by David Oddsson, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Iceland, at a breakfast meeting of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Nov. 18, 2008.

Cranberries and Your Heart -- Studies have found that cranberries reduce the risk of heart disease. Most recently, a study presented at the annual congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences in March/April 2005 found that pigs with atherosclerosis (a primary causes of heart disease) that received a daily dose of cranberry powder had restored blood vessel health.

America's forgotten freedoms (as published in a Russian newspaper!?) --A survey by the First Amendment Center in the US has reached the shocking conclusion that most American citizens don’t know the five basic freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

More customers resume using old-fashioned cash -- For more Americans, who have already maxed out their credit cards or are just trying to manage their spending better in the tough economy, the answer is increasingly the old-fashioned one.

Cynthia McKinney Prevented From Leaving U.S. -- Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has been prevented from leaving the country after she planned to give a speech in Damascus Syria at a Conference being held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Apparently she has been put on a terrorist watch list for merely speaking out in support of 9/11 first responders and passionately questioning the official 9/11 story?

Massachusetts general hospital was paid by J&J to set up child psychiatirc unit and push drugs? -- Massachusetts General Hospital will investigate conflicts of interest at a child psychiatry research center it established with funding from Johnson & Johnson, maker of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

VIDEO: Icelanders Attack Police Station as Bankster Plan Unfolds -- Last Saturday, protesters angry over the 50 percent devaluation of the Krona and the impending third worldization of their small country clashed with police.

76 percent of American middle-class households not financially secure -- 4 million middle-class families saw economic decline from 2000-2006; 23 million economically insecure.

US taps online youth groups to fight crime, terrorism -- The US State Department announced plans on Monday to promote online youth groups as a new and powerful way to fight crime, political oppression and terrorism.

Military Examines Role In Domestic Defense -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday ordered his top department leaders to conduct a broad review to determine whether the military, National Guard and Reserve can adequately deal with domestic disasters and whether they have the training and equipment to defend the homeland.

Report Says Pandemic Will Threaten Coal, Power Supplies -- If you have any doubt that a pandemic would be tough, read this interview. A true pandemic has the ability to shut down life as we know it.

NASA's lost toolbag filmed from Earth -- The tool bag lost by NASA astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper during an ISS space walk has been filmed sailing over Earth by a veteran satellite observer over the weekend.

Bettenhausen Dodge Announces Buy One Car, Truck or Minivan and Get a Second Vehicle For $1 -- TINLEY PARK, IL - For the first time ever, the “Buy One Vehicle and Get a Second One for $1” special is available on a total of 10 New select Dodge Vehicles starting November 21, 2008, while supplies last. Customers can visit to find information or call 1-800-363-4384.

Study: Want to be happier? Be more grateful -- Want to quickly improve your happiness and satisfaction with life? Research done at Kent State University shows the pen may be a mighty weapon. Studies demonstrate, according to Toepfer, that practicing expressive writing is often associated with fewer health problems, decreased depression, an improved immune system and improved grades.

Synthetic Viruses Could Explain Animal-to-Human Jumps -- In a technical tour de force with potentially profound implications for the study of emerging diseases, researchers have built the largest-ever self-replicating organism from scratch. The organism is a virus based on genome sequences taken from a bat-borne version of SARS, a lethal respiratory disease that jumped from animals to humans in 2002. The synthetic virus could help explain how SARS evolved, and the same approach could be used to investigate other species-hopping killers.

September US traffic estimated lowest since 2001 -- Traffic on US roads in September at 232.8b VM (vehicle-miles) was down 4.4% (10.7b vehicle-miles less than 200709's 243.6b VM), the lowest September number since 2001 and down a full 5% from the 2006 Sept high of 245.1b VM. The 4.4% decline is somewhat smaller than the month-on-a-year-ago drop in August (-5.6%) but larger than that in July (-3.7%).

Colossal Financial Collapse -- The Truth Behind The Citigroup Bank 'Nationalization'.

London police reject plan for more Tasers -- Metropolitan Police Authority has said it has no intention of sanctioning their wider use of tasers in London.

Film Review: GenerationRx Documents Chemical Abuse of Children by Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Psychiatry -- Filmmaker Kevin Miller has just launched a shocking new documentary that exposes the crimes and deceptions of modern psychiatry and the drug companies that now control the industry. His film, entitled GenerationRx sheds light on the shadowy practices of psychiatric doctors who are increasingly drugging children with mind-altering drugs. Trailers and DVDs are available at 

Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences -- On Monday, Bush granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the prison sentences of two others whose misdeeds included dealing drugs, evading taxes, killing bald eagles or mishandling hazardous waste.

Thought For The Day from Mike Tawse -- Let’s continue… let’s move on… let’s do… let’s talk… let’s achieve… and let’s not quit inspiring… because inspiration is one of the greatest things in the world that anyone can do for another human being.

More Banks Fail: Three banks in California, Georgia fail -- Regulators close down two California thrifts and Community Bank of Loganville, Ga., raising the toll in the financial crisis to 22 banks.

Mike Wallace interviews Aldous Huxley!!! -- Aldous Huxley, social critic and author of Brave New World, talks to Wallace (on 5/18/58) about threats to freedom in the United States, overpopulation, bureaucracy, propaganda, drugs, advertising, and television.

Citizens' Economic Stimulus Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt -- Almost nothing has been done to help the consumers within the producing economy who have lost trillions of dollars in the stock market crash, seen the value of their homes.

Navy Gives New Dads 10 Days Paid Leave -- In an effort to build loyalty and make the Navy more family- friendly, the service is now granting paid paternity leave to new fathers - with some exceptions. The provision, part of the 2009 defense authorization act, makes active-duty Sailors eligible for 10 days of administrative leave after their wives give birth. Unmarried Sailors do not qualify for the benefit.

Colloidal Silver Company Battles FDA Censorship and Oppression; Fights for Health Freedom -- In this interview, you'll learn about how the FDA used outrageous tactics of oppression and tyranny in an effort to shut down the Utopia Silver Supplements company.

The Truth About Bailouts -- Put simply, our government doesn't have enough spare cash to bail out a lemonade stand let alone a bloated and failing industry that is losing tens of billions of dollars per month.

Down on the farm, a frenzy over free food -- In a sign of bad economic times, more than 40,000 show up when a Weld family invites people to gather surplus produce. An estimated 40,000 people came to a Weld County farm Saturday to collect free potatoes, carrots and leeks.

Noise violators in Fort Lupton sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow -- Fort Lupton Municipal Judge Paul Sacco says his novel punishment of forcing noise violators to listen to music they don't like for one hour has cut down on the number of repeat offenders in this northwestern Colorado prairie town.

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2008 -- Annual list of the 10 Worst Corporations of the year.

YouTube: Russian TV report on the "end the fed" protests -- Russian TV reports on the "End the Fed" rally.

Patients believe lives are like the Truman Show -- Mental health officials in the US and Britain say some psychotic patients are describing their lives as mirroring that of the main character in the 1998 film The Truman Show, The New York Times reports.

Iraq told: Keep US troops or face martial law -- Iraq's defense minister Abdul Qadir Muhammed Jassim threatened to declare a state of emergency if Iraq's parliament refused to sign an accord allowing US troops to stay in the country for three more years.

Caribbean Economic Union Starts in 2009 -- Convinced that it could soon become a reality, Caribbean leaders have agreed to implement the project of Economic Union in 2009, to consolidate the regional bloc's actions.

FDA Scientists Revolt Against Corrupt Food and Drug Administration Officials -- A group of scientists working in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health division has revolted against the corrupt managers of its own department, accusing them of committing crimes by claiming, "There is extensive documentary evidence that managers at CDRH have corrupted and interfered with the scientific review of medical devices."

Indonesian AIDS Patients Face Microchip Monitoring -- Lawmakers in Indonesia's remote province of Papua have thrown their support behind a controversial bill requiring some HIV/AIDS patients to be implanted with microchips -- part of extreme efforts to monitor the disease.

US rolls out 'Vicinity RFID' to check IDs in moving vehicles -- RFID technology that allows the remote identification of travellers in moving vehicles is being rolled out at US land border crossings this month. Crossing points with Canada at Blaine, and with Mexico at Nogales, came online last week, with Buffalo, Detroit and San Ysidro to follow, and a total of 39 planned.

Cops raise Taser safety claims -- Metro officers hurt during training sue company, say warnings didn’t suffice.

Rahm’s Plan for Mandatory Service -- "All Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service."

Libya wants to invest billions in US -- Libya wants to open a new chapter in relations with the United States by investing some of its $100 billion sovereign wealth fund in U.S. companies and sending thousands of students to study in America, the son of Libya's leader said Friday.

Obama's White House, Clinton's Team -- As President-elect Obama forms his administration, he's including a lot of familiar faces. Many of Obama's picks—for his transition team, his staff, and his Cabinet—are people who worked in the Clinton administration.

END THE FED REPORT: NBC Report On End The Fed In Chicago -- Be sure to check out the video.

UK: Environment Agency to build up to 80 wind farms -- Among the stretches of water which the Environment Agency is considering for wind farm development are part of the River Thames; the River Medway in the North Downs; and parts of the Fens which rank among the best bird watching locations in Britain.

Hearing on Cheney indictment turns chaotic -- A county prosecutor who brought indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others pounded his fist and shouted at the judge Friday about special treatment for high-profile defendants as a routine motions hearing descended into chaos.
Hearings on Cheney, others halted -- Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra brought a hearing to a halt on Friday when he asked that Judge J. Manuel Bañales recuse himself from presiding over the arraignments of several high-profile public officials. * NOTE: See The Official Indictment - Click Here - (The last one on the page)

VIDEO: Don't EVER let them take our guns!!!! -- If requiring gun owners to obtain a government license seems like a harmless idea to you, you may want to know about "Firearms Form 101." That's the "Application for a Firearms Certificate" that must be filled out by Britons in order to purchase a rifle or muzzle loading handgun.

MANY clips about Cheney/Gonzales indictment -- Check them out in your spare time!

Pentagon bans computer flash drives -- The Pentagon has banned, at least temporarily, the use of external computer flash drives because of a virus threat officials detected on Defense Department networks.

"Emergency Preparedness" or Martial Law? -- Vigilant Shield 09: A Cover for Illegal Domestic Operations?

Idaho issues 20% more unemployment checks last week -- Through Friday, the agency issued 18,907 benefit checks, up 3,212 from the previous week and double the rate from the same week in 2007.

VIDEO: German video on 911 false flag

DEPLETED URANIUM - NATO Still Killing People in Kosovo -- The NATO allegedly used shells with depleted uranium which are still today causing an increase in the number of cancer patients. Prior to 1999, the number of Serbs who suffered from malignant tumours was three times lesser, according to the statistics of Serb hospitals. Read More...

UK: Fewer than one in three of Britain's Apache attack helicopters 'fit for purpose'-- Of the 67 now in service with the Army Air Corps, just 20 are available for combat in Afghanistan or for training pilots in the United Kingdom. The highly sophisticated aircraft requires many hours of servicing every month and the arduous conditions in southern Afghanistan, where temperatures in the summer can reach 45C, dramatically shortens the life of the engine and the Apache's rotor blades.

UK: War chiefs in denial over Gulf War Syndrome -- DEFENCE chiefs have been accused of backtracking after they rejected a major report into Gulf War Syndrome which says the condition does exist.

China in talks to buy stake in AIG unit says report -- A consortium led by China's sovereign wealth fund is in talks with struggling US insurance giant American International Group to acquire a stake in one of its units, a Japanese daily reported Friday.

NYC Churches Ordered Not To Shelter Homeless -- City officials have ordered 22 New York churches to stop providing beds to homeless people. With temperatures well below freezing early Saturday, the churches must obey a city rule requiring faith-based shelters to be open at least five days a week -- or not at all.

St. Louis County had 13 polling places with serious problems, report says -- St. Louis County had 13 polling places in the Nov. 4 general election where voters had to wait five or more hours to cast their ballot, the St. Louis Voter Protection Coalition said Thursday in a report to the county’s election board.

License-plate scanning catching crooks, raising privacy worries -- Every plate is photographed, time-stamped, labeled on a GPS map and automatically logged into an Arizona Department of Public Safety database. An electronic voice alerts Callister to stolen vehicles within seconds after they pass, giving him the ability to make quick arrests. Callister is among the growing number of Arizona officers who use cameras to scan thousands of plates on a daily basis, sweeping parking lots and highways to recover stolen vehicles faster than ever before.

Bug-sized spies: US develops tiny flying robots -- If only we could be a fly on the wall when our enemies are plotting to attack us. Better yet, what if that fly could record voices, transmit video and even fire tiny weapons? That kind of James Bond-style fantasy is actually on the drawing board. U.S. military engineers are trying to design flying robots disguised as insects that could one day spy on enemies and conduct dangerous missions without risking lives.

Family Farms Pulled Us Out of the Great Depression -- Cornell University Professor George F. Warren, an important adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt on rural development policy, figured out that it is agriculture that leads countries into and out of depressions. The Roosevelt Administration is the only administration that tried to do something about supporting the family farm. We can turn around our current situation and avoid a Greater Depression by raising basic storable commodities back up to 90-100 percent of parity. Supporting family farms can put the United States back on a secure economic footing.

GM crops 'to be grown in secret' -- Genetically-modified crops could be grown by the Government in secret locations in an attempt to prevent trials being attacked by saboteurs, it has been reported.

Brain Surgeons drilling holes in wrong side of heads despite warnings -- In 2005 the National Patient Safety Agency issued an alert to all neurosurgical units after an audit found there was no standard method of identifying which side the patient was to have surgery with some units marking with pen the side to be operated on and others marking the side not to.

Teen that committed suicide on webcam was taking anitdepressants -- Teen commits suicide on webcam as others watch. The cause of death was found to be an overdose of benzodiazepine, an antidepressant, as well as other opiate drugs used to treat depression, Crane said. Sad...Some of those watching urged him to take more drugs while others debated whether he had taken enough to kill himself. Hours passed before someone finally notified authorities that he appeared lifeless, officials said.

National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Decision on “Organic” Fish Sets Dangerous Precedent to Gut USDA Organic Program -- Consumers Union today derided the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) decision to accept the recommendations for “organic” fish production that will allow fish to carry the USDA organic label—despite being raised under conditions that fail to meet fundamental USDA organic principles.

The eco machine that can magic water out of thin air -- The company, Element Four, has developed a machine that it hopes will become the first mainstream household appliance to have been invented since the microwave. Their creation, the WaterMill, uses the electricity of about three light bulbs to condense moisture from the air and purify it into clean drinking water.

Jim Sinclair - This Is IT And IT Is NOW -- Dear Comrades In Golden Arms, Things are now "Out of Control." The next two months are going to be shocking, but nothing compared to what you will have to experience in 2009. Read More...

End The Federal Reserve Rally This Weekend - Nov. 22 -- The Federal Reserve Bank is the Cause of our Financial and Economic Crisis! Rally to Support Sound Money for America!  Find your city location!!!

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine -- Readers may wonder what a toxin that is commonly used to kill rats is doing in the ingredient list for the HPV vaccine that is currently being pushed on girls as young as nine and is even being considered for men and boys. Unfortunately, the answer isn't very comforting, especially for new U.S. residents for whom the HPV injection containing sodium borate is now mandated.

Army shreds documents on friendly fire deaths -- In late 2006, two American soldiers from Fort Carson died in Iraq. The army said the privates were killed by enemy action. But in October of this year, Salon revealed that the two men had in fact been killed by friendly tank fire. Now, Salon has found that the documents related to the men's deaths were shredded just hours after the story was published.

Takeda, Amgen to suspend trials of cancer drug -- Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and U.S. biotech firm Amgen Inc. said they would suspend enrolment in the last-stage trials of a key cancer drug candidate following negative study results.

VIDEO: Peter Schiff dead on again! -- Peter Schiff On Fast Money - "The Man Who Called The Collapse"

YouTube: US Economy hijacked! -- Financial Controlled Demolition just like 911. Afshin Rattansi in Tehran talks to Max Keiser in Paris about the end of Wall Street, dollars and toilet paper - and Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs no longer being investment banks.

This Is Our Brave New World? -- Beware! Some foul language in the clip...

FDA Opens New China Office -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened an office Wednesday in China's capital — its first outside the United States — as part of a new global strategy to ensure the safety of trillions of dollars of imports.

VIDEO: World Leaders Don't Shake Bush's Hand At G20 Summit -- It appears in this video that President Bush's approval is in a sorrier state than polls indicate. In a video taken at the G20 summit, Bush walks across a line of world leaders without shaking or being asked to shake any of their hands.

Pa. Turnpike begins layoffs as buyout period ends -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike began laying off employees Thursday after only 20 workers accepted voluntary buyout offers designed to offset falling traffic numbers and declining toll revenues.

Pensions frozen at Random House Inc. -- The country's largest trade publisher, Random House Inc., has frozen the pensions of its current employees and eliminated them for future hires, the latest cuts in an industry hit by declining sales and anticipating, at best, a difficult 2009. "Effective Dec. 31, benefits in the Random House, Inc. Pension Plan will no longer grow — but they will not be reduced," spokesman Stuart Applebaum said in a statement released Thursday in response to a query from The Associated Press.

GEAB N°29 is available! Phase IV of the Global Systemic crisis: Breakdown of the Global Monetary System by summer 2009 -- The G20-meeting held in Washington on November 14/15, 2008, is in its essence a historical indicator that the Western - above all Anglo-Saxon - monopoly on global economic and financial governance, is coming to an end. Read More...

10 Significant Signs why this will be the worst Recession since World War II -- How severe will this recession be? I will venture and say that this will be the worst recession we have seen since World War II. Why? Read the 10 clear reasons for this assessment...

World’s only private resort for billionaires goes bankrupt -- World’s only private ski and golf resort for billionaires, Yellowstone Club (Montana, USA), has gone bankrupt. The club, which has Microsoft founder Bill Gates among its members, is unable to call in its credits, RIA Novosti reports. The company, which serves billionaires, has thus failed to withstand the financial crisis.

Top Five Ways to Avoid GMOs in Your Food -- Here are five simple and effective ways to decrease your contact with untested, toxic and dangerous GMOs.

Iran blocks access to more than five million websites -- Iran has blocked access to more than five million internet sites, whose content is mostly perceived as immoral and anti-social, a judiciary official was has said.

Best Buy sinks after debt downgrade -- Shares of Best Buy Co. Inc. reached a five-year intraday low on Wednesday, a day after the consumer electronic chain's debt rating was lowered.

Cities Cut While Hoping for Government Aid -- On Cities' Chopping Blocks: Libraries, Police, Firefighters, After-School Programs.

Fannie, Freddie Suspend Foreclosures During Holidays -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two biggest U.S. home loan finance companies, on Thursday said they would suspend foreclosures of occupied homes until early 2009, as the government moves to stem the tide of home losses plaguing the economy.

Pill As Good As Chemo on Lung Cancer, but Costlier -- Some advanced lung cancer patients already treated with chemotherapy might be able to skip some of the bad side effects of another series of chemo by taking a pill instead, a study suggests. An international study showed patients on Iressa, an expensive, newer targeted treatment, survived about as long as those on another course of chemotherapy.

FAA worker accused of stealing yacht, plane as perks -- A U.S. government worker from Southern California took illegal perks from his job — including a plane, yachts and heavy-duty trucks — and an investigation continues into how widespread the practice was, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH (Segment-8 min) -- This is a short, 8 minute interview of Rich Castro, from Cinema Libre (the distributor of The Beautiful Truth) by a noted chiropractor and health broadcaster in Los Angeles.

Air hostess helps land Air Canada plane after co-pilot breaks down -- AN air hostess helped land an Air Canada jet carrying 146 passengers after the co-pilot had an apparent mental breakdown over the Atlantic Ocean.

Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money -- Some lawmakers lashed out at the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies Wednesday for flying private jets to Washington to request taxpayer bailout money. The executives -- Alan Mulally of Ford, Robert Nardelli of Chrysler and Richard Wagoner of GM -- were seeking support for a $25 billion loan package.

Can anyone verify this??? - All Retired U.S. Army Officers and NCO's Being Called To Active Duty -- If anyone has received a letter to return to active duty, please let us know!

Former Obama opponent now suing to prove President-elect's citizenship -- A former opponent of Barack Obama's has come back to haunt him over questions regarding Obama's citizenship. According to a press release from the American Independent Party, former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and other members of the party have filed suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento to stop the state from giving its electoral votes to President-elect Barack Obama until documentary evidence is provided to prove Obama is indeed a natural born citizen of the United States. A copy of the writ can be found by clicking here.

Some Toys With Banned Plastics Will Stay on Market -- A new federal ban on the use of the controversial chemical phthalate in teethers, pacifiers and other children's products won't apply to goods already in warehouses or on store shelves, federal safety regulators said yesterday.

Executive Director Lisa Brown to Serve as White House Staff Secretary -- The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is pleased to announce that President-elect Barack Obama has chosen ACS Executive Director Lisa Brown as White House Staff Secretary. "Lisa Brown has made an enormous contribution to the development of ACS over the last six years. While we are saddened to lose her, we are pleased that such an able leader and extraordinary person will be serving President-elect Barack Obama in this vital position," said Chair of the ACS Board of Directors Paul M. Smith.

Chinese Automakers may buy GM and Chrysler -- Chinese carmakers SAIC and Dongfeng have plans to acquire GM and Chrysler, China’s 21st Century Business Herald reports.

China now largest holder of US Treasury bonds -- China is now officially the US government's largest foreign creditor after overtaking Japan, in a development that signals Washington's increasing reliance on Beijing to save its economy.

UK: Manchester being 'bullied' by Government into accepting road tolls -- The Government is threatening to withhold £1.5 billion of public funding for public transport in Manchester unless the city agrees to become a guinea pig for pay-as-you-drive road pricing.

UK: Parrot given Prozac after owner dies -- The bird has now been prescribed a twice-daily liquid dose of a bird-friendly version of Prozac, called Clomicalm. According to experts, tropical birds are extremely emotional and the number who require anti-depressants is growing.

The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy -- The financial crisis is deepening, with the risk of seriously disrupting the system of international payments.

When Electricity Kills -- Electricity must be tested for when it becomes dirty. The Growing cancer cluster cover-up may well become the biggest cover-up since the cigarette companies spent billions to deny that smoking was linked to cancer. (This is a .pdf file)

50,000 Ethiopians displaced by floods -- Dramatic floods in the eastern Somali region of Ethiopia have killed at least three people and displaced more than 50,000 since the start of the month, aid sources said Wednesday.

Canada Reports Its 15th Case of Mad Cow Disease -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed on Monday a new case of mad cow disease in a seven-year-old dairy cow born well after Ottawa banned feed practices thought to spread the disease. It is the country’s 15th case. The animal was discovered on a farm in the Pacific province of British Columbia.

Obama Pushes Carbon Tax Proposal That Would Inflict New Great Depression -- President elect Barack Obama used his speech at a Los Angeles summit last night to reinvigorate a push for the revival of a frightening proposal to slash carbon emissions by 80 per cent, a move that would inflict a new Great Depression, cost millions of jobs, and sink America to near third world status.

Toronto: Teens balk at proposed young driver law -- Proposed Ontario legislation to limit the driving privileges of people under age 22 is experiencing backlash from young drivers before the bill is even tabled.

36 million Americans face potential for starvation -- Feeding America, a U.S. hunger-relief organization, said the actual number of Americans forced to skip meals and survive without adequate nutrition is even greater than the report indicates because it is based on statistics from 2007.

Australia Temporarily Shuts Down Navy -- Australia's navy gets a big Christmas gift this year: two months paid vacation for most sailors that will ease the effects of a recruiting slump but make the service Down Under look something like a part-time operation.

Flower zones to help honeybees -- Honey bees, whose numbers are falling, must be given flowery "recovery zones" in Europe's farmlands to aid their survival, a leading EU lawmaker said Wednesday.

The animals and plants we cannot live without -- From the Amazon rainforests to the frozen ice fields of the arctic, animals, plants and insects are disappearing at alarming rates from pollution, habitat loss, climate change and hunting.

Study Confirms Genetically Modified Crops Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety -- A long-term feeding study commissioned by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, managed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth, and carried out by Veterinary University Vienna, confirms genetically modified (GM) corn seriously affects reproductive health in mice.

Joint Chiefs head says war stresses may be growing -- Stress on U.S. troops from repeated combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan is "extraordinary" and may be worsening even as fighting eases in Iraq, the military's top officer says.

Minnesota Recount Under Way in US Senate Showdown -- Recount of more than 2.9 million ballots under way in Minnesota showdown over Senate seat.

Radiation Threat Still Permeates Chernobyl's Entombment -- It’s not just the ubiquitous threat of radioactivity that makes Chernobyl a unique workplace. Because of its frantic construction in lethal conditions, the “sarcophagus” enclosing reactor 4 lacks normal engineering certainties. And when SIP was being established in the mid-1990s, Ukraine, emerging from Communism, was institutionally unprepared.

Dick Cheney indicted by Texas grand jury over abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers -- A Willacy County grand jury under District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra returned multi-count indictments Monday against Vice President Dick Cheney, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, plus several other public officials.

Mind Control with Silent Sounds and Super Computers -- The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called "S-quad" or "Squad". It was developed by Dr Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, and is described in US Patent #5,159,703, "Silent Subliminal Presentation System", dated October 27, 1992. Read More...

The Power Hour, Inspiring Change And Mike Tawse: By Joyce Riley -- Mike Tawse shares his Serrapeptase Adventure! "It is my privilege to invite you to listen to the following 11 minute recording and, once again, to thank Joyce for her kindness to me" - Mike Tawse.

End The Fed -- "End the Fed!" Begins on November 22, 2008! -- Check out the city closest to you to participate.

Do Flu Shots Work? Ask A Vaccine Manufacturer -- In this recorded phone call to a vaccine maker, the caller asks questions about mercury and how well the flu shot actually works. The answer is -- perhaps unintentionally -- a bit more honest than what you might hear from their ads.

YouTube: Ron Paul on a Possible Global Currency to Replace Dollar -- Ron Paul asks the questions no one else seems to ask.

GOVERNMENTS CAN'T HANDLE GLOBAL RUN ON GOLD COINS -- THERE'S a worldwide run on gold coins. Even as the price of the precious metal itself comes under pressure along with commodities like oil and copper, people around the world are demanding so many of the valuable coins that government mints are having difficulty filling orders.
Related Article: Why Gold Is Down, But You Can't Get Your Hands on Any -- Dealers and analysts are calling it an “upside down” market where physical gold, including coins and bars, are in short supply and far more expensive than the price quoted on New York Mercantile Exchange’s COMEX division.

Nestle Recalls 900,000 Pounds of Lean Cuisine -- Reports of small chunks of blue plastic in Lean Cuisine brand frozen chicken dinners have led Nestle Prepared Foods Co. to recall 900,000 pounds worth of meals.

USDA to Tell Shoppers Which Stores Sell Recalled Meat -- On Friday, the United States Department of Agriculture said it will soon give shoppers more information in the most serious recall cases. Today, the USDA announced it will tell consumers the names of stores where recalled meat and poultry products were, or possibly still are, being sold. The goal is to make it easier for shoppers to determine whether their store may be selling meat that's been recalled for potentially deadly contamination, allowing them to double check and make sure they're not buying any of it.

Pirates 'out of control' as two more ships seized -- Separate bands of pirates hijacked two ships and captured their crews, while yet another opened fire on an Indian navy ship before being driven off — clear signs that the brigands roaming the Gulf of Aden are becoming bolder and more violent, officials said Wednesday.

Schwarzenegger Opens Global Warming Summit -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opened his international climate change summit on Tuesday by upstaging himself with an even bigger political star _ President-elect Barack Obama.

States, Congress to seek anti-BPA laws -- Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., said he plans to re-introduce a bill when the 111th Congress convenes in January to ban BPA from food and beverage containers, citing an analysis conducted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the newspaper reported Tuesday.

How To Read Country Of Origin In Bar Codes -- Can you differentiate which one is made in the USA , Philippines , Taiwan or China?

Soldiers, Vets Turning to Online Education -- Online education is increasingly attractive for military veterans, according to Denver-based Jones International University, a Web-exclusive institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. About 350 current or former soldiers are pursuing a degree at Jones, three times the number last year. The university has a total of 2,000 students.

Doctors Claim Glaxo Dismissed Worries on Avandia -- Drug Maker Tried to Make Physician at Maryland Hospital Stop Talking About Concerns; Company Defends Its Effort!

"Toilet-to-Tap" - Not Too Freaked Out About Recycled Sewage -- If San Diego residents are freaked out about using purified sewage as a drinking-water source, you wouldn't have known it Monday. For all the talk about a populace that's grossed out by the yuck factor of an idea derided as "toilet-to-tap," just 13 people showed up Monday to voice concerns that the City Council was moving forward with the plan.

The Apology Bush Owes Dan Rather -- What is really in order is some sort of pardon and apology to Dan Rather, who CBS's cowardly management squeezed from 60 Minutes for telling the truth about Bush's war record.

Magnesium: The Lamp of Life by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD -- Inside chlorophyll is the lamp of life and that lamp is magnesium. The capture of light energy from the sun is magnesium dependent. Magnesium is bound as the central atom of the porphyrin ring of the green plant pigment chlorophyll. Read More...

Study Shows Preventing Illness More Economical Than Treating the Sick -- Investing in preventive health care is far more cost-effective than treating people after they get sick, according to a report from the nonprofit advocacy group Trust for America's Health. "We've got to change the mindset from treating sick people to preventing illnesses in the first place," said U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin in response to the report.

A cure for cancer suppressed -- It works 100% of the time to eradicate cancer completely, and cancer does not recur even years later. That is how researchers describe the most convincing cancer cure ever announced. Read More...

Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012 -- Gerald Celente says that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

Assault Weapons Ban Five R.I.N.O.s (Republican In Name Only) -- Rep. Mark Kirk has introduced a bill, H.R. 6257: Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008, which would "reinstate the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act." The bill has been co-sponsored by 4 other who claim to be Republicans.

City threatens blind woman over unpaid 1-cent bill -- 74-year-old blind woman was shocked when her daughter found a letter from the city saying a lien would be placed on her home unless she paid an overdue water bill. The amount? 1 cent.

The New World Order: The Final Showdown for America -- Today, the Federal Reserve Board controlling our nation’s “money” is 76% foreign owned by private interests. They have no allegiance whatsoever to America, as they think only in global profit$, nothing else! America is now controlled by a few very extremely wealthy globalists.

Retired Leaders Hit 'Don't Ask' Policy -- More than 100 retired generals and admirals called Monday for repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, and to permit gays to serve openly, according to a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

The Federal Register on Presidential Inaugural Demonstrations -- On August 8, 2008, the National Park Service proposed a rule that applies to activities of the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) for the Inaugural. Read More...

Larger Inmate Population Is Boon to Private Prisons -- The Federal Bureau of Prisons and several state governments have sent thousands of inmates in recent months to prisons and detention centers run by Corrections Corp. of America, Geo Group Inc. and other private operators, as a crackdown on illegal immigration, a lengthening of mandatory sentences for certain crimes and other factors have overcrowded many government facilities.

VIDEO: Bingo the Clown-o -- Bingo is a five-minute computer animated adaptation of a live theater performance called Disregard This Play which was first produced in Chicago in 1993 by Greg Kotis of the Neo-Futurists theater company. The recorded audio performance of this play is used in Bingo, which incorporates exciting and bizarre visual imagery to support the telling of the story. Landreth is a senior animator at Alias|Wavefront who in 1995 was nominated for an Academy Award for his animation, the end. With Bingo, Landreth introduces a cast of animated characters who are alternately,
shockingly human-like and disturbingly freakish.

Brasscheck TV: California Wildfires -- Deliberate act, Government involved?

Did Obama register for the selective service? - Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? -- Never Actually Register? Obama's Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions!

How our hospitals unleashed a MRSA epidemic -- Year after year, the number of victims climbed. But even as casualties mounted — as the germ grew stronger and spread inside hospitals — the toll remained hidden from the public, and hospitals ignored simple steps to control the threat. Over the past decade, the number of Washington hospital patients infected with a frightening, antibiotic-resistant germ called MRSA has skyrocketed from 141 a year to 4,723.

Purdue Researcher Invents Molecule That Stops SARS -- A Purdue University researcher has created a compound that prevents replication of the virus that causes SARS and could lead to a treatment for the disease.

Montecito Journalist Peter Lance Indicts the FBI for 9/11 Negligence -- In Triple Cross, Lance offers new evidence of the FBI’s inability and/or unwillingness to act on the threat posed by Osama bin Laden’s nascent terror organization, Al Qaeda, and refines his argument that the 9/11 Commission did not go nearly far enough when, in July 2004, it called the FBI to task for its mistakes. Triple Cross tells the story of Ali Mohamed, an Egyptian soldier of fortune whom Lance calls Osama bin Laden’s “master spy.”

Panel: 1 in 4 Gulf War vets are sick -- Report blames exposure to toxic chemicals and other causes, demands more research and spending.

Gulf War illness is real, report finds -- A report released on Monday, Nov. 17, 2008, concluded that Gulf War syndrome is a legitimate illness suffered by more than 175,000 U.S. war veterans who were exposed to chemical toxins in the 1991 Gulf War.

Amish Farmers Sue US Govt. for "Mark of the Beast" on Livestock -- A group of seven Amish farmers in Michigan say the state's insistence that they use radio frequency ID devices on their animals "constitutes some form of a 'mark of the Beast' and/or represents an infringement of their 'dominion over cattle and all living things' in violation of their fundamental religious beliefs," according to their lawsuit.

Secret Directed-Energy Tech Protecting the President? -- They have more than earpiece radios and armored limos to help them; the Secret Service can call on the very latest technology. Documents from a recent court case indicate that they have advanced directed-energy devices which are highly classified.

Young Children Now Being Targeted For Statin Drug Use -- In an immediately controversial document, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that children as young as eight be treated with cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Tech Crunch Layoff Tracker -- October 2008 will be remembered as the time in which the credit crunch came to a head not only for the economy as a whole but for the tech community in particular.

Raw Food for Your Kitty -- If you are a cat owner, more than likely you understand the importance of providing your feline friend with optimal nutrition. Your cat's nutrition can be a very confusing topic if you are like a lot of pet owners out there. Read More...

Gold at $14,172 an ounce? -- There are those who have been arguing vociferously for some years now that the world will be better off under a gold standard. These people may or may not be correct, but we need to understand the implications of what a gold standard will bring with it.

Mark Cuban charged with insider trading -- The SEC has charged Cuban with insider trading, accusing him of dumping his entire stock in a start-up Internet search engine company within hours of receiving advanced notice of a deal.

Citigroup to shed another 53,000 jobs -- Citigroup Inc. is shedding approximately 53,000 more employees in the coming quarters as the banking giant struggles to steady itself after suffering massive losses from deteriorating debt.

Chertoff: We're Closing that Boarding-Pass Loophole -- Chertoff told Threat Level in an interview last week that the government was aware of, and patching, the so-called boarding-pass loophole, which just came back into the public eye after a recent Atlantic magazine story where a reporter got though security using a fake boarding pass. That loophole lets a known terrorist who is on a government watch list board a plane without needing a fake ID. All that’s needed is a home computer, a printer and a little skill at HTML.

Military wants 'blood pharming' machine -- The U.S. military is seeking an automated culture and packaging system that could produce a steady supply of universal donor red blood cells right on the battlefield, without resorting to needles and the human filling-stations.

Energy Enzyme CoQ10 -- CoEnzyme Q10 has been promoted as a supplement for supporting cardiovascular health and increasing energy as well as a potent antioxidant. In addition, many supplement companies worldwide are making claims that CoEnzyme Q10 can improve cardiovascular health and increase your overall energy levels. Even more so, it has been promoted as a natural adjunct for people taking statin drugs.

Beauty Has Its Price: Wrinkle Fillers Tied to Serious Side Effects -- According to the agency’s Web site, more and more people using them experience medical problems later. A total of 930 reports of health problems have been received over the past six years (from January 2003 to September 20th of this year).

Food Weights & Approximate Equivalents in Measure -- Great chart!

Ken Clarke warns Britain is on the brink of 'meltdown' -- Kenneth Clarke, the former Conservative Chancellor, has warned the economy is on the brink of "meltdown" and unemployment could reach three million.

89 volcanic tremors recorded from Anak Krakatau -- A total of 89 volcanic tremors from Anak Krakatau volcano were recorded in the Sunda Strait on Monday, raising the mountain`s danger status.

In search of -- Debate during the Senatorial Campaign between Dr. Keyes and Obama in which was stated : "You are not even a Natural born citizen" to which Obama replied:" That's o'k, I am not running for President, I am only running for Senate" - If anyone knows where this tape is located, please e-mail THANKS.
The Global Dow -- The Global Dow reflects, as closely as possible, the global stock market as it is today, in terms of industries and regions. But emphasis is placed on also representing the global leaders of tomorrow.

Fort Dix In the News -- Read all about it through these various links!
Related Link: Fort Dix informant's credibility slammed

Obama may have to give up his beloved BlackBerry -- Before he ran for president Barack Obama quit smoking. Now that he's won the job, he may have to break another addiction: Checking his BlackBerry for e-mail. The president's e-mail can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts and may be subject to public records laws, so if a president doesn't want his e-mail public, he shouldn't e-mail, experts said. And there may be security issues about carrying around trackable cell phones.

Pakistan and U.S. Have Tacit Deal On Airstrikes -- The officials described the deal as one in which the U.S. government refuses to publicly acknowledge the attacks while Pakistan's government continues to complain noisily about the politically sensitive strikes.

Mapping out a new world order -- A new book, The Atlas of the Real World, has redrawn the map giving vivid new insights and bringing economic, social and environmental data to life.

Foreign Troops Take Part in “Drill” at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson -- In a few weeks, Tucson will be at the center of efforts to speed up that lifesaving process.Personnel from around the globe will converge at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base from Dec. 1 to Dec. 12 for the largest rescue exercise of its kind. The effort, dubbed Angel Thunder, will involve the U.S. Army and Air Force, troops from Germany, Chile, Colombia and observers from Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan.

US Store Closings - The Latest Casualty Count.

Gun Owners Not Welcome on Obama's White House Team? -- The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) notes that question 59 – part of a 63-item questionnaire given to Obama administration job applicants – asks for information about firearms owned by the applicant and his or her family.

Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours -- Over the last 72 hours there has been a strange melange of cryptic messages leaked from world political leaders about what could be in store for America over the next few months.

Under Obama: no child left unmonitored -- Obama’s plan to use education as a tool for social engineering exposes the elitist strain in his ‘Change’ campaign.

Ignorant Forbes Article Declares "Stop Taking Vitamins, Switch to Statin Drugs Instead" -- Forbes Magazine is jumping on board the "vitamins are dangerous and statin drugs are good for you" bandwagon with this story entitled, "Eat Your Statins."

Obama adds staff to growing White House team -- President-elect Barack Obama added three officials to his White House team on Sunday, making his top aide from the Senate a senior adviser and naming two deputies to chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

China faces new problem: Disposing of tainted milk -- It has been burned, buried and mixed into coal. One trash-hauling company dumped a load into a river, turning the waters a frothy white and raising fears about the safety of the drinking water.

Surprise! Organic Beekeepers Reporting Zero Losses -- With all the frightening news over bee losses throughout the world, it appears that one tiny minor piece of information was overlooked: the losses are occurring in colonies besieged with chemicals and artificial additives. Organic bees are fairing quite nicely, thank you.

Abandoned Iraqi Nuclear Plant Linked to Deformities, Cancer -- Radiation from an abandoned nuclear plant in Iraq may have caused deformities in babies and cancer in adults after contaminated materials from the site were sold as scrap at a market, a United Nations-linked news agency said.

Soup kitchens - Yesterday & today -- Various photos.

World Health Organization Deemed "Dysfunctional" Over Pandemic Bird Flu Threat -- A report from the British House of Lords has blasted the World Health Organization as "dysfunctional" and warned that the world is not prepared for the inevitability of a new disease pandemic.

Pentagon Clears Flying-Car Project for Takeoff -- Flying cars have been a just-around-the-corner promise for decades, of course. Today, several companies swear that they are just on the verge of manufacturing such machines. Read More...

VIDEO: Dr. Ron Paul on the Global Financial Summit HAPPENING NOW -- Check it out.

‘Speeding muppet’ baffles Bavarian police -- A car with British number plates has been repeatedly caught speeding in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany, but speed cameras have not been able to identify the driver of the right-hand drive vehicle. so far the only image they have been able to record is that of a grinning soft toy in the passenger seat – Animal from The Muppet Show.

Barack Obama is warned to beware of a ‘huge threat’ from al-Qaeda -- Barack Obama is being given ominous advice from leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to brace himself for an early assault from terrorists.

Bush Administration: Dismiss RFID 'Mark of the Beast' Lawsuit -- The Bush administration on Thursday urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a group of Amish farmers in Michigan claiming RFID chips required on cattle "are a mark of the beast."

“Shaping a New World Order” During “Vigilant Shield” -- Here’s the CNN headline: G-20: Shaping a New World Order. But look what’s going to be happening at the same time: Vigilant Shield.

Our Home-Grown Melamine Problem -- melamine is also integral to the material life of any industrialized society. It’s a common ingredient in cleaning products, waterproof plywood, plastic compounds, cement, ink and fire-retardant paint. Chemical plants throughout the United States produce millions of pounds of melamine a year. Read More...

Obama plans US terror trials to replace Guantanamo -- President-elect Obama's advisers are crafting plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and prosecute terrorism suspects in the U.S., a plan the Bush administration said Monday was easier said than done. Under the plan being crafted inside Obama's camp, some detainees would be released and others would be charged in U.S. courts, where they would receive constitutional rights and open trials.

UNPRECEDENTED RAPE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UNDERWAY IN DC by Devvy Kidd -- Update on the constitutional crisis: Obama can't prove he is a natural born citizen.

New airport screening system sees under clothes -- At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a new security system has been launched that can see items hidden under clothing without any physical contact from screeners. View the photos!

Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists -- A stunning light display over Saturn has stumped scientists who say it behaves unlike any other planetary aurora known in our solar system.

US issues melamine alert on Chinese-made food products -- US authorities Thursday issued a nationwide "import alert" for Chinese-made food products for possible melamine contamination and warned against consuming several products from China including infant formula.

Hard Times, But Big Wall Street Bonuses -- According to a report from financial news agency Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, for example, has set aside $6.8 billion for bonuses, and Morgan Stanley, $6.4 billion. Lawmakers and taxpayers alike are concerned about where the money for those bonuses will come from.

Involuntary Electroshock -- Minnesota Resident Gets Involuntary Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) On A Weekly Ongoing *Outpatient* Basis.

The Worst Is Not Behind Us -- Beware of those who say we've hit the bottom.

Donald Duck's nephews learn about inflation --An episode of Duck Tales dealing with the negative consequences of inflation.

YouTube: Inside Job -- Don Henley (The Eagles) KNOWS! His song, "Inside Job" has a couple of BAD words but tells it like it is. YES... the world is figuring it out!

KBR wins Army Corps contract -- KBR Inc. has been awarded a $75 million disaster relief contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for emergency power. The Houston-based engineering company will be supplying the power to the Western region of the United States.

Pesticides more dangerous than thought -- U.S. scientists studying 10 of the world's most popular approved pesticides say, when combined, the chemicals caused 99 percent mortality in tadpoles.

Obama's Message To The World -- We Will Act Quickly on Climate Change - It's going to be busy 2009, says president-elect's aide • Judges reject ban on navy exercises to protect sealife.

Homeland Security Will Track Fertilizer Buyers -- The Department of Homeland Security has proposed new regulations that would make it harder to buy ammonium nitrate -- an agricultural fertilizer that can be used as a bomb-making ingredient.

More than 500,000 U.S. jobs lost in one week -- More than half a million workers in America lost their jobs this past week according to the latest unemployment report from the government.

Family homelessness rising in the United States -- President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to help middle-class U.S. homeowners facing foreclosure, but he has said little about how he will help low-income families made homeless by a worsening economy.

Fruit and veggies grow on cinder-block walls -- a large percentage of our food can come from our back yards and vacant lots — the Detroit-headquartered Urban Farming wants to push edible plants into new spaces — like walls.

Cargill partnership aims to set stevia standard -- Cargill has entered into an exclusive agreement with ChromaDex to ensure quality and consistency of the natural sweetener stevia, as ingredients companies scrabble for position in an emerging market.

Pennsylvania Turnpike cutting work force -- In a letter sent to state lawmakers and Gov. Ed Rendell yesterday, turnpike chief executive Joe Brimmeier says employees have until late next week to decide if they want to sign up for a "voluntary departure program."

Australian web filter to block 10,000 internet sites -- AUSTRALIA'S mandatory net filter is being primed to block 10,000 websites as part of a blacklist of unspecified "unwanted content". Some 1300 websites have already been identified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

New rule kicks Patriot Act foes 'right in the teeth' -- The Bush administration has been planning since last spring to issue a final burst of federal regulations just before leaving office. It was recently announced that over 90 new regulations would be finalized before November 22 -- 60 days prior to the end of Bush's term -- making them difficult, though not impossible, for President Obama to reverse.

Blackwater likely to be fined millions in Iraq weapons case -- The State Department is preparing to slap a multi-million dollar fine on private military contractor Blackwater USA for shipping hundreds of automatic weapons to Iraq without the necessary permits.

Soon, You’ll Need Uncle Sam’s Permission to Travel Almost Anywhere -- At some point in the future, you’ll need to reveal your name, gender, and date of birth when you make a domestic airline reservation. The airline will contact TSA to determine if you’re cleared to board. 

To Sludge Or Not To Sludge -- Spreading sludge on fields -- a practice farmers and water-treaters call land-application of biosolids -- is widespread across the country. Many farmers like the free fertilizer, but critics call it a 'toxic elixir'

Scientist Wonders: Did Her Couch Kill Her Cat? -- The death of her beloved 15-year-old cat, Midnight, a couple of weeks ago, "possibly because of toxic chemicals in my furniture," has reinforced her determination to get California to stop using toxic fire retardants in furniture foam.

Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction -- Extension of national emergency in respect to weapons of mass destruction (from federal register).

Application Guidelines for TARP Capital Purchase Program -- This is the TARP bailout application for No Banker left behind. (NOTE: It takes more documentation to get your electricity turned on in our house than to get a few billion dollars from the gov.) (This is a .pdf file)

Who Owns Nature?: Monsanto & Biotech Corporations Move to Monopolize Seeds & Biodiversity -- ETC Group today releases a 48-page report, "Who Owns Nature?" on corporate concentration in commercial food, farming, health and the strategic push to commodify the planet's remaining natural resources.

Simulation Shows What Would Happen If Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Hit California -- What would happen in California was hit by the Big One? New 3-D animations of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake scenario are now available to the public.

The new Gulf War Syndrome -- US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are being exposed to toxic chemicals that pose serious health risks.

President John F.Kennedy, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110 -- On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy's order gave the Treasury the power "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury." This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.

Sarah Palin sings a little song to Katie Couric -- Be sure to check out the "related videos" on the side> Just a little humor this morning!

Mark Foley Speaks -- The saga of Mark Foley, the former Florida Congressman who resigned after he was caught sending sexually explicit messages to teenage Capitol Hill pages, finally has an epilogue.

Study finds obese kids have arteries like 45-year-olds' -- The arteries of many obese children and teenagers are as thick and stiff as those of 45-year-olds, a sign that such children could have severe cardiovascular disease at a much younger age than their parents unless their condition is reversed, researchers said Tuesday.

Chemotherapy can do more harm than good, study suggests -- Doctors have been urged to be more cautious in offering cancer treatment to terminally-ill patients as chemotherapy can often do more harm than good, a study suggests.

Evidence is Mounting in Favor of an Avandia Recall -- Over the past 18 months, a number of studies and reports have emerged which raise concerns about the safety of Avandia (rosiglitazone), and whether the drug should continue to remain on the market.

Congress examines $700 billion rescue program -- While the Bush administration shifts course on its $700 billion rescue plan, Congress is examining whether even bigger changes should be made in the program in light of the deteriorating economy and soaring mortgage foreclosures.

Wal-Mart Partners With Army Reserve -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has signed on to an Army Reserve program that allows the company and the Army to work together to recruit and train people interested in serving in the military and working for the giant retailer.

End The Federal Reserve Rally Nov. 22 -- The Federal Reserve Bank is the Cause of our Financial and Economic Crisis! Rally to Support Sound Money for America!

Merck vaccine protects men from wart virus, too -- A vaccine designed to protect women and girls from cervical cancer caused by a wart virus may protect men, too, maker Merck and Co reported on Thursday.

Hurricane season sets records -- Over the weekend, Hurricane Paloma set another of those records that sends chills down spines in the Caribbean - for the first time major hurricanes formed in five successive months, from July through November. And the total energy carried by storms this year is double that of last year.

70,000 more jobs down the tubes in the banking industry -- That's on top of the 45,000 they expect to be laid off on Wall St.

G20 summit: New world order? -- Some G20 nations hope the weekend summit on financial reform will be a modern Bretton Woods, but can it make big decisions without Barack Obama?

Desperate Big Pharma Pushing to Double Statin Sales -- In the face of overwhelming negative science the statin marketing machine marches on, now suggesting that statins should be given to middle aged men and women even though they don't have elevated cholesterol.

Homeland Security now spying on Americans -- Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV´s) and Space-Based Domestic Spying Surveillance technology the U.S. Government is now watching American citizens under the guise of disaster management and controlling the U.S. Mexican border. The Reaper/Predator B UAV´s robotic killing machines are currently in operation with the USAF, US Navy and the Royal Air Force. In addition non military users of the Predator B include: NASA and Homeland security though the US Customs and Border Protection agencies.

Paranoia may be more common than thought -- If you think they're out to get you, you're not alone. Paranoia, once assumed to afflict only schizophrenics, may be a lot more common than previously thought. According to British psychologist Daniel Freeman, nearly one in four Londoners regularly have paranoid thoughts. Freeman is a paranoia expert at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College and the author of a book on the subject.

Proud Veteran, Beth Ann Kucinich, Sister of Congressman, Dies on Veteran’s Day at Veteran’s Hospital -- Beth Ann Kucinich, beloved youngest sister of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, passed away on Veteran's Day at the Veteran's Hospital in Cleveland, after a battle with acute respiratory distress syndrome. She was 48 years old.

Israel Warns Obama on Talks with Iran -- Israel's foreign minister said Thursday that President-elect Barack Obama shouldn't talk to Iran just yet, warning that such dialogue could project "weakness" - a first sign of disagreement with the incoming American administration.

Stock Market Chart -- Shows how far it has fallen since 2006.

Google Uses Searches to Track Flu’s Spread -- Turns out a lot of ailing Americans enter phrases like “flu symptoms” into Google and other search engines before they call their doctor. That simple act, multiplied across millions of keyboards in homes around the country, has given rise to a new early warning system for fast-spreading flu outbreaks called Google Flu Trends.

In Fort Worth, Obama's election prompts run on guns and ammunition -- There is a wave of people nationwide who, even before the election, began stocking up on guns and ammunition amid fear that Obama might put new gun restrictions in place after he takes office Jan. 20.
Related Article: Possible Gun Ban/Increase Tax Creates Panic -- Local gun shops are exploding with customers. Many of these customers are buying out of fear rather than pleasure.

FDA Approves Deadly Enbrel Drug for Children -- An FDA advisory panel has recommended the approval of Amgen's immune-suppressing drug Enbrel (generic name etanercept) for the treatment of psoriasis in children, in spite of ongoing concerns that the drug may have lethal side effects.

Australia To End Internet Freedom by Ted Pike -- Australia will now join China in blocking free access to the internet. Australian government has announced it will ban all "illegal" internet content produced in or entering Australia. All illegal content, which should include everything from pornography to political and religious speech violating Australia's hate laws, will be forbidden. It will be illegal to create or receive communication which the government disapproves.

Antibiotic Use Is a Flashing Indicator for Cancer Risk -- How ironic that the very thing we were taught would save us may actually be increasing our chances of death from a fatal disease. Recent research has established the link between antibiotic use and cancer.

US Army Federal Civilian Inmate Labor Program -- This regulation provides guidance for establishing and managing civilian inmate labor programs on Army installations. It provides guidance on establishing prison camps on Army installations. It addresses record keeping and reporting incidents related to the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and/or prison camp administration. See the Army's Official Document - Army Regulation 210-35 (Thanks to Jimm)

Website "The Organic & non-GMO Report -- The Organic & Non-GMO Report is the only monthly newsletter that provides information you need to respond to the challenges of genetically modified (GM) foods.

Fast food originates with corn, study says -- That burger you ordered comes with more than beef, lettuce and tomato. There's a bit of corn and nitrogen, too. niversity of Hawaii scientists tested fast-food items across the country and found evidence of both the corn used for the animals' feed and the nitrogen used as fertilizer to grow the corn and emitted in the animals' manure.

VETERANS HELPED BY HEALING PAWS -- In addition to retrieving dropped objects and helping with balance, the dog barks only in an emergency.

We are so blessed -- An inspiration for all of us!! - Amazing!!

Obama's agenda GONE from his site! -- President-elect Barack Obama over the weekend scrubbed his transition Web site, deleting most of what had been a massive agenda for his first term that appears on his campaign's site. Gone from are the promises on how an Obama administration would handle 25 agenda items — from Iraq and immigration to taxes and urban policy — which the campaign first laid out on the Web site

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe - Global Crisis? This is the real crisis! -- If you think that the current economic crisis is something that has never happened in history before, you may be wrong! After the collapse of the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe in 2000, the inflation in that country skyrocketed to 231 million percent a year! Just think about it - 231 000 000%! Unemployment went up to 80% and a third of country’s population left it.

Bloomberg Sues Federal Reserve Over Secrecy, Fed Claims It Is Above the Law -- For those following the great looting of the American republic by the Federal Reserve, this story tells you just about everything you need to know: Financial news publisher Bloomberg wanted to know where the $2 trillion in Fed bailout money was going, so it asked the Fed to disclose the recipients of the cash. The Fed refused, so Bloomberg filed a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act).

Security in GB - UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society -- The international financial crisis has given world leaders a unique opportunity to create a truly global society, Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say in a keynote foreign policy speech on Monday.

Censorship in GB - MPs seek to censor the media -- Britain’s security agencies and police would be given unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, under proposals being discussed in Whitehall.

Improve Your Health and Well-Being with Raw Chocolate -- Chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods on the earth! Research is continually proving that chocolate is actually a super food. The problem is that most chocolate has been highly processed and heated, stealing all the nutrients.

Gardasil Linked to Seventy-Eight Outbreaks of Genital Warts -- In addition to all of the other adverse reactions to this controversial vaccine, children who receive it are subject to outbreaks of genital warts. Unfortunately, not too many doctors take the time to educate parents about some of these possible reactions prior to giving little girls this expensive jab.

DHL cuts 9,500 U.S. jobs -- Global delivery company DHL announced Monday that it was cutting 9,500 jobs as it discontinues air and ground operations within the United States. DHL said its DHL Express will continue to operate between the United States and other nations. But the company said it was dropping "domestic-only" air and ground services within the United States by Jan. 30 "to minimize future uncertainties."

In Secret Agreement, Shell Nets 25-Year Monopoly on Natural Gas in Southern Iraq -- Royal Dutch Shell oil company and the Iraqi Oil Ministry have struck a secret, as-of-yet non-binding agreement that gives a monopoly over southern Iraq’s natural gas to the energy giant. It marks the first time in over 35 years a Western oil company has played a major role in the country’s most lucrative industry.

Food Hit by ‘Perfect Storm’ -- Food prices increasing at fastest pace since 1990.

Windows 7 knows where you are -- Windows 7 has a new programming interface designed to make it a whole lot easier for software to figure out where in the world a PC and its user are located.

CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply -- Makers of Crestor now claim that people with normal cholesterol are also at risk for heart attack. Their study shows that if this group has a high level of hsCRP they lower their risk for heart attacks and arterial disease.

Flu pandemic could trigger chaos -- The government's biggest fear is that in the event that the bird flu virus, H5N1, or some other strain of flu, goes pandemic there will be a run on chemists, supermarkets and petrol forecourts precipitating an economic crisis far worse than the initial health crisis.

Tsunami hazards at nuclear plant sites -- The NRC is soliciting public comment on its draft report titled "Tsunami Hazard Assessment at Nuclear Power Plant Sites in the United States of America," (NUREG/CR-6966) (ADAMS Accession No. ML082810348). This draft report describes the tsunami phenomenon with the focus on its relevance for hazard assessment at nuclear power plant sites. Any interested party may submit comments

Rabies Spreading Across US -- Two incidents of rabid skunks attacking dogs in Windsor [Maine] within a month have the animal control officer for several area towns scared that there is an outbreak of the disease among wild animals in the area. The owners of the 2 dogs, which were attacked by the skunks, have their pets under 45-day quarantines to make sure the animals have not contracted the disease.

U.S. provides $40 billion in new aid to AIG -- The government on Monday provided new financial assistance to troubled insurance giant American International Group, including pouring $40 billion into the company in return for partial ownership. (Nov. 10, 2008)

2 more banks go belly-up -- Regulators close down Franklin Bank, a Houston bank with $5.1 billion in assets, and Security Pacific Bank of California, with assets of $561 million, raising the tally of failed banks this year to 19.
Related Article: 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry -- The nation's top three banks now control more than 32 percent of U.S. deposits, more than the top five controlled a year ago. Bank of America Corp.,Wells Fargo & Co. and JPMorgan Chase with Citigroup Inc. trailing  behind.

Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts -- Democrats in the U.S. House have been conducting hearings on proposals to confiscate workers’ personal retirement accounts — including 401(k)s and IRAs — and convert them to accounts managed by the Social Security Administration.

AIG execs at posh Phoenix resort after $85 billion bailout -- AIG made significant efforts to disguise the conference, making sure there were no AIG logos or signs anywhere on the property. Be sure to watch the video clip.

U.S. concedes Georgia attack attack in South Ossetia was a mistake -- The U.S. State Department said Friday the Georgian attack in South Ossetia last August was a mistake, but that it did not justify Russia's large-scale intervention. The comments follow a critical newspaper assessment of the Tbilisi government's role in the crisis.

WATCH THE VIDEO & Read The Article: Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours -- "Over the last 72 hours there has been a strange melange of cryptic messages leaked from world political leaders about what could be in store for America over the next few months. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON THE RIGHT OF THE HEADLINE!!!!!! 4.5 MINS OF JAW-DROPPING LUCIDITY! NOTE: If the above link does not work please click here!

Wall Street jobs axe threatens 70,000 -- The financial industry is bracing for a fresh round of job cuts as Wall Street banks slash costs to cushion the blow of further market turbulence and deepening economic woes in 2009.

When Gift-Card Promises Go Unfulfilled -- Shoppers Should Consider a Retailer's Financial Health Before Buying Its Plastic.

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries -- The United States military since 2004 has used broad, secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, according to senior American officials.

Obama may reverse Bush orders -- U.S. President-elect Barack Obama may undo about 200 Bush administration decisions and executive orders, officials in Washington said.

Maine Firm Recalls Frozen Stuffed Chicken Products That May Contain Foreign Materials -- Barber Foods Company, a Portland, Maine, establishment, is recalling approximately 41,415 pounds of frozen stuffed chicken products that may contain foreign materials, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Nov. 7. Good website to learn about recalls!!

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs -- A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death.

Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript) -- Sounds pretty crazy doesn't it? But it's true. Pharmaceuticals are now found in 24 major metropolitan cities. I mean the water supplying those cities is contaminated with pharmaceuticals. Read More...

Homoeopathy Can Also Be Used to Treat Psychological Problems -- Throughout all the discussions and media attacks on homoeopathy during the last few years, one thing is never mentioned and that is the extraordinary effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines to treat symptoms relating to psychological problems. These include emotional states such as grief, fright, anguish, anger, indignation, guilt, remorse, disappointed love, homesickness, jealousy.

Tyson Foods Injects Chickens with Antibiotics Before They Hatch to Claim "Raised without Antibiotics" -- Tyson has admitted that it injects its chickens with antibiotics before they hatch, but labels them as raised without antibiotics anyway. In response, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) told Tyson to stop using the antibiotic-free label. The company has sued over its right to keep using it.

Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact -- President-elect Obama plans to use his executive powers to make an immediate impact when he takes office, perhaps reversing Bush administration policies on stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

Two Thoughts For The Day from Mike Tawse's Website -- Be sure to check out Mike's website!

Treasury prepares to broaden bailout plan -- The Treasury Department is preparing to open its $700 billion bailout package to companies outside the traditional banking sector, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Blizzard buries South Dakota; interstates 90 and 94 closed -- An early snowstorm dumped close to four feet of snow on the Northern Plains on Thursday, Nov. 6, effectively shutting down the western half of South Dakota and parts of North Dakota.

VERIZON DSL NOISE POLLUTION AND NATIONAL GRID'S DIRTY POWER -- Noise pollution due to electrical sources has been linked to serious health problems. This family have not been able get help from our local, state or government officials, who will not enforce the law. Instead of help, they have received abuse and reverse condemnation.

EU leaders: World has 100 days to fix system -- European Union leaders backed a 100-day deadline for world's leading economies to decide urgent global finance reforms, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday.

FBI finds most terrorism threat reports baseless -- The FBI tracked about 108,000 potential terrorism threats or suspicious incidents from mid-2004 to November 2007, but most were found groundless, a Justice Department review found on Friday.

Space-Based Domestic Spying: Kicking Civil Liberties to the Curb -- Last month, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) space-based domestic spy program run by that agency's National Applications Office (NAO) had gone live October 1.

DOD portal centralizes health info for wounded vets -- The Defense Department has launched a new Web portal designed to help service members and their families find health information and programs available to them. The  portal has links to health-related programs and resources offered by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, DOD and Veterans Affairs Department.

China closes herbal drug firm linked to deaths -- China, battling to restore trust in its products amid a tainted milk scandal, has closed a local pharmaceutical company whose herbal injections have been linked to the deaths of three people.

"Another Daaaaay...a Cloudless Sky...." -- Arizona Skywatch! CHEMTRAILS AND MORGELLONS - IT'S WORSE THAN YOU THOUGHT!

Putin to Speak at Davos Opening -- Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will address the opening of the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos on Jan. 28. 2009, with the financial crisis prompting a record number of business and political leaders to register.

Wall Street Fat Cats Are Trying to Pocket Billions in Bailout Cash -- They got us into this mess, and now they want to cash out -- will President Obama stop them?

Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama -- Congressman says president elect was chosen long ago to take care of the corporate elite.

Target Obama: Fears he may never make it to White House -- A MILITARY-style operation to keep Barack Obama alive was under way yesterday within hours of his victory. Fears for Mr Obama’s safety began the moment he entered the race for the White House and investigations are on-going into potential threats from race-hate groups in and outside the US. Mr Obama and his family spent the Presidential campaign with more full-time Secret Service agents – a team of 10 – than any other candidate in the history of the race.

What is a Recession, Who Decides When It Starts, and When Do They Decide? -- The first paragraph says it all -- more than a year! Read More....

Big Pharma May be Handed Blanket Immunity for All Drug Side Effects, Deaths -- The Supreme Court may rule that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for dangerous or even deadly side effects from their drugs if those side effects arise from an FDA-approved use.

Big brother in the postal service -- The United States Postal Service (USPS) Bank Service Act (BSA) Compliance Office is taking advantage of geographic information system (GIS) technology from ESRI to effectively detect suspicious activity, using sophisticated analysis and mapping to monitor millions of money order transactions across the United States.

Philadelphia to close libraries, pools, cut jobs -- The city will close libraries and swimming pools, suspend planned tax reductions, cut more than 800 jobs and trim salaries for some administrators in order to weather "an economic storm" that could leave the city with a $1 billion shortfall, Mayor Michael Nutter said Thursday.

Orange Essential Oils Inhibit Salmonella Activity -- Essential oils extracted from oranges can inhibit the activity of salmonella and may be useful as natural antimicrobial agents, according to a study published in the Journal of Food Science. "Essential oils from citrus offer the potential for all natural antimicrobials for use in improving the safety of organic or all natural foods," the researchers said.

Probiotics Linked to 70 Percent Reduction in Kidney Stones -- People who naturally carry a probiotic bacteria called Oxalobacter formigenes are 70 percent less likely to develop kidney stones than people whose dietary tracts lack the bacteria, according to a study conducted by researchers from Boston University and published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Dollars lining up for 'civilian national security force'? -- Report cites Frank's proposal to cut military 25%. The idea to cut the military, proposed by Rep. Barney Frank, already is being opposed by Republicans.

India working on GM herbs, says Greenpeace -- Indian research institutes are trying to genetically modify some high-value medicinal herbs that are an integral part of ayurvedic medicine, a recent report of pro-environment group Greenpeace has said.

Scientists from CDC, EPA Criticize FDA on Chemical Used in Plastic Bottles -- This week a seven-member scientific panel, including toxicology and environmental health experts from the EPA and CDC, issued a strongly worded report criticizing the FDA on their response to concerns over products containing bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in the making of plastic water bottles, baby bottles, food containers and other products from which BPA could leach into food and drinks.

Army Working on Science’s Outer Limits -- It's like something out of "The Terminator." Self-aware virtual humans, regenerating body parts on "nano-scaffolding," mind controlled weapons - all the stuff of movie robots, comic heroes and otherworldly tomes.

Effectivness of AIG $143 Billion Rescue Questioned -- A number of financial experts now fear that the federal government's $143 billion attempt to rescue troubled insurance giant American International Group may not work, and some argue that company shareholders and taxpayers would have been better served by a bankruptcy filing.

ONE EXAMPLE OF 'FREE ENERGY' -- Directory: Hans Coler Magnetic Power Apparatus. Be sure to check out the video and material available.

Covidien recalls syringes posing risk to diabetics -- U.S. health officials warned doctors and patients on Wednesday that Covidien Ltd was recalling nearly half a million single-use syringes that could pose a serious risk to diabetics. Wal-Mart Stores Inc sold the syringes at Wal-Mart stores and Sam's Clubs from August 1 until October 8, the FDA said. The Syringes could lead to patients receiving an insulin overdose of as much as 2.5 times the intended dose, leading to low blood sugar levels and serious health consequences, including death.

Interesting Poll of Military on President -- Click on 'Vote', and it will show the results of the poll.
POLL: When I think of President Obama as my commander-in-chief . . .
* I'm filled with pride. I look forward to serving under him.
* I'm worried and doubt I'll re-up when my time comes.
* I'm ready to salute and follow his orders.

UK: Shops may take ID card biometrics -- Supermarkets could be asked to take people's fingerprints as part of the government's identity card scheme.

Obama picks Clinton alum Emanuel chief of White House staff -- President-elect Barack Obama pivoted quickly to begin filling out his new administration on Wednesday, selecting hard-charging Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff while aides stepped up the pace of transition work that had been cloaked in pre-election secrecy.

Pentagon ready to brief incoming administration immediately -- The Pentagon said it was prepared to begin briefing the president-elect's team immediately, stressing the importance of a smooth wartime transition, as the US voted for a new president Tuesday.

Bloomberg: NYC Income Tax Could Rise 15 Percent -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to cut the city work force by 3,000, but that's just the beginning of the pain New Yorkers will feel as part of the fiscal crisis. A slew of new taxes are also on the agenda.

Future Uniforms to Dole out Drugs, Redefine Self-Medication -- Instead of taking drugs, sick or wounded soldiers will have their meds automatically doled out to them by their uniforms. Instead of taking drugs, sick or wounded soldiers will have their meds automatically doled out to them -- by their uniforms. That's what University of California San Diego scientists hope to do, at least, with their concept of a wearable "field hospital on a chip."

Documented, Proven Cure and Preventative for Cancer (Part II) -- The Budwig protocol is the food treatment and cure for cancer and other major debilitating diseases created by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It was designed for use with extremely ill and wasted cancer patients who had been sent home by their doctors to die. These were patients so ill that many were unable to take any food at all in the beginning, and had to be initially treated with enemas. The protocol is so simple that it can be tailored to fit whatever situation is encountered, from use with someone at death's door to use as a preventative and part of a healthy lifestyle.

The beauty creams with nanoparticles that could poison your body -- Tiny particles that may be toxic are being used in beauty creams without proper safety testing, a consumer group has warned.  So...buyer beware!

False results put drug tests under microscope -- With the growth of organic and natural foods and products, experts say arrests may increase. "We are alarmed by the growing number of people who have been taken to jail for simply possessing organic products," says Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association.

Study Finds Simple, Safe, Non-Shot Strategies Prevent Flu -- Researchers conclude simply wearing masks during flu season when out in public crowds and using plain, alcohol-based hand sanitizers appear to prevent the spread of flu-type viral symptoms by around 50 percent.

China finds tainted Japan soy sauce, coffee -- China said Tuesday it had found dangerous substances in imported Japanese soy sauce and coffee, in the latest food-safety salvo between the two countries.

China detains factory owner in melamine scandal -- Authorities in a Chinese city have detained the owner of a feed processing factory suspected of selling chicken feed tainted with an industrial chemical that was later found in eggs, state media reported.

China Is Becoming the Biggest Producer of Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the World -- China now produces about two-thirds of all aspirin and is poised to become the world’s sole global supplier in the not-too-distant future. Read More.....

Prozac Increasingly Prescribed to Depressed Parrots and Other Pets -- Prozac is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners and veterinarians as a way to treat depressed pets, a British veterinarian expert has told the BBC.

Scrap-Steel Buyers Cancel Purchases as Prices Tumble -- Scrap steel buyers in Asia are canceling purchases after prices tumbled more than 80 percent in the past four months as demand slumps, traders said.

UK: Freak storm leaves town cut off under enough hail to fill the Millennium Dome twice -- An estimated 270 million cubic feet of hail fell on a five-mile square area around the town of Ottery St Mary in a six-hour storm which confounded forecasts and overwhelmed local flood defences.

Censorship in the Western Media: What they Don't Want You to Know -- The Western media has recently outdone itself in censoring important stories - stories which contradict the policies and interests the media seeks to uphold.. Western publics have been systematically misled in recent weeks on vital issues related to war-and-peace, human rights, the financial crisis, and more.

No Change Expected in Iraq After Obama’s Victory -- US Ambassador Ryan Crocker said today that the United States’ general policy towards Iraq will not change after the election of Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States. This seems to also be the view of Iraqi officials, with presidential cabinet chief Nusseir al-Aani saying "only approaches and strategies" will change in Iraq, "but the aim will remain as it is."

BBC video ‘proves’ cameras cause crashes -- The 21 April report concerned a UK government “crackdown on speeding”, but footage showed drivers panicking when surprised by speed cameras.

Poultry industry may need genetic restock -- As concerns such as avian flu, animal welfare and consumer preferences impact the poultry industry, the reduced genetic diversity of the world's commercial bird breeds is increasing their vulnerability and the industry's ability to adapt, a genetics expert said.

20 resilient responses for troubled times -- This is a .pdf file.

Third Party results!!! -- Scroll over the states.

OBAMA CAPTURES THE PRESIDENCY -- Barack Obama, a 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, shattered more than 200 years of history Tuesday night by winning election as the first African-American president of the United States.

Obama's Kenyan relatives cheer win -- Barack Obama's Kenyan family erupted in cheers Wednesday, singing "we are going to the White House!" as Obama became the first African-American elected president.

New footage of Bld 7 demolition!!! -- Nov 2008 Videos and information brought to you by The Corbett Report. For more information on any of the videos, please visit The Corbett Report website.

SILVER PRODUCTION FALLS BY 70%? -- With the current low prices for all of the base metals, many companies that produce them are slowing, closing, or stopping projects. The result is obvious: the overall production of silver from base metal and even gold mining is going to be reduced because of current economic conditions.

Pelosi defeats Cindy Sheehan to win 12th term -- Pelosi was elected to a 12th House term representing San Francisco with 71.56 percent of the vote, compared to 17.19 percent for Sheehan, with 67 percent of precincts reporting.

McCain campaign sues over overseas military ballots -- John McCain's presidential campaign filed a federal suit Monday against Virginia seeking to extend by 10 days the deadline for the state's acceptance of military members' federal absentee ballots.

AT&T to try limits on monthly Internet traffic -- AT&T, the country's largest Internet service provider, is testing the idea of limiting the amount of data that subscribers can use each month.

Obama's grandmother dies a day before election -- Barack Obama says that his grandmother has died. The Democratic presidential candidate announced the news in a joint statement with his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng. He said his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, had died peacefully after a battle with cancer.

Prepare for chaos: U.S. electoral system warned it 'can't cope' as historic number of voters cast their ballot -- A record turnout of up to 130million voters spelled chaos for America's voting system today. The presidential election could descend into electoral farce as unprecedented numbers of voters turn out to cast their ballot in a system that is largely untested.

Obama speechwriter defects to McCain -- A long-time Democratic speechwriter who claims to have written for both Barack and Michelle Obama has announced she is leaving the Democratic Party and endorsing John McCain for president.

Coal official calls Obama comments 'unbelievable' -- At least one state coal industry leader said he was shocked by comments Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made earlier this year concerning his plan to aggressively charge polluters for carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Gov't to borrow a record $550B in current quarter -- The government will borrow a record $550 billion in the current quarter as it scrambles to fund the huge rescue programs being put in place to deal with the worst financial crisis in seven decades. The Treasury Department said Monday it plans to borrow more than a half-trillion dollars in the current October-December quarter and another $368 billion in the first three months of next year.

GM: "probably worst industry sales month in the post-WWII era" -- General Motors said Monday that October U.S. light vehicle sales fell 45.1% to 168,719 units from 307,408 a year ago.

Ford: Auto Sales Decline 30% in October -- Ford Motor Co. ... said its U.S. sales fell 30 percent in October, the 23rd decline in the past 24 months. The total dropped to 132,838 cars and trucks, from 190,195 a year earlier.

Circuit City Announces Closure of 155 Stores -- The store closings are concentrated in states with serious housing and economic issues: Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, and more.

US Manufacturing Shrinks To 26-Year Low in October -- U.S. factory activity contracted sharply in October, falling to its lowest in 26 years as the financial crisis ravaged the world's largest economy, an industry report showed.

A virulent new form of TB -- A threatening new form of tuberculosis called extremely drug-resistant TB, or XDR-TB, has garnered almost no attention. TB is not just an affliction of an earlier era. It still infects millions of people, killing about 1 in 6 of them.

Oil of Oregano: A Powerhouse for the Alternative Medicine Cabinet -- Oregano is nature’s antibiotic. It may be one reason why people who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer and healthier lives. Besides making pizza, pasta and salad taste great, the oil of the wild oregano plant has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It’s a powerful antihistamine. New research is finding that oil of oregano is as effective against colitis as prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. It is also able to regenerate liver cells.

Why Hydrogenated Oils Should be Avoided at All Costs -- If you're really concerned about getting healthy and staying that way, then you have to be very concerned about what you're putting into your body. This means not only avoiding fast foods and other known junk foods, but it means that you have to be very aware of one of the worst of the more than 6000 chemicals that are added to foods today. Most of these chemicals have negative side effects and a number of them are known health destroyers. One of the worst of these is hydrogenated oils.

Scientists Slam FBI Anthrax Probe -- It was an open-and-shut case, the FBI said. But three months after agents pinned the post-9/11 anthrax mailings on Army scientist Bruce Ivins - who committed suicide as the FBI closed in on him - his former colleagues have approached a lawyer to sue the feds for fingering the wrong man, The Post has learned.

Medvedev: US to blame for global financial crisis -- Russian president blames US in Kremlin online preview of state-of-the-nation speech.

Impeach, expel Barack Obama -- Read the petition and ask questions. You may have to do a lot of digging. The Obama Campaign has spent millions to distort and hide information on the internet. Sign the petition or draft your own letter and forward it to your senators and representatives. Impeach John McCain -- Just like Bush/Cheney, McCain/Palin are telling lies - who knows where they would take us.

Air Cars: A New Wind for America's Roads? -- A new carmaker has a plan for cheap, environmentally friendly cars to be built all over the country. An air-powered car?

THE BEST AIR RACE PILOT EVER!!! -- Check it out.

Bush Administration Committed War Crimes Against Prisoners, Reveals Physicians for Human Rights -- The Bush administration has committed war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in its practice of torturing prisoners, according to the conclusions of a medical examination conducted by the organization Physicians for Human Rights.

Flag-waving gunman closes Calif. highway for hours -- A man in a ski mask waved an American flag and a handgun on a freeway overpass for about three hours Monday morning, forcing a massive traffic shutdown before he surrendered. Police say crisis negotiators coaxed Edward Van Tassel, 28, to give up west of downtown Santa Barbara on Highway 101, a major route along the California coast. Traffic was jammed at least three miles in each direction.

Organic farmer warns of genetic contamination -- An organic farmer says he plans a legal challenge to genetically modified crops because he fears contamination.

WORSE THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION by Krassimir Petrov, PhD -- The mainstream media and Wall Street have reached the consensus that the current credit crisis is the worst since the post-war period. The most extraordinary thing is that the mainstream media has never attempted to compare the current economic environment to the one preceding the Great Depression. In essence, it is assumed outright that the Great Depression can never possibly happen again, ever, thus obviating the need for such a comparison.

UK: Pub-goers to be tested for drugs -- Pub-goers in Aberdeen are facing a drugs test before entering bars as part of a crackdown by Grampian Police.

Frozen mice cloned - are woolly mammoths next? -- Japanese scientists have cloned mice whose bodies were frozen for as long 16 years and said on Monday it may be possible to use the technique to resurrect mammoths and other extinct species.

Dem. Congressman: "Let [Russia] Invade Georgia. It's Right Next to Them." -- At an event at a Boca Raton synagogue, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said that the United States should let Russia invade Georgia.

BrassCheck TV: Computerized election fraud -- From the movie "Uncounted" - Bush should not have been president in 2000 and he should not have been president in 2004. The evidence of organized vote-counting fraud in both elections was overwhelming, but the news media and the Democratic party did nothing. And nothing has changed.
* BrassCheck TV: Destroying free and fair elections - state by state. (More from the movie "Uncounted")
* BrassCheck TV: Dying for free elections - The solution the politicians did not want. (More from the movie "Uncounted")

Syria breaks relations with Iraq -- Iran's official news agency says President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has condemned a recent U.S. raid inside Syria near its border with Iraq as a savage act. IRNA says Ahmadinejad called his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, Friday to express Iranian support. The report quotes Ahmadinejad as calling Sunday's raid a blind and savage act.

IRS, Justice Target Undisclosed Assets In Swiss Accounts -- A lawyer who specializes in tax cases, Robbins thinks the government is gearing up to prosecute large numbers of Americans for failing to disclose foreign accounts on their tax returns and evading taxes on income generated by the accounts.

Dead People Voting Throughout Florida -- Thousands of dead Floridians are registered to vote and some in Central Florida had ballots cast in their names long after their deaths.

Homeland Security Program Riddled With Problems -- It's called Project Shield and will cost you more than $40 million when it's done, leaving U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for a countywide high-tech surveillance program. So why is the homeland security project busted? Police sources told CBS 2's Dave Savini that taxpayers got ripped off and that all the cameras and software in the world are meaningless if they don't work.

Too many soldiers in new care centers -- According to interviews and data provided to the AP, the number of patients admitted to the 36 Warrior Transition Units and nine other community-based units jumped from about 5,000 in June 2007, when they began, to a peak of nearly 12,500 in June 2008.

Military Investigates Amnesia Beams -- A team of scientists from the United States and China announced last week that, for the first time, they had found a means of selectively and safely erasing memories in mice, using the signaling molecule αCaMKII. It's a big step forward which could help as a means of treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Midwest Health Mecca Makes Flu Shots Mandatory for All Employees -- BJC HealthCare, the shining beacon for traditional medical care throughout the Midwest, has made getting a flu shot mandatory for its 26,000 employees.

Wild Birds Carry Avian Flu to U.S. says report -- Migrating waterfowl may be carrying avian influenza viruses from Asia to the Americas, U.S. government researchers reported on Tuesday.

Indictment Filed Against New York’s Biggest Concrete Testing Laboratory -- A grand jury has charged the biggest material testing laboratory in the New York City area and key employees, seven of them professional engineers, with systematically falsifying results and overbilling clients. The alleged crimes took place over the last five years and involved some of the areas biggest projects, including the new Yankee Stadium and the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

NTSB wants black boxes in all trucks -- Mandating electronic on-board recorders for the “bad actors” in the trucking industry isn’t enough according to the National Transportation Safety Board. The agency unveiled its annual “Most Wanted” list this week and included mandating EOBRs for all trucks in the industry.

Pesticide, fertilisers linked to decline of amphibians says study -- A pesticide compound commonly used in the United States is linked to the growth of tiny parasites that sicken and kill frogs and also harms the amphibians' immune defences against infection, according to a study published Thursday.

Monsanto Announces Its Exit From the Growth Hormone Business -- Even the giant hand of Monsanto was not big enough to ram down the throats of consumers milk from growth hormone treated cows. It now wants to exit the artificial growth hormone business, by selling Prosilac, the unit that makes it.

DOD deepens Web 2.0 pool -- DOD officials launched a wiki, called DOD Techipedia, on Oct. 1 as a way to improve collaboration among agency scientists, engineers, acquisition workers and military service members.

Talking Security Cameras Installed To Scare Away Vandals -- Los Angeles police are using motion-activated cameras to warn vandals that they're being watched. The motion triggers a recorded voice that states, "This is the Los Angeles Police Department. It is illegal to spray graffiti or dump trash here." The voice warns vandals that they are being recorded and will be prosecuted.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama By John Wallace -- I know you are busy running for President of the greatest country in the world, but there are a couple of things about your background and qualifications for the office that concern me and many of my fellow Americans. Read More...

Expert's fear over cervical cancer vaccine -- MASS vaccination of Scottish schoolgirls against cervical cancer should have been delayed because not enough is known about possible side effects, a leading researcher claimed last night.

ED & Elaine Brown Contact Information -- The Latest information as of Nov. 1, 2008.

Law Threatens Thousands of Military Votes in Virginia -- An obscure state law and an ambiguous federal ballot form are combining to invalidate some of the thousands of absentee votes being cast this fall by Virginians overseas, most of them in the military.

DoD Whistle-blowers Get Little Support -- Military whistle-blowers might want to save their breath. The Pentagon inspector general, the internal watchdog for the Defense Department, hardly ever sides with service members who complain that they were punished for reporting wrongdoing, according to a review of cases by The Associated Press.

Create your own seed vault; bypass terminator technology! -- You may not know it, but most of you reading this article already have your own seed vault: Your freezer. At the temperatures inside most freezers, seeds will stay viable for about one hundred years. While not absolutely necessary, some of you may want to purchase a dedicated freezer for your own seed vault, especially if the freezer you have now is extremely full. There are small chest type freezers that take up little space and are available for less than two hundred dollars.

Jonathan Storm: This time, results will be quarantined from pundits -- Every pundit and anchor star will turn up for extravagant Election Night TV coverage. It will not only be wall-to-wall, it will feature dueling computer walls, to explain who's winning and where. 

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Homeopathy -- This article hopefully dispels a plethora of myths surrounding homeopathy which have been used to discredit this highly efficacious healing art and science. Homeopaths are given few opportunities in the media to defend their profession, so a lot of misconceptions abound. The medical profession in general presents a fierce and blinkered opposition, yet as Big Pharma is learning of all sorts of amazing cured cases, they are determined to stamp out competition via EU regulation.

Pointing the US Surveillance Apparatus at the American People -- New categories of individuals under the purview of state "counterterrorism" investigations.

How did moose get Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) -- Chronic wasting disease has likely infected Star Valley deer and elk herds, and the best option to slow its spread is to phase out feedgrounds in northwest Wyoming, a federal disease expert said Tuesday.

Police want to hire Gurkhas as crime fighters -- Scotland Yard will urge the government this week to grant Gurkhas the right to remain in Britain as the Metropolitan Police seeks to recruit them in its latest attempt to tackle violent crime.



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