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Friday - January 31, 2014: - Today In History:
1865 - In America, General Robert E. Lee was named general-in-chief of the Confederate armies.
1865 - The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. It was ratified by the necessary number of states on December 6, 1865. The amendment abolished slavery in the United States.
1876 - All Native American Indians were ordered to move into reservations.
1893 - The trademark "Coca-Cola" was first registered in the United States Patent Office.
1917 - Germany announced its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.
1940 - The first Social Security check was issued by the U.S. Government.
1944 - During World War II, U.S. forces invaded Kwajalein Atoll and other areas of the Japanese-held Marshall Islands.
1945 - Private Eddie Slovik became the only U.S. soldier since the U.S. Civil War to be executed for desertion.
1949 - The first TV daytime soap opera was broadcast from NBC's station in Chicago, IL. It was "These Are My Children."
1950 - U.S. President Truman announced that he had ordered development of the hydrogen bomb.
1958 - Explorer I was put into orbit around the earth. It was the first U.S. earth satellite.
1971 - Astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr., Edgar D. Mitchell and Stuart A. Roosa blasted off aboard Apollo 14 on a mission to the moon.
1995 - U.S. President Clinton invoked presidential emergency authority to provide a $20 billion loan to Mexico to stabilize its economy.
2001 - A Scottish court in the Netherlands convicted one Libyan and acquitted a second in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, that occurred in 1988.
2006 - Samuel Alito was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.
2006 - The Senate approved Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve.
2011 - Egypt's military promised not to fire on peaceful protests and recognized "the legitimacy of the people's demands."

World News

US intel fear attack on American soil, while Syria spirals out of control
RT - Intelligence reports say there is a threat of a terrorist attack on US soil by an Al-Qaida-linked group based in Syria.

Syrian government ‘demolished thousands of homes’
BBC - The Syrian government has been "deliberately and unlawfully" demolishing thousands of homes, a new report by Human Rights Watch says. Satellite images appear to show large-scale demolitions with explosives and bulldozers in opposition strongholds in Damascus and Hama in 2012 and 2013.

Report: Afghanistan cannot be trusted with US aid
RT - Despite some efforts to keep the findings private, a new report released by a government watchdog group this week found that Afghanistan cannot be trusted to properly spend the millions of dollars it receives in aid from the United States.

Thailand: Thaksin Regime Turns on its Own Supporters
Land Destroyer Report - Regime sends “red shirt” enforcers to threaten farmers and their families for protesting 6 months of unpaid subsidies – smashing the myth of “rural support.”

TEPCO fears 3-cm hole in Fukushima reactor No.2
RT - The suppression pool of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit No. 2 reactor may have a 3-centimeter hole in it, through which the highly radioactive water might be leaking out, the plant operator said.

Rebels in Syria Claim Control of Resources
NY Times - Islamist rebels and extremist groups have seized control of most of Syria’s oil and gas resources, a rare generator of cash in the country’s war-battered economy, and are now using the proceeds to underwrite their fights against one another as well as President Bashar al-Assad, American officials say.

Deliver us from Kerry: Hardline Israelis rally against peace plan
RT - Thousands of Israeli Jewish hardliners gathered at the Western Wall imploring God to throw a wrench in a peace plan proposed by US Secretary of State John Kerry, which would see a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem and other territorial compromises.

Attention fliers: Canada’s electronic spy agency is following you - new Snowden leaks
RT - Documents released by US whistleblower Edward Snowden show the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) used airport Wi-Fi to track passengers from around the world.

VIDEO: The Shocking Truth About Water Cannons
Activist Post - The London metropolitan police want to introduce water cannons even though they cause "serious injury or even death". In 2 minutes we show the damage that water cannons can do and the threat they present to peace and our democracy.

UK nuclear workers told to stay home as radioactivity rises
RT - Britain’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site has told non-essential workers to stay home Friday due to the detection of abnormally high levels of radiation. The radiation spike was detected by one of the monitors at the north end of the partially decommissioned site.

Hundreds file lawsuit against makers of Fukushima nuclear plant
RT - About 1,400 people have filed a joint lawsuit against three companies that manufactured Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, saying they should be financially liable for damage caused by its 2011 meltdowns.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Holder: Tsarnaev will face death penalty in Boston bombing case
RT - United States Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that the Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the 20-year-old ethic Chechen man accused of being involved in last year’s deadly Boston Marathon bombing.

Govt. “Threat List” Names 8 Million Americans Who Will Be Detained When Martial Law Is Imposed - The government has been compiling a list of names since the 1980′s called “Main Core“. It contains the names of people who it considers to be ‘threats’ and would be the victims of having their constitutional rights ‘suspended’ in the event of an emergency or if martial law is declared.

House GOP proposes legalizing immigrants
Politico - House Republicans are proposing to overhaul immigration laws so undocumented immigrants can gain legalization if they meet certain requirements, and if the nation’s borders are certified as secure.

Immigration officials warn of amnesty ‘overload’
Washington Times - The officers who would be charged with approving millions of applications from illegal immigrants for legal status warned Congress this week that they can’t handle the workload, and said the change would guarantee criminals and others would be approved to remain in the country.

Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave After Signing Pledge to Uphold Constitution
Paul Joseph Watson - A police chief was detained and harassed by federal agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.

Connecticut Gun Owners Revolt; Refuse to Register Firearms & Magazines
Daily Sheeple - Gun owners in Connecticut have revolted against a new gun control law, with just 38,000 out of 2.4 million high capacity magazines being registered with authorities.

TSA To Gun Show Attendees: Don’t Think You’re Getting On Board With Bullet-Encased-In-Acrylic Keychains
Tim Cushing - The agency recently reminded people flying into Vegas to attend the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) that they'll need to be extra careful about what souvenirs they want to bring home with them.

Officer Pulls Gun On Five Teens Over A Snowball, Lies About Incident
(WABC) -- Surveillance video has been released of an off-duty NYPD officer pulling out his gun during a snowball fight. "We're innocent, we didn't do nothing wrong and he overreacted," 18-year-old Ariel Lopez said.... They eventually faced charges of attempted assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, the snowball.

James Clapper Suggests Journalists Could Be Edward Snowden's 'Accomplices'
Huffington Post - Director of National Intelligence James Clapper urged former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and his “accomplices” to return leaked documents during a hearing on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Attorney General Eric Holder can't explain constitutional basis for Obama's executive orders
BlackListed News - Senator Lee Questions Eric Holder on NSA meta data collection and unilateral executive orders of questionable constitutionality.

California Legalized Selling Food Made At Home And Created Over A Thousand Local Businesses
Forbes - A government official appears at a man’s door. The man has been breaking the law: He has sold bread baked at home. This isn’t a page from Kafka—it happened to Mark Stambler in Los Angeles.

Election News

Clinton or Bush for President in 2016?
Kurt Nimmo - Interconnected political dynasties set to rule indefinitely. Hillary Clinton has yet to announce she will run for president. Despite this void a whopping 73 percent of Democrats say they would vote for Clinton if she ran today, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted last week.


Currency devaluation ‘easy’ answer to emerging market crisis – Saxo Bank chief
RT - The emerging market currency crisis is being propelled by policymakers who are “seeking the easy answer” by devaluing their currency, which is an unsustainable global model, Saxo Bank CEO Steen Jacobsen told RT.

Housing Market

Justice Dept. says Bank of America should be fined $2.1 billion for mortgage fraud
RT - The United States government is now seeking $2.1 billion in fines from Bank of America for selling fraudulent loans that precipitated the Great Recession, more than double the amount it initially sought last year.

Energy & Environment

‘Massive chemtrail’ operations found to be dumping ‘fake snow’ over Atlanta and parts of West Virginia?
Intellihub - Stop the press! A recent snow storm that blanked Atlanta and parts of Virginia sending thousands of residents into turmoil, causing nearly the entire city to come to a standstill, may have been a false flag operation or beta test carried out by diabolic factions of the U.S. government.

Roundup 'Weed Killer' Threatens Coral Reefs, Persists In Seawater
Green Med Info - The coral reefs are dying and the seas are increasingly depleted of sea life. Could Roundup weed killer be partially to blame?

'You were warned!' Al Roker and National Weather Service hit back at politicians blaming bad forecasts for chaos in the South
Daily Mail - Weatherman Al Roker and the National Weather Service hit back at politicians in the South who have pointed the finger at inaccurate forecasts as the reason why authorities were so ill-prepared for snowfall and icy conditions which led to chaos on the roads.


'Gluten Brain': Wheat Cuts Off Blood Flow To Frontal Cortex
Green Med Info - Wheat consumption has been linked to psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia for over 60 years, but recent research indicates it could have to do with this popular food cutting off blood flow to the brain.

Garlic Proven to Kill Brain Cancer Cells, Prevent Future Growth
Natural Society - Research has found that 3 compounds in garlic are able to get through the blood brain barrier to induce cancer cell death and prevent future cell growth.

10 Different Teas That Will Help Boost Your Metabolism and Promote Weight Loss
Prevent Disease - It's about that time of year where we're fed up of feeling the extra flab and ready to do something about it besides going to the gym. One of the most underrated methods of spiking our metabolism is through antioxidant rich teas. Some teas are actually more than 90% more effective at helping the body burn fat than coffee.

Discover the exceptional health advantages of white tea for cancer, inflammation and more
(NaturalNews) According to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, "the tea leaf stays so close to its natural state, the benefit of white tea is that it contains more polyphenols, the powerful anti-oxidant that fights and kills cancer-causing cells, than any other type of tea."

Oregano yeast infection remedy
STEPin2 - Oregano is very potent and provides antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. So not only will it help treat yeast, but it will help boost the immune system as well. It’s a win-win!

New Health Ranger video explains why heavy metals are so dangerous to human health
(NaturalNews) I've just posted an informative new video which explains why heavy metals are so toxic to human health, with details on how each heavy metal impacts particular organs in the body.... n this video, you'll learn many astonishing facts about where toxic heavy metals come from, which organs they tend to target, and even how heavy metals can cause personality changes in humans.

Understanding the benefits of natural olive oil
(NaturalNews) The road to getting healthier can begin today, and it can start by incorporating natural olive oil into one's diet. In fact, let's go ahead and take a quick look at five healthy benefits of natural and organic olive oil.

Cacao, red wine prevent type 2 diabetes: Research
(NaturalNews) New research suggests that red wine and cacao, from which chocolate is made, can help prevent type 2 diabetes.... Researchers found that the flavonoids "protect against the disease of glucose metabolism," the Financial Times reported.

FDA audit finds mammography clinic wildly out of compliance with its radiological equipment
(NaturalNews) If you or someone you know walks into a clinic to receive an annual mammogram, do you automatically trust the equipment to provide an accurate cancer reading? Many women are subjected to this unnecessary radiation, only to be given given false positive cancer readings.

Science & Technology

Scientists Condemn Retraction of GMO Rat Tumor Study
Activist Post - A group of 41 scientists and biosafety experts have signed a public statement condemning the retraction as an apparent “act of scientific censorship” and demanding that the journal reinstate the study, which they say contains findings of potentially critical importance to public health.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Genetic Weapon Against Insects Raises Hope and Fear in Farming
NY Times - Scientists and biotechnology companies are developing what could become the next powerful weapon in the war on pests — one that harnesses a Nobel Prize-winning discovery to kill insects and pathogens by disabling their genes.... But some specialists fear that releasing gene-silencing agents into fields could harm beneficial insects, especially among organisms that have a common genetic makeup, and possibly even human health.

California Hens Are Flapping Their Wings Over This Act In Congress
LA Times - Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who represents the top egg-producing state, had persuaded the Republican-controlled House to include in its farm bill a measure to prohibit a state from interfering with another state’s production of agricultural products.

Exclusive: Feds threatening Michigan family farm with armed raid
(NaturalNews) Mark Baker, owner of Baker's Green Acres, told Natural News in an interview that he was informed recently by a former business associate that local state and federal agriculture officials have been forbidden from contacting him because he is potentially dangerous.

Pet News

Zinc: You Call It a Trace Mineral, But It Could Be Fatal for Your Dog
Dr. Becker - Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a role in several important biologic processes. Zinc is abundant in nature and exists in many forms. Unfortunately, ingestion of some forms can lead to the creation of toxic zinc salts in the acidic environment of the GI tract.

Thursday - January 30, 2014: - Today In History:
1798 - The first brawl in the U.S. House of Representatives took place. Congressmen Matthew Lyon and Roger Griswold fought on the House floor.
1844 - Richard Theodore Greener became the first African American to graduate from Harvard University.
1847 - The town of Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco.
1862 - The U.S. Navy's first ironclad warship, the "Monitor", was launched.
1933 - Adolf Hitler was named the German Chancellor.
1948 - Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist.
1958 - The first two-way moving sidewalk was put in service at Love Field in Dallas, TX. The length of the walkway through the airport was 1,435 feet.
1964 - January 30 - The U.S. launched Ranger 6. The unmanned spacecraft carried television cameras and was intentionally crash-landed on the moon. The cameras did not return any pictures to Earth.
1968 - The Tet Offensive began as Communist forces launched surprise attacks against South Vietnamese provincial capitals.
1969 - The Beatles performed in public for the last time in a 45-minute gig on the roof of their Apple Records headquarters in London.
1972 - In Northern Ireland, British soldiers shot and killed thirteen Roman Catholic civil rights marchers. The day is known as "Bloody Sunday."
1979 - The civilian government of Iran announced it had decided to allow Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to return. He had been living in exile in France.
1989 - The U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan was closed.
1995 - The U.N. Security Council authorized the deployment of a 6,000-member U.N. peace-keeping contingent to assume security responsibilities in Haiti from U.S. forces.
2003 - Richard Reid, a British citizen and al-Qaida follower, was sentenced to life in prison by a federal judge in Boston for trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic jetliner with explosives hidden in his shoes.
2005 - Iraqis voted in their country's first free election in a half-century.
2006 - Coretta Scott King, the widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., died at age 78.
2007 - Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system went on sale.

World News

U.S. Intelligence Boss Predicts More Violence in Ukraine
Kurt Nimmo - Obama’s intelligence boss, James Clapper, set the stage on Wednesday for further violence in Ukraine and a more robust response by the United States.

Egypt to put 20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial for ‘airing false news’
The Telegraph - Egypt's crackdown on press freedoms gathered pace on Wednesday as the military-led government said it would put 20 journalists from the al-Jazeera television network on trial, including two Britons. The announcement was made by Egyptian prosecutors, who said that the Britons – along with an Australian and a Dutch national - stood accused of "airing false news".

Japan navy admits losing $5 million submarine
The Sun Daily - Japan admitted Wednesday that its navy lost a US$5 million unmanned submarine during a survey last year, with a nine-day search of the ocean floor yielding nothing.

Summary of Israeli Violations of International Law in 2013
RINF - The year 2013 witnessed over 20,000 severe violations against the occupied State of Palestine and its people, who have suffered a number of violent attacks and incursions at the hands of Israel, the occupying power. These violations include attacks by both Israeli authorities and settlers, along with home demolitions, arbitrary arrests and the ongoing construction of illegal settlements.

Norwegian MPs nominate Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize
RT - Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian lawmakers, who say the NSA whistleblower contributed to “transparency and global stability” by revealing the depth and sophistication of the global surveillance apparatus.

Panama Public Warned over GM Mosquito Experiments
Sustainable Pulse - GeneWatch UK today warned that open releases of millions of GM mosquitoes produced by UK company Oxitec should not take place in Panama until members of the public have been fully informed about the risks.

Is The US-China Rivalry More Dangerous Than The Cold War?
Zero Hedge - The prominent realist international relations scholar John Mearsheimer says there is a greater possibility of the U.S. and China going to war in the future than there was of a Soviet-NATO general war during the Cold War. In contrast to the Middle East, which he characterizes as posing little threat to the United States, Mearsheimer said that the U.S. will face a tremendous challenge in Asia should China continue to rise economically.

World Bank Ex-Chief Economist Calls For End To Dollar As Reserve Currency
Zero Hedge - Via China Daily, The World Bank's former chief economist wants to replace the US dollar with a single global super-currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system. "The dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises," Justin Yifu Lin told Bruegel, a Brussels-based policy-research think tank. "The solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency."

Puerto Rico’s Debt Bomb. Could Puerto Rico become “The New Greece” in the Caribbean?
Global Research - Puerto Rico is heading towards a pivotal moment in history. Standard & Poor’s (S&P), a US-based credit rating agency located in New York City has decided to put the Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico concerning the island’s debt “on watch” concerning its credit rating according to a recent report conducted by Reuters titled ‘S&P puts Puerto Rico’s ratings on watch for downgrade.’

VIDEO: Israel destroys an entire Palestinian village
Press TV - Israeli forces have razed down an entire Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank. According to reports, the demolition took place in the village of Khirbat Jamal early on Thursday.

VIDEO: Israel finance minister warns of EU boycott ramifications
Press TV - Israel’s finance minister has warned that the European Union is considering canceling its association agreement with Tel Aviv. Yair Lapid said on Wednesday that canceling the association agreement with the EU, “which we know is already on the table now,” would reduce exports, cut the GDP and cause 1,400 layoffs.

VIDEO: Snowden faces MI6 assassination threat: NSA ex-officer
Press TV - Famous American whistleblower Edward Snowden faces assassination attempts by the British foreign intelligence service, MI6, a former security officer tells Press TV. Wayne Madsen, a former National Security Agency (NSA) officer, said the threat has increased after the failed attempts to kidnap Snowden, who gained fame due to his revelations about NSA spying activities.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

NSA Hires Former DHS Official As “Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer”
Kit Daniels - In other words, NSA hires its future scapegoat. Instead of reading and understanding the Fourth Amendment, the National Security Agency hired a former Homeland Security employee today as its first “Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer.”

Neocon Says Afghan Pullout Win for al-Qaeda
Kurt Nimmo - During his State of the Union, Obama said he will end the decade-plus occupation of Afghanistan in 2014. This may be another one of Obama’s illusory promises – remember you can keep your doctor and closing down Gitmo? – but that didn’t stop a key neocon from climbing up on his hobby horse and demanding more tax money and American lives be flushed down a rat hole.

YouTube: SOTU Cory Remsburg Standing Ovation, Embarrassing For Congress
Ben Swann talks about the standing ovation given to Army Ranger Cory Remsburg during President Obama’s SOTU address. Swann points out that Congress and President may be clapping for Remsburg but are doing nothing to actually honor veterans.

32 Statistics That Obama Neglected To Mention During The State Of The Union Address
Economic Collapse - Show this article to anyone that believes that the economy has actually improved under Barack Obama.

Congressman Left Obama’s SOTU Speech Early Because He “Could Not Bear To Watch”
Ben Swann - Several Republican officials publicly expressed dissatisfaction with President Obama’s State of the Union address last night. But one congressman from Texas, Steve Stockman, was so disgusted with Obama’s speech that he actually left early.

5 Examples Of How Agenda 21 Is Increasing The Scope Of Its Enslavement In America
Activist Post - Agenda 21 destroys people from all walks of life. Its policies are draconian. Its unconstitutional dictates are carried out with impunity. Agenda 21 seeks to destroy the family by separating children from parents. Its allies are destroying private property rights.

TSA: ‘Super Bowl Fans May Encounter VIPR Teams’
Adan Salazar - On its official blog site, the TSA announced it will be conducting security, not only at the entrance to the MetLife Stadium complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but at “local transportation venues, including commercial and general aviation facilities and mass transit” in the form of VIPR squads.

Website Aims To Match Gun Owners, Gun-Friendly Businesses
Off the Grid News - Consumers will be able to identify gun-friendly businesses and avoid gun-free zones in their towns if a Virginia businessman gets his way. Bryan Crosswhite has launched, an online database of businesses that allows customers to carry guns. iPhone and Android apps are in the works.

Sleeping Elderly Woman Awakes to Police Dog Attack
Activist Post - Katharina Lambert, age 88, was sleeping in her own home in San Bernardino, California. At around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 23rd, 2013, her silent burglar alarm allegedly went active.... With no warrants, no pressing circumstances, no announcement and no warning about a dog; three officers entered her home and officer J. Echevarria released an attack dog that quickly went to her bedroom.

Leaked! Food Lobby Threatens to Sue Any State that Tries to Label GMOs
(Truthstream Media) The Organic Consumers Association is reporting that the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association — the mega lobby group that represents 300+ companies and much more than just grocery stores — is using a leaked talking points memo to basically misinform and intimidate our legislators with threats of lawsuits should they even attempt to back a GMO labeling law in their state.
* Related Video: Ben Swann: Federal Ban On GMO Labeling?

28 Points Of Comparison Between 1970s America And America Today – Which Do You Think Is Better?
Michael Snyder - If you could go back and live in America during the 1970s would you do it? Has the United States become a better place to live over the past 40 years or have things gotten worse?

Government shuts down 11-year-old’s cupcake business
Daily Caller - A day after a local newspaper ran a story about the young and ambitious Chloe Stirling, who operated a cupcake business out of her parents’ kitchen, the local health department came calling.


YouTube: Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?
Institute for Justice - The solution to America's jobs problem lies not with budget-busting federally mandated "stimulus" programs....

IRA Confiscation: It's Happening
Zero Hedge - Here’s the thing: according to the IRS, there is well over $5 trillion in US individual retirement accounts. For a government as bankrupt as Uncle Sam is, $5 trillion is irresistible. They need that money.... And this MyRA program is the critical first step to corralling your hard earned retirement funds. At our event here in Chile last year, Jim Rogers nailed this right on the head when he and Ron Paul told our audience that the government would try to take your retirement funds [video].

Veteran News

48,000 United States Afghan/Iraq Vets are homeless - They should have an entire city dedicated to them
(NaturalNews) Did you know that the number of homeless (or on the brink of being homeless) veterans who served in the Middle East has tripled in just the past three years?

Navy Admiral Apparent Choice to Take Reins of NSA - A Navy admiral is the apparent choice to be the next chief of the troubled National Security Agency, which was rocked by former analyst Edward Snowden's disclosures of its secret surveillance programs that collect phone and Internet data around the world and now faces enormous pressure to change its ways. According to U.S. officials, Vice Adm. Mike Rogers, a former intelligence director and currently the head of the Navy's Cyber Command, will likely be nominated to replace Army Gen. Keith Alexander. Rogers has long been considered the heir apparent for the job, but Alexander's planned retirement in mid-March has put added pressure on the White House to make the decision and announcement soon. According to officials, Rogers would also be nominated to take over U.S. Cyber Command.

Housing Market

The Insider Trading Behind the Housing Crash: Bilderberg-linked Economic Collapse
(Truthstream - Just ahead of the housing collapse that triggered the economic collapse and jobless drift, this man, Angelo Mozilo, then CEO at Countrywide, and Bilderberg Steering Committee member James A. Johnson, then CEO of Fannie Mae, were granting Congresspeople preferential “VIP” loans – while Goldman Sachs (with James A. Johnson a board member) bet on its collapse, and of the AIG insurance backing it.

Energy & Environment

17 California Towns Will Run Out of Water in the Next 60 to 120 days
The Daily Sheeple - Wells are starting to run dry and reservoir levels are low as the state faces the worst drought in almost a century. The number of vulnerable communities is expected to increase over the coming weeks and months, and the list will be updated weekly said Dave Mazzera, acting drinking water division chief for the California Department of Public Health.

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Collapsing and It Could Affect the Climate, Wipe Out Power Grids
Daily Mail - Deep within the Earth, a fierce molten core is generating a magnetic field capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds. The protective field extends thousands of miles into space and its magnetism affects everything from global communication to animal migration and weather patterns. But this magnetic field, so important to life on Earth, has weakened by 15 per cent over the last 200 years.

SURPRISE: You're Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation - According to the Local Environmental Observers (LEO) Network in Hydaburg, Alaska, they have found strange growths in the flesh or meat of salmon. "We were fishing for cohos (silver salmon) at the mouth of the Hydaburg River with line and reel." said Brian Holter, Jr. who said that eight fish were filled up inside with strange growths that were either white or pink in color. "On the outside the fish looked fine.

Snow, ice send South's flagship city reeling
(AP) - Thousands of Atlanta students stranded all night long in their schools were reunited with their parents Wednesday, while rescuers rushed to deliver blankets, food, gas and a ride home to countless shivering motorists stopped cold by a storm that paralyzed the business capital of the South with less than 3 inches of snow.


Turmeric Extract Strikes To The Root Cause of Cancer Malignancy
Green Med Info - A new turmeric study published in Cancer Letters is paving the way for a revolution in the way that we both understand and treat cancer. Titled, "Targeting cancer stem cells by curcumin and clinical applications," U.S. researchers evaluated the primary polyphenol in the Indian spice known as curcumin for its ability to target cancer stem cells (CSCs), which are believed to be at the root cause of tumor formation and malignancy.

Massive Vaccine-Induced Fetal Death Coverup Exposed
Green Med Info - CDC Misleads Nations Ob/Gyns -Covering-up Of The Most Massive Fetal Death Reports Associated With The Influenza Vaccine in the History of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

Medicare Semantics Can Cost Seniors Big Bucks
Activist Post - Brian Williams and Kate Snow bring attention to, and caution about, the use of certain words on hospital admission forms. The words involved, which make a huge difference as to who pays, are “Inpatient” and “Under Observation.”

Dried Plums Slow Bone Loss in Aging
Green Med Info - Several recent studies have confirmed what traditional oriental medicine has known for centuries – that dried plums have the capacity to prevent and even reverse bone loss that can occur in our later years.

5 Effective Ways to Detox the Air in Your Home
Natural Society - There are numerous products in your home that could be contributing to the level of pollutants in the air you breathe. By eliminating them or at least cutting back, you can help make your environment a healthier one. Here are 5 ways to reduce the level of low-quality air in the house.

Toxins in vaccines infiltrate the brain
(NaturalNews) The blood brain barrier prevents dangerous substances and infections from entering the brain. If the barrier is compromised, the brain is susceptible to any toxin or bacteria circulating in the bloodstream. Toxic detergents contained within vaccines can destroy the blood brain barrier and then proceed to transport the poisons contained within vaccines directly into the brain.

Boost your energy and immunity with astaxanthin
(NaturalNews) Astaxanthin is widely considered one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. With well over 1,000 scientific papers, scientists have discovered how this incredible carotenoid molecule can improve your energy; prevent blindness and cellular inflammation - the root cause of chronic disease.

Snake Bite Costs North Carolina Couple $89,000 Hospital Bill - The couple visited the emergency room in August to receive treatment. The sticker shock comes as Americans continue to battle high health care costs following the introduction of the American Care Act.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Farm Bill With $8.6 Billion in Food-Stamp Cuts Passes House
SFGate - The U.S. House passed and sent the Senate a much-delayed bill to set agricultural policy for five years, as a coalition of rural Republicans and urban Democrats overcame objections about farm subsidies and food-stamp cuts.

February To-Do List, Zone by Zone
Organic Gardening - Forget the groundhog. For me, the real sign that spring is on its way is whether I've started my onion seeds. Here in Zone 6, spring is still nearly 2 months away, but onions started now indoors under lights will be ready for transplanting in mid-April. This handy zone-by-zone to-do list will help you figure out what you could be doing gardenwise in your neck of the woods.

Seed Starting Chart
Organic Gardening - Timing is everything. To start your seeds on time, you need to know when in relation to the frost-free date in spring to plant them.

West Virginians work to end raw milk prohibition in nation's most restrictive state
(NaturalNews) Clean, unprocessed and full of beneficial probiotics, raw milk is hard to come by in the state of West Virginia, where burdensome prohibition laws bar the living food from being sold, traded and even shared with friends and neighbors due to misconceived perceptions about its safety.

Weird &  Stupid News

News reporter: Unlike US Dollar gold is backed by NOTHING!
Daily Paul - This DUMBEST news reporter in the world says US Dollar has more confidence in it, because it's backed by US govt & 1 more year from now Federal Reserve will be around. And gold is backed by NOTHING!!!!

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: The Real State of the Union: Here’s What Obama SHOULD Have Said (Remix Parody)
The Daily Sheeple - What was the President really trying to say in last night’s State of the Union address? We think that this remix sums it up far more accurately and succinctly than the actual speech.

Wednesday - January 29, 2014: - Today In History:
1802 - John Beckley became the first Librarian of Congress.
1820 - Britain's King George III died insane at Windsor Castle.
1850 - Henry Clay introduced in the Senate a compromise bill on slavery that included the admission of California into the Union as a free state.
1856 - Britain's highest military decoration, the Victoria Cross, was founded by Queen Victoria.
1861 - In America, Kansas became the 34th state of the Union.
1886 - The first successful petrol-driven motorcar, built by Karl Benz, was patented.
1916 - In World War I, Paris was bombed by German zeppelins for the first time.
1979 - President Carter welcomed Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping to the White House. The visit followed the establishment of diplomatic relations.
1990 - Joseph Hazelwood, the former skipper of the Exxon Valdez, went on trial in Anchorage, AK, on charges that stemmed from America's worst oil spill. Hazelwood was later acquitted of all the major charges and was convicted of a misdemeanor.
1996 - French President Jacques Chirac announced the "definitive end" to nuclear testing.
1998 - A bomb exploded at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, AL, killing an off-duty policeman and severely wounding a nurse. Eric Rudolph was charged with this bombing and three other attacks in Atlanta.
1999 - Paris prosecutors announced the end of the investigation into the accident that killed Britain's Princess Diana.
1999 - The U.S. Senate delivered subpoenas for Monica Lewinsky and two presidential advisers for private, videotaped testimony in the impeachment trial.
2001 - In Indonesia, thousands of student protesters stormed the parliament property and demanded that President Abdurrahman Wahid quit due to his alleged involvement in two corruption scandals. Wahid announced that he would not resign.
2009 - The Illinois Senate voted to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office.

World News

UN Wants 10,000 Troops Sent to Africa
AFP - The UN Security Council on Tuesday gave European troops backing to use force in Central African Republic amid a new international push to end deadly chaos in the country. The United Nations believes at least 10,000 troops will eventually be needed to restore order, France’s UN ambassador said after the latest UN Security Council initiative on the crisis.

Israelis urged to prepare for battlefields dominated by robots - Israel's military planners and high-tech defense industry must accelerate development of robotic and unmanned systems that will dominate the future battlefield, eliminating the need for large armies with fighter jets, tanks and warships, a study recommends.

Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals
Zero Hedge - It would appear the fears of a global bank run are spreading. From HSBC's limiting large cash withdrawals (for your own good) to Lloyds ATMs going down, Bloomberg reports that 'My Bank' - one of Russia's top 200 lenders by assets - has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week.

Argentina limits monthly dollar purchases to $2000
MarketWatch - Argentina's government on Monday limited monthly dollar purchases by Argentines to $2,000, according to reports, just days after it loosened restrictions in a move that sent the currency tumbling.

VIDEO: Dow futures spike 150 pts after Turkish central bank raises interest rates
CNBC News - The Turkish central bank raised its overnight lending rate to 12% from 7.75% and the overnight borrowing rate to 8% from 3.5% in a surprisingly strong move to defend the country’s embattled currency.

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?
Economic Collapse - Bankers committing suicide by jumping from the rooftops of their own banks is something that we think of when we think of the Great Depression. Well, it just happened in London, England. A vice president at JP Morgan's European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from the top of the 33rd floor.

VIDEO: Contraception key in climate change fight: Gore and Gates
CNBC News - Former Vice President Al Gore and Microsoft founder Bill Gates said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that contraception is a key in controlling the proliferation of unusual weather they say is endangering the world.... Gore said Africa's population is expected to surpass India's and China's by the mid-21st century and will be more than both combined by the end of the century.

Scientists find DNA of first-ever bubonic plague, warn of new outbreaks
RT - Scientists have reconstructed the genome of the first recorded bubonic plague and compared it to two later pandemics. New sophisticated strains of the disease that killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages could break out in future, they warn.

Libyan, ex-rebel forces clash with Gaddafi remnants
Press TV - The fighting broke out on Tuesday when government reinforcements wanted to dislodge militants from the positions they had occupied in the southern city of Sebha, said al-Ferjani Akila, of the Sebha Operations Center.

GCHQ chief to step down by year’s end following Snowden leaks
RT - The head of GCHQ, Britain's electronic intelligence agency, will step down by year’s end, the Foreign Office said. Officials denied his departure was linked to public outrage over mass surveillance revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Let Banks Fail Is Iceland Mantra as 2% Joblessness in Sight
Bloomberg - Iceland let its banks fail in 2008 because they proved too big to save. Now, the island is finding crisis-management decisions made half a decade ago have put it on a trajectory that’s turned 2 percent unemployment into a realistic goal.

Fukushima ice wall: TEPCO drills freeze wells to stop contaminated groundwater
RT - The work on the wall due to start Wednesday at the Number 2 and Number 3 reactors, Japanese TV station NHK reported. The program to isolate groundwater is to cost some $320 million in construction plus run costs and is scheduled to be complete by March 2015.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

$12 million 'Homeland Security' drone crashes into ocean
Fox News - A Homeland Security Department drone has crashed off the coast of Southern California.... The $12 million surveillance drone was one of 10 that Homeland Security uses to patrol the border with Mexico. It was just one of two Predator B drones equipped with radar specifically designed to be used over the ocean.

Indiana House Committee Approves Anti-Drone Bill by a 6-1 Vote
Activist Post - Introduced by Rep. Eric Allan Koch (R-65), House Bill 1009 (HB1009) “Prohibits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and tracking devices to conduct warrantless searches,” with very limited exceptions.

519 Examples of Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, & Cronyism - Some of the things on this list are major events that should scare the daylights out of any true liberal who cares about civil liberties…

FEMA Preparing For “Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population”
Paul Joseph Watson - The Federal Emergency Management Agency is soliciting companies to provide operational support for a “motor coach evacuation of the general population” of the United States in response to a declared emergency or a natural disaster.

Authorities Want Remote Access To Californians’ Home CCTV Feeds “For The Greater Good”
Steve Watson - A rather Orwellian council proposal in California would see police able to remotely access the feeds from home security cameras in San Jose, for the good of society. The idea, forwarded by City Councilman Sam Liccardo, calls for citizens to volunteer their own CCTV systems, registering them with local law enforcement, so police can monitor whatever the cameras are trained on.

Police State Gets Ready for Super Bowl XLVIII
Kurt Nimmo - Super Bowl XLVIII is a level one national security event declared by the Department of Homeland Security allowing Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 to kick in. The directive means the federal government considers the game to be a possible terrorist target and provides authority for the feds to act as the lead in all security operations in New Jersey and adjacent New York.

Commentary: Pete Seeger (1919-2014): He Changed the World One Song at a Time
The Rutherford Institute - Pete Seeger, the 94-year-old activist-singer-songwriter who tried to change the world with every note he uttered, has died, and we are all the poorer for it.

CNN Poll: 67% Oppose Obama’s Executive Agenda
Paul Joseph Watson A CNN/ORC poll of viewers who watched last night’s State of the Union address found that 67% oppose Barack Obama’s plan to pursue his political agenda via executive orders. During his speech last night, Obama unveiled a raft of executive orders and also promised to enact gun control measures “with or without Congress.”

Krauthammer: ‘When Obama repeated Guantanamo, you knew he’d sort of run out of ideas’
Daily Caller - Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said President Obama’s State of the Union address was full of so many old chestnuts you could call it “The Chestnut Speech,” explaining that, “When he repeated Guantanamo — which is a cause he gave up on himself years ago — you knew he had run out of ideas.”

Obama and the State of the Onion Address
Jon Rappoport - Apparently, the President had ingested some kind of weird drug, because when he stepped to the podium he didn’t look at the teleprompter. He just started talking.

New York Times Suffers Redaction Failure, Exposes Name Of NSA Agent And Targeted Network In Uploaded PDF - It appears as if the New York Times, in its latest publication of leaked NSA documents, failed to properly redact the PDF it uploaded, exposing the name of the NSA agent who composed the presentation as well as the name of a targeted network.

US online education now considered forbidden service for sanctioned countries
RT - A prominent US provider of free, online top university courses – and one that prides itself on taking knowledge to the third world – has now blocked students from Syria, Iran and a few other countries on the grounds that they are under US sanctions.


BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested For Alleged Money Laundering
Liberty Crier - Charles Shrem, who ran a New York-based Bitcoin exchange, was arrested Monday and charged with engaging in a money laundering scheme with a user of Silk Road, the notorious deep web black market.
* Related Video: Government’s War On Bitcoin

Obama Introduces MyRA: The "No Risk, Guaranteed Return" Retirement Savings Bond
Zero Hedge - "Today, most workers don’t have a pension. A Social Security check often isn’t enough on its own. And while the stock market has doubled over the last five years, that doesn’t help folks who don’t have 401ks. That’s why, tomorrow, I will direct the Treasury to create a new way for working Americans to start their own retirement savings: MyRA. It’s a new savings bond that encourages folks to build a nest egg. MyRA guarantees a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in." - Barack Obama

Marc Faber Warns “Insiders Are Selling Like Crazy… Short US Stocks, Buy Treasuries & Gold”
Zero Hedge - Beginning by disavowing Mario Gabelli of any belief that rising stock prices help 'most' people ("Fed data suggests half the US population has seen a 40% drop in wealth since 2007"), Marc Faber discusses his increasingly imminent fears of the markets in this recent Barron's interview.

Energy & Environment

As Drought Continues, Farmers Fear Feds Could Seize Water
CBS News - With no end in sight to California’s drought, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley fear federal officials could seize water in the San Luis Reservoir intended for their crops. The Fresno Bee says dropping reservoir levels across the state are leading to struggles over water set aside via the Central Valley Project, a federally-run network of reservoirs, pumping plants and canals.

YouTube: 1/28/2014 -- Earthquake Overview -- Plate Movement across the US + New Madrid Uranium Facility
dutchsinse - Earthquake unrest currently on the rise. West Pacific showing excessive activity over the past 7 days.. also, movement showing along the edge of the North American Craton... showing at man made pumping operations.. areas such as Southern Colorado (near the New Mexico border), also North Central Texas, and across the state of Oklahoma....


6 Reasons Calorie Counting Is Crazy
Green Med Info - Shifting our focus from calorie quantity to food quality is easier said than done considering the constant barrage of calorie myths we're hit with daily. To help you free yourself from disproved calorie math, here are six of my favorite common sense reasons calorie counting cannot be required for long term health and fitness.

9 Shocking Dangers of Fluoride Exposure - These next 9 shocking facts will make you take a second look at your exposure to fluoride.

Anti-Inflammatory Power: Turmeric Extract Trumps Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Natural Society - studies would suggest, the spice turmeric is one of the most healing foods in existence. From eradicating cancer cells to dulling pain, it has a wide range of health benefits.

Beta-Blockers Killed 800,000 in 5 Years—“Good Medicine” or Mass Murder?
Dr. Mercola - European doctors may have caused as many as 800,000 deaths in five years by following a guideline to use beta-blockers in non-cardiac surgery patients—a guideline based largely on discredited science The discredited researcher, who was fired for scientific misconduct in 2011, was also the chairman of the committee that drafted the European treatment guideline

Himalayan salt can help mineralize and detoxify the body
(NaturalNews) Salt is an essential nutrient that our bodies require for transporting nutrients into and out of our cells, regulating blood pressure, exchanging ions and much more. However, not all salts are equal. Table salt, which has been stripped of all its minerals except sodium and chloride, for instance, will not have the same positive biological impact upon our bodies as pure, unrefined salt that boasts a robust mineral profile.

The Easy 3 Day Detox
Prevent Disease - While we luckily have organs of detoxification that are meant for removing these harmful substances from our bodies, they can only do so much! They need help and you can give it to them!

7 Ways the FDA is Failing to Protect: Who Needs the FDA?
Natural Society - Some cynically refer to the FDA as the Fraud and Death Administration. Harsh, but many see that name as an accurate description. Here is why.

What your gray hair may be telling you
(NaturalNews) According to [Traditional Chinese Medicine] TCM, the quality of blood and the health of the kidneys are reflected in the strength, color and condition of hair. Foods that fortify the blood and kidneys include chlorophyll, blackstrap molasses, black sesame seeds, hijiki seaweed, nettles and, Ann Wigmore's favorite, wheatgrass. TCM recommends the avoidance of excessive dairy, meat and salt.

Science & Technology

Pentagon Wants to Develop Electronics That Can Vaporize - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded BAE Systems Advanced Technologies a $4.5 million contract last week to develop battlefield electronic systems “capable of physically disappearing in a controlled, triggerable manner.”

If You Used This Secure Webmail Site, the FBI Has Your Inbox
Wired - While investigating a hosting company known for sheltering child porn last year the FBI incidentally seized the entire e-mail database of a popular anonymous webmail service called TorMail. Now the FBI is tapping that vast trove of e-mail in unrelated investigations.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Revolutionary “Cottage Food” Law Proposed in Virginia
Natural Blaze - A proposed cottage-food law in Virginia attempts to go farther than any cottage-food law has gone before. If passed, it would exempt virtually all homemade – or small-farm-made – foods from regulation, provided the foods are sold directly from producer to consumer, in face-to-face transactions.

Farmers in Cantaloupe Outbreak Sentenced to Probation, House Arrest, Fines
Food Safety News - A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced the two owners of the cantaloupe farm tied to a deadly Listeria outbreak in 2011 to five years probation, six months home detention, and $150,000 each in restitution fees to victims.

Farmer Reports: GMOs Causing Deformities, Birth Defects in Piglets
Natural Society - One Danish farmer's piglets were born with spinal deformities, visible growths and abnormalities, and even conjoined twins. He blames glyphosate and GMOs.

Pet News

Before You Tidy Up After Your Pet, Consider This New Discovery
Dr. Becker - Recently, a study conducted at the University of Michigan has shed more light on the question of why pet ownership can provide children with well-functioning immune systems. The answer lies in, of all things, dog dust.

Tuesday - January 28, 2014: - Today In History:
1788 - The first British penal settlement was founded at Botany Bay.
1871 - France surrendered in the Franco-Prussian War.
1878 - "The Yale News" was published for the first time. It was the first, daily, collegiate newspaper in the U.S.
1902 - The Carnegie Institution was established in Washington, DC. It began with a gift of $10 million from Andrew Carnegie.
1909 - The United States ended direct control over Cuba.
1915 - The Coast Guard was created by an act of the U.S. Congress to fight contraband trade and aid distressed vessels at sea.
1935 - Iceland became the first country to introduce legalized abortion.
1938 - The first ski tow started operation in Vermont.
1945 - During World War II, Allied supplies began reaching China over the newly reopened Burma Road.
1958 - Construction began on first private thorium-uranium nuclear reactor.
1973 - A cease-fire officially went into effect in the Vietnam War.
1980 - Six Americans who had fled the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, on November 4, 1979, left Iran using false Canadian diplomatic passports. The Americans had been hidden at the Canadian embassy in Tehran.
1982 - Italian anti-terrorism forces rescued U.S. Brigadier General James L. Dozier. 42 days before he had been kidnapped by the Red Brigades.
1986 - The U.S. space shuttle Challenger exploded just after takeoff. All seven of its crewmembers were killed.
1994 - In Los Angeles, Superior Court Judge Stanley Weisberg declared a mistrial in the case of Lyle Menendez in the murder of his parents. Lyle, and his brother Erik, were both retried later and were found guilty. They were sentenced to life in prison without parole.
1999 - Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, honoring a personal request for mercy from Pope John Paul II, spared a triple murderer from execution.
2003 - President George W. Bush said in his State of the Union address that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had sought uranium from Africa. (The claim was later disputed by former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had been asked by the CIA to investigate.)
2009 - In a swift victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House approved a $819 billion stimulus bill.
2010 - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke won Senate confirmation for a second term.

World News

CFR Calls On Obama to ‘Befriend ‘ Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group
Paul Joseph Watson - The Council on Foreign Relations, a highly influential Washington DC think tank, has called on the Obama administration to ‘befriend’ a terrorist group in Syria which has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and whose leader helped plan the 9/11 attacks.

Pilots forced to transport tens of thousands of illegal Muslims to US - State Rep. and Retired Commercial Pilot Both Acknowledge Pilots Being Forced to Transport Tens of Thousands of Illegal Muslims into the United States. "They taxied right past immigration and those people [the passengers] were literally lead off and escorted off the airplane and they would give them thousands of dollars in their pockets.”

Thailand: Regime Assassinates Protest Leader on Eve of Sham Elections
(ATN) Regime gunmen assassinated celebrated NGO worker, activist, and protest core leader Sutin Taratin Sunday, during a brazen broad-daylight drive by shooting amid a melee between protesters and armed "red shirt" regime enforcers. Protests were held across the country at polling stations in opposition to advance voting. Forty-five out of fifty polling stations were closed in Bangkok alone.

Israel Wants A United Nations of Cyberspace
Kurt Nimmo - During the CyberTech 2014 conference held in Israel on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed establishing “a kind of UN of the Internet” led by the government of Israel.

Germany's Bundesbank calls for capital levy to avert government bankruptcies
(Reuters) - Germany's Bundesbank said on Monday that countries about to go bankrupt should draw on the private wealth of their citizens through a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help.

Ukraine borrows $2 billion from Moscow, signals bailout on track
(Reuters) - Ukraine is borrowing another $2 billion from Russia on the same terms as a $3 billion Eurobond sold in December, in a sign that Moscow is pushing on with a $15 billion bailout despite concern about violence at anti-government protests in Kiev.

Gates Foundation/CFR Propaganda Against 'Anti-Vaccine' Movement Backfires
Green Med Info - The war against so-called 'vaccine preventable' diseases has a new frontier: the internet, and most recently The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has entered the fray with the publication of an interactive map that it claims "visually plots global outbreaks of measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, rubella, and other diseases that are easily preventable by inexpensive and effective vaccines."

Dead Sea Life Covers 98% of Ocean Floor After Fukushima
Natural Society - Sea life in the Pacific Ocean is dying off at an alarming rate, and the peak of all this death and destruction coincides with a certain nuclear disaster that ironically occurred on the Pacific coast of Japan. Still, scientists analyzing what’s referred to as “sea snot” point their finger at global warming, refusing to even mention the radiation from Fukushima.

VIDEO: Edward Snowden’s First Television Interview (ARD/Germany)
LeakSource - Edward Snowden chose Germany’s ARD to make his first television interview since he blew the whistle on NSA’s global dragnet and illegal surveillance. The 30-minute interview was made in strict secrecy in an unspecified location in Russia, where Snowden is currently living under temporary asylum. Transcript

CBS: Tepco says fuel removal even worse than Gundersen’s analogy
ENENews - CBS: Ono told us they have removed 15 percent of the fuel from Reactor 4. But it will be far more difficult to retrieve fuel from three reactors that melted down. Those are so radioactive that the technology to dismantle them does not exist yet.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

DOJ Says Company That Vetted Snowden Faked 665,000 Background Checks - When we last checked in on USIS, the contracting firm which large parts of the federal government and the intelligence community used to conduct background checks on employees (including Ed Snowden), we noted that it had been caught falsifying reports and claiming to have interviewed dead people.

N.Y.’s Data Collection Program Tracks Students From Preschool to Career
Kit Daniels - Developed by the New York State Education Department, funded by the federal government and promoted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the P-20 data collection program allows government entities to share and access records for every student in the state with the overall goal of monitoring individuals from childhood to death.

Sen. Schumer seeks $10 million to buy GPS devices to track autistic children - The federal government would pay for GPS tracking devices for autistic children under legislation proposed Sunday by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and named for a New York City boy who wandered away from his school three months ago and was found dead in a city river.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Every Week Should Be School Choice Week
Ron Paul - National School Choice week takes place from January 26 to February 1, and during this week education freedom activists around the country will be participating in events highlighting the need for parental control of education....

Secret Audit Of Baltimore's Speed Cams Says Up To 70,000 Tickets Were Issued In Error In 2012 Alone - Consultant URS Corp. evaluated the camera system as run by Xerox State and Local Solutions in 2012 and found an error rate of more than 10 percent — 40 times higher than city officials have claimed. The city got those findings last April but never disclosed the high error rate, refusing calls by members of the City Council to release the audit.

Christian Singer Walks Out on Grammys After ‘Satanic’ Performances
Paul Joseph Watson - Popular Christian gospel singer Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammys after witnessing a series of performances that even the mainstream entertainment media admitted were occult in nature.

Can ‘Operation American Spring’ Avoid Being Co-opted?
21st Century Wire - For those who aren’t yet aware, ‘Operation American Spring‘ is shaping up as a promising non-violent peaceful protest, looking to sweep across the country this coming May 16th, including a coordinated effort to converge on the nation’s capital.

Oklahoma’s ‘Piers Morgan’ act would restore 2nd Amendment Rights
Ben Swann - According to Fox 25, a State Senator has filed legislation that he says would ‘reaffirm Oklahomans’ Second Amendment rights’ by not requiring law-abiding citizens to obtain a gun license.... The bill is named after Piers Morgan, one of the most vocal gun rights opponents on cable news. Morgan responded to the bill tweeting, “UNBELIEVABLE.”

3rd Grade Government Homework: 'Good Citizens Do Not Argue'
BlackListed News - Heather Callaghan brings us a great example of how the education system portrays "good citizens" as being unquestioning obedient taxpayers.


Are We On The Verge Of A Massive Emerging Markets Currency Collapse?
Economic Collapse - This time, the Federal Reserve has created a truly global problem. A big chunk of the trillions of dollars that it pumped into the financial system over the past several years has flowed into emerging markets.

Is a Major Gold Scandal Going Mainstream?
Washington's Blog - Allegation that Central Banks Have Rehypothecated, Leased or Outright Sold the Gold They Claim to Have Is Gaining Momentum. We noted in 2012 that there are serious questions as to whether the Fed and other central banks really have the gold holdings which they claim. This story is starting to go mainstream.

Poll: Less Government Good for Economy
Kurt Nimmo - The results of a Rasmussen Reports poll released today reveals that most Americans think government involvement in the economy increases income inequality. When “asked which would do more to close the income gap in America, 59% choose less government involvement in the economy over more government action.

Obama to Call for Business Tax Hike in SOTU Speech - In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, President Obama will propose a net tax increase on American employers. Dusting off a “corporate tax reform” plan from his 2012 campaign, the President will propose raising taxes on all employers while cutting rates for only the largest companies.

Veteran News

Town Wants To Seize WWII Veteran’s Store … To Build A Store
Off the Grid News - A village government on Long Island is using damage caused by Hurricane Sandy as a pretext for a flagrant assault on private property rights. The Whitney family is alleging that the Village of Saltaire, New York, has prevented them from rebuilding their grocery store and is now trying to use eminent domain to seize their property. The village allegedly wants to build its own market on the site.

Army develops ‘Combat Gum’ to fight soldiers’ cavities in field - Deployed? Don’t worry about the missed dentist appointment. The Army has discovered – and over the course of seven years, fine-tuned — a gum that helps the soldier in the field fight plaque, cut cavities and clean teeth.

Energy & Environment

How Many Will Die in the New Madrid Earthquake?
Holly Deyo - Hough and USGS geophysicist Morgan Page in Pasadena, Calif., analyzed past quakes in the New Madrid region and used computer modeling to determine that the continuing tremors are not related to the big quakes two centuries ago. " 'Our new results tell us that something is going on there, and therefore a repeat of the 1811-1812 sequence is possible, Hough said.' " Related: Midwest Earthquake Risk Still Looms

Federal judge excuses Shell's pollution of Illinois town with chemical benzene
(NaturalNews) Roxana, a village of 1,550 people in southern Illinois, now sits on many acres of benzene-contaminated soil, including toxic groundwater that contains benzene levels 26,000 times greater than allowed by state law. Thanks to multiple chemical spills from a Shell refinery in the last two decades, this area contains levels of benzene hazardous to human health.


Vaccine Court Settlements Mostly for Flu Vaccines Damage
Natural Blaze - Something Big Pharma and vaccine apologists probably don’t want the public knowing is what has been divulged in a report from the U.S. Department of Justice dated December 5, 2013 available here: Adjudicated Settlements Reporting Period 8/16/13 – 11/15/13 made by what’s known as the U.S. “Vaccine Court.”

The Ultimate Killing Machine - GMOs
Natural Blaze - It looks the same — the bread, pies, sodas, even corn on the cob. So much of what we eat every day looks just like it did 20 years ago. But something profoundly different has happened without our knowledge or consent. And according to leading doctors, what we don’t know is already hurting us big time.

Whether Labeled Organic, Non-GMO or Conventional, Here Are 12 Reasons To Avoid Any Kind of Soy
Prevent Disease - Soy has become a major source of toxicity for human beings, especially in the last three decades. Not only is more than 99% of soy genetically modified, but sources labeled organic or non-GMO are often exposed to the same problems as conventional soy.

Coconut flour: A nutritious, gluten-free substitute to processed flour
(NaturalNews) Coconut flour is a flour made from coconut solids that have been ground into a very fine powder. It has a mild coconut scent and flavor, which makes it suitable for flour-based recipes that don't have other strongly-flavored ingredients such as cocoa powder or spices. It is also quite light and airy, making it especially suitable for baked goods like muffins, pancakes and cakes.

Lemon: The quintessential cancer destroyer and all-around health tonic
(NaturalNews) Jammed packed with nutrients, this upbeat fruit is a cost-effective way to trim down, detoxify and boost vitality. Lemons also conceal a little known health secret - that is, by enjoying the entire fruit (juice, rind, pith and seeds), we can strongly discourage cancer, bone loss, hypertension and more.

Fish oil found to cure brain-damaged kids
(NaturalNews)Its proven power to accelerate brain recovery in kids after serious accidents has made it many people's favorite. Most people are embracing its use with the hope that its properties can help overcome some of the health problems that have been facing them. The oil does more than just helping children recover from serious brain problems. Alzheimer's, psychosis, brain damage and many other health issues can be cured by the oil.

Egyptian GM maize study shows toxic effects after just 91 days
(NaturalNews) A new study by Egyptian researchers has found that Bt corn is not substantially equal to non-genetically modified parent corn and is actually toxic to rats after barely three months.

Science & Technology

NSA and GCHQ target 'leaky' phone apps like Angry Birds to scoop user data
The Guardian - The National Security Agency and its UK counterpart GCHQ have been developing capabilities to take advantage of "leaky" smartphone apps, such as the wildly popular Angry Birds game, that transmit users' private information across the internet, according to top secret documents.

More Gov’t Data Mining: EPA to Track Keywords About the Flu on Twitter
Activist Post - A new solicitation on the government’s Federal Business Opportunities website involves a five-year Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study trolling Twitter with algorithms for keywords about the stomach flu.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Common Crop Pesticides Kill Honeybee Larvae in the Hive
Activist Post - Four pesticides commonly used on crops to kill insects and fungi also kill honeybee larvae within their hives, according to Penn State and University of Florida researchers. The team also found that N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) -- an inert, or inactive, chemical commonly used as a pesticide additive -- is highly toxic to honeybee larvae.

A Ban On Owning Farm Animals? Michigan Is Considering It
Off the Grid News - Keeping even one “farm animal” in residential neighborhoods could soon be illegal in Michigan. That’s because a proposed change to state regulations could strip property owners of the right to keep and raise small numbers of poultry or livestock.


Why That Bug-Out Bag Alone Won’t Save You In A Crisis
Off the Grid News - The big question to go with your bug-out bag is: Where are you going? Leaving home to escape a disaster is a serious decision. Unless you think it through and have a fully integrated plan, you’re likely to end up being just one more person stuck in a FEMA camp. I don’t know about you; but that’s not something I want for myself and my family.

Monday - January 27, 2014: - Today In History:
1870 - Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women’s sorority, was founded at Indiana Asbury University (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, IN.
1880 - Thomas Edison patented the electric incandescent lamp.
1888 - The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, DC.
1926 - John Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated a pictorial transmission machine called television.
1927 - United Independent Broadcasters Inc. started a radio network with contracts with 16 stations. The company later became Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).
1943 - During World War II, the first all American air raid against Germany took place when about 50 bombers attacked Wilhlemshaven.
1944 - The Soviet Union announced that the two year German siege of Leningrad had come to an end.
1945 - Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland.
1951 - In the U.S., atomic testing in the Nevada desert began as an Air Force plane dropped a one-kiloton bomb on Frenchman Flats.
1967 - At Cape Kennedy, FL, astronauts Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee died in a flash fire during a test aboard their Apollo I spacecraft.
1973 - The Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris.
1977 - The Vatican reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's ban on female priests.
1981 - U.S. President Reagan greeted the 52 former American hostages released by Iran at the White House.
1997 - It was revealed that French national museums were holding nearly 2,000 works of art stolen from Jews by the Nazis during World War II.
1998 - U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on NBC's "Today" show. She charged that the allegations against her husband were the work of a "vast right-wing conspiracy."
1999 - The U.S. Senate blocked dismissal of the impeachment case against President Clinton and voted for new testimony from Monica Lewinsky and two other witnesses.
2010 - Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad.

World News

Syrian militants set conditions for Homs deal
Press TV - Foreign-sponsored militants in Syria have set conditions for the implementation of a new deal reached at the Geneva 2 conference, under which the government has agreed to let women and children leave besieged districts of the city of Homs.

Kiev protesters seize Justice Ministry building after day of calm
RT - Protesters in Kiev seized the Justice Ministry building near Independence Square on Sunday, following a day of calm. It comes one day after rioters seiged a convention center in the capital where police were stationed.

Fears of soaring tensions as police clash with protesters in Bahrain
RT - Unrest has gripped the Persian Gulf kingdom - which hosts the US Navy's Fifth Fleet and participates in US-led military coalitions - since February 2011, when an Arab Spring-inspired uprising launched by the Shiite majority demanded reforms.

Report: Entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle executed in N. Korea
RT - All blood relatives of North Korea’s erstwhile number two, who was executed a month ago, have apparently suffered the same fate, says the S. Korean Yonhap news agency.

HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals
BBC - Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it, the BBC has learnt.

China Halts Bank Cash Transfers
Forbes - The People’s Bank of China Bank of China, the central bank, has just ordered commercial banks to halt cash transfers.... The specific reason given—“system maintenance” at the central bank—is preposterous.... A better explanation is that the country’s banking system is running dry.

Russia, UK to sign arms agreement in spring - report
RT - After years of discord, London and Moscow are restoring military cooperation and may even begin a bilateral arms trade later this year. The deal enabling British and Russian arms industries to work together on ‘unclassified’ issues is already drafted.

YouTube: Snowden New Interview U S Spying Mainly On Friendly Foreign Companies
ABC News - NSA spying intel is used mostly not on terrorists but anywhere there is big money not controlled by US banks such as Goldman Sachs. CFR NSA cabal bank Goldman Sachs is responsible for bankrupting the banks and economic institutions in Greece, Portugal and Spain. They have gained economic control of Hyundai in South Korea and drained the company of it hard earned profits.... Related article: NSA is after industrial spying

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Prolonged cold blast worsens propane shortage across Midwest - America’s chronic cold is creating a significant propane shortage across the Midwest — leading Wisconsin to become the latest state to declare an energy emergency in advance of more arctic air blasting eastward this week. Freezing temperatures, snowfall and delayed flights are just some of what an arctic air mass has brought the country. Some 14 million Americans who rely on that type of fuel have been shelling out more and more to heat their homes while the strong demand has outpaced the already-low inventories, energy officials say.

281 Passengers Ill Aboard Royal Caribbean Ship
ABC News - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 281 passengers have fallen ill aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
The CDC said in a statement Friday that another 22 crew members also are ill, with people reporting vomiting and diarrhea. Authorities said it's not yet clear what is causing the illness. The CDC said health officials will board the ship on Sunday while it's docked in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Authorities said specimens are being collected and will be tested.

55th Wing Command Chief is Relieved of Duty - The 55th Wing Command Chief at Offutt Air Force, Nebraska, was relieved of duty Monday, but Air Force officials said privacy requirements prevented them from divulging why. Chief Master Sgt. William W. Thomaston Jr. was transferred to a non-supervisory position outside the wing after 55th Wing commander Col. Gregory Guillot determined he was no longer able to effectively perform his duties, said Ryan Hansen, an Air Force spokesman at Offutt.

Five Years Of Obama Death Drones Has Snuffed Out 2400 Lives
Steve Watson - Eight times more strikes, six times more deaths than under Bush.... The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London, a staunch critic of the semi-secret drone program, has compiled a report to mark the milestone.

South Carolina House Votes to Restrict Drones, 100-0
Activist Post - Introduced in early 2013 by Reps. Hamilton, Delleney, Taylor, Putnam and Loftis, House bill 3514 (H3514) would prohibit the operation of drones by an agency of the state unless it is “pursuant to a criminal warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.”

N.Y. mayor at closed AIPAC gala: Part of my job is to defend Israel - Mayor Bill de Blasio says 'there is no greater ally on earth' than Israel, in speech to Israel lobby that did not appear on public schedule.

Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’
CNS News - Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”

Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns
Washington Post - They will look like two giant white blimps floating high above I-95 in Maryland, perhaps en route to a football game somewhere along the bustling Eastern Seaboard. But their mission will have nothing to do with sports and everything to do with war.

Utah Is Ending Homelessness by Giving People Homes
Nation of Change - Earlier this month, Hawaii State representative Tom Bower (D) began walking the streets of his Waikiki district with a sledgehammer, and smashing shopping carts used by homeless people. “Disgusted” by the city’s chronic homelessness problem, Bower decided to take matters into his own hands — literally. He also took to rousing homeless people if he saw them sleeping at bus stops during the day.

Dallas City Council Expands Ban On First Amendment
Kit Daniels - The Dallas, Texas City Council recently expanded an existing ordinance which bans anyone carrying a sign within 75 feet of a freeway to also prohibit anyone from peacefully assembling on or near service roads, bridges and overpasses, including individuals not holding signs and those the city considers to be dressed provocatively.

All Day School? Chris Christie Weighs in on Schools Serving Kids Dinner
Daily Sheeple - Christie wants to establish an after-school dinner program, starting with six inner-city schools. The New Jersey Education Association showed support, but noted that about a third of New Jersey’s school districts have already “negotiated longer days and/or years.” Talk about total indoctrination, total control.

Coca-Cola: Stolen laptops had personal information of 74,000
WSJ - Coca-Cola Co. said on Friday that personal information on as many as 74,000 employees, contractors and suppliers were on laptops that it said were temporarily stolen from its Atlanta headquarters.

Ohio Police Department Using Fake Drug Checkpoints
El Paso Times - Police in the city of 19,000 recently posted large yellow signs along Interstate 271 that warned drivers that there was a drug checkpoint ahead, to be prepared to stop and that there was a drug-sniffing police dog in use. There was no such checkpoint, just police officers waiting to see if any drivers would react suspiciously after seeing the signs.


Federal Government Forcing Employees 401K Funds Into Treasuries? - If the official 2012 year end notification an SD reader received from the TSP is any indication, it appears that our prediction of forced movement of 401k, IRA, private & public pension funds into US Treasury bonds may be closer than ever.

Record One-Day Withdrawal of Gold From JP Morgan Drains 22% of Inventories! - In a surprising change from its inventory build over the past few months, JP Morgan had the largest one-day withdrawal of gold ever Friday. JP Morgan had 321,500 (exactly 10 metric tons) withdrawn from its Eligible category.

NY Federal Reserve Study: Unemployment Benefits Weaken Economy - The latest legislation, a 10-month extension with budget offsets, was held up in the Senate on Thursday after Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) blocked Republicans from offering amendments.

Energy & Environment

University of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick
Washington’s Blog - American sailors on the USS Reagan got really sick after having snowball fights with radioactive snow blowing off of the coasts of Fukushima. University of Alaska professors Doug Dasher, John Kelley, Gay Sheffield, and Raphaela Stimmelmayr theorize that radioactive snow might have also caused Alaska’s seals to become sick.

500% Radiation Increase of ‘No Concern’: Experts to Unveil Radiation Levels in CA from Fukushima Fallout
Natural Society - An Assembly member from California wants more transparency for citizens concerning the Fukushima fallout hitting their shores. Bob Wieckowski is asking for the Department of Public Health to post updated information about the true radiation levels on California coastlines, requesting that they be put in ‘layman’s’ terms to mitigate any concerns about the true radiation exposure that many citizens and the marine animals are being exposed to.

Next Polar Plunge Could Be Winter's Coldest - The next blast of brutal cold will grip most of the eastern two-thirds of the United States early this week and could yield the lowest temperatures so far this winter in many communities.

Scientists predict radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima to reach North American coast soon
(NaturalNews) Fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in northern Japan in March 2011 continues to mount, as scientists now estimate that radioactive materials from the contaminated site are likely to reach North American shores later this year.


15 Plants and Herbs That Help Lungs, Heal Respiratory Infections, Repair Pulmonary Damage
Natural Blaze - If you are resorting to conventional medicine to address these infections with antibiotics, you are not only adding to the problems associated with antibiotic resistance, but you're also doing little to address the healing mechanisms within your body to address the cause.

Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells
Natural Society - New research from Canada show that Bt toxins in GMO crops are showing up in pregnant women, and low and behold – they are killing human embryo cells.

Post follows suit and launches GMO-free Grape-Nuts
(NaturalNews) First Cheerios, now Grape-Nuts - shopping just got easier for the GMO-free consumer as Post rolls out its revamped version of the popular Original Grape-Nuts cereal, which unlike Cheerios, will carry the Non-GMO verification seal.

Exposure to heavy metal tungsten increases chances of stroke
NaturalNews) A popular metal used in mobile phones, wedding rings, light bulbs, computers and various other consumer products has been linked in a new study to increasing the risk of stroke.

Apple cider vinegar for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
STEPin2 - ACV is considered to be a potent remedy for illnesses and overall health. This apple cider vinegar remedy is very simple and will help kill the bacteria that causes UTI’s.

Herbal Remedies Superior to Antibiotics for Ear Infections
Natural Society - Research found that herbal drops of essential oils of lavender, geranium, and cloves was as effective as conventional treatments for ear infections.

Uses of colloidal silver
STEPin2 - As antibiotics have begun to receive a bad reputation, supplements like colloidal silver have started gaining popularity once again. In addition to its antimicrobial properties, colloidal silver may provide antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, making it a great remedy for man conditions.

Idiocracy? The White House’s ‘Healthy’ Diet Plan for Kids, Brought to You by Subway
Daily Sheeple - If you need any more proof that our government is essentially a fascist vehicle for corporate interests, please look no further than Michelle Obama partnering with the nation’s second largest fast food chain Subway in a $41 million marketing scheme to support Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign — a movement supposedly designed to help eradicate childhood obesity.

Numerous studies validate chlorella's 'superfood' status
(NaturalNews) First and foremost, chlorella is densely packed with large concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Spectral analysis provided by Self's "NutritionData" shows that a 28 gram (1 ounce) serving of dried chlorella contains 202 percent of our recommended daily intake (RDI) of iron, 287 percent of our RDI of vitamin A, 133 percent of our RDI of zinc, 33 percent of our RDI of protein and large quantities of B vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus.

Curcumin protects against neurodegenerative effects of lead poisoning
(NaturalNews) A new study has found that the compound curcumin can reduce memory deficits caused by a higher lead content in the body.

Research shows that sugar could impair immunity by 50%
(NaturalNews) Studies previously published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Dental Survey revealed that consuming 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of carbohydrates, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, pasteurized orange juice and honey, inhibited the ability of white blood cells to engulf and destroy harmful microorganisms and particles which were foreign to the body.

Science & Technology

Mark of the Beast for your feast? Microchipped food texts you when it spoils
(NaturalNews) Technology continues to improve our lives, but as we've often reported here at Natural News, technology - the Technology Age, for lack of a better term - is also a double-edged sword.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Michigan farmer faces $700,000 in fines for raising “wrong” breed of pigs - After 2 long years, countless threats, and harassment, Baker is finally scheduled to have his day in court. The trial is set for March 11-14, 2014. This trial is an opportunity for people to support a peaceful farmer from the intrusion of feral pigs who work for the DNR. “If I don’t fight this, then everyone’s freedom is at risk,” said Baker.

Pet News

Your cat thinks you are a big, lazy mama cat
(NaturalNews) A new book by a prominent feline researcher who has been studying cats for over 30 years reveals what many of us have suspected about the true nature of cats: that they view us humans as oversized, lazy mama cats and, perhaps not surprisingly, generally view humans as something other than companions.

Ozone Therapy: May Help Kill Cancer Cells and Prolong Your Pet's Life
Dr. Becker - Ozone therapy adds oxygen to tissue, which promotes microcirculation. Bringing more oxygen into the body, especially into areas that are inflamed, alleviates that inflammation. The therapy can also reduce cancer cells, because cancer doesn’t like oxygen and doesn’t thrive in an oxygenated environment.

Friday - January 24, 2014: - Today In History:
1848 - James W. Marshall discovered a gold nugget at Sutter's Mill in northern California. The discovery led to the gold rush of '49.
1924 - The Russian city of St. Petersburg was renamed Leningrad. The name has since been changed back to St. Petersburg.
1935 - Krueger Brewing Company placed the first canned beer on sale in Richmond, VA.
1943 - U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill concluded a wartime conference in Casablanca, Morocco.
1952 - Vincent Massey was the first Canadian to be appointed governor-general of Canada.
1965 - Winston Churchill died at the age of 90.
1972 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws that denied welfare benefits to people who had resided in a state for less than a year.
1978 - A nuclear-powered Soviet satellite plunged through Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated. The radioactive debris was scattered over parts of Canada's Northwest Territory.
1980 - The United States announced intentions to sell arms to China.
1985 - Penny Harrington became the 1st woman police chief in a major city, Portland, Oregon.
1986 - The Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus. The probe came within 50,679 miles of the seventh planet of the solar system.
1989 - Ted Bundy, the confessed serial killer, was put to death in Florida's electric chair for the 1978 kidnap-murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach.
1990 - Japan launched the first probe to be sent to the Moon since 1976. A small satellite was placed in lunar orbit.
1995 - The prosecution gave its opening statement at the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
2000 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Missouri law that limited the contributions that individuals could donate to a candidate during a single election.
2002 - The U.S. Congress began a hearing on the collapse of Enron Corp.
2002 - John Walker Lindh appeared in court for the first time concerning the charges that he conspired to kill Americans abroad and aided terrorist groups. Lindh had been taken into custody by U.S. Marines in Afghanistan.
2003 - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security began operations under Tom Ridge.
2004 - NASA's Opportunity rover landed on Mars three weeks after its identical twin, Spirit.
2008 - French bank Societe Generale announced it had uncovered a $7.14 billion fraud by a single futures trader.
2011 - Jared Lee Loughner pleaded not guilty in Phoenix to federal charges he'd tried to kill U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and two of her aides in a Tucson shooting rampage that had claimed six lives.

World News

China owes US One Trillion? - You probably haven’t heard about the fact that China owes billions to US — or the fact that they have refused to pay what they owe. Many decades ago, China sold sovereign bonds worldwide to investors in many nations. They sold tens of thousands of these bonds on U.S. soil to American citizens on the recommendation of our government, indicating it was a solid investment. Over the last sixty years, China has refused to pay to these bondholders either the principal or interest on these full faith and credit sovereign bonds.

This Is How Governments Abuse Privacy To Squash Dissent
Motherboard - Ukraine's protests, now under cellphone surveillance. “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” That's a text message that thousands of Ukrainian protesters spontaneously received on their cell phones today, as a new law prohibiting public demonstrations went into effect.

Is The China Bank Run Beginning? Farmers Co-Op Unable To Pay Depositors
Zero Hedge - As China's CNR reports, depositors in some of Yancheng City's largest farmers' co-operative mutual fund societies ("banks") have been unable to withdraw "hundreds of millions" in deposits in the last few weeks. "Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save," warned one 'salesperson', "and loan repayments are difficult to recover." There is "no money" and the doors are locked.

20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown
Economic Collapse - We are not at a "global crisis" stage yet, but things are getting worse with each passing day. For a while, I have felt that 2014 would turn out to be a major "turning point" for the global economy, and so far that is exactly what it is turning out to be. The following are 20 early warning signs that we are rapidly approaching a global economic meltdown...

Snowden Q&A: Indiscriminate mass surveillance is the biggest problem we face
RT - For only the second time since he revealed himself to be the source of leaked top-secret documents last June, former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden answered questions from the public at large on Thursday. Related: Transcript from Q & A with Edward Snowden

Promising the muon: Scientists to map Fukushima nuclear hotspots with cosmic radiation
RT - Japanese scientists say they have successfully completed a pilot program that allows them to use cosmic rays to determine the location of nuclear fuel inside the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

Canadians buying potassium iodide in bulk over fears of Fukushima radiation
RT - Health officials in the coastal Canadian province of British Columbia are cautioning residents not to try and qualm fears of radioactive contamination by ingesting mass quantities of potassium iodide.

Syrian opposition refuses to meet govt face-to-face at Geneva 2 talks
RT - The Syrian opposition involved in the Geneva 2 peace talks said a face-to-face meeting with President Bashar Assad’s representatives is unlikely to happen. Formal discussions on how to alleviate the ferocious civil war are set to begin on Friday.

Syrian Electronic Army hacks CNN accounts amid Geneva 2 talks
RT - Hackers claiming to be from the Syrian Electronic Army broke into CNN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and one of the news channel’s blogs on Thursday. The hacks occurred amid the Geneva 2 peace talks between government and opposition representatives.

The World Economic Forum gets hijacked by climate alarmism - Once upon a time, the meetings of the World Economic Forum in Davos were gatherings of free-market economists and entrepreneurs. Not any more. Predatory corporatism and pietistic étatisme have moved in and captured the Davos event.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Army Continues Cover-Up of Secret Experimentation 65 Years Later
Adan Salazar - The D.O.D. and U.S. Army are attempting to delay a court order that would force them to provide certain notice to Vietnam veterans disclosing the extent to which they had secretly been used as test subjects for experimentation during the Cold War.

Arizona Bill to Thwart NSA Spying Officially Introduced
Activist Post - After being the first legislator in the country to announce an intent to do so last fall, Ward along with nine sponsors introduced the Fourth Amendment Protection Act on Wednesday. SB1156 also garnered four co-sponsors, including senate President Andy Biggs.

Airport Style Security Coming To Major League Ballparks By 2015
The Daily Heap - Major League Baseball announced a new mandate Tuesday requiring all 30 teams in the league to implement airport style security screenings for fans entering any MLB ballpark by 2015.

Smith & Wesson to halt California sales over microstamping - Smith & Wesson announced late Wednesday that they will no longer market new semi-automatic pistols in California due to the state’s microstamping law.

Pat Down on Handcuffed Teen Ends In Ruptured Testicle
Activist Post - This article contains graphic content... Darrin Manning, age 16, was walking with teammates to an after-school basketball game in Philadelphia on January 7th when he was stopped by police officers. "I didn't deserve to be wrongly stopped. They didn't - they didn't tell me what I did," he said. While handcuffed, Manning says a female officer assaulted him.

Shareholder Resolution Wants Monsanto to Disclose Financial Risks from GMOs
Activist Post - A resolution re-filed by Harrington Investments, Inc (HII) asked Monsanto’s Board of Directors to prepare a report assessing the actual and potential financial risks posed to their shareholders by GMO operations. Everything from the cost of anti-GMO labeling campaigns to the devastating fallout from revelations of crop contamination hitting farmers across the globe and legal spending to aggressively pur"sue" small farmers for patent infringement.

Air Force to review nuclear policies on the heels of multiple corruption scandals
RT - US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered an independent, full-scale review of the American nuclear force and assembled top military brass to discuss potential consequences. The move is in response to multiple scandals involving nuclear officials.

New Hampshire Rejects Right-to-Know GMO Labeling Bill
Blacklisted News - A bill that would have required the labeling of all GMO food on store shelves in New Hampshire died in the state's House of Representatives.

This is Why MSNBC Has Lost Half its Audience
Paul Joseph Watson - A viral video clip which shows an MSNBC host interrupting a Congressman talking about shutting down NSA spying to switch to “breaking news” of Justin Bieber’s court appearance is a perfect illustration of why the mainstream media is dying.

Gun owners beware: DC man faces jail for having empty shotgun shell
Blacklisted News - A successful Washington, D.C. businessman with a spotless criminal record is preparing to go to trial for possessing a single, misfired and inoperable shotgun shell in his own home.

Election News

Planet Hillary? More Like the Death Star
Kurt Nimmo - The twittersphere is burbling with the New York Times’ latest shameless effort to get the Iron Maiden elected come 2016. The bizarre cover, strangely reminiscent of George Méliès’s Le Voyage dans la lune, posits a “possible” presidential bid by the former Secretary of State.


Improper Ag Dept. payments top $6 billion despite efforts to curb them
McClatchy - The Department of Agriculture reported more than $6 billion in improper payments last year, seeing its overall error rate tick up during a time the Obama administration was aggressively seeking to lower such mistakes, according to a recently released audit.

Hacked CNN Reports "China Dumps A
Zero Hedge - It's one thing for the Comedy News Network formerly known as CNN to announce the opposite verdict on Obamacare as breaking news or that the TV studio formerly known as the NYSE is under 3 feet of water (based on what it saw on Twitter). It's something else entirely for it to report that China has declared semi-hot war on the US (unless of course CNN is merely reporting tomorrow's news today).

Frigid temperatures heat up home utility bills
USA Today - Revised EIA estimates from earlier this month peg some home heating bills rising as much as 23.5% in the Midwest. But even those estimates may be too low.

Hacked CNN Reports "China Dumps All US Bonds"
Zero Hedge - It's one thing for the Comedy News Network formerly known as CNN to announce the opposite verdict on Obamacare as breaking news or that the TV studio formerly known as the NYSE is under 3 feet of water (based on what it saw on Twitter). It's something else entirely for it to report that China has declared semi-hot war on the US (unless of course CNN is merely reporting tomorrow's news today).

Energy & Environment

California Is Experiencing Its Worst Drought in More Than a CENTURY... With No Sign of It Ending Thanks to an Offshore High Pressure 'Ridge' That Baffles Scientists
Daily Mail - California is experiencing its worst drought since 1895 with no signs of it abating due to a stubborn ridge of high pressure that is lurking offshore and blocking typical winter weather.

Temperatures In Alaska Are Warmer Than The Lower 48
CBS News - The average temperature for the Lower 48 states midmorning Wednesday was a chilly 22 degrees. The average temperature for the entire state of Alaska at the same time was 24 degrees, according to calculations by Weather Bell Analytics meteorologist Ryan Maue. Chill Map.


Wheaties cereal found to contain so many metal fragments that they can be levitated with magnets
(NaturalNews) Wheaties breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills, has been found to contain so many microscopic fragments of metal that individual flakes can be lifted and carried using common magnets, a Natural News Forensic Food Lab investigation has found and documented.

Consumer Reports finds soda contains too much carcinogenic chemical without warning labels
Natural News Buzz - The chemical 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MeI, is often used in sodas, where it appears on ingredients labels as "caramel coloring." But studies have shown that this chemical used in many dark-colored beverages can cause cancer, leading the state of California to limit manufacturers to 29 micrograms of exposure to the compound per day for the average consumer.

Baby-murdering CDC conspired to bury evidence of vaccine-induced fetal deaths
(NaturalNews) The CDC is engaged in infanticide by colluding with vaccine makers to hide the number of deaths caused by vaccines, explains a new investigation by the Vaccine Information Network.

Wheat Grass Reverses Cataract-Associated Cloudy Lenses
Natural Blaze - The idea that one can reverse aging, especially in eye diseases like cataracts, is usually looked upon as an unrealistic expectation. And yet research increasingly reveals that dietary interventions can lead to remarkable improvements.

9 Reasons You Need To Be Giving and Receiving Hugs Everyday
Prevent Disease - Hugging helps the immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and induces sleep. It's invigorating, rejuvenating and has no unpleasant side effects. It is all natural, organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and 100 percent wholesome.

Science & Technology

Whistleblower: Google Chrome Can Listen To Your Conversations
Paul Joseph Watson - A whistleblower who privately informed Google four months ago that their Chrome browser had the ability to record conversations without the user’s knowledge has gone public after the tech giant failed to fix the issue.

Creepy New Disney RFID Bracelet to Allow Park Mascots to Greet Your Child By Name - When I saw that one of the new capabilities of Disney’s ever-so-magical RFID bracelet program was to allow the middle-aged guy with no background check who dresses like Goofy and wonders the park greeting kids all day to know people’s children by name, I thought this definitely requires a report.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Monsanto Goes Organic?
Blacklisted News - Yes, you read that right, Monsanto is concocting a line of trademarked organic vegetables.

Pet News

Jerky treats from China are back on store shelves
Susan Thixton - Sickening news to share…more jerky treats from China are back on store shelves. Waggin Train is back. Milo’s Kitchen is back. Purina/Waggin Train meetings with FDA. And even a connection of Waggin Train to Simmons Foods – the present owner of former Menu Foods. This just keeps getting worse.

New FDA Warning Nothing Short of Miraculous, Considering the Facts
Dr. Becker - The FDA is the latest organization to issue an absurd warning to pet owners to avoid the “dangers” of raw pet food. The basis for the warning is a two-year “study” the agency conducted of 1,000 samples of pet food to check for bacteria that causes foodborne illness.

Thursday - January 23, 2014: - Today In History:
1789 - Georgetown College was established as the first Catholic college in the U.S. The school is in Washington, DC.
1845 - The U.S. Congress decided all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
1849 - English-born Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in America to receive medical degree. It was from the Medical Institution of Geneva, NY.
1907 - Charles Curtis, of Kansas, began serving in the United States Senate. He was the first American Indian to become a U.S. Senator. He resigned in March of 1929 to become U.S. President Herbert Hoover’s Vice President.
1937 - In Moscow, seventeen people went on trial during Josef Stalin's "Great Purge."
1943 - The British captured Tripoli from the Germans.
1960 - The U.S. Navy bathyscaphe Trieste descended to a record depth of 35,820 feet (10,750 meters) in the Pacific Ocean.
1964 - Ratification of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was completed. This amendment eliminated the poll tax in federal elections.
1968 - North Korea seized the U.S. Navy ship Pueblo, charging it had intruded into the nation's territorial waters on a spying mission. The crew was released 11 months later.
1973 - U.S. President Nixon announced that an accord had been reached to end the Vietnam War.
1978 - Sweden banned aerosol sprays because of damage to environment. They were the first country to do so.
1991 - Allied forces in the Persian Gulf War announced that they had achieved air superiority after some 12,000 sorties.
2001 - A van used by the remaining two fugitives of the "Texas 7" was recovered in Colorado Springs, CO. A few hours later police surrounded a hotel where the convicts were hiding. Patrick Murphy Jr. and Donald Newbury were taken into custody the next morning without incident.
2002 - Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted in Karachi, Pakistan, by a group demanding the return of prisoners from the Afghan campaign. (He was later killed.)
2002 - John Walker Lindh returned to the U.S. under FBI custody. Lindh was charge with conspiring to kill U.S. citizens, providing support to terrorists and engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban while a member of the al-Quaida terrorist organization in Afghanistan.
2003 - North Korea announced that it would consider sanctions an act of war for North Korea's reinstatement of its nuclear program
2005 - Former "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson died at age 79.

World News

Pentagon: Leave 10k troops in Afghanistan or remove them all
RT - The Pentagon has reportedly offered the White House an ultimatum with regards to the future of the military’s involvement in Afghanistan: Either leave 10,000 troops behind past the previously declared 2014 deadline or remove them altogether.

Israel says it stopped al-Qaeda attack on U.S. Embassy
USA Today - Israel’s internal security agency said Wednesday it arrested three Palestinians for allegedly planning to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem International Convention Center and other targets.

Snowden to give Q&A session on Thursday - Intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden who alerted the world to US dragnet surveillance programs will give his first Q&A session on the official support webpage on Thursday, January 23.

Swedes Rush To Dump Nanny State Healthcare For Private Insurance - More than half a million Swedes now have private health insurance, showed a new review from industry organization Swedish Insurance (Svensk Försäkring). In eight out of ten cases, the person’s employer had offered them the private insurance deal.

Japan to freeze the ground at Fukushima to prevent contaminated water leakage
Voice of Russia - In order to stop contaminated groundwater from leaking at the Fukushima nuclear power station, the Japanese are planning to use artificial permafrost there. They’re going to drill 30-metre-deep pipes with liquid nitrogen. The construction of the huge underground fridge will start soon and is scheduled to end next year.

Harvard Professor Warns of “Devastating” China-Japan War
Paul Joseph Watson - Russian study says U.S. could easily defeat Beijing in nuclear conflict. Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel warned of the devastating consequences of a potential war between China and Japan during a conference in Beijing.

Ceasefire in Ukraine: Barricades doused out, violence an inch from reigniting
RT - A tense ceasefire was announced in Kiev on the fifth day of violence, with radical protesters and riot police holding their position. Opposition leaders are negotiating with the government, but doubts remain that they will be able to stop the rioters.

Crisis in the Ukraine: USAID Support for Destabilization of Russia - Editor’s note: Now that security forces in Ukraine are allegedly shooting protestors, corporate media coverage in the United States will focus on the violence and calls for President Viktor Yanukovich to step aside. The situation in Ukraine, however, is not entirely as the corporate media would have us believe.

Two Brits charged with Syria terrorism
Press TV - In a statement published on Wednesday, the police said Amal Elwahabi and Nawal Msaad, both from Northwest London, were charged with arranging funds to facilitate terrorism in the Arab country.

Iranian official on nuke deal: 'We did not agree to dismantle anything'
(CNN) -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif insisted Wednesday that the Obama administration mischaracterizes concessions by his side in the six-month nuclear deal with Iran, telling CNN in an exclusive interview that "we did not agree to dismantle anything."

VIDEO: CIA Agent Baer On Report Israel Stopped Plot To Bomb U.S. Embassy - "I don't think it's credible" CIA Agent Baer On Report Israel Stopped Plot To Bomb U.S. Embassy.

Ecuador to urge US military withdrawal
Press TV - Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has announced plans to call for the withdrawal of some US military officers from the South American country.... He described the number of American military personnel in Ecuador as “inconceivable,” saying, "Unfortunately, these people have been so infiltrated in all the sectors that what is scandalous appeared normal."

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Tennessee Introduces Bill to Take on NSA Encryption-Breaking Facility at Oak Ridge
Activist Post - The state-level effort to turn off water and electricity to the National Security Agency (NSA) got a major boost today as legislators in Tennessee introduced a bill to ban the state from providing material support to the federal agency.

Study: U.S. States Ranked By Freedom
Ben Swann - The study states, “We score all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. We weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.”

Texas Cop Caught Handing Homeless Man Boots - Another Texas police officer has been caught red-handed perpetrating a selfless act of kindness. Unbeknownst to him, Odessa Police Department Cpl. Jeremy Walsh was photographed from inside a nearby restaurant getting friendly with a homeless man.... “It seemed like the right thing to do,” Cpl. Walsh told KWES. “I had something that somebody else needed that I didn’t need.”

Whistleblower Snowden’s background security firm hit with fraud charges
RT - The US Justice Department charged the government's biggest security background-checking agency of wasting millions of dollars by filing over 660,000 flawed audits on people who would eventually have access to state secrets.

Maine the Second State to Pass GMO Food Labeling Law
Fort Fairfield Journal - Maine consumers are one step closer to learning which of the foods they shop for are polluted with toxic, genetically modified organisms (GMO) with a new law recently signed by Governor Paul LePage.


Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There… Exists as Paper IOU’s”
Mac Slavo - The whole system, it seems, is now operating on IOU’s. Be it consumers, banks, the Fed or even the US government, all of the US dollars being exchanged are nothing but worthless pieces of paper, because given the lack of transparency at the Fed, we have to assume that the physical assets supposedly backing all this currency have already been spent.

NFL Commish Makes $29.5 Mil a Year– 15 Times More Than Tax Free Org Gives to Charity, More than CEOs of Ford, Heinz, FedEx
Showbiz 411 - In order to have that status, the NFL must be run as a charitable foundation. In 2012, they gave away a meager $2.3 million. Almost all of it–$2.1 million– went to the NFL Hall of Fame. [NFL commissioner] Goodell made 15 times what the group donated to other charities.

VIDEO: A 'tsunami' of store closings expected to hit retail
CNBC News - On Tuesday, Sears said that it will shutter its flagship store in downtown Chicago in April. It's the latest of about 300 store closures in the U.S. that Sears has made since 2010. The news follows announcements earlier this month of multiple store closings from major department stores J.C. Penney and Macy's.

Energy & Environment

Halliburton Manager Gets One Year Probation For Destroying Evidence Of 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Business Insider - A former Halliburton manager was sentenced to one year of probation on Tuesday for destroying evidence in the aftermath of BP's fatal 2010 Deepwater Horizon blowout, which claimed 11 lives.

FracTracker: Mapping impacts of the oil and gas industries
The FracTracker Alliance shares maps, data and analyses to communicate impacts of the global oil and gas industry.

Second, undisclosed chemical leaked into W. Virginia water during spill
RT - State and federal investigators looking into the West Virginia chemical spill that left 300,000 people across nine counties without water for 11 days have learned that a second, previously unknown chemical also leaked into the community.

Deep Freeze in Midwest, Northeast to Be Prolonged - Bitterly cold air is again settling southward from the Arctic into a large part of the Eastern states. Unlike the outbreak from early January, this time the cold will have more staying power.... The advancing cold will be severe enough to bring life-threatening conditions, hypothermia and the risk of frostbite to areas from the northern Plains to New England.


Six Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Were Buried So Big Pharma Could Make Money - The FDA and Big Pharma contend that dangerous side-effects in a prescription drug only emerge when it is used by millions instead of the relatively small group of people in clinical trials. But there is another reason the public ends up guinea pigs.

15 Plants and Herbs That Can Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage
Prevent Disease - Herbal remedies not only boost lung health, but they can heal infections and even repair lung damage. Here are 15 of the best herbs to boost lung health.

8 Foods that Speed Up Ageing While Promoting Sickness
Natural Society - Eating what’s quick, convenient, and tasty may fit your lifestyle for now, but you may be subjecting yourself to progressively worsening health. If you don’t shift to a healthier diet, someday sooner rather than later you’ll be a young person in an old person’s body, wondering what happened.

UV-Ray-Hit Mushrooms Provide More Vitamin D than Supplements, Researchers Find
Natural Society - While supplements are always an option, there are actually many foods which are natural sources of vitamin D. New research indicates mushrooms may be able to help, and that hitting them with UV rays actually boosts their vitamin D content just like it does in our own skin.

Man Finds Out By Mistake That His Positive Pregnancy Test Is An Indicator of Testicular Cancer
Prevent Disease - A man was shocked to discover he had testicular cancer after he took a pee-on-a-stick home pregnancy test that was left in his medicine cabinet by a former girlfriend. The positive pregnancy test was posted as a joke by a female friend on, but savvy viewers were quick to inform the woman that it could be a sign of testicular cancer, and it was.

Shock: NBC’s Today Show Airs Report on Non-GMO Shopping
Storyleak - A surprising segment on NBC’s Today show gave tips on how to avoid GMO foods while shopping last week, an issue receiving increased mainstream coverage due to rising public interest in healthy eating.

Melatonin can help lower your risk of prostate cancer
(NaturalNews) Recent research has pointed to a link between prostate cancer and the sleep hormone melatonin. The study, which included 928 Icelandic men, indicated that individuals who have a higher level of melatonin are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Vitamin E May Offer Benefits for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr. Mercola - Alzheimer's will affect one in four Americans, rivaling the current prevalence of obesity and diabetes! However, losing your memory is not part of "normal" aging—regardless of the severity—and the answer to "senior moments" and more severe dementia is the same. These are lifestyle-related conditions that are largely, if not entirely preventable by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Fried foods are more harmful than you think
(NaturalNews) Research carried out at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and published online in The Prostate in 2013 revealed that regular consumption of deep-fried foods, such as doughnuts, fried chicken, fried fish and French fries, could elevate the risk of prostate cancer.

Large number of cosmetic skin-lightening products contaminated with mercury
(NaturalNews) Infamous for poisoning the kidneys and brain, mercury is a potent, silent destroyer of healthy cellular function.... In a new report from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, hundreds of skin-lightening products from around the world were found to contain extraordinary levels of mercury that exceed FDA standards 10,000 to one!

Science & Technology

Robots to Get Internet Cloud Brain: "Wikipedia For Robots"
Activist Post - The evolution of the humanoid robot is advancing by baby steps, but is coming of age rather quickly; so much so, that many experts see humans completely outsourced to robots by 2045 at the latest. The most recent development sought by the European Union is even more startling: a cloud network where robots can do their own research, communicate with one another, and collectively increase their intelligence in a full simulation of human interaction.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Raw Milk Could be legal again in Maryland
Ben Swann - A proposed Maryland bill would restore the right of the states’ citizens to participate in cow shares, or cow boarding, to obtain raw milk. Maryland citizens lost the right to raw milk via cow shares in 2006, when the appointed director of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene redefined the word “sale” to include agistments. A hearing on the bill is scheduled for January 28 at 1:00pm at the Lowe House Office Building in Annapolis.

Industrial agriculture has reached its 'peak,' say scientists; time for a return to small-scale organics
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) discovered recently that yield expansion rates for most major industrial food crops are plateauing or even declining in many areas of the world, a fact that further supports the case for a return to small-scale, diversified agriculture grown organically.

U.S. Cattle Herd Is At A 61 Year Low And Organic Food Shortages Are Being Reported All Over America
Economic Collapse - If the extreme drought in the western half of the country keeps going, the food supply problems that we are experiencing right now are only going to be the tip of the iceberg.


Crisis Reality: “Within an Hour the Stores Were Emptied”
Mac Slavo - When toxic chemicals spilled into the Elk River in Charleston, West Virginia a couple of weeks ago we got another glimpse into what the world might look like in the aftermath of a major, widespread disaster.

Pet News

University Launches Pet Program to Help Students Manage Stress
Dr. Becker - The "Pet Away Worry and Stress" (PAWS) program kicked off recently at the University of Minnesota, where over 400 students stopped by on launch day to spend time with specially trained dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a chicken.

Wednesday - January 22, 2014: - Today In History:
1771 - The Falkland Islands were ceded to Britain by Spain.
1879 - James Shields began a term as a U.S. Senator from MO. He had served Illinois and Minnesota. He was the first Senator to serve 3 states.
1901 - Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for nearly 64 years. Edward VII, her son, succeeded her.
1905 - Insurgent workers were fired on in St Petersburg, Russia, resulting in "Bloody Sunday." 500 people were killed.
1917 - U.S. President Wilson pleaded for an end to war in Europe, calling for "peace without victory." America entered the war the following April.
1941 - Britain captured Tobruk from German forces.
1944 - Allied forces began landing at Anzio, Italy, during World War II.
1947 - KTLA, Channel 5, in Hollywood, CA, began operation as the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River.
1957 - Suspected "Mad Bomber" was arrested in Waterbury, CT. George P. Metesky was accused of planting more than 30 explosive devices in NYC.
1957 - The Israeli army withdrew from the Sinai. They had invaded Egypt on October 29, 1956.
1970 - The first regularly scheduled commercial flight of the Boeing 747 began in New York City and ended in London about 6 1/2 hours later.
1973 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down state laws that had been restricting abortions during the first six months of pregnancy. The case (Roe vs. Wade) legalized abortion.
1997 - The U.S. Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the first female secretary of state.
1998 - Theodore Kaczynski pled guilty to federal charges for his role as the Unabomber. He agreed to life in prison without parole.
2000 - Elian Gonzalez's grandmothers met privately with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno as they appealed for help in removing the boy from his Florida relatives and reuniting him with his father in Cuba.
2002 - Lawyers suing Enron Corp. asked a court to prevent further shredding of documents due to the pending federal investigation.
2002 - AOL Time Warner filed suit against Microsoft in federal court seeking damages for harm done to AOL's Netscape Internet Browser when Microsoft began giving away its competing browser.
2002 - Kmart Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy making it the largest retailer in history to seek legal protection from its creditors.
2008 - Jose Padilla, once accused of plotting with al-Qaida to blow up a radioactive "dirty bomb," was sentenced by a U.S. federal judge in Miami to more than 17 years in prison on terrorism conspiracy charges.
2009 - President Barack Obama ordered the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay closed within a year and banned harsh interrogation of terror suspects. (The prison remains open.)
2010 - Conan O'Brien ended his brief tenure as host of "The Tonight Show" after accepting a $45 million buyout from NBC to leave the show after only seven months.

World News

Warzone’: Open street battles in Kiev as rioters, police face-off (PHOTOS)
RT - Riot police brutally dispersed radical protesters from central Kiev in the largest operation since the latest outbreak of violence. Almost 200 officers have been injured over four days of scuffles. Two people were reportedly killed amid the crisis. Related: Kiev mass riots timeline

Cynical New PR Stunt Greases Skids For “Humanitarian” Invasion of Syria
Paul Joseph Watson - Following an influential think tank’s call for a humanitarian “realpolitik” stunt to be pulled to weaken President Assad’s position, a report has miraculously emerged just 24 hours before the start of the ‘Geneva II’ conference which alleges systematic torture and abuse by Assad’s regime.

5 Reasons The Latest Report On Syria War Crimes Might Not Be True
Activist Post - In a recently released and conveniently timed report, complete with references to Nazi Germany and concentration camps, efforts to ramp up support for a “tough line” against Syria at the upcoming Geneva II conference and even possible military intervention, are once again moving into high gear.

Snowden to ask Russian police for protection after US threats – lawyer
RT - NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, will ask Russian law enforcers to protect him, his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, has said. The former NSA contractor is concerned about his safety after seeing death threats coming from the US.

World first: UK public university to accept bitcoin
RT - The University of Cumbria in northwest England has become the first public university in the world to experiment with accepting bitcoin as tuition payment. It follows a similar move made by a private university in Cyprus at the end of last year.

If Pollution From China Affects The West Coast How Come Pollution From Fukushima Doesn’t?
Activist Post - A new report states that pollution from China is causing smog on the West Coast of the USA. Now you’ll have to forgive my confusion here but if we take Beijing as the starting point, the distance to The West Coast is 6,266 miles. That’s a long way for pollution to travel on the wind. It’s farther, for example, than the 5,363 miles the wind has to travel from Fukushima.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obamacare falling apart at the seams: Indiana moves to nullify healthcare law
BenSwann - The state legislatures of Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and now Indiana have all taken steps to nullify the federal healthcare law. Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey said that this could create a formidable bloc, pulling the rug out from under the already flailing federal act.

Obama’s Explanation For Low Approval Rating: Some Folks Don’t Like Me Because I’m Black
Ben Swann - President Obama currently has an incredibly low approval rating. According to a new Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans currently do not approve of him. But according to the president, that is not due to the disastrous Obamacare rollout, bleak job market, or constant violation of Americans’ privacy from their own government. No — rather, it is because he is black.

Nearly 50 Million Abortions Have Been Performed in U.S. Since Roe v. Wade Decision Legalized Abortion
CNS News - Statistics compiled over the past decade show that the number of abortions in the United States has dropped precipitously since the early 1980s, but the procedure still remains a prevalent form of birth control in this country and around the world.

FEMA Accelerates Preparations For Pandemic
Paul Joseph Watson - The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for contractors to supply 40-yard size dumpsters along with experts who can dispose of contaminated bio-medical waste during a national emergency.

New West Virginia legislation would nullify federal gun laws
Ben Swann - House Bill 2832 (HB2832), the “Firearm Protection Act”, explicitly prohibits all state public servants from enforcing any “act, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States Government relating to a personal firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition” provided that the item in question remains “exclusively within the borders of West Virginia.”

VIDEO: California Democrat Becomes Internet Joke After Anti-Gun Press Conference
Storyleak - The anti-gun movement has given yet another reason why you should disregard comments from self-described “experts” on the alleged dangers of firearm ownership. California Sen. Kevin de Leon recently made a fool of himself while attempting to explain the most basic attributes of a firearm.

Utah Police Obtain Grenade Launchers, Riot Gear From Feds
Kit Daniels - Police departments across Utah have been receiving surplus military gear well-suited for riot control, such as grenade launchers and armored vehicles, through a U.S. Department of Defense program that is far more prevalent than what was previously known, according to recently released documents.

Lawsuit: LA Cops Tased Man’s Genitals Until He Could “Smell His Flesh Burning”
Steve Watson - A lawsuit currently being heard in a federal court reveals how LA sheriff’s deputies assaulted a young black man who had done nothing wrong, tasering his genitals up to ten times, enough for the flesh to begin to cook. wenty-six-year-old Daniel Johnson is pursuing damages for excessive force, false arrest, violations of the Constitution and civil rights, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

LAPD Cops Stood Down Minutes Before TSA Shooting
Paul Joseph Watson - Officers guarding area where Ciancia began attack went AWOL. LAPD officers assigned to the area where Paul Ciancia began his shooting spree targeting TSA agents at LAX Airport stood down minutes before the attack began, leaving for breaks without informing their dispatcher as required.

NSA ops 'walk in park' next to plans to track kids
WND - The spying on Americans by the National Security Agency and the Internal Revenue Service’s attacks on conservative groups are “like a walk in the park” compared to government plans to track school children, says a prominent national education researcher, analyst and Johns Hopkins-trained pediatrician.


JB Slear Asks: Is the Paper Ratio in Silver & Gold Much Wider Than 100 to 1? - Currency historian Andrew Gause has informed me that one of his sources thinks the ratio of 100 pieces of paper to every real contract of (1) Gold is being expanded and could be up to as much as a 400 to 1 ratio.

Record 20% of Households on Food Stamps in 2013
CNS News - The USDA says that there were 23,052,388 households on food stamps in the average month of fiscal 2013, an increase of 722,675 from fiscal year 2012, when there were 22,329,713 households on food stamps in the average month.

Energy & Environment

Former West Virginia Miner: We've Been Dumping Those Chemicals In The Water For Decades
Business Insider - When up to 7,500 gallons of toxic 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia, leaving 300,000 people without tap water for around a week, former miner Joe Stanley was well prepared. He hadn’t been drinking the water for years.

Northeast getting slammed with cold, snow as winter storm intensifies
NBC News - The nation’s capital was at a standstill Tuesday evening as snow continued falling at a rate of about an inch an hour — while commuters across the Northeast struggled to get home through blizzard-like conditions.

Plant Virus Makes Bizarre Kingdom Jump to Honeybees
Natural Blaze - Another explanation for Colony Collapse Disorder and the rapid decline of honeybees follows a surprising discovery involving a virus that typically infects the Plant Kingdom - Tobacco Ringspot Virus (TRSV).

California schools to begin monitoring for Fukushima radiation 'arriving this year'
(NaturalNews) Two prominent academic and research institutions in California are joining forces to conduct an in-depth study into how radiation from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility is affecting California's pristine kelp forests.

Superbugs are breeding, spreading drug-resistant genes at water treatment plants
(NaturalNews) What role does the current overuse of antibiotics play in encouraging the spread of new and invasive super bugs? Why are water treatment facilities spreading super bugs even after the water has been treated?


FDA Guidance for Industry: Distinguishing Liquid Dietary Supplements from Beverages
ANH - Its purpose is to help dietary supplement and beverage manufacturers determine whether a product in liquid form is properly classified as a liquid dietary supplement or as a beverage. Why does this matter? Each ingredient in a beverage must specifically be approved by the FDA unless in the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) category. Reclassifying supplements as beverages may in some cases give the FDA more authority over their ingredients, and we could lose access to some of them.

Study: Vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide causes neurological disease
(NaturalNews) For years following the first Gulf War (1991), scores of returning American and Western military personnel suffered through a set of mysterious symptoms that doctors and scientists eventually described as "Gulf War Syndrome" (GWS), if for no other reason than because they simply could not identify a core set of causes for a variety of different symptoms.

Some Laxatives Prove Deadly
Dr. Mercola - The FDA issued a warning about the use of saline laxatives after 13 deaths, and 54 reports of adverse events, were reported following their use. Saline laxatives that contain the active ingredient sodium phosphate may lead to dehydration, abnormal levels of electrolytes, kidney and heart problems, and death.

Who knew flavonoids from tea, berries and grapes protect against developing diabetes?
(NaturalNews) A study team from Kings College London and the University of East Anglia in the UK, publishing the results of their work in the Journal of Nutrition has found that consuming high levels of flavonoids, found in foods such as chocolate, tea, berries and wine, may help protect against type II diabetes, likely due to reduced insulin resistance and improved glucose regulation.

Science & Technology

Scientists shocked to discover that dogs accurately sense Earth's magnetic field with precision
(NaturalNews) Not only can dogs sense the earth's magnetic field, but they can actually use it to orient their bodies when they relieve themselves, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Czech University of Life Sciences and the University.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

West Virginia moves to nullify federal hemp ban
Ben Swann - If passed, HB3011 would effectively nullify the federal ban on hemp cultivation. The West Virginia House joins many other states who are seeking to nullify the federal ban this legislative season. H.B. 3011 has strong bipartisan support.

Organic food shortage hits US
My Fox New York - Organic and cage free eggs are becoming popular to the point that that some major grocery chains are reporting shortages. A New Jersey ShopRite recently posted a sign saying the short supply was industry-wide and was due to increased demand and limited availability.

Tuesday - January 21, 2014: - Today In History:
1789 - W.H. Brown's "Power of Sympathy" was published. It was the first American novel to be published. The novel is also known as the "Triumph of Nature Founded in Truth".
1793 - During the French Revolution, King Louis XVI was executed on the guillotine. He had been condemned for treason.
1846 - The first issue of the "Daily News," edited by Charles Dickens, was published.
1861 - The future president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis of Mississippi, resigned from the U.S. Senate. Four other Southerners also resigned.
1865 - An oil well was drilled by torpedoes for the first time.
1915 - The first Kiwanis club was formed in Detroit, MI.
1954 - The Nautilus was launched in Groton, CT. It was the first atomic-powered submarine.
1954 - The gas turbine automobile was introduced in New York City.
1970 - The Boeing 747 made its first commercial flight from New York to London for Pan American.
1977 - U.S. President Carter pardoned almost all Vietnam War draft evaders.
1980 - Gold was valued at $850 an ounce.
1997 - Newt Gingrich was fined as the U.S. House of Representatives voted for first time in history to discipline its leader for ethical misconduct.
1998 - A former White House intern said on tape that she had an affair with U.S. President Clinton.
1999 - The U.S. Coast Guard intercepted a ship headed for Houston, TX, that had over 9,500 pounds of cocaine aboard. It was one of the largest drug busts in U.S. history.
2003 - It was announced by the U.S. Census Bureau that estimates showed that the Hispanic population had passed the black population for the first time.

World News

Urgent Search for ‘Black Widow’ Suicide Bomber, May Be Already in Sochi
Yahoo News - Police in Sochi have launched an urgent search for a possible female suicide bomber who may have already made it past the ring of security set up for the Olympic Games.

U.S. warships deploy for Sochi Olympics
Washington Times - The United States will deploy at least two warships into the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi, Russia, to respond to a potential terror attack during the upcoming Olympics, top officials said on Monday.

Soros Supported Protests Turn Violent in Ukraine
Kurt Nimmo - The protests in Ukraine organized by USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom House, George Soros’ Open Society Institute and a host of public-private NGOs have turned violent.

U.S. Special Forces Train for Guerrilla War in North Korea - Every year, the U.S. and South Korea team up for one of the world’s largest military exercises. Thousands of troops backed by fighter aircraft, strategic bombers and Navy warships plan for the worst. But America’s elite Special Operations Forces are also involved—planning for the day when they might be the first ones tasked with stepping across the DMZ.

N.Korea Fortifies Border with China - North Korea has been building concrete machine-gun pillboxes along the border with China since December as the Chinese staged massive military drills in the area.

Expert: China Preparing to Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers
Paul Joseph Watson - Despite assurances by China’s defense ministry that the new vehicle was not aimed at any particular country, Chinese military expert Chen Hu told state media that the system, “can surely be used against US carriers in any region around the globe” and that it was “designed to strike large military targets including US aircraft carriers.”

World's richest 85 people have as much as half of globe’s population
McClatchy - The world’s richest 85 people control the same amount of wealth as half the world’s population, according to a report issued Monday by the British-based anti-poverty charity Oxfam.

Iceland hooked on anti-depressants
Ice News - A new report released by the OECD has shown that Iceland is the world’s biggest consumer of anti-depressants per capita. One in ten Icelander now take medicine to cope with mental health anxieties. Overall there has been a steady rise in the last decade, with many OECD countries in Europe seeing the rise double since 2000.

China Exports Pollution to U.S., Study Finds
NY Times - Filthy emissions from China’s export industries are carried across the Pacific Ocean and contribute to air pollution in the Western United States, according to a paper published Monday by a prominent American science journal.

Image published by embassy in Japan shows Fukushima melted fuel deep underground
ENENews - Radioactive Contaminated Water Leaks (Update) from the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Science & Technology Office Tokyo (pdf), December 2013...

The Black Widow and Russia’s Ring of Silly Putty
Kurt Nimmo - President Putin and Russia’s security forces have made a big deal out their “ring of steel” in Sochi, the Black Sea resort where the Winter Olympics will be held next month. Earlier this month, the Russians announced they had dedicated $2 billion to their ring of steel effort. It is the largest amount of money ever spent on security for an Olympic event.

UN withdraws Iran invitation to Syria talks
Press TV - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has rescinded his invitation to Iran to participate in the forthcoming international conference aimed at achieving a political solution to the Syrian crisis under pressure from the United States.

Lawmakers accuse Snowden of being Russian spy
RT - Two of the top lawmakers within the United States intelligence community say that Congress is now considering whether any officials in the Russian government have influenced the actions of US National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse – Global Financial Crisis Next?
Economic Collapse - Since Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, the level of private domestic credit in China has risen from $9 trillion to an astounding $23 trillion. That is an increase of $14 trillion in just a little bit more than 5 years. Much of that "hot money" has flowed into stocks, bonds and real estate in the United States. So what do you think is going to happen when that bubble collapses?

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Scolds the Mockingbird Media For NOT COVERING the Benghazi Massacre & Remaining Questions
SGT Report - Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) challenges the press’ knowledge of the events surrounding the Benghazi Embassy attacks on September 11, 2012.

California lawmakers cripple NSA with 4th Amendment Protection Act - The largest potential change could come from California. There, lawmakers have introduced the Fourth Amendment Protection Act. This will forbid the state from supporting widespread domestic spying. This could include shutting off water and electric supplies to federal buildings.

Military Drill Off Limits to Reporters
Activist Post - South Carolina’s Richland County Sheriff’s Office has announced that it will be engaging in joint training exercises on Monday and Tuesday with unidentified units from Ft. Bragg. The exercises are scheduled to take place on Monday and Tuesday and will run up to midnight on both days and will take place largely in Lower Richland, near Eastover and Hopkins.

Obama Bypasses Congress to Halt Deportation of Children and Caregivers
AllGov - Tired of waiting for Congress to act on immigration reform, President Barack Obama has used his executive powers to halt deportations of many illegal immigrants.

America’s most popular prescription sleep medication linked to mass shootings
RT - A new report describing the bizarre and dangerous side effects of the sleep aid Ambien has once again raised questions about one of the United States’ most popular prescription drugs.

Sebelius Uses MLK Day to Plug Obamacare
Adan Salazar - On this the 28th anniversary of arguably the most revered civil rights leader, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is disgracefully tarnishing that memory by using it to push the national health care-wealth confiscation initiative.

Yet another Obamacare delay
CNBC News- Tax officials said they would not enforce the rule this year because they had yet to issue regulations for employers to follow. NYT reports.

NYC’s Finest Protect and Serve an 84 Year Old Man by Beating Him Bloody for Jaywalking
Daily Sheeple - When an officer saw 84 year old Kang Wong cut across the street, he sprang into action. The member of New York’s Finest knew that you can’t just cross the street all willy-nilly like that, no matter who you are. Being elderly is no excuse for breaking the law.


City overrules its own assessors and lowers Google's real estate taxes by $21 million
NY Daily News - City Finance Department brass overruled their own property assessors twice during the past two years to lower Internet giant Google’s real estate taxes by as much as $21 million, the Daily News has learned.

After the Collapse: Six Likely Events That Will Follow an Economic Crash
Mac Slavo - It’s not too difficult to understand that we are well on our way to a paradigm shift in America; in fact we’re in the midst of it right now. The writing is on the wall and can no longer be ignored.

Energy & Environment

Dangerous Cold Heads Back to Midwest, Northeast - The polar vortex is headed southward once again, returning dangerously cold air to the Midwest and Northeast in the upcoming days.

Propane shortage adds to winter woes
NBC News - As meteorologists on Monday added up to 10 inches of snow to their frigid forecasts for the Northeast and Midwest this week, the regions are struggling with a lack of the essential resources residents need to keep warm.

Azle,Texas Residents Wage War On Fracking After 30 Earthquakes Rattle Town
CBS News - Organizers have named the bus trip “Shake the Ground in Austin,” and they expect at least 50 people to show up for the regularly scheduled Texas Railroad Commission meeting Tuesday morning.


Benefits Of Turmeric Tea
World Truth.TV - We all need a sweet treat from time to time and this is my go to drink. It smells heavenly and is a great drink either first thing in the morning or as a treat at the end of a long day.

The amazing saga of a teenager who ran away from chemotherapy and beat cancer naturally
(NaturalNews) Remember the story of a 16-year-boy who ran away from his Massachusetts home in 1994 to avoid chemotherapy? His name was Billy Best, and his story was a nationwide sensation while he was in hiding. Now, he is very healthy and cancer-free, back home working in a local health food store, consulting parents of children who are pushed into chemo and participating in medical school seminars on patient choice.

Tangerine Compounds Protect Against Long List of Chronic Diseases
Green Med Info - According to researchers from The University of Western Ontario, tangerines contain a substance that not only helps prevent obesity, but also protects against type 2 diabetes. This compound even combats atherosclerosis, the underlying cause of most heart attacks and strokes.

Vitamin D Improves Mood, Cognition and Pain Tolerance
Prevent Disease - Without the sunshine vitamin, few of us would experience lives free of disease. Two new studies show that increased levels of vitamin D not only reduce the risk of developing cognitive impairments, but also improve widespread chronic pain.

Zinc protects brain cells from effects of copper toxicity
(NaturalNews) Easily absorbed in the stomach and small intestines, excess copper can cross into the blood and affect the kidneys, liver and brain. Too much of this metal being unregulated can destroy brain cells. A study from the University of Bremen, Germany, shows how the mineral zinc can protect the brain from the toxic effects of unregulated copper.

YouTube: Ty Bollinger: Health Benefits Of Hemp
Fox News 1/18/14 - The Healthy You & Carol Alt Show interviews Ty Bollinger on the benefits of hemp.

Heavy metal detox: Sharpen your mind, reduce cancer risk and banish electromagnetic sensitivity with these tips
(NaturalNews) Suffering from brain-fog, irritability, cardiovascular disease or depression? If so, you may be contending with heavy metal poisoning. Present in contaminated food, industrial and medical waste and beauty products as well as environmental pollutants, heavy metals are a major part of daily life and wreck havoc on our minds and well-being.

Man sells herbs proven to cure cancer, U.S. government jails him, lists him on Interpol
(NaturalNews) Doing the right thing, even if it means healing people with cancer, isn't always a good thing. In fact, it just may land you some serious jail time and get you listed on Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), which warns against and watches over big-time war criminals, terrorists or the likes of mass murderers.

Aluminum intake leads to dementia; silica intake decreases risk
(NaturalNews) How much aluminum is in your drinking water? It's hard to tell, but in a 15-year study on French elderly men and women, regular consumption of tap water was associated with aluminum toxicity and increased prevalence of dementia.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Secret ‘Minority Report’ Tech In All Post-2010 iPhones
Paul Joseph Watson - Apple recently announced that they had been secretly installing Minority Report-style tracking technology in all iPhones since the iPhone 4, which was released in 2010.

Hacking expert reveals how he cracked Obamacare site in under 4 minutes
Daily Caller - Kennedy said that gaining access to 70,000 personal records of Obamacare enrollees via took no time at all, and required nothing more than a standard browser to pull off.... "You can literally just open up your browser, go to this, and extract all this information without actually having to hack the website itself,” he added.

Security disaster: Starbucks app stores customers' passwords in plain text
(NaturalNews) Now, according to Washington, D.C.-area radio station WTOP, "The most-used mobile payment app in the United States stored its users personal information in a way that could have gotten a tech-savvy thief a lot of free coffee -- on you." That would be Starbucks coffee.

What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete - In the style of Tumblr user Gaysquib, we conducted our own experiment and created a map of what each state wants (according to Autocomplete).

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Cows Eat What?! 6 Surprising Things Fed to US Cows
Natural Society - For the most part, cattle in America are seen not as animals or living, breathing entities, but as commodities—products to be bought and sold for consumption. So, in many cases, the mistreatment of these commodities doesn’t get a second thought. Large-scale producers are interested in raising the most profitable product for the lowest cost, and this means feeding them some pretty strange stuff.


Six Things You Should Know How To Improvise
Daily Sheeple - In the technological world we live in it is very easy to lose that capacity in a severe disaster. Our ability to use technology to leverage our resources and make informed decisions gives us a decided edge during disasters that improves our chances of surviving. When disaster strikes our ability to make certain things from scratch allows us to maintain some capabilities and overcome the problems we face.

Monday - January 20, 2014: - Today In History:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day
1801 - John Marshall was appointed chief justice of the United States.
1839 - Chile defeated a confederation of Peru and Bolivia in the Battle of Yungay.
1841 - The island of Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain. It returned to Chinese control in July 1997.
1887 - The U.S. Senate approved an agreement to lease Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as a naval base.
1891 - James Hogg took office as the first native-born governor of Texas.
1937 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first U.S. President to be inaugurated on January 20th. The 20th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution officially set the date for the swearing in of the President and Vice President.
1942 - Nazi officials held the Wannsee conference, during which they arrived at their "final solution" that called for exterminating Europe's Jews.
1944 - The British RAF dropped 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin.
1981 - Iran released 52 Americans that had been held hostage for 444 days. The hostages were flown to Algeria and then to a U.S. base in Wiesbaden, West Germany. The release occurred minutes after the U.S. presidency had passed from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan.
1986 - The U.S. observed the first federal holiday in honor of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.
1987 - Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite was kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon. He was there attempting to negotiate the release of Western hostages. He was not freed until November 1991.
1993 - Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States.
1996 - Yasser Arafat was elected president of the Palestinian Authority and his supporters won two thirds of the 80 seats in the Legislative Council.
1997 - Bill Clinton was inaugurated for his second term as president of the United States.
1998 - American researchers announced that they had cloned calves that may produce medicinal milk.
2000 - Greece and Turkey signed five accords aimed to build confidence between the two nations.
2001 - George W. Bush took the oath of office as the 43rd president of the United States.

World News

Iran invited to Geneva 2, Syrian opposition threatens to withdraw
RT - Iran has been officially invited to participate in the Geneva-2 Syria peace conference on January 22, UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon said. The Syrian National Coalition has threatened to withdraw from the talks, unless Iran’s invitation is revoked.

'US air raid killed 14 Afghan civilians'
Press TV - A fact-finding mission set up by the Afghan government said on Sunday that at least 14 civilians, most of them women and children, were killed in the US airstrike in Siahgird district of Parwan Province on Wednesday. Initial reports had put the death toll at 8.

Terror 'Surprise' for Sochi Olympics? Purported Suicide Bombers' New Threat
ABC News - Citing a new "surprise package" for Russia and Olympic spectators, Islamist militants in the North Caucasus =Sunday launched a new threat to the Sochi Olympics with a purported "martyrdom" video by two suicide bombers who attacked a transit hub 400 miles away.

US studying plans to rescue Americans if terrorists strike Sochi Olympics
The Guardian - US military and intelligence officials have been studying contingency plans for evacuating Americans from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, south Russia, next month in the face of concerns about possible terror attacks by militants.

North Korea’s Enormous Reserves of Minerals Could Be a Game-Changer
Time - According to a recent geological study, North Korea could hold more than twice the known global deposits of rare earths — minerals used in electronics such as smartphones and high definition televisions.

Turkish police fire water cannon at rally against ‘Internet censorship’ law
RT - The new legislation allows government ministers to block websites deemed to infringe privacy, as well as force internet providers to retain information on their users, for up to two years. The bill also mandates ISPs to restrict access to proxy sites, making circumventing the censorship nearly impossible.

Turkey signs law ‘criminalizing’ medical first aid without govt permit
RT - A medical bill has been signed into law in Turkey that requires doctors to obtain government permission before administering emergency first aid. Critics have blasted the bill as a crackdown on doctors who treat activists injured during protests.

China Blames Smuggled U.S. GMO Corn for Crop Failure
Natural Society - China has struggled to keep genetically modified foods out of their country, rejecting and even incinerating US shipments of corn by the boatload this year. But some of the seeds may have made their way in regardless, and it’s these US-made seeds that are being blamed for crop failure in the large eastern country.

Radiation at Fukushima well hits ‘record high’
RT - A record high level of beta rays released from radioactive strontium-90 has been detected at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant beneath the No. 2 reactor's well facing the ocean, according to the facility’s operator.

Iran suspends 20% uranium enrichment as historic deal implemented
RT - Iran has fully suspended its 20-percent enrichment of uranium, according to the country’s state TV, as the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers comes into force.

"China Expected To Announce It Has More Than Doubled Its Gold Reserves", Shanghai Daily
Zero Hedge - “If China announces an increase in gold reserves, there would be an immediate drag-up force in the gold market,” Albert Cheng, managing director of the industrial association World Gold Council for the Far East, told Shanghai Daily.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Industry powers with access to TPP plans lavish money on Congress
RT - Operatives of top global corporations, which spend great amounts of cash to lobby Congress, are also part of a small group in the US outside the Obama administration that can access working plans on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Obama Speech on NSA Reforms a Sad Joke, 4th Amendment Destruction Now Sealed With Presidential Approval
The Daily Sheeple - Responding to widespread outcry after leaked information provided by Edward Snowden brought NSA spying to the mainstream, Obama outlined new rules on how telephone records would be collected and used but left in place most of the intelligence practices that have gutted the 4th amendment and essentially turned the United States into a police state.

Obama Justifies NSA Spying: Paul Revere Did It First
Steve Watson - In a speech that was billed as an announcement of “reforms” to the NSA’s mass spying practices, the president argued that the US has a long history of defending liberty by conducting surveillance. Obama even cited Paul Revere, in remarks clearly designed to justify government spying on its own citizens.
* Related: Video and transcript of Obama's NSA speech

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine on the Truth and Consequences of the Benghazi Conspiracy
Fox News JAN 19 2014 - We have been waiting for Benghazi justice ever since September 11th 2012. And this week, a bi-partisan Senate committee - Democrats joining Republicans - issued a scathing report blaming Hillary Clinton’s State Department for deaths that were preventable, and for the inadequate security provided to her "friend,” Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

YouTube: 9/11 and flight 175: Wing behind distant building - This video demonstrates how the news media faked the 9/11 terror plot... Update: Many commenters on this video have (rightly) pointed out that this video has a whopper of an error...

NY state senator says: psychological evaluation for all little children
Activist Post - [Senate Bill] B 8186 requires all public schoolchildren in NY to have two health examinations in elementary grades and two in secondary grades. These exams must include a psychological evaluation, which certifies “that the child is mentally fit to permit attendance at [public] school.” No certificate, no school.

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax
Memory Hole - The New York Times, our nation’s newspaper of record (which records the “official history” of the United States), has reported that, with its “final report,” the criminal investigation of Sandy Hook by the State of Connecticut is over. Remarkably, the report does not even include the names, the ages or the sex of the alleged victims of the shooting. There is no actual identification of any of the dead.

Adam Kokesh receives two years probation and time served
Activist Post - Friday morning Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh was sentenced to two years probation and given time served for 4 months served last summer and fall. This means Kokesh is convicted of a felony and has lost his right to bear arms legally.

VIDEO: How To Dodge A DUI Test And The Legality Of New Saliva Swabs
Liberty Crier - “You can refuse this swab, you can refuse a breathalyzer, you can refuse to participate in a field sobriety test, you can refuse to answer questions,” says criminal defense attorney Mark Gallagher. “Now, law enforcement doesn’t like this advice, but we do still have a constitution.”

How Did The Maryland Transportation Police Know An Unarmed Man From Florida Was A Concealed Carry Gun Owner Before They Pulled Him Over? - A Florida man was traveling South with his family on the way home from a wedding in New Jersey when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP) began tailing his Ford Expedition. After about 10 minutes, the police pulled him over and told him they knew he owned a gun.

DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs
Paul Joseph Watson - A newly released document obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request confirms that the State Department ordered the Department of Homeland Security to spare members of the Muslim Brotherhood traveling to the US in 2012 a TSA pat down or any kind of secondary screening.

Election News

Democrats Working Hard With IRS To Make Sure Tea Party Groups Are Silenced In 2014 Midterms - Excerpted from WSJ: President Obama and Democrats have been at great pains to insist they knew nothing about IRS targeting of conservative 501(c)(4) nonprofits before the 2012 election. They’ve been at even greater pains this week to ensure that the same conservative groups are silenced in the 2014 midterms.


Congress Just Authorized $1.1 Trillion in Spending…And Nobody Read the Bill
The Daily Sheeple - On Capitol Hill on Thursday, asked Blumenauer: “The omnibus bill yesterday, it was 1,582 pages, did you have a chance to read all the pages before voting on it?” Blumenauer laughed and said: “Nobody did!” “Nobody did?” said the reporter. “Nope,” said Blumenauer.

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/20/14: Warfare, Welfare, Wonder Woman: Congress Spending Your Money
Ron Paul - Supporters of warfare, welfare, and Wonder Woman cheered last week as Congress passed a one trillion dollar "omnibus" appropriation bill. This legislation funds the operations of government for the remainder of the fiscal year. Wonder Woman fans can cheer that buried in the bill was a $10,000 grant for a theater program to explore the comic book heroine....

Gold up 4th straight week, Deutsche quits gold price-setting
(Reuters) - Gold rose on Friday as weakness in U.S. equities, strong fund buying and Asian physical demand lifted bullion to its fourth consecutive weekly gain. The market was surprised by news of Deustche Bank withdrawing from gold and silver benchmark setting, or fixing, as German regulators investigate suspected manipulation of precious metals prices by banks.

Arizona Introduces SB1096, Gold and Silver as Legal Tender
Tenth Amendment Center - Arizona may become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes.

Bank of America Is Actively Preparing For The Chinese January 31 Trust Default
Blacklisted News - It seems BofAML is now beginning to get concerned, noting that over 60% of market participants expects repo rates to rise if a trust product defaults and based on the analysis below, they think there is a high probability for CEQ1 to default on 31 January, i.e. no full redemption of principal and back-coupon on the day.

Energy & Environment

Local Chef Takes North Pacific Seafood Off Menu - "The way things are heading, we just feel strongly that it is not safe, and I'm not going to consume the fish and I'm definitely not going to provide it to my guests. I just can't do that with a clear conscience," said Perez.

West Virginia Water Declared Safe...Sort the 60-mile Chemical Plume Heads to Ohio
Activist Post - Local hospitals have reported a spike of people visiting the emergency room after the ban was lifted, most of whom were suffering from what one hospital official called “scary-looking rashes” after having a shower in the sort of safe water.... The chemical, which is used in coal-processing, spilled into the Elk River. The Elk feeds into the Ohio River and a chemical plume that is 60 miles long is making its way west.

Company responsible for W. Virginia chemical spill files for bankruptcy
RT - Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the methanol leak that contaminated the water supply in a West Virginia town, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a new report.


Research Finds Black Seed Therapeutic For Aging Women
Green Med Info - Two new studies indicate that black seed (nigella sativa) may provide a unique set of benefits to aging women by protecting both against metabolic syndrome and accelerated bone loss.

‘Mushrooms of Immortality’: Reishi Mushrooms an Ancient Medicine for Modern Diseases
Natural Society - Researchers with Bellarmine University found polysaccharides and saponins in reishi mushrooms that are able to reduce cell proliferation (or multiplying) in cancerous lungs. This is because the mushrooms compounds trigger apoptosis or cell death, essentially targeting cancerous cells and ensuring their demise.

This Is What Happens In Your Stomach When You Consume Packaged Ramen Noodles With a Deadly Preservative
Prevent Disease - Ramen noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and food additive frequently to preserve cheap processed foods... Small amounts of TBHQ may not kill you (although death has occurred) or even make you feel immediately sick, but it can have a long term effect on your health such as weakening of organs and contributing to the onset of cancers and tumors.

2 Popular Foods May Turn Immune System Against Brain
Natural Blaze - A new study published in the open access journal Nutrients titled, "The Prevalence of Antibodies against Wheat and Milk Proteins in Blood Donors and Their Contribution to Neuroimmune Reactivities," implicates two of the Western world's most popular foods in various forms of immune-mediated brain damage and dysfunction, including gluten ataxia and multiple sclerosis.

Maximizing Nutrition and Elimination of Heavy Metals Comes From Blending, Not Juicing
Prevent disease - Juices essentially have no ability to bind specific metals without some type of fiber to stick to them. Despite some nutritional benefits of juicing, eliminating the fiber renders juicing almost useless or with little to no functional use in assisting in heavy metal elimination from the body.

UA transplant programs on indefinite hiatus
Kansas City Star - The University of Arizona Medical Center's heart and lung transplant programs are on hiatus as the surgeon who created them becomes increasingly entangled in litigation with the hospital.

Science & Technology

Target part of a broader cyber-attack, Russian hackers allegedly involved
RT - A US government classified memo has acknowledged that the Christmas cyber-attack on Target Corp was part of a much broader security breach of a number of US companies. The document alleges that traces of Russian language were detected in the malware.

Ice Core Analysis Shows Fastest Decline in Solar Activity for 10,000 Years
The Daily Sheeple - Professor Mike Lockwood, a space environment physicist at Reading University UK has studied ice cores going back tens of thousands of years. He thinks there’s a very good chance that the Sun is heading for an extremely quiet period.

Google to Introduce Smart Contact Lenses: The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun
Activist Post - The first smart contact lens, aimed at diabetics, takes a glucose level reading every second from the tears that wash over your eye when you blink, and transmits that data wirelessly to a nearby device. Google doesn’t say what device, but presumably a smartphone or Google Glass.

New Trendy RFID Bracelets Will Track Your Child’s Every Move
Activist Post - Because we’re living in that oh-so-trendy technocratic age where everything needs to be traced and tracked, why not chip your children with a trendy new RFID bracelet?

Amazon Patents The Use Of Predictive Behavior Technology For Future Shipments
Activist Post - In case you were wondering if anyone but the NSA is really interested in your data, Amazon has tacitly admitted that it might know you better than you know yourself. Through a system of "anticipatory shipping," Amazon plans to send products to shipping hubs prior to actual purchases taking place.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

California Governor Declares Drought Emergency
The Organic Prepper - One reason that this should be alarming to all Americans is the fact that a huge percentage of our fruit, nuts, and vegetables come from California.... If you aren’t producing a high percentage of your own food already, now is the time to start if you hope to be able to afford fruits and vegetables in the very near future.


Are Water Filters Effective Against The Chemical in the West Virginia Water Supply?
Natural Blaze - This is one of those situations where you can’t simply listen to “officials”. You have to use common sense and make your own assessments.... Personally, I’d be hesitant to use this water at all; but if I had no option, I would absolutely be sure to filter it with my Berkey. If I did opt to filter the water, I’d replace the filters promptly as well.

Vertical farms sprouting all over the world - URBAN warehouses, derelict buildings and high-rises are the last places you'd expect to find the seeds of a green revolution. But from Singapore to Scranton, Pennsylvania, "vertical farms" are promising a new, environmentally friendly way to feed the rapidly swelling populations of cities worldwide.

Pet News

Rocks found in Natural Balance Cat Food Can?
Susan Thixton - Here is a picture – sent to me by a pet food consumer – of what appears to be rocks/pebbles found in three separate cases (all different lot numbers) of Natural Balance Cat Food.

This Seemingly Harmless Symptom Could Foretell a Deadly Disease
Dr. Becker - Most dogs suffer from this every so often, so you might brush it off as harmless. But this could foretell a far more serious health problem, such as heart disease, heartworm, or cancer. How to know when your pet needs medical help.

Friday - January 17, 2014: - Today In History:
1773 - Captain Cook's Resolution became the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle.
1893 - Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown when a group of businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.
1900 - The U.S. took Wake Island where there was in important cable link between Hawaii and Manila.
1900 - Yaqui Indians in Texas proclaimed their independence from Mexico.
1905 - Remember Punchboards?  They were patented by a manufacturing firm in Chicago, IL.
1912 - English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole. Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one month. Scott and his party died during the return trip.
1913 - All partner interests in 36 Golden Rule Stores were consolidated and incorporated in Utah into one company - the J.C. Penney Company.
1934 - Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a people's car, a "Volkswagen," to the new German Reich government.
1945 - Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.
1945 - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody. Wallenberg was credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews.
1946 - The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting.
1961 - In his farewell address, U.S. President Eisenhower warned against the rise of "the military-industrial complex."
1966 - A B-52 carrying four H-bombs collided with a refueling tanker. The bombs were released and eight crewmembers were killed.
1977 - Double murderer Gary Gilmore became the first to be executed in the U.S. in a decade. The firing squad took place at Utah State Prison.
1991 - Coalition airstrikes began against Iraq after negotiations failed to get Iraq to retreat from the country of Kuwait.
1994 - The Northridge earthquake rocked Los Angeles, CA, registering a 6.7 on the Richter Scale. At least 61 people were killed and about $20 billion in damage was caused.
1998 - President Clinton gave his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against him. He was the first U.S. President to testify as a defendant in a criminal or civil lawsuit.
2000 - British pharmaceutical companies Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham agreed to a merger that created the world's largest drug maker.
2001 - Director of Palestinian TV, Hisham Miki, was killed at a restaurant when 3 masked gunmen walked up to his table and shot him more than 10 times.
2001 - Faced with an electricity crisis, California used rolling blackouts to cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people.

World News

China Mobilizes 100,000 Troops In Preparation For Korean Peninsula Crisis
Paul Joseph Watson - In what PLA sources are describing as an unusually high figure, China has mobilized 100,000 troops to take part in a border exercise as part of preparations for a Korean Peninsula crisis.

Syria chemical destruction plan to go ahead despite Italian port city protest
RT - Italy has approved its southern port of Gioia Tauro as the transfer site for 560 tons of Syrian chemical weapons material to a US ship. The decision has been met with a protest from the port’s mayor, who fears the weapons are too dangerous for the city.

Metals, Currency Rigging Worse Than Libor, Bafin Chief Says
Bloomberg - Germany’s top financial regulator said possible manipulation of currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal, which has already led to fines of about $6 billion.

Economist: New debt writedowns would help Iceland growth
Ice News - Iceland’s banks must continue writing down household and corporate debt to boost its economic recovery, a leading Reykjavik University economics professor has said.

NSA collects millions of text messages daily in 'untargeted' global sweep
The Guardian - The National Security Agency has collected almost 200 million text messages a day from across the globe, using them to extract data including location, contact networks and credit card details, according to top-secret documents.

VIDEO: Israel condemns EU for summoning envoys
Press TV - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the European Union for summoning Israeli envoys over Tel Aviv’s decision to expand illegal settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel moves to ban the word ‘Nazi’ and other references to the Third Reich other than for education purposes
Daily Mail - Israel has passed the first step on the road to more severe banning of the use of Nazi symbols and offensive ideology. The ban would stop the use of all Nazi symbols and expressing remorse for the fall of the Nazi regime, and would make calling someone a Nazi illegal, with a punishment of up to six months in prison and a fine of 100,000 shekels (around £20,000).

Syria hands over plan for Aleppo ceasefire, readies for prisoner exchange
RT - The Syrian government is ready to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with opposition forces in the flashpoint city of Aleppo, Foreign Minister Walid Moallem has said. A list of rebel prisoners has also been drawn up in preparation for a proposed exchange.

Weapons Inspectors: Syrian Chemical Weapons Fired from REBEL-HELD Territory
Washington’s Blog - The head of the UN weapons inspectors said that the American case for Syrian government firing chemical weapons was weak, because the rockets can only go 2 miles … but government-held territory is much further away.

‘Humanity lost’: 84yo Canadian man with Alzheimer’s dies in UK border police custody
RT - An 84-year-old Canadian man with Alzheimer’s disease died in handcuffs in UK custody after being held for almost two weeks by border police, a report has revealed. The UK Inspectorate of Prisons has decried the incident as “shocking” and indicative of a lack of humanity.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Pentagon cuts order for Navy warship critics call 'unsurvivable' in combat
RT - The Pentagon is cutting its order for Littoral class warships for the US Navy to 32 from the original 52 due to budget cuts and the poor performance of the vessel. One top Pentagon official has said the ship was “not expected to be survivable” in combat.

Congress Secretly Moves to Keep Drone Program Under CIA Control
Common Dreams - Snuck into the trillion dollar government spending bill is a "classified" provision, introduced by Congress, that blocks President Obama's bid to transfer control of the drone program into Department of Defense control, Greg Miller writing for the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

New Evidence Implicating Globalist Kissinger in War Crimes
Kurt Nimmo - Additional evidence has surfaced revealing Kissinger’s role in Argentina’s so-called “Dirty War” against labor organizers, students, journalists, nuns, pacifists and other assorted dangerous terrorists. The United States enthusiastically supported the regime in Buenos Aires while least 9,000 people were disappeared, tortured and murdered.

Washington State Bill Would Turn Off Resources to NSA's Yakima Facility
Activist Post - The state level campaign to turn off power and electricity to the NSA got a big boost Wednesday. In a bipartisan effort, Washington became first state with a physical NSA location to consider the Fourth Amendment Protection Act, designed to make life extremely difficult for the massive spy agency.

Judge Rules No Fly List is Unconstitutional
Paul Joseph Watson - A judge has ruled that the U.S. government must remove a Malaysian academic from the no fly list, rendering the infamous policy unconstitutional.

VIDEO: Official: No One Knows How Many People Have Actually Paid for Obamacare
Weekly Standard - An official from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services admitted at a House hearing today that no one knows how many people have actually paid for Obamacare coverage: "So we don't know at this point how many people have actually paid for coverage?" asked a member of Congress. "That's right," the CMS official conceded.

A New Bill in Tennessee Could Nullify Federal Gun Control Laws and Punish LEOs Who Try to Enforce Them
Daily Sheeple - The 2014 Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act is a thing of beauty. Not only does it invalidate any federal gun law that infringes upon a resident’s constitutional right to bear arms, but it also mandate criminal penalties against anyone attempting to enforce those federal laws.

Delaware Senate fails to revive gun control bill - An effort to revive a bill expanding the ability of Delaware authorities to prohibit people with mental health issues from having guns failed Tuesday in the state Senate on opening day of this year's legislative session.

Wyoming Senator Bruce Burns Wants To Reinstate Executions By Firing Squad
Activist Post - One of the most prominent politicians in the state of Wyoming wants to brings back the option of executing inmates by the means of firing squad. That is, only if the state runs out of doses of lethal injections, which are apparently harder than ever to obtain.

America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead
BuzzFeed - “In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself,” a current NSA analyst told BuzzFeed. “A lot of people share this sentiment.”


What Recovery? Sears And J.C. Penney Are DYING
Economic Collapse - Two of the largest retailers in America are steamrolling toward bankruptcy. Sears and J.C. Penney are both losing hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter, and both of them appear to be caught in the grip of a death spiral from which it will be impossible to escape.

Wisconsin Republicans propose 7-day work week at behest of business lobby
Raw Story - A pair of Republican legislators in Wisconsin are circulating a draft of a bill that would allow a 7-day work week for the state’s workers. According to the Stephen Points Journal newspaper, the two lawmakers are floating the bill on behalf of the state’s largest anti-union business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Detroit bankruptcy judge blocks $165 million payment to banks
CNN News - The judge in the Detroit bankruptcy case struck down a controversial proposed settlement in which the city would have paid two big banks $165 million.

Veteran News

Feds Drop Bombshell On Veterans! - The Veterans Administration has deemed Mr. Kirby “incompetent” because his wife takes care of their finances. He has a good credit rating, he pays his taxes, he has never been arrested in his life, yet the federal government says will have to surrender his firearms and give up his Second Amendment right due to the VA’s designation of “incompetent”. His alleged incompetence is based on his own admission that he does not take care of his own finances.

Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq vets homeless
USA Today - Nearly 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were either homeless or in a federal program aimed at keeping them off the streets during 2013, almost triple the number in 2011, according to numbers released Thursday by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Energy & Environment

Why Obama Won’t Admit Fukushima Radiation is Poisoning Americans…Connecting the Dots
Activist Post - We all know that the radiation from the stricken Fukushima plant has spread around the globe and is poisoning people worldwide. We all know that the West Coast of the United States is being polluted with radioactive debris and that the oceans, the beaches that border them, and even the air is becoming more polluted by radioactivity as time goes on.
You have to ask yourself why the government won’t admit this.

Researchers find thousands of leaks in District’s aging system of natural gas pipes
Washington Post - Researchers who conducted a street-by-street survey of the District found nearly 6,000 natural gas leaks from the city’s aging pipe system, including 12 in manholes where methane had collected to potentially explosive levels, according to a study published Thursday.

Wildfire near Los Angeles: Three people arrested, emergency declared
LA Times - Arson investigators were at the scene of a wildfire near Los Angeles that exploded in size Thursday to more than 1,700 acres and destroyed at least two homes, authorities said.


12 Foods Most People Don't Know Are Dyed or Adulterated
Prevent Disease - Orange cheddar cheese comes to mind as one of many foods people don't realize is dyed. While some food coloring and adulterations are less harmful than others, many exist as toxic threats in the food supply. Almost any food you buy that is not its natural color has the potential of being adulterated, even if purchased from a reputable grocery retailer.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Harmful for Teeth?
Green Med Info - Regarded as a legendary healing compound, scientific evidence shows that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and bleaching is actually harmful for teeth and may cause tissue irritation and teeth sensitivity and compromise long-term dental health.

Earthing - The ultimate healing technique?
(NaturalNews) The key factor that seems to be linked with earthing is the reduction of inflammation. Since there are over 80 chronic diseases associated with inflammation, including cancer and type 2 diabetes, earthing could be one of the greatest "rediscoveries" of our time.

How Probiotics May Aid Your Weight Management
Dr. Mercola - Your intestinal bacteria are part of your immune system, and researchers are discovering that microbes of all kinds play instrumental roles in countless areas of your health.

Filthy endoscopes linked to superbug outbreaks at hospitals
(NaturalNews) A new report published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report has found that filthy endoscopes, which are inserted into the body during an endoscopy, were responsible for infecting dozens of patients with a rare superbug known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which produces an enzyme known as New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase, or NDM, that renders antibiotics useless.

Nearly all gum and candy contain either toxic GMO corn syrup or nerve-disrupting aspartame
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) Do you chew gum? Which kind - the pesticide corn syrup kind or the nervous-wreck, sugar-free kind? Do you like breath mints? Which kind - pesticide corn syrup or agitated, sugar-free? How do you feel about food agents that are toxins and cause nervous disorders? Do you feel that it is fair that food companies can put just about anything they want in products we consume?

California Department of Public Health publishes cosmetic chemical database
(NaturalNews) Well, "it's about time a state agency did something worthwhile" might be an appropriate expression for the California Department of Public Health's database website disclosing harmful chemicals in cosmetic products. Mainstream media outlets, such as the Bay Area's SF Gate and other online sites, have promoted the new website.

Dietary intake of flame retardant chemical linked to increased obesity
(NaturalNews) This study shows how these industrial chemicals accumulate in the tissues of animals and humans, accelerating weight gain, affecting blood sugar levels and leading to other metabolic disorders like diabetes. In fact, this study shows how a high-fat diet laced with brominated flame retardant chemicals increases weight gain by 30 percent.

Research shows that bee pollen can improve skin, increase fertility and more
(NaturalNews) According to Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, a Swedish dermatologist who pioneered the use of bee products for skin issues, bee pollen's high concentrations of nutrients provide skin-boosting properties when applied topically: "[Bee pollen] seems to prevent premature aging of the cells and stimulates growth of new skin tissue," says Dr. Essen.

Science & Technology

Creepiest SmartPhone App Yet Scans Crowd for People with Dating Site Profiles
Daily Sheeple - Imagine for a moment, that you are at the farmer's market on a Saturday morning, getting your veggies and minding your own business. Suddenly, a creepy guy with a comb-over approaches you. "Hey, there. I bet you like long walks on the beach and strawberry margaritas, baby." What? you think. How on earth did he know that?

For The First Time, Hackers Have Used A Refrigerator To Attack Businesses
Business Insider - Security researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered the very first wide-scale hack that involved television sets and at least one refrigerator. Yes, a fridge. This is being hailed as the first home appliance "botnet" and the first cyberattack from the Internet of Things.

Yes, Google Really Is Working On Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Your Body’s Health
Business Insider - The lens is being developed specifically to help track blood glucose levels for diabetics, as an alternative to the painful pricking-of-the-finger that diabetics must endure today. And yes, Google is talking to the FDA about these lenses.

‘US telecoms seek to make internet enhanced form of cable TV’
RT - Telecoms will be able to pick winners and losers, decide what content will be on now that the network neutrality rule has been reversed by the court, Dan Gillmor, head of the Knight center for digital media entrepreneurship, told RT.

Pet News

4 Signs of an Impending Diabetic Pet Emergency
Dr. Becker - Owners of diabetic pets should watch for these signs of an approaching health crisis. What to have on hand in case of a true emergency, how to work with your vet, and how to adequately monitor the situation to keep it under control at all times.

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: Adorable Husky Verbally ‘Says No’ When Told to Go Into His Kennel
The Blaze - An adorable 11-month-old Husky — whose name is actually “Blaze” — apparently has no desire to go into his kennel. He is so adamantly against the kennel, he’s learned how to “say no” verbally and use his body weight to make sure he remains free.

Thursday - January 16, 2014: - Today In History:
1809 - The British defeated the French at the Battle of Corunna, in the Peninsular War.
1883 - The United States Civil Service Commission was established as the Pendleton Act went into effect.
1900 - The U.S. Senate consented to the Anglo-German treaty of 1899, by which the U.K. renounced rights to the Samoan islands.
1920 - Prohibition went into effect in the U.S.
1944 - General Dwight D. Eisenhower took command of the Allied invasion force in London.
1979 - The Shah of Iran and his family fled Iran for Egypt.
1982 - Britain and the Vatican resumed full diplomatic relations after a break of over 400 years.
1998 - Researchers announce that an altered gene helped to defend against HIV.
1991 - The White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm. The operation was designed to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.
1992 - Officials of the government of El Salvador and rebel leaders signed a pact in Mexico City ending 12 years of civil war. At least 75,000 people were killed during the fighting.
1998 - NASA officially announced that John Glenn would fly aboard the space shuttle Discovery in October.
1998 - It was announced that Texas would receive $15.3 billion in a tobacco industry settlement. The payouts were planned to take place over 25 years.
1998 - Three federal judges secretly granted Kenneth Starr authority to probe whether U.S. President Clinton or Vernon Jordan urged Monica Lewinsky to lie about her relationship with Clinton.
2002 - U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that John Walker Lindh would be brought to the United States to face trial. He was charged in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA, with conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens, providing support to terrorist organizations, and engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban of Afghanistan.
2002 - The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted sanctions against Osama bin Laden, his terror network and the remnants of the Taliban. The sanctions required that all nations impose arms embargoes and freeze their finances.
2003 - The space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven blasted off from Cape Canaveral. (The shuttle broke up during its return descent on Feb. 1, killing everyone on board.)
2007 - Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., launched his successful bid for the White House.

World News

Afghanistan accuses US of killing woman, 7 children in airstrike
RT - Afghan President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned the US airstrike that killed 7 children and a woman in central Afghanistan on Tuesday night, emphasizing that American troops once again acted against all mutual agreements between the states.

UN climate chief: Communism is best to fight global warming
Daily Caller - United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model. China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting global warming says Figueres.

WikiLeaks releases long sought Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Environment draft
WikiLeaks - Today, 15 January 2014, WikiLeaks released the secret draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Environment Chapter and the corresponding Chairs' Report. The TPP transnational legal regime would cover 12 countries initially and encompass 40 per cent of global GDP and one-third of world trade.

MIT study of Ghouta chemical attack challenges US intelligence
RT - A new MIT report is challenging the US claim that Assad forces used chemical weapons in an attack last August, highlighting that the range of the improvised rocket was way too short to have been launched from govt controlled areas.

Kuwait Leads Aid Pledges For War-Ravaged Syria
RIA Novosti - Kuwait, the United States and other donor nations have so far promised more than $1.2 billion of new funding to alleviate the suffering of Syrians affected by their country's civil war at the start of an international fundraising conference Wednesday that aid officials hope will help cover billions of dollars needed this year.

Iran, Russia Ruffle US Feathers with Oil Swap Deal - Reports are emerging that Iran and Russia are in talks about a potential $1.5 billion oil-for-goods swap that could boost Iranian oil exports, prompting harsh responses from Washington, which says such a deal could trigger new US sanctions.

Ukraine Sanctions, Visa Restrictions ‘On the Table’ – US Official
(RIA Novosti) – The United States is open to imposing sanctions and visa restrictions should Ukrainian authorities violently quash antigovernment protests in the ex-Soviet nation, a senior US diplomat said Wednesday.

China confirms new hypersonic glide vehicle test-flight
RT - China confirmed conducting a test flight of a new hypersonic missile delivery vehicle capable of delivering nuclear warheads with record breaking speeds. The move is purely scientific and not targeted at any country, said the Defense Ministry.

China grants gold import licenses to foreign banks for first time: sources
(Reuters) - China has granted licenses to import gold to two foreign banks for the first time, sources said, as moves to open the world's biggest physical bullion market gather pace. Allowing more banks to import gold could increase the supply of the metal into the country, easing local prices that are higher than in most Asian nations.

EU Parliament Votes against Labeling GM Pollen in Honey
Sustainable Pulse - The EU Parliament endorsed draft rules defining pollen as a natural constituent of honey, rather than an ingredient, in a vote on Wednesday. This means that GM pollen has to be labelled if it makes up more than 0.9% of the honey, which never occurs.

Contaminated Japanese rivers unleash 'perennial supply' of radiation into Pacific Ocean
(NaturalNews) A study published in the Elsevier journal Anthropocene late last year has revealed that many of the rivers, streams and other waterways located throughout coastal Japan have inadvertently become delivery systems for transporting radioactive waste directly from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility into the Pacific Ocean.

TEPCO demands Fukushima workers return salary money
(NaturalNews) Many of the power plant workers and their families who were evacuated after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and later given compensation by the utility for their ongoing hardships, are now being told that they have to return the money, according to new reports.

Pesticide-tainted food poisons over a thousand in Japan
(NaturalNews) Aqli Foods, a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based company Maruha Nichiro Holdings, Inc., which sells frozen seafood products in Japan, North America and Europe, has sickened over 1,700 Japanese after the company's products tested positive for pesticide levels 2.6 million times the allowable limit.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

FEMA Seeking Contractors Who Can Supply Biohazard Disposal Facilities, Tarps and Housing Units With 24-48 Hours Notice
Daily Sheeple - FEMA is seeking contractors who can supply medical biohazard disposal capabilities and 40 yard dumpsters to 1,000 tent hospitals across the United States; all required on 24-48 hour notice. Issued on January 10th.... The request comes on the heels of other requests that the medical supply industry has received recently.

Obama Announces Plan to Rule by Executive Order
Kurt Nimmo - Obama has officially announced plans to trash the Constitution and move forward with a socialist-corporatist dictatorship without input from Congress or the American people. He made the announcement Tuesday during a cabinet meeting.

North Dakota Man Sentenced to Jail In Controversial Drone-Arrest Case
U.S. News & World Report - Tuesday, Rodney Brossart, a North Dakotan cattle rancher, was sentenced to three years in prison, with all but six months suspended, for terrorizing police officers who were trying to arrest him at his property in 2011. The strange case garnered national attention because it was the first time a law enforcement agency had used an unmanned aerial vehicle to assist in carrying out an arrest.

The US Border Patrol 'Misplaced' the Records for 200 Predator Drone Flights
Motherboard - Late last year, we reported that the U.S. Border Patrol had lent out its Predator drones 500 times over the past three years. Scratch that, because “newly discovered” data shows that it’s actually been 700 times.

NH House kills license plate scanner bill - New Hampshire’s House voted Wednesday against letting police use license plate scanners, siding with those who argued the blanket surveillance infringed on innocent people’s privacy. The House voted 214-135 to bar reconsidering the issue in any form this year.

Congressman Looking To Introduce Bill To Stop TSA “Barking Orders” At Public
Steve Watson - A Democratic Congressman is looking at the possibility of introducing legislation that would make it law for TSA employees to treat the public with respect and politeness at transport hubs.

34 nuclear missile launch officers implicated in cheating scandal
RT - The Air Force says 34 nuclear missile launch officers have now been implicated in a cheating scandal and have been stripped of their security clearance, the AP reports. The allegations come after some of the officers texted each other the answers to a monthly test gauging their understanding of how nuclear missiles are operated. Some may have known about the cheating, but failed to report it.

Bill Kristol: It’s Sweet to Die for the State
Kurt Nimmo - Neocon big leaguer, William Kristol, has come out with another doozy of an op-ed for the Weekly Standard, the neocon redoubt Kristol edits that has consistently lost around a million dollars a year since its inception in 1995.

H.I.V.-Positive Person, Told Otherwise, Is Being Sought
NY Times - For the last six weeks, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has been engaged in a highly unusual effort to identify an individual who is H.I.V. positive but was wrongly informed that he or she was H.I.V. negative after a mix-up of blood samples taken at the hospital.


Vast Stretches Of Impoverished Appalachia Look Like They Have Been Through A War
Economic Collapse - If you want to get an idea of where the rest of America is heading, just take a trip through the western half of West Virginia and the eastern half of Kentucky some time. Once you leave the main highways, you will rapidly encounter poverty on a level that is absolutely staggering.

Congress flips the switch on the fight over incandescent light bulbs
Denver Post - Just two weeks after new federal standards went into effect that require stores to sell newer, more efficient types of light bulbs, a Republican-written provision was inserted in the budget agreement that would bring back the old kind. The provision doesn't undo the 2007 law that required incandescents be phased out... Instead, it would simply bar the government from spending any money to enforce the law.

Energy & Environment

Helicopter Over Baltimore To Monitor Radiation
(WJZ) - Protecting Baltimore from a nuclear attack. Homeland Security officials will conduct tests this week that could save lives and they’ll be done from a helicopter flying extremely low over the city. Officials will test for radiation so they can respond more quickly in case of a nuclear or dirty bomb attack.

Discovery Channel: Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radiation!
Paul Joseph Watson - The Discovery Channel has posted a YouTube video urging its viewers to ignore “trolls” and “fearmongerers” and stop worrying about Fukushima radiation.

Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Off on West Coast
Adan Salazar - Experts are baffled by a confirmed and unexpected die-off of the West Coast’s sardine population, a mystery adding to an already long list of devastating environmental mysteries taking place in the wake of the Fukushima radiological disaster.

Single cinder block was used to contain toxic chemical prior to mass W. Virginia spill
Daily Sheeple - State inspectors found that the company involved in a major chemical spill in West Virginia had set up a simple cinder block and one 50-pound bag of a safety absorbent powder, according to the Charleston Gazette.


If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form - If your doctor insists that vaccines are safe, then they should have absolutely no problem in signing this form so that you may archive it for your own records on the event of an adverse reaction. (Source Link)

Organic Turmeric Makes Pesticide-Grown Turmeric Look Repulsive
Activist Post - Another side-by-side comparison of organic vs. conventional produce reveals much to be desired from foods grown with pesticides. A vibrant and colorful specimen of organic turmeric looks visibly healthier and richer than a dull, lumpy and almost dead looking turmeric grown conventionally.

Why Every Woman Needs To Have a Gluten Antibody Test BEFORE Pregnancy
Green Med Info - It is becoming more well known that poor digestion, leaky gut and dysbiosis can lead to health problems outside of the GI tract. In several previous articles I have discussed the effects of gluten on the brain as well as the effects of gluten on the cardiovascular system. In addition to these hazards, current research indicates a clear relationship between a mother's sensitivity to gluten and the mental health of her child.

Good Mood Foods: Don’t Worry be Happy
Natural News Blog - The old adage, “You are what you eat” is becoming increasingly true. What we choose to eat and when we eat it has a huge impact on how we feel. Here’s a fun list of foods you should eat to improve your mood fast!

Sewage Sludge: Whole Foods Quietly Agrees To Drop Waste Grown Produce
Activist Post - In December 2012, whistleblower Mario Ciasulli, a semi-retired electrical engineer in North Carolina, put pressure on Whole Foods to come clean about a fertilizer method among their conventional produce suppliers. That is, using sewage sludge, the "pink slime" of large produce farming.

Goji berries help to improve vision
(NaturalHealth365) If you suffer with AMD – there’s good news! Eating foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent the loss of macular pigment and could help delay, avert, or modify the course of AMD. Studies show a direct link to the dietary intake and increase in macular pigments because both lutein and zeaxanthin are both entirely of dietary origin. Simply put, the more you eat foods rich in these yellow pigments, the stronger the protection for your eyes.

Spirulina truly is an exceptional food in every imaginable way
(NaturalNews) This is a one of a kind food that you should immediately start adding to your diet as often as possible. Spirulina is mainly found growing in the alkaline lakes of Central and South America. It's now recognized as one of the most nutritious foods in the world, as it contains all the essential amino acids so important to maintain and enhance health, including five of them that the human body cannot generate on its own, as per a study conducted at Kansas University back in 2005.

Science & Technology

Renowned cryptographer believes his 'Blackphone' can stop the NSA
The Verge - The Blackphone will run a "security-oriented" version of Android named PrivatOS, which the companies say will allow users to securely place and receive phone calls, text messages, video chat, transfer and store files, and "anonymize your activity" through a VPN.

Doomsday Clock One Minute Closer to a Global Apocalypse
The Daily Sheeple - The Doomsday Clock is a clockface with no workings. Its time changes depending on how close to doomsday the Earth is considered to be by a panel of experts. They assess the dangers facing mankind and then decide where the hands of the clock should be set. The news is published in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

‘Sorry, Dave, I can’t let you do that’: Robots learn, network without humans
RT - A World Wide Web for robots just got more real as scientists ready to demo a project four years in the making: a cloud-based hive mind for robots to upload and download information and learn new tasks from each other, completely independent of humans.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Monsanto says biotech wheat moves closer to market
(Reuters) - Monsanto Co, the world's largest seed company, said Wednesday it was making good progress on development of an herbicide-tolerant wheat, pushing what would be the world's first biotech wheat a step closer to market.

Pet News

If it's this bad for employees, what's it doing to pets?
Susan Thixton - The Centers for Disease Control just released a shocking report of the health risks to employees at a pet food plant in Missouri. Mention of dangers in grains (aflatoxins), flavor additives (diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedion), and pesticides (phosphine) to employees certainly makes one wonder...if the manufacturing of pet food is dangerous to employees, what does eating the pet food do to our pets?

Wednesday - January 15, 2014: - Today In History:
1777 - The people of New Connecticut (now the state of Vermont) declared their independence.
1844 - The University of Notre Dame received its charter from the state of Indiana.
1870 - A cartoon by Thomas Nast titled "A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion" appeared in "Harper's Weekly." The cartoon used the donkey to symbolize the Democratic Party for the first time.
1913 - The first telephone line between Berlin and New York was inaugurated.
1936 - The first, all glass, windowless building was completed in Toledo, OH. The building was the new home of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company Lab.
1943 - The Pentagon was dedicated as the world's largest office building just outside Washington, DC, in Arlington, VA. The structure covers 34 acres of land and has 17 miles of corridors.
1953 - Harry S Truman became the first U.S. President to use radio and television to give his farewell as he left office.
1973 - U.S. President Nixon announced the suspension of all U.S. offensive action in North Vietnam. He cited progress in peace negotiations as the reason.
1986 - President Reagan signed legislation making Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a national holiday to be celebrated on the third Monday of January.
2003 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Congress had permission to repeatedly extend copyright protection.
2004 - The NASA Spirit rover rolled onto the surface of Mars.
2005 - A military court sentenced Army Specialist Charles Graner Jr. to 10 years for physically and sexually mistreating Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison.
2009 - US Airways Capt Chelsey Sullenberger guided a jetliner disabled by a bird strike just after takeoff from New York's LaGuardia Airport to a safe landing in the Hudson River. All 155 people aboard survived.

World News

VIDEO: US to give $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt
Press TV - The United States is planning to give $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt in order to show Washington’s support for the military-backed referendum on a new constitution.

With Muslim Brotherhood crushed, Egypt sets sights on Hamas
(Reuters) - After crushing the Muslim Brotherhood at home, Egypt's military rulers plan to undermine the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which runs the neighbouring Gaza Strip, senior Egyptian security officials told Reuters.

Pentagon to sell Osprey aircraft to Israel
Press TV - The Pentagon plans to sell six Osprey aircraft to Israel in a deal worth more than $1 billion. The Pentagon notified Congress on Tuesday about the details of the long-planned deal, AFP reports.

Russia concerned at drug production in Afghanistan
Press TV - The Russian Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) has voiced concern over the growing drug production in Afghanistan, saying this poses a direct threat to Russia.

VIDEO: 62 US organizations oppose Iran bill
Press TV - As an anti-Iran bill is gaining support in the US Senate, more than 60 US organizations have delivered a joint letter to the upper chamber urging senators to oppose the new Iran sanctions legislation.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Top secret Benghazi documents prove Obama administration 'knew about terrorist attack within minutes'
Daily Mail - Newly declassified testimonies about what happened among Pentagon officials the night of the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 have been obtained by Fox News

Confirmed: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel
Business Insider - An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.

TSA to begin inspecting airliner repair shops
Detroit Free Press - The Transportation Security Administration is gearing up to begin inspecting airplane shops all over the world, an effort aimed at stopping potential sabotage and theft of U.S. planes.

Nurses sue St. Thomas over strip searches for drug tests - Four nurses say they were mortified after being forced to remove all their clothing in front of supervisors and co-workers just to submit a simple drug test. Now, each nurse is suing St. Thomas for at least $75,000.

Retired Cop Accused of Murdering Man at Cinema for Texting
The Guardian - Authorities said Curtis Reeves, 71, and Chad Oulson, 43, got into an argument before the screening of the film Lone Survivor when Reeves asked Oulson to stop texting. “Somebody throws popcorn. I’m not sure who threw the popcorn,” said witness Charles Cummings. “And then bang, he was shot.”

Freedom executive Kennedy had felonies
The Charleston Gazette - Freedom Industries, the company responsible for contaminating the water of 300,000 Kanawha Valley residents, was founded by a two-time convicted felon, benefited from the 2009 federal stimulus and at least two of its executives have longstanding ties to the Charleston business community.

New York Safe Act fails to improve safety - Thousands of “Repeal The SAFE Act” signs have been placed in patriots’ yards all over Upstate New York. Fifty-two of New York’s 62 counties have passed resolutions in opposition to the SAFE Act; 225 municipal governments have passed resolutions in opposition; 19 law enforcement agencies and many county sheriffs oppose the SAFE Act; as well as 17 sportsmen organizations, e.g. the Wild Turkey Federation.

New Hampshire Says No to Common Core
Matt Cole - New Hampshire is rising in the fight against Common Core, introducing a new bill for this year’s legislative season. The state is another addition, pushing back against the federal education takeover. Essentially, New Hampshire says no to Common Core, by introducing a new House bill.

Ohio Refuses To Enforce REAL ID Standards
The New American - Privacy concerns have scuttled state plans to meet all federal “Real ID” standards, which could result in Ohio driver’s licenses not being accepted as sufficient identification to board airplanes and enter federal buildings. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles decided about five months ago to back off the Real ID compliance plan approved by the federal Department of Homeland Security, but it never made a public announcement about the change.

Woman Sexually Assaulted In LAPD Vehicle, Then Falls Out of Moving Car - Jane Doe was 27 in March 2013 when she alleges she was groped by an LAPD officer in the course of an arrest, and then allowed to fall from a moving vehicle, incurring serious injuries that required multiple surgeries and extensive hospitalization. She’s suing the LAPD for compensation in her case, cracking open a horrific story of police brutality and violence that’s exposing the need for close watching of an already controversial police department.


Budget bill sets spending for everything from military pensions to light bulbs
McClatchy - The 1,582-page, $1.1 trillion bill goes line by line, listing how federal dollars will be spent between now and Sept. 30. It’s one of the few times in recent years that Congress has produced such a lengthy roster of priorities.

The Level Of Economic Freedom In The United States Is At An All-Time Low
Economic Collapse - Our economy is literally being suffocated to death by millions of laws, rules and regulations and each year brings a fresh tsunami of red tape. As you will see below, the U.S. government issued more than 80,000 pages of brand new rules and regulations last year on top of what we already had.

LIST: USA drops out of top 10 most economically free countries
WSJ - World economic freedom has reached record levels, according to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, released Tuesday by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. But after seven straight years of decline, the U.S. has dropped out of the top 10 most economically free countries.
* Related Article: Findings In Ranking Of States For Economic Freedom

VIDEO: Identity Thieves Increasingly Target Tax Returns
CNBC News - Identity theft is already a serious problem—the No. 1 complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, and tax-related identity theft is a growing part of this crime spree. In 2010, about 15 percent of all identity theft complaints to the FTC dealt with tax returns. In 2013, that jumped to 43 percent.


Lessons from the blood pressure-lowering drug Diovan scandal - Problems surrounding the blood pressure-lowering drug Diovan have shed fresh light on opaque and sometimes questionable ties between medical researchers and pharmaceutical firms. More facts behind the alleged clinical data falsification of the drug sold by Novartis Pharma K.K. could be exposed through criminal investigation now that the health ministry has filed an accusation with prosecutors against the Japanese unit of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, saying that the firm engaged in exaggerated advertisement of the drug, generally known by the name Valsartan, using scientific papers based on falsified data.

Record Numbers Line Up for Flu Shots as Media Hypes the Flu ‘Epidemic’
Daily Sheeple -Twenty six people died in Dallas County, Texas. Does that seem like a lot? Considering Dallas County is home to 2.454 million people, that means 0.001% of people have died from the flu there. That ‘overwhelmed’ clinic in Plano wasn’t even located in any of the counties where the flu deaths were reported.

Wellness Junkies Will Inherit the Earth: Here’s How
Green Med Info - Let's imagine a likely scenario. A new superbug appears and it is devastating. No antibiotics work. No vaccines can be made in time. It is human vs. microbe. Who survives and inherits the earth?

Recipe: Flu shot soup
STEPin2 - This is a potent flu shot soup that has survived the age of time and goes back over 100 years. It is armed with nature’s most powerful treasures. It will help you kill viruses and recover faster.

What is Millet? 6 Reasons to Add it to Your Diet - This tiny, gluten-free grain has been a staple in Asia and India for nearly 10,000 years. It’s available in a variety of sizes and colors (white, yellow, gray, red). It may be roasted, cooked like rice, or prepared to a creamy texture similar to mashed potatoes. Whichever way you prefer it, millet is a healthy grain that offers many benefits. Here are the top seven reasons to add it to your diet.

New Gov Initiative Will Combine Human DNA & Drug Development - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (RP) stated that they are beginning a human genetics initiative with the Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) to expand the use of human genetics in defining disease and developing drug therapies.

Zilmax Banned for Its Dangers to Horses, but Allowed on Your Dinner Plate?
Dr. Mercola - Zilmax is already banned for use in horses due to severe side effects, including muscle tremors and rapid heart rates. According to previous research, Zilmax is about 125 times more potent than ractopamine—a similar growth-promoting drug that is banned in 160 countries due to its adverse health effects in cattle.

One-third of children's lunch boxes contain toxic lead
(NaturalNews) "There is no safe blood lead level for kids," stated Mary Jean Brown, chief of the CDC's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, who warned against exposure to lead particles in the minute dust that results from the break down of the vinyl and lead combination found frequently in lunch boxes, as well as other products.

Study: Roundup Ready GM soybeans accumulate poison more than equivalent non-GM soybeans
(NaturalNews) GM soybeans contained an average of 3.3 mg/kg of glyphosate residue and 5.7 mg/kg of AMPA residue. In 7 of 10 samples, these residues were found well in excess of the levels proclaimed by Monsanto itself to be "extreme" and beyond typical use.

Science & Technology

Key provision of net-neutrality law struck down by court
RT - Should internet service providers be allowed to restrict access to websites and block certain content from customers depending on how much they pay to be connected? On Tuesday, a federal appeals court said yes.

Court Deals Blow to Anonymity and First Amendment
Kurt Nimmo - The Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled that Yelp users have no right to anonymity when they post negative comments about a business online. The ruling was handed down after the owner of a carpet-cleaning business said criticism about his business was not posted by customers.

Record Growth For Privacy Search Engines In Wake Of NSA Revelations
Steve Watson - In 2013, the search engines and saw their traffic numbers double, with more than 5 million total daily searches, amounting to over 1.25 billion searches for the year.... “Every time Edward Snowden shares a new revelation about government spying, we get an influx of new users,” said company spokesperson and privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

5 Ways To Homestead No Matter Your Yard Size
Off The Grid News - Homesteading means something different to almost everyone. For some people it means, quite literally, working a large piece of land. Others, a smaller piece of land. For some, it’s self-sufficiency and total off-the-grid living. And yet for just as many, homesteading is simply a frame of mind, or a way of living.

To-Do List for January
Organic Gardening - Here is your zone-by-zone to-do list for the month of January.

Starting Seeds Indoors
Organic Gardening - Starting seeds indoors will give you earlier vegetables and flowers, and your cultivar choices will be endless. The process of germination may seem complex, but the act of seed planting is reassuringly simple. Just take it step-by-step, and you’ll soon be presiding over a healthy crop of seedlings.

Pet News

The Hidden Disease That Plagues Many Cats Over the Age of 8
Dr. Becker - If you’re owned by a cat, you may not realize it, but your pet can develop severe high blood pressure, also called hypertension. The condition is most commonly seen in senior and geriatric cats. High blood pressure in felines is a serious disease that usually occurs secondary to another illness like kidney failure or hyperthyroidism. In fact, over 60 percent of cats with renal failure and 90 percent of hyperthyroid kitties are also hypertensive.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cancer-Free for Life
Dr. Becker - There are dog cancers that can kill your dog within a year, even with treatment. Short of this new treatment, here are 5 things you can do to help keep your beloved dog cancer-free for life.

Tuesday - January 14, 2014: - Today In History:
1784 - The United States ratified a peace treaty with England ending the Revolutionary War.
1878 - Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the telephone for Britain's Queen Victoria.
1943 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first U.S. President to fly in an airplane while in office. He flew from Miami, FL, to French Morocco where he met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to discuss World War II.
1952 - NBC's "Today" show premiered.
1963 - George C. Wallace was sworn in as governor of Alabama.
1969 - An explosion aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier Enterprise off Hawaii killed 25 crew members.
1994 - U.S. President Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed Kremlin accords to stop aiming missiles at any nation and to dismantle the nuclear arsenal of Ukraine.
1998 - Whitewater prosecutors questioned Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House for 10 minutes about the gathering of FBI background files on past Republican political appointees.
1999 - The impeachment trial of U.S. President Clinton began in Washington, DC.
1999 - The U.S. proposed the lifting of the U.N. ceilings on the sale of oil in Iraq. The restriction being that the money be used to buy medicine and food for the Iraqi people.
2000 - A U.N. tribunal sentenced five Bosnian Croats to up to 25 years for the 1993 massacre of over 100 Muslims in a Bosnian village.
2004 - Former Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow pleaded guilty to conspiracy as he accepted a 10-year prison sentence.
2004 - President George W. Bush unveiled a plan to send astronauts to the moon, Mars and beyond.
2005 - Army Specialist Charles Graner Jr., the reputed ringleader of a band of rogue guards at the Abu Ghraib prison, was convicted at Fort Hood, Texas, of abusing Iraqi detainees. (He was later sentenced to 10 years in prison.)
2005 - A European space probe sent back the first detailed pictures of the frozen surface of Saturn's moon, Titan.
2008 - Republican Bobby Jindal, the first elected Indian-American governor in the United States, took office in Louisiana.

World News

Israel to pay $6 million compensation to anthrax vaccine trial subjects
RT - The Israeli government will pay out thousands of dollars in compensation to 716 soldiers who took part in an anthrax vaccine trial that ended in 2005. 92 of the servicemen sued the state, saying they were forced into the study and suffered side effects.

‘Geneva-2 talks is an exercise in shadow fake diplomacy’
RT - Decisions on the Syrian issue will be taken behind closed doors, and the main question will be "Who is behind the terrorists," Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, told RT.

Nigerian Army Partners With AFRICOM To Establish Special Operation Command
StratRisks - As part of the government efforts in the fight against insurgency, the Nigerian Army has established a Special Operation Unit. The unit, known as the Nigerian Army Special Operation Command, was established with assistance of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM).

Neocons Call for U.S. Military Action Against Al-Qaeda in Iraq
Kurt Nimmo - In response to Salafist victories in Fallujah and across Iraq’s al-Anbar province, James M. Dubik, a retired Army lieutenant general, has called for direct U.S. involvement to take on the resurgent terrorist group.

Overseas Companies Fake Organic Certificates
Cornucopia - Some foreign suppliers of crops have been caught with fraudulent organic certificates in recent years. Premium prices are likely the motivation for the forgeries.... The companies seeking to use the fraudulent certificates operated in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East, but none have been uncovered in North America.

Fish testing at 124 times over radiation limit caught off Fukushima
RT - One of the samples of the 37 black sea bream specimens caught some 37 kilometers south of the crippled power plant tested at 12,400 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium, making it 124 times deadlier than the threshold considered safe for human consumption, Japan's Fisheries Research Agency announced.

Captagon: the amphetamine fuelling Syria’s civil war
The Guardian - Separate investigations by the news agency Reuters and Time magazine have found that the growing trade in Syrian-made Captagon – an amphetamine widely consumed in the Middle East but almost unknown elsewhere – generated revenues of millions of dollars inside the country last year, some of which was almost certainly used to fund weapons, while combatants on both sides are reportedly turning to the stimulant to help them keep fighting.

Thailand: "Occupy Bangkok" Begins
Tony Cartalucci - The fourth, and largest mass mobilization yet by protesters seeking to rid Thailand of unelected dictator Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxy regime, has filled the streets of Bangkok with hundreds of thousands of protesters, turning sections of the city's roads into walking streets, campsites, stages, and protest areas.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Pentagon To Increase Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Science &Technology Efforts
StratRisks - Part of the re-organization will include merging the Pentagon’s ISR Task Force into an ISR Operations Directorate, counterintelligence and security directorates have been merged together and HUMINT, sensitive activities and National Programs Directorates have been combined.

Get Ready for the Obamacare Bailout of Insurance Corporations
Kurt Nimmo - If Republicans in Congress are unable to muster the forces required to repeal Obamacare – and there is a reasonable chance they will not be able to do so with the current political climate – the socialist scheme will be rescued by the American tax payer.

Californians Sign Petition Allowing U.S. Troops to Commandeer Their Homes
Steve Watson & Paul Watson - Illustrating once again how many Americans’ knowledge of the Bill of Rights is virtually non-existent, Californians signed a petition to repeal the Third Amendment and allow U.S. troops to commandeer their homes. The unbelievable footage was captured recently in California by activist prankster Mark Dice, a regular Infowars contributor.

Texas dad sentenced to SIX MONTHS in jail over child support payments he's already PAID after admin error bungled transactions
Daily Mail - A Texas dad was sentenced to six months in jail in a dispute over his child support payments - despite the fact that he had paid his ex-wife all that he owed her. Clifford Hall's child support payments are all caught up - he even paid back $3,000 that he says were inadvertently withheld from his ex-wife by his employer prior to the hearing.

Unelected Bureaucrats: Conduit for America’s Destruction
Activist Post - The EPA, FDA and scores of other Federal agencies operate outside the confines of the US Constitution.... Let’s go over just a brief list of Federal agencies, and you decide if these monstrosities have made our lives better.

NSA surveillance does little to prevent terrorism, says think-tank report
The Verge - The report found that the NSA was responsible for 7.5 percent of counterterrorism investigations, and there was only one case out of the 225 that was initiated by NSA evidence. The case involved a cab driver named Basaaly Moalin who was convicted of sending money to Somalian terrorist groups.

Kelly Thomas Verdict: Cops Now Have License to Murder
Paul Joseph Watson - The acquittal of two Fullerton, California police officers in the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who was pummeled into a coma as he begged for his life, underscores the fact that cops now have a license to murder.

Federal Law Would Make GMO Labeling Voluntary, Preempt State Laws
Activist Post - Claiming they are merely seeking a “national solution,” mega food corporations are pushing a federal GMO labeling law. The problem is, the law would be voluntary and it would preempt every state in this country from passing legislation that isn’t, according to a draft obtained by Politico.


CFR Sweep at Fed: Obama Names Fischer, Brainard, Powell to Join Yellen
New American - Unremarked in any of the media coverage of the appointments is the significant fact that all four of these Obama nominations to one of the most powerful institutions on the planet are not only members, but high-level operatives, of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the premier U.S. “think tank” promoting world government for the past century.

Why Is Goldman Sachs Warning That The Stock Market Could Decline By 10 Percent Or More?
Economic Collapse - Goldman Sachs has to know that when they release a report like this that it will move the market. And that is precisely what happened on Monday. U.S. stocks dropped precipitously. So is Goldman Sachs just honestly trying to warn their clients that stocks may have become overvalued at this point, or is another agenda at work here?

Energy & Environment

DOE Plugs Energy Rating for Homes, Similar to MPG Rating for Cars
CNS News - DOE says its energy-scoring software -- called the Home Energy Scoring Tool -- is like a vehicle's mile-per-gallon rating because it allows homeowners to compare the energy performance of their homes to other homes nationwide.

Researchers to Monitor State's Kelp Forest for Radioactive Contamination from Fukushima
Manhattan Beach Patch - Traces of radioactive iodine from the March 11, 2011, earthquake, tsunami and meltdown were detected about a month later in kelp along the Orange County shoreline. The ongoing study, dubbed Kelp Watch 2014, will examine samples of Giant Kelp and Bull Kelp from along the California coast.

West Virginia chemical company facing tough questions after spill
NBC News - Weary West Virginians are feeling some relief after officials on Monday began to lift a tap-water ban.... But as the logistics are sorted out, tough questions to understand how the water became poisoned — and whether the chemical company responsible for the leak, Freedom Industries, broke the law on how long it took to report its chemical spill in the Elk River — must be adequately answered, lawmakers and activists told NBC News.


New Research Confirms Ayurvedic Spice Good For Prostate
Green Med Info - Biomedical researchers from Italy's Chieti-Pescara University have confirmed what recent laboratory research has found: That the Ayurvedic herb turmeric (Curcuma longa) increases quality of life and reduces symptoms of non-cancerous enlarged prostate also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

7 Reasons You Need to Eat More Eggs
Organic Gardening - Many Americans were raised on the theory that eggs were loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol, and that eating them was a surefire way to promote coronary heart disease. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. When Wake Forest University researchers reviewed some of the top scientific studies, they found no link between eating eggs and heart disease.

Court halts robocalls aimed at senior citizens
CNBC News - A federal court has temporarily pulled the plug on a nationwide telemarketing operation that used illegal robocalls to trick seniors across the U.S. and Canada into buying medical alert devices they had not ordered.

Omega-3 fatty acids lower the risk of mini-strokes and brain abnormalities as we age by 40 percent
(NaturalNews) Strokes, mini-strokes or infarcts and vascular dementia, along with heart disease, account for one in three deaths each year. Expert analysis shows that nearly 200,000 of these deaths are fully preventable by following simple lifestyle modification steps that dramatically lower the risk of being added to this statistical pool.

Even very low lead exposure causes children's reading scores to fall
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Maryland (UM) in Baltimore recently found that children with blood lead levels ranging between 5 and 9 mcg/dL (micrograms per deciliter) -- for the past 25 years, the CDC has told the public that lead exposure below 10 mcg/dL is safe -- scored a staggering 4.5 points lower on their reading scores than children exposed to 5 mcg/dL of lead or less.

Root canal procedure kills three-year-old girl in Hawaii
(NaturalNews) The family of a three-year-old child who died just days after undergoing a series of "baby" root canals at a Hawaii-based dental practice, which has since closed, is suing for negligence and malpractice. Young Finley Boyle reportedly suffered major brain damage and later died after being given extreme doses of the sedative drugs Demerol (meperidine), hydroxyzine and chloral hydrate by dental assistants who failed to monitor the girl's vital signs for nearly half an hour.

Science & Technology

Reddit, Mozilla, rights groups to protest online snooping in memory of Aaron Swartz
RT -On February 11, a broad coalition of internet-involved organizations will go online to protest massive electronic surveillance by various governments. The action hopes to repeat the successful beating of SOPA/PIPA bills in 2012.

Google's reach expands into your home more via $3.2 billion Nest acquisition - Google said Monday that it will pay $3.2 billion in cash for Nest, which makes smart thermostats and smoke alarms. Rest assured that Google is hoping to plug smart homes together with Android devices, its developer ecosystem and treasure trove of data.
* Related Article: Google Hopes to Own the Future

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO seed patents, ability to sue
RT - The US Supreme Court upheld biotech giant Monsanto’s claims on genetically-engineered seed patents and the company’s ability to sue farmers whose fields are inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto materials.

US 'superweeds' epidemic shines spotlight on GMOs
(AFP) - Earlier this month, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it was considering the release of new genetically-engineered seeds that are resistant to multiple herbicides. But "weeds that can shrug off multiple other herbicides are also on the rise," the study said. Nearly half (49 percent) of all US farmers said they had "glyphosate resistant weeds" on their farms in 2012, according to the most recent review from agri-business market research firm Stratus.

How To Cold-Weather Compost
Organic Gardening - The sight of steam rising from a compost pile on a cold winter day is sure to warm the heart of every organic gardener. It's a sign that when spring comes, you'll have a batch of fresh compost to use for getting seeds and transplants off to a healthy start in your garden.

Monday - January 13, 2014: - Today In History:
1794 - U.S. President Washington approved a measure adding 2 stars and 2 stripes to the American flag, following the admission of Vermont and Kentucky to the union.
1900 - In Austria-Hungary, Emperor Franz Joseph decreed that German would be the language of the imperial army to combat Czech nationalism.
1906 - Hugh Gernsback, of the Electro Importing Company, advertised radio receivers for sale for the price of just $7.50 in "Scientific American" magazine.
1942 - Henry Ford patented the plastic automobile, which allowed for a 30% decrease in car weight.
1966 - Robert Weaver became the 1st black Cabinet member - he was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by U.S. President Johnson.
1982 - An Air Florida 737 crashed into the capital's 14th Street Bridge after takeoff and fell into the Potomac River. 78 people were killed.
1986 - "The Wall Street Journal" printed a real picture on its front page. The journal had not done this in nearly 10 years. The story was about artist, O. Winston Link and featured one of his works.
1989 - Bernhard H. Goetz was sentenced to one year in prison for possession of an unlicensed gun that he used to shoot four youths he claimed were about to rob him. He was freed the following September.
1990 - L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia, the nation's first elected black governor, took the oath of office in Richmond.
1992 - Japan apologized for forcing tens of thousands of Korean women to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II.
2002 - Japan and Singapore signed a free trade pact that would remove tariffs on almost all goods traded between the two countries.
2002 - U.S. President George W. Bush fainted after choking on a pretzel.
2009 - Ethiopian military forces began pulling out of Somalia, where they had tried to maintain order for nearly two years.

World News

Black Hawk Down Deux: Obama secretly deploys ‘military advisers’ to Somalia
21st Century Wire -Jan 11, 2014 - Yesterday, we discovered that three months ago, in October 2013, President Obama secretly sent his first batch of ‘military advisers’ into the war-torn dysfunctional nation of Somalia.

US withdraws diplomat after India demands expulsion
Press TV - On Sunday, the State Department confirmed that the unidentified American diplomat has left New Delhi “at the request of the government of India.”

US tested biological weapons in Japan’s Okinawa in the 60s – report
RT - The American army conducted experiments with biological weapons aimed at destroying rice crops on the Japanese island of Okinawa in the 60s, Kyodo news agency reports. The alleged target of the tests was the China and Southeast Asia region.

No GMO: UK to Conduct Absolutely No GMO Trials in 2014
Natural Society - The UK is celebrating a GM-free 2014 in UK fields. This will be the first year since 2007 that no GMO trials will be conducted and that none are expected.

EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens
Activist Post - This new law creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe. “Plant Reproductive Material Law” regulates all plants. It contains restrictions on vegetables and woodland trees, as well as all other plants of any species. It will be illegal to grow, reproduce, or trade any vegetable seed or tree that has not been been tested and approved by the government, more specifically the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

VIDEO: The Black Flag Of al-Quaeda Raised Over Two Captured Iraqi Cities This Week
RT - The black flag of Al-Qaeda was this week raised over two Iraq cities which are now under the control of Jihadists bent on creating a new Islamic nation. But the real blood-letting is yet to begin, warn experts, as the Iraqi army and tribal militias mobilise, and prepare to counter-attack.

China Set to Seize South China Sea Island by Force
Paul Joseph Watson - Reports out of Chinese state media indicate that Beijing is set to invade an island in the South China Sea “illegally occupied” by US ally the Philippines, stoking concerns that the tension filled region could explode.

Israeli police to investigate ‘expressions of joy’ at Sharon’s death
RT - The Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch instructed police on Sunday to probe public placards that have appeared proclaiming satisfaction and even joy at the death on Saturday of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Nicaragua To Start Construction On Canal, Rivalling Panama's, By December
Economy Watch - Nicaragua will finally begin construction on a $40 billion inter-oceanic waterway – that will rival the Panama Canal in scope and size – by the end of the year, said President Daniel Ortega on Saturday, following an agreement with a Chinese company on the future rights and management of the project.

Toll of U.S. Sailors Devastated by Fukushima Radiation Continues to Climb
Common Dreams - So many have come forward that the progress of their federal class action lawsuit has been delayed. Bay area lawyer Charles Bonner says a re-filing will wait until early February to accommodate a constant influx of sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and other American ships.

Construction of Monsanto plant in north Argentina halted on environmental grounds - A labor appeals court in north-central Argentina ruled that the construction of a Monsanto plant is unconstitutional, halting work on the site.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Officer Jack McLamb Has Passed Away
Before It's News - We have just learned from Republican Broadcasting that Jack passed away on Saturday afternoon. We’re sure that Jack is now in a better world where we know he’s in wonderful company.

VIDEO: Obama’s use of executive power faces reckoning at Supreme Court
The Hill - Nothing less than the boundaries of executive power are at stake Monday as the Supreme Court considers whether President Obama violated the Constitution during his first term.

VIDEO: Don't be Distracted by NJ Christie news - Pay Attention to TPP Fast Track
RT - Abby Martin calls out the corporate media's coverage of Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate' and discusses how this is distracting from Congress sneaking through new legislation that would give Obama authority to fast track the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership.

U.S. Navy Mistakenly Emails Reporter Plans To Dodge FOIA Requests
Huffington Post - The U.S. Navy has apologized for mistakenly sending Washington television reporter Scott MacFarlane an internal email plotting ways to dodge the reporter’s Freedom of Information Act requests for documents related to September’s Navy Yard mass shooting.

Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Governance
Reality Blog - This lecture and power point explains how Common Core is pure Agenda 21 and a gateway for privatization of the entire school system. It shows a shocking in your face conspiracy by the 50 State governors (National Governor’s Association) and CCSSO to create, copyright, and then sell by legal vote and enforcement Common Core State Standards to each State.

Senator Ted Cruz Criticizes Obama For Not Locking Up Marijuana Users In Colorado
Raw Story - Voters in Colorado and Washington state voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in 2013, but federal law still prohibits the use of the drug. The Department of Justice announced in August of 2013 that it would not target for arrest adults who used marijuana in compliance with state laws. Cruz said the Obama administration should continue imprisoning people for using marijuana until federal law is changed.

EPA overrides Congress, hands over town to Indian tribes
Daily Caller - Have you heard the story of the residents of Riverton, Wyo.? One day they were Wyomingans, the next they were members of the Wind River tribes — after the Environmental Protection Agency declared the town part of the Wind River Indian Reservation, undoing a 1905 law passed by Congress and angering state officials.
* Related Article: Agenda 21 has started in Wyoming

Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Second State to Pass GMO Labeling Law
Activist Post - These laws come with some pretty big caveats. Even though two states have signed on, they still need three more, and all states involved must be A) Northeastern states with B) a combined total of 20 million people living in them for the law to be official. Connecticut and Maine have a combined population of about only five million.

Leaked Document Reveals Big Food Lobby's Plans to Preempt State GMO Labeling - Grocery Manufacturers Association pushing legislation after spending millions against state ballot initiatives.

Gun owners’ self-defense bill moves forward in Florida - A bill backed by the National Rifle Association to protect Florida gun owners who display their weapon or fire a warning shot to deter an attacker sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee on a unanimous vote Wednesday.
* Related Article: University of Florida sued over campus gun ban

Another headache for New Jersey's Christie: class-action lawsuit
(Reuters) - A personal injury lawyer from Fort Lee, New Jersey, filed the case in federal court on behalf of six local residents who missed work or suffered other alleged damages due to the traffic jam last September. Many more people could join the plaintiffs if the court allows the case to become a class action.


People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels
Zero Hedge - Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%? The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it usually does in the New Normal: it dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%.

China leaves US behind as world’s top trader
RT - For the first time in centuries China has overtaken the US as the world’s biggest trading nation, with total trade standing at $4.16 trillion in 2013.... The US is scheduled to release its full-year figures in February, but its trade for the first 11 months from January to November totaled just $3.57 trillion, making China potentially the world’s biggest trader.

Banks Say No to Marijuana Money, Legal or Not
NY Times - Legal marijuana merchants like Mr. Kunkel — mainly medical marijuana outlets but also, starting this year, shops that sell recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington — are grappling with a pressing predicament: Their businesses are conducted almost entirely in cash because it is exceedingly difficult for them to open and maintain bank accounts, and thus accept credit cards.

Government Spent $224,863 On "Custom-Fit" Condoms
Zero Hedge - Money well-spent, we are sure some would suggest; but when the National Institute of Health spends $224,863 to test 95 "custom-fitted" condoms so every hard-working American man can choose the one that fits 'just right', we suggest the government is stretching the tax dollar a little too far.

Energy & Environment

River chemical spill in West Virginia larger than first believed - As hundreds of thousands of residents faced a third day without water because of a chemical spill in a local river, a water company executive said Saturday that it could be days before it is safe for them to drink tap water again.... About 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or MCHM, spilled into the river, about 2,500 more than previously estimated, said Mike Dorsey, chief of homeland security and emergency response for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

US House passed bill ravaging toxic-waste law - on same day as W. Virginia chemical spill
RT - As West Virginians were learning Thursday of a devastating chemical spill in the Elk River that has rendered water undrinkable for 300,000 people, the US House of Representatives was busy gutting federal hazardous-waste cleanup law.

EPA Issues New Rule to Require Chemical Disclosures for Offshore Fracking - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a rule on January 9, 2014 requiring oil and gas companies using hydraulic fracturing off the coast of California to disclose the chemicals they discharge into the ocean. Oil and gas companies have been fracking offshore California for perhaps as long as two decades, but they largely flew under the radar until recently.

BP loses bid over Gulf oil payouts
BBC - BP has lost an appeal to cancel the terms of its multi-billion-dollar settlement with businesses over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. A US federal appeals court on Saturday upheld the terms of the original 2012 settlement.


Forget the Flu Shot: Hand Washing and Elderberry Extract are Better Solutions
Natural Blaze - Don’t fall for the escalating propaganda that is being propelled by a fear campaign. The flu vaccine is NOT the best way to protect yourself against the H1N1 virus.

Researchers: Caffeine Enhances Memory
Natural Blaze - Michael Yassa, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins, and his team of scientists found that caffeine has a positive effect on long-term memory in humans. Their research, published by the journal Nature Neuroscience, shows that caffeine enhances certain memories at least up to 24 hours after it is consumed.

A short-term diet of junk food can irreversibly damage memory, study finds
(NaturalNews) According to a new study by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia, eating food that is loaded with sugar and fat for just one week can have a detrimental effect on the brain's cognitive ability.

Ceylon cinnamon lowers blood sugar better than drugs: Study
(NaturalNews) Type 2 diabetes is definitely among the more frustrating diseases, in that the conventional treatment model requires constant needle pricks while providing no actual cure. But a growing body of research suggests that regular supplementation with cinnamon could help in thwarting the onset of diabetes, and potentially even provide better relief than mainstream therapies for already-diagnosed diabetics.

Why the Flu Virus Spreads More Easily in the Cold
Natural Society - A team of scientists at the National Institute of Health has discovered that the flu virus’s outer covering is more stable in cold temperatures. In the winter months it hardens to a rubbery shell which could make it easier to pass from one person to another, whereas in warm weather, or summer and spring months, it melts into a liquid phase which makes the virus susceptible to the elements.

Take control of your life: Don't Eat Cancer
(NaturalNews) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which most Americans believe is in place to protect our food and guard our health, has instead allowed more than 70,000 chemicals to infiltrate our food supply. Many of these dangerous ingredients are outright toxins, and until we stop eating them, we are poisoning ourselves, undermining our health and allowing cancer to enter our bodies.

History of Medicine - 2000 BC to the present day in eight lines.

Science & Technology

'At least three' more major US retailers reportedly suffer data breaches
The Verge - Target and Neiman Marcus could be the tip of the iceberg, if a new Reuters report is correct. The organization writes that at least three other US retailers also suffered data breaches "using similar techniques" to the one that penetrated Target last month.

The first phone company to publish a transparency report isn’t AT&T or Verizon - This week CREDO made headlines by becoming the first telecom carrier to publicly report government requests for private information about our subscribers.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Urban Gardening: Grow Anywhere!
Natural Blaze - Just because you live in an apartment, does not mean you have to live without the joys of fresh, homegrown garden vegetables. There are just a few simple steps that can help you achieve your homegrown produce dream.

How to Check for Seed Viability
Mother Earth News - Saving seeds is a great gardening habit, but knowing whether they're still good can be a challenge. Our seed viability test will help you get the most from your saved seeds each year.

Use Cold Frames to Grow More Food
Mother Earth News - Get a jump start on your spring garden by using cold frames to sprout seeds in a warm, protected enclosure and protect tender seedlings from wind and frost.

Friday - January 10, 2014: - Today In History:
1861 - Florida seceded from the United States.
1870 - John D. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil.
1901 - Oil was discovered at the Spindletop oil field near Beaumont, TX.
1920 - The League of Nations ratified the Treaty of Versailles, officially ending World War I with Germany.
1920 - The League of Nations held its first meeting in Geneva.
1943 - U.S. President Roosevelt sailed from Miami, FL, to Trinidad thus becoming the first American President to visit a foreign country during wartime.
1946 - The first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly took place with 51 nations represented.
1949 - Vinyl records were introduced by RCA (45 rpm) and Columbia (33.3 rpm).
1978 - The Soviet Union launched two cosmonauts aboard a Soyuz capsule for a redezvous with the Salyut VI space laboratory.
1984 - The United States and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations for the first time in more than a century.
2001 - American Airlines agreed to acquire most of TWA's assets for about $500 million. The deal brought an end to the financially troubled TWA.
2002 - In France, the "Official Journal" reported that all women could get the morning-after contraception pill for free in pharmacies.
2003 - North Korea announced that it was withdrawing from the global nuclear arms control treaty and that it had no plans to develop nuclear weapons.
2005 - CBS issued a damning independent review of mistakes related to a "60 Minutes" report on President George W. Bush's National Guard service.
2007 - President George W. Bush announced he would send a "surge" of 21,500 U.S. forces to Iraq.
2011 - A judge ordered former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to serve three years in prison for his role in a scheme to illegally funnel corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002. (DeLay remains free on bond as he appeals.)
2012 - Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.

World News

Al Qaeda Now Controls More Territory In The Arab World Than Ever Before
Zero Hedge - In what can be described a truly ironic event and a major failure for America's stated mission (because one can't help but wonder at all the support various Al Qaeda cells have received from the US and/or CIA) of eradicating the Al Qaeda scourge from the face of the earth, we learn today that al Qaeda appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history.

Russia on alert after five bodies found with gunshot wounds
The Guardian - Russian security forces are on alert after the discovery of an explosive device and at least five bodies with gunshot wounds in the southern region of Stavropol.

74% of U.S. Afghan Casualties Came After Obama Ordered Troops Increased
CNS News - Seventy-four percent of the U.S. military personnel who have given their lives serving in the Afghan War died after Feb. 17, 2009, when President Barack Obama announced his first increase in the number of U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan, according to’s database of U.S. casualties in the war.

India-US relations sink to new low over diplomat arrest and strip search
RT - Washington has put on hold an official visit to New Delhi, as India orders the closure of the US Embassy club. The world’s two most populous democracies with bilateral trade of $100 billion a year are witnessing an escalation of their worst row in years.

China abolishes its labour camps and releases prisoners
The Telegraph - China appears to have fulfilled a promise to dismantle hundreds of labour camps and release tens of thousands of people who were imprisoned in them without trial.

Japan plans to re-create meltdown to learn more about Fukushima crisis
RT - A team of nuclear scientists in Japan plan to deliberately melt a nuclear fuel rod to model the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011. The experiment aims to find out exactly what happened to the plant’s three reactors.

VIDEO: Infighting among Takfiris intensifies across Syria says reports
Press TV - Infighting among rival Takfiri groups intensifies across Syria with reports suggesting that al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have gained the upper hand against the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the north of the Arab country.

Russia vetoes anti-Syria UN statement
Press TV - According to the UN diplomats speaking on condition of anonymity, Russia on Wednesday objected to a press statement drafted by Britain to express “outrage” at alleged attacks by the Syrian army on the country’s northern province of Aleppo, Reuters reported.

US warns Afghanistan against releasing 72 ‘dangerous criminals’
RT - In the latest blow to strained US-Afghan relations, President Hamid Karzai has announced he plans to free dozens of prisoners that the US says have committed crimes against Americans and are considered a security threat.

First Guantanamo panel verdict: Yemeni ‘forever prisoner’ recommended for transfer
RT - A Yemeni (allegedly one of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards), who spent 12 years at Guantanamo, previously deemed too dangerous for release, has been cleared for transfer by a military panel, set up by Obama’s administration to review detainee cases.

Sudanese Authorities Seize ‘Illegal’ GM Soybean Shipment
Sustainable Pulse - Sudanese authorities have seized a shipment of genetically modified (GM) soybeans at Port Sudan harbour, stating that it is currently ‘illegal’ to import GM foodstuffs into the country. It has not been confirmed where the GM soybeans came from but according to a Sustainable Pulse source in the country they are from the US.

Tasmania Extends Ban on GM Crops Indefinitely
Sustainable Pulse - In a victory for the GMO Free movement in Australia the Tasmanian Government announced Thursday that it has extended the state’s ban on genetically modified crops and animals indefinitely.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

No-Brainer Course In Derailing The Trans-Pacific Partnership
Activist Post - If you don't know what it is yet - that means it's working. The secrecy, that is. But once Pandora's Box is opened, there's no putting anything back. It will go down in history as one of the worst, oppressive plagues to saturate the planet.

Pentagon Agency Admits It Began Stockpiling Potassium Iodide Due to Fukushima
Kit Daniels - A federal bid notice reveals that a Pentagon agency began stockpiling potassium iodide in 2012 due to its concerns over the Fukushima nuclear crisis, shedding light on why the Dept. of Health and Human Services is now ordering 14 million doses of iodide.

Indiana guardsman stopped for speeding in Madison County had 48 bombs, prosecutor says
The Columbus Dispatch - An Indiana National Guardsman was arrested outside Columbus on New Year’s Day after a state trooper found nearly 50 bombs and the blueprints for a Navy SEAL training facility inside his car, the Madison County prosecutor said yesterday.

Texas Game Wardens Prepare for War - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has a newly minted SWAT team. To be sure, the agency maintains that this “cadre of specialty teams” will focus on search-and-rescue missions. However, the way Game Warden Cullen Stakes is dressed in the photo above makes it pretty clear that he’s not getting ready to rescue people who have been stranded by floods, or have gotten lost in the woods.

NY Sheriffs Association to law enforcement: Don’t enforce SAFE Act 7-round magazine limit - Both the New York Sheriffs Association and Gov. Andrew Cuomo agree, the federal judge’s ruling striking down the SAFE Act’s 7-round magazine limit is binding, statewide.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Stop Ludicrous “Gun” Related Suspensions In Schools
Steve Watson - An Oklahoma State representative introduced a bill this week that would see protections put into place to prevent schools from punishing students who bring with them small toy guns, or objects resembling or depicting guns.

CO lawmaker: Arapahoe school shooting ‘validated’ the need for armed staff - Colorado State Sen. Ted Harvey introduced a bill which would allow teachers and other staff to carry concealed guns on school property and, although the bill was introduced before the Arapahoe High School shooting in Centennial, Colorado, last month, Harvey claims that the introduction of yet another tragedy only reiterates the need for armed staff in our schools.

This picture is worth $678 million!
Political Commentator - Does this picture start to explain the failure that is Obamacare and the corruption that is the Obama administration?

Congress introduces Obama fast-track authority on global trade pacts like TPP
Congressional leaders on the US trade policy have introduced legislation that would grant President Barack Obama “fast-track authority” to enact three looming global trade accords, including the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.

West Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Nullify ObamaCare, Would Be A Felony To Enforce Its Provisions
Journal News - Delegate Eric Householder, R-Berkeley, plans to introduce legislation during the 2014 session of the West Virginia House of Delegates that could nullify the Affordable Care Act in the state. If enacted, Householder's bill would eliminate the ACA in West Virginia and make it a state felony to attempt to enforce its provisions.


Where is the German Gold? - Almost a year ago, the German government put in a formal request to reclaim (repatriate) a portion of their gold reserves held outside of Germany. Reports on the progress of this initiative have raised quite a few questions. Now news comes that, in the first year of the plan, Germany only received back 37.5 metric tonnes of their gold. This is only 5% of the total repatriation amount.

Millionaires' Club: For First Time, Most Lawmakers are Worth $1 Million-Plus - For the first time in history, most members of Congress are millionaires, according to a new analysis of personal financial disclosure data by the Center for Responsive Politics.

In 2013, Regulations Cost Americans $447 Million Each Day Government Was Open
CNS News - Regulations that went into effect in 2013 cost Americans $112 billion – or $447 million for each of the 251 days the federal government was open - according to a study by the American Action Forum (AAF), which predicts that the regulatory burden will increase to $143 billion in 2014.

“This Chart Is A True Representation Of The Employment Crisis In This Country”
Zero Hedge - It represents the official number of people working or looking for work. It’s what the official unemployment rate (U-3) is based on. If labor force participation drops – if for whatever reason, millions of people are no longer counted as part of the labor force, as is the case in the US – it’s a troublesome indicator for the economy and the real employment picture.

Veteran News

Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?
Business Insider - The proof of how pointless the entire endeavour was — if you even needed more — came Friday morning, with a report from Liz Sly in the Washington Post.

Energy & Environment

White House Says Record Low Temperatures Caused by Global Warming
Paul Joseph Watson - The White House has released a YouTube video in which Obama science czar John P. Holdren dubiously claims that the recent ‘polar vortex’ which has caused record low temperatures across many areas of the United States is caused by global warming.


HPV Cancers Rising In Spite of Vaccination
Natural Blaze - A new study by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) reveals that, despite increasing uptake of human papillomavirus (HVP) vaccines, cancers linked to HPV rose in the past decade.

CDC Not Legally Required to Tell the Truth About Anything, Including Vaccines
Natural Society - Did you know the ACOG and CDC are not legally required to tell the truth about anything, including vaccines? Just one downfall to America's health system.

Health benefits of turnips
STEPin2 - urnips are an excellent source of vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids, which are known as potent anti-inflammatory agents. Chronic inflammation is known as a major risk factor for serious diseases including heart disease, arthritis, and many types of cancers.

20 Unusual Uses for Garlic
Stephanie Rogers - Pungent and powerful, garlic has dozens of health and household uses.

Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple!
Reality Blog - Think that the label that says “organically grown” has anything to do with the packaging, storage, and transport of that product to stores? What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other things much worse than you can probably imagine?

Plant 'milk' can be a probiotic alternative to conventional yogurt
(NaturalNews) Recently, a group of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia have demonstrated that certain plant "milks" can be a potential substitute to conventional animal-based yogurt. The group illustrated how certain plant milks have the capability to support viable colonies of probiotic bacteria.

California Hospital Sets Up Flu Tent
Fox News - The Regional Medical Center in San Jose, Calif., has set up a flu tent near its emergency room to treat patients, as the highly infectious virus has become more widespread throughout the region. So far, a total of 15 people have died in California, according to ABC’s affiliate KGO.

Flu Attack! How a Virus Invades Your Body
Dr. Mercola - If you listen to public health agencies, you’ll quickly hear the message that ‘the first and most important step in protecting against the flu’ is yearly vaccination. But upon what data is this strong recommendation based?

Doctors Prescribe Exercise as “Best Preventive Drug”
Dr. Mercola - One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin and leptin receptor sensitivity. This is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease, and may explain why exercise is such a potent preventive medicine.

Cadmium induces destruction of cells in the human eye
(NaturalNews) Lately there's been a lot of focus on cadmium toxicity. It's not a toxic star like mercury, lead or aluminum, but it's very toxic in it's own right. It's not usually in vaccines or foods, but it's in cigarette smoke, first-hand and second-hand. It's most pernicious when breathed in.

Five traditional foods that everyone should be eating for exceptional health
(NaturalNews) Oftentimes, the most simple solution to avoiding health problems can be found in the past - namely, time-honored foods that are rooted in tradition and wisdom.

Hospitals price gouge 20-year-old man with massive overcharge on appendectomy surgery
(NaturalNews) A man who took his shocking $55,000 appendectomy bill to Reddit has stirred significant controversy about the outrageous costs of medical care in the present-day United States.

Science & Technology

The Coronal Mass Ejection Has Hit earth
Daily Sheeple - The expected CME hit the earths magnetic field at 20:00 UT and a strong geomagnetic storm is in progress. The initial impact was weaker than expected considering the short time it took to get here. This level of storm is two short of the maximum which is classified by NOAA as ‘extreme’. NOAA has announced the geomagnetic storm as a G3 event.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Scientists Predict Lack of Honey Bees Will Lead to a Food Crisis
Daily Sheeple - A lack of honey bees is causing a crisis in agriculture with scientists confirming that there are not enough bees to pollinate crops. The Department of Agriculture is worried about the honey bees in the United States. Colony Collapse Disorder has resulted in the loss of tens of millions of bees country wide and has left scientists worrying about food security.

12 Ways to Homestead in Place
Natural Blaze - By my own definition, to “homestead in place” means to take what you have – be it a downtown condo, an urban apartment, a suburban tract home or a cottage home in a seaside community – and pluck an assortment of traditional homesteading activities and apply them to your unique environment.

Pet News

If You MUST Vaccinate, Aim for This Body Part
Dr. Becker - It is estimated that from one to 10 cats out of every 10,000 vaccinated will develop cancer at the vaccine injection site, also known as vaccine-associated sarcoma (VAS). A sarcoma is a type of cancer resulting from changes in connective tissue cells. Feline vaccine-associated sarcoma is a malignant tumor that is primarily associated with two vaccines: the rabies vaccine, and the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) vaccine.

Thursday - January 9, 2014: - Today In History:
1793 - Jean-Pierre Blanchard made the first successful balloon flight in the U.S.
1799 - British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger introduced income tax, at two shillings (10p) in the pound, to raise funds for the Napoleonic Wars.
1848 - The first commercial bank was established in San Francisco, CA.
1861 - The state of Mississippi seceded from the United States.
1894 - The New England Telephone and Telegraph Company put the first battery-operated switchboard into operation in Lexington, MA.
1929 - The Seeing Eye was incorporated in Nashville, TN. The company's purpose was to train dogs to guide the blind.
1936 - The United States Army adopted the semi-automatic rifle.
1937 - The first issue of "Look" went on sale. Within a month, "Look" became a biweekly magazine.
1951 - The United Nations headquarters officially opened in New York City.
1969 - The supersonic aeroplane Concorde made its first trial flight, at Bristol.
1972 - The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbor.
1972 - British miners went on strike for the first time since 1926.
1991 - U.S. secretary of state Baker and Iraqi foreign minister Aziz met for 61/2 hours in Geneva, but failed to reach any agreement that would forestall war in the Persian Gulf.
1995 - Russian cosmonaut Valeri Poliakov, 51, completed his 366th day in outer space aboard the Mir space station, breaking the record for the longest continuous time spent in outer space.
2002 - The U.S. Justice Department announced that it was pursuing a criminal investigation of Enron Corp. The company had filed for bankruptcy on December 2, 2001.

World News

Dutch pension giant divests millions from Israeli banks involved in settlement construction
RT - The largest Dutch pension fund company, PGGM, has reportedly chosen to withdraw all its investments from the five largest Israeli banks, whose branches are involved in financing construction in the settlements in the West Bank.

Fifty US senators line up behind new Iran sanctions bill - Support among Senate members for new Iran sanctions bill has doubled since the measure was introduced last month.

NAFTA Hurt Workers on Both Sides of the Border - This week marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

US Senators hesitate sending arms to Iraq fearing wider sectarian conflict
RT - As top US lawmakers consider whether to provide Iraq with helicopters and other arms to help battle Al-Qaeda, a number of congressmen have said they are reluctant to authorize such a move over concerns that PM Maliki may use them against his rivals.

Libya Warns: Oil Tankers At Closed Ports "Will Be Destroyed"
Zero Hedge - Armed groups, demanding autonomy for eastern Libya, have invited foreign companies to buy oil from ports they have seized in defiance of the central government in Tripoli.

Fukushima failure: Decontamination system stops functioning
RT - The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has stopped using its systems to decontaminate radioactive water at the facility, Japanese broadcaster NHK reported.

Monsanto seed plant construction halted in Argentina
RT - labor appeals court in north-central Argentina ruled that the construction of a Monsanto plant is unconstitutional, halting work on the site. The three judge court ruled 2-1 in favor of the activists who filed a legal appeal against Monsanto’s GMO seed plant on environmental protection grounds in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas, located in central Cordoba Province.

France hands down data privacy fine to Google
RT - French data protection watchdog CNIL fined Google 150,000 euros ($204,000) for ignoring its three-month deadline to align its practice of tracking and storing user information with the country’s law.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Record High Numbers Believe “No Matter How Bad Things Are, Congress Will Make Them Worse”
Steve Watson - A new survey out of Rasmussen finds that a record number of Americans believe that Congress will always find a way to make things worse, no matter how terrible the country’s prospects become.

Scary: Obama to Be 'President' Even When Term Ends
WND - Will President Obama be treated as if he’s still running America even after his term expires? The answer is a guaranteed yes, according to Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s most-listened-to radio broadcaster. Obama’s announcement that he plans to continue to reside in Washington, D.C., when his term ends was mostly ignored during the Christmas news cycle.

VIDEO: John Stossel: Should CEO Salaries Be Regulated By Government?
Liberty Crier - John Stossel discusses a new government proposal to regulate CEO pay.

REPORT: High School Students Take "Conspiracy Theories" Class
Activist Post - The students over at Oxford High School in Oxford, MA. are probably not familiar with the Common Core curriculum. I mean, let's face it, when you were forced into compulsory education did you really care THAT much about the curriculum?

Obama Proposes Executive Orders For Backdoor Gun Confiscation
Storyleak - The Obama Administration announced two new executive orders on gun control Friday, after countless other attempts to erode Second Amendment rights failed to gain public support.

Idaho County Passes Resolution Calling On State to Nullify Federal Gun Control - Bonner County commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution Tuesday calling on the governor and state lawmakers enhance protections for the right to bear arms.

106 NY City Cops And Firefighters Exposed In 9/11 Disability Fraud - More than 100 retired New York City cops and firefighters who claimed to have psychiatric and medical disorders due to their involvement in Ground Zero have been arrested for disability fraud. According to NY Daily News, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office spent more than two years investigating the claims yet only needed to go on Facebook to see some of the “disabled” workers riding motorcycles, flying helicopters and even instructing martial arts.

Obamacare: Designed to Deny Seniors Healthcare
Kurt Nimmo - Obamacare is a Trojan horse designed to whittle away the middle class with pernicious taxes. Especially hard hit will be seniors and Baby Boomers.

Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam Aides Ordered
NY Times - The mystery of who closed two lanes onto the George Washington Bridge — turning the borough of Fort Lee, N.J., into a parking lot for four days in September — exploded into a full-bore political scandal for Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday. Emails and texts revealed that a top aide had ordered the closings to punish the town’s mayor after he did not endorse the governor for re-election.

In San Francisco, It’s Illegal To Store Your Own Stuff In Your Own Garage
Liberty Crier - San Francisco is plagued with thousands of scofflaws. Their crime? Storing anything that isn’t a car in their garage. According to Chapter 6 of the San Francisco Housing Code, “Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only for storage of automobiles.” Failing to comply with the law can lead to fines of up to $500.


VIDEO: Ron Paul: Yellen The Worst Fed Chair Yet To Come
Liberty Crier - Ron Paul speaks out against the confirmation of Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chairperson.

1930s-style debt defaults likely, says IMF research
CNBC News - Many advanced economies are likely to require financial repression, outright debt restructuring, higher inflation and a variety of capital controls, a new research paper commissioned by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.

If You Are Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe
Economic Collapse - The following are just a few of the statistics that show that an "economic collapse" is happening in Europe right now...

Wave of US Municipal Bankruptcies Caused by Wall Street Predatory Interest Rates, not Pensions
Global Research - The political establishment and the media have relentlessly promoted the myth that the crisis in Detroit and in cities across the US is a product of overgenerous spending on social services and benefits, with public employee pension liabilities cited as the main culprit.

Saxo Bank CEO Warns of Collapse Into “Totalitarian” Society
Paul Joseph Watson - Saxo Bank CEO Lars Seier Christensen warns that excessive government regulation, overtaxation and a coming economic collapse are all setting the stage for a slide into an overtly “totalitarian” society.

Housing Market

High Court rules for homeowners: Beware of dishonest bankers and mortgage servicers - In home foreclosure cases the banks have contended that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems is the beneficiary. Now, in a 21-page opinion issued Nov. 25, 2013, the Montana Supreme Court held that MERS is not the “beneficiary” under Montana’s Small Tract Financing Act. The decision is now the law in Montana.

Energy & Environment

The Effects of Nuclear Testing Since 1945 Shows Us What We Can Expect From Fukushima
Daily Sheeple - There are 437 operative nuclear power plants world wide, and another 68 under construction. A dozen more are at the planning stage. Are we really so hungry for electricity that we are willing to risk annihilation to get it?

YouTube: A visual history of nuclear weapons testing
Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project's "Trinity" test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan's nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea's two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade (the legitimacy of both of which is not 100% clear)....

Government, Media Cover Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US
Anthony Gucciardi - In fact, you must be a conspiracy theorist if you fail to believe the official story that it was likely red-painted utensils that led to a spike in documented radiation levels along the California coast (yes, the government actually offered this up an official answer).

YouTube: 1/8/2014 -- ☢ Seafood Radiation Test ☢ 42.8CPM from Wild Alaskan Salmon
Dutchsinse - The radiation return from this Alaskan Salmon Burger is just slightly higher than than tests done directly on the Pacific Ocean... which returned about 35CPM....


BPA Increases Risk of Cancer in Human Prostate Tissue
Natural Blaze - Fetal exposure to a commonly used plasticizer found in products such as water bottles, soup can liners and paper receipts, can increase the risk for prostate cancer later in life, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago published Jan. 7 online in the journal Endocrinology.

Thyroid Cancer Testing Leading to Unnecessary Thyroid Removals
Natural Society - There has been a surge of thyroid gland surgeries or thyroidectomies for cancer concerns, but how many were really necessary? Spoiler: not many. The ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy is usually not conclusive about any small tumors or growths found in the thyroid gland. These tests are good at finding nodules in the thyroid, but inconclusive regarding malignancy. Unnecessary thyroid removals is often the end result.

Novartis Accused of Paying Kickbacks for Exjade Sales
Bloomberg - A Novartis AG (NOVN) unit was accused by the U.S. and a group of states of paying kickbacks to a specialty pharmacy to boost sales of Exjade, an iron-control drug that can cause kidney and liver failure. U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon in Manhattan today unsealed a complaint filed against Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. by the U.S., 26 states and the District of Columbia alleging that the drugmaker had paid kickbacks to BioScrip Inc. (BIOS) to encourage patients to refill prescriptions.

Outbreak of 'nightmare bacteria' in Illinois stirs worry
Fox News - The outbreak, centered on a hospital in a Chicago suburb, has infected 44 people in Illinois over the past year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The bug, known as carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, bears a rare enzyme that breaks down antibiotics.

Inflammation: Tame this silent killer with food-based solutions
(NaturalNews) The bane of health, chronic inflammation, is at the root of most disease. Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cardiovascular troubles and periodontal issues are all influenced by an overactive inflammatory response. Fortunately, we have a powerful ally against inflammation residing in our kitchen. Through select foods and dietary adjustments, we can subdue this unruly beast and create a solid foundation for a healthy future.

How much pesticide does the average American consume in a day?
(NaturalNews) There is a cumulative effect from eating bug and weed killer daily. No human being on the planet can deny that, if you swallow a little bit of poison every day, your body will break down and "die." So how much weed killer (RoundUp herbicide) and bug killer (Bt corn) makes you a "dying pest"?

Coronary artery disease associated with copper and zinc imbalance
(NaturalNews) Zinc and copper are considered trace minerals, which means that they're necessary for metabolic activity in smaller amounts than macro minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. That doesn't negate the importance of trace minerals, though, which also include iron, iodine and selenium.

MRI Agent Linked to Brain Abnormalities
Dr. Mercola - A commonly used contrast agent for enhanced MRIs may persist in your body for longer than was previously thought and cause you harm.

How Centenarians Explain Their Longevity
Dr. Mercola - Hundreds of centenarians have been interviewed about what they believe explains their long life, and 10 key themes have been identified. If you want to live to be 100, there are four key nutrients important for overall brain health, helping prevent dementia and cognitive decline: vitamin D, DHA, folate, and magnesium.

A 'juicing' a day keeps the doctor away
(NaturalNews) One of the best things to do for health is daily juicing of organic vegetables and fruits. The initial investment in a juicer will pay off in daily detoxification and supplying the body with healthy antioxidants and nutrients.

Proof that energy medicine works
(NaturalNews) The difference between energy and western medicine is like night and day. Simply put, western medicine doesn't even recognize the significant influence energy has over our lives.... According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, here's something to think about, "if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." In other words, our thoughts and feelings have a huge influence over our lives - physically and spiritually. This is a main principle of energy medicine.

Science & Technology

Canada's former Defense Minister's shocking claim: 'Aliens are real and walk among us'
(NaturalNews) Area 51. UFOs. Strange signs in cornfields. And, of course, aliens from space. They're all real, you see, and in fact, there are aliens among us. At least, that's what one former Canadian defense minister is saying, as reported by Fusion...
Related Video:
RT:'Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less'

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

How Does Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Wind Up in Organic Meat?
Activist Post - Resistant bacteria is even found in antibiotic-free meats. Now, multiple drug-resistant bacteria is contaminating organic chicken - but how?... Dr. Greger describes above some reasons why organic chicken is now tainted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. One reason is the sheer amount of waste run-off from farms. But the information somewhat ends there.

Wednesday - January 8, 2014: - Today In History:
1790 - In the United States, George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address.
1815 - The Battle of New Orleans began. The War of 1812 had officially ended on December 24, 1814, with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. The news of the signing had not reached British troops in time to prevent their attack on New Orleans.
1838 - Alfred Vail demonstrated a telegraph code he had devised using dots and dashes as letters. The code was the predecessor to Samuel Morse's code.
1853 - A bronze statue of Andrew Jackson on a horse was unveiled in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. The statue was the work of Clark Mills.
1856 - Borax (hydrated sodium borate) was discovered by Dr. John Veatch.
1877 - Crazy Horse (Tashunca-uitco) and his warriors fought their final battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana.
1900 - U.S. President McKinley placed Alaska under military rule.
1916 - During World War I, the final withdrawal of Allied troops from Gallipoli took place.
1918 - U.S. President Woodrow Wilson announced his Fourteen Points as the basis for peace upon the end of World War I.
1964 - U.S. President Lyndon Johnson declared a "War on Poverty."
1973 - Secret peace talks between the United States and North Vietnam resumed near Paris, France.
1973 - Trial opened in Washington, of 7 men accused of bugging Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex in Washington, DC.
1987 - The Dow Jones industrial average closed over the 2000 mark for the first time at 2,002.25.
1992 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush collapsed during a state dinner in Tokyo. White House officials said Bush was suffering from stomach flu.
1993 - Bosnian President Izetbegovic visited the U.S. to plead his government's case for Western military aid and intervention to halt Serbian aggression.
1994 - Tonya Harding won the ladies' U.S. Figure Skating Championship in Detroit, MI, a day after Nancy Kerrigan dropped out because of a clubbing attack that injured her right knee. The U.S. Figure Skating Association later took the title from Harding because of her involvement in the attack.
1998 - Ramzi Yousef was sentenced to life in prison for his role of mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing in New York.
1999 - The top two executives of Salt Lake City's Olympic Organizing Committee resigned amid disclosures that civic boosters had given cash to members of the International Olympic Committee.
1999 - British Prime Minister Tony Blair concluded a three-day visit to South Africa.
2009 - In Egypt, archeologists entered a 4,300 year old pyramid and discovered the mummy of Queen Sesheshet.

World News

Back to Iraq? You Bet!
Lew Rockwell Blog - As usual, the interventionists who run the US foreign policy establishment are drawing all the wrong conclusions from the news that the former “al-Qaeda in Iraq” (now “al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria”) has set up shop in the notorious Fallujah. Sen. John McCain and his sidekick, Sen. Lindsey Graham, issued a joint statement over the weekend which unsurprisingly blamed the whole development on President Obama’s decision to withdraw US forces form Iraq in 2011

U.S. Adding 800 Troops for South Korea Citing Rebalance
Bloomberg - The U.S. is sending 800 additional troops to South Korea with upgraded equipment, the Pentagon said, citing the Obama administration’s rebalance of forces to the Asia-Pacific region.

US NGO Uncovered in Ukraine Protests
Boiling Frogs Post - A copy of the pamphlet that was given out to opposition protestors in Kiev has been obtained. It is a word-for-word and picture-for-picture translation of the pamphlet used by US-financed Canvas organizers in the 2011 Cairo Tahrir Square protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak and opened the door to the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood.The photo below is a side-by-side comparison:

VIDEO: Japan fighter jet chases Chinese plane
Press TV - Japan has dispatched an F-15 fighter jet to intercept a Chinese plane flying near a chain of disputed islands claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo.

Syrian Infighting May Be Pretext for Expanded Intervention
Tony Cartalucci - Geopolitical analyst Eric Draister on PressTV explained what is behind recent infighting between foreign-funded fighters battling along and within Syria's borders. It is suggested that a new narrative is in the making, portraying "good terrorists" locked in battle with "bad terrorists," thus providing a new context within which the West can continue arming and funding terrorist groups waging war on Syria.

Syrian rebel leader urges truce as infighting Al-Qaeda factions trigger bloodbath
RT - A leader of an Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria has called for a ceasefire with another Al-Qaeda-inspired movement, after internecine clashes between various Islamist anti-government factions resulted in hundreds of deaths in less than a week.

First batch of chemical weapons leaves Syria
RT - A US vessel, the cargo ship MV Cape Ray is prepared to set sail for the coast of Italy, where it will receive the load to destroy in international waters. The actual work could probably take 45 days under ideal conditions, but the mission is now expected to last about 90 days because of bad weather..

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Navy’s 757-Sized Drone Will Provide Big-Time Surveillance
Wired - A new drone with the mammoth wingspan of a Boeing 757 is set to give the U.S. Navy some serious surveillance power. Northrop Grumman and the Navy say they’ve just completed the ninth flight trial of the Triton unmanned aircraft system (UAS), an improvement upon its predecessor in the Air Force, the Global Hawk.

Florida Police Department unveils new armored vehicle - Police in Fort Pierce are now armed with a U.S. military surplus battle wagon: a six wheel, 30-ton armored vehicle worth $700,000 — that the agency got for $2,000. “If you see my SWAT team roll up in this, it’s over, so just give up,” said Police Chief Sam Baldwin.

Carmakers keep data on drivers' locations
Detroit News - A government report finds that major automakers are keeping information about where drivers have been — collected from onboard navigation systems — for varying lengths of time. Owners of those cars can’t demand that the information be destroyed. And, says the U.S. senator requesting the investigation, that raises questions about driver privacy.

You’re Footing The Bill For Michelle Obama’s Extravagant Hawaii Vacation - President Barack Obama and his two daughters recently left Hawaii after Christmas break, but First Lady Michelle Obama stayed put in paradise as an early birthday present from her husband.

Government seizes and destroys 160-year-old historical documents; genealogists and historians are outraged - Last summer, the Clerk of Court in Franklin County, N.C., Patricia Chastain discovered documents dating back to 1840 in their courthouse basement. After organizing a project with the local historical society to reserve these valuable documents, the government intervened. And now the documents have been destroyed. Lost forever. Some records were ruined by the mold, but most were completely viable.

National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 Authorizes Cyber Warfare Against American Citizens
Blacklisted News - The NDAA contains a number of highly questionable sections that run contrary to the principles articulated in the United States Constitution. Specifically, language contained in the bill appears to authorize cyber warfare operations against the American people.

MSNBC Pundit Calls On Obama to Govern by Decree
Paul Joseph Watson - MSNBC pundit Michael Eric Dyson has called on Barack Obama to dispense with an “obstructionist Congress” and instead pursue his agenda via an aggressive raft of executive orders.

Drudge: I’ve Opted Out Of Obamacare For Life
Steve Watson - The creator of The Drudge Report, the biggest news aggregator on the internet, shot out a tweet today declaring that he would rather “pay the tax” than sign up for Obamacare, stating that it is “monopoly money anyway.”

Shock Video: Border Agent Acknowledges Constitution At Checkpoint Traffic Stop
Mikael Thalen - Amazingly, although almost every similar encounter captured on film results in an irate agent demanding compliance, the border agent never hesitates as he excitedly praises the group for their decision.

Grocery Manufacturers Association pushing FDA to allow GMOs to be labeled 'natural'
(NaturalNews) Not content with just hiding unlabeled genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the general food supply, the biotechnology industry now wants to freely add GMOs to food products bearing the "natural" label as well, according to new reports.


China Gold Association President: US Intends To Suppress Gold To Ensure Dollar’s Dominance - Sun Zhaoxue, China Gold Association President, and General Manager of the China National Gold Group Corporation (China’s largest gold mining firm) has brought the US manipulation of the gold market mainstream in China in a speech at the Lujiazui Forum, an annual finance conference attended by prominent Chinese economists...

Energy & Environment

Professor Denies West Coast Radiation Link to Fukushima
Paul Joseph Watson - A Berkeley nuclear engineering professor has dismissed a viral video which appears to show unusually high radiation readings on a beach in San Francisco, asserting it has no link to the ongoing Fukushima crisis in Japan.

Arctic Cold Cuts Fuel Supplies as Refineries to Pipelines Freeze
Bloomberg - Record cold weather pummeled energy infrastructure across the U.S., prompting gas pipeline operators to reduce flows, fuel terminals to shut loading racks and refineries to scale back production.

Executive Order: 'Excessively High Temperatures' 'Already' Harming Public Health
CNS News - "Excessively high temperatures" are "already" harming public health nationwide, Pres. Obama declared on Nov. 1, 2013, two months before today's assault by record low temperatures. In his executive order on climate change, Obama warned that too much rain - and not enough rain - also dictated that executive action against climate fluctuations...

BP, claiming fraud, wants to stop oil-spill payments
McClatchy -The Deepwater Horizon settlement agreement is in turmoil, with BP attempting to stop the payments and saying money shouldn’t have gone to an adult escort service, a global nuclear consultant and others that haven’t proved the monster 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cost them business.

Deadly cold snap in US shatters temperature records (Photos)
RT - Record freezing temperatures gripped the entire US, including Hawaii, as a major winter storm hit the country. The alarming weather brought ice and heavy snowfall caused by a 'polar vortex', bringing many cities to a standstill and killing at least 21.


The Deadly Truth About Flu Vaccines and Pregnancy
Green Med Info - Why does the CDC claim a flu vaccine during pregnancy is a safe and effective when even the H1N1 vaccine insert clearly states this is not true?

Know Thyself: For Vitality, Transition To Living Foods
Green Med Info - If you are looking to get sick, destroy the planet and lose your soul, the standard American diet is an excellent choice. The alternative is a plant-based diet emphasizing raw, living foods. It's sustainable, and it revitalizes the body and mind. It will save your life.

Immune booster juice
STEPin2 - This is a great immune booster juice to make when you feel you are coming down with a cold or flu, or simply need to boost your immune system.

Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and More
Green Med Info - Enzymes manufactured by Advanced Enzymes in Mumbai, India have been found to be contaminated with a deadly antibiotic, resulting in one of the most widespread recalls of products in history. To date, the FDA has issued no official statement on the extent of U.S. contamination with this chemical.

Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs
Dr. Mercola - Last month, Glaxo's chief executive Andrew Witty announced the company would no longer pay health care professionals to promote its products or the diseases they treat to "audiences who can prescribe or influence prescribing." Also set to be discontinued is the practice of paying for doctors to attend medical conferences (a practice that is already banned in the US but is still allowed in other countries).

Coming Soon: "On-Demand" Nano-Vaccines Funded by Bill Gates
Activist Post - According to a press release recently posted by the University of Washington, a new type of vaccine may soon be created that will allow for its immediate creation and application. This new vaccine, however, will be formed by using nanoparticles created from genetically engineered proteins.

Turmeric and myrhh protect against lead toxicity
(NaturalNews) Lead is a ubiquitous industrial chemical and a potent neurotoxin. As such, lead toxicity remains a major public health concern worldwide. Fortunately, research suggests that turmeric root and myrrh can significantly mitigate lead's toxic effects on the body.

The great health benefits of elderberry
(NaturalNews) Elderberry has a very high ORAC, or oxygen radical absorbance capacity, score: over twice as much as blueberry and cranberry. Elderberry also contains trace minerals and has more vitamin C than oranges. Studies have shown that elderberry supports brain health, improves immune coordination, protects blood vessels and reduces cancer cell growth patterns in the body.

Study: Exposure to BPA Leads to Diseases Including Cancer
Activist Post - "We believe that BPA actually reprograms the stem cells to be more sensitive to estrogen throughout life, leading to a life-long increased susceptibility to diseases including cancer." - Professor Gail Prins University of Chicago.

Detoxifying accumulated heavy metals and toxins with chlorella
(NaturalNews) With governments increasingly supporting the relentless greed of multinational corporations, with no apparent regard for people or the environment, we live in a toxic world with potentially serious, often fatal health consequences. How then can we flush out these toxins accumulating in the body, which represent a serious and ever increasing health hazard?

Ageless Grandmother Gets Mistaken for Husband's Granddaughter
Natural Blaze - It is not mere agelessness that she desires. She has a message about health that she feels must finally share with the world. For around 27 years now, she has practiced raw-veganism, but she takes it even one step further - by growing her own fresh foods for juicing and eating.

Science & Technology

Ex-DARPA Head Wants You to Swallow ID Microchips
Paul Joseph Watson - [Google executive Regina] Dugan, who is Head of Advanced Technology at (Google-owned) Motorola, told an audience at the All Things D11 Conference that the company was working on a microchip inside a pill that users would swallow daily in order obtain the “superpower” of having their entire body act as a biological authentication system for cellphones, cars, doors and other devices.

Sun Goes Wild: NOAA Issues Alert: Earth Directed X-Class Flare Is On Its Way; Chance Of More
Mac Slavo - This morning The Daily Sheeple reported that the biggest sun spot in recent history had been identified on the sun and that it had moved into position facing earth. The spot is so large that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it could swallow three earths. Update 1/8/23.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Seed Starting Made Simple
Mother Earth News - Your seed orders have arrived and you’re ready to plant. Knowing how to start your seeds inside will go a long ways toward getting your garden started early.

Whole Foods to Privately Support Local Growers with $25 Million
Natural Blaze - If you are expanding a local growing or food business, you might want to look to Whole Foods Market. Or, do you wish to convert your farm to organic?... They announced last Thursday that they have now committed $25 million in funding to their Local Producer Loan Program (LPLP). Since 2007, they have provided 184 loans to 155 companies. Funds are targeted to help local growers, producers and food artisans.

Green Spaces Deliver Lasting Mental Health Benefits
Natural Blaze - Analysing data that followed people over a five year period, the research has found that moving to a greener area not only improves people's mental health, but that the effect continues long after they have moved. The findings add to evidence that suggests increasing green spaces in cities - such as parks and gardens - could deliver substantial benefits to public health.

Pet News

The #1 Fear of Pet Owners and How They Cope
Dr. Becker - In 2013, an online pet prescription company called PetCareRx conducted a survey of over 1,100 pet owners from 440 households “to discover how much the rising costs of pet healthcare are affecting the lives and lifestyles of pet parents in the United States.”

Tuesday - January 7, 2014: - Today In History:
1782 - The Bank of North America opened in Philadelphia. It was the first commercial bank in the United States.
1789 - Americans voted for the electors that would choose George Washington to be the first U.S. president.
1904 - The distress signal "CQD" was established. Two years later "SOS" became the radio distress signal - it was quicker to send by wireless radio.
1926 - George Burns and Gracie Allen were married.
1927 - Transatlantic telephone service began between New York and London. 31 calls were made on this first day.
1927 - In Hinckley IL, the Harlem Globetrotters played their first game.
1935 - French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini signed the Italo-French agreements.
1942 - The World War II siege of Bataan began.
1953 - U.S. President Harry Truman announced the development of the hydrogen bomb.
1959 - The United States recognized Fidel Castro's new government in Cuba.
1979 - Vietnamese forces captured the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, overthrowing the Khmer Rouge government.
1980 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed legislation that authorized $1.5 billion in loans for the bail out of Chrysler Corp.
1990 - The Leaning Tower of Pisa was closed to the public. The accelerated rate of "leaning" raised fears for the safety of its visitors.
1996 - One of the biggest blizzards in U.S. history hit the eastern states. More than 100 deaths were later blamed on the severe weather.
1998 - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky signed an affidavit denying that she had an affair with U.S. President Clinton.
1999 - U.S. President Clinton went on trial before the Senate. It was only the second time in U.S. history that an impeached president had gone to trial. Clinton was later acquitted of perjury and obstruction of justice charges.
2009 - Russia shut off all gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin publicly endorsed the move and urged greater international involvement in the energy dispute.
2010 - Apple's iPad was unveiled.

World News

U.S. sends icebreaker to free Russian ship trapped in Antarctica — and the Chinese vessel sent to rescue it
Rod McGuirk - Associated Press - A U.S. Coast Guard heavy icebreaker left Australia for Antarctica on Sunday to rescue more than 120 crew members aboard two icebreakers trapped in pack ice near the frozen continent’s eastern edge, officials said. Read More...

Iraq PM Maliki calls on Fallujah to expel Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents
RT - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki urged those in Fallujah Monday to help expel Al-Qaeda-linked militants in the city ahead of a military offensive government officials say could occur within days. Islamic insurgents seized the city in recent days.

Canada is so cold residents are experiencing loud booms caused by 'frost quakes'
Daily Mail - Indeed, as temperatures drop overnight to around -4f around the city hundreds of people are being startled by hearing large booms - causing them to think their homes are being broken into or gunshots are being fired. In fact, they are merely hearing the after-effects of the frost quakes - or cryoseism - which are more commonly found on a glacier in the polar regions.

Risk of supervolcano eruption big enough to ‘affect the world’ far greater than thought, say scientists
The Independent - An analysis of the molten rock within the dormant supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in the United States has revealed that an eruption is possible without any external trigger, scientists said. Scientists previously believed many supervolcanic eruptions needed earthquakes to break open the Earth’s crust so magma could escape. But new research suggests that this can happen as a result of the build-up of pressure.

TEPCO to siphon off radioactive water from tunnels under Fukushima plant
RT - The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi atomic plant plans to start cleaning underground tunnels believed to be part of the sources of radioactive materials poisoning the groundwater in the area.

Fukushima Workers Used Duct Tape to “Stop” Radiation Leaks
Kit Daniels - Yoshitatsu Uechi, 48, told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper that he and his fellow workers were under such intense pressure to perform “repairs” as quickly as possible on the devastated plant that adhesive tape was used on critical equipment and that they even neglected to apply rust inhibitor on the radioactive water tanks.

Pentagon puts Hellfire missile deliveries to Iraq on fast track
RT - Washington has decided to expedite delivery of missiles and reconnaissance drones to Iraq. The move comes after the US said it would not return to assist Baghdad's forces, despite the country plunging deeper into a fight against Al-Qaeda-linked rebels.

VIDEO: US issues order against Turkish export to Iran
Press TV - In an inhumane move and overriding the United Nations, the US has issued a rare order to a Turkish company to stop Boeing airplane engine export to neighboring Iran, saying the export would violate US sanctions on Tehran.

Water Privatization Overlooked as Factor in Egypt’s Revolt
Global Research - The American media focused mainly on internal corruption and oppression [as causes of the Arab Spring revolution last year].

More Israel disclosures in Snowden’s trove of 'significant stories' – Greenwald
RT - Glenn Greenwald, the investigative journalist who first published Edward Snowden leaks, said that the NSA whistleblower still has "a huge number of very significant stories to reveal," including those relating to Israel.

Honduras and the dirty war fuelled by the west’s drive for clean energy
StratRisks - The west’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint cheaply is fuelling a dirty war in Honduras, where US-backed security forces are implicated in the murder, disappearance and intimidation of peasant farmers involved in land disputes with local palm oil magnates.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Two States, and Counting, Seeking to Ban Data-Sharing with NSA
Activist Post - As federal judges and lawyers squabble over the constitutionality of NSA data gathering, state legislators in Kansas and Missouri have taken steps to thwart its practical effect and protect the privacy of citizens in their states.

Peter King: NSA Should Monitor Congress in Case They’re ‘Talking to an Al Qaeda Leader’ - Appearing on Fox News Channel on Sunday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) dismissed members of Congress calling for the National Security Agency to reform its information gathering practices. He insisted that even members of Congress should be monitored by the NSA, just like every other American, in case they are “talking to an Al Qaeda leader in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

Judge rules Chicago gun ban is unconstitutional
CNN - "The stark reality facing the City each year is thousands of shooting victims and hundreds of murders committed with a gun. But on the other side of this case is another feature of government: certain fundamental rights are protected by the Constitution, put outside government's reach, including the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense under the Second Amendment," wrote U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang.

Connecticut to Pay $1 Million to Promote Common Core
Breitbart - As the Common Core State Standards have become increasingly controversial, the state of Connecticut is now offering a $1 million contract to one of four public relations companies that are vying to promote the new standards within the state.

Students Rejoice as USDA Ups the “Rations” Allowed by Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Guidelines
Daily Sheeple - After a two year assault of complaints from parents, school staff, and students, it became clear that the First Lady was “out to lunch” when it came to satisfying hungry schoolchildren. The USDA has finally agreed to relent and let the incongruously named Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (teehee) die. Cafeterias will now increase the “rations” allowed to students, quelling hungry tummies everywhere.

"We don't have time for this": Officer Shoots and Kills Teen With Schizophrenia
Daily Sheeple - Wilsey told WECT that officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was tased a few times and an officer said, "We don't have time for this." That's when Wilsey says one of the officers stepped between the two who were holding Keith down and fired, killing his son...

Tennessee Supreme Court Overturns ID Roadblocks - On Thursday, the Tennessee Supreme Court unanimously found the use of roadblocks to check identification papers, driving licenses and automobile registrations to be unconstitutional.


Senate confirms Yellen, 1st woman to head Federal Reserve
McClatchy - The Senate voted 56-26 to confirm Yellen, who’s been the vice chair of the Fed since 2010. Yellen, 67, will take the helm after Chairman Ben Bernanke’s second four-year term ends Jan. 31.

JP Morgan Pays $2 Billion to Avoid Prosecution for Its Involvement In Madoff Ponzi Scheme
Washington's Blog - Bernie Madoff has said all along that JP Morgan knew about – and knowingly profited from – his Ponzi schemes. So JP Morgan has agreed to pay the government $2 billion to avoid investigation and prosecution. While this may sound like a lot of money, it is spare sofa change for a big bank like JP Morgan.

Pension freeze for 5,600 Detroit workers delayed - Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr on Monday temporarily halted a Dec. 31 freeze of pension benefits for 5,600 non-uniform employees to give retirees and labor unions more time to negotiate in bankruptcy mediation sessions.

1,600 Applicants Flood MD Ice Cream Factory for 36 Jobs
Breitbart - Thanks to persistent unemployment and low availability of low-skill jobs, Shenandoah Family Farms’ ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland has received over 1,600 applicants for a grand total of 36 jobs.

Veteran News

Gulf War Illness Tied to Cipro Antibiotics
Activist Post - In an article entitled, “New FDA warnings on Cipro may tie into Gulf War Illness,” it was noted that the August, 2013 update to the warning labels of all fluoroquinolone antibiotics stating that PERMANENT peripheral neuropathy is a possible adverse effect, prompted The Air Force Times to make the connection.

Energy & Environment

Missouri Snow Found to Contain Radiation DOUBLE Normal Amount
Paul Joseph Watson - Readings taken from snow blanketing St. Louis, Missouri contains double the normal radiation amount, once again stoking concerns that the ongoing Fukushima crisis is now firmly impacting areas of America.... Normal background in this area is approximately 30CPM,” writes YouTube user DutchSinse, alongside a video documenting the readings.

Fracking caused hundreds of complaints about contaminated water in 4 states
RT - Of the four states reviewed by the Associated Press – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia – Pennsylvania was found to have confirmed the most cases of contamination, with more than 100 instances certified over the last five years.

On The Coldest Day In America In 20 Years, Here Are Al Gore’s Stupidest Global Warming Quotes
Michael Snyder - What the United States and Canada are experiencing right now is making global warming alarmists such as Al Gore look quite foolish. The following are 10 of Al Gore’s stupidest global warming quotes…

Global Warming High Priest Al Gore Closes All Alliance for Climate Protection Field Offices, Lays Off 90% of Staff
Wake Up Call - Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory has been dominant for the past three decades as absolute fact in the public mind. In the last several years, however, cracks in the fortress of "settled science" have appeared, and public opinion has begun to shift. Increasingly, alarmist predictions have failed to come to fruition.


10 Symptoms Of Radiation Sickness
Global Research Report - The nuclear emergency in Japan is constantly on the increase. Dangerous stages of radiation are leaking from the earthquake-damaged reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi and occurrences are terrifying at other power plants. Those working to contain the meltdowns or living close by are at the biggest risk. Here is what radiation sickness looks like.

Unbelievable! FDA Violates Patient Privacy Laws to Bring Down Dr. Burzynski
ANH- USA Today recently published a series of misleading articles, vilifying Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a cancer pioneer specializing in hard-to-treat cancers, who has saved many lives. In the course of their otherwise reckless “reporting,” USA Today inadvertently exposed the FDA’s violation of patient privacy laws, destroying the reputation of a natural health practitioner—specifically, the sharing of complete patient records without consent.

How zinc levels affect your immune system
(NaturalNews) Zinc is a fundamental mineral and one of the most common deficiencies in the world. Zinc is essential to human and animal growth patterns and has an essential role in the development of hormones and immune molecules. Zinc is one of the best mineral supplements to boost and balance out a tired and overstimulated immune system.

What you don't know about heavy metals and inflammation may be silently killing you
(NaturalNews) With so much press about the dangers of inflammation, many are already aware of its connection with a range of serious illness. And yet, the fact that heavy metal toxicity is at the root of inflammation oftentimes slips by unnoticed.

Five essential herbs for hemorrhoids
(NaturalNews) You don't have to deal with painful, itchy hemorrhoids if you start adding the following five herbs to your daily diet or supplement routine. In fact, these five essential herbs may even allow you to avoid drastic hemorrhoid treatment options, such as surgery, by healing your hemorrhoids from the inside out.

Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects
Prevent Disease - Cancer cells have a high metabolism and require much energy for rapid growth. Researchers reported in the Journal Cancer that that garlic compounds produced reactive oxygen species in brain cancer cells, essentially gorging them to death with activation of multiple death cascades and blocking pathways the proliferation of brain tumors.

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Health Risks of Dust Mite Allergens
Natural Blaze - Dust, although seemingly benign, can actually cause quite an impressive list of health problems. Dust has been tagged for a long time as an allergen. It makes most people sneeze and causes congestion. It can also trigger more serious symptoms, such as an asthma attack. Dust can irritate your skin and even disrupt your sleep.

Ban Welcome, But Scientists Warn of Flame-Retardant’s Toxic Legacy
RINF - California’s new Technical Bulletin 117 removes a decades-old requirement that flame retardants be included in the filling of upholstered furniture which became the de-facto standard despite widespread documentation that the chemicals employed are linked to cancer, reproductive problems and lower IQs in children—without actually slowing fires.

Science & Technology

Music conspiracy to detune us from natural 432 Hz harmonics? Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

Report: Girl Falls Asleep Up To 30 Times A Day After Getting Flu Shot
CBS News - Australia’s News Limited reports Chloe Glasson began suffering from narcolepsy four months after being injected with Pandemrix, a vaccine to combat against swine flu, in November 2009. She is one of at least 100 people to suffer from the sleeping disorder after getting vaccinated with Pandemrix.

AT&T Thumbs Nose at Net Neutrality With ‘Sponsored’ Bandwidth Scheme
Wired - AT&T announced a new scheme today that allows app-makers and websites to pay for the bandwidth you consume using their services — a move digital rights activists say breaches the spirit of net neutrality.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds And The Reason Will Surprise You
Off The Grid - Modern Farmer magazine discovered that there is a movement among farmers abandoning genetically modified organisms (GMO) because of simple economics.... The Modern Farmer article, called The Post GMO-Economy, makes an excellent case for farmers dumping GMO. Some of the interesting facts the magazine uncovered include...

McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO potato farming in 2014 and beyond
(NaturalNews) A new variety of genetically modified potato could show up in Idaho as early as 2015. Nearly 13 years ago, customers revolted against Monsanto's transgenic NewLeaf potato, which contained synthetic bacteria to kill insect pests. Now, a new company, J.R. Simplot Co., aims to bring back genetically modified potatoes to the state and elsewhere.


Monday - January 6, 2014: - Today In History:
1759 - George Washington and Martha Dandridge Custis were married.
1838 - Samuel Morse publicly demonstrated the telegraph for the first time.
1900 - In India, it was reported that millions of people were dying from starvation.
1900 - Off of South Africa, the British seized the German steamer Herzog. The boat was released on January 22, 1900.
1912 - New Mexico became the 47th U.S. state.
1930 - The first diesel-engine automobile trip was completed after a run of 792 miles from Indianapolis, IN, to New York City, NY.
1931 - Thomas Edison executed his last patent application.
1942 - The first commercial around-the-world airline flight took place. Pan American Airlines was the company that made history with the feat.
1945 - The Battle of the Bulge ended with 130,000 German and 77,000 Allied casualties.
1950 - Britain recognized the Communist government of China.
1952 - "Peanuts" debuted in Sunday papers across the United States.
1967 - U.S. and South Vietnamese forces launched a major offensive, known as Operation "Deckhouse V", in the Mekong River delta.
1994 - Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the right leg by an assailant at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI. Four men were later sentenced to prison for the attack, including Tonya Harding's ex-husband.
1998 - The spacecraft Lunar Prospect was launched into orbit around the moon. The craft was crashed into the moon, in an effort to find water under the lunar surface, on July 31, 1999.
1999 - The 106th U.S. Congress opened. The first item on the agenda was the impeachment proceedings of U.S. President Bill Clinton. The trial was set to begin January 7, 1999.

World News

New Syria rebel alliance declares war on Al-Qaeda
NOW News - A newly formed Syrian rebel alliance has declared war on the powerful Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and joined other opposition groups in battling the extremists.

Infighting kills 50 militants across Syria
PressTV - Infighting between foreign-backed militants across Syria has killed at least 50 and injured dozens since Friday, a Britain-based group says. The deaths came on day three of fighting that erupted when militants attacked checkpoints and bases manned by al-Qaeda-linked extremists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who have recently captured key roads and checkpoints from their opponents.

U.S. State Department's solicitation for Corporate Mercenaries
Phantom Report - The U.S. Department of State, Office of Acquisition Management (AQM), is issuing this Sources Sought Synopsis, as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in and the resources to support this requirement for Africa’s Multifunctional Peacekeeping Support Program, AFRICAP.

Kerry: We’ll help Iraq but won’t send in troops
CNN - Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem on Sunday during his visit to the Middle East, Kerry said the United States is not contemplating a return to the volatile nation.... “We are not, obviously, contemplating returning. We’re not contemplating putting boots on the ground. This is their fight, but we’re going to help them in their fight,” Kerry said, noting that the United States plans to be in “close contact with all of the Iraq political leaders” to determine how to help them.

Rescue saga: US ship heads to free two trapped icebreakers in Antarctic
RT - American vessel the Polar Star, the US Coast Guard's only active heavy polar icebreaker, is heading to the Antarctic to rescue over 120 crewmembers aboard Russian and Chinese ships trapped in heavy sea ice.

130 ‘radioactive’ Japanese cars banned from entering Russia
RT - More than 130 used cars from Japan were denied access to Russia last year as consumer watchdog agency Rospotrebnadzor remains concerned about the contaminated water leaks at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

U.S. troops prevented from helping even as al Qaeda overruns Iraqi cities
Washington Times - The U.S. has inserted 200 troops in Iraq since 2012, but they cannot directly help the Iraqi military repel a surge of al Qaeda fighters, even as the country succumbs to sectarian violence and insurgents claim control of two key cities.

VIDEO: Al-Majed was top Saudi intelligence official: Reports
Press TV - Reports say Majed al-Majed, a senior al-Qaeda-linked figure who recently died in Lebanon, was a high-ranking official of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service.

UK govt accused of indirectly arming Somali pirates
RT - An urgent review has been launched over why some 44,000 guns were exported to East Africa in just 15 months. Government data shows that among the weapons were 30,000 assault rifles, 2,536 pistols and 11,000 rifles which ended up in countries with poor human rights records like Somalia, Egypt and Sri Lanka. Some of the weapons were also exported to Russia and South Africa.

Dennis Rodman back in North Korea
The Guardian - Dennis Rodman has arrived back in North Korea, this time bringing with him a team of former NBA players for an exhibition game on Kim Jong-un's birthday.

Chinese hepatitis B vaccinations claim the life of a 12th infant victim
(NaturalNews) The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), along with the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), had already suspended use of BioKangtai's hepatitis B vaccines, and now the inoculation, produced by a separate Chinese company, is believed to have claimed the life of its 12th infant victim on December 27, 2013.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts
(Reuters) - The Pentagon repeatedly waived laws banning Chinese-built components on U.S. weapons in order to keep the $392 billion Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter program on track in 2012 and 2013, even as U.S. officials were voicing concern about China's espionage and military buildup.

Utah Gun Maker Turns Down $15M Deal With Pakistan
Newsmax - A Utah-based gun manufacturer has turned down a $15 million deal to supply Pakistan with precision rifles, citing concerns they could eventually be used against U.S. troops. Mike Davis, sales manager at Desert Tech, said the company was on a short list for a contract with Pakistan, but spurned the opportunity because of unrest in Pakistan and ethical concerns.

White House announces new executive actions on background checks for guns
Daily Caller - The White House announced two new executive actions Friday that would expand the government’s access to mental health information during background checks on gun buyers. The two new actions clarify what constitutes a mental health problem that might prohibit gun ownership and allow states more wiggle room in disclosing such personal medical information.

Secret court approves three more months of NSA phone snooping
Alternews - The secret court that oversees the nation’s intelligence activities renewed its approval of the National Security Agency’s telephone-records program on Friday, granting the government a new three-month window to collect data on all Americans’ phone calls.

NSA Statement Does Not Deny ‘Spying’ On Members Of Congress
The Guardian - The National Security Agency on Saturday released a statement in answer to questions from a senator about whether it “has spied, or is … currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials”, in which it did not deny collecting communications from legislators of the US Congress to whom it says it is accountable.

Calls for Snowden Clemency Grow in Media
AllGov - Major newspapers in the United States and the United Kingdom have come out in support of Edward Snowden, calling on President Barack Obama to go easy on the National Security Agency whistleblower living in exile in Russia.

Napolitano: No clemency for Edward Snowden
The Hill - Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday that she “would not put clemency on the table” for NSA leaker Edward Snowden. “I think Snowden has exacted quite a bit of damage and did it in a way that violated the law,” Napolitano said in an interview airing on "Meet the Press" this Sunday.

VIDEO: Dr. Ron Paul on Obamacare: "This is what you get when the government gets involved"
Activist Post - The administration is about 1 million signups short of its goal, despite the new healthcare law going live. Even worse, more people have lost their coverage than have even enrolled. This ongoing fiasco leads Ron Paul to believe that what has come to be known as Obamacare is actually a tax that "will eventually end," for the reasons he states below.

Portion control — how the government plans to dictate what’s on your dinner table in 2014
Fox News - Regardless of your choices, your food freedom — your right to grow, raise, produce, buy, sell, share, cook, eat, and drink the foods you want — is under attack. Here are ten food freedom issues to keep an eye on in 2014.

Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Show Up At DMV Offices To Obtain Driver Authorization Cards
CBS Las Vegas - Thousands of Nevada immigrants showed up at Department of Motor Vehicle offices Thursday to obtain driver authorization cards under a new law that made the state the 11th nationally to offer driving privileges to people in the country illegally.

U.S. Education Department's Student Debt Collector Accused of Ruthless Tactics
AllGov - For two decades, the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) has received millions of taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Department of Education to hound former students into paying their student loans—even when they’ve already paid off their debt or run into financial troubles stemming from serious health problems.

Colo. Democrats blamed for $80M hit to economy by pushing out gun firm Magpul
Washington Times - Democrats came under heavy criticism Friday for driving Magpul Industries out of Colorado by pushing an aggressive gun-control agenda, a move that could cost the state more than $80 million annually.

Idaho to take back control of privately run state prison
The Guardian - Idaho's governor says the corrections department will take over operation of the largest privately run prison in the state after more than a decade of mismanagement and other problems at the facility.... Taxpayers currently pay CCA $29m per year to operate the 2,080-bed prison south of Boise.

You Have the Right to Stay Out of Jail - infographic - You have rights, know them.


Americans Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal With ‘Climate Change’
CNS News - That sum of $7.45 billion, which reached more than 120 countries through bilateral and multilateral channels, met President Obama’s “commitment to provide our fair share” of a collective pledge by developed nations to provide a total of nearly $30 billion in “fast start finance” (FSF), the report stated.

900 wealthiest Americans exempted from paying 2014 Social Security past Jan. 2nd
RT - A small, elite group of US citizens has already met their 2014 financial obligation for Social Security two days into the New Year, and will no longer be required to contribute any of their income to the federal program.

The Fed Is Hiring: Lots Of Cops
Zero Hedge - Some may have forgotten, or not be aware, that the Federal Reserve system has its own police force. Well, it does: "The U.S. Federal Reserve Police is the law enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States....

Three warning signs that a financial crash is imminent
Activist Post - For years, prophets of profit have warned us that the next stock market crash “will be soon”, and that such a crash will be utter catastrophic. Farber, Celente, et al., have told us that such a crash will be epic and that life as we know it will be forever changed. There are some that challenge their assertions because of fondness for the Gold Market. Many take their advice because they are conservative – play-it-safe investors.

Billionaires Dumping Stocks
Newsmax - Warren Buffett, who has been a cheerleader for U.S. stocks for quite some time, is dumping shares at an alarming rate. He recently complained of “disappointing performance” in dyed-in-the-wool American companies like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Foods.

Veteran News

From the Pentagon to life in a van
Press TV - After a 30-year military career in which he earned three graduate degrees, rose to the rank of colonel, and served as an aide to Pentagon brass, Robert Freniere can guess what people might say when they learn he's unemployed and lives out of his van...

Energy & Environment

Historic freeze could break Midwest temp records
(AP) - The temperature predictions are startling: 25 below zero in Fargo, N.D., minus 31 in International Falls, Minn., and 15 below in Indianapolis and Chicago. At those temperatures, exposed skin can get frostbitten in minutes and hypothermia can quickly set in because wind chills could hit 50, 60 or even 70 below zero.

Health Officials: ‘No Concern’ Over 500% Increase In Radation Levels On Cali. Beach
Mikael Thalen - Health officials in California are attempting to brush off public concern after a viral Youtube video showed a large increase in radiation levels on a Coastside beach last week.

Historic deep freeze across North America conclusively proves global warming is getting worse, right?
(NaturalNews) Worshippers of the false science can invoke it to explain any event whatsoever: hurricanes (or lack of hurricanes), tornados (or lack of tornados), too much rainfall or too little rainfall, high temperatures, low temperatures, and basically any event that we used to simply call "weather."

'Life-threatening' cold weather hits US – live coverage
The Guardian - Midwest suffers lowest temperatures in two decades, with cold to spread to northern and central US.


Germanium: Single Compound Kills 5 Types of Cancer, Often in Single Dose
Natural Society - An incredible antioxidant, oxygen catalyst, electrostimulant, and overall immune-booster, Germanium is a health-boosting trace mineral found in many plants. It shows up in nature as marine algae, bracket fungus, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, ginseng, and aloe.

The Many Benefits of the Immune-Boosting Root Astragalus
Natural Society - Astragalus root has long been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine as an overall body tonic. The root can aid in heart disease, detoxifying, and much more.

Neanderthal Herb: Yarrow – Heals Wounds, Speeds Healing, Stops Pain
Natural Society - Yarrow works to build heat in the body, and can help fight infection by helping to break a fever. Drinking yarrow tea can actually help the body rid itself of infection naturally. Additionally, yarrow is so good at stopping excess blood flow that it is often administered to those who suffer from nose bleeds.

Hidden Scary Sushi Ingredients Exposed
Dr. Mercola - Obviously, if you order certain sushi rolls that are deep-fried, you’re probably already aware that not everything on the menu at your favorite Asian restaurant is actually healthy. But what may come as a surprise – even to the most health-conscious sushi lovers – are the potentially dangerous ingredients hidden in even seemingly excellent choices – like seaweed salad, wasabi, or sushi ginger.

Did You Know that Nasal Flu Vax Recipients Can Pass the Flu to Everyone Around Them for Up to 21 Days?
The Organic Prepper - With all of the propaganda about how you MUST be vaccinated in order to protect those around you, you’d think that they would warn people who receive this vaccine that they’ve just become the most contagious person in the room, particularly if the person has been browbeaten into receiving the vaccine to “protect” a loved one with a lowered immune system.

"Please, no more shock treatments!"
(NaturalNews) When I gave and supervised shock treatment or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) during my psychiatric training, patients expressed these desperate words to me - "Please, no more shock treatments!" After two or three of the treatments, they would stop expressing anything, and their shock "therapy" would go on without complaint.

Neonicotinoid pesticides not just a threat to bees; humans also at risk
(NaturalNews) A new report issued by the European Food Safety Commission (EFSA) has found that a class of crop pesticides previously linked to causing mass bee deaths is also inherently harmful to humans. Researchers from the EFSA determined that neonicotinoid pesticides -- acetamiprid and imidacloprid in particular -- obstruct the normal development and function of the human nervous system, as well as damage brain structures and functions associated with learning and memory.

Suffer from joint pain? Try collagen
(NaturalNews) According to Medical News Today, collagen is one of the most necessary amino acids in the body. About 30 percent of the body's proteins are collagen-based. There are 28 forms of collagen, each responsible for various processes in the body. Although collagen is most famous for its skin-healing benefits, collagen is essential for relieving joint pain as well.

How tomatoes help prevent cancer
(NaturalNews) A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of cancer, and numerous studies have suggested that tomatoes in particular have a strong cancer-preventing effect. People whose diets contain more tomatoes have been shown to develop cancers at significantly lower rates, particularly cancers of the breast and prostate.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

USDA goes forward with herbicide-resistant GMO seeds
RT - The commercial use of new herbicide-resistant, genetically modified corn and soybean seeds moved one step closer to reality on Friday when the United States Department of Agriculture announced their introduction in limited quantities. The new seeds have been genetically engineered by Dow AgroSciences to survive the hefty application of 2,4-D, a widely used weed killer that’s commonly known as one of the ingredients in the Vietnam War-era herbicide Agent Orange.

Friday - January 3, 2014: - Today In History:
1777 - The Battle of Princeton took place in the War of Independence, in which George Washington defeated the British forces, led by Cornwallis.
1823 - Stephen F. Austin received a grant from the Mexican government and began colonization in the region of the Brazos River in Texas.
1825 - The first engineering college in the U.S. , Rensselaer School, opened in Troy, NY. It is now known as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
1833 - Britain seized control of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. About 150 years later, Argentina seized the islands from the British, but Britain took them back after a 74-day war.
1925 - In Italy, Mussolini announced that he would take dictatorial powers.
1938 - The March of Dimes was established by U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The organization fights poliomyelitis.
1947 - U.S. Congressional proceedings were televised for the first time. Viewers in Washington, Philadelphia and New York City saw some of the opening ceremonies of the 80th Congress.
1953 - Frances Bolton and her son, Oliver from Ohio, became the first mother-son combination to serve at the same time in the U.S. Congress.
1959 - In the U.S., Alaska became the 49th state.
1961 - The U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Cuba.
1962 - Pope John XXIII excommunicated Cuban prime minister Fidel Castro.
1967 - Jack Ruby died in a Dallas, TX, hospital.
1988 - Margaret Thatcher became the longest-serving British Prime Minister in the 20th century.
1990 - Ousted Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega surrendered to U.S. forces, 10 days after taking refuge in the Vatican's diplomatic mission.
1991 - The British government announced that seven Iraqi diplomats, another embassy staff member and 67 other Iraqis were being expelled from Britain.
1993 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in Moscow.
2001 - The ATF charged the "Texas 7" with weapons violations. An autopsy showed that Officer Aubrey Hawkins, killed by the convicts, had been shot 11 times and run over with a vehicle.
2004 - NASA's Spirit rover landed on Mars. The craft was able to send back black and white images three hours after landing.

World News

Vladimir Putin visits site of Volgograd bombings and declares them an 'abomination'
The Telegraph - Vladimir Putin called Russia’s deadliest terrorist attacks in three years “an abomination” during a New Year’s Day visit to the site of the double suicide attacks that killed 34 in Volgograd.

Russia’s war on terror to remain within constitutional framework
RT - Several politicians are demanding a tougher response, following deadly suicide attacks in Russia’s south, with a cancellation of the moratorium on the death penalty, and total surveillance being among the proposed anti-terrorist measures.

Libyan army arrests two Americans
Press TV - The Libyan army has arrested two Americans at its headquarters in the northeastern city of Benghazi, security sources say. Neither the identity of the men nabbed on Thursday nor why they were captured was immediately clear, Reuters reported.

Al-Qaeda claims attacks in SW Yemen
Press TV - In a statement released on Thursday, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the bombings, saying, "Those blessed operations against... the security (headquarters) in Aden are only a warning message to this puppet government and its army of mercenaries."

'Israeli warplanes strike Gaza Strip'
Press TV - The Israeli military frequently bombs the besieged Gaza Strip, claiming the attacks are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.

Thailand: CONFIRMED - "Men-in-Black" Gunmen Were Regime Police
(Tony Cartalucci) - Thai PBS reported in an article titled, "National police chief admits men in black are police," that: National Police Office commissioner Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew this morning admitted that the men in black” on the roof-top of the Labor Ministry’s building near the Thai-Japan youth centre in Din Daeng are police.

Anti-Communist Icon: America No Longer Leads the World
Paul Joseph Watson - During an interview with CNN, anti-Communist icon and former Polish President Lech Walesa said that America no longer leads the world and that President Obama has proven to be a dangerous disappointment.

Japan's population falls 'by record 244,000' in 2013
BBC - Japan's government is trying to boost a stagnant economy in the face of a shrinking population. Japan's population declined by a record 244,000 people in 2013, according to health ministry estimates.

Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima
(NaturalNews) Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in California recently discovered that the number of dead sea creatures blanketing the floor of the Pacific is higher than it has ever been in the 24 years that monitoring has taken place, a phenomenon that the data suggests is a direct consequence of nuclear fallout from Fukushima.

VIDEO: Turkish governor blocks search of Syria-bound truck: Report
Press TV - The governor of Turkey’s southern province of Hatay has prevented police from investigating a Syria-bound truck which was reportedly carrying weapons.

Confirmed: 2013 deadliest for Iraq since 2008, UN estimates
RT - A total of 8,868 people, including 7,818 civilians, have been killed in violent attacks across Iraq in 2013, the United Nations reports – the highest annual death toll in the war-torn country in five years.

Putin vows to annihilate 'terrorists'
Al Jazeera - President Vladimir Putin has pledged to annihilate "terrorists" following two deadly bomb attacks in less than 24 hours in the southern Russian city of Volgograd that raised security fears in the run-up to the Winter Olympics.

IMF paper warns of 'savings tax' and mass write-offs as West's debt hits 200-year high
The Telegraph - Much of the Western world will require defaults, a savings tax and higher inflation to clear the way for recovery as debt levels reach a 200-year high, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obamacare: Health Secretary to Dictate How Doctors Practice Medicine
Kit Daniels - Despite President Obama’s claim that “you’re not going to have anybody getting in between you and your doctor,” a little known provision of Obamacare gives the health secretary broad authority to dictate how doctors practice medicine and treat their patients.

Obamacare confusion reigns as frustrated patients walk out
Daily Mail - Hospital staff in Northern Virginia are turning away sick people on a frigid Thursday morning because they can't determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect.

Millions of Young Americans Refusing to Enroll in Obamacare
Kurt Nimmo - Poll after poll indicate young people are disillusioned with Obamacare. In early December, a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll found that 56% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 reject Obamacare, compared to a meager 39% who support the law. Moreover, so-called millennial respondents believe the law will degrade the quality of health care and significantly raise prices.

Feds Preparing For Violence Targeting Social Security Buildings?
Paul Joseph Watson - According to an announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHS awarded Paragon Systems, Inc. a contract “not to exceed $58,620,338.99,” to provide “Protective Security Officer (PSO) services in support of the Social Security Administration (SSA) Wabash Street and Metro West locations within Baltimore, MD.”

Federal Judge Rules that Border Patrol Does Not Need Reasonable Suspicion to Confiscate Laptops and Phones
AllGov - The U.S. government can legally seize a person’s laptop, cell phone and other electronic devices without any reason of suspicion along the border, a federal judge ruled this week.... It is important to note that the government’s policy on border seizures covers an area within 100 miles of the actual border.

Judicial Watch's Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians of 2013
Breitbart - Judicial Watch (JW) has released its list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2013, and it’s bipartisan in nature. Not only are eight members of the Obama Administration named, starting with Obama himself, but also GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner and GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss.

SF Chinese Consulate fire set intentionally
SF Examiner - Federal officials said Thursday a fire at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco was ignited at the front of the building, leading to an arson investigation and calls from the Chinese government for better protection of diplomats in the U.S.

Gun re-registration begins in D.C., may lead to arrest and confiscation
Washington Times - For the first time in the United States, a citizen who has legally registered a gun will have to submit to a renewal process. The consequences of not knowing about this new law or missing the specific 60-day window are dire. Starting on Jan. 2, every single D.C. resident who has registered a firearm since 1976 must go to police headquarters to pay a $48 fee and be photographed and fingerprinted.


The Minimum Wage Is Only an Issue Because of “Free Trade”
Economy In Crisis - The truth is our economy hasn’t supplied the average American worker with well paying jobs. “Free trade” agreements like NAFTA have decimated the American manufacturing base, leaving many low-skill workers with nowhere to turn.

40 percent of jobless youth facing mental illness symptoms with one-in-three contemplating suicide
Raw Story - Some jobless youngsters are facing “devastating” symptoms of mental illness, with one in three having comtemplated suicide, a leading youth charity said on Thursday. The Prince’s Trust said 40 percent of jobless young people have experienced symptoms of mental illness such as suicidal thoughts, feelings of self-loathing and panic attacks.

Energy & Environment

New York Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Nor'easter Snowstorm
Zero Hedge - A day after the new NYC mayor was sworn in, it looks like he will be busy digging his brand new city from under "blizzardlike" conditions including 5-6 inches of snow, which it seems are enough for New York governor Andrew Cuomo to declare...

21 inches of snow as Mass. closes offices, threat of flooding in Boston (PHOTOS)
RT - Almost 2 feet of snow had fallen in the town of Boxford, just north of Boston, by Thursday night and 45 cm have been recorded in other parts of the state, says the National Weather Service. The service has already issued a blizzard warning for Cape Cod, coastal areas north and south of Boston as well as in some parts of Maine and Long Island.

Industry, not environmentalists, killed traditional bulbs
Washington Examiner - People often assume green regulations like this represent the triumph of environmental activists trying to save the planet. That’s rarely the case, and it wasn't here. Light bulb manufacturers whole-heartedly supported the efficiency standards. General Electric, Sylvania and Philips — the three companies that dominated the bulb industry — all backed the 2007 rule, while opposing proposals to explicitly outlaw incandescent technology (thus leaving the door open for high-efficiency incandescents).


American Academy of Pediatrics Attacks Raw Milk
Natural Blaze - The assault on raw milk continues. As more and more Americans find out about this whole, perfect food and attempt to access it, industry titans are scrambling to quell the rebellion. And the American Academy of Pediatrics is coming to their aid, endorsing a nationwide ban. As of now, only 30 states are allowed to sell raw milk and raw milk products.

More than Oil: The Health Benefits of Olives
Natural Society - From heart protection to cancer prevention and allergy relief, many people don’t know all of the wonderful health benefits of olives.

Honey Heals Chronic Dandruff, Scaly, Itchy Scalp (Seborrheic Dermatitis)
Green Med Info - Amazingly, something as simple as crude honey has been found to alleviate an embarrassing scalp condition that most body care products and drugs can't even make a dent in.

Data Goldmine: Walgreens, WalMart Offer Free Prescriptions to ObamaCare Customers
Breitbart - In what you can interpret as either an act of corporate altruism, corporate lobbying, or a mix of both, two giant retailers -- Walmart and Walgreens -- have agreed to save the Obama Administration from who knows how many horror-story anecdotes by agreeing to fill 30 days of free prescriptions for ObamaCare enrollees. The question is, though, what happens to the data and patient information these retailers collect?

GMO victory? General Mills says Cheerios are non-GMO, but they're made from oats in the first place
(NaturalNews) General Mills has now publicly announced that original Cheerios cereal is non-GMO. This announcement, in which General Mills also falsely claims that genetically modified ingredients are "safe" -- as if this had been proven or something... But Cheerios cereal is made from oats, and there's no such thing as commercially-produced genetically modified oats.

Science & Technology

NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption
Washington Post - According to documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the effort to build “a cryptologically useful quantum computer” — a machine exponentially faster than classical computers — is part of a $79.7 million research program titled, “Penetrating Hard Targets.” Much of the work is hosted under classified contracts at a laboratory in College Park.

Facebook Sued Over Alleged Scanning of Private Messages
Bloomberg - Facebook Inc. (FB) was sued over allegations it systematically intercepts its users private messages on the social network and profits by sharing the data with advertisers and marketers.

Pet News

"Dog Toxins Chart"
Here's a wonderful (and free!) dog toxins chart to print and post on your fridge. These are foods your kids might be likely to share with the four-legged family member so please go over it with them. (It might take a minute to load)

Del Monte wants to sue Chinese Jerky Manufacturer?
Susan Thixton - DelMonte - parent company of Milo's Kitchen jerky pet treats - wanted to sue their Chinese jerky treat supplier AFTER illegal drugs were found in the pet treats. What responsibility does a manufacturer/importer of pet foods or pet food ingredients hold?

Harmless Procedure to Owners, But Severe Torture to Cats
Dr. Becker - Declawing is more accurately described as “de-toeing.” It isn’t a nail trim – it’s an amputation. And the pain to the cat is categorized as “severe,” surpassing the pain of neutering and even spaying. What most cat lovers don’t realize is that the majority of declawed cats have at least one complication resulting from the surgery, and over a third develop behavior problems afterwards.

Keep Your Pet Away from Wild Mushrooms
Dr. Becker - Of the thousands of varieties of mushrooms in North America, only about 100 are toxic to pets. The trick is determining which are poisonous… and not even mushroom experts can tell the difference in every instance.

Thursday - January 2, 2014: - Today In History:
1788 - Georgia became the 4th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
1842 - In Fairmount, PA, the first wire suspension bridge was opened to traffic.
1890 - Alice Sanger became the first female White House staffer.
1892 - Ellis Island opened as America's first federal immigration center. Annie Moore, at age 15, became the first person to pass through.
1893 - The first commemorative postage stamps were issued.
1900 - U.S. Secretary of State John Hay announced the Open Door Policy to prompt trade with China.
1900 - The Chicago Canal opened.
1921 - The first religious broadcast on radio was heard on KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, PA, as Dr. E.J. Van Etten of Calvary Episcopal Church preached.
1935 - Bruno Richard Hauptmann went on trial for the kidnap-murder of Charles Lindberghs baby. Hauptmann was found guilt and executed.
1942 - The Philippine capital of Manila was captured by Japanese forces during World War II.
1960 - U.S. Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.
1968 - Fidel Castro announced petroleum and sugar rationing in Cuba.
1971 - In the U.S., a federally imposed ban on television cigarette advertisements went into effect.
1974 - U.S. President Richard M. Nixon signed a bill requiring all states to lower the maximum speed limit to 55 MPH. The law was intended to conserve gasoline supplies during an embargo imposed by Arab oil-producing countries. Federal speed limits were abolished in 1995.
1991 - Sharon Pratt Dixon was sworn in as mayor of Washington, DC. She was the first black woman to head a city of that size and prominence.
1996 - AT&T announced that it would eliminate 40,000 jobs over three years.
1998 - Russia began circulating new rubles in effort to keep inflation in check and promote confidence.

World News

Volgograd Bombings: CIA’s Chechen Assets Attack Russia Ahead of Winter Olympics
Kurt Nimmo - Responsibility for deadly attacks in the Russian city of Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, is being placed on Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov, who was declared dead by Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov on December 18. Like many other phantom terrorists, including the mercurial Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Umarov has risen from the grave numerous times.

Central America migrants flee turf wars and corrupt states for refuge in Mexico
The Guardian - Extreme violence in Central America is sending a surge of refugees fleeing north to Mexico where they are caught between official indifference and yet more danger if they continue to the United States, human rights activists say.

China in talks with Iran for more crude oil imports
Press TV - China is likely to buy more crude oil from Iran next year as its state-run firm is negotiating a new contract that could largely raise imports from the Islamic Republic.

Turkey seizes arms on Syria border
Press TV - The report said that three people were arrested in this regard. They claimed that they were carrying aid on behalf of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The Turkish NGO, however, has rejected the allegations and called them “slanderous.”

Thailand: Next Anti-Regime Rally - January 13, 2014
Activist Post - In protest of unelected dictator Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxy regime led by his own nepotist-appointed sister Yingluck Shinawatra, anti-regime protesters plan to shut down Thailand's capital of Bangkok starting on Monday, January 13, 2014.

Japan to alter self-defense military mode
Press TV - Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the Japanese military mode, constitutionally restrained only to “self-defense,” will be modified by 2020, when Tokyo will be hosting Summer Olympics.

Humanitarian Aid Mission Provides Help to Haiti - Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- A crew of Airmen from Altus Air Force Base, Okla., delivered 136,000 pounds of humanitarian aid Dec. 19, to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

VIDEO: China ‘manufacturing growth down in Dec. 2013’
Press TV - A new survey shows that the growth of China’s manufacturing sector in December 2013 was at its slowest pace in three months as a result of a drop in demand for Chinese goods.

Israel ‘committing terror’ in US
Press TV - Israeli lobbyists in the US Congress commit a form of “political terrorism” by keeping a record of all American legislators and planning to oppose those of them who do not vote for pro-Israeli resolutions in the next elections, wrote Jim W. Dean in an article on Press TV website on Wednesday.

YouTube: Fukushima Responders Starting To Get Sick
The Young Turks - "Within weeks of setting off a geiger counter and scrubbing three layers of skin off his hands and arms, former Navy quartermaster Maurice Enis recalled being pressured to sign away U.S. government liability for any future health problems....

Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled nuclear reactor at Fukushima
RT - Fresh plumes of most probably radioactive steam have been detected rising from the reactor 3 building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, said the facility’s operator company.... The steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24, 25, 27, according to a report TEPCO published on its website.

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 is not going to explode - Our research, and discussions with other scientists, confirms that what we are seeing is a phenomenon that has been occurring at the Daiichi site since the March 2011 accident.

Barclays “Accidentally” Makes 10 Years of Incriminating LIBOR Chat Messages “Disappear” - Barclays has been fined $3.75 million by FINRA for “losing” over a decade of incriminating chat messages regarding Libor manipulation. A $3.75 million wrist slap for erasing any incriminating evidence of criminal fraud sounds like a pretty good deal to us, as we suspect that the firm’s “loss” of 10 years worth of instant messaging data likely kills any serious hopes of prosecution for LIBOR manipulation fraud.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obamacare Results: Cancelled Plans Outnumber Enrollments
Activist Post - At least 4.7 MILLION people have LOST their insurance coverage to date. As of yesterday, only 2 million customers signed up for Obamacare via the state and federal exchanges.

Conn. Gun Registration Photo Foreshadows Confiscation - A photo depicting gun owners in Connecticut waiting in line to register their firearms is sparking outrage, with one Twitter user claiming the scene “Looks like Weimar Germany.”

Chinese recycling tycoon says he wants to buy New York Times
(Reuters) - An eccentric Chinese recycling magnate said on Tuesday he was preparing to open negotiations to buy the New York Times Co.

And The Country Posing The Greatest Threat to Peace as 2013 Ends is …
CNS News - ( – The past year witnessed bloodshed in Syria and Iraq, turmoil in Egypt, anarchy in Central Africa, threats by a nuclear-armed North Korea and Chinese military posturing, but as 2013 ends a global poll finds that the country seen as representing the greatest threat to peace today is ... the United States.

US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide
Paul Joseph Watson - According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHHS asks contractors to supply, “potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s),” a total of 14 million tablets. The packages must be delivered on or before February 1, 2014.

Justice Halts Obama Contraception Rule for Catholic Nuns
Bloomberg - The Obama administration was temporarily blocked by a U.S. Supreme Court justice from forcing an order of Catholic nuns to comply with a federal requirement to provide free contraceptive coverage for employees.

On January 5, Illinois residents will be able to apply for a concealed handgun license
Daily Sheeple - The cost of the concealed carry license, which is valid for five years, is $150. Fees for associated required training courses and finger-printing vary. State police say they aren’t sure how many residents will submit an application, but they estimate that it could be as many as 400,000.

YouTube: Life sentence without parole, for what is essentially three marijuana charges
"Here I Am" is a documentary about Jeff Mizanskey, a man serving a life sentence without parole, for what is essentially three marijuana charges. This short documentary is an attempt to shed light on one case of a non-violent criminal spending life behind bars. The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon knows about this case and still has not done the right thing.

Professional musician’s flutes destroyed as ‘agricultural products’ by US Customs - "I told them I had these instruments for many years and flew with them in and out. There were 11 instruments in all. They told me they were agricultural products and they had to be destroyed. There was nothing I could do. The ney flute can be made with bamboo. Is that agricultural?"

The Future of Drone Swarm "Awareness"
Activist Post - Drones are evolving along multiple developmental lines. They have been officially welcomed by Congress into U.S. skies, as an increasing number of cities are slated to become commercial drone testing sites. This opens up the possibility for drone delivery systems, as well as even more pervasive mass surveillance.

The Complete List of Everything Banned by Mayor Michael Bloomberg - Michael Bloomberg leaves office tomorrow after 12 years as New York City's mayor. No mayor in recent memory has added so much to a city. Or taken so much away. To remember him properly, here's a list of everything Bloomberg banned during his time in office.

NYPD Testing ‘Smart’ Cars
Adan Salazar - Folks attending Super Bowl festivities in the Big Apple next month will likely encounter the automobile-equivalent of RoboCop – a souped-up cruiser being touted as the greatest asset in the NYPD’s counter-terrorism arsenal. The NYPD’s new “supersmart car” boasts infrared sensors, radiation detectors and high-tech cameras capable of beaming live video feeds to personnel at headquarters.

About 40,000 new laws, regulations and resolutions will take effect across America next year
Daily Mail - From age-restricted tanning sessions to refunds on 'lemon' pets - these are some of the new laws set to take effect across America in the new year.

Report: Cop Pepper-Sprays 13-Year-Old Boy
Kit Daniels - A Pennsylvania State Trooper is now on unpaid leave after being charged with pepper spraying his girlfriend’s 13-year-old son. Police say that Trooper Ernest Boatright, 48, fired pepper spray at the boy without warning after he found him asleep in his bed rather than at school, as WTAE reported.

Church Ordered to Remove 'Support Our Troops' Sign - California church has been ordered to remove a "Support Our Troops" sign because it failed to obtain a proper permit, officials said. Members of Simple Truth Church in Nevada County, near Sacramento painted the simple message on a rundown 20-food-by-8-foot billboard on Highway 49.
"Nevada County is a very patriotic county, they love our troops," the Rev. Jeff Alaways told KTXL-TV, Sacramento. County officials said they took no umbrage with the patriotic message -- but noted they had told church leaders they would not be allowed to paint the sign without applying for a sign permit first.


The Great Italian Auto Bailout — Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers - At the beginning of 2014, Detroit may be bankrupt, but they’re cheering the five-year-old U.S. auto bailout in Italy. That’s because after being the beneficiary of billions in U.S. taxpayer largesse, Fiat, the leading Italian auto company, is going to buy its final stake in Chrysler from that other big bailout recipient, the United Auto Workers (UAW).

How to Address Growing Poverty? More Confiscation by Government
Kurt Nimmo - CNN, home to the Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, admits the “war on poverty,” launched half a century ago this month, is a dismal failure and more Americans than ever are mired in poverty.

Congress is set to unveil a $1 trillion spending bill next week
The Hill - Aides say progress on the $1 trillion, 12-part omnibus legislation has been better than expected at the subcommittee level, and that their goal remains to pass the bill through both chambers by Jan. 16 to prevent a government shutdown.

How Will The Economy Improve In 2014 If Almost Everyone Has Less Money To Spend?
Economic Collapse - Most Americans know that the U.S. economy is heavily dependent on consumer spending. If average Americans are not out there spending money, the economy tends not to do very well. Unfortunately, retail sales during the holiday season appear to be quite disappointing and the middle class continues to deeply struggle.

Energy & Environment

36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast
Michael Snyder - The mainstream media continues to insist that radiation levels in the Pacific and along the west coast are perfectly safe. Are they lying to us? Evaluate the evidence compiled below and come to your own conclusions…


36 Foods That Help Detox and Cleanse Your Entire Body - By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. These foods will assist in boosting your metabolism, optimizing digestion, while allowing you to lose weight and fortify your immune system.

5 Harmful Additives in Bread - Human hair, chicken feathers, and high-fructose corn syrup—if you eat packaged bread from the supermarket, these ingredients have likely been in it. In fact, plenty of packaged breads sold in the United States contain ingredients that are actually banned in lots of other parts of the world. Here are five ingredients to look for at the store…and five reasons to start making your own bread or visiting the local bakery instead:

Doctors’ Financial Rewards from Administering Flu Shots
Natural Blaze - One MD, who also is a speaker for Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and Sanofi-Pasteur – all vaccine makers, says, Giving influenza vaccine is also good for the financial health of your practice. That candid remark, made in writing, came from Richard Lander, MD, and was published in the article “Influenza vaccination makes sense for everyone” on Healio Pediatrics webpage about Infectious Diseases in Children.

How Love and Other Emotions are Mapped in the Body
Natural Blaze - Emotions adjust our mental and also bodily states to cope with the challenges detected in the environment. These sensations arising from the bodily changes are an important feature of our emotional experiences. For example, anxiety may be experienced as pain in the chest, whereas falling in love may trigger warm, pleasurable sensations all over the body. New research from Aalto University reveals, how emotions are literally experienced through the body.

Broccoli Sprouts Have 50 Times the Anti-Cancer Properties of Broccoli
Natural Society - Numerous studies have established broccoli as an anti-cancer vegetable. But are broccoli sprouts an anti-cancer improvement over regular broccoli? John Hopkins researchers certainly thought so. From 1992 to 1997, a John Hopkins research team searched for broccoli’s cancer fighting compound.

4 Reasons to Start Adding Cucumbers to Your Juices and Smoothies
Natural Society - These vegetables are often overlooked as a health food but are packed with potential benefits. The best cucumbers of all are those you grow yourself, but a close second are those grown locally and organically. Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to make sure you have a good source of cucumbers all the time.

Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines
RINF - Have you noticed that there has been an absolute explosion in the number of people developing chronic illnesses, heart disease, diabetes and cancer? If you are like most Americans, you probably have quite a few family members and friends that are seriously ill right now. Sadly, most Americans have absolutely no idea why this is happening. Most of them just assume that all of this sickness is just “normal”.

Science & Technology

4.6 million Snapchat photo app usernames, phone numbers leaked
RT - Millions of US and Canadian users of popular photo sharing app Snapchat had their phone numbers and usernames exposed online after the data was captured by anonymous hackers. The leak comes months after Snapchat was warned of a major security hole.

The Complete Guide To How The NSA Hacked Everything
Zero Hedge - Two days ago we observed the latest disclosure in the seemingly endless Snowden treasure trove of leaked NSA files, when Spiegel released the broad details of the NSA's Access Network Technology (ANT) catalog explaining how virtually every hardware architecture in the world has been hacked by the US superspies.

Apple Says It Knows Nothing About Your iPhone Spying On You
Kurt Nimmo - Thanks to the best technical minds your tax dollars can buy, the NSA has come up with something called “DROPOUT JEEP,” an application that can hijack your an iPhone’s SMS messages, contacts, location, camera, and microphone. The hack is really comprehensive, according to a leaked NSA doc acquired by Der Spiegel...

VIDEO: Google’s Illuminati Themed New Year’s Eve
Paul Joseph Watson - To cap 2013, the tech giant has chosen an Illuminati theme for its New Year’s Eve celebrations. A similar theme was adopted for Sydney’s new year ceremony earlier today, with the all seeing eye used to celebrate “one community” and “one shared vision.”

Behold the Death Ray Drone Bot! Robot enthusiast creates a terrifying mechanical spider that bursts balloons with real lasers
Daily Mail - ‘This beast packs a potent 2W blue laser that fries anything in it's path. It can walk around and shoot its death ray at the touch of a button.’

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

New York City bulldozes community garden in dead of night
NY Post 12/29/13 - A developer bulldozed a beloved community garden in ­Coney Island on Saturday to make way for an amphitheater — uprooting 20 chickens on a decades-old plot that survived Hurricane Sandy. Construction workers entered the Boardwalk Garden under the cover of darkness and chucked tools and wheelbarrows, along with farm fowl and a colony of feral cats, activists say.


10 New Year's Resolutions That Every Prepper Should Make in 2014
Natural Blaze - Every year, people make a series of New Year’s Resolutions that are usually forgotten by the time you flip the page of the calendar over to February. This list starts with some of the standard resolutions that everyone makes that are particularly pertinent to preppers, and then contains some that are unique to this community.

Pet News

The Perfect Pet Food That Helps Break Down Tartar
Dr. Becker - Raw diets – even prepared, ground raw diets – help control tartar. Raw ground bone is a gentle dental abrasive, acting like fine sandpaper when chewed, which helps remove debris stuck on teeth. The meat contains natural enzymes, and in addition, raw food doesn’t stick to teeth, unlike starchy kibble. Dry pet food is promoted as helping to keep teeth clean, but it’s a myth.

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