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MAY 2007

Drug-Resistant Forms of TB Showing Up in Clark County -- A local health official tells Eye on Health, drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis are showing up in Clark County. Mary Harrell with the Southern Nevada Health District says there are some of those cases here.

Border inspector removed from duty after allowing tuberculosis patient into US -- A border guard who allowed the man currently quarantined at a hospital in Denver with tuberculosis back into the country has been removed from border duty.

Man trying to cross border loses foot to train -- A man being pursued after he illegally crossed into the United States from Mexico was run over by a freight train late Thursday morning as he tried to escape a Customs agent near the San Ysidro crossing, federal authorities reported.

UPDATE: TB Patient ID’d As Atlanta Lawyer -- The honeymooner quarantined with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis was identified Thursday as a 31-year-old Atlanta personal injury lawyer whose new father-in-law is a CDC microbiologist specializing in the spread of TB and other bacteria.

St. Robert woman sues U.S. over husband's death in VA hospital -- A St. Robert woman sued the federal government yesterday for alleged negligence regarding her husband's death in a veterans hospital. He was being treated at the Truman Veteran's Administration Hospital in Columbia. The veteran was allegedly confused and disoriented on June 5, 2005, and made repeated attempts to remove his medical tubes. The complaint alleged he was left unrestrained, and was later found face down in the grass outside the hospital. He allegedly died from a brain injury two days later.

Military amputees back on active duty -- Since the start of the Iraq war, the military has begun holding on to amputees, treating them in rehab programs like the one at Fort Sam Houston and promising to help them return to active duty if that is what they want. So far, the Army has treated nearly 600 service members who have come back from Iraq or Afghanistan as amputees. Thirty-one have gone back to active duty, and no one who asked to remain in the service has been discharged, Arata said.

Study: Sarin at root of Gulf War syndrome -- As benefits administrators, officials and politicians argue the worthiness of studies on Gulf War syndrome, researchers say they have no doubts that they’ve found the root of the problem. Sarin gas.

NAIS NEWS in OTHER STATES -- State by state information!

AUDIO: Ron Paul Interview on The Dennis Miller Show -- Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - 2008 Presidential Candidate and Congressman (R-Texas)

US steps up precautions over TB -- US officials have begun a worldwide search for people who may have come into contact with a man infected with a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis. The infected man traveled from Atlanta to Paris on 12 May on Air France flight 385. He returned to the North America on CSA flight 104 from Prague to Montreal on 24 May and continued his journey by car.

Melamine From U.S. Put in Feed -- Yesterday, federal officials announced that a manufacturing plant in Ohio was using the same banned substance, melamine, to make binding agents that ended up in feed for farmed fish, shrimp and livestock.

From Wyoming to Iraq -- Camp Guernsey, which provides schooling for all branches of the U.S. military, the Wyoming Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, is edging toward the vanguard of American military training. Efforts are under way to transform Camp Guernsey into the first training center used -- and funded -- by all branches of the U.S. military.

VIDEO: America's not-so-secret government - Wake up from your Slumber -- A MUST WATCH CLIP - America's not-so-secret government is none other than the [SEE - EYE - A], the private eyes, ears, and guns of America's shadow government - the world's biggest multinational corporations [B-A-N-K-S].

VIDEO: Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" -- America's great, right? Not if you're not healthy. The US medical system is the worst of the industrialized world by far. In fact, it just barely edges out Cuba's and Slovenia's. Michael Moore's new film tells the story.

WNBC catches Giuliani getting 'tripped up' by 9/11 activist -- On Tuesday, members of a 911 truth activist group confronted former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at a New York fundraiser about the fall of the World Trade Center.

Iraq refugees knocking: U.S. to let in 7,000 -- The United States will soon begin admitting a bigger trickle of the more than 2 million refugees who have fled Iraq, acknowledging for the first time the country may never be safe for some who have helped the U.S. there.

UK 'behind Litvinenko poisoning' -- The man suspected of poisoning ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko has said it could not have happened without the involvement of British secret services.

Stop-smoking drug approved on NHS -- A prescription-only pill to help people quit smoking has received draft approval for use on the NHS.
Varenicline (Champix) is the first non-nicotine drug developed specifically to help smokers give up, and was licensed in the UK in 2006.

Food chemical 'may boost memory' -- A chemical found in chocolate, tea, grapes and blueberries can improve the memory of mice, research suggests.

Who's Afraid of Ron Paul? -- Ron Paul's views are decidedly unorthodox, he represents an important segment of the Republican coalition that is too rarely seen on today's political stage. Paul, a 72-year-old physician who ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988 before winning a House seat as a Republican in 1996 over strong opposition from the GOP establishment, is the most prominent libertarian conservative in U.S. politics today.

Please VOTE: Does the City of Winnipeg’s panhandling bylaw violate human rights? -- PLEASE read the article below and VOTE TODAY!
Then pass it on!

U.S. Africa Command Brings New Concerns -- The creation of the Defense Department Africa Command, with responsibilities to promote security and government stability in the region, has heightened concerns among African countries and in the U.S. government over the militarization of U.S. foreign policy, according to a newly released study by the Congressional Research Service.

Virulent bacteria hits poor -- Dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria are spreading rapidly in Chicago's poor, urban neighborhoods, posing a growing health risk in crowded public housing and an increasingly alarming public-health challenge, according to research published Monday.

Bird flu antibody detected -- Blood taken from four Vietnamese survivors of the bird flu virus protected mice from several strains of the virus, researchers have revealed. Their finding may offer a new way to treat H5N1 bird flu infections in people and another potential weapon to stockpile ahead of a feared pandemic of avian influenza.

Iraq War Controversy Weighs Heavily on Memorial Day Moments -- The debate over the Iraq war broke out along Arlington National Cemetery's Roosevelt Drive, in a sea of headstones before a gallery of the dead, just down the road from where President Bush had concluded his Memorial Day speech minutes before.

Dust victim is added to 9/11 toll -- A US woman has been added to the list of those killed in the attack on the World Trade Center, after dying from dust generated by the towers' collapse.

Death penalty for China official -- China has sentenced the former head of the State Food and Drug Administration to death after he was convicted of corruption, state media has reported.

Tributes nationwide mark Memorial Day -- Across the nation, flags snapped in the wind over decorated gravestones as relatives and friends paid tribute to their fallen soldiers.

Veterans' Lifelong Mission To Keep Memories Alive -- Thousands of military veterans from towns across the country cruised into the nation's capital this weekend on polished Harleys and Hondas, filling the air with the unmistakable leonine rumble that, after 20 years, has become an intrinsic part of Memorial Day weekend in Washington.

NAIS bill in Louisiana defeated -- A bill that would have barred the state from accepting federal money to establish a federally sponsored animal identification and tracking program was deferred Tuesday by a Senate committee. The bill, by Sen. James David Cain, R-Dry Creek, garnered support from many small farmers who say their operations would be compromised if they are forced to adopt the USDA's National Animal Identifi-cation System.

US warns Iran as Armada enters Gulf -- THE US has threatened new UN sanctions to punish Iran's nuclear drive as it ratcheted up tensions with the biggest display of naval power in the Gulf in years.

VIDEO: GO RON PAUL -- Forget 'no new taxes'... how about 'NO IRS!'

Cartoon on the REAL ID --Created by Mike York in Herrin, Illinois. Thanks Mike!

Save The Internet Radio -- Help SaveNetRadio - We Need Your Help to Win! On March 2, 2007 the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), which oversees sound recording royalties paid by Internet radio services, increased Internet radio's royalty burden between 300 and 1200 percent and thereby jeopardized the industry’s future.

U.S. mulls military funding plea from Lebanon -- The United States said on Tuesday it was considering an urgent request from Lebanon for more U.S. military aid to battle Islamist militants and warned Syria against meddling in its neighbor's affairs.

Hero of 9/11 Inspires Crowd at Franklin Pierce -- William Rodriguez spoke to a crowd of around 150 Friday night at Franklin Pierce College.

House Dems to boost domestic spending -- Ignoring veto threats from President Bush, House Democrats are awarding huge budget increases to veterans and homeland security programs as they begin advancing spending bills for the next fiscal year.

China Investigates Contaminated Toothpaste -- Chinese authorities are investigating whether two companies from this coastal region exported tainted toothpaste as more contaminated product, including some made for children, has turned up in Latin America.

Horror Story at a Hospital -- "It's an indictment of everybody," he said. "If this woman was in pain, which she appears to be, if she was writhing in pain, which she appears to be, why did nobody bother … to take the most minimal interest in her, in her welfare? It's just shocking. It really is." Congressman Ron Paul on the Late Edition -- Video of Ron Paul on Late Edition.

Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. for PRESIDENT -- YouTube Videos worth watching regarding Ron Paul.

States balk at HPV vaccine bills -- Over the past several months, a vaccine that once was hailed as a breakthrough to prevent cancer deaths has become embroiled in some of the nation's most politically charged issues: teen sex, parental control, state mandates, a backlash against vaccines and a suspicion of drug companies.

Evacuees Start to Assess Fire Damage in New Jersey -- Three investigations are under way to determine the cause of the fire, which is believed to have started after a flare was dropped from an F-16 onto the Pinelands during a routine exercise at the Warren Grove Gunnery Range, a training ground for the New Jersey Air National Guard.

Dozens Slain as Lebanese Army Fights Islamists -- Fierce clashes erupted between Lebanese Army soldiers and Islamic militants in the vicinity of a Palestinian refugee camp here on Sunday, leaving 22 Lebanese soldiers and 17 militants dead and dozens injured in one of the most significant challenges to the army since the end of Lebanon’s bloody civil war.

Australia News: Drugs to you, through 'Pharma TV' -- FOUR of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are considering launching a TV channel dedicated to selling medicines directly to consumers. The move, reported by The Guardian newspaper today, comes as industry lobbyists across Europe push for an end to restrictions banning direct-to-consumer advertising of medicinal drugs.

Drugs & Doctors May be Leading Cause of Death by Joseph Mercola, D.O. -- Many of you reading this have read or seen this in many places however it is worth repeating!
Related Article: Doctors May Be Third Leading Cause of Death

North America 'partnership' fast-tracked in border bill -- North America 'partnership' fast-tracked in border bill.

POLICE STATE, GERMANY: Prosecutor wants homeschool parents jailed -- A federal prosecutor in the German state of Hesse has announced plans to seek three-month prison terms for a mother and father who homeschool their six children, even though the family already has paid fines for violating the nation's Hitler-era homeschooling ban and made plans to move.

UK NEWS: Fears over pricey NHS therapies -- The NHS is probably using too many expensive treatments, according to health economists and managers.

UK NEWS: Staff asked to 'snoop' for police -- Council staff, charity workers and doctors could be required by law to tip off police about anyone they believe could commit a violent crime.

Tainted Chinese Imports Common -- Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria. Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides. These were among the 107 food imports from China that the Food and Drug Administration detained at U.S. ports just last month, agency documents reveal, along with more than 1,000 shipments of tainted Chinese dietary supplements, toxic Chinese cosmetics and counterfeit Chinese medicines. READ MORE!

Haunting Echoes of Eugenics -- This month marked the 80th anniversary of the disgraceful Supreme Court decision in Buck v. Bell, which upheld Virginia's involuntary sterilization laws. Although eugenics was eventually dismissed as "junk science," it didn't happen before states authorized more than 60,000 forcible sterilizations and segregated, institutionalized, and denied marriage and parental rights to those deemed "genetically unfit."

Families of Gulf War veterans pass the torch -- When the families of Gulf War I soldiers disbanded their support group and completed the monument, some money remained in the bank, drawing interest for the past 16 years. Foster, joined by Gilbert, Thacker, Bowden and their surviving spouses, wanted to see the money — $800 worth — put to good use. Now the torch passes on to the Gulf War II Veterans.

Swarms of cicadas emerging in Midwest -- Billions of cicadas expected to emerge this month in parts of the Midwest after spending 17 years underground. The red-eyed, shrimp-sized, flying insects don't bite or sting. But they are known for mating calls that produce a din that can overpower ringing telephones, lawn mowers and power tools.

Thomson takeover of Reuters shakes up global media sector -- Thomson Corp.'s takeover of British media giant Reuters marks the latest twist in the rapidly consolidating global media landscape, according to industry experts.

WHY ARE THEY LYING ABOUT RON PAUL? -- In a desperate attempt to make Rudy Giuliani out to be the hero of Tuesday night’s debate, Fox News is continuing to attack Texas Congressman Ron Paul for something he did not say. In the latest installment of this campaign, John Gibson of Fox News says that Paul “suggested that the U.S. actually had a hand in the [9/11] terrorist attacks.” No, what he said was that U.S. foreign policy was a reason why Osama bin Laden attacked America. This is a fact.

Michigan GOP Move To Kick Ron Paul Out Of Debates Dropped -- Freedom of speech has just registered a crushing victory after it was announced that the Michigan GOP have dropped their move to have Congressman Ron Paul kicked out of the Republican debates.

Hidden Dangers of New Birth Control Pill -- The U.S. FDA is likely going to approve Lybrel, a birth control pill that eliminates monthly menstruation entirely, in the near future. Read More...

VIDEO: Ron Paul Discussed on The View -- VERY GOOD! GO RON PAUL!!

White House to quickly replace Wolfowitz -- Trying to put a controversy behind it, the Bush administration was wasting no time finding a successor to World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, who will resign over his handling of a pay package for his girlfriend.

129,000 pounds of beef recalled for E. coli -- A meat company is recalling 129,000 pounds of beef products in 15 states because of possible E. coli contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said. READ MORE...

Israel launches raids into Gaza -- Israel has launched air raids in Gaza and deployed tanks and infantry across the border after it vowed a severe response to rocket attacks on its soil.

Senators in Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Bill -- Senate negotiators from both parties announced Thursday that they had reached agreement on a comprehensive immigration bill that would offer legal status to most of the nation’s 12 million illegal immigrants while also toughening border security. If the bill becomes law, it would result in the biggest changes in immigration law and policy in more than 20 years.

Was Gonzales' Emergency Visit Illegal? -- When then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales went to John Ashcroft's hospital room on the evening of March 10, 2004 to ask the ailing Attorney General to override Justice Department officials and reauthorize a secret domestic wiretapping program, he was acting inappropriately, Ashcroft's deputy at the time, James Comey, testified before Congress earlier this week. But the question some lawyers, national security experts and congressional investigators are now asking is: Was Gonzales in fact acting illegally?

Senators want to make CIA release 9/11 report -- A bipartisan group of senators is pushing legislation that would force the CIA to release an inspector general’s report on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Action Alert: Keep Ron Paul In The Debate -- Be sure to sign the petition!

YouTube VIDEO - Ron Paul Discussed on The View -- VERY GOOD! GO RON PAUL!!

Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates -- The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said Wednesday that he will try to bar Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates because of remarks the Texas congressman made that suggested the Sept. 11 attacks were the fault of U.S. foreign policy.

UK NEWS: 2,500 more post offices to close -- About 2,500 post offices - a fifth of those left in the UK - are to close by 2009, the government has confirmed.

Millipore markets mycoplasma test -- Millipore Corp. of Billerica said today it will market and sell a California company's products to its biopharmaceutical customers. This is a collaboration formed between two companies in 2005 to create faster, more accurate tests for bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and other contaminants commonly found in pharmaceuticals.

Army Recruiters Caught on Hidden Camera -- The United States Army insists that it's not so desperate that it would recruit the mentally ill to serve on the front lines. But now an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation has the Army investigating three Middle Tennessee recruiters, along with their Dishonorable Deceptions. Read More...

Military Source Believes Experimental Shots May Have Been Given -- The Department of Defense stated that "all service members' vaccinations are documented in the individual's permanent medical record." But Fey's military medical records revealed no shot on that day. Another Marine in Fey's unit told Target 5 that there is no shot listed in his medical records either and also said that the people who administered the shot never told his unit what it was.

Cliff Kincaid -- Fox News' Pro-Giuliani Conflict of Interest -- Rudy Giuliani’s much-publicized but misleading put-down of Ron Paul during Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate should have been tempered by a report that Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned most of the 9/11 hijackers, has been one of Giuliani’s lucrative foreign clients. However, Fox News questioners Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler did not bring it up.

Company Recalls Beef Over Possible E. Coli Contamination -- A meat company is recalling nearly 130-thousand pounds of beef products in 15 states because of possible E. coli contamination. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the meat products were made in March and April by Davis Creek Meats and Seafood, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and were being sold by Gordon Food Service stores.

UK News: Terror gas exercises to be held -- Tests to monitor how poisonous gas let off by terrorists might spread are to take place in central London.

Gas May Have Harmed Troops, Scientists Say -- Scientists working with the Defense Department have found evidence that a low-level exposure to sarin nerve gas — the kind experienced by more than 100,000 American troops in the Persian Gulf war of 1991 — could have caused lasting brain deficits in former service members.

Bush hosts Blair in farewell White House summit -- U.S. President George W. Bush hosts outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a farewell summit on Thursday, with the two unlikely allies united to the end in their commitment to an Iraq war that is unpopular in both countries.

Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library -- Tim Coil, a first Gulf War Veteran and his wife, opposed military recruiters trying to recruite people in their local library. Read More...

US soldiers in Iraq fighting drug-resistant bacteria after injuries -- US soldiers in Iraq do not carry the bacteria responsible for difficult-to-treat wound infections found in military hospitals treating soldiers wounded in Iraq, according to an article to be published electronically on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. The article will appear in the June issue of the journal. Read More...

Scahill adds insight to Blackwater concerns -- National best-selling author Jeremy Scahill spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 100 people Tuesday night who were interested in hearing his opinions on Blackwater USA at a rally hosted by a citizens group at the Highland West campus in Elizabeth. Scahill is the author of “Blackwater, The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army,” which has reached the New York Times top 10 best-selling book list.

Crop Circles Spotted in Louisiana -- THE FIRST FORMATION in Louisiana was reported on May 10, 2007, by local TV-station NBC (discovered the week before from the air by local pilots). See photos & video report...

Admiral Fallon Says NO To Third Carrier Group In Gulf -- Admiral William Fallon, then President George W. Bush's nominee to head the Central Command (CENTCOM), expressed strong opposition in February to an administration plan to increase the number of carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM, according to sources with access to his thinking.

Australia News: Plan to add iodine to bread to boost IQ -- The food regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), is pushing ahead with mandatory plans that force bakers to fortify bread with iodine.
APEC shows 'militarisation of Australia' -- Heavily armed SAS troops could be ordered onto Sydney's streets during the APEC summit later this year, a military law academic says. Expanded rights to shoot to kill, were given to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in last year's military callout legislation.

VA bonus winners sat on review boards -- Nearly two dozen officials who received hefty performance bonuses last year at the Veterans Affairs Department also sat on the boards charged with recommending the payments.

Son of professor opposed to war is killed in Iraq -- Boston University professor Andrew J. Bacevich has been a persistent, vocal critic of the Iraq war, calling the conflict a catastrophic failure. This week, the retired Army lieutenant colonel received the grim news that his son, First Lieutenant Andrew J. Bacevich, 27, of Walpole, died Sunday in Balad of wounds he suffered after a bomb explosion.

Ron Paul Debate Information:

Rate the Candidates -- Watch each candidate by clicking on his photo.

MSNBC Poll: -- Be sure to cast your vote! 
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World Net Daily Poll -- Who do you think won last night's Republican debate on May 15, 2007? 
Be sure to cast your vote! POLL:  GOP South Carolina Debate: Who Won?

Ron Paul Upsets Controlled-Media Debate as Clear Winner -- Congressman Ron Paul shook the establishment in last night's second round of 2008 Republican debates for the Presidency. Not only did his anti-war, anti-torture and pro-liberty platform stand glaring in the face of those political whores dubbed as "top-tier" but he managed to catch the ire of 9/11 criminal Rudy Giuliani for daring to suggest aggressive foreign policy would stir up blowback.

Check out the Ron Paul MySpace -- Explore all the comments and interesting information.

ABC POLL: Yes....they now have a poll -- Cast your Vote (on the right hand side of the page).

Dean Tong -- False Abuse Allegations - In the best interest of whom? -- Factor the different types of accusers with the fact that American family court judges must make their orders based on prima facie, a preponderance of the evidence or 51%, combined with political pressure from women's, rape and assault organizations, and there's no wonder why so many non-abused kids are taken from non-abusive caregivers, with many even being placed into truly abusive foster care homes.

President Intervened in Dispute Over Eavesdropping -- President Bush intervened in March 2004 to avert a crisis over the National Security Agency’s domestic eavesdropping program after Attorney General John Ashcroft, Director Robert S. Mueller III of the F.B.I. and other senior Justice Department aides all threatened to resign, a former deputy attorney general testified Tuesday.

Bush picks Gen. Lute as "war czar" for Iraq -- President George W. Bush, ending a long search, chose Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute on Tuesday as White House "war czar" for Iraq and Afghanistan to coordinate policy among sometimes competing agencies and try to implement Bush's war strategy. Now needs to be confirmed by the Senate.
Biographical data on Douglas E. Lute

Jerry Falwell Dead At 73 -- A Liberty University executive says the Reverend Jerry Falwell has died. Falwell was hospitalized Tuesday after being found unconscious in his office at the school.

American College of Physicians warns women in their 40s about dangers of mammograms -- The American College of Physicians has recommended women in their 40s consult with their doctors before undergoing routine annual mammography screening. An expert panel from the American College of Physicians (ACP), which represents 120,000 internists, made this recommendation in the April 3rd issue of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

2 Suspended for School Prank That Scared Pupils in Tennessee -- A teacher and an assistant principal were suspended Monday for a prank in which sixth graders on a sleepover trip were told that a gunman was prowling nearby and were ordered to hide in silence.
Related Article: Tennessee teachers stage fake gunman attack -- MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.

Graphic: Map of Florida fires from Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services -- Fires of Biblical proportion!!!!  The whole state appears to be on fire!

Articles by Byron J. Richards:
* Understanding the Threat to Dietary Supplements - Part 1 -- Your right to have free access to safe and highly effective dietary supplements is under an intense multi-pronged FDA attack. On May 14, 2007 the Supreme Court sided with the FDA by deciding not to hear the case of Nutraceutical v FDA, letting stand a federal appeals court ruling that permits the FDA to use drug-related risk/benefit analysis to determine if a nutrient is safe. This is the exact same point the FDA is trying to get put into law through Senate bill S.1082 and HR.1561, which consumers have flooded the Senate on over the past few weeks.

Video: Biometrics by 2017 - Implantable Microchips -- The next ten years will bring major advancements in the field of biometrics-things like reading faces, fingerprints and irises to safeguard our own security and personal information.

Ex-Navy Lawyer on Trial in Gitmo Case -- A Navy lawyer accused of passing secret information about Guantanamo Bay detainees sent a human rights lawyer their names and intelligence about them tucked into a Valentine's Day card, prosecutors said Monday.

Police condemn 'target culture' -- Frontline police officers are calling for an end to the "target-driven culture" they say is forcing them to make arrests for petty offences. The Police Federation of England and Wales says government targets lead to "ludicrous" decisions such as arresting a child for throwing a cucumber slice.

Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices -- A service station that offered discounted gas to senior citizens and people supporting youth sports has been ordered by the state to raise its prices. The owner said he received a letter from the state auditor in late April saying the state would sue him if he did not raise his prices. The state could penalize him for each discounted gallon he sold, with the fine determined by a judge.

Deforestation: The Hidden Cause of Global Warming -- The accelerating destruction of the rainforests that form a precious cooling band around the Earth’s equator, is now being recognised as one of the main causes of climate change. Carbon emissions from deforestation far outstrip damage caused by planes and automobiles and factories.

Bipartisan bill bans warrantless wiretapping of US citizens -- Members of Congress from both parties succeeded on Friday in passing legislation that restricts the wiretapping of US citizens by the National Security Agency without warrants.

Doubts remain about depleted uranium -- The Army says its Stryker armored vehicles have never fired depleted uranium rounds in Hawaii, and there is no intent for them to ever do so. "I guess the community is a little bit worried about (the Army's) credibility, so they would like to set up for monitoring," said Pang, the state Health Department's district officer for Maui County.

Rudy Giuliani Linked to "NAFTA Superhighway" -- GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has extensive and deep ties to the NAFTA Superhighway and the construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC). Giuliani's law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, is the exclusive legal council for Cintra, the Spanish firm chosen to operate the I-35 toll road in the TTC.

DOCUMENT: THE VARIABLE TERRAIN RADIO PARABOLIC EQUATION MODEL (VTRPE) -- This is the original reason for the chemtrail aerosol spraying. Other Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) projects, biological in nature, have utilized the aerosol hardware on the aircraft to spray cities and people, BCTP was one anti-anthrax chemical sprayed from the aircraft.

Chemtrail Photo - Great Chemtrail Photo! Be sure to check it out!!

Tennessee teachers stage fake gunman attack -- MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.

No More YouTube, MySpace for U.S. Troops -- Fresh from its battle against blogs, the U.S. military now appears to be going after video and social networking sites (at least those it doesn't control). Effective Monday, U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be allowed access to websites like MySpace and YouTube using military networks, Stars and Stripes reports.

VIDEO: Olbermann: General Batiste Asked to Leave CBS Over Ad -- General Batiste says he resigned because he couldn't stand what former secretary of defense Rumsfeld was doing to the military, and he is still paying the price. The general, who describes himself as a diehard Republican, has been asked to leave his position as a consultant to CBS News because of that ad. That means he is free to join us tonight for an exclusive interview.

Tucker: Active-Duty Generals Will ‘Revolt’ Against Bush If He Maintains Escalation Into 2008 -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker revealed that sources within the military are warning of “a revolt from active-duty generals if September rolls around and the president is sticking with the surge into ‘08.” Watch the replay of the video clip at the link above.

VIDEO: Iraq War General: "Mr. President, You Did Not Listen" -- In an act of defiance perhaps not seen since President Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur, today the anti-war veterans group, which has been influential with Capitol Hill Democrats, is launching a half-million-dollar TV ad campaign featuring Maj Gen John Batiste (Ret.), former commanding general of the first infantry division in Iraq. The ad begins with a clip President George W. Bush saying "I have always said that I will listen to the requests of our commanders on the ground."

Fake Taliban Photo??? Key Taliban Leader Is Killed in Afghanistan in Joint Operation -- The man who probably was the Taliban’s foremost operational commander, Mullah Dadullah, was killed in a joint operation by Afghan security forces, American forces and NATO troops in Helmand Province, Governor Asadullah Khaled of the neighboring Kandahar Province said Sunday.

Gen Casey says "War for 10 more years" -- Army offering bonuses to keep officers.

FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULB WARNING -- Where are thousands of these fluorescent bulbs, made from (a polluting industry), going to be recycled in the future if we ban incandescent bulbs? Are there recycling centers that can handle mercury contamination from these types of bulbs and take care of clean up when these bulbs are broken in your home and in landfills where they may be dumped? The public has many questions and few answers.

The wealth of America has been stolen! -- Interesting things about money IS DREAM MONEY LAWFUL MONEY? This may surprise you, but Congress has never declared Federal Reserve notes to be a legal tender in payment of debts. Doubt me? Look at your currency:"...LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE."

MEDIA BLACKOUT BOOSTS PAUL CAMPAIGN -- However unfair and arrogant the recent big media blackout of Ron Paul’s success at the first GOP primary debate may be, it is undeniable that the net effect was a serious boon to the Paul campaign and his supporters.

Pentagon Hopes to Expand Aid Program -- Legislation Would Help Fund Foreign Governments' Military, Security Forces.

Merck selling generics unit for $6.6B -- German drug maker Merck KGaA announced Sunday that it is selling its generic drug business to Mylan Laboratories Inc. of the U.S. for $6.6 billion. The deal frees Darmstadt-based Merck to concentrate on its core pharmaceutical and chemical activities, while allowing Mylan, a generic drug maker based in Canonsburg, Pa., to expand its global reach.

Costs Grow for Common Medicare Drugs -- Price Increase in Prescription Program Is Twice That Seen in Wholesale Rates.

A Paper Trail Toward Chaos? -- A bill that is headed for early action in the House of Representatives threatens to create a major controversy over the conduct of the 2008 election.

First-class stamp rates rise to 41 cents Monday -- Say goodbye to the days of 39-cent stamps. New postage rates go into effect Monday May 14, 2007 including a two-cent increase on the price of a first-class mail stamp to 41 cents.

Coronado Base News Release -- Nazi Swastika complex at Coronado Naval Base sends the world a message!  Reposted for all the new listeners!

VIDEO: George H.W. Bush talks yet again of a New World Order -- be sure to check it out!

VIDEO: CAP Leader Has Powerful Message - How 9/11 Changed Everything in Canada -- Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party has recorded a new and extremely powerful video message on the subject of 9/11 and all that has changed, is changing, and will continue to change in Canada as a result. Canada is at a crossroads if we don't do something now.

Check out the Desert Storm Glock -- Look at the engraving (especially the "New World Order") and who got them.

Bush orders contingency plans for attack on U.S. -- President Bush issued a formal national security directive Wednesday ordering agencies to prepare contingency plans for a surprise, "decapitating" attack on the federal government, and assigned responsibility for coordinating such plans to the White House.

9/11 Truthers Should Thank Fox News -- Laughable weekly attempts at debunking only give the movement more credibility.

May 10, 200 Newsletter from PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education ) --  Vaccine Induced Autism is a reality and here are her 2 childrens' stories. This is good for parents to see and read whose doctors tell them this kind of thing is just a "coincidence". -DR

The proof food additives ARE as bad as we feared -- A study funded by the government's Food Standards Agency(FSA) is understood to have drawn a link with temper tantrums and poor concentration. Researchers have found a definite link between additives and temper problems with children.

Spread of disease tied to US combat deployments -- A parasitic disease rarely seen in United States but common in the Middle East has infected an estimated 2,500 US troops in the last four years because of massive deployments to remote combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, military officials said. Among those diseases appearing more frequently in the United States are three transmitted by mosquitoes: malaria, which was contracted by 122 troops last year in Afghanistan; dengue fever; and chikungunya fever.

Resilient infections are causing concerns for military doctors -- Four types of bacteria are causing severe and hard-to-treat infections for many troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus.

MYSTERIOUS BOOMS -- MYSTERIOUS BOOMS OVER CITIES are a manifestation of Scalar Weapon application at target areas. See the many articles on this topic.

Kuwait prepared for any US-Iran war -- KUWAIT: The government yesterday briefed the National Assembly's foreign relations committee of its preparations for a possible US-Iran military confrontation, but politicians played down such a possibility.

FDA Finds Chinese Food Producers Shut Down -- American inspectors who arrived in China last week to investigate the two companies that exported tainted pet food ingredients found that the suspect facilities had been hastily closed down and cleaned up, federal officials said yesterday. "There is nothing to be found. They are essentially shut down and not operating," said Walter Batts, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration's office of international programs.

A Dozen States Compete For Deadly Disease Lab -- A dozen states are competing intensely to play host to a government research lab full of killer germs like anthrax, avian flu and foot-and-mouth disease, a prospect some of their residents want to avoid like the plague.

OxyContin maker, execs plead guilty -- The maker of the powerful painkiller OxyContin and three of its current and former executives pleaded guilty Thursday to misleading the public about the drug's risk of addiction, a federal prosecutor and the company said.

MSNBC Debate Poll -- You can still vote!! Ron Paul is still WAY ahead!

Article: Ron Paul and the MSNBC Debate -- The three points that Ron Paul made in the MSNBC debate hold a key to the liberty and well-being of our nation. That is also why our Founding Fathers considered them so vitally important.

Listen to Joan Veon being interviewed by Talk Show host Carl Wilson on KAJO Radio, Grants Pass, OR. The interview is brilliant -- Topic: North American Union, the coming NEW NAU currency, Sustainable Development, British Royalty, Etc.

Britain's Blair announces resignation -- Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday he will step down as prime minister on June 27 after a decade in office, in which he brokered peace in Northern Ireland and followed the United States to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Michael Moore In Trouble For Cuba Trip -- Treasury Investigation; Moore Took Sept. 11 Workers To Banned Island For Treatment. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is under investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department for taking ailing Sept. 11 rescue workers to Cuba for a segment in his upcoming health-care documentary "Sicko," The Associated Press has learned.

Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry’s Role -- Best-selling drugs, including Risperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Abilify and Geodon, are now being prescribed to more than half a million children in the United States to help parents deal with behavior problems despite profound risks and almost no approved uses for minors.

A Dozen States Compete For Deadly Disease Lab -- A dozen states are competing intensely to play host to a government research lab full of killer germs like anthrax, avian flu and foot-and-mouth disease, a prospect some of their residents want to avoid like the plague.

INCOME TAX ACTIVISTS REJECT BITTER REALITY By: Devvy Kidd -- There's no question the American people are on the warpath over the thousands cuts being inflicted upon us every day, the flushing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the treason underway: the NAU.

Unsafe Food Additives Across Asia Feed Fears -- Across Asia, small-scale food manufacturers and street vendors often boost profits by using cheap but toxic chemicals as sweeteners, dyes and preservatives.

101 Brand Names, 1 Manufacturer -- The Mass Pet-Food Recall Reveals a Widespread Practice: Many Competing Products Come From the Same Factory.

No ORGANIC Bee Losses - Bees Immune Systems Damaged -- In the Australian story researchers have dissected bees that have died and they have found that their immune systems have "totally gone to pieces". "It is like they just lost their immune system and anything will kill them".

The Ron Paul Revolution will be Televised -- The folks behind the Ron Paul Revolution have no official connection to the campaign, and are not getting paid for their efforts. They are liberty-loving Americans who want to help get the word out about the only true peace-and-freedom Presidential candidate.

Check out the Desert Storm Glock -- Look at the engraving and who got them.

Can you spell "orchestrated?" -- Six Muslim men from New Jersey and Philadelphia were charged Tuesday with plotting to attack Fort Dix with automatic weapons and possibly even rocket-propelled grenades, vowing in taped conversations “to kill as many soldiers as possible,” federal authorities said.
Related Article: TERRORIST CELL CAPTURED IN NEW JERSEY PLOT -- Five radical Islamists -- three of them brothers -- have been arrested and charged with plotting to kill as many soldiers as possible in an armed assault at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey, according to agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

VIDEO: We Didn't Start The Fire -- Billy Joel song put together with slide show.

AOL now has a Republican Party Debate  Poll -- Check out their percentages.

Farmed fish given melamine-tainted feed, U.S. officials say -- U.S. investigators are visiting fish farms after learning of at least one plant that used feed tainted with melamine — a chemical used to make plastics and fertilizers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday. Oh but the FDA cautioned that the levels of contamination were likely too low to pose a significant health risk to humans who consumed the fish.

VIDEO: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man -- How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions.

GM crop taints honey two miles away, test reveals -- EVIDENCE that genetically modified (GM) crops can contaminate food supplies for miles around has been revealed in independent tests commissioned by The Sunday Times. The tests found alien GM material in honey from beehives two miles from a site where GM crops were being grown under government supervision. It is believed to have been carried there by bees gathering pollen in the GM test sites. This is a 2002 news article.

Study suggests cancer risk from depleted uranium -- Now researchers at the University of Southern Maine have shown that DU damages DNA in human lung cells. The team, led by John Pierce Wise, exposed cultures of the cells to uranium compounds at different concentrations.

Heavy crop losses reported in Southeast -- Heavy crop losses were reported throughout the Southeast on Wednesday, confirming fears that some fruit farms were nearly wiped out by last weekend's frigid temperatures.

Quarantined Birds Ruled Safe to Eat -- Chickens that ate bird feed made with a small amount of contaminated pet food are safe for human consumption and can be released for slaughter and sale, federal health officials said yesterday.

C-SPAN TELEPHONE NUMBERS -- List of important phone numbers and contact info for C-SPAN.

From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine --A poisonous solvent sold by counterfeiters and mixed into drugs has figured in mass poisonings around the world that killed thousands.

Unconstitutional Legislation Threatens Freedoms by Dr. Ron Paul -- This is an article about the hate crime bill by Ron Paul.

Iraq War Hampers Kansas Cleanup -- Governor Kathleen Sebelius said much of the National Guard equipment usually positioned around the state to respond to emergencies is gone. She said not having immediate access to things like tents, trucks and semitrailers will really handicap the rebuilding effort.

Jack Foote labeled a "domestic terrorist" - Listen to the video by clicking here!  - A special legislative "seminar" was conducted 13 March 2007 in the Arizona State Legislature, chaired by Rep Kyrsten Sinema.  Jack Foote was mentioned by name, my photograph was displayed, and I was publicly vilified as a "domestic terrorist" to all of those assembled at this "seminar".

GREENSBURG, Kansas: Hunt continues for tornado survivors -- Every business on the main street of Greensburg, Kan. was demolished by one of the strongest tornadoes to rake across the Great Plains of the central United States.

Critics question timing of 'war czar' search -- Now that the White House is searching for a "war czar," it raises the question of who has been coordinating U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan the past four years.

Security Company TSA Loses Hard Drive With Personal Information -- An external computer hard drive containing the personal, bank and payroll information of up to 100,000 former and current Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees was reportedly stolen from a human resources office in Crystal City, VA.

Deployed Troops Battle for Custody! -- Lt. Eva Crouch had raised her daughter for six years following the divorce....then called up for duty so her little girl went to live with father. When tour of duty was over, she returned to find she had to have a court order to even see the child. Many are facing the same more...!

Judge prohibits planting of genetically engineered alfalfa until government can study it -- A federal judge Thursday barred the planting of genetically engineered alfalfa nationwide until the government can adequately study the crop's potential impact on organic and conventional varieties.

Why investors are clamoring to take over America's highways, bridges, and airports—and why the public should be nervous -- "We need to put the brakes on these private toll contracts before we sign away half a century of future revenues," said representative Lois W. Kolkhorst.

Ebola-like Virus Killing Great Lakes Fish -- May 4, 2007 Seattle, Washington - Another threat in the American landscape that some microbiologists are calling “potentially catastrophic” to fresh water fish is a deadly Ebola-like virus known as “viral hemorrhagic septicemia,” or VHS.

Republican Poll Result Info:
1. MSNBC "Rate the Candidates" Poll Results -- A look at the Republican candidates and their performance on the campaign trail on MSNBC.
2. ABC News Republican Poll Results -- Check out their results! Go Ron Paul!
3. Poll results from World Net Daily -- If you watched the Republican debate, who do you think won? See the results as of May 6, 2007.
4. Poll Of The Day from C-Span's CapitalNews -- Be sure to check out the results as of May 6, 2007. Cast your's not too late!

A look at each Republican candidate & their performance on the campaign trail -- Click on the thumbnails to view a video from each candidate....then submit you vote.

See The results so far on the Vote on the California Republican debate -- It is still time to cast your vote!

Congressman Ron Paul: Archives -- Check out past articles by Congressman Ron Paul on

Listings of Oragnic Pet Foods Companies by State -- List is from if you would like to check them out.

Bush Sinks To Lowest Approval Ratings In Generation -- It’s hard to say which is worse news for Republicans: that George W. Bush now has the worst approval rating of an American president in a generation, or that he seems to be dragging every ’08 Republican presidential candidate down with him.

Wal-Mart expands RFID use in stores -- Wal-Mart will require suppliers to another 400 of its stores to use radio frequency identification (RFID) for tracking goods, adding to growing pressure on processors to invest in the technology.

Troops at Odds With Ethics Standards -- Army Also Finds More Deployment Means More Mental Illness.

POLLS in regards to last nights Presidential Debate:
Rate the candidates on MSNBC -- A look at the Republican candidates and their performance on the campaign trail. Submit your ratings!
Vote on the California Republican debate -- Who do you think did the best or worst in the following six categories? Take Time To cast your Vote!
POLL: If you watched the Republican debate, whom do you think won? -- Thursday's debate featured 10 announced Republican candidates. In addition to McCain, Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, former Virginia Gov. James Gilmore, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas also participated.

Watch the debate -- Just look on the right hand side under Videos to locate the link.

Plastic Baby Bottles in Question -- Replaced long ago in most U.S. households by unbreakable plastic, glass bottles are making a comeback prompted by worries about a chemical used in making the plastic.

Can you pass this 9/11 Quiz? -- This is a short, 10 question quiz to test your knowledge about the events of that tragic day.

Lawmakers wants VA to explain bonuses -- Congressional leaders on Thursday demanded that the Veterans Affairs secretary explain hefty bonuses for senior department officials involved in crafting a budget that came up $1 billion short and jeopardized veterans' health care.

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST THE US GOVERNMENT IN REGARDS TO COLD WAR VETERANS EXPOSED TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS -- The suit was filed on behalf of veterans who became ill after making bombs for the country's nuclear arsenal.

Australian Government gives Iraq another $22.5m -- AUSTRALIA will give another $22.5 million to Iraq for reconstruction.

VIDEO: Former President George H.W. Bush, Sr. speaks on the NWO -- The George H.W. Bush, SR. talks yet again of a New World Order.

Ten candidates to participate in historic First-in-the-South Presidential Candidates Debate including Ron Paul -- The 2007 First-In-The-South Republican Party Presidential Candidates Debate will be televised live by FOX News Channel at 9:00 PM from the University of South Carolina’s Koger Center for the Arts on Tuesday, May 15, 2007. FOX News Channel Washington Managing Editor Brit Hume will moderate the debate and FOX News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace and White House Correspondent Wendell Goler will ask questions of the candidates.

China Food Mislabeled, U.S. Says -- A Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to American pet food suppliers avoided inspections partly because it did not correctly disclose its shipping contents to Chinese export authorities, according to American regulators.

Presidential Debate tonight - May, 3, 2007 -- You'll hear from all ten candidates tonight including Congressmen Duncan Hunter of California, Ron Paul of Texas, Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin Governor - but don't expect this to happen again. Check local paper for time of airing.

Antidepressants to Get U.S. Warning on Suicide Risks -- Antidepressant drugs, including Wyeth's top-selling Effexor, need new warnings of the risks of suicidal thoughts and behavior among young adults, U.S. regulators said.

Wal-Mart recalls bibs with high lead levels -- The bibs, sold under the Baby Connection brand name, came in packs of two to seven bibs, with embroidered prints or images of Sesame Street characters. Some were sold as long ago as 2004. The bibs were made by Hamco Inc. exclusively for the Bentonville-based retailer.

Vets From First Gulf War Show Brain Differences -- Veterans of the first Gulf War who developed numerous health complaints have areas of the brain that are measurably smaller than those of healthier vets, a new study found.
Related Link: Analysis: Gulf War vets' brains shrink

Mysterious killer wipes out nation's honeybees -- Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation's honeybees could have a devastating effect on America's dinner plate. Honeybees don't just make honey; they pollinate more than 90 of the tastiest flowering crops Americans have.

Nineteen Maine Christian Ministers Publicly Declare Abortion Support -- Nineteen Maine United Church of Christ Congregational Ministers signed a letter supporting abortion, and public funding of abortion, according to Maine's Health and Human Services Committee this week. Read More...

VIDEO: Meet Ron Paul of Texas -- get to know Ron Paul and see how we would benefit from having him as President.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Warns of Looming U.S. Dictatorship -- Presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the US is now at a crisis point because the people have been so neglectful of protecting their liberties and big government has been so effective in eroding them.

Barrett Heading to Morocco to Apprehend Suicide Hijacker -- Dr. Barrett will be traveling to Morocco May 6th to apprehend accused 9/11 hijacker Waleed al-Shehri, who, after allegedly stabbing a stewardess on a flight that crashed into the World Trade Center, returned to Casablanca and has reportedly been working as a pilot there ever since.

VIDEO: Bill Moyers "Buying the War" -- How did the mainstream press get it so wrong? How did the evidence disputing the existence of weapons of mass destruction and the link between Saddam Hussein to 9-11 continue to go largely unreported?

Intelligence Committee Knew Bush was Lying -- On April 28, 2007 Sen. Dick Durbin attempted to cleanse the blood off his senate suit by admitting that as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee he had been told the opposite of what Bush was telling the Congress and the American people. But, Durbin remained silent. And, as Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote “The cruelest lies are often told in silence.”
Related Video: Sen. Durbin Drops Bombshells on the Senate Floor

Army North to deploy for hurricane capstone exercise -- Elements of U.S. Army North will deploy May 2, 2007 from Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to Rhode Island to participate in the nation’s capstone training event for the 2007 hurricane season.
Related Article: Exercise tests responses to hurricane, nuke and terrorists -- The Pentagon and other US and Canadian agencies plan to answer that question in a major exercise called Ardent Sentry-Northern Edge 07 that began Monday and will play out over the next 18 days, involving thousands of US troops and state and local officials.

‘Mission Accomplished’ By The Numbers -- On May 1, 2003, President Bush stood underneath a “Mission Accomplished” banner and announced that “Major combat operations have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” Click on the above link to see a by-the-numbers look at the situation then, compared to the situation now!

Kent State Audio Tape Released -- A static-filled recording of the 1970 Kent State University shooting that killed four students raises questions not only about whether someone called on National Guardsmen to fire, but also who might have given the order. Read More...

"Truth Be Tolled" takes TOP AWARD at Houston Film Festival -- William Molina's film, "Truth Be Tolled"  which chronicles Texans' strong opposition to state plans for a new network of privatized toll roads and the Trans-Texas Corridor, took TOP AWARD at Houston Film Festival. The film features grassroots leaders Terri Hall of the San Antonio Toll Party and David & Linda Stall of Corridor Watch along with other leaders, elected officials, and ordinary citizens. Read More...

Bush vetoes war spending bill -- President George W. Bush vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would force him to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq this year as a condition of funding the war, angering Democrats who vowed to fight on.

Australia news: Warning sounded over soldier suicides -- Suicide by returned Australian soldiers may be on the rise and needs urgent government action, an Australian medical association says. Up to five soldiers have committed suicide after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, veteran activists have said. A further 121 returned soldiers have been medically discharged due to mental illness.

Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. -- MISSION STATEMENT: 1. To sponsor, aid, assist and promote programs that benefit children in need. This includes children without parents (unaccompanied minors) and the needy, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. Read More...

FDA: Millions of Chickens Fed Contaminated Pet Food -- Up to 3 million broiler chickens were fed melamine-tainted pet food and then sold on the U.S. market beginning in early February, U.S. health officials said in a press conference held late Tuesday.

Tainted Pet Food Linked to Ind. Chickens -- Chicken feed in some farms in Indiana contained byproducts from pet food manufactured with contaminated wheat gluten imported from China, two federal agencies said Monday.

FDA pet food probe checks 4,000 pet deaths -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating reports by American households of at least 4,000 pet deaths to determine if any are linked to pet food contaminated with melamine from China, the agency said.

Pet Deaths Spur Call for Better FDA Screening -- Amid growing revelations that suppliers in China frequently spike pet food and other food ingredients with contaminants to boost profits, momentum is building in Washington to bolster the Food and Drug Administration's capacity to detect and screen out adulterated imports.

Canadian Action Party Leader Calls 9/11 a "Trick on a Massive Scale" -- Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party, recommends joining the 911 Truth movement and paying attention to the evidence. Also discusses PNAC, Terrorstorm, and how the 9/11 attacks are being used to further the North American Union. Read More...

2,176 Secret Warrants Issued in 2006 -- In all, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court signed off on 2,176 warrants targeting people in the United States believed to be linked to international terror organizations or spies. The record number is more than twice as many as were issued in 2000, the last full year before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession" Aired On National Radio -- Former CIA agent, Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy.

Feinstein’s Cardinal shenanigans by David Keene -- California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) chairs the Senate Rules Committee, but she’s also a Cardinal. She is currently chairwoman of the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies subcommittee, but until last year was for six years the top Democrat on the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (or “Milcon”) sub-committee, where she may have directed more than $1 billion to companies controlled by her husband.

Bee Swarm Shuts Ark. Hospital's ER -- swarm of bees clustered outside the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center shut down the emergency room Monday, as officials waited for a beekeeper to come vacuum up the 7,000 insects.

Washington, D.C., Lawyer Sues Dry Cleaners for Lost Trousers -- How's $67 million for a dry cleaning bill? A Washington, D.C., lawyer is suing an area dry cleaning business for losing a pair of his trousers. The business owners claim they have his pants, but he's pressing ahead with his suit.

Virgin Atlantic Airways to Show Loose Change 2 In-Flight -- May 1st, 2007 – Mercury Media International announce they have licensed the 9/11 Internet hit Loose Change 2 to Virgin Atlantic Airways. Read More...

Immigrant and Labor Rights Rally today -- Downtown prepares for May Day gridlock - As Southern California organizers made final preparations for May Day marches to press for immigrant and labor rights today, officials warned that the protests will snarl traffic, disrupt mass transit and halt some business in downtown Los Angeles and beyond.

FDA limits Chinese food additive imports -- The Food and Drug Administration is enforcing a new import alert that greatly expands its curtailment of some food ingredients imported from China, authorizing border inspectors to detain ingredients used in everything from noodles to breakfast bars.
Related Article: IMPORT ALERT #99-29

Fundraiser for Ron Paul May 19, 2007 in Austin, Texas -- Check out the scheduled fundraiser by clicking above link.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS THREATENED, FREEDOM IN DANGER -- People have until tomorrow at the close of the work day in Washington D.C to phone in their "NO" stance to oppose this terrible bill  Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act (S1082). We MUST OVERWHELM Congress with our phone protest today! Call and leave a message for Congressman John Campbell: 1-202-225-5611. For people on the West Coast, remember there is a 3-hour time difference, and two hours Mountain Standard Time.

A CENTURY OF U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS: Killings from Wounded Knee to Afghanistan -- A partial list of U.S. military interventions from 1890 to 1999. See More...

US and EU agree 'single market' -- The United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership at a summit in Washington.

KFC Will Post Acrylamide Warnings in California -- Acrylamide, a byproduct created by the reaction of chemicals in food and high heat, is found in French fries and potato chips at high levels. For example, a serving of fries or potato chips has about 82 times more acrylamide than is allowed in drinking water under U.S. EPA standards.

Miracle-Gro Sues Organic Plant-Food Co. -- The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has filed a lawsuit against TerraCycle, Inc., a small inner-city manufacturer of eco-friendly gardening products that are made from organic waste fed to worms. The resulting worm poop is liquefied and packaged in used soda bottles. Scotts claims that the two company’s products look similar and might confuse consumers.

Exercise tests responses to hurricane, nuke and terrorists -- The Pentagon and other US and Canadian agencies are in a major exercise called Ardent Sentry-Northern Edge 07 that began Monday and will play out over the next 18 days, involving thousands of US troops and state and local officials. It will allow participants to explore what might happen if terrorists tries to take advantage of catastrophic event, Kucharak said. "How would that stress the system?"

Student discharged from Marines after essay -- One violent, profanity-laced English essay later and Allen Lee's future with the Marine Corps appears to be over. Because of pending criminal charges stemming from his essay, Lee's recruiter told him Friday evening that the Marine Corps has discharged him from his contract, said Sgt. Luis R. Agostini, spokesman for the Marine Corps Recruiting Station Chicago. Read More...

Price tag for war in Iraq on track to top $500 billion -- The bitter fight over the latest Iraq spending bill has all but obscured a sobering fact: The war will soon cost more than $500 billion.

Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank -- President Hugo Chavez announced Monday he would formally pull Venezuela out of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, a largely symbolic move because the nation has already paid off its debts to the lending institutions.

VIDEO: Virginia Governor Closes Gun Loophole -- Virginia's governor says he has closed a loophole in state gun laws that allowed a mentally disturbed Virginia Tech student to acquire the guns he used in a campus massacre.

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