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Today in History - Friday - August 31, 2012
1823 - Ferdinand VII was restored to the throne of Spain when invited French forces entered Cadiz. The event is known as the Battle of Trocadero.
1852 - The first pre-stamped envelopes were created with legislation of the U.S. Congress.
1920 - The first news program to be broadcast on radio was aired. The station was 8MK in Detroit, MI.
1935 - The act of exporting U.S. arms to belligerents was prohibited by an act signed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1962 - The Caribbean nations Tobago and Trinidad became independent within the British Commonwealth.
1964 - California officially became the most populated state in America.
1965 - The Department of Housing and Urban Development was created by the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.
1980 - Poland's Solidarity labor movement was born with an agreement signed in Gdansk that ended a 17-day strike.
1989 - Great Britain's Princess Anne and Mark Phillips announced that they were separating. The marriage was 16 years old.
1990 - U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar met with the Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz to try and negotiate a solution to the crisis in the Persian Gulf.
1990 - East and West Germany signed a treaty that meant the harmonizing of political and legal systems.
1991 - Uzbekistan and Kirghiziz declared their independence from the Soviet Union. They were the 9th and 10th republics to announce their plans to secede.
1991 - In a "Solidarity Day" protest hundreds of thousands of union members marched in Washington, DC.
1993 - Russia withdrew its last soldiers from Lithuania.
1994 - A cease-fire was declared by the Irish Republican Army after 25 years of bloodshed in Northern Ireland.
1994 - Russia officially ended its military presence in the former East Germany and the Baltics after a half-century.
1998 - A ballistic missile was fired over Japan by North Korea. The missile landed in stages in the waters around Japan. There was no known target.

World News

Syrian group with close ties to FSA terrorists openly arms rebels with help of U.S.
Activist Post - The recently established Syrian Support Group (SSG), a United States-based pro-Free Syrian Army (FSA) group housed just three blocks away from the White House, is openly showing their support for the terrorist FSA like never before. The SSG was just established this April as a non-profit and thanks to a special license from the Treasury Department, they can now openly provide the Syrian opposition with funding to purchase heavy weaponry which, according to The New York Times, includes “antiaircraft and antitank missiles.”

South African miners charged with murder of 34 colleagues killed by police
South African workers arrested after a shooting at a platinum mine have been charged with killing 34 of their colleagues, despite confirmation that police committed the murders. The officers, who did not deny using guns, face no charges. The Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, in the country's North West province, made headlines on August 16, when protesters, who demanded their wages be raised to over $1,000 a month, clashed with police. The crackdown claimed the lives of 36 people – miners and two policemen, and left 78 injured.

Germany backs law that would charge Google for linking to news
The German cabinet backed a draft law requiring Google and other news aggregators to pay for summarized information they display before linking to a source – a move that has outraged the Internet giant, politicians and bloggers alike.... The law is about piracy and stealing content on the Internet, said federation spokeswoman Anja Pasquay. Search engines are pirating content by publishing the snippets, "and they don't even ask, they simply take it," she said.

NATO secretly authorizes Syrian attack
Press TV - On Monday, August 27, 2012, in a meeting in Brussels, NATO military leaders in consultation with “telephonic liaison” with officers of military forces in several former Soviet Republics, major African states, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states came to a combined decision to act against Syria.... No announcement was made, no plans or timetable published, simply a vote on authorization of force which passed unanimously by member and included non-member states unanimously.

Iran, Egypt call each other ‘strategic allies’
Press TV - At a Thursday meeting with Morsi in the Iranian capital, Tehran, Ahmadinejad referred to Egypt as “Iran's strategic ally” and expressed the interest of the Iranian nation and government in enhancing cooperation and friendly relations with the Egyptian government and nation.

VIDEO: Leader's inaugural speech at NAM Summit
Press TV - The following is the full text of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s inaugural address delivered at the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran on August 30, 2012.

China, Egypt back Palestine's statehood - China and Egypt have reaffirmed their support for an independent State of Palestine, according to a joint press communique issued here on Thursday. The independent state should have full sovereignty established on the basis of the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, said the communique, which also backed Palestine's participation in the United Nations and other international organizations. The document was released after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's three-day state visit to China concluded early on Thursday morning.

Palestinian farmers ordered to leave lands - Israeli authorities have given Palestinian farmers living in Jericho, in the occupied West Bank, an order to uproot palm trees they have grown and leave agricultural lands within 45 days. The orders came in the form of letters sent to the farmers in an area known as “Area C” and gave the farmers an October 7 deadline to vacate their lands. Shawkat Housheyeh, a farmer who received an official warning letter to uproot his palm trees told Reuters news agency that the measure threatened the livelihood of thousands of farm workers in the Jericho area.

Nicolas Sarkozy is contemplating a £200,000-an-hour job with a bank that already employs his old friend Tony Blair
If the former French president accepts the job with Morgan Stanley he will be following in the highly lucrative footsteps of the ex-Prime Minister. But critics on the other side of the Channel have already expressed disgust at once elected politicians effectively using their reputations to enrich themselves to the tune of millions.

TB continued: Drug-resistant strain of deadly disease alarms doctors worldwide
RT - The world is in the middle of a tuberculosis pandemic, scientists say. What was once a disease of undeveloped nations has raced across continents, with thousands of cases in Asia and Europe. The disease may infect up to two million people by 2015.... Cases of tuberculosis in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America are on the rise, and many of them are of a strain resistant to vaccination.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Pentagon threatens legal action against Bin Laden assassination book author
RT - The US Defense Department is threatening to pursue “all remedies legally available” against the author of a forthcoming book about the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Pentagon says the former Navy SEAL breached nondisclosure agreements.... The book divulges details of the operation in which US Navy SEALS killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan on May 4, 2011. A number of facts presented contradict the official version of the mission, according to a copy obtained by the AP.

'Toughest sheriff in America' under fire for warrantless arrests of critics in the middle of the night
RT - The Phoenix New Times paper has long been a critical of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose questionable actions have included organizing detention facilities for illegal immigrants that some have compared to Nazi concentration camps. Apparently Arpaio got so annoyed with their criticism that he issued a subpoena demanding the newspaper to give up its sources. The subpoena, issued by Arpaio's office, “demanded that the paper reveal its confidential sources as well as produce reporters’ and editors’ notebooks, memoranda, and documents.” When newspaper co-owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin refused to follow through, though, they received a surprise visit.

Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program
RT - The EFF charges that the DoJ violated the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, by failing to expedite previous requests filed with the government for documents relating to a 2008 amendment included in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Under that year’s update to FISA, feds were awarded legal wiggle room to collect and comb through any communication originating in the United States that is sent abroad through email or phone, all under the guise of national security.

PHOTOS - Deutsche Bank VP Suffers 15 Facial Fractures After Alleged 'Bath Salts Battle' With L.A. Police
Daily Bail - We're told Mulligan claims the cops walked up to him and asked why he was in the area, and then proceeded to search both him and his car. Mulligan says the officers found a large amount of cash in the car -- thousands of dollars -- and then put him in a police car and drove to a nearby motel. We're told Mulligan says the cops told him to stay in the room until they returned. He claims he waited several hours, but the cops never came back. He says he felt he was being set up to be robbed or killed, so he made a run for it. As he ran out, he says cops were right there and began beating him mercilessly.

U.N.-backed ‘Agenda 21′ development rules anger many in Texas - A Lubbock County judge's comments last week that President Obama might cede U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations and spark a civil war have been widely ridiculed. But concerns about U.N. overreach are gaining ground, with the attacks mostly focused on a 20-year-old nonbinding U.N. resolution called Agenda 21.... Critics of Agenda 21 view it as a sinister effort by an international organization to tell communities what to do and a blatant infringement on private property rights.

VIDEO: Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips
Paul Joseph Watson - Andrea Hernandez is leading a group of students who refuse to wear the tags because in her words, “It makes me uncomfortable. It’s an invasion of my privacy,” she told Hernandez is being backed by parents and privacy experts like Dr. Katherine Albrecht who point out that the spy chips are more about making money than keeping students safe, as the schools claim.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Reality Check: Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the most controversial rule change in party history was not legitimately passed.

VIDEO: Delegates to GOP Convention Hold Press Conference, Demand Grievances Be Addressed by RNC
Liberty Crier - “This convention was scripted from ground zero. Conventions are not supposed to be scripted!” said State Rep.(R) Glen Bradley, from North Carolina. “This is where Republicans get together to do business, to come up with a platform, and to decide how to save the future of the United States!” The RNC convention convened officially earlier this week, and has been one outrage after another. This large group of grassroots supporters from several states put together a list of grievances that they want the Republican National Committee to address.

Mitt Romney vows tough stance on Russia if elected US president
Press TV - “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone,” Romney said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He made the remarks in a speech on the final day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday. Romney also condemned Obama’s foreign policies, claiming the US president has been too soft with Iran and Russia.

Conservatives charge Team Romney with ‘political malpractice;’ nasty fight still possible at RNC
Washington Examiner - Despite reports of a compromise, there is still substantial unhappiness among many delegates to the Republican convention over a package of party rules changes proposed by the Romney campaign. The fight — which one conservative delegate calls the result of Team Romney’s “political malpractice” — could break into the open today, as delegates debate various proposals to resolve the conflict.... Team Romney proposed the changes on Friday in what opponents view as a last-minute move to avoid extensive debate. “This was political malpractice, period,” McKissick [South Carolina delegate and member of the party rules committee] says.

VIDEO: The Teleprompter Had the Results of the Vote Before the Vote was Taken!
Daily Paul - Re: the Vote on Rule 12 and 16. Here is what you did not see on the "mainstream" news media. The teleprompter had the results of the vote before the vote was taken. Text: in the opinion of the Chair, the "ayes" have it! Go to the 2:00 minute mark to see the pre-fabricated "opinion of the Chair".

YouTube: Ben Swann on The Jerry Doyle Show - RNC Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul Delegates
August 29, 2012 - Ben Swann talks Romney, the criminal behavior of the RNC against Ron Paul and his delegates and more. Great interview.

YouTube: RNC Sham 2012
Published on Aug 29, 2012 by CollectiveCheckup - The Convention is where delegates are meant to cast votes for the nominee, yet the Tampa Bay Times Forum was already plastered with embedded Romney banners, and additional 'Mitt' signs for people to hold were also smuggled in to make it appear that many are behind him. All Ron Paul material was promptly confiscated. [Great summery]

RNC Protesters Vastly Out Numbered by Cops
Kurt Nimmo - It looks like the $50 million in tax payer money Congress doled out for security during the Republican National Convention has paid off. According to ABC News and Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, so far this week three protesters have been arrested.... “There’s probably—and I don’t know what the number are, but there’s probably 10 security personnel for every protester who’s in town,” Tampa radio host Rob Lorei told the Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.


Morgan Stanley is Insolvent – Only a Matter of Time Before Total Financial Collapse
Activist Post - According to Rick Wiles: “I’m hearing rumors that another major financial house is going to implode. In fact, the name I’ve been given is Morgan Stanley . . . It’s going to be put on the sacrificial alter by the financial elite.” MS, technically speaking, is classified as insolvent based on mark-to-market valuation. By selling off non-core assets, MS has been able to “reduce its European exposure” through the manipulation of hedge funds and allocation of funds to failing financial corporations. Some mainstream media outlets tout that the Federal Reserve Bank will come in and assist MS in their insolvency and that MS “just isn’t going out of business anytime soon.”

16 Facts That Show How Members Of Congress And Federal Workers Are Living The High Life At Your Expense
Activist Post - Today, the federal government is the place to go if you want a cushy, high-paying job with tons of benefits. It is incredibly hard to be fired from a federal job, and if you stick around long enough you will be guaranteed a huge pension for the rest of your life.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy Wall Street details anniversary showdown
Press TV - Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters will mark the first anniversary of the anti-capitalism movement’s inception by trying to blockade the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), organizers say.... "We want to bring people down to the belly of the beast," she said, adding, "That will be a pretty substantial act of civil disobedience." Protesters are planning to bring handcuffs and attempt ‘citizens' arrests of bankers.’

Energy & Environment

Isaac claims fatality as thousands forced to evacuate
Press TV - Isaac slashed its way further inland Thursday, claiming its first fatality and stranding residents in flood-prone areas even as it threatened to wreak more havoc in the days to come.... Mississippi and Louisiana announced mandatory evacuations for all low-lying areas along the Tangipahoa River. An earthen dam at 700-acre Lake Tangipahoa in Mississippi has not breached, but does have significant damage, according to the Pike County Emergency Management Agency. UPDATE: CNN article/slideshow here.


Use EFAs to reduce inflammation and support your adrenals
(NaturalNews) Omega-3 fatty acids help create cell walls that are fluid and elastic, yet strong enough to hold things together. The ALA offspring of EPA and DHA are vital to brain and eye health. Lately, a lot of research has been done on essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s. The health benefits include: Increased energy, heightened and stabilized moods, and better brain functioning with less brain fog. Hormone production is better regulated. Adrenal glands stabilized. Less body fat is maintained. Joints and muscles become pain-free. Lower blood sugar counts are generated. EFAs help prevent dementia, strokes, and inhibit tumors.

Combat cancer with the top cancer-fighting foods
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) An estimated one-third of cancer deaths could be related to diet, according to the National Cancer Institute. Eating processed, sugary foods with harmful additives like chemicals or even animal products with hormones is the norm for many people in developed nations. What people eat can truly kill them.

Top 5 Antioxidant Rich Foods: Slowing Aging and Fighting Cancer
Natural Society - Antioxidants are something of a buzz word in the natural health community, and for good reason. They scavenge cancer-causing free radicals throughout our body, which leads to improved health and healthier aging. We now have genetic evidence that antioxidants kill cancer, and they even help improve memory. Here are the top antioxidant rich foods you probably (and should) have in your kitchen.

PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as 'insecticide' and 'adhesive preservative' in addition to water treatment chemical
(NaturalNews) Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie... a lie you will see obediently repeated in every fluoride push.... Here are the five false deceptions...

Medical imaging radiation causes DNA damage and cancer; doctors prescribe more!
(NaturalNews) The health risks associated with radiation exposure, whether it comes from cancer treatments or medical imaging scans, are much more significant than most people probably think. The latest published data on radiation exposure suggests that roughly 25,000 Americans develop cancer every year as a result of medical radiation exposure, and many more experience DNA damage that could eventually lead to the development of cancer and other health problems in the long term.

Unnecessary cardiac procedures being performed by greedy doctors, whistleblower reveals
(NaturalNews) C.T. Tomlinson is a nurse that used to work at the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Fort Pierce, Florida, that is until he came forward with allegations that at least one doctor at his facility had been performing phony cardiac surgeries on healthy patients. After filing a complaint with HCA's chief ethics officer Stephen Johns, it was determined that a number of doctors and surgeons within the HCA system had been performing unnecessary cardiac procedures on healthy patients since at least 2002.

Could Just Thinking About Dessert Make You Gain Weight?
Green Med Info - Some Japanese researchers believe that our thoughts about food can cause actual physical changes that may lead to weight gain. Their study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, concluded that the anticipation of a sweet treat in mice and rats triggers their muscles to start taking up glucose from the blood and getting ready for action. If that muscle does not in fact get to work, the glucose will be stored as fat.

Exposing the FDA's Vaccine Injury Cover-up: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq.
Activist Post - Attorney Walter Kyle of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, began representing Plaintiffs with vaccine injuries ten years before the Vaccine Injury Act began, and has argued more than forty cases before the Special Masters of the United States Court of Federal Claims [under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act] - 42 U.S.C.A. §300aa, et.seq. As a result, Attorney Kyle has unique insight into the nuances of vaccine injury law.

Doctors discover terrifying new tick-borne virus
RT - Researchers have diagnosed two farmers from separate towns in the American Midwest with the first ever identified cases of the Heartland virus, a just-discovered tick-borne infection that landed both men in the hospital with symptoms that include fever, fatigue and nausea.... Doctors fear that future cases — ones that go longer without being brought to the attention of a trained physician — could cause a severe drop in platelet count and, as a result, abnormal bleeding. If advanced enough, the next documented case of the Heartland virus very well could be deadly.

Goji Berries: Worthy of the Name “Superfood” - These small fruits, no bigger than the size of raisins, contain ample amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. With 18 amino acids, they are considered complete proteins. Pound for pound, they contain more vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet (sorry, oranges), and they have more iron than spinach (something for Popeye to contemplate). In all, they have 21 key trace minerals our bodies need to function and be healthy, including vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron, copper, etc. ** Goji Berries available at The Power Mall by calling 877-817-9829 or go online at

Infographic: Harmful Effects of Soda on Your Body
Sure, there’s nothing quite like soda to go along with that burger and fries you’ve decided to have for lunch. Not unless you care about what you put in your body and what long-term effects it is going to have on your well-being. If you do care about your health and your body, however, take a look at the harmful effects of soda consumption over time.

27 Easy, Fresh Tomato Recipes
A perfect late summer tomato, bursting at the seams with fragrant juice with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, plucked fresh from the vine the morning you eat it is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Guess what’s coming to dinner? The unprocessed food challenge continues
Grist - Make no mistake: Processed food is out to get you. “No!” you can say. “I only want to eat whole foods! Just leave me alone!” But does processed food listen? No. It just kicks back and laughs. “Just try to get away from me,” processed food says. “I’m everywhere you look. I’m at the convenience store. I’m in your favorite restaurant order. I’m lurking in your pantry right now. That ‘natural’ box of cereal you bought? Full of high-fructose corn syrup!

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Apple Rejects Drones+ iPhone App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes
Wired - It’s the third time in a month that Apple has turned Drones+ away, says Josh Begley, the program’s New York-based developer. The company’s reasons for keeping the program out of the App Store keep shifting. First, Apple called the bare-bones application that aggregates news of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia “not useful.” Then there was an issue with hiding a corporate logo. And now, there’s this crude content problem.

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: Talented Cat Plays the Piano - There’s an old adage that pets and their people grow to resemble each other over time, and it’s sometimes startlingly true. In this case, a cat who lives with a piano teacher has learned how to play the piano herself. She can even play a duet with her human! Check out Nora's homepage here.

Today in History - Thursday - August 30, 2012
1780 - General Benedict Arnold secretly promised to surrender the West Point fort to the British army.
1806 - New York City's second daily newspaper, the "Daily Advertiser," was published for the last time.
1862 - The Confederates defeated Union forces at the second Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, VA.
1928 - The Independence of India League was established in India.
1941 - During World War II, the Nazis severed the last railroad link between Leningrad and the rest of the Soviet Union.
1945 - General Douglas MacArthur set up Allied occupation headquarters in Japan.
1951 - The Philippines and the United States signed a defense pact.
1956 - In Louisiana, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opened.
1960 - A partial blockade was imposed on West Berlin by East Germany.
1963 - The "Hotline" between Moscow and Washington, DC, went into operation.
1965 - Thurgood Marshall was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as a Supreme Court justice. Marshall was the first black justice to sit on the Supreme Court.
1982 - P.L.O. leader Yasir Arafat left Beirut for Greece.
1983 - The space shuttle Challenger blasted off with Guion S. Bluford Jr. aboard. He was the first black American to travel in space.
1984 - The space shuttle Discovery lifted off for the first time. On the voyage three communications satellites were deployed.
1984 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and several others, were inducted into the Sportscasters Hall of Fame.
1991 - The Soviet republic of Azerbaijan declared its independence.
1994 - Rosa Parks was robbed and beaten by Joseph Skipper. Parks was known for her refusal to give up her seat on a bus in 1955, which sparked the civil rights movement.
1994 - The largest U.S. defense contractor was created when the Lockheed and Martin Marietta corporations agreed to a merger.
1996 - An expedition to raise part of the Titanic failed when the nylon lines being used to raise part of the hull snapped.
1999 - The residents of East Timor overwhelmingly voted for independence from Indonesia. The U.N. announced the result on September 4.

World News

Israel angered over IAEA vote on nuclear arsenal
Press TV - Israel has become infuriated by a fresh initiative of Arab member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which seeks to launch a global campaign to slam Israel’s possession of nuclear stockpile. The motion tabled by 17 Arab IAEA members has been submitted to a preparatory commission to be put to vote at the Agency’s September meeting which is to be attended by 154 countries, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. The initiative is widely expected to be ratified, as it enjoys the support of Muslim countries as well as other states critical of Israel’s stance on Palestine, the report said.

Israel: NAM summit in Tehran ‘stain on humanity’
Press TV - "So many in the international community appear to have learned nothing. I think this is a disgrace and a stain on humanity," Netanyahu said in a meeting with Prime Minister David McAllister of the German state of Lower Saxony on Wednesday.

Leader denounces UN Security Council's 'flagrant dictatorship'
Press TV - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the US and its allies abuse the “illogical, unjust and completely undemocratic” structure of the UN Security Council to impose their bullying on the world. “This is a flagrant form of dictatorship, which is antiquated and obsolete and whose expiry date has passed,” Ayatollah Khamenei said during an inaugural speech to the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran on Thursday.... Ayatollah Khamenei said torture and assassination are condoned if they are carried out by the US, the Israeli regime and their puppets.

UK physiotherapy sells out to Big Pharma. Is chiropractic next?
(NaturalNews) Today, physiotherapy is defined as "the treatment of disease by physical exercise, massage etc., not drugs." This definition; however, will need to be amended to indicate a recent victory gained by Big Pharma. Last month, a landmark decision was awarded to UK physiotherapists to give them the world's first prescribing rights.

The Endless War: Saudi Arabia Goes on the Offensive Against Iran
Activist Post - The Saudis are convinced that Iran is directing the protests and fear that the problems will spill over the twenty-five kilometer long COSWAY into oil rich Al-Qatif, where the bulk of the two million Shia in the kingdom are concentrated. So far, the Saudis have not had to deal with demonstrations as serious as those in Bahrain, but success in the island kingdom could encourage the protesters to become more violent. Protecting the oil is the first concern of the government.

YouTube: NATO-backed Rebels Bomb Funeral in Syria
(Warning graphic content) Addounia TV Aug 28, 2012 - [Addounia TV is a Syrian channel broadcasting from Damascus] English Subtitles: The explosion of the car, which was parked near a cemetery in Jaramana killed 12 citizens and injured 48 others, some in critical condition, in addition to damaging some of the surrounding buildings.

U.S. intelligence community draft report says dump Israel! - According to an article by Franklin Lamb appearing on the Foreign Policy Journal’s website today, the Israel lobby is preparing to trash a draft report prepared by the U.S. intelligence community that suggests the U.S. needs to drastically reduce its commitment to Israel for a number of increasingly urgent reasons.

Afghan President Arrives in Tehran - Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrived in Tehran on Wednesday afternoon to attend the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit meeting and confer with Iranian officials on different regional and international issues.

Russia Orders System To Manipulate Mass Audiences Across Blogs, Social Networks
Alexander Higgins - In an attempt catch up with US capabilities, Russian Intelligence has ordered three systems to monitor and manipulate information line. Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service ordered a three-layered software system it that will monitor use to manipulate information on the internet using social networks and the blogosphere.

1.6 million Zimbabweans to need food aid - In response to the deteriorating food situation, the UN agency announced it was scaling up operations in conjunction with the Government and other stakeholders to provide a combination of food distribution and cash transfers to those in need. The WFP further noted that it would require approximately $119 million to complete its operations in Zimbabwe until the end of March 2013, though it said that almost three-quarters of the funding has not yet been accounted for.

“Market Shock” Coming This Fall: UK Telegraph Sources - Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: “I think we are heading for a market shock in September or October that will match anything we have ever seen before,” an unnamed source at a major European bank told the U.K Telegraph, Friday.... “A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be on the way,” according to the Telegraph journalists, Harry Wilson and Philip Aldrick.

Slow Death and Fast Profits: The Globalisation of Pesticides and Poison
Global Research - The next time anyone in India serves up a good old ‘wholesome’ meal of rice and various vegetables, they will probably take in half a milligram of pesticide also, around a pin prick. That would be more than 40 times what an average North American person would consume.... The government-owned Plantation Corporation of Kerala aerially sprayed the harmful pesticide on cashews for a period of over 20 years. Consequently, it got into rivers, streams and drinking water. Families and their children have been living with physical deformities, cancers and disorders of the central nervous system ever since.

Corrupt Indian Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion in Food from Starving Poor
Activist Post - Looting over 57,000 tons of food intended for the starving poor, the unpunished corrupt lawmakers and politicians are warehousing the mass amount of food supplies in a government-owned storage facility that spans more than five football fields in length.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

New edition of 9/11 coloring book includes terrorist trading cards - A St. Louis-based publisher released an updated version of its controversial 9/11 graphic coloring book that now comes with a complete set of terrorist trading cards.... We Shall never Forget 9/11, Volume II: The True Faces of Evil-Terror has a PG-13 rating and tells the complete story of 9/11. Kids can color in images of everything from the airplanes knocking down the Twin Towers to the moment before Osama Bin Laden was shot. The new edition comes with several pages of perforated trading cards depicting “the men, women and governments behind terror.”

DHS Inside Source Claims Obama White House Set to Stage Major False Flag, “It’s Going Hot”
Intel Hub - In a startling article published on the Northeast Intelligence Network, Douglas J. Hagmann is reporting that an inside source from the Department of Homeland Security has revealed to him that a false flag attack, planned by the White House, is set to go hot. “According to my well-placed source within the DHS apparatus, what amounts to a final authorization was reportedly given to DHS directly from the White House. A “go signal” if you will,” wrote Hagmann. Hagmann then went on to directly quote the apparent well placed source with DHS itself.

Drone U. Teaches Remote Spying and Killing
Washington Times - Unmanned Vehicle University received its international accreditation in July, and while it currently offers only online courses, Col. LeMieux envisions a sprawling campus in Lake Havasu, Ariz. The university teaches a variety of subjects, including unmanned vehicle design, system fundamentals. It’s yet another example of the unmanned industry’s growth, a boom that’s only just begun.

DHS Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?
Intel Hub - Major General Jerry Curry, who is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, paratrooper, and Ranger, has asked the question: “Who does the government intend to shoot?”... Curry states: “No one has yet said what the purpose of these purchases is, though we are led to believe that they will be used only in an emergency to counteract and control civil unrest. Those against whom the hollow point bullets are to be used — those causing the civil unrest — must be American citizens; since the SSA has never been used overseas to help foreign countries maintain control of their citizens.”

NYPD Civil Rights Cases: City Shells Out $22 Million To Settle Lawsuits Against NYC's Finest
Huffington Post - Two Colombian brothers received $1.2 million after spending a combined 17 years in prison for armed robbery convictions that were eventually thrown out. A 12-year-old Forest Hills girl collected $115,000 after her arrest for doodling on her junior high school desk with a green erasable marker. And a small-time thief banked $150,000 after accusing cops of smashing his head through the windshield of a car while he was in handcuffs.

2012 Election News

Message from Ron Paul
Ron Paul 2012 - I can't tell you how touched I've been by my supporters' generosity from day one of my Presidential campaign. Your support has made an incredible impact that will continue on well into the future. In fact, as I look back at the past year, I'm literally amazed at how far we've come....

YouTube: Ron Paul RNC Tribute Video
Ron Paul tribute video aired Wednesday at the Republican National Convention.

HOT: Ron Paul Left Tampa on Tuesday
LRC Blog - At the little airport in Clearwater, 8 TSA agents descended on them and ordered them not to board their private plane. First, the pilots, the airplane, and the passengers would have to be screened in great detail, because Romney might be nearby. After a long examination of the pilots and their credentials, the agents said they had to check the plane for explosives. One of the pilots noted that the plane, full of aviation fuel, was already a bomb. Then Carol Paul, who has a pacemaker, refused to be screened, and an aide started taking video of the whole rotten process. At that point, the TSA backed down and let them through, to Texas and freedom. Related Kurt Nimmo article/photo here.

It’s Not Too Late: Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent! - Is all hope lost? Not as long as we keep fighting. If thousands of supporters pledge that we will “write in” Ron Paul this November no matter what happens, it might still be possible to convince Ron Paul to leave the GOP and run as an Independent. Join us in expressing our approval of Ron Paul’s candidacy by signing our powerful message of support. Feel free to include your comments and suggestions for his campaign.

Illinois Write-in Campaign For Dr. Paul/need Signatures Turned Into Your County Clerk's Office By September 6th!
Daily Paul - I just spoke with my county clerk's office and was told that we CAN have Dr Paul as a write-in candidate (if he is not on the ballot)if we gather 100 signatures from each county, and have them turned into our county clerk's office no later than September 6, 2012.

VIDEO: Hot Mic Catches Republican Praising Censorship of Ron Paul
Paul Joseph Watson - “Well done! Whoever controlled the microphone did a great job. During a roll call of states at the Republican National Convention yesterday, an attendee was caught on a hot mic praising the moment where Ron Paul’s delegate result was accidentally censored as a result of an audio failure.

Is There Any Question That The Process Is Controlled &That Presidents Are Selected, Not Elected?
Daily Paul - After this RNC staged event where they turned a criminal, Mitt Romney, into the savior of the country, applying to Mitt, all the wonderful characteristics of Ron Paul, & cheating Ron Paul delegates who were rightfully elected by the RNC rules, it is abhorently apparent to even those with the least amount of common sense, that this system they call "the free-est system in the world" is totally controlled. FDR, in his letter to Edward Mandel House, correctly stated "presidents are not elected, but selected by a small elite".


Zero Hedge - November 16, 2011 was a historic date: that’s when the US officially surpassed $15 trillion in debt for the first time since World War 2. We celebrated it by cheering $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA. Today, August 28, 2012, is when we can unofficially celebrate again, because 286 days after the last major milestone was surpassed with disturbing ease, total US debt following today’s $35 billion auction of 2 Year bonds is, well, in a word: $16,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA!

Bitcoin ponzi scheme – investors lose $5 million USD in online hedge fund
RT - The decentralized, digital Bitcoin currency has caught the attention of people around the globe who are unhappy with how national bank mismanagement is impacting the world economy. It has also, apparently, caught the eye of one very clever schemer. An invite-only online hedge fund that promised lucrative returns for investors called the Bitcoin Savings & Trust has shut down, and with it have disappeared the service’s administrator — a user known in the digital currency community as pirateat40 — as well as millions of dollars’ worth of the cryptocash, currently valued at around $11 USD per coin.

Is There Going To Be A Stock Market Crash In The Fall?
The Economic Collapse - We all remember what happened during the fall of 1929, the fall of 1987 and the fall of 2008. However, it is important to keep in mind that we do not see a stock market crash in the fall of every year. Some years the stock market cruises through the months of September, October, November and December without any problems whatsoever. But this year conditions certainly seem to be right for a "perfect storm" to develop. Technical indicators are screaming that a stock market decline is imminent and sources in the financial industry all over the world are warning that a massive crisis is on the way.

Veteran & Military News

Ex-Marine to sue over detention for Facebook posts - Mr. Raub won his freedom on Aug. 23 when Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett found his forced detention “so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.” The suit Mr. Raub is now filing is a civil complaint targeting all the government officials involved in both his arrest and detention, according to a written statement from the Rutherford Institute.

VIDEO: Marine Kidnapped Over Facebook Posts: ‘I Am Scared For My Country’
Paul Joseph Watson - Raub explained that one of his main concerns in being publicly vocal about his concerns with the activity of the U.S. government was executive orders that allow the state to seize dictatorial power in a time of crisis, including the seizure of private property, communications and the institution of forced labor camps.

Backlog growing as disabled veterans still wait in limbo
Raw Story - A chart and interactive map published by the Citizen detail which VA hospitals in the nation are the slowest at processing patients and delivering care. New York City and Waco, Texas are the worst-ranked, with patients waiting more than a year on average, but even at mid-level hospitals like California’s facilities in Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego, wait times on injuries ranging from back pain to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury are, on average, about nine months.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Isaac Surge Overtops 18 Miles of La. Levee
Slow-moving Isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm on Wednesday but left devastation in its wake, flooding homes to their attics when the sea breached a levee outside New Orleans. Inside New Orleans, levees and pumps protected the city from widespread flooding, but Isaac had cut power to a third of Louisiana's households and was expected to lash the state with heavy rain and winds into Friday.

Hurricane Isaac could cause up to $2.5 billion in losses
Press TV - Business interruptions and damage to residential and commercial property on land could cost insurance companies up to $1.5 billion, the company said in an emailed statement. Offshore, economic losses to energy production operations could total up to $1 billion. These preliminary figures do not include uninsured losses Isaac may have caused on land.

Hurricane Isaac Exploited to Acclimate Citizens to Federal Military Role in Natural Disasters
Kurt Nimmo - Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Tuesday it has asked the Defense Department to pay for up to 8,000 troops for 180 days. Moreover, the National Guard Bureau indicated another 35,000 troops and almost 100 aircraft are available for mobilization to Gulf Coast states, according to Paul Purpura of The Times-Picayune. Jindal told the Wall Street Journal “Katrina-style flooding” wasn’t expected. As has now become routine in federal responses to natural disasters, the demarcation between military and local law enforcement has all but disappeared.


The last antibiotic: Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create
(NaturalNews) The industry is down to one last-ditch chemical: colistin, a toxic bug-killing chemical discovered in 1949. It kills superbugs, but it also causes kidney damage. So if you're infected with a superbug in a hospital, you can choose to either die from an infection, or die from the cure.

The importance of probiotics after antibiotics
(NaturalNews) Antibiotics are great at what they do; they kill bacteria. Unfortunately, they are unable to discriminate between good bacteria and bad bacteria. There are over 100 trillion good bacteria in our bodies that play a vital role in our overall health and well-being, particularly to immune function and digestion. Many of these bacteria are destroyed by antibiotic treatments and therefore must be quickly replenished. The best way to do this is by consuming probiotics, which contain live bacteria that will repopulate the gut.

Lack of sleep found to be a new risk factor for aggressive breast cancers - Lack of sleep is linked to more aggressive breast cancers, according to new findings published in the August issue of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment...."Short sleep duration is a public health hazard leading not only to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, but also cancer," said Li Li, MD, PhD... "Effective intervention to increase duration of sleep and improve quality of sleep could be an under-appreciated avenue for reducing the risk of developing more aggressive breast cancers and recurrence."

Low-carbohydrate diets make you lean and healthy, systematic review shows
(NaturalNews) A new meta-analysis, a systematic review of studies, found that low-carbohydrate diets lead to weight loss and improved health. A low-carbohydrate diet usually involves reduced consumption of grains, legumes, rice, certain dairy products and sometimes fruits and root vegetables. Fat becomes the main source of energy, and avocado, coconut products, oils, full-fat dairy, meat, fish, fowl, eggs, olives etc., are common food staples.

World's hottest (and healthiest) pepper unveiled in south carolina
(NaturalNews) Even though it has been praised for its health benefits for years, scientists have struggled to confirm capsaicin's individual health benefits. Researchers are attempting to decode the mystery behind the spicy component to peppers and to explain capsaicin's known efficacy in weight loss, appetite suppression and raising body temperature. Moreover, preliminary studies done on animals have suggested that capsaicin can kill lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancer cells. Other proposed benefits to capsaicin include...

Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups
Green Med Info - ... $100K grant was recently disbursed to Seth C. Kalichman, professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, for "Establishing an Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System," which intends to "establish an internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting misinformation communication campaigns regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts." [emphasis added] Related article: ...‘On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial

Ooh, Scary! USDA Wants to Protect Us from Raw Almonds
ANH - The “pasteurization” rule was introduced in 2007 in response to a string of salmonella outbreaks linked to large almond processing plants in 2001 and 2004; thirty-three people became ill, but no one died.... California’s Almond Board colluded with the USDA to propose mandatory “sterilization” across the industry, and the USDA agreed to implement and enforce the new rule.

Science & Technology

Destroying Internet Freedom by Taxation
Activist Post - Government taxation is as old as the first brute using force to steal from those intimidated by threats. So why should it be any different for the Internet? In today’s political environment of choosing winners and losers, the rush to tax online sales is gathering steam. Everyone feels the presence of the Amazon behemoth. Retail outlets like Best Buy are rethinking their business model in order to compete. States are eager to tap the flow of transactions with a sales tax that would cost consumers dearly.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

FTCLDF to Represent Hershberger - Hershberger has been charged with operating a retail food establishment without a license, operating a dairy farm as a milk producer without a license and violating a holding order issued by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).... The court’s ruling in the Hershberger case could have a huge impact on the availability of raw milk for Wisconsin consumers.

Farmer Wins Stressful 3-Year State Legal Battle -- Raw Dairy Sales Upheld
Activist Post - The video below shows the authorities' dizzying interpretations and stretched definitions of property, sales, and more. The summons attempted a permanent injunction against the Bechards and their posterity. The harassment and amount of action over legal semantics was incredible.

Gardening To-Do List for September, Zone-by-Zone
Organic Gardening - Just a few short weeks until the autumnal equinox brings another summer to a close, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of work to do in the garden. Whether it's cleaning up the beds for a long winter's nap or getting the beds ready for a productive fall, this is no time to rest on your laurels. So get planting, keep harvesting, keep working that soil—and remember to plan your time accordingly, because it will be getting darker a little earlier. Happy September!


YouTube: 4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master
4 year old boy playing a piano like a superb master! Awesome!!

Today in History - Wednesday - August 29, 2012
1833 - The "Factory Act" was passed in England to settle child labor laws.
1842 - The Treaty of Nanking was signed by the British and the Chinese. The treaty ended the first Opium War and gave the island of Hong Kong to Britain.
1886 - In New York City, Chinese Ambassador Li Hung-chang's chef invented chop suey.
1944 - During the continuing celebration of the liberation of France from the Nazis, 15,000 American troops marched down the Champs Elysees in Paris.
1945 - U.S. General Douglas MacArthur left for Japan to officially accept the surrender of the Japanese.
1949 - At the University of Illinois, a nuclear device was used for the first time to treat cancer patients.
1957 - Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set a filibuster record in the U.S. when he spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes.
1962 - The lower level of the George Washington Bridge opened.
1965 - Gemini 5, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles ("Pete") Conrad, splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean after eight days in space.
1967 - The final episode of "The Fugitive" aired.
1983 - Two U.S. marines were killed in Lebanon by the militia group Amal when they fired mortar shells at the Beirut airport.
1983 - The anchor of the USS Monitor, from the U.S. Civil War, was retrieved by divers.
1990 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in a television interview, declared that America could not defeat Iraq.
1991 - The Communist Party in the Soviet Union had its bank accounts frozen and activities were suspended because of the Party's role in the failed coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev.
1991 - The republics of Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement to stay in the Soviet Union.
1992 - The U.N. Security Council agreed to send troops to Somalia to guard the shipments of food.
1998 - Northwest Airlines pilots went on strike after their union rejected a last-minute company offer.
2004 - India test-launched a nuclear-capable missile able to carry a one-ton warhead. The weapon had a range of 1,560 miles.

World News

Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons - The Supreme Military Council of the Syrian rebels released on a statement on Tuesday which said that the rebel forces took control of an army missile base in Damascus, in which ten ready-to-launch missiles were found. Some of the missiles, according to the statement, were converted to carry non-conventional warheads

VIDEO: Syrian opposition announces roadmap for post-Assad Syria
RT - Syrian opposition activists announced they have drafted a political roadmap for the country’s development in the event of the ouster of President Assad. The project, initiated by US and German think tanks, is currently being presented in Berlin. Developed by the US Institute of Peace and German Institute for International and Security Affairs as early as in January, the group put together a document titled, "The Day After Project: Supporting a Democratic Transition in Syria."

Russia not to end military presence in Syria: army chief
Press TV - Chief of Staff General Nikolai Makarov on Tuesday rejected the reports that Moscow was in the process of evacuating its naval base in Syria and pulling out its high ranking military personnel.

France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government
Kurt Nimmo - France’s recently elected socialist president and Bilderberg stooge François Hollande has told Syria’s CIA and MI6 run opposition to form a provisional government. Hollande said France would then officially recognize it as Syria’s legitimate government.

Military Muppet: TV character urges Israelis to prepare for strike on Iran
RT - A new emergency pamphlet in Israel instructs residents to prepare for the worst if Tel Aviv conducts a military strike on Iran. But the face on the brochure isn’t the country’s President or Prime Minister – it’s a Muppet. The cover of the 15-page leaflet pictures a smiling Moishe Oofnik, the Israeli Muppet version of Oscar the Grouch. He’s the resident pessimist on Rechov Sumsum, Israel’s co-production of the long-running American children’s program ‘Sesame Street.’

US uses contractors to bypass international humanitarian laws
RT - The use of private contractors allows the US to evade responsibility for violations of international humanitarian legislation, a top Russian diplomat for human rights and democracy said. The comment came from Foreign Ministry Commissioner Konstantin Dolgov as the US Justice Department halted an investigation into the attempted bribing of Iraqi police officials by employees of the Blackwater security company (re-branded as ‘Academi’ in late 2011).

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Army Reserve to do vehicle training in Sheboygan County
This exercise is over however these vehicles can be quite strange and intimidating to the regular viewer. They are heavily armored and about the size of a large SUV. Geddes said the vehicles are designed to be driven mostly on paved, regular roads.
* CLICK HERE to view a photos that a special Power Hour listener just happened to capture of one of these vehicles. 

Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt
Fox News - Two venerable American gun manufacturers — Remington and Colt — could head for the West their weapons helped win if New York and Connecticut force them to implement microstamping technology. Microstamping, or ballistic imprinting, is a patented process that uses laser technology to engrave a tiny marking of the make, model and serial number on the tip of a gun’s firing pin to allow an imprint of that information on spent cartridge cases.

NYT alters article to remove mention of CIA funneling weapons to Syrian rebel groups
NaturalNews Buzz - This article is from the source 'nytimes' and was first published or seen on August 27, 2012 15:54 (UTC). The next check for changes will be August 28, 2012 17:30 You can find the current article at its original source at The article has changed 9 times. There is an RSS feed of changes available. To see the changed article, click here.

Big Sis Begins Releasing Biological Agents Into Boston Subway
Steve Watson - The Department of Homeland Security will begin releasing a dead bacteria into the Boston subway tomorrow in an operation it says will test sensors designed to detect biological agents that could be released as part of a terrorist attack. Little is known about what exactly the bacteria consists of, and the DHS has not been very forthcoming with information, saying only that it is a “non-infectious” material that has been “approved as a food supplement”.

VIDEO: Civilians Told Not to Fear Blackhawks Over Minneapolis
Kurt Nimmo - Despite the admonition of our founders about the threat of standing armies, the government is now conducting high-profile military “training exercises” around the country. The latest “training in an urban environment” is occurring in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License
Before It's News - This is 100% legit. I check it out at Stands for Illinois Attorney Registration And Disciplinary Committee. It's the official arm of lawyer discipline in Illinois ; and they are very strict. (Talk about irony.) Even I, at the advanced age of almost 65, maintain (at the cost of approximately $600/year) my law license that I worked so hard and long to earn.

Linda Jordan Files Obama General Election Ballot Access Challenge: Court Hearing Set - Jordan, a housewife and mother from Seattle, took Obama up on his offer to look at his purported birth certificate. [2] “It’s a forgery. Plain and simple. You don’t have to be an expert to see that. This forgery proves nothing except that someone forged a birth certificate and Barack Obama is using it.” The election challenge, to keep Obama’s name off the 2012 Washington State General Election ballot, was filed today in Thurston County Superior Court. (No 12-2-01763-5) It is scheduled for a hearing on August 29, 2012 in Judge McPhee’s courtroom.

Hand-gun fired: Nebraska school says deaf toddler’s name sign violates weapons policy
RT - A Nebraska public school is barring a deaf three-year-old boy from using sign language to sign his name because, it claims, the gesture resembles a gun. The school’s policies have prompted outrage from parents, rights groups and ordinary citizens. Hunter Spanjer’s parents were informed by the Grand Island Public School that the way their child signed his name was a violation of the school’s weapons policy.

VIDEO: Mini Documentary Reveals Full Extent of ‘Stellar Wind’ Domestic Spy Program
Adan Salazar - A new mini documentary by Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist Laura Poitras blows the lid off the US government’s secretive domestic spy program – a system currently storing all electronic communications and analyzing it in real time, building dossiers on virtually every American.... The Program documentary reveals the Stellar Wind program’s highly classified nature, undoubtedly due to its blatant violation of individual privacy rights.

2012 Election News

*ATTENTION* - All Delegates! Important Delegate Press Conference To Be Held Today!
Daily Paul - I just received the following information from a contact of mine. "DELEGATES Important: Ron Paul delegates will be holding a press conference today in "unity.". Please contact Justin Carro, Ron Paul, Alternate Delegate from Alaska at 907.209.7783. Please share!!

VIDEO: Ron Paul's Maine Delegates Erupt After Getting Barred from Republican Convention
Daily Paul - What a complete fraud. Hopefully all of you will now see that there is a conspiracy happening and it is very very massive. And it hates true liberty. RON PAUL. Related Video: Compilation of votes cast for Ron Paul...

Ron Paul Nominated By 6 States At RNC?
Supporters of Congressman Ron Paul have collected the necessary signatures to nominate him for President of the United States at the RNC. The current rules state that a plurality of delegates from five states are required to nominate a candidate for President. The Secretary of the Convention, Kim Reynolds, was presented with the forms over an hour before the call for nominations.

RNC rollcall: Ron Paul Delegate Counts Ignored, Shouting Ensues
Delegates are being instructed to chant USA USA to drown out the Paul supporters. Considering that the Paul delegates are being robbed of their votes, it’s getting heated in there. I’m going around to various sources to find out what’s going on. CSPAN turned off the sound of the screaming by the Paul supporters that they’re being “robbed” and by the rethuglicans shouting them down.

Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention
Several members of the Maine delegation walked out of the Tampa Bay Times Forum after the convention affirmed the GOP’s decision to replace 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates. “It’s a disgusting, disgusting display of a hostile takeover from the top down,” said Ashley Ryan, 21, a Maine delegate. “It’s an embarrassment.”

Ron Paul Makes Appearance on GOP Convention Floor
US News - Ron Paul made a surprise appearance on the floor of the Republican National Convention Tuesday afternoon, prompting cheers and chants of "President Paul!" and "Let Him Speak" from his delegates. His visit, first reported here, is designed as a way to show solidarity with his several hundred delegates, many of whom are frustrated and seething because they are being outvoted and, in their minds, shunted aside at the Republican National Convention.
* Related Video: Paul supporters chant...

Final Delegate Vote Count at Convention
Daily Paul Aug 28, 2012.

Rep. Paul: 'Put me down as undecided'
Fox News Aug 28, 2012 - Texas congressman on Romney-Ryan ticket, 2012 election.

VIDEO: TSA Workers Perform Bag Searches at RNC
Paul Joseph Watson - Illustrating once again how the federal agency’s role is being expanded well outside anything related to transport, TSA screeners are conducting bag searches at this week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa.... Despite the fact that hundreds of reporters attending the convention have had their personal items inspected by TSA screeners when checking in for the event, not a single one has reported on it.

Democratic National Convention to leave hundreds homeless
RT - As the Republican National Convention takes off in Tampa, the upcoming Democratic National Convention is in the spotlight over skyrocketing accommodation prices that are forcing many low-income Charlotte families out of the motels where they live.

Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate
Press TV - A group of coal miners in Ohio feel they would have been fired if they did not attend an Aug. 14 event with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and contribute to his campaign - and to make matters worse, they lost of day of pay for their trouble.


Citigroup whistleblower awarded $31 million after exposing lending fraud
(NaturalNews) Growing up, small-town, rural Michigan girl Sherry Hunt said she never thought she'd ever be near the top of a major Wall Street bank.

VIDEO: New gold rush: Where’s the ceiling?
RT - Gold is nearing its highest price in four months as investors await a weekend meeting of central bankers that could shed light on the likely course of US monetary policy. Gold has gained 3.1% so far in August, and is heading for another record high since January. Central bankers and finance ministers from around the world are to meet at Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 31 and September 1. Investors will be looking for hints from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke on measures the central bank might take, and specifically whether they will buy bonds to grease the wheels of the financial system.

Chris Whalen And Barry Ritholtz On Bloomberg: "The Big 4 Banks Have To Cheat To Hide Their Insolvency"
Daily Bail - Must-see tv with Whalen, Ritholtz and Tom Keene recorded earlier today. This is a highlight clip. I believe the entire interview will air tonight on Bloomberg TV at 6 pm EST.

It Is Not Just Your Imagination – American Families ARE Getting Poorer
The Economic Collapse - Did you know that median household income in the United States is lower today than it was when the last recession supposedly ended? If we are in the middle of an "economic recovery", how can this possibly be happening? Stunning new statistics compiled by Sentier Research show that the U.S. economy is not nearly as healthy as we have been led to believe.

Veteran & Military News

Army Reserve to do vehicle training in Sheboygan County
This exercise is over however these vehicles can be quite strange and intimidating to the regular viewer. They are heavily armored and about the size of a large SUV. Geddes said the vehicles are designed to be driven mostly on paved, regular roads.
* CLICK HERE to view a photos that a special Power Hour listener just happened to capture of one of these vehicles. 

VA office stacked 37,000 files on cabinets after running out of storage
NBC News - At the VA's Winston-Salem Regional Office in North Carolina, an estimated 37,000 claims folders had been stored on top of file cabinets, according to the Inspector General's report released last week. Those piles had been stacked two feet high and two rows deep. The file cabinets were so close to each other that drawers could not be opened completely. More files had been stored in boxes on the floor and stacked along the wall.

Energy & Environment

Isaac: Not a Katrina, Tracking Farther West - Isaac made landfall as a hurricane in Louisiana Tuesday night and continued to wobble west-northwestward along the southern coast of Louisiana during the early morning hours Wednesday. Isaac made a second landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana and will continue to bring storm surge flooding, flooding rainfall, damaging wind, beach erosion and the potential for tornadoes to much of the central Gulf Coast area.


Antioxidants from food - The five best sources
(NaturalNews) Cells need oxygen to metabolize minerals and vitamins to survive and thrive. When cells cannot use oxygen to metabolize, they resort to fermenting glucose for their energy.

Natural strategies to beat multiple sclerosis
(NaturalNews) Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the myelin sheath on the nerve endings gets inflamed and damaged. This leads to scarring of the neurological tissue in the brain and spinal cord. While the medical model has very little support, many individuals have found ways to beat multiple sclerosis with natural lifestyle strategies.

The Health Benefits of Pistachios: Heart Health, Eye Health, Cancer Prevention
Natural Society - Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats, but did you know that pistachios have numerous additional benefits? These little tough nuts are useful in preventing cancer, lowering lipids in the prevention of heart disease, and preventing diabetes, all while delivering a good source of antioxidants.

Did You Know: Europe Requires Warning Labels on Foods with Artificial Colors
Natural Society - Europeans don’t only have it right in requiring GMO foods to be labeled or banning them outright, the European Parliament also requires labels on foods containing artificial colors. Of course, the U.S. hasn’t done anything of the sort, balking at research that shows the dangers these lab-created colors pose, especially to children.

Support the Lymphatic System - The lymphatic system is closely related to the cardiovascular system and is sometimes referred to as the body's secondary circulatory system. Its major function is that of a defense mechanism and it is a key to the body's immune defenses.... Unlike the blood system that uses the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system relies on skeletal muscle contractions to pump it along. The following are methods which assist lymph flow and cleansing activity, and boost overall immune response:

Are you experiencing a healing crisis?
(NaturalNews) It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from detoxification reactions when they begin a program of natural healing. This is classically referred to as a healing crisis and occurs when the body is expelling toxins into the different systems of the body. The healing crisis is a normal process that toxic individuals will often encounter on their path to getting well.

Keeping it in the family: BPA might last in our bodies for generations
Grist - Back in May, I pointed to a study on a farm chemical that was found to cause physiological and behavioral changes in rats. Worryingly, the effects persisted for generations after a single exposure (it was the first time this phenomenon was extensively documented in an industrial chemical). In an email at the time, one of the study authors said, “Many other environmental compounds promote these types of phenomena … Future science and policy needs to consider such phenomena and mechanisms.”

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

7 Reasons to Consider Off-the-Grid Independent Living
Activist Post - Going off grid should not be a spontaneous decision; it can be exceedingly difficult, costly, and fraught with unexpected problems if one has not done the proper research, nor acquired the requisite skills. This article will not be about how to go off the grid, but rather why one should strongly consider doing whatever it takes learn all they can about this option as soon as possible.

Pet News

Illegal for Prisoners, Ok for Pet Food Consumers
Susan Thixton - With pet food, according to federal and state authorities, the quality of the food isn't important. No one seemed to care that spoiled meat was being sent to pet food, that is until the adulterated beef was mistakenly sent to federal prisons.


40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World
Activist Post - A lot of people think of bartering as something to do when they are down and out, perhaps unemployed, or low on cash. But nothing could be further from the truth. Bartering has been around for eons and is simply a smart way to acquire goods and services under the radar screen. Today I would like to share some very simple tips for bartering as well as my own suggested list of items and skills that may be useful for barter in a post-collapse economy.

Today in History - Tuesday - August 28, 2012
1774 - The first American-born saint was born in New York City. Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton was canonized in 1975.
1830 - "The Tom Thumb" was demonstrated in Baltimore, MD. It was the first passenger-carrying train of its kind to be built in America.
1833 - Slavery was banned by the British Parliament throughout the British Empire.
1907 - "American Messenger Company" was started by two teenagers, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan. The company's name was later changedto "United Parcel Service."
1916 - Italy's declaration of war against Germany took effect during World War I.
1917 - Ten suffragists were arrested as they picketed the White House.
1922 - The first radio commercial aired on WEAF in New York City. The Queensboro Realty Company bought 10 minutes of time for$100.
1939 - The first successful flight of a jet-propelled airplane took place. The plane was a German Heinkel He 178.
1963 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his "I Have a Dream" speech at a civil rights rally in Washington, DC. More than 200,000 people attended.
1972 - Mark Spitz captured the first of his seven gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. He set a world record when he completed the 200-meter butterfly in 2 minutes and 7/10ths of a second.
1995 - The biggest bank in the U.S. was created when Chase Manhattan and Chemical Bank announced their $10 billion deal.
1996 - A divorce decree was issued for Britain's Charles and Princess Diana. This was the official end to the 15-year marriage.
1998 - The Pakistani prime minister created new Islamic order and legal system based on the Koran.
2004 - George Brunstad, at age 70, became the oldest person to swim the English Channel. The swim from Dover, England, to Sangatte, France, took 15 hours and 59 minutes.

World News

Israeli court acquits Israel of 2003 killing of US pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie
RT - An Israeli judge has exonerated a military investigation that acquitted the IDF of the killing of a US activist by a bulldozer. The judge reiterated that the death was “an accident,” while the victim’s family insists she was purposefully run over.

VIDEO: Ban Ki-moon urges immediate investigation into 'Daraya massacre'
RT - (Graphic video) The UN Secretary General has condemned “the appalling and brutal crime” in the town of Daraya, calling for an inquest into the reported killing of more than 300 people over the weekend. Neither side fighting in Syria has claimed responsibility.

Shocking autopsy: South African police 'shot fleeing protesters in the back'
RT - South African police are facing accusations of mass murder after autopsies on the victims of a bloody crackdown at Marikana platinum mine, showed that miners were shot in the back. Meanwhile, new violence has broken out at the location. Police claim they used weapons to defend themselves against a wave of strikers after first trying to quell them with tear gas and water cannons. Thirty-six people were killed during the standoff, only two of them policemen. The protesters, numbering in there thousands, were calling for pay rises.

Iran opens nonaligned summit with calls for nuclear arms ban
Washington Post - Iran opened a world gathering of self-described nonaligned nations Sunday with a slap at the U.N. Security Council and an appeal to rid the world of nuclear weapons, even as Tehran faces Western suspicions that it is seeking its own atomic bombs.

VIDEO: Israeli vets confess to 'no mercy' abuse of Palestinian 'terrorist' kids
RT - Israeli veterans have spoken out, describing a degrading culture of abuse and harassment of Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza. A report containing 30 veterans’ testimonies details numerous cases of violence committed by Israeli soldiers. The report was released to world media on Saturday by Breaking the Silence, an organization made up of Israeli army veterans formed in 2004. They compiled more than 850 accounts from current and former Israeli soldiers describing abuses they committed or witnessed.

Russians, Americans Take Part in Joint Air Force Counter-Terror Drill
CNS News - For the third summer in a row, Russian Air Force personnel will join their American and Canadian counterparts in a joint counter-terror exercise beginning Monday, simulating a cooperative response to an aircraft hijacked by terrorists in international airspace. Exercise “Vigilant Eagle” involves Russian, U.S. and Canadian personnel operating from command centers in the U.S. and Russia.

Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012
Intel Hub - Igor Panarin, dean the Russian Foreign Ministry School for future diplomats, believes that President Obama will announce martial law by the end of 2012. He explains: “There’s a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur.”... Panarin said that American society is in decline, referencing school shootings like Columbine. Combined with the banker bailouts in 2008 as proof that the US is no longer the global dominating economy, Paranrin believes that the American dream is over. He asserts that mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation will plunge America into a civil war that will center on the collapse of the US dollar.

Up to 100 desperate miners barricade underground with explosives
RT - Sardinian miners armed with hundreds of pounds of explosives have barricaded themselves over 1300ft (400m) underground in Italy’s only coalmine, presumably threatening to blow themselves up unless the government vows to protect their jobs.... “We are worried that the mine may close. We are afraid for our jobs,” Sandro Mereu, a miner who has worked at the pit for 28 years, told Reuters.

Greek PM says country 'to sell off islands' in bid to avoid bankruptcy
Daily Mail - Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras said yesterday that leasing islands might ease its woes. Greece has around 6,000 islands in total, many of which are uninhabited.... Under the plans it is likely that developers would lease the land for a period of decades and build houses and hotels.

Study Links Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka’s Farm Belt to Agrochemicals
IPS News - The report states that: “Exposure to a combination of factors that are toxic to the kidneys (rather than one single factor) seems to cause this kidney disease. Toxic factors identified up to now include nephrotoxic agrochemicals, arsenic and cadmium.” As many as 400,000 people in the north-central region may be suffering from kidney disease, said doctors taking part in the release of the report. They added that in the past two decades, as many as 22,000 people may have died as a result.

VIDEO: Quebec Couple Wins Right To Grow Vegetables On Front Lawn
Press for Truth - The city of Drummondville Quebec has ruled in favor of a couples right to grow their own vegetables on their front lawn! This case could set a precedent and generate a ripple effect that would see families all across the nation following in their footsteps and growing their own organic non GMO fresh produce.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US soldiers 'planned to overthrow govt.'
Press TV - Prosecutors in the U.S. state of Georgia claimed, on Monday, that four Army soldiers arrested for killing a former soldier Michael Roark in December, were planning to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the government, reports the Associated Press.... The FBI believes there has been a re-emergence of anti-government groups and activities in recent years in the United States. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that a national anti-government network of related "patriot" and "militia'' groups has swelled dramatically in the U.S.

Troops punished for urination video, and for burning Qur'ans
Press TV - The U.S. military said six Army soldiers escaped criminal charges but received administrative punishments for their involvement in the Qur'an burning that roiled relations with Afghans. In a separate announcement, the Marine Corps said three Marines also received administrative punishments for their participation in a video that showed them urinating on the corpses of the Taliban.

New Jersey city fires entire police force
RT - The city of Camden has been struggling with a budget deficit for years. In 2011, it was named the poorest city in New Jersey. In an attempt to save millions, its officials decided to get rid of the entire city police force. Instead residents of Camden will have to rely on the new police department, which will be operated by Camden County. And here is the secret for saving money – the new Metro Division of the Camden County police will not have collective bargaining.

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano Weekly Wrap-up
Fox & Friends 8/26/12.

VIDEO: Californian City To Be Watched By Permanent Eye In The Sky
Paul Joseph Watson - The Californian city of Lancaster will be the first to experience a “new era in law enforcement surveillance” with residents set to be watched by a permanent eye in the sky which will beam constant video footage back to police headquarters including crimes in progress as well as “scenes of mundane day-to-day life.” A Cessna plane fitted with sophisticated video surveillance technology will fly loops around the city and send footage directly back to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dispatch center. Officials plan to add a second aircraft to the arsenal at a later date.

TSA, DHS Order 1,400 Pounds of High Powered Explosives Set to Deliver August 31
Intel Hub - Documents reveal that The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered over 1,400 pounds of super high-powered explosives through the (TSA) Transportation Safety Administration set to be delivered on August 31st. The news comes just after it was reported that the DHS had purchased over 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and a wide assortment of riot gear. The new explosives purchase, as highlighted by mainstream news service Government Security News, consists of 1,400 pounds worth of high density ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX explosives.

NNSA plans aerial radiological survey of San Francisco area
GSN Magazine - The National Nuclear Security Administration said it plans an aerial survey of the bay between Aug. 27 – Sept. 1 aimed at improving aerial radiation measurement capabilities used by local, state and federal entities. The NNSA has been conducting similar over-flights in the last few months. In May, it gauged background radiation in Baltimore. The agency explained that the measurement of naturally-occurring radiation to establish baseline levels is a normal part of security and emergency preparedness.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Ben Swann Sits Down with Romney & Ryan
Ben Swann Reality Check was given a few minutes with Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan. Ben asked Romney about the RNC stripping Maine delegates of their credentials. Did Romney answer honestly?

Republicans reach rules change deal to avert floor fight with Texans, Ron Paul backers - ...under the compromise, states would still able to select individual delegates under their own laws and party rules. GOP leaders agreed to remove the rule change provision that would have allowed state-party-selected delegates to be disavowed. Spokesmen for the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee did not respond to requests for comment.... Here is the message describing the compromise...
* Related Article: Texas Delegates Planning Floor Mutiny...

Live Stream: Republican National Convention
Daily Paul - RNC Live Streams: C-Span and USA Today. Convention Schedule - Checking the schedule locally in Tampa is still recommended should there be additional changes.

YouTube:The Ron Paul Revolution is Alive and Well
Fox News Aug 27, 2012.

Republicans work to remove Gary Johnson from Iowa ballot
Examiner - Jay Kramer, a Mitt Romney campaign supporter from Washington, D.C., filed a challenge on Friday to keep Libertarian candidate for President, Gov. Gary Johnson, from appearing on the Iowa ballot in November. The Romney campaign hired the Des Moines-based Nyemaster Goode PC for the challenge, which will be heard by Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz on Monday at 3 p.m.

Ron Paul delegates get nosebleed seats
Politico - The Republican National Convention seating chart, obtained by POLITICO Sunday, shows the delegations from Nevada, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota and Oklahoma all located on the outer fringe of the convention floor. Each are states with significant Paul followings. The delegation for the Northern Mariana Islands, on the other hand, is right in front behind the gang from Michigan, birth state of Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Other groups with pretty good seats include those from the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. None has electoral votes that can impact the outcome of the election.

Mini-Wide Shot of Tampa Rally
This was stitched together from a few frames in this video (Ron Paul's entrance at We Are The Future Rally), so it's not meant to be high-res, just a visual of size till we get some nicer pics first-hand!

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/27/12: We Must Reclaim our Language and Liberties from Politicians
Meaningless Words in Politics by Ron Paul: As we enter the fall political season, we will hear a great deal of rhetoric from both major political parties and their many candidates for office. It's important for us to remember, however, that words can be made meaningless by misuse or overuse. And when we as citizens allow politicians to obscure the truth by distorting words, we diminish ourselves and our nation.

Brian Doherty estimates that Gary Johnson will get 667,000 of Ron Paul’s 2 million primary voters in November
Daily Caller - Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson was nowhere to be seen at the official Ron Paul rally in Tampa, but he did make a pitch to Paul’s voters at this weekend’s grassroots-organized Paul Fest.
“I want you all to know that I am a Dr. Paul fan,” Johnson, a former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, told the crowd to loud applause. Johnson emphasized his agreement with Paul on foreign policy and auditing the Federal Reserve as he made the case that he is the best candidate to move the Texas congressman’s message forward in the presidential race.

GM bans plant visits from Romney, Obama
USA Today - GM, saved by federal loans a few years ago, desperately wants to avoid becoming the centerpiece of campaign rhetoric. So it has banned candidates from its plants at least until after Election Day, Nov. 6, despite the fact that the U.S. Treasury remains its largest shareholder.

RNC Official Says NM Governor Disrespected Custer by Meeting American Indians
Indian Country - Pat Rogers, a Republican National Committee (RNC) leader, is facing calls for his dismissal after telling the staff of Gov. Susana Martinez, R-N.M., that because she agreed to meet with American Indians, she disrespected the memory of Col. George Armstrong Custer.... Rogers is a GOP lobbyist and partner with the Modrall law firm of Albuquerque, New Mexico. A recent member of the RNC Executive Committee, he is also an RNC National Committeeman for his state. He is currently in Tampa, Florida preparing for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Supreme Court Retains Ban on Foreign Campaign Donations
NY Times - The decision clamped shut an opening that some thought the court had created two years ago in its Citizens United decision, when it relaxed campaign-finance limits on corporations and labor unions. On Monday the Supreme Court, upholding a lower court’s decision in Bluman, et al., v. Federal Election Commission, refused to extend its reasoning in Citizens United to cover foreigners living temporarily here. Foreign nationals, other than lawful permanent residents, are completely banned from donating to candidates or parties, or making independent expenditures in federal, state or local elections. Related article here.


Bank of America: 'CODE RED ... RISK OF SELL-OFF IS HIGH'
Business Insider - Economist Michael Hanson points out an interesting circular relationship between the stock market and Fed policy. There are some who believe the Fed will not launch QE3 so long as stock prices remain high, yet the stock market is high because it anticipates QE3. Should the Fed disappoint at the September 12-13 FOMC meeting, the risk of a stock sell-off is high. S&P 500 support on a correction is in the 1360-1325 area. Additional support is at 1300-1250. Attention will be on the Jackson Hole symposium next week to get a feel for the Fed’s tone.

Wage Cuts hit Millions of US workers
Global Research - According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, released Friday, millions of American workers who lost their jobs after the Wall Street crash of 2008 have failed to find work, while millions more have gone back to work only after taking substantial wage cuts. According to the BLS, some 12.9 million workers were displaced from their jobs between January 2009 and December 2011. The BLS study focused on those who had lost jobs they had held for at least three years, who comprised just under half the total, some 6.1 million workers.

Veteran News

Aluminum adjuvant linked to Gulf War illness induces motor neuron death in mice
Gulf War illness (GWI) affects a significant percentage of veterans of the 1991 conflict, but its origin remains unknown. Associated with some cases of GWI are increased incidences of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neurological disorders. Read More.....

Energy & Environment

Forecasters: Isaac on verge of becoming hurricane
AP - Isaac was on the verge of becoming a full-blown hurricane Tuesday as it rolled over the Gulf of Mexico toward Louisiana, where residents of the low-lying coast left boarded-up homes for inland shelter while people in New Orleans waited behind levees fortified after Katrina. Forecasters predicted the tropical storm would power up to hurricane strength, which starts at winds of 74 mph, later in the day and be at least a Category 1 hurricane by the time it's expected to reach the swampy coast of southeast Louisiana early Wednesday.


Aluminum adjuvant linked to Gulf War illness induces motor neuron death in mice
Gulf War illness (GWI) affects a significant percentage of veterans of the 1991 conflict, but its origin remains unknown. Associated with some cases of GWI are increased incidences of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neurological disorders. Read More...

Food Cravings and Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies
If you crave these products...What you really might need more!

10 Foods that Fight Inflammation and Pain
Some of the best healing remedies to overcome inflammation also taste fabulous which can't really be stated about prescription medications. Moreover, foods won’t cause the nasty side effects common to most pain medications. Here are ten amazing foods that fight inflammation and pain.

Mushroom found on birch tree holds promise as a potent anti-cancer tonic
(NaturalNews) A little known mushroom is establishing a solid reputation in medical circles as a powerful defense against cancer. Although relatively unheard of in mainstream media, the chaga mushroom has been used in folk medicine for generations. Research has shown chaga to be extremely effective in protecting cellular DNA from damaging free radicals. It also has anti-tumor and immune stimulating benefits.

Bentonite clay to remove toxic heavy metals, clear diaper rashes, stop stinky feet and more
(NaturalNews) Bentonite clay has a very strong negative ionic charge. This negative ionic charge attracts things that have a positive charge, such as heavy metals, toxins, harmful bacteria, pesticides, and other pathogens. By divine design, bentonite clay does not attach to anything beneficial in the body. The clumping action of clay binds to heavy metals and pathogens to prevent them from passing through the intestines to the bloodstream. The clay binds with these toxins and then makes an exit via the colon and the kidneys.

Shock discovery: Bacteria found in public water comes from the treatment filters, not from the water source
(NaturalNews) When you think of contaminants in water, if you believed they simply came from the source, you'd be mistaken; new data from researchers at the University of Michigan shows that most bacteria found in drinking water actually comes from the filters of water treatment plants. The study, unique in its own right, took a broad look at the water supply in Ann Arbor, from source to tap. What researchers found is that most of the bacteria in water coming out of the tap did not come from the aquifers or rivers where it originated, but from filters at treatment plants designed to remove such bacteria.

VIDEO: Sneezing Viruses From the FluMist Nasal Vaccine
Activist Post - The United Kingdom is set to be the first country to offer the seasonal flu vaccination to all children enrolled in the public education system. The nasal flu vaccine being offered to over 9 million children is sold under the brand name Fluenz in Europe and FluMist in the United States, and is made by AstraZeneca's MedImmune unit and has been available for the past decade in the United States.This is the largest contract the company has received outside of the U.S., taking its first steps into the global dissemination of inhalable poisons.

Paul Offit Threatens All Vaccine Exemptions - An MD Responds
Green Med Info - Millionaire vaccine inventor and mandatory vaccine advocate Paul Offit recently released a short VIDEO for doctors on medscape. Here is a transcript of the speech. This statement that outlines Offit’s personal belief system could be a prelude to the legal removal of all philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions in the United States of America. This is something that Offit has been working toward for years, and the likely end-purpose of his series of books.

Antibiotics Given to Babies Increase Their Risk of Obesity
Green Med Info - Researchers from the New York University School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics have determined that children given antibiotics prior to five months of age have a significantly higher risk of becoming obese later in life.

The Medicalization of Birth is Killing Women
Gaia Health - n the United States of America, women are dying in childbirth at double the rate they were 25 years ago. The medicalization of birth is killing women. America now takes 50th place in the world in maternal mortality! The country is spending $98 billion dollars a year on hospitalization for birth. It ties with Saudi Arabia in maternal deaths. Face the Facts USA created this revealing infographic giving the facts on maternal deaths in the US:

Portland, Oregon to spend $5 million to poison its residents with toxic fluoride
Natural News - At this time, there is no official date for when the council will vote on the issue. But unless the people of Portland and their supporters around the country raise hell to the Portland City Council in the following days and weeks, this three-two majority will eventually force mandatory water fluoridation to become law, despite the fact that Portlanders have repeatedly voted down water fluoridation efforts in the past.

Black Rice Beats Brown When It Comes To Its Health Benefits
Green Med Info - Black rice offers all of the same health benefits of brown rice but it also packs some serious antioxidants. Because of its dark color, black rice bran contains the same anthocyanin antioxidants found in blueberries or blackberries. According to research from the Department of Food Science at Louisiana State University, a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants.

Science & Technology

Is McDonald's stalking children online?
(NaturalNews) Some 20 children's advocacy, public interest and health groups have jointly filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission charging that some online marketing by McDonald's and four other popular companies targeting children violates a federal statute that protects their privacy.

FCC Launching Huge Internet Tax
Kurt Nimmo - Get ready for another transfer of wealth via government confiscation. The FCC is ready to tax internet service in order to fund its Connect America Fund boondoggle. “Numerous companies, including AT&T, Sprint and even Google have expressed support for the idea,” reports The Hill today. The scheme is nothing new. “Consumers already pay a fee on their landline and cellular phone bills to support the FCC’s Universal Service Fund.” The “Service Fund” was devised as yet another grand socialist enterprise “to ensure that everyone in the country has access to telephone service, even if they live in remote areas.”

Scientists Successfully 'Hack' Brain To Obtain Personal Data
CBS News - Researchers from the University of California and University of Oxford in Geneva figured out a way to pluck sensitive information from a person’s head, such as PIN numbers and bank information.

Pet News

VIDEO: Dog and Cat Vaccines are Not Harmless Preventive Medicine
Dr. Becker - Vaccinosis is a condition recognized almost exclusively by the holistic veterinary community. It is not generally acknowledged by traditional veterinarians. Dr. Richard Pitcairn defines vaccinosis this way: “Vaccinosis is to be understood as the disturbance of the vital force by vaccination that results in mental, emotional, and a physical change that can, in some cases, be a permanent condition.”


VIDEO: How to separate an egg yolk from the white - Chinese style
Watch the simple and effective method of separating an egg yolk from the white. It is a simple and straight forward application of hydraulics.

Today in History - Monday - August 27, 2012
1789 - The Declaration of the Rights of Man was adopted by the French National Assembly.
1828 - Uruguay was formally proclaimed to be independent during preliminary talks between Brazil and Argentina.
1858 - The first cabled news dispatch was sent and was published by "The New York Sun" newspaper. The story was about the peace demands of England and France being met by China.
1859 - The first oil well was successfully drilled in the U.S. by Colonel Edwin L. Drake near Titusville, PA.
1892 - The original Metropolitan Opera House in New York was seriously damaged by fire.
1894 - The Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act was passed by the U.S. Congress. The provision within for a graduated income tax was later struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.
1912 - Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan of the Apes" was published for the first time.
1928 - The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed by 15 countries in Paris. Later, 47 other nations would sign the pact.
1945 - American troops landed in Japan after the surrender of the Japanese government at the end of World War II.
1962 - Mariner 2 was launched by the United States. In December of the same year the spacecraft flew past Venus. It was the first space probe to reach the vicinity of another planet.
1972 - North Vietnam's major port at Haiphong saw the first bombings from U.S. warplanes.
1981 - Work began on recovering a safe from the Andrea Doria which was a luxury liner that had sank in 1956 in the waters off of Massachusetts.
1984 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced that the first citizen to go into space would be a teacher. The teacher that was eventually chosen was Christa McAuliffe. She died in the Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986.
1985 - The Space Shuttle Discovery left for a seven-day mission in which three satellites were launched and another was repaired and redeployed.
1989 - The first U.S. commercial satellite rocket was launched. A British communications satellite was onboard.
1990 - The U.S. State Department ordered the expulsion of 36 Iraqi diplomats.
1991 - The Soviet republic of Moldavia declared its independence.
1996 - California Governor Pete Wilson signed an order that would halt state benefits to illegal immigrants.
1999 - The final crew of the Russian space station Mir departed the station to return to Earth. Russia was forced to abandon Mir for financial reasons.
2001 - The U.S. military announced that an Air Force RQ-1B "Predator" aircraft was lost over Iraq. It was reported that the unmanned aircraft "may have crashed or been shot down."
2001 - Work began on the future site of a World War II memorial on the U.S. capital's historic national Mall. The site is between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

World News

VIDEO: Iran opposes foreign meddling in regional affairs, calls for dialog
Press TV - Speaking at the two-day-long expert-level meeting of the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in the Iranian capital on Sunday, Salehi stressed that human rights should not become an excuse for such interference in the hands of certain powers, which have a long record of violating human rights.

British Paper Claims Western Troops are in Syria
Activist Post - The British Daily Star has reported in their article, "SAS HUNT BIO ARMS," that, "nearly 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction." The Star also claims that the SAS are accompanied by British MI6, US CIA, and both French and American soldiers. This after US' Barack Obama made comments claiming the US would military intervene if Syria so much as "moves them [unconfirmed WMDs] in a threatening fashion."

Afghan soldier kills two US troops
Press TV - The number of 'green-on-blue' attacks by members of the Afghan police and military on coalition forces has increased sharply, mirroring outrage and frustration with the longest war in American history. Attackers hit international forces, the Afghan army and Afghan civilians in two days of violence that by Monday morning had left 29 people dead — two of them Americans soldiers killed by an Afghan colleague. AP

Mother who devoted her life to bereaved service families commits suicide over the death of her own soldier son
Daily Mail - A mother devastated by the loss of her soldier son in Afghanistan committed suicide after her grief became too much to bear. Gill Atherton, 47, killed herself five years after her son, Guardsman David ‘Jaffa’ Atherton, 25, died in a battle with the Taliban. She is believed to be the first mother of a UK serviceman killed in recent conflicts to take her own life because she couldn’t live with the loss.

7.4 Quake Strikes Off El Salvador - A powerful 7.4 earthquake that struck last night off the coast of El Salvador triggered a tsunami alert that was soon rescinded, reports AP. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury from the quake or from a small tsunami that hit the El Salvador port of Acajutla shortly afterward, reports Reuters. The quake followed a "storm" of some 300 mostly mild temblors in southern California yesterday. Dutchsinse video report here.

Militants torch 12 NATO supply tankers in west Afghanistan
Press TV Aug 24, 2012 - Twelve tankers carrying supplies to US-led NATO forces have been torched in Afghanistan's western province of Farah. The incident comes after Taliban militants claimed to have killed at least six US soldiers in the northeastern city of Bagram. The increasing number of military casualties in Afghanistan -- where 566 US-led forces died in 2011 alone -- has caused widespread anger in the United States and other NATO member states, undermining public support for the Afghan war.

Top U.S. General: We Don’t Know Why Afghan Troops Are Killing Us
Wired - August 23, 2012 - General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said he still doesn’t know why at least 10 NATO troops have died in the last two weeks at the hands of the Afghan forces they mentor. He suspects it may have something to do with asking those Afghans to perform dangerous operations during the recent Muslim holy month. Maybe.

No Decent Reason for 2,000 Dead in Afghanistan
Progressive - The United States is not at war with Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons. It is there because Afghanistan borders Iran to the West and China to the East: two countries in the Pentagon’s sights. And it is there because Afghanistan is a transport route for oil from the stans of the former Soviet Union down to the Arabian Sea. These are the real reasons the United States is at war with Afghanistan. But these are not decent reasons for letting 2,000 U.S. service members perish.

Syria Targets Israel’s Unacknowledged Nukes
Kurt Nimmo - Talk about the shoe being on the other foot. Syria claims it can destroy Israel’s nukes – which Israel has not officially acknowledged – with a handful of missiles. “Syria is capable of destroying Israel’s nuclear facilities with 20 missiles, Syria’s ambassador to Jordan, Bahjat Suleiman, told a visiting delegation on Wednesday, pro-Assad news sources reported,” according to the Times of Israel.

Globalist Rag Gives “Two Cheers” for Terrorism
Tony Cartalucci - Foreign Policy published a recent article literally titled, “Two Cheers for Syrian Islamists.” In it, general editor of the Neo-Con Middle East Forum Gary Gambill concedes that the Syrian government “would not be in the trouble it’s in today were it not for the Islamists,” revealing what the West and its media houses have attempted but failed at obfuscating – that the violence in Syria is the work of sectarian extremists, not “pro-democracy activists.”

China could penetrate US with new huge missile
The Register - News first emerged of the planned ‘super missile’ from defence industry bible Jane’s Defence Weekly last week, according to South China Morning Post. It apparently claimed that a Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), had been fired in testing last month by the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps. This third-generation missile, US military sources told Jane’s, contain multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) – effectively multiple warheads – meaning they would be almost impossible for current US defences to take down.

Obama Requests Europe Bail Out His Reelection
Zero Hedge - Color us unsurprised; but the UK’s Independent is reporting that American officials are worried that if the Troika decides Greece has not done enough to meet its deficit targets, it will withhold the money – triggering Greece’s exit from the eurozone weeks before the presidential election. British government sources have suggested the Obama administration is urging eurozone Governments to hold off from taking any drastic action before then – fearing the resulting market destabilization could damage President Obama’s re-election prospects.

Israel Outraged as South Africa Decides to Label Yesha Products - According to a report on Kol Yisrael radio, South Africa’s Trade Minister will direct importers to label every product that came from one of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria with a special mark that indicates that it was not made in Israel. A spokesman for the Trade Ministry, who made the announcement about the decision, said that the position of the government of South Africa is that it recognizes the borders of Israel [map] as they were outlined by the United Nations in 1948, and does not recognize any changes made to the borders after that date.

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong - Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman writes: What [Iceland's recovery] demonstrated was the … case for letting creditors of private banks gone wild eat the losses.... Where everyone else bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price, Iceland let the banks go bust and actually expanded its social safety net. Where everyone else was fixated on trying to placate international investors, Iceland imposed temporary controls on the movement of capital to give itself room to maneuver.

Ex-senator in Brazil to repay $234 mn in stolen funds: "This is the largest amount to be repaid in a corruption case"
The Star Aug 24, 2012 - One of two senators in Brazil who were stripped of their positions for corruption will reimburse $234 million in public funds he embezzled in the late 1990s, authorities said Thursday. "This is the largest amount to be repaid in a corruption case. A fair bit of the money has been recovered but this is compensation for public funds" stolen, chief prosecutor Helia Bettero told reporters.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Military helicopters to conduct training over Twin Cities this week - Minneapolis Police say the U.S. Special Operations Command training actually began last Sunday, but it was in locations not easily seen by or open to the public. But police say the urban-environment training will become more visible as helicopters support the training this week. Residents may see or hear low-flying, military transport helicopters, specifically Black Hawks and smaller Hughes 500s, flying in the Minneapolis area between 7 p.m. and midnight.

VIDEO; At Least 2 Killed and 9 Injured in Shooting Outside Empire State Building
Activist post - It is now being reported that a disgruntled ex-employee of an apparel company killed a co-worker, then was later shot dead by police in an incident that began at 9 a.m. this morning outside the Empire State Building. In all, 2 women and 7 men have also been injured in the ensuing shootout with police. Mayor Bloomberg has come out to say that this is not an act of terrorism. The shooter has been identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 58, of Manhattan.
 * Related Article: Wrongly Hyped as 'Mass Shooting' by Media?

United Nations Sponsors Another Gun-grabber Conference in New York
Kurt Nimmo - Following the failure of the United Nations to reach a consensus on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the internationalist gun-grabbers are looking forward to Review Conference 2012 (RevCon 2012), to be held in New York beginning next week, on August 27.

US Forest Service has an immediate need for ammunition
Activist Post - Another US agency has submitted a request for a variety of ammunition. This time it is the US Forest Service in the Pacific Southwest Region of the United States, which is responsible for 20 million acres of National Forest land in California and assists the State and Private forest landowners in California, Hawaii and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands. There are eighteen national forests located in this region.

University of Colorado allows students to carry guns
RT - The University of Colorado is allowing its students to carry concealed guns with them on campus. As long as students are 21 or older and have a license to carry a weapon, they can bring guns with them to class, the bookstore, and the quad.... While some are fearful of a possible increased presence of guns on campus, others say that allowing guns is necessary for individuals’ safety – and that allowing concealed firearms would not cause a spike in firearm-related crimes.... The majority of the more than 4,000 US colleges prevent carrying guns on campus, but about 25 schools already allow them, according

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Full Unedited Ron Paul Speech @ We Are The Future Rally - Tampa Sun Dome
Daily Paul August 26, 2012.
* Related article/pictures:
Over 10,000 supporters brave Tropical Storm...

Ron Paul Turned Down Offer to Speak at GOP Convention
Activist Post - According to the New York Times, the Romney campaign offered the speaking slot on the condition that the speech was vetted and that Paul fully endorse Romney: Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined. 'It wouldn’t be my speech,' Mr. Paul said. 'That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.'

YouTube: RNC Shuns Ron Paul, Supporters Root For Romney Defeat
Reason TV - "I want to make sure that when the Republican Party loses, terribly to, in my opinion, the worst president in history, I want [them to know] it's because they systematically shut out the most intelligent, most youthful and active voting bloc in American history," said Ron Paul voter Mike Timoney. Timoney's statement accurately reflected the mood at PAULfest, a celebration held by Congressman Ron Paul's supporters at the Tampa Fairgrounds on the weekend before the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Rand Paul’s Message to Republican Convention: ‘Audit the Pentagon’ - Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will use his prime-time speaking slot at the Republican National Convention to urge party members to be more open to scrutinizing military spending, a position that puts him in the minority within the GOP.

RNC Passes Rule Giving Itself Power To Change Any Rule Without Delegate Vote
BuzzFeed Aug 24, 2012 - The Republican National Convention Rules Committee voted 63-38 to approve a new rule allowing granting the Republican National Committee — and Mitt Romney — sweeping new powers to amend the governing document of the GOP. The move came at the encouragement of Mitt Romney supporters on the committee, including Romney's top lawyer Ben Ginsberg, who stressed that it would grant "flexibility" to Romney and the committee to adapt to changing political environments. The rule allows the RNC to amend the party's rules without a vote by the full Republican National Convention.

RNC reports that the convention is postponed until Tuesday due to Hurricane Isaac
Daily Paul - UPDATE: If you are a delegate, you might still want to report on Monday. The RNC may be trying to trick the Paul delegates by telling them that Monday is entirely cancelled.

VIDEO: Tom Woods Speech at Paul Fest
Daily Paul - "Whatever you do, remember the example of Ron Paul. In a world of cowards, stick to your principles. In a sea of lies, tell the truth. Into the darkness, shine a light. Do those things, be that person. That is what Ron Paul wants from you. Be courageous, and studious, and persistent. Remember that the one person on this earth you have full power to improve is yourself. Learn and teach whenever and wherever you can. Be your own army of one, and then you will be carrying on the Ron Paul legacy."

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow: Republicans Move Convention Delegate Vote to Time with No TV Coverage, to Hide Ron Paul

National GOP Muzzles Maine’s Voice at RNC
PRWeb August 25, 2012 – The RNC Credentials Committee ruled yesterday to overturn the delegate election results of Maine’s Republican Convention. In their decision, 20 elected members of Maine’s delegation were replaced with individuals chosen by the Republican National Committee.

Romney Campaign: The second day of the Republican convention will feature a video tribute to Ron Paul
Daily Paul - The second day of the Republican convention will feature a video tribute to Ron Paul, the Romney campaign announced Friday. The film is one of many accommodations for the former Republican presidential hopeful and his network of supporters at the convention. Paul's son, freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), will be speaking on Monday, and the Texas lawmaker himself is planning a day-long rally with supporters on the Sunday proceeding the convention.

Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriots Kicked to the Curb by the Republican National Committee
Liberty Crier - The Oklahoma delegation are the brave souls that continued the improperly adjourned convention in the parking lot at the Embassy Suites in Oklahoma, after convention officials started putting up partitions that closed off part of the delegation from voting. Several hundred delegates attended the “rump convention” , citing improper procedure, inaccurate voting, and incorrect credentialing at the convention inside. They maintain that they continued the convention according to Republican rules.... Here is a video showing some of what was going on inside....

Ron Paul on CNBC
Aired Aug 24, 2012. Ron Paul on the gold standard.


Republicans Consider Returning To Gold Standard: Real Or Red Herring?
Zero Hedge - While this could simply be a reach for as many Ron Paul marginal voters as possible (with the view that the GOP would never really go for it); it appears drafts of the party platform from the forthcoming rain-soaked convention call for an audit of the Fed and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold.

Forsaken And Forgotten
The Economic Collapse - America is becoming a very cold place. If you don't have money, you don't really matter much in our society. The ads on television aren't for you - they are directed at people that actually have good jobs and that can afford to buy the nice little "extras" in life. The politicians aren't really interested in you either - they figure that they can buy your vote with all of the money that they are getting from the wealthy people. When you don't have money, even friends and relatives start to distance themselves from you.

Veteran News

Veteran Declared ‘Mentally Defective,’ Has Guns Seized
Paul Joseph Watson - Radio host Steve Quayle was sent news of an Army combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient in west central Ohio who was the victim of a police raid on the evening of August 22nd during which Miami County Ohio Sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant to seize the man’s firearms for the “safety of the defendant and the general public,” according to the warrant. The veteran, who is currently unnamed, had his guns taken because he was adjudged to be mentally incompetent, despite the fact that his previous VA psychiatric evaluations were all clear, he is not on medication, and he had no criminal record.

Iraq vet arrested on terrorism charges after jogging with training rifle
RT - Authorities have charged 23-year-old Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran William Everett Alemar with "committing a terroristic act and wearing body armor while committing a felony offense.” He was arrested on the morning of August 20 after officers responded to calls of an armed man running along a road adjacent to a Martinsburg, West Virginia high school.

YouTube: LI Marine Killed [Gregory Buckley Jr's Father speaks out] BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!
Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr and 2 other marines were murdered on August 10th by an Afghan police officer while working out in the gym along with other marines.
* Related Article: Rise In Deaths Indicates Afghan War Is Evolving

Energy & Environment

Sixty Quakes Strike So Cal in 16 hours
Activist Post August 26, 2012 - Since 9:30 PM PDT, there have been sixty earthquakes in the Brawley, CA region, near the Mexican border. Dutchsinse video report here.

Woman blames smart meter for house fire Houston - A southwest Houston woman is blaming a smart meter for a fire that left her home in shambles in July. “It’s most devastating. It has taken a toll on me just telling you about it,” said Jaclynn Harwood. “This shouldn’t happen to anybody.” Harwood provided KHOU 11 news with a document that appears to be from the Houston Fire Department.

VIDEO: Tropical Storm Isaac: Hurricane Warnings Issued for Gulf Coast
Good Morning America - As Tropical Storm Isaac grazed the Florida Keys with less force than was feared, hurricane warnings have been issued for the Gulf Coast from Central Louisiana to the Florida panhandle with Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana declaring state of emergencies ahead of the storm's landfall.

Big, radioactive lump in Hanford nuclear-waste tank: Is it leaking?
Seattle Times - As part of the biggest, costliest environmental cleanup in the nation's history — disposing of 53 million gallons of radioactive waste at the Hanford nuclear reservation — one thing was supposed to be sure: Toxic waste stored in sturdy, double-wall steel tanks wasn't going anywhere. That reassurance has been thrown into question with the discovery of a 3-foot-long mound of radioactive material between the inner and outer steel walls of one of the supposedly safe tanks.

VIDEO: Source Of Loud Booms In Foothills A Mystery
CBS News - People from all over El Dorado County say they’re hearing loud booms several times a week, but there are many theories on what is causing them.... “You can feel it in the ground, no question about it. But no one’s been able to figure out why,” said Pleasant Valley resident Peter O’Grady. “I tend to hear somewhere between four to six of these things during the weekdays usually between 11 p.m. and 2 p.m.


Global Vaccine Institute: Secret Vaccine Database - The general public is essentially unaware of the true number of people -- mostly children -- who have been permanently damaged or killed by vaccines. In fact, most parents would be surprised to learn that the government has a secret computer database filled with several thousand names of disabled and dead babies, children who were healthy and alive just prior to receiving the vaccines.

Serious Vision Problems and Eye Disease Climbing Rapidly in U.S.
Activist Post - A new report from the organization Prevent Blindness America says that numerous eye disorders are climbing at alarming rates—many of them with effects including blindness. Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts are all included and seem to be affecting more and more people each day.... Interestingly, these eye diseases have something in common: a dietary link.

Toxic byproduct of heat-processed food may contribute to weight gain and diabetes, scientists find
(NaturalNews) Eating foods cooked with dry heat could be making you fat, inflamed, diabetic, and cancer-prone. These are the suggested findings of a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which outlines how exposure to methylglyoxal (MG), a chemical byproduct of certain heat-processed foods, is linked to abdominal weight gain, early insulin resistance, and type-2 diabetes, among other conditions.

Foods that can help counter depression
(NaturalNews) Depression often, but not always, is linked to low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low thyroid functions and/or low adrenal gland function. Depressed patients who crave foods such as cheese, chocolate may be lacking enough of the amino acid tyrosine in the system. Tyrosine is said to normalize blood pressure, stimulate the thyroid and contribute to blood-sugar stabilization via adrenal support.

Horsetail and oat straw are two powerhouse herbs for calcium
(NaturalNews) The University of Maryland Medical Center published a clinical study in 1999 involving 122 women who took horsetail extract or a calcium/horsetail product marketed in Italy. Both sets of women saw an improvement in bone density. Even though the study was not performed to current scientific standards, the results did still show promise for horsetail in healing osteoporosis.

Now even TAP WATER isn't safe! Brain-eating amoeba fatal in 99% of cases 'could come from your own faucet'
Daily Mail - Last year in Louisiana, two people died from a single-celled organism that thrives in warm, freshwater after using tap water for flushing their sinuses.... Both victims, a 51-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man, had used tap water in neti pots to flush out their sinuses and died days later. They lived in separate areas of the state. Neti pots are generally safe for use for clearing out excess mucus in the nasal cavity, but when amoebas are present, the infection has a frighteningly fatal rate.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Raises Your Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity
Dr. Mercola - There are a number of factors that influence the degree to which you may be affected by EMFs, and your level of heavy metal toxicity is likely one of them. Heavy metals in your brain also act as micro-antennas, concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation. Any kind of metal implants and/or amalgam (silver) tooth fillings will significantly increase reception of microwaves, and the mircrocurrents from cell phones and other ambient fields.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

The Best Kales
Mother Earth News - Count kale as one of the true treasures of the fall garden, with its sweetness revealed only after old Jack Frost has kissed its leaves a time or two. This ultra-cold-hardy, leafy green vegetable is a reliable deeply satisfying addition to any cool-weather garden.
* Related Article: Baked Kale Chips Recipe

Pet News

BilJac Product Pull
Susan Thixton - Shannon of BilJac tells me the company is pulling from sale 'a couple of products' due to mold. She stated no pets have gotten sick from the food. Shannon stated the BilJac website will provide details of the product pull 'within the hour'.


Can You Pass the Basic Preparedness Test?
Activist Post - Periodically, I like to perform what I call a “walk around” inventory. In the simplest of terms, what that means is that I walk around my home, garage and yard with an eye peeled to deficiencies that need to be corrected to insure my safety in the event of a natural disaster.... In addition to my walk around inventory, I go over my preparedness checklist so that I can re-familiarize myself with the things that need to be in place at all times – things that I may have allowed to go slack for one reason or another.

Today in History - Friday - August 24, 2012
1814 - Washington, DC, was invaded by British forces that set fire to the White House and Capitol.
1853 - The first convention of the American Pharmaceutical Association was held.
1891 - Thomas Edison applied patents for the kinetoscope and kinetograph (U.S. Pats. 493,426 and 589,168).
1932 - Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the U.S. non-stop. The trip from Los Angeles, CA to Newark, NJ, took about 19 hours.
1949 - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) went into effect. The agreement was that an attack against on one of the parties would be considered "an attack against them all."
1954 - The Communist Party was virtually outlawed in the U.S. when the Communist Control Act went into effect.
1968 - France became the 5th thermonuclear power when they exploded a hydrogen bomb in the South Pacific.
1986 - Frontier Airlines shut down. Thousands of people were left stranded.
1989 - "Total war" was declared by Columbian drug lords on their government.
1989 - The U.S. space probe, Voyager 2, sent back photographs of Neptune.
1990 - Iraqi troops surrounded foreign missions in Kuwait.
1991 - Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as the head of the Communist Party.
1992 - China and South Korea established diplomatic relations.
1995 - Microsoft's "Windows 95" went on sale.
1998 - U.S. officials cited a soil sample as part of the evidence that a Sudan plant was producing precursors to the VX nerve gas. And, therefore made it a target for U.S. missiles on August 20, 1998.
2001 - In McAllen, TX, Bridgestone/Firestone agreed to settle out of court and pay a reported $7.5 million to a family in a rollover accident in their Ford Explorer.
2001 - The remains of nine American servicemen killed in the Korean War were returned to the U.S. The bodies were found about 60 miles north of Pyongyang. It was estimated that it would be a year before the identities of the soldiers would be known.
2001 - NASA announced that operation of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite would end by September 30th due to budget restrictions. Though the satellite is best known for monitoring a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, it was designed to provide information about the upper atmosphere by measuring its winds, temperatures, chemistry and energy received from the sun.

World News

Iran summit sends message of peace
Press TV - When the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement convenes in the Iranian capital this weekend, it promises to be the greatest show on earth - a show of international solidarity and peaceful coexistence - in the face of imperialist aggression and threat of all-out world war.

Pakistan: US drones hit militant hideouts, kill 18
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- U.S. missiles slammed into three compounds close to the Afghan border Friday, killing 18 suspected militants, Pakistani officials said, just a day after the government summoned an American diplomat to protest drone strikes in the country's northwest tribal region.

Norway's Breivik deemed sane, sentenced to prison
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A Norwegian court sentenced Anders Behring Breivik to prison on Friday, denying prosecutors the insanity ruling they hoped would show that his massacre of 77 people was the work of a madman, not part of an anti-Muslim crusade.

VIDEO: BBC Censors Video Showing Syrian Rebels Forcing Prisoner to Become Suicide Bomber
Paul Joseph Watson - The BBC has sensationally censored a news story and a video showing Syrian rebels forcing a prisoner to become a suicide bomber, a war crime under the Geneva Conventions, presumably because it reflected badly on establishment media efforts to portray the FSA as glorious freedom fighters. The video, a copy of which can be viewed above (the original BBC version was deleted), shows Free Syrian Army rebels preparing a bomb that is loaded onto the back of a truck to be detonated at a government checkpoint in the city of Aleppo.

NY Times: UN chief to attend NAM in blow to US, Israel
Press TV - The decision by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to attend the upcoming NAM summit in Tehran is proof that the US and Israel’s anti-Iran policy has failed to find followers in much of the global scene, The New York Times writes.

VIDEO: 'UK threat to storm our embassy still in force' – Ecuador FM Patino to RT (EXCLUSIVE)
RT - Ecuador is still concerned over the UK’s threat to storm its embassy in London. In an exclusive interview to RT, the country’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said that Ecuador will not tolerate what it sees as a clear breach of international law.

Massive student protests return to streets of Montreal
RT - Thousands of students have rallied against tuition fee hikes in Quebec, an action organizers have trumpeted as a renewal of the protest movement. The demonstrators marched through downtown Montreal on Wednesday ahead of Quebec’s general election that will be held on September 4th.The voting will decide whether Premier Jean Charest’s Liberal Party is reelected – who’ve run on a plan to drastically increase tuition fees to US$ 1,794 over seven years, a hike of 82 percent.

Iceland’s recovery continues, declared ‘impressive’
Ice News - Experts continue to praise Iceland’s recovery success after the country’s bank bailouts of 2008. Unlike the US and several countries in the eurozone, Iceland allowed its banking system to fail in the global economic downturn and put the burden on the industry’s creditors rather than taxpayers. In the following years, the Icelandic government made drastic cuts that reduced the fiscal deficit from 14 percent of GDP to just two percent. At the same time, unemployment in Iceland has shrunk to less than five percent, while analysts predict the North Atlantic economy to grow some 2.8 percent by the end of 2012, according to recent reports.

AIDS-like disease found in Asians, trigger unknown
RT - A mysterious new disease causes AIDS-like symptoms in Asians even though they are not infected with HIV, a research has found. The disease damages patients’ immune systems, but is not contagious. The illness leaves patients unable to fight off germs. Some patients have died of overwhelming infections, including some Asians now living in the US, said Dr. Sarah Browne, a scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who led the study of the disease. Researchers are calling this new disease an "adult-onset" immunodeficiency syndrome because it develops later in life and they don't know why or how.

Nuclear fears over French Polynesia atoll collapse
Radio Australia - The Nuclear Association’s president, Roland Oldham, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program that radioactive material could be released into the Pacific Ocean if the atoll were to collapse. “Just in that little area there is over maybe twelve underground tests in that area and we have to remember that France have done altogether 193 nuclear test explosions in Murorua,” he said. “In the soil of Muroroa, if something happens there is about 150 holes containing very dangerous radioactivity.” The association says if the atoll were to collapse it could also trigger a 15 metre tsunami. Listen to the report here.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Over 2,500 DHS employees and co-conspirators have been convicted of crimes in the past eight years, according to federal auditor
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) It is often said that when an agency or department is failing, it's because there is a failure at the top, that there is something wrong with the leadership. Nowhere is that more evident than at the beleaguered Department of Homeland Security where, under the tutelage of former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, an agency with an already dubious resume has gone from bad to worse to despicable.

Stop and Swab: Dramatic Increases in DNA Police Databases - 25 states currently allow pre-conviction DNA testing, but most are now stuck in battles over its legality. As states struggle to balance effective law enforcement and protecting individuals’ rights and privacy, the debate over the appropriate use of DNA is likely to intensify. In Maryland, the controversy has pit the state’s highest court against the U.S. Supreme Court. Maryland’s DNA Collection Act allows the collection and retention of genetic material from those who are arrested, even if never convicted.

TSA Swabbing Fliers’ Hands For Explosives During ‘Chat Downs’
Steve Watson - A Michigan journalist suffering from a facial disability has described his treatment at the hands of a TSA behavioral detection officer as “frightening”, after he was detained and swabbed for explosives following a refusal to tell the agent what his business was on a domestic trip from Detroit to Grand Rapids.

VIDEO: Geriatric Patsies Sentenced to Prison Following FBI Entrapment August 22, 2012 - “Two Georgia men were sentenced Wednesday to five years each in prison for trying to get an unregistered explosive and an illegal gun silencer in what prosecutors describe as a plot to attack government targets,” the AP reports today.... The plot was the typical sort of pre-crime the government deals in as it tries to frighten us into believing we are at the mercy of terrorists, even geriatric terrorists.

California man in jail two years after his conviction was overturned
RT - A federal magistrate ordered Daniel Larsen to be released from prison in 2010. Two years after the court agreed that he had been denied the right to a fair trial, though, the 45-year-old man remains behind bars in California.

Walmart, Target And Other Big Retailers Lobbied Successfully For Exemption From SEC Conflict Mineral Rule
Huffington Post - Major retailers like Target and Walmart may be able to keep the connection between their products and a war-torn African country under wraps. Thanks to their lobbying efforts, big retailers will likely be exempt from a rule, finalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, which requires public companies to disclose whether their products contain “conflict minerals” from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Wall Street Journal reports.

VIDEO: Messengers for Liberty Documentary Trailer
Liberty Crier - Messengers for Liberty is a six hour documentary series about the grassroots liberty movement growing in America today. Learn why individuals have become so passionate about liberty and how its transformed their lives for such a cause. Join us Sept. 17th, 2012 for the first episode of this weekly documentary series here at Please help share this link with friends, family, and neighbors who need to understand the importance of restoring liberty back in America.

2012 Election News

VIDEO: Reality Check: RNC Pulling Out All Stops To Keep Ron Paul’s Name Out Of Nomination
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the RNC is attempting to change the 5 state rule and decredential the entire Maine delegation only 4 days before the Republican National Convention.

Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard
CNBC - The gold standard has returned to mainstream U.S. politics for the first time in 30 years, with a “gold commission” set to become part of official Republican party policy.... The move shows how five years of easy monetary policy — and the efforts of congressman Ron Paul — have made the once-fringe idea of returning to gold-as-money a legitimate part of Republican debate.

Your Vote is Not Secret: Government Using SmartPhone Barcodes to Trace Ballot to Voter
Activist Post - In Chaffee County, Colorado, the voter ballots for the 2012 Republican Primary election contain a smartphone data matrix barcode that ties the voter to the ballot. Both the ballot number and data matrix are on the ballot stub.

RNC splits Maine delegation - The Republican National Committee's plan to split Maine's contested delegates -- with 10 each for Ron Paul and Mitt Romney -- is unlikely to placate Maine's Paul supporters.

No Ron Paul revolution at convention
Politico - The libertarian septuagenarian controls the state delegations from Nevada, Iowa and Minnesota. But a candidate needs five states to be officially recognized on the floor. Paul supporters have made claims to Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Oklahoma and Maine. But Romney’s coterie of lawyers skillfully used the rules and interpersonal negotiations to peel each away.

VIDEO: State Senator Tom Davis heading to Tampa in Support of Ron Paul

VIDEO: DHS and FBI: Anarchists May Use IEDs at Conventions
Kurt Nimmo - The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued a bulletin to law enforcement warning that “anarchist extremists” may use IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, at the Republican and Democrat national conventions.“FBI and DHS assess with high confidence anarchist extremists will target… infrastructure in Tampa and Charlotte, with potentially significant impacts on public safety and transportation,” CNN reports.

VIDEO: Tampa Jail Cleared To House RNC Protesters
Paul Joseph Watson - “In an unprecedented move, Hillsborough County jail officials announced one facility is completely cleared and essentially reconstructed just for the Republican National Convention,” reports ABC Action News. Metal detectors, temporary court rooms, and medical facilities with doctors present have all been set up in readiness for an influx of detainees.


Obama's Budget to Add $4.4 Trillion to Debt in Next Four Years - By the end of this year, the federal debt is expected to be $16.2 trillion, which is $6.2 trillion more than when President Obama first came into office four years ago. Moreover, new analysis by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee finds that, over the next 4 years, if Barack Obama remains president and his budget is enacted, $4.4 trillion will be added to the federal debt.

Glencore Food Chief Says US Drought is ‘Good for Business’
Guardian - Chris Mahoney, the trader’s director of agricultural products, who owns about £500m of Glencore shares, said the devastating US drought had created an opportunity for the company to make much more money. “In terms of the outlook for the balance of the year, the environment is a good one. High prices, lots of volatility, a lot of dislocation, tightness, a lot of arbitrage opportunities [the purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from price differences in different markets],” he said on a conference call .

Veteran News

Brandon Raub FREE: Judge orders Chesterfield Marine’s release from psychiatric facility
Oath Keepers - A Chesterfield Marine will be released from a mental health facility after a judge ruled there wasn’t sufficient evidence of allegations made against him.... In court Thursday, the judge said that the petition filed by Chesterfield Police was blank and didn’t list a single allegation against him. The judge said Raub suffered a “deprivation of his liberty” by being held without a clear claim. Related article/video here.

VIDEO: Attorney: Psychiatrist Threatened to Use Forced Meds to “Brainwash” Brandon Raub
The Blaze - In a surprising twist, (Raub’s lawyer John) Whitehead revealed a startling allegation that his client told him about prior to his release. Raub complained to his attorney that one of the psychiatrists that he was seeing threatened to “brainwash” him and force him to take medication. “That really scared him,” he said.

Energy & Environment

The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb
Zen Gardner - We’ve heard a lot about the New Madrid Fault. Despite the dangers and warnings, the area continues to be flooded, fracked, drilled, HAARPed, and tornadoed, with extreme weather fluctuations only escalating. All the while this region is home to 15 nuclear reactors. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little known factor that will really make your hair stand on end. The fault zone is criss-crossed with major gas and oil pipelines delivering these volatile energy sources all over the United States.

VIDEO: Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Releases Steam, But No Radiation Detected?
Alexander Higgins - Pennsylvania, US – People who live near Three Mile Island in Londonderry Township may have heard a loud noise this morning when steam was released into the atmosphere during a shutdown of the nuclear power plant. If there were traces of radiation in the steam, the amount was so low it was undetectable, Exelon

Wildfires force California to declare state of emergency (PHOTOS)
RT - Three counties in Northern California have declared in emergency after firefighters failed to bring down an over 20-meter-high wall of fire that left behind about 10,000 hectares of scorched woodland. The fire has destroyed 84 buildings.... Overall 3,000 people were evacuated from the Californian counties of Tehama and Shasta.


Seven steps to minimize exposure to aerial and ground spraying of pesticides
(NaturalNews) Pets, gardens, lawns, livestock . . . nothing is safe and individual citizens are not able to opt out of the widespread spraying. While those opposed to pesticide contamination can do little to stop it, there are plenty of important measures everyone can do to limit their pesticide exposure

Vitamin D supplementation can cut risk of respiratory infections in children by half
(NaturalNews) A randomized, controlled study published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that vitamin D-deficient children who supplement with this important nutrient throughout the winter months are about half as likely as their peers to suffer from respiratory infections.

Parents of Cymbalta suicide victim can sue drug maker for deceit and failure to warn, court rules
(NaturalNews) The parents of a South Dakota teen who committed suicide while taking the drug Cymbalta, an antidepressant, can sue the pharmaceutical manufacturer for failing to warn about the risks, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.

Studies Show Microwaves Drastically Reduce Nutrients In Food
Green Med Info - Do the sensitive compounds in food, such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients change? It appears so. Read on to follow the scientific literature surrounding the depletion of our soil, foods, and health as a result of modern farming, food processing, microwave cooking, and not eating enough fresh, natural, uncooked, organic whole foods.

Milk myth busted: There are far better sources of calcium for strong bones
(NaturalNews) As the truth is beginning to tumble out about diet and health care, the milk myth is deserving of a closer look. The world at large has been brainwashed into thinking that milk and dairy are the ultimate (and only) source of calcium., not just for growing children. However, not only is dairy indigestible to many, it is also a source of disease.... Green leafy vegetables are a powerful source of nutrients including all the macro minerals, trace elements, amino acids, omega 3 and more. Green leafy vegetables are the best source of the macro minerals (calcium and magnesium) responsible for good bone growth.

Hair loss drugs turn men into women by blocking testosterone, male hormones
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) If you or someone you know takes pharmaceutical drugs that claim to prevent or reverse male-pattern hair loss, you could be inadvertently turning yourself from a man into a woman without even knowing it. This is what William McKee, who now goes by the name of "Mandi," says happened to him after taking a generic version of Propecia (finasteride) for nine months.

Obamacare Unmasked - When Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed new legislation requiring that all healthcare providers, in order to be licensed, register with a state board with the power to rewrite provider contracts with insurance companies; mandate what fees providers could charge; and punish physicians with a $500,000 fine for ‘spending too much money on their patients’, it became clear where the Affordable Care Act will eventually lead.

New Study Links Aluminium Intake to Osteoporosis and Alzheimers Disease - How to Reduce Exposure
Activist Post - The human body can tolerate 1mg of aluminium per 1kg of bone weight before it begins to accumulate in the brain. ASTONISHINGLY, it was found that up to 139.2 milligrams of aluminium per person could be consumed in one meal depending on how the food was prepared. It is common practice around the world to cook, prepare and store food in aluminium. When aluminium is cold, leakage into food is minimal. However, when food is prepared in environments above 150c (302f), aluminium leakage into food becomes alarming.

Olympic Athlete Praises Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract
Natural Society - Did you ever wonder what Olympic athletes may be supplementing with for their health? In addition to training extremely hard, these athletes also provide their body's with a health-boosting supplements and food. One such supplement that has gained some exposure is olive leaf extract.

VIDEO: Avoiding Top 10 GMOs in Your Daily Life
Activist Post - A number of non-organic food products actually do exist that are free of GMOs, but it is important to learn the deceptive marketing tricks used by fake ‘health conscious’ brands who wish only to trick you into purchasing their GMO-laden garbage.

Turmeric Shows Major Promise in Defeating Mega Viruses
Activist Post - Turmeric has gained yet another victory under its belt. New research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry shows that it stopped the multiplication of the often deadly Rift Valley Fever (RVF) virus in infected cells. RVF, a mosquito-borne virus, affects domestic animals like cattle and even humans.

West Nile: They’re Lying to You Again
Jon Rappoport - The government PR machine has swung into high gear promoting West Nile disease. It’s a “national outbreak.” 1138 cases in 38 states. 41 deaths. Planes are spraying toxic aerial pesticides.... If you added up the death count from all the hyped and predicted epidemics of the last decade, including West Nile, SARS, bird flu, weaponized smallpox, and Swine Flu, the total would come to about one year of deaths in the US from ordinary flu.

Science & Technology

Feds Expand Trapwire Surveillance Tech to Local Cops
Kurt Nimmo - Stratfor emails unearthed by Wikileaks reveal the government’s effort to integrate Trapwire into local police departments.“The iWatch monitoring system adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department (pdf) works in conjunction with TrapWire, as does the District of Columbia and the ‘See Something, Say Something’ program conducted by law enforcement in New York City, which had 500 surveillance cameras linked to the system in 2010.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

GMO Corn Worsens Drought Damage with Rootworm Outbreak
Green Med Info - Findings by the farmers such as Charlie Sandager and pest experts like Dr. Bruce Potter, a University of Minnesota professor, have concluded that the primary corn pest rootworm has developed resistance to the proteins in the GMO Bt corn that was designed to kill the pests. Apparently, this resistance is resulting in the widespread growth of rootworm among America's corn crop. And since one of the rootworm's effects is that it prevents corn roots from absorbing water, the rootworm-infested GMO corn crop has magnified the crop damage produced by one of the worst U.S. droughts in decades.

Today in History - Thursday - August 23, 2012
1839 - Hong Kong was taken by the British in a war with China.
1892 - The printed streetcar transfer was patented by John H. Stedman.
1902 - Fannie Merrit Farmer opened her cooking school, Miss Farmer’s School of Cookery, in Boston, MA.
1914 - Tsingtao, China, was bombarded as Japan declared war on Germany in World War I.
1939 - Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty.
1944 - Marseilles was captured by Allied troops during World War II.
1952 - The security pact of the Arab League went into effect.
1970 - U.S. swimmer Gary Hall broke three world records at the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) outdoor swimming meet, held in Los Angeles, CA.
1979 - Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected while the Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in New York City.
1982 - The parliament of Lebanon elected Bashir Bemayel president. He was assassinated three weeks later.
1983 - The U.S. announced that it was nearly ready for a test flight of an anti-satellite missile.
1990 - President Saddam Hussein appeared on Iraqi state television with a group of Western detainees that he referred to as "guests." He told the group that they were being held "to prevent the scourge of war."
1996 - U.S. President Clinton imposed limits on peddling cigarettes to children.
1998 - Boris Yeltsin dismissed the Russian government again.
1999 - Rescuers in Turkey found a young boy that had been buried in rubble from an earthquake for about a week.
2000 - Richard Hatch was revealed as the winning castaway on CBS' "Survivor." Hatch won $1,000,000 for his stay on the island of Pulau Tida in the South China Sea.

World News

US-led night raid kills Afghan civilian
Press TV - NATO confirmed the death in a statement on Thursday. The military alliance claimed the victim was a militant but local witnesses said he was a civilian. Overnight operations by the US-led forces have resulted in civilian casualties and increasing tension between Washington and Kabul.

US assassination drone crashes in eastern Afghanistan
Press TV - The Taliban claimed responsibility for downing the assassination drone, which went down near Jalalabad Airport on Wednesday. The US military has also used drones in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Iraq.... Insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of about 130,000 US-led forces in the war-torn country.

Iran begins construction of $300 million anti-aircraft missile base - Amid increasing talk of a possible Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities, Iran has begun construction of a new, state-of-the-art, anti-aircraft missile base. The new base, located near the city of Abadeh, in southern Iran, will cost $300 million, be home to 6,000 personnel, and host seven battalions, Iran’s Fars news agency reported Tuesday.

Writers warn Netanyahu: 'Don’t strike Iran without cabinet approval'
RT - Twenty Israeli writers are planning to send a letter to Israel’s Attorney-General on Wednesday, demanding that Benjamin Netanyahu declare he will not initiate military action against Iran without cabinet approval. The letter will be written directly to Yehuda Weinstein, and threatens legal action if Prime Minister Netanyahu does not commit to a vote in his 30-member cabinet by the end of the week.

CIA and Saudi Arabia Smuggle Stinger Missiles to Rebels in Syria
Mirror News - CIA spies have smuggled up to 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can defend themselves from air strikes. The ground-to-air weapons have been delivered across the Turkish border to the Free Syrian Army and were partly paid for by Saudi Arabia, a security source claimed.

Israel Demands Egypt Remove Tanks From Sinai - After a bloody attack on a Sinai police station earlier this month, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak was crowing about it as vindication for demands for a crackdown on anti-Israel militants, saying it would serve as a “wake-up call” to President Mursi for the need for such an operation. Now that Mursi has ordered tanks to the region to follow through with the crackdown, Israel is fuming again, insisting that the deployment violates the peace treaty between the two nations and demanding Egypt remove the tanks immediately.

Authorities gain power to collect Australians' internet records - Laws passed today [Aug. 22] will allow authorities to collect and keep Australians' internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails.... The legislation will allow the Australian Federal Police to collaborate with international authorities in seeking Australian communications data under warrants.

Brazilian Court Demands Nestle Label GMO Ingredients
Activist Post - A Brazilian court has demanded that multi-billion dollar food giant Nestle label all of their products as genetically modified that have over 1% GMO content. The ruling reportedly coincides with Brazilian law which demands all food manufacturers alert consumers to the presence of GMOs within their products.

VIDEO: Poison on the Platter (Full Version)
by Jeffrey Smith - A film narrated by Mahesh Bhatt. Poison On The Platter looks at the GM issue through the lens of activists, scientists and ordinary citizens. It brings alive the various shades of the GM issue such as the scientific evidences against GM food from lab rat studies, the GM disasters such as L-Tryptothan, the story of Bt Cotton and farmer suicides in India and protests across the world against GM food.

China’s food production characterized by corruption, health-threatening practices
Homeland Security Newswire - In a disturbing report, China’s national broadcaster CCTV detailed the manufacturing process followed by sixteen different Chinese companies that sell preserved fruit. The report showed rotten peaches spiked with sodium metabisulfite to make the fruit look fresh, seasoned in bleaching agents and additives harmful to the human liver and kidneys, and pickled in outdoor pools surrounded by garbage. The peaches are then packed in dirty bags which were previously used to hold animal feed, and shipped off to big brand stores.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US cites Iran for carrier deployment
Press TV - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday that the United States was preparing for dealing with Iran and Syria as an aircraft carrier headed to the region ahead of schedule. The USS John Stennis and its strike group will set forth shortly for the Middle East, a deployment ordered four months ahead of time to minimize the gap in which the United States has only one carrier in the region.

Exclusive Truthout Interview: Sioux Spiritual Leader Speaks Out on Land Sale at Sacred Site - The sacred lands of the Lakota are up for sale - again. A grassroots effort led by the Oceti Sakowin, or Great Sioux Nation, is underway to get them back. On August 25 at 10 AM, nearly 2,000 acres of land, known as Pe' Sla to the Lakota people and situated in the Black Hills of South Dakota, will be put up for public auction and sold to the highest bidder. The state of South Dakota has expressed interest in using eminent domain to pave one of the roads that runs through it.

U.S. Census Bureau helped racially target thousands of American citizens for armed government kidnappings, camp internments
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Census Bureau claims you are required by law to reveal your race on their (coercive) questionnaire, and Census Bureau workers can get ridiculously adamant about stalking you until you agree to fill out such forms. What they don't tell you is that the data you voluntarily provide the Census Bureau may be used to target you and your entire family for armed government kidnappings and involuntary relocation to a concentration camp where you are forced into slave labor.

Ryan Adviser Calls On Congress To Authorize War With Iran - Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) isn’t exactly the most sophisticated observer of international politics. As such, he was treated to a crash course in foreign policy by the Romney campaign prior to his selection as the GOP Vice Presidential nominee. Now, one of Ryan’s key advisers during that briefing period is calling for congressional authorization for war with Iran.

Justice Dept. Opens Civil Rights Unit in Alabama to Monitor Immigration
Birmingham News - The unit, composed of more than a half dozen prosecutors in her office, will tackle a variety of criminal civil rights cases, ranging from hate crimes and excessive force by police allegations, to human trafficking, Vance said. The unit also has civil and appellate attorneys to focus on civil actions such as environmental justice, Americans with disabilities cases, fair lending and employment rights for returning veterans.

California to Grant Driver's Licenses to 400,000 Illegals - California is on the verge of allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to receive driver's licenses for the first time in nearly two decades. The key question is how to do it. The issue of granting driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants has raged in the Legislature for much of the past decade, without resolution, but fighting is largely moot now due to a new federal policy.

Lawless National Security Letters
Activist Post - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) calls NSLs "one of the most frightening and invasive" police state laws. The FBI's abuse of power already is legendary. It has operated extrajudicially for decades. It does so with impunity. Giving them more powers compounds America's total surveillance society.

VIDEO: Jesse Ventura's TV Episode - Police State - Banned By The Networks
This episode, Police State, is the only episode of Governor Jesse Ventura's show that TruTV would not air. Did Jesse Ventura get too close to the truth?

Man Kicked Off Flight Over Anti-TSA Shirt
Paul Joseph Watson - A man and his wife were treated as potential terrorists and kicked off a Delta Airlines flight over a satirical T-shirt because it made passengers and employees feel “very uncomfortable”.

TSA Rifles Through Bags, Conducts Pat Downs At Paul Ryan Event
Steve Watson - For some time we have been warning that the TSA is systematically moving beyond the nation’s airports and conducting operations on the streets of America. The latest example of this kind of activity occurred at an event organized by Mitt Romney’s GOP running mate Paul Ryan this past weekend in The Villages, Florida. The Shark Tank blog reports that TSA officers showed up alongside Secret Service and the local Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, and proceeded to do what they do like no one else does.

VIDEO: California Woman Shot in Her Own Backyard by a Cop
Adan Salazar - 36-year-old Jennifer Orey was in her backyard this past Sunday night when she bumped into a “person holding a flashlight.” The next thing she knew she was leveled to the ground after being shot at point blank range, asking a police officer, “Why did you shoot me?” Police were allegedly searching for a masked man after receiving a 9-1-1 call about a prowler wearing a ski-mask. They went into Orey’s backyard where she bumped into one of them, “startling” the officer who shot her.

2012 Election News

Delegates Must Indicate Their Candidate One Hour Before the Vote
Daily Paul - The games have started already. John Ryder, committeeman from Tennessee, tried to change the threshold to nominate Paul from 5 states to 10. Morton Blackwell, committeeman from Virginia opposed the change and "Ryder agreed to change the number back to five states, but the amendment passed with one change intact: DELEGATES MUST INDICATE IN WRITING AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE THE VOTE WHO THEY INTEND TO NOMINATE" Anyone who wants to vote for Paul should prepare their votes NOW!

Maine Only Holdout in GOP Negotiations to Seat Ron Paul Delegates
Daily Paul - Maine is the last state whose delegates to the Republican National Convention next week are still unsure whether they’ll be seated in support of conservative Texas Rep. Ron Paul. At issue are 20 of Maine’s 24 delegates to the national GOP convention, which kicks off Sunday in Tampa, Fla.

VIDEO: Judge warns of ‘civil war’ if Obama is re-elected
Press TV - A Texas leader is warning of what he calls a ‘civil war’ and possible invasion of United Nations troops if President Barack Obama is re-elected.... In the event of civil unrest Judge Head said he’s concerned the President would hand over sovereignty of the United States to the U.N. and that the American public would react violently.

Minnesota Delegates Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention - Minnesota’s delegation to the Republican National Convention will not back Mitt Romney when the party gathers in Tampa next week. Instead, 32 of the state’s 40 nominating votes will be cast for Ron Paul during the roll call of states, according to Marianne Stebbins—chair of the delegation.


VIDEO: Lawyer James Koutoulas Tells Rick Santelli: 'We Plan To Pursue Criminal Charges Against Jon Corzine In All 50 States'
Daily Bail - Koutoulas ups the ante in his battle against Eric Holder and Jon Corzine. Lawyer James Koutoulas with Rick Santelli on CNBC yesterday.

More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The Government
The Economic Collapse - A very large segment of the population has figured out that it can use voting as a tool to get more money and benefits from the government, and that is a very dangerous thing.

Report: Nearly One In Five Americans Have No Money to Put Food on the Table - WAccording to the new survey, nearly one in five Americans report that there has been at least one time in the last 12 months when they did not have enough money to buy the food they or their families needed. In some parts of the country it’s even worse. In 15 states, at least one in five Americans say they struggled to afford the food they needed at least once during the past 12 months. Nationwide, 18.2% of Americans so far in 2012 say there have been times when they could not afford the food they needed, on par with the 18.6% who had trouble affording food in 2011.

Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows
Washington Times - The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two MSNBC cable shows, records show. The commercials ran on MSNBC on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann in 2009, but the contract didn’t report any jobs created, according to records reviewed recently by The Washington Times.

Veteran News

Oath Keepers to Rally in Support of Marine Veteran Brandon Raub, Victim of Soviet Style Pre-crime Detention
Oath Keepers is coming to the aid of this young Marine veteran and our rallying cry will be “CHARGE HIM, OR RELEASE HIM.” We cannot allow “mental illness” designations to be used as a weapon against political dissidents in America.

YouTube: Ben Swann Reality Check: U.S. Marine Held In A Mental Hospital Against His Will Because Of Facebook Posts
Aug 22, 2012 - Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at the case of U.S. Marine Brandon Raub who is being held in a mental hospital in Virginia over Facebook posts.

Government Hypes White Supremacist “Racial Holy War” in Effort to Demonize Veterans
Kurt Nimmo - Despite a lack of evidence, the establishment media claims white supremacists, skinheads and neo-Nazis are joining to U.S. military and preparing for a “racial holy war.” Reuters reports that racist groups are actively encouraging members to enlist and receive military training to overthrow the “Zionist Occupation Government,” a term invented by the Order, a racist organization created by the National Alliance, a group controlled by the FBI.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy protesters to demonstrate at conventions
Press TV - Occupy Wall Street activists are preparing to travel to Tampa and Charlotte for the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions. The group is planning to charter busloads of protesters south as part of demonstrations beginning in Tampa on August 27.

Housing Market

FDIC Sues Banks for $2.1 Billion - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (:FDIC) has filed three separate lawsuits against major banks over the alleged sale of $5.4 billion worth of risky mortgage-backed securities (:MBS) to the failed Guaranty Bank. The FDIC, in aggregate, is seeking more than $2.14 billion in damages from various units of the banks.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: @4,000-acre Ponderosa fire threatening 200 homes
LA Times - A massive wildfire in a remote Northern California area was 50% contained Wednesday after destroying at least 50 structures and continued to threaten at least 200 homes, officials said. The Ponderosa fire grew to 24,324 acres overnight and was burning toward the east and northeast, said Mary Ann Aldrich of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Fraud pollutes BP compensation fund for Gulf spill victims - Not a single drop of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico touched the landlocked city of Homestead, Fla., or the Keys peninsula to the south. But a Homestead businessman saw the April 2010 oil rig explosion and subsequent environmental disaster as an opportunity to cash in, authorities say. Jean Mari Lindor filed about $15 million in BP damage claims for himself and others for wages purportedly lost due to the spill's economic hit on the region's tourism and fishing industry.


Do you have adrenal fatigue? Learn how to shed pounds and regain your energy naturally
(NaturalNews) What do you do when you hit that wall in the middle of the afternoon and your snooze factor increases by a thousand percent? Do you grab some chocolate? A sugary or energy drink? Coffee?

Gently detox with 4 superfoods to remove toxins from chem trails, heavy metals, noxious chemicals, pesticides, drugs, GMO by-products
(NaturalNews) Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from Teflon, vaccines, pesticide residues, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation, and even by-products from GMO foods. There are numerous detoxing agents and methods available -- some more costly than others -- and some producing very intense experiences with potentially dangerous side effects.

Eliminate and avoid mosquitoes naturally without dangerous pesticides and commercial repellents
(NaturalNews) Summertime is prime time for mosquitoes and this year appears to be a banner year for the annoying and potentially dangerous disease-carrying, blood-sucking pests. The good news is that mosquitoes can be eliminated and avoided naturally.... Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is considered to be one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents, providing comparable protection to low concentrations of the toxic mosquito repellent DEET. Other effective mosquito repelling oils include...

Smart ways to prevent and reverse osteoporosis and tooth decay
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) Two of the best methods to help prevent and reverse osteoporosis and tooth decay are sea salt swishing and oil pulling along with taking an herb called Horsetail (Equisetum arvense). Horsetail contains seven percent silica per 35 mg of herb. The swishing and oil pulling helps to remove germs and bacteria from the teeth, while horsetail will begin to rebuild your teeth and bones from the inside.

A warning to all psychiatric drug users
(NaturalNews) Antidepressants are the most prescribed (often overprescribed) medication in the United States. But, contrary to popular belief - taking Zoloft, Prozac and Lexapro (to name a few) can be very dangerous to your health. These selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) can cause physical pain, involuntary movement, sexual dysfunction and life-threatening drug interactions. Clearly, most people have NOT been told the entire story.

A Parent's Guide: What to do if your child dies after vaccination
Activist Post - Vaccine-related deaths are considered such a rare event medical personnel/coroners receive no training to help them recognize telltale signs/symptoms, leaving survivors forever questioning the unexplained death of their child. This is not acceptable. The SaneVax Team is pleased to announce the pending publication of "A Parents’ Guide: What to do if your child dies after vaccination"

The New West Nile Virus Epidemic...Bioterrorism Or Mother Nature? - New Emerging Diseases; Accident of Nature or man-made illnesses? In the 1970s it was thought that many infectious diseases had been banished from the industrialized world. But, remarkably, over the last four decades more than 30 new "emerging infectious diseases" have appeared in various places. Some of the better-known diseases include AIDS, Legionnaire's disease, toxic shock syndrome, Lyme disease, hepatitis C, "mad cow disease,” hanta virus, various new encephalitis and hemorrhagic viruses, Lassa fever, and Ebola virus.

The Great Organic Deceivers
ANH - Which organic brands really believe in organic—and which are working behind the scenes to betray natural health consumers? It’s time for a boycott. Action Alert! Many natural and organic brands are actually owned by huge conglomerates that don’t support sustainable, organic, non-GMO, non-toxic agriculture.... Even worse, many of the conglomerate companies that produce so-called natural foods—and even some labeled “organic”—are allied with the biotech industry fighting by any means to defeat “Label GMO,” a.k.a. Prop 37, the California Right to Know 2012 Ballot Initiative.

Science & Technology

Plan X: DARPA’s new project seeks to make cyberwarfare a routine part of U.S. military operations
Activist Post - The push for even more sophisticated cyberwarfare capabilities has increased considerably in recent history with the creation of the program known as “Cyber Fast Track” which is designed to get money awarded to “non-traditional players” (meaning hackers, small companies, etc.) in an average of seven days. DARPA seeks to create tools for the military planners that allow them to rapidly launch cyberattacks and discover “ways to assess the damage caused by a new piece of friendly military malware before it’s unleashed,” according to Danger Room.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

5 Amazing All-American Native Fruit Trees
Organic Gardening - Scattered throughout the woodlands of North America are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered—pawpaws, mulberries, and persimmons. These tasty fruits grow on beautiful, native American trees that practically take care of themselves. What could be better for an organic garden?

Pet News

Report of Nails in Merrick Dog Food
Susan Thixton - A pet owner contacted when he received no response from Petco or Merrick after finding many small nails in Merrick Dog Food. Merrick has since contacted the pet owner. Here's the story.

AUDIO: New Policies Against The Feeding Of Raw Meat Pet Food
August 22, 2012 - Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by special guest, Susan Thixton, Founder of Truth About Pet Food. The AVMA and AAHA (American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association) have new policies against the feeding of raw meat pet food.

Humor & Satire

Major Storm Heading to Tampa - Hurricane Paul!
Hurricane Paul heading for Tampa Sunday. This storm is very strong and organized. Can we all say Hurricane Party!

Today in History - Wednesday - August 22, 2012
1762 - Ann Franklin became the editor of the Mercury of Newport in Rhode Island. She was the first female editor of an American newspaper.
1770 - Australia was claimed under the British crown when Captain James Cook landed there.
1775 - The American colonies were proclaimed to be in a state of open rebellion by England's King George III.
1846 - The U.S. annexed New Mexico.
1902 - In Hartford, CT, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president of the United States to ride in an automobile.
1906 - The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ began to manufacture the Victrola. The hand-cranked unit, with horn cabinet, sold for $200.
1910 - Japan formally annexed Korea.
1911 - Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris. The painting reappeared two years later in Italy.
1932 - The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) began its first TV broadcast in England.
1941 - Nazi troops reached the outskirts of Leningrad during World War II.
1951 - 75,052 people watched the Harlem Globetrotters perform. It was the largest crowd to see a basketball game.
1968 - Pope Paul VI arrived in Bogota, Colombia, for the start of the first papal visit to Latin America.
1972 - Due to its racial policies, Rhodesia was asked to withdraw from the 20th Olympic Summer Games.
1973 - Henry Kissinger was named Secretary of State by U.S. President Nixon. Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.
1984 - The last Volkswagen Rabbit rolled off the assembly line in New Stanton, PA.
1986 - Kerr-McGee Corp. agreed to pay the estate of the late Karen Silkwood $1.38 million to settle a 10-year-old nuclear contamination lawsuit.
1990 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush signed an order for calling reservists to aid in the build up of troops in the Persian Gulf.
1990 - The U.S. State Department announced that the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait would not be closed under President Saddam Hussein's demand.
1991 - It was announced by Yugoslavia that a truce ordered on August 7th with Croatia had collapsed.
1991 - Mikhail S. Gorbachev returned to Moscow after the collapse of the hard-liners' coup. On the same day he purged the men that had tried to oust him.
1992 - In Rostock, Germany, neo-Nazi violence broke out against foreigners.
1996 - U.S. President Clinton signed legislation that ended guaranteed cash payments to the poor and demanded work from recipients.

World News

Syria army kills large number of insurgents in Hama suburb
Press TV - The development came a day after Syrian troops regained control of more areas in Aleppo from foreign-backed insurgents. Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Damascus says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the behind the unrest while the opposition accuses the security forces of killing protesters.

Four killed, scores wounded in Tripoli
Press TV - Two people were killed in Tripoli’s district of Bab al-Tebbaneh and the other two died in the city’s Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Ten soldiers and 23 civilians were wounded in the clashes that broke out on Monday and continued intointo the night and spilled over to the Zahryeh district and its surroundings.

Economic collapse fears lead Govts. to remove civilian protections from military
Examiner - On Aug. 17, Germany became the latest country to remove longstanding protections for civilian populations from military intervention in domestic conflicts. In a new court ruling, which repealed laws created out of the Nazi era in Germany, the government can now use the military against citizens in extreme cases, joining the U.S. and other nation states who have removed the dividing line between civilian and military policing.

One million Indian bank employees strike against reforms
RT - About one million Indian bank employees have started a two-day strike, protesting against reforms that would allow more private capital into the financial sector.... The largest lender the State Bank of India was forced to halt trading in onshore spot foreign exchange markets. It comes as a blow to the economy that faces its worst slowdown in almost a decade. The strike comes a day ahead of an expected parliamentary approval of some changes in rules that would allow bigger role for investors in banks.

Russia warns West after Obama Syria threats
Aljazeera - Russia warned the West on Tuesday against unilateral action on Syria, a day after US president Barack Obama threatened "enormous consequences" if his Syrian counterpart used chemical or biological arms or even moved them in a menacing way. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking after meeting China's top diplomat, said Moscow and Beijing were committed to "the need to strictly adhere to the norms of international law...and not to allow their violation."

VIDEO: 'West’s chemical weapons talk just pretext for intervention’ - Syrian Deputy PM Jamil
RT - "The West is looking for an excuse for direct intervention. If this excuse does not work, it will look for another excuse,” said Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil speaking to journalists after meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.... Jamil warned against military action in Syria saying that it is “impossible” because it would turn the conflict into a regional one, stating "Those who are contemplating this evidently want to see the crisis expand beyond Syria's borders."

Syrian Army seizes arms cache in Aleppo
Press TV - The Syrian Army has seized an arms cache in the northern city of Aleppo as clashes continue between insurgents and government troops in the country’s largest city.... On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said increasing evidence on the ground shows Syrian insurgents are receiving “massive” amounts of Western-made arms through third countries. Damascus has been blaming Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar for funding the insurgents and supplying them with weapons.

US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan – and the west stays silent
Guardian - The US government has long maintained, reasonably enough, that a defining tactic of terrorism is to launch a follow-up attack aimed at those who go to the scene of the original attack to rescue the wounded and remove the dead. Morally, such methods have also been widely condemned by the west as a hallmark of savagery. Yet, as was demonstrated yet again this weekend in Pakistan, this has become one of the favorite tactics of the very same US government.

Americans tune out Afghan war as fighting rages on
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - It was once President Barack Obama's "war of necessity." Now, it's America's forgotten war. The Afghan conflict generates barely a whisper on the U.S. presidential campaign trail. It's not a hot topic at the office water cooler or in the halls of Congress - even though more than 80,000 American troops are still fighting here and dying at a rate of one a day.

Gold Buyers Prosper in Crisis-Hit Italy
Reuters - In a country suffering from economic crisis, buying gold off desperate people has become one of the few boom industries. City centres are being transformed as traditional shops go out of business, their signs replaced by ones that announce “Compro Oro”, or “I Buy Gold”.... “Business is very good, you can really feel the crisis,” said 30 year-old Alexia Messi, who works in Oro Change on Via Medaglie D’Oro in northern Rome. It opened its first branch five years ago and now has seven outlets in Rome.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Violent Black Panthers Activist Turned Out To Be FBI Informant
Alexander Higgins - Richard Aoki was a militant activist and armed the Black Panthers, but turned out to be an FBI informant at the very same time. This information was made public after an investigation by Seth Rosenfield revealed FOIA documents that verify these claims by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Aoki committed suicide in 2009, but today many questions remain, such as to what extent did the FBI know the man was arming the Black Panthers? Trevor Aaronson, author of the “Terror Factory,” discusses the slippery slope between the FBI creating criminals and catching them.

After-Birth Abortion: Eugenicists Say Babies are a Parasitic Burden on Society
Intel Hub - According to Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, “after-birth abortion” is proposed as a form of “contraception” that would allow babies to be killed after they are born. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics: “[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. … [W]e propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus … rather than to that of a child.

Local governments using new mobile speed cameras that resemble mailboxes Washington, DC - Local governments are availing themselves of new mobile speed cameras that resemble mailboxes as effective and profitable ways to slow drivers down.... Prince George's County expects to bring in $8 million in 2012, with a whopping $28 million in 2013. Montgomery County recently doubled its mobile cameras and forecasts bringing in $12 million from fines in 2012.

Government Documents Prove Domestic Drones Are For Spying On Americans
Steve Watson - The documents, from the Federal Aviation Administration, were recently made public by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Among the documents are never-before-released Special Airworthiness Certificates (SACs) detailing which private companies have been granted permission to operate drones in US skies. The EFF notes that the vast majority of drones are being used purely for surveillance purposes.

VIDEO: Parents Fear Cafeteria palm scanners will implant ‘Mark of the Beast’ on children’s hands
Daily Mail - A Louisiana public school’s decision to purchase palm scanners to speed up lunch lines and payments has been met with religious opposition. Mother Mamie Sonnier said that she will not allow her children to participate in the scanner payment program, alleging that the technology would imprint the mark of the beast, or 666, on their hands.

Immigrants protest ‘illegal’ label
Newsday - A small group of immigrants gathered in Woodbury Monday to protest the use of the word “illegal” to describe those who have entered the United States without documentation. “By saying illegal, they’re assuming that we broke a criminal law,” said Jackeline Saavedra, 27, of Bay Shore, a Touro Law Center student who identified herself as undocumented. “Not everybody enters illegally.” Coordinators said they prefer the phrase “undocumented immigrant.”

Christianity & gun owners in the crosshairs: Chilling tactic exposed - If you are an outspoken Christian in America, you need to be concerned. If you are an outspoken Christian in America who happens to be a gun owner, you need to be very concerned. And if you are a Christian gun owner who disagrees with the Progressive anti-Christian agenda in America and have a platform to inform others, you better believe that you are under intense scrutiny. Sound like paranoid propaganda? Read on.

2012 Election News

Ron Paul Campaign Strikes Deal with RNC to Seat Delegates - The compromise settled a dispute over delegates from Louisiana. "Paul will be awarded 17 of the state's 46 delegates in the compromise," Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton told ABC News in an email. "The rest of the state's delegates are expected to support Mitt Romney, the party's presumptive nominee." In addition, the RNC will seat an additional Paul delegate from Massachusetts.

Pre-Crime Cameras For RNC In Tampa
Paul Joseph Watson - The Tampa Police Department will deploy dozens of ‘behavior recognition’ surveillance cameras at the Republican National Convention later this month, with the cameras remaining in place and more being added after the event finishes. “The police department in Tampa, FL, is deploying behavioral recognition software from BRS Labs on dozens of the video cameras that will provide round-the-clock surveillance at many of the venues where the GOP national convention will take place August 27-30,” reports Government Security News.

Isaac May Impact 2012 Republican National Convention
AccuWeather - As delegates and the media gather for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Aug. 27-30, an unwanted visitor, "Isaac," may join in. Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to become a hurricane later this week as it moves west-northwestward, touring the northern Caribbean with squalls of heavy rain, gusty winds and rough seas.

VIDEO: Worcester Police Gang Invade Liberty Love Fest II - Police officers decided they wanted to mess around with the people at Liberty Live Fest II.... Despite the cops closing us down we the organizers were able to secure a free place in Holliston massachusetts to continue our event.

GOP Consultant: Koch Brothers Bought Ryan’s Nomination With $100 Million Promise
National Memo - According to Stone, the billionaire Koch brothers purchased the Republican vice presidential nomination for Ryan from Romney in late July by promising to fork over an additional $100 million toward “independent expenditure” campaigning for the GOP ticket. Any such transaction would represent a serious violation of federal election laws and perhaps other statutes, aside from the ethical and character implications for all concerned. Although Stone is not the most reputable figure, to put it mildly, he has been a Republican insider, with access to the party’s top figures, over four decades


Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson And George Soros Are All Betting That Financial Disaster Is Coming
The Economic Collapse - Are you willing to bet against three of the wealthiest men in the entire world? Jacob Rothschild recently bet approximately 200 million dollars that the euro will go down. Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson made somewhere around 20 billion dollars betting against the U.S. housing market during the last financial crisis, and now he has made huge bets that the euro will go down and that the price of gold will go up. And as I wrote about in my last article, George Soros put approximately 130 million more dollars into gold last quarter.

US corn, soy prices hit records as drought lingers
AFP - US corn and soybean prices closed at new record highs Tuesday as a new survey showed worse-than-expected crop damage from a brutal drought across the country's central breadbasket. The price of corn jumped 1.7 percent to $8.3875 a bushel, while soybeans finished at $17.3025 a bushel, up 2.8 percent from Tuesday. That left the corn price up 68 percent from June and soybeans 39 percent higher.

Veteran News

YouTube: Kidnapped Marine vet Brandon Raub speaks out from psych ward
Published on Aug 20, 2012 by Adam Kokesh.

YouTube: Marine who served with kidnapped Brandon Raub testifies to his sanity
Recorded on August 20, 2012 at John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, VA.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

TrapWire tied to anti-Occupy Internet-spy program
RT - In only the latest installment of the quickly snowballing TrapWire saga, a company that shares several of the same board members as the secret spy system has been linked to a program called Tartan, which aims to track down alleged anarchists by specifically singling out Occupy Wall Street protesters and the publically funded media — all with the aid of federal agents.

Energy & Environment

YouTube: UPDATE -- NEW Bubbles form near Bayou Corne Louisiana / Grand Bayou
Published on Aug 21, 2012 by dutchsinse. Link to the story here.

Geoengineering clouds to slow global warming
Homeland Security Newswire - Researchers are taking a second look at the possibility of using futuristic ships to shoot salt water high into the sky over the oceans, creating clouds that reflect sunlight and thus counter global warming; The theory behind idea, called “marine cloud brightening,” is that adding particles, in this case sea salt, to the sky over the ocean would form large, long-living clouds.


Use these tips to detox after exposure to aerial or ground sprayed pesticides
(NaturalNews) If you live in an area which is being blanketed with aerial or ground spraying of pesticides for mosquitoes, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid exposure. However, there is plenty you can do to help get the pesticides out of your body and offset their effects.

Anemia Drug Made Billions, But at What Cost?
Dr. Mercola - Three anemia drugs -- Epogen, Procrit and Aranesp -- have been among the best-selling prescription drugs in the United States for years, generating more than $8 billion a year for their makers, Amgen and Johnson & Johnson. But now, after millions of people have taken these drugs, it’s come out that the benefits were “wildly overstated, and potentially lethal side effects, such as cancer and strokes, were overlooked.” Worse still, the Washington Post has uncovered a series of unsettling events that show just how far drug makers were willing to go to get rich …

Deadly Teflon chemical - Decades of cover-ups
(NaturalNews) It's in your cookware, your clothing, furniture, carpets, popcorn bags and even in your food! It's perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and it remains indefinitely in the environment and even gets stuck in your body. PFOA is a toxicant and known carcinogen that has been detected in the blood of more than 98% of the US population. Exposure to this chemical has been associated with increased cholesterol, uric acid levels, preeclampsia, heart disease, liver damage, thyroid trouble, neurological disorders, chronic kidney disease and kidney cancer.

Health safety advocates want melon farm identified
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Advocacy groups said people have a right to know the farm's name and the details of its cantaloupe distribution network so they can protect their families from the outbreak that's killed two Kentucky residents and stricken at least 140 others, including about 30 who have been hospitalized. Barbara Kowalcyk, chief executive officer of the Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention, said health officials usually are careful not to point fingers early in investigations of foodborne illnesses because they don't want to hurt farms, food manufacturers or others who may later turn out to have no role in an outbreak.

Online farmers' market Etsy accuses grandmother soap makers of selling 'illegal drugs,' launches snitch program
(NaturalNews) The seemingly coordinated assault on your right to purchase and utilize all-natural products is ongoing, this time involving a pair of grandmothers who have, unbelievably, been accused of being drug dealers.

VIDEO: US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google
BBC - Jack Andraka has created a pancreatic cancer test that is 168 times faster and considerably cheaper than the gold standard in the field. He has applied for a patent for his test and is now carrying out further research at Johns Hopkins University in the US city of Baltimore. And he did it by using Google. The Maryland native, who won $75,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May for his creation, cites search engines and free online science papers as the tools that allowed him to create the test.

Male Fertility May Be in Trouble: Testosterone and Sperm Counts Plummet
ANH - Testosterone deficiency is a serious health issue. It can lead to loss of stamina and lean muscle mass, reduced libido in both men and women, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. Growing research also suggests low testosterone levels might be linked to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. Many of the herbicides and pesticides used in conventional farming are “environmental estrogens.” This means that their molecules mimic the activity of the human hormone estrogen, too much of which is not good for men or women; it also affects testosterone levels. Now GMO crops have likely exacerbated this problem.

Cracking Up: Debunking the "Eggs as Bad as Cigarettes" Myth
Natural Society - Non-organic eggs can contain the same antibiotics, chemicals, and hormones administered to conventional chickens. Add GMO feed, polluted water, and unsanitary living conditions to these chickens, and you may have eggs that are little more than hard-shelled pellets of poison. Organic eggs from healthy chickens on GMO-free feed have actually shown in many studies to prevent heart disease. They contain healthful amounts of protein, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and many nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, which reduce risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a major cause of blindness.

Science & Technology

The beginning of the end for Facebook? PayPal billionaire who was its first investor sells most of his shares worth $1 BILLION
Daily Mail - PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel, one of Facebook's earliest investors and a member of its board, was among the insiders selling stock in the social network after a lockup expired last week, it has emerged.

Stop AT&T’s Latest Attack on Net Neutrality
The Trenches - The telecom giant just announced it is crippling the FaceTime video calling app on its customers’ iPhones unless they subscribe to a more expensive text-and-voice plan.1 That’s right — AT&T will block one of the iPhone’s best features unless users pay more money for less data and unlimited voice minutes, none of which they need to use FaceTime.

VIDEO: Anonymous releases how-to instructions on fooling facial recognition
RT - Here’s a predicament: you don’t want the government using high-tech face scanning technology to track every inch of your walk to the post office, but you also don’t want to take a sledgehammer to your neighborhood surveillance camera. What do you do?

U.S. testing "talking" cars to avoid crashes, congestion
Reuters - Over the next year, U.S. officials and the University of Michigan will fit nearly 3,000 cars, trucks and buses with wireless devices that track other vehicles' speed and location, alert drivers to congestion or change a traffic light to green.... The results of the experiment will help the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decide if the technology should be mandatory. A decision on such a rule would not be made until the test ends in August 2013, LaHood added.

Today in History - Tuesday - August 21, 2012
1831 - Nat Turner, a former slave, led a violent insurrection in Virginia. He was later executed.
1841 - A patent for venetian blinds was issued to John Hampton.
1878 - The American Bar Association was formed by a group of lawyers, judges and law professors in Saratoga, NY.
1888 - The adding machine was patented by William Burroughs.
1912 - Arthur R. Eldred became the first American boy to become an Eagle Scout. It is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America.
1923 - In Kalamazoo, Michigan, an ordinance was passed forbidding dancers from gazing into the eyes of their partner.
1943 - Japan evacuated the Aleutian island of Kiaska. Kiaska had been the last North American foothold held by the Japanese.
1945 - U.S. President Truman ended the Lend-Lease program that had shipped about $50 billion in aid to America's Allies during World War II.
1959 - Hawaii became the 50th state. U.S. President Eisenhower also issued the order for the 50 star flag.
1963 - In South Vietnam, martial law was declared. Army troops and police began to crackdown on the Buddhist anti-government protesters.
1989 - Voyager 2, a U.S. space probe, got close to the Neptune moon called Triton.
1991 - The hard-line coup against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended. The uprising that led to the collapse was led by Russian federation President Boris Yeltsin.
1993 - NASA lost contact with the Mars Observer spacecraft. The fate of the spacecraft was unknown. The mission cost $980 million.
1994 - Ernesto Zedillo won the Mexican presidential election.
1996 - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was signed by U.S. President Clinton. The act made it easier to obtain and keep health insurance.
1997 - Hudson Foods Inc. closed a plant in Nebraska after it had recalled 25 million pounds of ground beef that was potentially contaminated with E. coli 01557:H7. It was the largest food recall in U.S. history.
1997 - Afghanistan suspended its embassy operations in the United States.
2002 - In Pakistan, President General Pervez Musharraf unilaterally amended the Pakistani constitution. He extended his term in office and granted himself powers that included the right to dissolve parliament.
2003 - In Ghana, businessman Gyude Bryant was selected to oversee the two-year power-sharing accord between Liberia's rebels and the government. The accord was planned to guide the country out of 14 years of civil war.

World News

Obama threatens to attack Syria
RT - US President Barack Obama has a stern warning for the country of Syria. In an address made early Monday, the commander-in-chief confirmed that he has not ruled out an offensive strike on Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Speaking from the White House, President Obama said that if Syria were to deploy chemical or biological weapons, the United States will follow through with its threat of launching an attack. Responding to a question about America’s current attitudes towards Assad, Obama said that the United States will not tolerate any efforts to allow Syria or any other countries to use weapons of mass destruction.

Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10 - The TV station’s military reporter Alon Ben-David, who earlier this year was given extensive access to the Israel Air Force as it trained for a possible attack, reported that, since upgraded sanctions against Iran have failed to force a suspension of the Iranian nuclear program in the past two months, “from the prime minister’s point of view, the time for action is getting ever closer.”

Sinai military build-up: Egypt to deploy tanks and aircraft to tackle Islamist militants
RT - Egypt is set to put tanks and aircraft on duty in Sinai for the first time since its 1973 war with Israel in a bid to tighten security in the region. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv has installed its Iron Dome anti-rocket system near the Egyptian border. The plan was first voiced by President Morsi after an August 5 attack blamed on Islamist militants that killed 16 Egyptian border guards. It was then finalized by Egypt’s newly appointed Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as he made his first official visit to Sinai Monday.

Gaddafi’s son faces hanging if found guilty
Telegraph - The son of the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi will be charged with urging supporters to kill demonstrators and revolutionaries during last year's uprising, and he faces execution by hanging if he is found guilty.

YouTube: 'West wants Libyan oil, country set for ruin like Iraq and Afghanistan'
RT - 32 people have been arrested in Libya in connection with recent bomb attacks in the capital. All those detained are said to belong to a network of loyalists of the country's former leader Muammar Gaddafi and have reportedly been receiving financial backing from abroad. RT talks to political analyst and Middle East consultant Peter Eyre.

US Drone Attacks Leave 21 Civilians Dead In Pakistan In Under 48 Hours
Press TV - Pakistani officials told Press TV that nine people were killed after a US drone fired four missiles at two vehicles in Mana area of Shawal district in North Waziristan on Sunday morning. This is while on Saturday twelve people lost their lives when a US drone targeted a building in the same troubled region. Washington claims its drone strikes target militants, although casualty figures clearly indicate that Pakistani civilians are the main victims of the assaults.

Lord Rothschild Betting On Euro Collapse?
Paul Joseph Watson - If the actions of Lord Jacob Rothschild are anything to go by, the long predicted collapse of the Euro may not be far away, with the banking titan placing a $200 million dollar bet against the troubled single currency. “Lord Rothschild, an elder member of the dynastic Rothschild banking family, has taken the position against the euro through RIT Capital Partners, the 1.9 billion pound investment trust of which he is executive chairman,” reports CNBC.

Banks to use Libor parliamentary probe to push for end of free accounts
Daily Mail - Banks are plotting to use a parliamentary inquiry into their bad behaviour as a way of imposing account fees on customers. MPs and peers on a commission set up to examine the recent Libor scandal will be approached by financial institutions this week which will argue in favour of introducing current account charges. Several banks are expected to make the case that ‘free’ accounts were partly to blame for reckless actions by lenders and scandals such as the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.

China claims US clean-energy violates WTO rules
RT - On Monday China's Commerce Ministry named six renewable-energy projects in the US which received such subsidies, among them a solar-power venture in Massachusetts and a wind-power venture in Ohio, as well as in Washington State, New Jersey and California. The investigation was carried out on behalf of Chinese exporters and renewable energy companies. China is calling on the U.S. to cancel practices not in line with WTO rules. It wants the US to "give Chinese renewable energy products a fair treatment," the ministry said on its website.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US adopts Al-Qaeda's tactic of secondary attacks for drone strikes
RT - The US has been carrying out follow-up attacks after its drone strikes in Pakistan, specifically targeting people coming to the aid of the wounded. The tactic has been widely condemned, including by the UN – which considers it a war crime. A Guardian report by Glenn Greenwald shows the US government's hypocrisy regarding such tactics. While the FBI has warned that “terrorists may use secondary explosive devices to kill and injure emergency personnel responding to an initial attack,” the US regularly applies the same methods.

Georgia cops can ask for immigration papers
RT - A federal appeals court has ruled that law enforcement officers in Georgia can run checks to verify the citizenship of any persons suspected of a crime if they fail to provide identification themselves. The decision was handed down Monday afternoon by a three-judge panel presiding over the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. They reversed an earlier decision from a lower court that blocked a provision in the state’s 2011 immigration law that limited officers from doing as such.

VIDEO: Aurora Eyewitness: Alarm Announced “Murder In The Theater”
Paul Joseph Watson - Another bizarre piece of eyewitness testimony has emerged out of the Aurora massacre, with a woman claiming that an alarm was repeatedly played shortly after the shooting began announcing “murder in the theater”.

Self defense is a 'Divine Right' says Mike Adams in new video documentary
(NaturalNews) Our latest humanitarian project involves sharing educational information intended to help stop the next holocaust from ever happening. I've just completed two important educational videos entitled "The Divine Right of Self Defense" and "Gun Control is Genocide." These two videos approach the issue of citizen disarmament from a humanitarian point of view, discussing the historical results of citizen disarmament and how we can work together to save lives and prevent violence.

VIDEO: Homeless Man Killed By Cops, shot 46 times
CNN - Saginaw, Michigan (CNN) -- Three days before Independence Day, Milton Hall died in a fusillade of police gunfire outside a strip mall. He had been arguing with officers in a parking lot next to a shuttered Chinese restaurant when he was shot, in full view of passing motorists and while he was holding some sort of knife. Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas said later that the squad of police confronting him opened fire "because apparently, at this point in time, he was threatening to assault police."

VIDEO: Government and Media Turn Accused Cop Killers into Constitutionalist “Sovereign Citizens”
Kurt Nimmo - Prior the latest round of violence attributed to the so-called “sovereign citizen movement,” the FBI ramped up its propaganda campaign and declared that “extremists” opposed to the government pose a domestic terror threat and a danger to law enforcement. The FBI’s Counterterrorism Analysis Section produced a report in February stating that activists opposed to government authority and taxation pose a violent threat to law enforcement. The report specifically denotes constitutionalists as terrorists.

As Above, So Below: The Globalist Agenda Reflected in Local Politics Through 'Council of Governments'
Activist Post - The fact is that those individuals and committees implementing globally standardized guidelines and policies at the local level are not merely select groups who are willing recipients of Federal grants, but a wide ranging cadre of local politicians, bureaucrats, and wealthy businessmen who work together through a complex setup of organizations, groups, and councils.

Government Funded Bullet Trains Will Connect American Agenda 21 Megacities
Intel Hub - To boost infrastructure and build Agenda 21 high-speed rail systems (HSRS) across America, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated last week that $470 million in unspent funds are still available to states for such projects. In 2011, Obama called for these HSRS to be built in America within the next 25 years. In California, government funding for a HSRS across the Central Valley trades $4.5 in bonds for $3.2 billion in federal stimulus for a railway that links to transportation lines.

2012 Election News

Paul Attorney Threatens RNC, Romney Campaign
The Washington Times The lawyer for Ron Paul’s Oklahoma delegates to the Republican National Convention threatened Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee to withhold votes on Monday for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, according to the Oklahoma GOP chairman. The Paul attorney told the RNC’s Committee on Contests that unless it seated the Paul delegates instead of those elected by the Oklahoma GOP, Paul supporters across the country would withhold their votes from Mr. Romney.

RNC Parking, Road Closures, Protest Areas, Updates, RNC Hotline (866)762.8687
Daily Paul - Cyclops Technologies (NWO anyone?) is providing their software Plate Smart: License Plate Scanners to be used by Law Enforcement During RNC for ID checks, looking for suspended or revoked licenses or outstanding warrants, & Be On The Lookouts (BOLOs) Surely their info gathering & redistribution is unconstitutional, especially when they boast (their own accounts) a mere 90% accuracy rate.

The Sun Dome Rally Has Sold Out!
Daily Paul - We’re now less than one week away from Ron Paul’s “We are the Future” celebration at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida. All the events are shaping up, and it’s looking to be a very fun and exciting time.... The Sun Dome rally has sold out! But don’t worry. We have overflow room in the USF outdoor baseball stadium next door.

Jerusalem Post Reports Netanyahu Interference in US Elections
Veterans Today - A critical issue to Americans has been Romney’s recent visit to Israel where he met behind closed doors with diamond merchants tied to 70% of the world’s illegal “blood diamond” trade and is said to have accepted millions in illegal campaign donations. Romney met secretly with cash bearing delegations from Russia, London’s banking community and other groups, some American citizens but most not, all violations of American law.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/20/12
It's Time for a Truly Conservative Foreign Policy


Americans At Or Below 125% Of The Poverty Level
Zero Hedge - From AP: "the number of Americans with incomes at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level - the income limit for qualifying for legal aid - is expected to reach an all-time high of 66 million this year. A family of four earning 125 percent of the federal poverty level makes about $28,800 a year, government figures show."

No Horses, But Detroit Water Department Employs 'Horseshoer' - Yet even with a department so bloated that it has a horseshoer and no horses, the local union president said it is "not possible" to eliminate positions. Union rules have turned the department into a government jobs program, some critics say.

Veteran News

Attorney Statement on Brandon Raub; Raub to Be Detained Indefinitely - In a hearing held at the hospital, government officials disregarded Raub’s explanation that the Facebook posts were being interpreted out of context, sentencing him up to 30 days’ further confinement in a VA psych ward. In coming to Raub’s defense, Rutherford Institute attorneys are challenging Raub’s arrest and forcible detention, as well as the government’s overt Facebook surveillance and violation of Raub’s First Amendment rights.

NDAA guise or not: Brandon Raub was not “arrested.” KIDNAPPED then?
Daily Paul - I am telling you folks, they are trying to exert the NDAA (which means no official “arrest”…just a kidnapping). Brandon Raub [a former U.S. Marine] has been detained AGAINST HIS WILL in a Petersburg psych hospital. He has not been “arrested. Just kidnapped. Abducted.... If the NDAA has been used--and it appears that it has been--then after Federal Judge Kathleen Forrest's providing injunctive relief against the unconstitutional NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022, declaring them essentially illegal, then the US Government and the FBI and the Secret Service, are in criminal contempt of court.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

VIDEO: Former union boss at Occupy event: Our goal is to ‘overthrow the capitalist system and build communism’
Daily Caller - Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash, now an “Occupy” movement organizer, was caught on tape Sunday revealing his political goals: overthrowing capitalism in the United States and instituting a communist government. “Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization,” Golash said during an Occupy DC “People’s Assembly” on August 19.

Energy & Environment

Sinkhole spurs evacuations, lawsuits and an official resignation
Louisiana Weekly - Attorney Daniel Becnel Jr. in Reserve, who filed a class action suit on behalf of neighbors, said “the reason residents worry about radioactivity is because companies store radioactive material at the bottom of these caverns. All the companies around here inject pollution into deep-water wells, hoping it will never surface. Gas, however, has started bubbling up from this sinkhole.” Becnel’s class-action suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New Orleans on August 10, claims that Texas Brine knew the cavern’s walls were vulnerable as early as January of last year but didn’t warn the public. Related dutchsinse video here.


Spinach influences gene expression to cut colon cancer risk in half
(NaturalNews) Researchers from Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute have reported the result of their work in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research that demonstrates how spinach consumption neutralizes carcinogens in cooked foods to alter cancer stem cells and slash colon cancer risk.... In tests with laboratory animals, the leafy greens cut the incidence of colon tumors almost in half, from 58 percent to 32 percent.

The only way to completely heal breast cancer
(NaturalNews) Breast cancer must be looked at from an environmental and emotional perspective. So what makes cancer cells form and become so aggressive? The answer is found in the environment that the cells are raised in. If a person is laden with chemicals and toxins, if they are deficient in key vital nutrients, if they have had physical trauma or even worse, emotional trauma, all these factors press the button for normal cells to change into cancer cells.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Linked To Severe Liver Damage
Green Med Info - In a nine-year population study, Canadian researchers have determined that at least two fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics – commonly given to patients with respiratory infections, diarrhea, conjunctivitis and other infections — cause acute liver damage.... The researchers found that those patients given the moxifloxacin antibiotic had more than double the risk of acute liver injury, while those given levofloxacin had almost twice the risk of liver damage when compared to those taking clarithromycin. Moxifloxacin and levofloxacin are both fluoroquinolones.

Millions of children's lives are being doomed by unwarranted, off-label antipsychotic drug prescriptions
(NaturalNews) Often the drugs, which are now being prescribed for children as young as under one-year-old, are being prescribed for off-label uses other than what the FDA approved the drugs for.... A new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found an eight-fold increase in the growth of anti-psychotic treatment of children over a 17 year period.
 * Related Article/Audio: She Was 4 and She’s Dead by Psychiatry

VIDEO: This Is What We Are Facing
Natural Society - Your DNA is under consistent bombardment through not only the food you are eating, but by environmental factors that are literally ripping apart your DNA. Fragmenting your genetic blueprint, the ‘fingerprint’ of your humanity. It’s all been admitted in peer-reviewed research that is continually ignored by the mainstream medical establishment. In fact, major government groups backed by financial corporate interests are actually streamlining the very biology-crushing technology that is to blame for an explosive rate of disease across the nation.

Which Oil Will Help You Absorb Nutrients Better?
Dr. Mercola - A new animal study compared the effects of feeding coconut oil (a saturated fat) versus safflower oil (a polyunsaturated fat) on the absorption of carotenoids from tomatoes; coconut oil enhanced tissue uptake of tomato carotenoids to a greater degree than safflower oil. The benefit may be due to coconut oil’s medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are easily digested and have been linked to health benefits such as weight loss.

Veganism and B12 Deficiency: One Danger of Avoiding Meat
Natural Society - Why do vegans have such a tough time attaining enough Vitamin B12? The vitamin is most often found in animal products. It is crucial in the formation of red blood cells, brain function, and DNA synthesis. Without it, you could face a whole host of problems. And yet, it’s suspected that many vegans and vegetarians are deficient in this crucial vitamin. However, there are things that you can do to ensure you are getting enough of this water soluble vitamin.

Science & Technology

Upcoming iPhone 'appcessory' detects whether or not food is truly organic
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) The dramatic rise in demand for food that is untainted by pesticides and other unnatural chemicals begs the question, how can you really know for sure whether or not that "organic" peach or "biological" avocado is truly what it says it is? Well, an upcoming iPhone app-slash-accessory, or "appcessory," known as Lapka will soon be able to answer that question, as the visually-stunning "personal environment monitor" will be fully capable of differentiating between the real organic deal and the sneaky imposter.

YouTube: Privacy No More? TrapWire's all-seeing eye tracks your every move
RT - Recent reports published by WikiLeaks have revealed that the US government is using highly advanced spyware to watch its own citizens. The system, called TrapWire, allegedly accesses all surveillance cameras nationwide and sends collected data to a main database, where the images are stored. RT's Marina Portnaya reveals more about the mysterious software.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Desperate farmers turn to feeding their cattle candy loaded with corn syrup
(NaturalNews) Struggling with spiking corn prices (corn is a major ingredient in cattle feed) due to the drought's devastation on this year's corn crop, ranchers have found it increasingly expensive to feed cattle that aren't necessarily worth their weight, so to speak. So it's in that environment that one rancher has come up with a rather bizarre alternative.

Today in History - Monday - August 20, 2012
1741 - Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering discovered Alaska.
1866 - The National Labor Union in the U.S. advocated an eight-hour workday.
1866 - It was formally declared by U.S. President Andrew Johnson that the American Civil War was over. The fighting had stopped months earlier.
1914 - German forces occupied Brussels, Belgium, during World War I.
1918 - The British opened its Western Front offensive during World War I.
1940 - France fell to the Germans during World War II.
1953 - It was announced by the Soviet Union that they had detonated a hydrogen bomb.
1955 - In Morocco and Algeria hundreds of people were killed in anti-French rioting.
1955 - Col. Horace A. Hanes, a U.S. Air Force pilot, flew to an altitude of 40,000 feet. Hanes reached a speed of 822.135 miles per hour in a Super Sabrejet.
1964 - A $1 billion anti-poverty measure was signed by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.
1968 - The Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations began invading Czechoslovakia to crush the "Prague Spring" liberalization.
1977 - Voyager 2 was launched by the United States. The spacecraft was carrying a 12 inch copper phonograph record containing greetings in dozens of languages, samples of music and sounds of nature.
1985 - The original Xerox 914 copier was presented to the Smithsonian Institute's Museum of American History. Chester Carlson was the man who invented the machine.
1991 - A rally of more that 100,000 people occurred outside the Russian parliament building to protest the coup that removed Gorbachev from power.
1997 - NATO troops seized six police stations in Banja Luka that had been held by troops controlled by former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic.
1997 - Britain began voluntary evacuation of its Caribbean island of Montserrat due to the volcanic activity of the Soufriere Hills.
1998 - Canada's Supreme Court announced that Quebec could not secede without the federal government's consent.
1998 - U.S. military forces attacked a terrorist camp in Afghanistan and a chemical plant in Sudan. Both targets were chosen for cruise missile strikes due to their connection with Osama bin Laden.
1998 - The U.N. Security Council extended trade sanctions against Iraq for blocking arms inspections.

World News

US, South Korea start major military drill
Press TV - The U.S. and South Korean military Monday began an annual joint exercise to test defenses against North Korea, a drill denounced by Pyongyang as a rehearsal for war. More than 30,000 U.S. troops, both those based in the South and some 3,000 from overseas, are taking part in the drill known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian, which ends on August 31, the U.S. forces said in a statement.... U.S. and South Korean forces insist it is defensive, while the North has called it "a dangerous act to ignite a new war".

US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman arrives in Afghanistan
Press TV - The top U.S. military officer Martin Dempsey flew Sunday to Afghanistan to hold talks with senior commanders amid a spate of attacks by Afghan soldiers on their NATO counterparts. Before landing at the sprawling U.S. airbase in Bagram, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters that the rise in "insider attacks" would be a key focus of his meetings with U.S.-led coalition and Afghan officers. The visit comes amid a rise of attacks in which apparent Afghan security forces have turned their guns on coalition troops, killing 10 of them in less than two weeks.

US, Israeli navies complete drill in Mediterranean
Press TV - Israeli and American naval counterparts completed a joint drill last week in the Mediterranean Sea, a joint search-and-rescue exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, which included live fire and seaborne helicopters landings. However, the Americans were quick to point out that the annual drill - which, while not held for the last three years - was unconnected with the escalating psychological war of nerves between Israel and Iran.

Israel falsifies documents to deport Sudanese migrants - reports
RT - Israel has deported Sudanese asylum seekers by issuing documents with purposefully incorrect nationalities, a recently published report by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed.

Non-intervention policy: Hundreds watch as dozens of Jewish youths attack Palestinians
RT - Hundreds of people watched but did not intervene as a gang of Israeli youths attempted to "lynch" a group of Palestinian children in the center of Jerusalem's Zion Square, police said on Sunday. Five suspects have been arrested so far.

Poland Shedding Light on Secret CIA Prison - On an idyllic lake surrounded by woods and a double row of mesh-and-razor-wire fences about 100 miles north of Warsaw, there stands a secluded villa that the CIA once used to interrogate - and allegedly torture - top al-Qaida suspects. On the grounds of the Polish intelligence-training academy and nicknamed "Markus Wolf" for the former East German spy chief, it's the focal point for a top-secret probe that Polish prosecutors have launched into how their government tolerated rampant violations of international and Polish law.

US-Israeli deal on Iran? No Israeli strike now if Obama pledged a spring attack
DEBKAfile - The White House this week scrambled to reconnect with Jerusalem after the Obama administration was persuaded that Israel was serious about conducting a fall military operation against Iran’s nuclear program before the Nov. 6 US presidential election - notwithstanding the heavy opposition guns firing against it at home and from Washington.
* Related Article: MSM Propaganda Detracts from Obama and Netanyahu Plans to Attack Iran

Attack on Iran will bring destruction of Israel – Ahmadinejad
RT - Tehran and Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah warn of cataclysmic retaliation against an Israeli attack, threatening to make the country “a living hell.” The statements come amidst reports of that Israel is preparing a unilateral strike on Iran. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said his party had already fixed targets in Israel and would be able to hit them with a small number of rockets if Tel Aviv decides to attack first.

Iran’s Words Mistranslated Again by Americans Trying to Start a War
Washington's Blog - Most Americans confuse zionism and Judaism. While many assume that zionism simply means allowing the Israeli nation to exist, many zionists in high positions within the Netanyahu and Sharon administrations advocate for very different policies altogether, including the use of offensive wars throughout the Middle East. See this, and read the section entitled “Securing the Realm” here. In reality, many devout Jews are against zionism as being antithetical to traditional Jewish values. As such, many Jews say that criticizing zionism is not anti-semitism. … and some zionists themselves admit that even non-Jews have the right to criticize Israel.

Egypt's Islamist president to visit Iran, news agency reports
LA Times - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi plans to visit Iran this month for an international summit in what would mark the highest level official contact between the two nations in more than 30 years, according to Egypt's state news agency. The MENA agency, quoting a source in Morsi’s office, said the newly elected Islamist president is expected to attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran on Aug. 30. The decision follows an invitation hand-delivered to Morsi nearly two weeks ago in Cairo by Iranian Vice President Hamid Baghaei.

Western spies helping Syria rebels
AFP - Sunday Times says British intelligence helping rebels launch successful attacks. Aleppo: British and German spies are involved in covert operations to help Syrian rebels in their increasingly bloody fight to topple the regime of President Bashar Al Assad, press reports said on Sunday. The reports said German and British spies were passing on information about Syrian troop movements to the rebels.

Propaganda Alert: US needs to send troops to Syria to get WMD
Reuters - The United States and its allies are discussing a worst-case scenario that could require tens of thousands of ground troops to go into Syria to secure chemical and biological weapons sites following the fall of President Bashar al-Assad's government, according to U.S. and diplomatic officials. These secret discussions assume that all of Assad's security forces disintegrate, leaving chemical and biological weapons sites in Syria vulnerable to pillaging. The scenario also assumes these sites could not be secured or destroyed solely through aerial bombings, given health and environmental risks.

Canada rejects calls to bail out eurozone
Montreal Gazette - The Conservative government on Wednesday rejected calls from Germany and the eurozone that Canada give to a bailout fund, even as German chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Ottawa for two days of meetings with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty have repeatedly rejected entreaties from Europe to contribute to a $450-billion bailout pot, managed by the International Monetary Fund, for troubled eurozone economies.

VIDEO: US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange
RT - Julian Assange made his first public appearance in two months, ever since he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Addressing the hundreds of people gathered outside the embassy, Assange thanked them for their support, claiming it was their resolve and presence that stopped British police storming the building.

Report: Cesium detected in pistachio nuts from U.S. — Contains most radioactivity of any item in round of tests from Japan
ENENews - Sampled by: Maruetsu (Japanese Supermarket). Test Date: August 11, 2012. American Pistachio Nuts with unknown expiration date (bottom row of results below) Cesium-137: 9.54 becquerels/kg.
* Related Video: Fukushima Rad News Aug 17/2012...

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US under pressure over drone raids
Press TV - UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism Ben Emmerson said on Sunday that the US is coming under mounting global pressure over its use of assassination drones, adding that he is preparing a report on the issue for the next session of the Human Rights Council in March. Emmerson also urged Washington to open itself to an independent probe into the legality of such attacks that will "remain at the top of the UN political agenda until some consensus and transparency has been achieved."

US keeps quiet as Iraqis smuggle dollars into Iran
RT - A network of iraqi financial institutions have been smuggling US dollars into Iran to alleviate the financial struggle there caused by economic sanctions – but the Obama administration has been mum about it. The New York Times exposed Washington's ongoing struggle with Baghdad's Elaf Islamic Bank, in addition to a full network of financial institutions and oil-smuggling operations helping Iran evade sanctions.

Missouri Republican says pregnancy unlikely in 'legitimate rape'
RT - A US congressman has announced a new way for women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. All they have to do is be “legitimately raped,” and a natural conception-blocking mechanism will kick in, Missouri's Todd Akin told an interviewer. Representative Akin, who is hoping to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in November, was asked during an interview with local Fox affiliate KTVI whether he believed women had the right to have an abortion if the pregnancy was the result of a rape.

VIDEO: Valedictorian in Oklahoma Denied High School Diploma Because She Said “Hell” in Graduation Speech
Liberty Crier - By La’Tasha Givens PRAGUE, Okla.– There’s a bit of diploma drama going on between a local high school and that school’s valedictorian. David Nootbaar is furious his daughter’s school is keeping her diploma. He says, “She has worked so hard to stay at the top of her class and this is not right.” Kaitlin Nootbaar graduated from Prague High School in May and was named valedictorian.

US Army grants $3 million for anti-suicide nasal spray research
RT - For those feeling down in the dumps, the US military now has a solution: an anti-suicidal nasal spray that delivers antidepressant chemicals to the brain. The US Army has awarded a scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine $3 million to develop a nasal spray that eclipses suicidal thoughts. Dr. Michael Kubek and his research team will have three years to ascertain whether the nasal spray is a safe and effective method of preventing suicides.

'Treasure' island? Radioactivity reported on San Francisco isle
RT - The city of San Francisco plans to convert former Naval base 'Treasure Island' into a residential neighborhood, but new reports by the US Navy and public health officials suggest the island may be more radioactive than previously believed.... New investigations have revealed that gun sights on Navy ships containing radioactive material were routinely repaired there. Several ships from the Pacific fleet that may have been contaminated by radiation from US nuclear bomb tests also underwent refits at the island.

Social Security Administration says hollow point bullets necessary for staff's safety
RT - Responding to reports centered on the SSA’s recent request for tens of thousands of rounds of high-power, heavy duty ammunition, the agency tasked with assisting the elderly and disabled with federally funded benefit packages has attempted to explain their invitation for ammo makers to make them a deal. “Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately,” a blog post from the SSA office explains. “They not only investigate allegations of Social Security fraud, but they also are called to respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees and customers.

Wannabe Navy SEALS offered chance to ‘kill Osama’
RT - Ever wanted the chance to assassinate a notorious terrorist? A former Navy SEAL is offering anyone with $325 the opportunity to do just that as part of the ‘Navy Seal Adventure’ mission.... The Minnesota-based Sealed Mindset Firearms Studio, an industrial center-turned-paintball range in New Hope, allows participants to recreate the assassination raid on Osama Bin Laden’s hideout. The 'Navy SEAL Adventure' is the brainchild of ex-SEAL Lawrence Yatch and his wife, who maintain there is more to the experience than just the thrill of shooting the world’s formerly most wanted terrorist.... “The biggest thing we’re trying to accomplish is giving people a sense of empowerment,” Yatch told KSTP.

Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out free water during extreme heat wave, claims she needs 'permit'
(NaturalNews) In the United Police States of America, there is no more room for free-thinking individuals that wish to take common sense action as they see fit, at least not when they try to do so without the government's permission. In a shocking display of utter tyranny against a free individual trying to contribute to the greater good, an official in Phoenix, Arizona, recently ordered resident Dana Crow-Smith to stop handing out free bottles of water to thirsty passersby trying to survive the extreme heat wave, claiming that she needs a permit to conduct this act of good will.

Then They Came For Me (2012)
Daily Paul - Adapted from the original (First they came...) by Rev. Martin Niemoller (1937).

YouTube: Wake Up... (
Remember, Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. What is His attitude about invading countries that did not attack us? That doesn't sound like "just war" to me. Too many "Christians" rally for war and death to their brothers and sisters on this planet.

2012 Election News

Denied Elected Delegates, Paul Campaign Files Second Appeal in Louisiana
Liberty Crier - After being denied by the Committee on Contests from the Republican National Committee earlier this month, the Ron Paul campaign has filed a second appeal in Louisiana, determined to see satisfaction for rule breaking at the state convention. There is some argument between the establishment GOP and the Paul faction over how the convention was conducted. A few days before the state convention, an affidavit and supplemental rules were distributed to delegates. The delegates chosen to go to the Republican National Convention (Tampa, FL) were required to sign an affidavit as a promise to vote for the candidate that they were bound to via the State Central Committee.

YouTube: Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election, Obamacare, and The Future of Liberty
Aug 17, 2012 - Reason Magazine's Matt Welch sat down with Napolitano at FreedomFest 2012 and discussed the ramifications of the Supreme Court's ruling on the individual mandate and whether or not there's a substantive difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney from a libertarian perspective.

YouTube: Thousands of Protesters getting ready for RNC convention in Tampa
Fox News - "You'll see a long line of 5,000 protestors, something Tampa I don't think has ever seen before," Hamil [a spokesman for the Coalition to March on the RNC] said. The group will meet in the park on Monday, August 27th. They plan to hear from 30 speakers and then by noon, hit the streets.
* Related Video: Tampa Police Department Flexes Its Muscles

List Of Prohibited Items at RNC Convention
Daily Paul - ...CAMCORDERS and cases, large cameras with lens (over four inches) - does NOT apply to media.... Tripods for cameras - does not apply to media. Backpacks or carry cases for binoculars, cameras - does not apply to media.

VIDEO: CNN Censors Richard Belzer - Check out this hilarious account by LRC contributor David Martin deflating that blowhard Brit Piers Morgan of CNN by actor/author Richard Belzer discussing his new book, Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups. In the process he also deliciously skewers Kochtopus faux “libertarian” humorist P. J. O’Rourke who was also a guest on the CNN program.

Paul Ryan caught lying about request for millions in Obama's stimulus money
RT - Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan admitted he requested federal stimulus money for Wisconsin, after harshly criticizing the stimulus plan and twice denying to have sought its funds.
* Related Article: The Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan’s Brother Money Connection and video


General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy, Again
Forbes - Right now, the federal government owns 500,000,000 shares of GM, or about 26% of the company. It would need to get about $53.00/share for these to break even on the bailout, but the stock closed at only $20.21/share on Tuesday. This left the government holding $10.1 billion worth of stock, and sitting on an unrealized loss of $16.4 billion.

US foreign debt hits record high
RT - The United States might officially be the worst neighbor on Earth: the US now owes its allies $5.2923 trillion, the most money the country has ever been indebted to its foreign friends in the history of the nation. Statistics released this week by the US Treasury indicate that, as of June 2012, the United States has borrowed bucks from most of the world’s major countries and has accumulated a debt that is on the verge of doubling in only a few short years. As of June, the amount of US Treasury securities held by foreign holders is close to $5.3 trillion, which includes $1164.3 billion from China and $1119.3 billion from Japan at the top of the list.

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG
Activist Post - If you want to figure out what is going to happen next in the financial markets, carefully watch what the insiders are doing. Those that are "connected" have access to far better sources of information than the rest of us have, and if they hear that something big is coming up they will often make very significant moves with their money in anticipation of what is about to happen.

Fundraising scammers are more common than you think - This couple milked donors for $800,000 in Japanese tsunami relief fund
(NaturalNews) A lawsuit has been filed in the New York County Supreme Court, alleging that a married couple set up a fake relief fund for survivors of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and used it to scam donors out of more than $800,000.

Veteran News

Afghan War veterans in danger of mysterious degenerative brain disease
RT - Doctors have discovered an incurable brain disease evident in a large number of soldiers returning from war, and estimate that as many as 250,000 US troops are at risk of being ravaged by the disorder next. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy cannot be diagnosed or adequately treated yet, Col. Dallas Hack of the Army's Combat Casualty Care Research Program tells the Huffington Post, and scientists say that they think brain injuries developed during battle might bring up the likelihood of CTE occurring, which is characterized by bursts of anger and depression, and is believed to be able to impact motor skills and memory.

VIDEO: This Former Marine Was Picked Up By The FBI Over Facebook Posts About 9/11
Business Insider - A former U.S. Marine who accused the government of lying about 9/11 and spoke of “The Revolution” on Facebook was detained on Friday night, reports Renee Nal of Gather. According to Brandon Raub's mother, authorities from the FBI, Secret Service and Chesterfield County PD came to their door, questioned Raub about his Facebook posts – which are critical of the official story regarding 9/11 and refer to "starting a revolution" – then handcuffed him and placed him in a Chesterfield PD squad car before taking him directly to John Randolph Psychiatric Hospital in Hopewell, Va.

Energy & Environment

Northern Calif. fire forces thousands to evacuate
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Thousands of people were told to leave their homes Sunday as a growing wildfire burning out of control in thick forest threatened rural communities in far Northern California. The fire that started Saturday has destroyed seven homes and consumed nearly 19 square miles near the towns of Manton, Shingletown and Viola, fire spokesman Daniel Berlant said. About 3,000 homes spread out across a rural area along the border of Tehama and Shasta counties were threatened as the fire continued to expand, he said.

Record-breaking fires put US tourism in the red
RT - American tourism is struggling to stay afloat as raging wildfires ravage vast amounts of the country's territory. Record-breaking fires have caused some tourist sites to close their doors, with some 6.8 million acres having burnt to the ground.... This year, 42,274 fires have taken their destructive toll on US land. Outdoor tourist attractions, particularly in the western part of the country, have seen their number of visitors dwindle as the phones ring off the hook with cancellation requests.

YouTube:"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD
People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather?


Low vitamin D raises risk of mortality by 30 percent in the elderly
(NaturalNews) The time has come to sound the alarm yet again. A research team from Oregon State University has found that among older adults, especially those who are frail, low levels of vitamin D can lead to a much greater risk of death. The study considered individuals from a nationally representative group and determined that adults with low vitamin D levels had a 30 9percent greater risk of death than people who had higher levels.

Melt away health harming belly fat with a nutrient-rich diet
(NaturalNews)TA study at the Reina Sofia University Hospital in Spain observed a group of overweight individuals who were put on four different diets for a month. All ate the same amount of calories per day, but had varying ratios of carbohydrates and fat. The researchers found that the group who consumed monounsaturated fats had the best results in losing extra weight around the midsection - even without exercise. Good sources of monounsaturated fat include avocados, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Dark chocolate is also rich in this slimming fat.

To every food there is a season, color, taste, element - Your organs know this, do you?
(NaturalNews) The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches the Five Element theory, where each element relates to a season, flavor, color, organ, bodily system and other properties influencing human life. The body's intuitive knowledge differentiates between foods not only by their vitamin and mineral content -- but by their taste and color, and the season in which they provide their optimal nutritional support. This instinct affords your body a chance to vary its focus throughout the seasons, benefiting from specific foods that best support each organ system.

Lessons from Fukushima - How to deal with radioactive fallout
(NaturalNews) The main cancer risk for anyone in the path of nuclear fallout is from inhaled uranium oxide and other tiny, airborne, radioactive particles that lodge deep in the lungs. These particles eventually lodge in bone, brain, ovaries, testes, lymph and hormone producing glands. They remain there for decades while being very slowly excreted in the urine. Exposure to radiation causes a cascade of free radicals that wreak havoc in the body and decimates the body's supply of glutathione.

Cities, counties nationwide begin mass aerial sprayings of toxic 'anti-West Nile Virus' pesticides
(NaturalNews) The mass sprayings, which are ramping up all across the country, involve blanketing entire areas with chemicals sprayed via airplanes, a highly controversial protocol that threatens not only all other insects and animals exposed, but also humans.... The chemical product being sprayed is known as Duet, an "advanced dual-action mosquito adulticide" that contains both sumithrin, the active ingredient in another mosquito pesticide known as Anvil, and prallethrin. Both chemicals are known to be highly-toxic neuropoisons that target not only mosquitoes, but also bees, bats, fish, crickets, and various other animals and insects

Dear Dallas: no one ever proved West Nile disease exists!
(NaturalNews) Now that Dallas officials have decided West Nile Disease has killed 14 people in the area and infected 557 more, the aerial spraying of a pesticide called Duet will begin. The objective? Wipe out mosquitoes that carry the virus. But here's the bombshell: there is no evidence that the supposed virus causing West Nile exists. This means there is no proof West Nile disease exists.

Magic Molecule – JQ1 – Readies Male Birth Control Pill for Testing Early 2013
Activist Post - Bradner and Martin Mtzuk published their study in the journal Cell, writing, “In male studies, JQ1 accomplishes a complete and reversible contraceptive effect in males without adversely affecting testosterone levels or mating behaviors and without promoting obvious [birth defects] in offspring.” They report that the only known side effect is weight loss. Meanwhile, women since the 1960s have dealt with a laundry list of side effects from the pill, which gives us an idea of what we can expect from the male birth control pill...

Cooking oils 101 - Choosing the best oils for your health
(NaturalNews) Contrary to popular belief, not all fat is bad for your health. Many fats, in fact, actually promote healthy weight maintenance and a well-functioning cardiovascular and nervous system, among many other benefits. But with so much misinformation out there about the nature of fats and oils, it can be difficult for many people to make sense of the issue, to the detriment of their own health.

Eating grapes significantly improves heart health in men with metabolic syndrome
(NaturalNews) Researchers from the University of Connecticut have published the result of their research in the Journal of Nutrition to explain how grape consumption is heart protective in those high risk individuals diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. The study team observed a reduction in key risk factors for heart disease in men with metabolic syndrome, most notably lowered blood pressure, improved blood flow and reduced inflammation.

VIDEO: Medical support to detainee operations manual reveals new drugs can be tested on prisoners
Activist Post - A recently revealed document entitled “Medical Support to Detainee Operations,” originally published in November 2007 by the United States Army, reveals some quite disturbing realities of what goes on in detainee operations run by the U.S. military. For those who are not familiar with detainee operations or the related “internment/resettlement operations,” I highly recommend you watch the below video from May of this year covering the military’s internment/resettlement operations manual:

Vertigo symptoms traced to inner ear 'rock slides'
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) Small, displaced rocks within the ear have been found to cause dizziness, especially in those who are above the age of 50. Individuals who have experienced a head injury or viral infection are also at risk. Specialists who treat vertigo estimate around 20 percent of all cases are due to these loose crystals, sometimes referred to as 'ear rocks.' Instead of surgery, a specific type of physical therapy is recommended that shifts the rocks from the inner ear and allows the immune system to clear them away. Homeopathic and herbal remedies are also effective in reducing the symptoms of vertigo, including nausea and headache.

Science & Technology

VIDEO: Shadowy Hacker Group Takes Down RT Web Servers
Kurt Nimmo - As British police prepared to storm the Ecuadorian embassy and kidnap Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in violation of international law, a shadowy hacker group launched a denial of service attack on Russia Today’s web servers. “An anti-WikiLeaks group has admitted responsibility for a sustained DDoS attack that made the Russia Today website intermittently unavailable on Friday,” John Leyden writes for The Register.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

US ranchers lose hope on drought aid
Press TV - The U.S. Congress has left for a five-week break without agreeing on aid to help ranchers through one of the worst droughts in the nation's history. That means it will be September before ranchers can even hope for disaster aid legislation that includes cash to buy feed until they would normally send their cattle to feedlots or slaughter in the fall or winter. For some, it's already too late. Out of grass and out of cash, they've sold their animals.

Pet News

An Alternative to Surgery to Sterilize Male Dogs
An injectable chemical sterilization drug will be available for use in the U.S. by the end of this year. It is currently FDA-approved only for dogs from 3 to 10 months, but the manufacturer believes it will be approved as safe for all dogs 3 months and older by the time it is released. The drug, brand name Zeuterin, contains zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine. It acts as a spermicide and causes irreversible fibrosis of the testicles, which eventually atrophy and shrink in size, but remain visible.... And while scrotal swelling and tenderness are common in the first days after injection, a more serious reaction is the development of scrotal ulcers or draining tracts in the scrotal or preputial area. The self-trauma that follows can be severe.

Today in History - Friday - August 17, 2012
1790 - The capital city of the U.S. moved to Philadelphia from New York City.
1815 - Napoleon began serving his exile when he arrived at the island of St. Helena.
1859 - A hot air balloon was used to carry mail for the first time. John Wise left Lafayette, IN, for New York City with 100 letters.
1863 - Federal batteries and ships bombarded Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC, harbor during the Civil War.
1896 - The Klondike gold rush was set off by George Carmack discovering gold on Rabbit Creek in Alaska.
1903 - Joseph Pulitzer donated a million dollars to Columbia University. This started the Pulitzer Prizes in his name.
1915 - Charles F. Kettering patented the electric, automobile self-starter.
1943 - The Allied conquest of Sicily was completed as U.S. and British forces entered Messina.
1945 - The nationalists of Indonesia declared their independence from the Netherlands.
1961 - The Communist East German government completed the construction of the Berlin Wall.
1977 - Florists Transworld Delivery (FTD) reported that in one day the number of orders for flowers to be delivered to Graceland had surpassed the number for any other event in the company's history.
1982 - The U.S. Senate approved an immigration bill that granted resident status to illegal aliens who had arrived in the United States before 1977.
1985 - A year-long strike began when 1,400 Geo. A. Hormel and Co. meat packers walked off the job.
1987 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 2,700 for the first time.
1996 - A military cargo plane crashed in Wyoming killing eight crewmembers and a Secret Service employee. The plane was carrying gear for U.S. President Clinton.
1996 - Ross Perot was announced to be the Reform Party's presidential candidate. It was the party's first-ever candidate.
1998 - U.S. President Clinton admitted to having an improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern.
1998 - NationsBank and BankAmerica merge to create the largest U.S. bank.
1998 - Russia devalued the ruble.
2002 - In Santa Rosa, CA, the Charles M. Schulz Museum opened to the public.

World News

UN monitors quit, saying Syrians choose 'path of war'
Reuters - Syria's government and rebels have "chosen the path of war", a U.N. peacekeeping chief said as the world body ended its doomed monitoring mission to Damascus.

Bahraini forces attack al-Quds Day protesters
Press TV - Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have attacked demonstrators who were staging a protest to mark the international al-Quds Day in support of the Palestinian resistance against Israel. Protesters in Bahrain took to streets on Friday to mark the international al-Quds Day. They held the rallies despite a government ban. People all over the world are taking part in mass rallies to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and commemorate the continuous Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands.

‘Quds Day will clean Zionist black stain’
Press TV - Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the International Quds Day is the day of unity among all human beings to remove the Zionist “black stain” from the human society. “Today, countering the entity of Zionism and the fabricated Zionist regime safeguards rights of all human beings, defends human dignity and paves the way to save humankind from arrogance, poverty and misery,” Ahmadinejad said in an address at the International Quds Day on Friday. The world should know that most Western hegemonic and colonial powers maintain a joint commitment to protect the entity of the Israeli regime, he added.

Syrian Rebel Leader Threatens To Form Alliance With Al-Qaeda If West Doesn’t Provide Arms
Paul Joseph Watson - Syrian rebel commander Abu Ammar has threatened to form an alliance with Al-Qaeda if the west fails to provide heavy arms in the effort to topple President Bashar al-Assad. “We don’t want al Qaeda here, but if nobody else helps us, we will make an alliance with them,” Ammar, a rebel leader in the city of Aleppo told AFP, adding that Al-Qaeda fighters would “brainwash” Syrian rebels and create their own base of operations.

VIDEO: Crash of Black Hawk chopper kills 7 U.S. troops in Afghanistan
LA Times - U.S. Black Hawk helicopter crashed in restive Kandahar province on Thursday, killing seven American troops and four Afghans, U.S. and Afghan military officials said. Afghan officials said the crash site was in Shah Wali Kot, a volatile district where insurgents have long been active. The Afghan dead included three members of the Afghan security forces and a civilian interpreter, according to an Afghan provincial spokesman in Kandahar. The NATO force said the cause of the crash was under investigation, and was tight-lipped about whether insurgent fire had been reported in the area.

Families of assassinated Iranian scientists sue Israel, US, UK - Rahim Ahmadi Roshan, father of Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who was killed in a terrorist attack in January, told a press conference in Tehran on Wednesday, that the families have asked Iran’s Judiciary to pursue their complaints and bring those responsible for the assassinations to justice. In November 2011, some US presidential candidates said operations should be carried out against Iran, such as assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, sabotage of Tehran’s nuclear program, and even a military strike on the country.

At least 18 killed as S. African police open fire on thousands of striking miners
RT - At least 18 bodies were seen lying bloody and motionless on the ground after local police opened fire on striking miners, a South African news agency reports. Some of the protesters were allegedly armed with machetes and spears. The incident is believed to have occurred after police, in the process of laying down barricades of barbed wire, were outflanked by a crowd of 3,000 demonstrators.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: US civil rights groups to appeal FBI spying lawsuit decision
Press TV - Civil rights groups in the United States have lashed out at the court ruling which cleared the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of spying on Muslims... Attorneys of the civil rights groups Council on American Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles (CAIR-LA) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) say the ruling allows the federal government to escape responsibility for its actions.

Federal government hoarding meat stocks in response to drought - Food shortages for the rest of us?
(NaturalNews) At least two-thirds of the U.S. is currently suffering through varying degrees of drought, with the U.S. Drought Monitor reporting as of August 14 that 63 percent of hay, 72 percent of cattle, 85 percent of soybean crops, and 85 percent of soybean crops, and 87 percent of corn crops are not getting the water they need to survive.

South Carolina Mission 2012 Starts Tomorrow: Disaster Exercise Masquerading as 'Free Healthcare Event'
Activist Post - On the heels of a WMD drill known as Operation Four Aces being conducted in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, the state capital of Columbia is now getting a taste of the action as well. The difference, however, is that this event is not specifically centered around a terrorist attack. In fact, this drill supposedly isn’t even a drill at all. SC Mission 2012 is actually described as “a free healthcare event for people living in the Midlands” whose mission is to “1) address the immediate needs of individuals and 2) help place these individuals in a medical home to receive regular care. Services include free medical, dental, vision and pharmacy services.”

Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots To “Perform Evacuation Operations”
Steve Watson - The Department of Defense has awarded a lucrative contract to an engineering and robotics design company to develop and build humanoid robots that can act intelligently without supervision. Boston Dynamics Inc. has been contracted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the agency responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military, in a deal worth $10.9 million. The DoD announced Tuesday that “The robotic platforms will be humanoid, consisting of two legs, a torso, two arms with hands, a sensor head and on board computing.”

Police chiefs adopt drone code of conduct
Washington Times - The nation’s police chiefs have adopted a code of conduct for their use of drones, including letting any images captured by unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, be open to inspection by the public, and that the images not be stored unless they are evidence of a crime or part of an ongoing investigation.... The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the industry trade group, applauded the new rules, saying they struck a good balance. Here are the eight operational rules the chiefs recommended...

VIDEO: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer bars public benefits for illegal immigrants
Fox News - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration program. Brewer's order issued Wednesday says she's reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Reality Check: RNC Rules Committee Can't Follow Their Own Rules
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the RNC rules committee won't enforce rules for delegates headed to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Complaint filed against GOP State Chairman - 8/16/2012 - Last Friday, a Republican National Convention delegate from Denver filed a formal petition with the national GOP asking that State Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call be thrown off the convention’s Credentials Committee, charging that state party rules don’t allow the kind of election that put Call on the panel. The complaint stirs up simmering tension in Colorado’s delegation between backers of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and upstart supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who hasn’t conceded the nomination.

40 Facts That Prove Obama And Romney Are The Same Vote - What a depressing choice the American people are being presented with this year. We are at a point in our history where we desperately need a change of direction in the White House, and we are guaranteed that we are not going to get it.

VIDEO: Draft-dodging Mitt Romney fled to France - how a candidate got out of Vietnam - Exclusive: Andrew Longman explains how candidate got out of Vietnam service. Mitt Romney doesn’t describe himself as a draft dodger. He does his best to portray an “apple pie and the flag” image of Americana. He likes to be known as Mr. Toughguy and a strong-military Republican. And so it may come as a bit of a shock to the average reader to learn that Romney wiggled out of the draft during Vietnam. It’s one of the many concussions from Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman in their new book, “The Real Romney.”

VIDEO: Unbound and loving it! My National Delegate speech!
Daily Paul Aug 15, 2012 - We are now UNBOUND on the first ballot at the RNC. To celebrate I decided to post my speech from the 2012 Texas Republican convention. This is a recording of the speech I gave to become the 3rd delegate to the RNC for CD 33. Rise up and let us have the numbers in Tampa!

Ron Paul Still Mum As His Son Endorses Paul Ryan
US News- The plot thickens for supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul. His son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, has endorsed Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan as the vice presidential nominee, while Ron Paul has stayed mum not only about Ryan, but about endorsing presumptive GOP presidential nomine Mitt Romney.

Brilliant! Ron Paul Supporter Owns - Story Goes Viral
Daily Paul - If you happen to visit, you might think you have reached a website operated by a Democratic political action committee, President Barack Obama's re-election campaign or maybe the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In reality, the man behind the site, which highlights the controversy around presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's tax returns, is an enterprising young supporter of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). The site is awesome with Ron Paul vids.

Judge Napolitano: November’s choices - tough to support either Romney-Ryan or Obama-Biden
Fox News - We are in terrible straits this presidential election. We have a choice between a president who has posed more of a danger to personal freedom than any in the past 150 years and a Republican team that wants to return to Bush-style big government.

VIDEO: Reality Check: Rep. Paul Ryan = Big Spender?
Daily Paul - Reality Check: Rep. Paul Ryan=big spender? He comes today to Cincinnati, a look at Ryan's "principle" problem and voting record.


Buy local movement is spawning local currencies - With growing distrust of big banks and the unstable economy, the buy local movement is gaining more traction, especially if localities create their own currency. The concept of printing local currency (in the form of paper money) is nothing new and is perfectly legal by federal law, except private coinage is not. In 1991, Ithaca NY started to experiment with their money called hours. According to author and founder of Ithaca Hours, Paul Glover, this is how the system works...

22 Stats That Show How The Emerging One World Economy Is Absolutely Killing American Workers
Economic Collapse - For decades our politicians have promised us that the "free trade" agenda would bring us greater prosperity than ever before. They insisted that merging our economy into the emerging one world economy would cause millions upon millions of new jobs to be added to the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, it was all a giant lie.

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes
Consumerist - This year's crop of CEOs averaged $20.4 million in total compensation, a 23% percent increase over the average for last year's batch of top executives. Meanwhile, the companies they worked for received an average of a $163 million tax refund from the federal government. Only a handful of businesses paid any federal taxes in 2011. "The four most direct tax subsidies for excessive executive pay cost taxpayers an estimated $14.4 billion per year — $46 for every American man, woman, and child," writes the IPS. "That amount could also cover the annual cost of hiring 211,732 elementary-school teachers or creating 241,593 clean-energy jobs."

Veteran News

Despair: 38 US Soldiers Killed Themselves This Month, An All Time High
Army Times - The soldiers included a 21-year-old air traffic controller who shot himself in his Fort Wainright, Alaska, barracks; a 26-year-old captain who died at an indoor firing range in Virginia, and a 29-year-old sergeant who had deployed four times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Three soldiers died at their own hands on deployment, and 13 had deployed at least once. But nine had never seen combat, according to the Army.

Energy & Environment

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Giant Louisiana sinkhole expands to 526-feet and swallows a BOAT
Daily Mail - A ginormous 400-foot deep sinkhole in Louisiana is expanding and today swallowed a boat. Two clean-up workers who were in the boat had to be rescued before they too disappeared into the watery mass, which today grew by another 50ft, authorities said. The vessel was tied to a tree on the south west side of the site as the workers cleaned up diesel in the sinkhole.

VIDEO: Low levels on the Mississippi threatening cargo business, drinking water
WAFF - ...the Governor of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency for Plaquemines Parish, near New Orleans. A large wedge of salt water is moving up the river because of the extremely low water levels, and it's threatening the area's drinking water. Plaquemines Parish issued a drinking water advisory Wednesday to its residents. Several agencies are providing water to people in the area, while the U.S. Army Corps is working to stop the salt.

YouTube: Mississippi River Drying Up - Report
The Mississippi river is drying up and some shipping companies are worried that the drought of 1988 may be repeated, a time when the river dried up so much that barge traffic came to a standstill. In 1988 the shipping industry lost $1 billion, a number that would be far higher in 2012 and could be reached in as little as three days.


Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling: NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more
(NaturalNews) It's time to defeat evil in the food industry and stop the vicious betrayal of consumers by so-called "natural" brands. They're all conspiring right now to funnel millions of dollars into a disinformation campaign to try to defeat ballot measure 37, the "GMO labeling" initiative in California... Effective immediately, NaturalNews is issuing a global boycott on the following brands..

Wheat-belly' 101 - Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten
(NaturalNews) Today's wheat is a genetic modification of horticultural or agricultural specie combining. This genetic modification is different than laboratory GMO gene splicing. Nevertheless, the amount of 20th century agricultural genetic modification has outpaced the human digestive system's ability to adapt. The result is that even if you are not a celiac disease sufferer or gluten sensitive, you still could be suffering from the ill effects of wheat and other grains. Even organic whole wheat has a high glycemic index (GI), which over time may increase your glycemic load and create diabetes II.

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose - How to Clear Nasal Congestion
Natural Society - Awake at 2 a.m., can’t breathe, can’t think except to wish for an easier and more clear way to breath. While a number of home remedies for stuffy nose do exist, it may be beneficial to know why the congestion is happening.... But at that unholy hour, we don’t care why we can’t breathe; we just want to know how we can breathe again. Try these natural home remedies for stuffy nose with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet.

Natural Cannabis found in Marijuana helpful for MS but the patent is held by U.S. government
(NaturalNews) In the MS study published online on July 12 in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. Dr. Zajicek states that overall, progression of disease in this group ... was less than expected... In other words, cannabis appears to have slowed the progression of the disease also. This is the strongest evidence behind using cannabinoids for symptom relief in MS so far. Oddly enough, the US government holds patents on the medicinal attributes of marijuana's usage. This is the same government that denies its citizens the legal right to use medical marijuana.

CDC Pushes Flu Vaccine for Children in New Fear-Mongering Campaign
Activist Post - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is pushing parents to vaccinate their children between the ages of 6 months to 19 years against the flu as the coming flu season is being touted as the worst year yet.

Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor
Telegraph - Professor Julian Savulescu said that creating so-called designer babies could be considered a “moral obligation” as it makes them grow up into “ethically better children”. The expert in practical ethics said that we should actively give parents the choice to screen out personality flaws in their children as it meant they were then less likely to “harm themselves and others”. The academic, who is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Ethics, made his comments in an article in the latest edition of Reader’s Digest.

Science & Technology

Anonymous calls for shut-down of TrapWire to start this Saturday
RT - While details of a futuristic and frightening global surveillance network called TrapWire are discovered, members of the Anonymous collective are calling for people everywhere to voice their opposition and help end the system, starting this Saturday.

Warrantless cellphone tracking is legal, federal court rules
MSNBC - This ruling is creating cognitive dissonance among privacy advocates who note that in January, all nine members of the Supreme Court held that warrantless GPS tracking is unconstitutional. In that case, police tracked suspected drug dealer Antoine Jones for 28 days — without a warrant — via a GPS device they’d attached to his car.

Facebook stock hits all-time low as insiders get first chance to sell
CNN Money - Facebook’s life as a public company has been a nightmare from day one, and the pain continued on Thursday as some company insiders got their first chance to dump shares. Facebook stock fell nearly 7% Thursday morning, hitting a new intra-day low of $19.69. By 11 a.m., shares were holding around just under $20. About 22 million shares changed hands in the first 10 minutes, and within the first hour-and-a-half, that volume soared to 78 million. About 271 million shares are newly eligible for sale Thursday.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

VIDEO: Lemonade and Raw Milk Protest to be Served Near Capitol
Activist Post - Washington, DC—On August 18, 2012 a group of mothers and others, members of the advocacy groups, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Lemonade Freedom Day, will take their raw milk and lemonade to the lawn of the US Capitol to celebrate their right to voluntary exchange. By offering raw milk and lemonade for sale or barter, which is illegal in many places including Washington DC, these mothers and other activists risk criminal charges, and possibly jail.

Virginia vintners taste the police state
Washington Examiner - Fauquier's Board of Supervisors recently passed a winery ordinance that tramples private property rights and some fundamental civil liberties.... At the center of all this is the county zoning administrator, a bureaucratic czar named Kimberley Johnson, whose bullying and heavy-handed enforcement tactics have resulted in calls for her dismissal by county farmers and residents. Johnson was recently the subject of a citizen-farmer "pitchfork protest" in a matter in which she fined one farmer for conducting a pumpkin carving and a birthday party for eight little girls without the proper permit.... Perhaps the most offensive provision of the ordinance authorizes "private personal gatherings" at wineries. Someone obviously forgot to tell Fauquier officials that in America, we don't need government permission for private personal gatherings on our own property.


The Empowering Truths of Mahatma Gandhi - “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” [Many have been asking, "What can I do? How do we respond to this onslaught against humanity we're witnessing?" Here are some examples of one man's response, and his profound effect will be forever felt. The love, the challenge, the embrace. Let them stir your heart and change your life. Love, Zen]

Today in History - Thursday - August 16, 2012
1777 - During the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bennington took place. New England's minutemen routed the British regulars.
1812 - Detroit fell to Indian and British troops in the War of 1812.
1829 - The "Siamese twins," Chang and Eng Bunker, arrived in Boston, MA. They had come to the Western world to be exhibited. They were 18 years old and joined at the waist.
1858 - A telegraphed message from Britain's Queen Victoria to U.S. President Buchanan was transmitted over the recently laid trans-Atlantic cable.
1861 - U.S. President Lincoln prohibited the Union states from trading with the states of the Confederacy.
1923 - Carnegie Steel Corporation put into place the eight-hour workday for its employees.
1930 - The first British Empire Games were held at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The event is now called the British Commonwealth Games.
1937 - Harvard University became the first school to have graduate courses in traffic engineering and administration.
1954 - Sports Illustrated was published for the first time. It was claimed that 250,000 subscriptions had been sold before the first issue came off of the presses.
1960 - Cyprus was granted independence by Britain. 
1978 - Xerox was fined for excluding Smith-Corona Mfg. from the copier market. The fine was $25.6 million.
1984 - The U.S. Jaycees voted to admit women to full membership in the organization.
1995 - Voters in Bermuda rejected independence from Great Britain.
1999 - In Russia, Vladimir V. Putin was confirmed as prime minister by the lower house of parliament.

World News

Spate of terror attacks in Iraq kill eight, wound over 50
RT - A series of blasts and shootings in five Iraqi cities resulted in at least eight deaths and more than 50 injuries, officials said. The attacks struck Fallujah, the capital of Baghdad and three other cities.... The deadly nationwide violence brings the total number killed in Iraq in August to 153. That number includes 67 security force members and 86 Iraqi civilians. In July 325 were killed in insurgent attacks, the highest reported death toll since August 2010.

Tug of war: Retaliatory kidnappings pull Lebanon into Syrian conflict
RT - A Lebanese Shiite clan abducted over 20 Syrians and a Turk in retaliation for a family member kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army. The group threatened to capture more citizens from countries allied with Syrian rebels unless the hostage is released. Hatem al-Mikdad, a senior member of the clan, threatened to target citizens from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, he said in an address to the Lebanese National News Agency.

Latest UN Syria Report on War Crimes Compiled by Washington Think-Tanker
Activist Post - The [UN] report covers the period between Feb. 15 and July 20 and involved 1,062 interviews, both in the field and in Geneva," reported the Washington Post in their article titled, "UN expert panel concludes Syria regime, militia have committed war crimes against civilians." The Washington Post also writes that the UN report stated, "anti-government armed groups committed war crimes, including murder, extrajudicial killings and torture." The value of a report based on "interviews" is throwaway propaganda - to be twisted and used by both sides accordingly, but ultimately adding nothing in terms of documented facts or forensic, photographic, and/or video evidence.

VIDEO: Ancient olive trees, stolen from Palestinian lands, now decorate Israeli settlement
Desert Peace - In this video below, Halper points out several olive trees, some over 400 years, that he believes were stolen from Palestinians. The trees would never grow here ordinarily. And he says that in other cases Israeli soldiers who have removed the trees from Palestinian villages have sold the trees to the nouveau riche in north Tel Aviv. These trees were in Palestinian families for 400 years, Halper says, and provided generations with sustenance. Their removal and transplanting are part of the “banal” humiliation of Palestinians.

Maharashtra State Revokes Monsanto’s Cotton Seed License
NEW DELHI, India, August 9, 2012 (ENS) – This was a difficult day for the proponents of genetically modified crops in India. In Parliament, the Agriculture Committee tabled a report seeking a ban on genetically modified food crops and a halt to all field trials. And the state of Maharashtra cancelled Mahyco Monsanto Biotech’s license to sell its genetically modified Bt cotton seeds.

US warns Iran to stay out of Syria
The Australian - Iran's arch-foe, the US accused Tehran yesterday of setting up a militia in Syria and urged the Islamic republic to stay out of the conflict. "It is obvious that Iran has been playing a larger role in Syria in many ways," US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. He said the US had evidence that Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards were "trying to develop, trying to train a militia within Syria to be able to fight on behalf of the regime". "We are seeing a growing presence by Iran and that is of deep concern to us. We do not think that Iran ought to play that role at this moment in time, that's dangerous ... it's adding to the killing that's going on in Syria," he said.

VIDEO: Explosion near UN monitors' HQ in Damascus
RT Aug 15, 2012 - Three were wounded when a bomb exploded on Wednesday 10 meters away from the Damas Rose hotel in Damascus, Syria, where UN monitors are headquartered.... Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister, toured the area of the blast and said that none of the UN staff was hurt. The explosion occurred as UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos was visiting the Syrian capital, but her team is believed to be headquartered at a different hotel.

Russian attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks, U.S. officials say - A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. It is only the second time since 2009 that a Russian attack submarine has patrolled so close to U.S. shores. The stealth underwater incursion in the Gulf took place at the same time Russian strategic bombers made incursions into restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California in June and July, and highlights a growing military assertiveness by Moscow.

Colonizing Nations 101
Activist Post - Might justifies right. Nations are destroyed to free them. Code language conceals real motives. Policy involves ravaging the world one country at a time or in multiples. Nations are destroyed for their own good. Monied interests alone benefit.

World shipping crisis threatens German dominance as Greeks win long game
Telegraph - Over 100 German ship funds have already shut down as the long-simmering crisis in global container shipping finally comes to a head. A further 800 funds are threatened with insolvency, according to consultants TPW in Hamburg. They are not alone. Britain’s oldest shipowner, Stephenson Clark, dating back to 1730, went into liquidation last week, closing the final chapter of Britain’s coal trade and the industrial revolution.

World powers eye emergency food meeting; action doubted
Reuters - France, the United States and G20 president Mexico will hold a conference call at the end of August to consider whether an emergency international meeting is required, aiming to avoid a repetition of the food price spike that triggered riots in poorer countries in 2008. Yet even as the third grain surge in four years stirs new fears about food supply and inflation, many say the world's powers are no better prepared to rein in runaway prices.

"Robin hood" Spanish mayor becomes hero for robbing supermarkets
Refreshing News - A Spanish mayor who became a cult hero for staging robberies at supermarkets and giving stolen groceries to the poor sets off this week on a three-week march that could embarrass the government and energize anti-austerity campaigners. Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, regional lawmaker and mayor of the town of Marinaleda - population 2,645 - in the southern region of Andalusia, said food stolen last week in the robberies went to families hit hardest by Spain's economic crisis.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Mexico Purchases 1.5 Million Tons Of Corn From Drought Stricken US
The United States announced yesterday that it will sell 1.516 million tons of corn to Mexico, the fourth largest sale of corn to a foreign country U.S. history.Corn producers and exporters told the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, that they will sell Mexico 982,980 tons of corn during the 2012-2013 marketing year and 533, 400 tons during the 2013-2014 marketing year.

Pentagon confirms X-51A test flight was a failure
RT - The Pentagon revealed on Wednesday that Tuesday’s test run of the X-51A WaveRider aircraft was unsuccessful.... The WaveRider was only scheduled to soar for around five minutes, and the military did not release any official comment on the status of the exercise until a full day later, only then finally acknowledging the failure.

YouTube: Reality Check: Obama Administration Refuses To Tell Judge If NDAA is Being Illegally Enforced?
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at the fight between a federal judge and the Obama Administration over the NDAA's indefinite detention clause.

VIDEO: Feds Crack Down on Police Brutality Nationwide
CBS News - CBS News has learned that Portland is just one of 20 police departments nationwide that the Justice Department has investigated for civil rights violations in the last year - more than any time in history.

Arkansas Police Release ‘Suicide’ Reenactment Video Of Handcuffed Man Who Shot Himself In The Head
Steve Watson - The officers say they found a small, .380 caliber handgun and a spent cartridge in the backseat next to Carter’s slumped lifeless body. They claim that the weapon must have been overlooked when they searched Carter, twice. As part of the investigation into the death, and perhaps also in response to claims of foul play, police released a video, depicting several officers of different heights and builds being cuffed, but still being able to raise a concealed replica gun to their heads.

DHS Classifies New Ammo Purchases Following Controversy
Paul Joseph Watson - The Department of Homeland Security has redacted information relating to the quantity of bullets it is buying following a controversy concerning the agency’s purchase of over a billion rounds of ammo, which many fear is a sign the federal government is preparing for civil unrest in the United States. Despite the fact that documents are only supposed to be redacted if authorized by Congress or for national security reasons, a solicitation posted on the FedBizOpps website yesterday concerning ammunition purchases made by the DHS on behalf of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) contains numerous blacked out sections.

Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets
Paul Joseph Watson - UPDATE: DHS Now Covering Up Ammo Purchases? First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.... The synopsis to the solicitation adds that the ammunition is to be shipped to 41 locations within 60 days of purchase. A separate spreadsheet lists those locations, which include the Social Security headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland as well as major cities across the country including Los Angeles, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The U.S. government’s coming war with the American people
(NaturalNews) At the same time politicians in Washington are openly talking about banning online ammo sales to American citizens, the government itself is arming to the teeth. And not in a military sense, either: The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling insane quantities of anti-personnel "hollow-point" ammo of all calibers, including #00 tactical shotgun ammo, anti-personnel pistol rounds and match-grade .308 sniper rounds. As the DHS fights no foreign wars and only has jurisdiction in the United States, the only purpose of this ammo can be for use against the American people.

Kucinich Legislation Reins in NATO, Reclaims Constitutional War Powers of Congress
Activist Post - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is today urging Members of Congress to support legislation, H.R. 6290, to prevent future presidents from using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to circumvent Congress’ constitutional authority to declare war.

VIDEO: Dishonorable Disclosures - Intelligence and Special Operations Forces are Furious
The Trenches - Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

Chemical Industry Spent Almost $10 Million Against GMO Labeling - Besides the chemical industry, companies including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle USA, General Mills and ConAgra are pouring money into defeating the labeling requirement. If California passes the measure, these companies’ profits could suffer from a warning label driving consumers away.

The war on chalk
Examiner - On Saturday in Madison, Steve Books, a long-time Veterans for Peace activist, wrote "This is far, far, far from over" in chalk on a sidewalk next to the Capitol building. As a result, he was taken away in handcuffs by Capitol Police and issued a citation for “conduct otherwise prohibited” under Wisconsin Administrative Code 2.14 that in Books’ case carries a fine of $205.05. The response by authorities to Books’ heinous powdery crime is consistent with a nationwide trend that some are beginning to call “the war on chalking.

2012 Election News

Doug Wead: RNC, Ron Paul Delegates Not Welcome in Tampa
Remember all of those hard fought victories? Thousands of people who gave up their time and money to attend precinct caucuses? And then faced coordinated attacks at District and County Conventions, where threatened establishment Party hacks had hired thugs ready to arrest them? Sometimes the very new Country Chairman, duly elected to replace them?

Pennsylvania judge upholds law that could ban almost half of Philadelphia from voting
RT - Supporters claim the strict ID law helps prevent voter fraud and keeps non-citizens from voting, but it also keeps eligible citizens without an adequate ID from casting their ballots. In a 70-page opinion, the judge wrote that opponents of the new law “did not establish … that disenfranchisement was immediate or inevitable.” But last month, the Philadelphia City Paper found that 1,636,168 of the state’s voters might not have valid IDs to partake in the election, and almost half of Philadelphia voters might be banned from voting.

YouTube: Reality Check: Is Rep. Paul Ryan Actually A Big Spender? His “Principle” Problem
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's spending record during his seven terms in office.

What Did Rand Paul Gain?
Daily Bell - Mitt Romney has picked the youthful warmonger Paul Ryan to be his running mate. From my point of view, this leaves the junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, standing near the altar like a jilted bridesmaid. Not a very pretty picture. And now what has Rand Paul got?

RNC ‘Committee on Challenges’ ignores the will of Massachusetts voters. MA Liberty Caucus Objects! - This flagrant violation of the foundation of American Democracy has not killed the spirit of Liberty, but rather strengthened the resolve of activists to continue to reform the Massachusetts Republican Party, by actively supporting the removal of leadership that undermines fair elections, promotes cronyism, and whose policy positions clearly infringe on personal liberty.

Media Admits "Romney's Greatest Fear" is Ron Paul Nomination - Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton told the Tampa Tribune reporter that "Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor," language which is often intended to deflect speculation as to a candidate's intentions, without committing to a course. Moreover, a recent email to Paul supporters from the campaign indicates that Dr. Paul is still very much in the race, saying: "Ron Paul’s number-one goal for the RNC is making sure his delegates and alternates who deserve to be seated in Tampa are credentialed." This does not sound like the urging of someone who does not seek the nomination.

Pat Buchanan Glowingly Endorses Romney's Neocon VP Pick
Daily Paul - Maybe Pat wants a job with Fox News? He seems just as excited about this pick as William Kristol. "...Romney is owed a debt for choosing a man of principles and conservative philosophy as a running mate, thereby giving this country a clear choice as to the future it wants to live in..."

NEWS: Paul Festival is officially changing its name!
Daily Paul - They are now called P.A.U.L. Festival which stands for "People Awakening and Uniting for Liberty" "We love Ron Paul, he is the inspiration for the Festival. We would give anything to have him speak or visit the Festival. For whatever reason he has decided against it. We did not seek his approval, or ask him to sanction this event, we just DID IT. Being the LIBERTARIAN MINDED PEOPLE we are, we did not ask for permission.


To Protect Ethanol, Obama Seeks to Inflate Meat Prices
A drought is currently driving down corn production. The shortage of feed is forcing livestock producers to slaughter animals early, putting downward pressure on meat prices in the short run and guaranteeing shortages and higher prices next year. But nature is not the biggest factor in this crisis -- the government is. Specifically, the federal government's ethanol mandate, which requires that 13.2 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol be produced in 2012. Thanks to the ethanol mandate, more than 40 percent of the nation's corn crop now goes into the production of a useless fuel that hardly anyone would buy if the government didn't require it.

Taxpayers Fund $454,000 Pay for Collector Chasing Student Loans - The growing number of ex-students overwhelmed with student-loan debt might want to consider a career switch and become a collector of overdue student loans. Sadly, it's no joke. As Bloomberg explains, one such collector made $454,000 in a single year, most of it in bonuses for getting people to pay up. His boss, the CEO of Educational Credit Management Corp., makes than more than $1 million in salary, along with some sweet commuting perks.

Solyndra Bankruptcy: Solar Panel Company Won't Pay Back Most Of Its $527 Million Government Loan
Huffington Post - Solyndra's not going to pay back the better part of its loans, which is bad news for its investors -- better known as U.S. taxpayers. Solyndra, the solar panel company that famously filed for bankruptcy last September, will only be paying back about $24 million of the $527 million loaned to it by the U.S. government, according to Dow Jones reports. The company will also repay at least half of a $70 million investment from private equity firms, but much of a separate $1 billion investment from the private equity industry won't be coming back.

Ann Barnhardt: Get your money out of the financial system or it will be stolen from you!
SilverDoctors - The Doc sat down with Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management Tuesday night for an exclusive interview discussing the shocking precedent set by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last Friday that Sentinel’s use of $500 million segregated client funds to secure a loan from the Bank of NY Melon for it’s prop trading desk is not fraudulent but is rather perfectly legal.... Barnhardt tells readers ‘You have got to get your money out of the financial system! Not just the futures markets, but the entire thing! Stocks, 401k, IRA.

Price of Ground Beef Hits Record High
CNS News - The average price of ground beef hit a record high in the United States in July, according to data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS has been tracking the average price of a pound of 100% ground beef since 1984. In July, it cost $3.085, up from $3.007 in June. Prior to June, the average cost of 100% ground beef in the United States had never topped $3.00.

Housing Market

Wayne County to hold its biggest foreclosure auction ever
Detroit News - A record 22,504 properties are going up for auction next month in Wayne County because of nonpayment of taxes, further evidence of the real-estate crash whose aftershocks still reverberate. The foreclosures are up 57 percent from 14,290 last year, and officials with nonprofit agencies working to keep residents in homes say they're bombarded with pleas for help. The vast majority of the properties, 20,040, are in Detroit.... In the past three years, the county has foreclosed on nearly 50,000 properties. The city of Detroit contains about 387,000 parcels.

Energy & Environment

Global power grid failures being used to push smart grids
(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) India's recent massive power grid failure - the largest in history which left some 670 million people without power - has renewed calls for so-called smart grids in the United States, as some analysts have questioned whether a similar event could occur in North America.

Biofuel scammer used government credit money to purchase Patton battle tank
(NaturalNews) What would you do to obtain a piece of U.S. military history? If you're Jeffrey David Gunselman, you might resort to defrauding the government. According to court records, Gunselman - CEO of Absolute Fuel, a biodiesel fuel company - has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Texas for lying about producing bio-diesel fuel and selling the resulting renewable fuel credits for $41.7 million, using some of those proceeds to buy a Patton tank.

The Mississippi River Is Drying Up
The Economic Collapse - The worst drought in more than 50 years is having a devastating impact on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi has become very thin and very narrow, and if it keeps on dropping there is a very real possibility that all river traffic could get shut down. And considering the fact that approximately 60 percent of our grain, 22 percent of our oil and natural gas, and and one-fifth of our coal travel down the Mississippi River, that would be absolutely crippling for our economy. It has been estimated that if all Mississippi River traffic was stopped that it would cost the U.S. economy 300 million dollars a day.

Wells go dry across rural U.S. - No one tracks the number of wells that go dry, but state and local governments and well diggers and water haulers report many more dead wells than in a typical summer across a wide swath of the Midwest. It's not unusual for rural wells to stop producing toward the end of a hot summer. But this year is different. Some of the same wells that are known to run dry in August or September instead ran out in June.


No yolk: eating the whole egg as dangerous as smoking?
LA Times - Just as you were ready to tuck into a nice three-egg omelet again, comforted by the reassuring news that eggs are not so bad for you, here comes a study warning that for those over 40, the number of egg yolks consumed per week accelerates the thickening of arteries almost as severely as does cigarette smoking.
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Myth Busted: Eating Eggs Has Virtually No Effect on Cholesterol ...

New research - Morgellons proven to be a real disease
(NaturalNews) Following up from the CDC study, in January of 2012, new independent research just published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research found that Morgellons is in fact a real disease (8). Based on extensive physical, microscopic and fluorescence examination of skin, hair, tissues, calluses, etc. of three Morgellons sufferers, the researchers reported several interesting findings.... The researchers concluded that the fibers "are clearly biological in nature and are not implanted textile fibers." It may be probable to assume that since these fibers under the microscope which contain floral and root-like structures that the origin may be via a cross contamination of DNA from plants and humans by way of GMOs.

Does Potassium Lower Blood Pressure?
Natural Society - Potassium has several functions in the body, aiding with the proper workings of the heart, kidneys, nerves, muscles and the digestive system. A lack of potassium can manifest itself in many ways, including high blood pressure. Researchers have looked at the connection between high blood pressure and potassium for decades, determining that simply increasing your potassium intake while lowering your sodium intake is enough to get your blood pressure back under control.

Rosemary - Boost your memory with this nutritional powerhouse and super antioxidant
(NaturalNews) One of rosemary's most powerful medicinal functions is its ability to prevent malignant mutations of human DNA, particularly in the liver and bronchial cells, which in turn helps to prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors. Because it is also rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants, rosemary can effectively protect cell membranes from being damaged, as well as protect brain cells from destruction. As far as brain function and memory are concerned, rosemary has a stimulating effect on the mind in that it promotes healthy blood flow to brain tissue, and cleanses blood all along the way.

Texas declares emergency due to West Nile virus outbreak
RT - Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed concern over his state’s unusually high infection rate. More than 200 disease infections occurred in Dallas County. In Texas, there were 381 cases and 16 deaths related to West Nile Virus – more than half of which occurred in Dallas County, ABC News reports. The mayor on Wednesday authorized the first aerial spraying of insecticide from planes in more than 45 years, in an attempt to battle the deadly insects. The spraying will cost the government’s emergency fund $500,000.

Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion
(NaturalNews) Being aware of what is being depleted by the prescription you are taking can help you to choose what to supplement with. Vitamins and minerals are vital for the everyday cellular processes in your body; inadequate amounts may lead to decreased immunity, digestive issues and much more.... elow are a few examples of some commonly prescribed drugs and a list of the nutrients that are automatically depleted.

Xenobiotics/Xenoestrogens – Get Rid of These for Your Health! - Xenobiotics and Xenoestrogens are chemicals in our environment and in our food supply that have a hormone-like activity.... Nearly all xenobiotics are derived from a petroleum source. They are found in literally thousands of products that we use everyday. These products include plastics, microchips, medicines, foods, soaps, lotions, clothing, pesticides, herbicides, cleansers, etc..... Be aware that cooking in plastics increases leaching of the harmful chemicals into your food. A recent study showed that microwaving with plastic wrap caused levels 10,000,000 times greater than the FDA acceptable level of the known carcinogen DEHA. This same study also revealed increases in food levels of xenoestrogens.

J&J removing harsh chemicals from products by 2015 - Johnson & Johnson plans to remove potentially cancer-causing and other dangerous chemicals from nearly all its adult toiletries and cosmetic products worldwide within 3 1/2 years.... The company told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Tuesday that it remains on track to have baby products, including its Johnson's No More Tears baby shampoo, reformulated with safer ingredients by the end of 2013. Adult products will be reformulated by the end of 2015.

Science & Technology

'Kraut and Cottage Food Laws
Mother Earth News - One woman selling her homemade sauerkraut fought against the regulations at her county's health department regarding cottage food laws, which can prevent small-time producers from distributing their foods to the public.

20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them
Mother Earth News - Read these detailed instructions for food storage, including curing and storing onions, potatoes, leeks, cabbage, apples, squash and other produce that will last all winter.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Easy tips for growing superfoods in your home garden
(NaturalNews) The superfood designation has been applied mostly to exotic food sources that contain very little bulk, few calories, but are high in nutritional value. Many of them, for example, chlorella or spirulina, are beyond home gardening capacity.... There are three ingredients you can grow in a private garden that are useful for juicing. They are carrots, kale, and cilantro. These three combined as a juice can offer a bundle of health benefits with lots of intact enzymes and nutrients in an easily assimilated liquid form.

Today in History - Wednesday - August 15, 2012
1877 - Thomas Edison wrote to the president of the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh, PA. The letter stated that the word, "hello" would be a more appropriate greeting than "ahoy" when answering the telephone.
1911 - The product Crisco was introduced by Procter & Gamble Company.
1914 - The Panama Canal was officially opened to commercial traffic as an American ship sailed from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
1918 - Diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Russia were severed.
1935 - Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in an airplane crash in near Point Barrow, AK.
1944 - The Allied forces of World War II landed in southern France.
1945 - The Allies proclaimed V-J Day a day after Japan agreed to surrender unconditionally.
1947 - India became independent from Britain and was divided into the countries of India and Pakistan. India had been under British about 200 years.
1948 - The Republic of Korea was proclaimed.
1948 - CBS-TV inaugurated the first nightly news broadcast with anchorman Douglas Edwards.
1949 - In San Francisco, a stunt leap off the Golden Gate Bridge was performed for the first time.
1961 - East German workers began construction of the Berlin Wall.
1971 - U.S. President Nixon announced a 90-day freeze on wages, rents and prices.
1983 - Six-month-old Lisa Harap of Queens Village, NY became the youngest identifiable living person to appear on a cover of "TIME" magazine.
1986 - The U.S. Senate approved a package of economic sanctions against South Africa. The ban included the importing of steel, uranium, textiles, coal, and produce from South Africa.
1992 - Vietnam blamed Hollywood for creating the "myth" concerning the issue of U.S. servicemen still being held prisoner in Indochina.
1994 - The U.S. Social Security Administration became an independent government agency. It had been a part of the Department of Health and Human Services agency.
1997 - The U.S. Justice Department decided not to prosecute FBI officials in connection with the deadly 1992 Ruby Ridge siege in Idaho. The investigation dealt with an alleged cover-up.
2000 - A group of 100 people from North Korea arrived in South Korea for temporary reunions with relatives they had not seen for half a century. Also, a group of 100 South Koreans visited the North.
2001 - Astronomers announced the discovery of the first solar system outside our own. They had discovered two planets orbiting a star in the Big Dipper.

World News

Afghan Taliban attack US base in Khost
Press TV - Afghan Taliban say they have attacked a US military base in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Khost as foreign forces are suffering more casualties in the war-torn country. The high number of military casualties in Afghanistan has intensified opposition in the United States and other members of the Western military alliance against the protracted war in the country.
Insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of about 130,000 US-led forces in the country.

Libyan Terrorists Are Invading Syria
Activist Post August 14, 2012 - US, British, NATO, and GCC are arming and funding the foreign invasion of Syria - Western media providing increasingly tenuous "revolutionary" cover. Reuters today provides us with a spectacularly contradictory headline in their report, "Libyan fighters join Syrian revolt." Obviously foreign fighters from Libya, raiding cities, attacking government and civilian targets, and attempting to subvert and overthrow the sovereign government of Syria is not a "revolt." It is an invasion.

Israel has not decided on Iran strike, cannot deliver knockout punch alone, top US defense officials say - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey express doubts that Israel can or will launch solo campaign against nuclear sites. Two top American defense officials spoke out against possible Israeli plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites Tuesday, as the US ramps up efforts to hold Jerusalem back from launching a unilateral campaign. Speaking to reporters from the Pentagon, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he did not believe Israel had yet made a decision on whether or not to embark on a military campaign.

Netanyahu: Iran's Nukes 'Dwarf' Other Threats
Newser - Syria descending into civil war, the Arab Spring, instability in Egypt—the Middle East is full of uncertainties that threaten Israel, but all of them are "dwarfed" by Iran's nuclear threat, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last night, reports Reuters. Netanyahu's comments were broadcast live by Israel's media, and published in both right- and left-wing newspapers, as debate grows in Israel over whether the country needs to go to war with Iran. "I say again that Iran must not be permitted to obtain nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said.

Another large quake hits NW Iran
Press TV - An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale has struck the Iranian province of East Azarbaijan, just three days after two powerful earthquakes killed 306 people and injuring over 3,000 in the northwestern province.... There have been no deaths and no injuries reported so far.

China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency!
Before It's News - There can be no doubt that the US dollar will soon be history. China is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo bars in order to issue a new ‘gold backed’ global currency. This is surely a strategic part of their recent push to sign new trade agreements with Russia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, India, and Iran. The cat is now out of the bag, the US will be given the ‘bums rush’ by the largest trading nations in the world and the dollar will go down in flames. GATA now estimates that 80% of the gold that investors believe they have in allocated accounts is long gone, the majority of it probably wound up in China.

Another blast hits Afghanistan, brings total death toll to at least 46
RT - An explosion in the country's north has killed 10 people. Earlier, multiple suicide bombings in the southwestern province of Nimroz left at least 36 people dead, and injured over a 100 others. Police said a motorcycle bomb outside a crowded bazaar in northern Afghanistan has killed at least 10 people, including several children. The blast brought the death toll to at least 46 in a bloody day for the war-torn country, after as many as 14 suicide bombers were involved in attacks in the southwestern city of Zaranj.

Former Syria PM: Assad controls only 30% of country
Reuters - Riyad Hijab told a news conference in Jordan that the morale of Syrian authorities was low after grappling for 17 months to crush a popular uprising and an armed insurgency against Assad. “The regime is collapsing, spiritually and financially, as it escalates militarily,” he said. “It no longer controls more than 30 percent of Syrian territory.” Hijab, a Sunni Muslim, was not in Assad’s inner circle. But as the most senior civilian official to defect, his flight after two months in the job looked embarrassing for the president.

British Bank in $340 Million Settlement for Laundering
NY Times - Standard Chartered, the British bank, has agreed to pay New York’s top banking regulator $340 million to settle claims that it laundered hundreds of billions of dollars in tainted money for Iran and lied to regulators. The agreement is a victory for Benjamin M. Lawsky and his 10-month old agency, the New York Department of Financial Services, which took on the bank alone in charging that it schemed for nearly a decade with Iran to hide from regulators 60,000 transactions worth $250 billion.

Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets
AP - Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges.... The withdrawals follow accusations of improper accounting by some companies and a deadlock between Beijing and Washington over whether U.S. regulators can oversee their China-based auditors. Some Chinese companies say they are pulling out of U.S. markets because a low share price fails to reflect the strength of their business. Withdrawing also eliminates the cost of complying with American financial reporting rules.

Fukushima mutant butterflies spark fear of effect on humans
RT - Genetic mutations have been found in three generations of butterflies living near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The gruesome discovery has led scientists to fear that the leaking radiation could affect other species.... To make sure the mutations were caused by radiation and not some other factor, researchers collected butterflies from unaffected regions of the country, and observed similar results after giving them low-dose exposures of radiation.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Mainstream Doctors Say Supporting the 2nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder
Activist Post - The medical industry in conjunction with Big Pharma wants to classify the right to keep and bear arms as a mental disorder in another power grab to circumvent and eventually destroy our Constitutional 2nd Amendment.... Daniel Webster, co-director of the anti-firearm John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, asserts that "gun ownership—a precursor to gun violence—can spread 'much like an infectious disease'" and wants healthcare professionals to have influence over whether or not American citizens are legally allowed to possess firearms. Webster would like to see Obamacare have ultimate control of the classification of mental states with regard to purchasing and obtaining FBI clearance for a gun.

VIDEO: Philadelphia woman faces $600-a-day fine for feeding needy neighborhood kids
Fox News - A Pennsylvania woman who offers free lunch every day to low-income children in her neighborhood faces a $600-a-day fine next summer if she continues because she did not clear the food giveaway with township officials. Angela Prattis donates her time to distribute the meals — supplied by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia — and adheres to strict paperwork, like filling out weekly reports and being visited bi-weekly from a state worker, reports.

Over Atlantic in an hour? Pentagon to test hypersonic X-51A WaveRider aircraft (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
RT - The Pentagon knows that, sometimes, time really is of the essence. That’s why they are throwing their weight behind a new aircraft — one capable of traveling five times the speed of sound for minutes on end — scheduled for testing this week.

TSA ‘chat-downs’ investigated at Boston’s Logan airport
USA Today - The Department of Homeland Security is investigating complaints from airport security officers that the “chat-down” program at Boston’s Logan airport has become a magnet for racial profiling. The Transportation Security Administration said Monday that the department’s inspector general will examine the complaints that Middle Easterners, Hispanics and blacks have been targeted in the program. The New York Times reported Sunday that 32 TSA officers at Logan made the complaints.

'Black box' standards coming for cars
The Hill - New federal standards for "black boxes" that record information leading up to auto accidents will will take effect Sept. 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruled on Tuesday.... The federal standards will apply only to cars that are voluntarily outfitted with event data recorders (EDRs), also known as black boxes. But while the government does not yet require all cars to have black boxes installed, NHTSA is still thought to be considering a federal mandate as a next step, possibly this year.

2012 Election News

Ryan: GOP ticket to wait to disclose tax specifics - Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan says he and Mitt Romney will wait until after they're elected to disclose what tax loopholes they plan to get rid of.


Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets
Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges.

'I'm sick to my stomach': anger grows in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan
Guardian - The Sensata plant in Freeport is profitable and competitive, but its majority owner, Bain Capital, has decided to ship jobs to China – and forced workers to train their overseas replacements.... Workers at the plant have appealed to Bain and Romney to save their plant.... It's a surreal experience, they say. For months they have watched their plant being dismantled and shipped to China, piece by piece, as they show teams of Chinese workers how to do the jobs they have dedicated their lives to.

Factory owners: Federal prisoners stealing our business
CNN Money - Just hearing the word Unicor is enough to make Kurt Wilson see red. Unicor is a government-run enterprise that employs over 13,000 inmates — at wages as low as 23 cents an hour — to make goods for the Pentagon and other federal agencies.... Wilson has been competing with Unicor for 20 years. He’s an executive at American Apparel Inc., an Alabama company that makes military uniforms. (It is not affiliated with the international retailer of the same name.) He has gone head-to-head with Unicor on just about every product his company makes — and said he has laid off 150 people over the years as a result.

You Will Not Believe What Some People Are Willing To Do For A Paycheck These Days
The Economic Collapse - It is absolutely amazing what some people will do to make a living in this economy. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we have not seen this kind of desperation for jobs in America since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Housing Market

YouTube: Banks fraudulently foreclose on millions of Americans
RT - Florida will be one of the battleground states in the upcoming presidential election. Apart from having a large number of seniors who are concerned about issues like Medicare and taxes, the state also has one of the highest percentages of home foreclosures, falling only after California. Lisa Epstein who is running for clerk of courts in Palm Beach County, Florida shares her first-hand experience with RT's Kristine Frazao.

VIDEO: Chris Whalen: 'Bank Of America Will Split And Merrill Lynch Will Have $30 Billion+ Of Litigation Exposure For The Mortgage Mess, Just By Themselves'
Daily Bail - Yesterday, banking analyst Chris Whalen on fox with Melissa Francis... "The big banks will split and NOT because of regulation..."

Energy & Environment

YouTube: Dutchsinse Explains Louisiana Sinkholes
Bayou Corne Louisiana has experienced a series of events which 'professionals' are having a hard time explaining --- or at least the pros are finding it to be an inconvenient time to offer an explanation as to what is going on.

Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Raises Concerns of Explosions and Radiation
ABC News - A nearly 400-foot deep sinkhole in Louisiana has swallowed all of the trees in its area and enacted a mandatory evacuation order for about 150 residences for fear of potential radiation and explosions. The 400-square-foot gaping hole is in Assumption Parish, La., about 50 miles south of Baton Rouge.

Drought Rises in Historical Rankings - The 2012 drought disaster continued to expand and deepen in July, placing it among the six largest droughts in modern record keeping, according to a monthly drought report to be released Wednesday by the National Climatic Data Center.

VIDEO: Lightning Rips 25' Trench Through Backyard and into Mass. Home
CBS News - Lightning struck a tree in Foxboro and traveled to a nearby home. Beth Germano reports.


About that bone scan and the meds that follow…
(NaturalNews) Bone scans can be useful to find out bone density status, but most MD's use bone scans to sell more bone scans and bone meds. Oh sure, they can tell you that your bones are thin with their technology, but what happens after the diagnosis is a real problem... Long-term use of bone meds like Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax and Reclast have been linked to femur fractures. One study found bones on these meds turning brittle at four years. Two studies found an increased risk of fracture at five years on these meds in healthy, active women. These bad drugs are linked to esophageal cancer, necrosis of the jaw, heartburn, abdominal pain, fever, bone and muscle pain, low energy and low levels of calcium in the blood.

Triclosan ingredient in hundreds of household products 'causes heart problems'
Daily Mail - A chemical commonly used in lipsticks, face washes and toothpaste may cause heart and muscle problems, according to scientists. They found triclosan... can hinder the process by which muscles, including the heart, receive signals from the brain. In tests on mice, they noted a ‘dramatic’ 25 per cent reduction in heart function within 20 minutes of exposure, and warned there is ‘strong evidence’ it could affect human health.... Scientists had thought that the chemical... was metabolised quickly by the body without harmful effects. However, the researchers at the University of California say it may remain active and be transported to organs, causing damage.

Eli Lilly admits to more than $200 million dollars worth of doctor payoffs
(NaturalNews) Prozac. Cialis. Cymbalta. If you have a television or read magazines, you've heard of their drugs. Eli Lilly, out of Indiana, makes billions of dollars every year off the sale of their patented chemicals, which are used to suppress the symptoms of disease in the human body. Founded by a chemist in the late 19th century; today the pharmaceutical giant has offices in 18 countries, and its products are sold in 125 countries, with revenues exceeding $20 billion annually.

The most damning vaccination study not publically disclosed to date
(NaturalNews) There have been reports from epidemiological studies confirming suspicions that those who are vaccinated often don't do as well with long-term health as those who are vaccination free.

Brain Development Damaged by C-Section Deliveries: PLoS Study
Gaia Health - How many mothers-to-be are told by their doctors that they must accede to a caesarian section, delivery by surgery, because their babies are “in distress”? In this age of technical births, it’s become quite routine.... When babies are delivered by C-section, they are unable to develop enough of a natural protein that’s required for optimal brain development, specifically growth of neurons and connections in the hippocampus, the brain area involved in learning and memory. In other words, babies born unnaturally by C-section lose some of their intelligence. Their life options are decreased.

The Great Diet for Healthy Hair – Top 7 Foods, Vitamins, and Nutrients
Natural Society - Overall good health and well-regulated hormones lead to thick, shiny hair. When you eat an optimal diet of natural foods and minimal additives, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors, you will see healthier hair. It’s pretty simple to see how a diet for healthy hair really can work. But what herbs, vitamins, and foods in particular can improve the condition of your hair?

Science & Technology

TrapWire investigation links transit systems and Anonymizer in global surveillance network
RT - The facts behind TrapWire continue to surface in the days since WikiLeaks exposed the state-of-the-art surveillance system, but minute-by-minute more is being revealed about not just the scary intelligence infrastructure but its questionable ties.

Mars Curiosity under hacker attack?
RT - Either hackers are considering making Mars their own or else the FBI is engaged in perhaps their most far-fetched entrapment operation yet. A request has reportedly been made over the Web for help in hacking NASA’s Curiosity rover.

VIDEO: 'Facedeals’ scans your face to customize deals
Adan Salazar - “Check in with your face” is the motto a U.S. marketing company is using to preface its new face scan deal-linking technology. Redpepper, out of Nashville, TN, has developed technology that says it will save you money, however, the methods engaged are much more intrusive than your standard grocery store coupon. The process starts when a “Facedeals” camera, mounted at a venue’s front door, scans and matches your face’s likeness to your Facebook profile, generating customized deals for your area according to your “likes.”

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Good News! Judge Halts Plan for Soccer Fields on Potomac Organic Farm
Potomac.Patch - A Circuit Court judge Tuesday nullified a lease agreement between Montgomery County and Montgomery County Public Schools that would give the county the right to build soccer fields on an organic farm in Potomac.... Circuit Court Judge Robert Greenburg today granted a stay, halting plans for Montgomery County to take back organic farmer Nick Maravell's farm on the land, as appeals of school board decisions play out. The decision came hours after Gov. Martin O'Malley issued a statement on the controversy in favor of the organic farm. Related ABC News video/article.

Action Alert: Agent Orange Soy: Just Another Day at USDA
ANH - Dow AgroSciences has petitioned USDA for the deregulation of a new genetically engineered soybean seed that is resistant to the same infamous herbicide. Agent Orange, you may recall, was used in Vietnam as chemical warfare.... This poison has been shown to get into drinking water, and has a tendency to drift up to 100 miles on the breeze. It has been shown to cause non-Hodgkins lymphoma and to act as an endocrine disruptor. It is carcinogenic, a neurotoxin, causes liver and kidney damage, and produces birth defects. Nor is there any research on how 2,4-D and glyphosate affect human and wildlife health in combination.

Register Your Business, Your Car, Your Gun, Your Child, Your Life, and Your … Garden?
Lew Rockwell Blog - In the city ghettos, the police state has always resorted to giving away gift cards for athletic shoes – such as at Footlocker – in exchange for local folks turning in a gun.... There is a program in Utah that has an eerily similar hook to the athletic shoe scheme – register your garden and you can win a chintzy prize. The program is called the Utah Garden Challenge. The “challenge” is a data mining scam, and consequently, it is a registration disguised as a warm-and-fuzzy happy hour for good little folks who grow a cucumber and spin a hoe in the dirt every now and then. See this YouTube; it’s legit.

Pet News

The Politics of Chinese Imported Jerky Dog Treats
Susan Thixton - For more than seven years, chicken jerky treats imported from China have been linked to death and serious illness in an unknown number of dogs on two continents - the U.S. and Australia. The FDA recently provided more reports of pet illness and death believed to be related to the treats, but the cause of so much pet illness and death has yet to be discovered.... A few days ago, the FDA did a "data dump" of jerky treat consumer complaints. Blogger and Food Safety Activist Phyllis Entis states "What can we learn from this list of 171 consumer complaints? We can read about the pain and suffering - human as well as animal - that the mysterious jerky treat problem has caused."

Humor & Satire

YouTube: Kung Fu Rooster and Black Cat


Today in History - Tuesday - August 14, 2012
1805 - A peace treaty between the U.S. and Tunis was signed on board the USS Constitution.
1848 - The Oregon Territory was established.
1873 - "Field and Stream" magazine published its first issue.
1880 - The Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany was completed after 632 years of rebuilding.
1896 - Gold was discovered in Canada's Yukon Territory. Within the next year more than 30,000 people rushed to the area to look for gold.
1900 - An international force, consisting of eight nations, lifted the siege of Peking. It was an end to the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at purging China of foreigners.
1917 - China declared war on Germany and Austria during World War I.
1919 - About 1 million tons of ice and rock broke off of a glacier near Mont Blanc, France. Nine people were killed in the incident.
1935 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. The act created unemployment insurance and pension plans for the elderly.
1941 - The U.S. Congress appropriated the funds to construct the Pentagon (approximately $83 million). The building was the new home of the U.S. War Department.
1941 - U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issued the Atlantic Charter. The charter was a statement of principles that renounced aggression.
1944 - The federal government allowed the manufacture of certain domestic appliances to resume on a limited basis.
1945 - It was announced by U.S. President Truman that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. The surrender ended World War II.
1969 - British troops arrived in Northern Ireland to intervene in sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics.
1973 - The U.S. bombing of Cambodia ended. The halt marked the official end to 12 years of combat in Indochina by the U.S.
1980 - People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was incorporated.
1986 - U.S. officials announced that a U.S. Drug Enforcement agent had been abducted, interrogated and tortured by Mexican police.
1992 - The U.S. announced that emergency airlifts of food to Somalia would begin. The action was being taken to stop mass deaths due to starvation.
1995 - Shannon Faulkner became the first female cadet in the history of The Citadel, South Carolina's state military college. She quit the school less than a week later.
1998 - A U.S. federal appeals court in Richmond, VA, ruled that the Food and Drug Administration had no authority to regulate tobacco. The FDA had established rules to make it harder for minors to buy cigarettes.
2000 - Valujet was ordered to pay $11 million in fines and restitution for hazardous waste violations in the crash that killed 110 people in 1996.

World News

Iran condemns assassination of Syrian journalist by insurgents
Syria’s state news agency, Sana, reported on August 12 that a Syrian journalist had been killed in Damascus. Sana said its reporter, Ali Abbas, was killed at his residence in the Jdaidet Artouz area, blaming an "armed terrorist group." No further details were given regarding the incident.

VIDEO: I was ‘in all ways’ tortured in US jail: Iran citizen
Press TV - “They put me in prison; the first 18 months were horrible because I was in all ways tortured. Physically, not beating me but keeping me for 18 hours in a freezing cell all in chains, chains around my waist and my hands and my feet. And they always put the chains and handcuffs in a way that my skin would come off,” Shahrzad Mir-Qolikhan told Press TV after her arrival in Tehran from Oman on Sunday night.

Total assault on medical free speech as British authorities threaten vaccine-autism website over its content
(NaturalNews) A U.K. group devoted to helping parents customize appropriate vaccination schedules for their children has been targeted by British authorities for posting scientifically-backed warnings about the dangers of the combination measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, also known as MMR. BBC News reports that has been ordered by the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to pull information from its website that merely explains the known scientific links between MMR and autism.

(Major) Earthquakes list August 14, 2012 – Massive very deep earthquake in the sea of Okhotsk (Japan – Russia) - A Magnitude 7.7 (updated from 7.3 by USGS) earthquake hit the sea of Okhotsk 160 km from Poronaysk, Russia although it was a massive earthquake the depth of 625 km has decreased the shaking strongly, making it a IV on the Mercalli scale (light shaking) for a very wide area, no tsunami is possible because of the depth.
The earthquake has been felt as far as Japan!

Very strong moderately dangerous earthquake in the Xinjiang mountains, China – More damage than initially expected - A M6.2 earthquake occurred in the Xinjiang mountains, China. Initially reported by the international agencies as very shallow (read very dangerous), the report of the Chinese authorities came as a relief as this agency mentioned a depth of 30 km.

VIDEO: Extraordinary footage unearthed after 70 years shows prisoners and Nazi guards laughing and joking inside Colditz
Daily Mail - Colditz may have been a notorious Nazi prisoner of war camp, but a newly-unearthed film shows its inmates and guards still found time to fool around. The extraordinary footage – the only known film of prisoners and guards inside the camp – was found 70 years after it was shot. It will be screened for the first time on Channel 4 tonight. The clips show inhabitants of the camp in a more relaxed light, joking around and smiling for the camera.

Israeli Minister Asks Nations to Say Iran Talks Have Failed
NY Times - Amid intensifying Israeli news reports saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is close to ordering a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program, his deputy foreign minister called Sunday for an international declaration that the diplomatic effort to halt Tehran’s enrichment of uranium is dead.

Israel’s Dollar Reserves a Weapon Against Iranian War Disaster - Gloom and doomers warn that war with Iran could cripple the economy, but Israel has a weapon: $70 billion in dollar reserves.... If a war between Israel and Iran were to cause a panic among foreign investors selling shekel investments, the local currency could plummet. Fischer then could come to the rescue, using the hoard of dollars to buy up shekels and prevent the collapse of the currency.

Media coverage of Syrian violence partial and untrue, says nun
Irish Times - A NUN who has been superior at a Syrian monastery for the past 18 years has warned that media coverage of ongoing violence in that country has been “partial and untrue”. It is “a fake”, Mother Agnes Mariam said, which “hides atrocities committed in the name of liberty and democracy”.... She told The Irish Times she was in Ireland “not to advocate for the (Assad) regime but for the facts”. Most news reports from Syria were “forged, with only one side emphasized”, she said. This also applied to the UN, whose reports were “one-sided and not worthy of that organisation”.

Venezuela plans a 'guerrilla army' against US invasion
Venezuela is training a "guerrilla army" aiming to be a million strong by 2013 to fight off a possible US invasion, an opposition lawmaker said Sunday. "Plan Sucre" -- apparently crafted with input from close ally and fellow US foe Cuba -- covers the legal, logistical and other angles necessary to "transform a professional army into a guerrilla army," Representative Maria Corina Machado told El Universal newspaper. "The strategic objective is to build a new Bolivarian military doctrine" that would prepare Venezuela to be successful in a prolonged popular war against "the empire," or the United States, Machado said, citing the document.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Muslim ex-employee sues Disney over harassment, discrimination
Press TV - Imane Budlal, the 26-year-old former employee of Walt Disney, says that she had been subjected to discrimination by the company on the ground of her Islamic beliefs. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit on behalf of the young Moroccan Muslim female. “The harassment and discrimination in this case is unprecedented,” said Attorney Anne Richardson.

JFK's $100 mln security system breached by a jet-skier
RT - After sinking his jet ski, a 31-year-old man was forced to swim to the only lights he saw on shore. Wearing a bright yellow life jacket, the man penetrated John F. Kennedy airport, bypassing the $100 million security system... Still wearing his life jacket, the young man then walked into a terminal and approached a Delta Airlines worker, who was startled and called the authorities. But rather than help the stranded jet skier, police immediately arrested the young man and charged him with criminal trespass.

DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo
Paul Joseph Watson | Second massive ammunition buy this year fuels fears of civil unrest. A solicitation originally issued by the DHS in April but updated on Friday calls on suppliers to provide a plethora of different types of ammunition, The PDF file for the solicitation lists the different units of ammo required by the thousand, with the total ammo purchase exceeding 750 million rounds.

NOAA Requests Ammunition For The Weather Service
Activist Post - On 9 Aug 2012, the Department of Commerce, for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by way of the National Weather Service, put out a solicitation for a small variety of ammunition.... In all, 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and only 500 Transtar II blue 24" x 40" targets are being ordered. All the ammunition and targets are being spread out over the US to three locations, Ellsworth, ME; New Bedford, MA; Wall, NJ; and St. Petersburg, FL. Only the 24,000 rounds are being sent to Florida, no targets will be shipped there.

Nine Nobel Peace Laureates Call on NBC to Cancel “Stars Earn Stripes” - Nine Nobel Peace Laureates today issued an open letter to the Chairman of NBC Entertainment, as well as General Wesley Clark and others involved in the new “reality” show premiering tonight on NBC—“Stars Earn Stripes”—calling on them to walk away from the show immediately. The Laureates say that the program pays homage to no one and is “a massive disservice to those who live and die in armed conflict and suffer its consequences long after the guns of war fall silent.”

Feds: Mississippi county runs 'school-to-prison pipeline'
(CNN) -- Officials in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, have operated "a school-to-prison pipeline" that violates the constitutional rights of juveniles by incarcerating them for alleged school disciplinary infractions, some as minor as defiance, the U.S. Department of Justice said Friday. "Students most affected by this system are African-American children and children with disabilities," the Justice Department said.

Ohio, Florida Public Schools Lock Mentally Disabled Children in Closets
AlterNet - To discipline misbehaving students, public schools in Ohio and Florida regularly send children to “seclusion” — isolation in a locked cell-like room, old office, or closet, NPR’s State Impact reports. Many of these children are special needs students and their parents are not always told of this disciplinary practice. Ohio schools — where seclusion is almost completely unregulated — sent students to seclusion rooms 4,236 times in the 2009-2010 school year. Sixty percent of these students had disabilities.

2012 Election News

Ron Paul Will Not Seek To Be Nominated From The Floor, Because The DELEGATES Seek To Nominate Ron Paul From The Floor.
Daily Paul - Jesse Benton's comment, "Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor" has stirred a lot confusion among the DPers. This is understandable, but at the same time EVERYBODY has to remember that the only important thing is to understand that it is the DELEGATES that seek to nominate Ron Paul from the floor. It is not the job of Ron Paul, but of the delegates. Everything else is distraction. PERIOD!

YouTube: Paul Ryan "Townhall" Arrests
Rep. Paul Ryan's only August appearance is at this $15 a ticket "townhall", where he refuses to speak directly with his constituents--who are demanding real answers. Instead? He has them arrested. Call Rep. Ryan (202) 225-3031 and tell him: That's not how we do things in America.

PHOTO OF THE DAY - The Truth About Paul Ryan
Daily Bail.

Attention RNC Delegates! Ron Paul beats Obama and Romney with 58% favorability in national poll
Daily Paul - New Poll: 45% Vote Ron Paul For President With 58% Favorability. In a new poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research matching up presidential candidates Barack Obama and Ron Paul, 45% of one thousand likely voters across America said they would vote Ron Paul for President. 58% of those surveyed have a favorable view of Ron Paul, while just 36% have an unfavorable view. Compare this to Mitt Romney (50% favorable, 45% unfavorable) and Barack Obama (51% favorable, 48% unfavorable). Ron Paul is viewed in a favorable light by significantly more people than Obama or Romney.

Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Connecticut All Have Elections on TUESDAY August 14th, 2012
Daily Paul - Like so many that I speak to, very few people know that there are a bunch of what's called "run off" primaries taking place before the General Election on November 6th.... On Tuesday 8/14/12 people in Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Connecticut hava a chance to pull the rug out from under the status quo because the sheeple are only motivated to go vote in the big elections. Below I've collected names of liberty candidates from different sources.

VIDEO: Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid
Veterans Today - No other American presidential candidate has ever left the US to garner campaign contributions from foreign citizens. There is a reason for this, one Romney and his staff seem oblivious to and the mainstream media has ignored. Using foreign contributions in any American election is a felony. Here, Fox News identifies illegal fundraising in both Israel and in London, no doner is identified, no records are kept.


Peregrine CEO indicted for lying to regulators - Peregrine Financial Group founder and chief executive Russell Wasendorf Sr was indicted on charges of lying to regulators, a little over a month after he botched a suicide attempt and confessed to bilking customers of his brokerage for years. Wasendorf, 64, "overstated the value of PFG's customer segregated funds by at least tens of millions of dollars" to the Commodity Futures Exchange Commission, according to the indictment, filed in federal court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The indictment carries a possible maximum sentence of 155 years in prison, a $7.75 million fine, and 93 years of supervised release following any imprisonment, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

Banks falsify credit card lawsuits in 90 percent of cases?
RT - US credit card companies have been churning out lawsuits and improperly collecting debt from consumers 90 percent of the time, at least according to a New York judge who deals with these cases. Lawsuits produced by credit car companies to recoup unpaid bills often rely on inaccurate documents, incomplete records and generic testimonies from witnesses who repeatedly testify, the New York Times reported. The companies often sue clients for more money than is owed.

Current Social Security surplus dwarfed by deficit ahead
Seattle Times - As millions of baby boomers flood Social Security with applications for benefits, the program's $2.7 trillion surplus is starting to look small. For nearly three decades Social Security produced big surpluses, collecting more in taxes from workers than it paid in benefits to retirees. The surpluses also helped mask the size of the budget deficit being generated by the rest of the federal government. Those days are over. Since 2010, Social Security has been paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes, adding to the urgency for Congress to address the program's long-term finances.

Veteran News

Troubled veterans left without health-care benefits
Seattle Times - ...federal law draws a sharp dividing line between honorably discharged veterans, who are offered access to veterans health-care and disability compensation, and those whose misdeeds may put those benefits at risk. Veterans who fall below the threshold of an honorable discharge must submit to a VA review of whether they engaged in "willful and persistent misconduct," and if so, whether that makes them ineligible for health-care or disability benefits.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

FBI raiding homes of Occupy activists - The Oregonian newspaper reported that heavily-armed domestic terrorism units of the FBI have been raiding the homes of activists in Seattle and Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon over the last month. The report said that at least six homes have been raided in the two states since July 10. The FBI has described the raids as part of an ongoing violent crime investigation, linked to last year’s Occupy May Day protests, during which a number of minor acts of vandalism allegedly took place.

Housing Market

VIDEO: Feds Covering Up Senator’s Mother’s Mortgage Fraud Ring
Alexander Higgins - NY Attorney Michael G. Bouchard has informed me that on July 17th he sent a letter to to United States Attorney General Eric Holder providing comprehensive evidence of federal government corruption in Albany, New York. The corruption involves the ongoing coverup by top federal law enforcement officials of Senator Gillibrand’s Mother’s mortgage fraud and a ring of co-conspirators. The letter sent to Attorney General Holder documents a series of mortgage fraud scams that have been committed by Polly Rutnik, a New York Attorney and the mother of a United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and her co-conspirators.

HOAs foreclose on big banks - South Florida homeowner associations are foreclosing on some of the nation's largest banks, accusing the lenders of failing to pay thousands of dollars in maintenance fees on repossessed properties. The foreclosure filings are a growing trend as associations become more aggressive in going after delinquent fees that have crippled HOA budgets during the housing bust. n one Broward County case, Deutsche Bank didn't pay maintenance fees for nearly three years on a townhome it repossessed in September 2009 at the Southbridge development in Pembroke Pines, said Ben Solomon, a lawyer for the association.

Energy & Environment

California power grid on the brink of collapse
(NaturalNews) A persistent heat wave that continues to blanket much of Southern California in temperatures as high as 10 degrees or more above average for this time of year is threatening to potentially take down the state's electricity grid, suggests a recent warning issued by the state's electricity grid operator. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) issued a "flex" alert on August 9 urging electricity customers to decrease their power consumption habits during peak hours in order to avoid a potential blackout situation.

Imprelis Lawsuit Alleges DuPont’s Imprelis Herbicide Killed or Damaged Thousands of Trees throughout Minnesota and the United States - The consumer protection lawyers at Gilman Law LLP announce that they have filed a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for victims of Imprelis tree damage throughout the U.S. The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges that the proposed Class Members have suffered the loss of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of mature trees, including, but not limited to, Norway Spruce, white pine, white spruce, Colorado blue spruce, and other conifer and broadleaf plants, due to the application of DuPont’s Imprelis herbicide.


Diabetes Drugs Prescribed to More Than 15 Million Americans Raises Risk of Bladder Cancer
ScienceDaily - A popular class of diabetes drugs increases patients' risk of bladder cancer, according to a new study published online this month in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that patients taking thiazolidinedione (TZDs) drugs -- which account for up to 20 percent of the drugs prescribed to diabetics in the United States -- are two to three times more likely to develop bladder cancer than those who took a sulfonylurea drug, another common class of medications for diabetes.

Osteoporosis Is Scurvy of the Bone, Not Calcium Deficiency
Suzanne Humphries, MD - It saddens me to see older women diagnosed with "osteopenia" or "osteoporosis" listening to their doctors and taking supplemental calcium and even problematic drugs called bisphosphonates. These are irrational, dogmatic, harmful approaches to the problem of degrading bone as we age. In my time practicing nephrology and internal medicine, I saw numerous patients suffering from vascular disease while taking the recommended doses of calcium. X-rays revealed perfect outlines of calcified blood vessels and calcified heart valves.

Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification
Green Med Info - Newly published research reveals that more frequent statin drug use is associated with accelerated coronary artery and aortic artery calcification, both of which greatly contribute to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Published Aug. 8th, 2012 in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers studied patients with type 2 diabetes and advanced atherosclerosis and found that coronary artery calcification "was significantly higher in more frequent statin users than in less frequent users."

Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food
Cornucopia - “This is another blatant violation of the federal law governing organics by multi-billion dollar corporations that apparently think they can get away with anything,” says Charlotte Vallaeys, Director of Farm and Food Policy at The Cornucopia Institute. The preservatives are beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate, synthetics that are added to infant formula to prevent the oxidation and rancidity of ingredients such as the controversial patented supplements DHA and ARA, manufactured by Martek Biosciences Corporation (Royal DSM) and marketed as Life’sDHA®.

Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money
Green Med Info - With the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering class of drugs known as statins being widely promoted for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, despite their having over 300 documented adverse health effects (including heart failure!), how does chocolate sound as a viable, heart-friendly alternative?... Some of cocoa/chocolate’s other potential health benefits include...

Science & Technology

Wikileaks reveals “TrapWire,” a government spy network that uses ordinary surveillance cameras - It's just like an episode of Person of Interest. According to documents leaked on Wikileaks, a company run by ex-CIA agents has created a piece of technology, called TrapWire, that siphons data from surveillance cameras in stores, casinos, and other businesses around the country. TrapWire then analyzes this data for, well, people of interest. Are we living in a total surveillance state without even realizing it?

VIDEO: Trapwire: Big Brother Now Monitors Your Every Move
Kurt Nimmo - The latest Wikileaks data-dump reveals that the government now has the ability to grab video from far-flung surveillance cameras located in stores, casinos and other businesses around the country. It uses sophisticated facial recognition software to identify people of interest captured by the ubiquitous cameras numbering in the millions. The software, Trapwire, is a significant breakthrough for the surveillance state.

Universal soldier: Pentagon eyes limb-regenerating super-troopers?
RT - The US military’s future technology division is reportedly eyeing tampering with soldiers’ genes, allowing them to go for days without food or sleep and re-grow limbs lost in battle or due to landmines. Scientists at the Pentagon’s high-tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hope to find a way to affect certain genes to make the human body do amazing things, like using body fat more efficiently, says British newspaper Sunday Express.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

VIDEO: Genetic Roulette Movie Trailer
When the US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply, it was a gamble of unprecedented proportions. The health of all living things and all future generations were put at risk by an infant technology. After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets that have been fed GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves.

How Bulk Food Storage Can Make You an 80% Return in the Coming Food Crisis
Activist Post - Consider if retail food costs rise by 40% or more over the next few months, you will only be able to buy 6 units of something that you could have stored 10 units of for the same price. Imagine you have $1000 in your savings account versus $1000 worth of food stored in your personal food bank. The future value of your dollar bank account for buying food essentials is $600, while the future value of your food bank is $1400. That is an 80% swing in real terms. This can be the difference in literally starving or living in relative comfort through very difficult times that are sure to affect the majority of the world's population. Related video here.

Humor & Satire

YouTube: THE WRONG DINER...FUNNY! (Parable of the 2nd Amendment?)


Today in History - Monday - August 13, 2012
1792 - French revolutionaries took the entire French royal family and imprisoned them.
1784 - The United States Legislature met for the final time in Annapolis, MD.
1846 - The American Flag was raised for the first time in Los Angeles, CA.
1876 - The Reciprocity Treaty between the U.S. and Hawaii was ratified.
1889 - A patent for a coin-operated telephone was issued to William Gray.
1907 - The first taxicab started on the streets of New York City.
1912 - The first experimental radio license was issued to St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, PA.
1931 - The first community hospital in the U.S. was dedicated in Elk City, OK.
1932 - Adolf Hitler refused to take the post of vice-chancellor of Germany. He said he was going to hold out "for all or nothing."
1935 - The first roller derby match was held at the Coliseum in Chicago, IL.
1959 - In New York, ground was broken on the $320 million Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
1960 - "Echo I," a balloon satellite, allowed the first two-way telephone conversation by satellite to take place.
1961 - Berlin was divided by a barbed wire fence to halt the flight of refugees. Two days later work on the Berlin Wall began.
1979 - Lou Brock (St. Louis Cardinals) got his 3,000th career hit.
1990 - Iraq transferred $3-4 billion in bullion, currency, and other goods seized from Kuwait to Baghdad.
1992 - Woody Allen began legal action to win custody of his three children. A judge ruled against Allen in 1993.
1994 - It was reported that aspirin not only helps reduce the risk of heart disease, but also helps prevent colon cancer.

World News

Afghan officer opens fire on US troops
Press Tv - An Afghan policeman has opened fire on American soldiers in the eastern Nangarhar province in yet another so-called green-on-blue attack. At least six US-led forces were killed by Afghan forces or civilians in similar attacks in southern Afghanistan since Thursday. According to a NATO count, Green-on-blue attacks, in which Afghans turn their weapons against their foreign allies, have killed a total of 34 foreign soldiers this year.

Chinese health deteriorating as Western foods become more prominent
(NaturalNews) A recent study found in the journal Circulation showed that Chinese men and women who ate Western fast food raised their risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Take into consideration the rapid expansion of fast food giants like McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway in China, and you are setting things up for disaster.

Reps From Half the World's Population Meet to Resist Foreign Destabilization in Syria
Activist Post - Iran has recently hosted 30 nations including Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Oman, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, and many others in Tehran this week in efforts to support the Syrian government against foreign destabilization. Upon the agenda were calls to end foreign arms currently flowing into terrorist hands inside Syria, proposals to broker a meaningful ceasefire, the coordination of humanitarian aid, and supporting the Syrian people's right to reform without foreign interference.

Former Defense Secretary Says US Will Probably Enforce “No Fly Zone” Over Syria
Zero Hedge - Three months to the election? Check. Which means war-mongering rhetoric, once considered a staple of the GOP, may very soon become action, first in Syria, and soon, everywhere else. From Bloomberg: “The U.S. and allied forces probably will impose a “no-fly zone” over Syria and take other “more aggressive action” against the Syrian regime, former Defense Secretary William Cohen said. While the U.S. has been leery of another military intervention after a decade of wars, “We’re coming to the point, however, where the violence is getting so severe, I think, that you’ll see a movement towards setting up those no- fly zones,”

UK Sends £5 Million to Listed Terrorists in Syria
Activist Post - In direct violation of both American and British anti-terrorism legislation, particularly provisions regarding providing material support for listed or proscribed terrorist organizations, the United Kingdom has just announced that it will provide armed militants that include listed terror organizations with a £5 million tranche of what it calls "non-lethal practical assistance."

Dozens Of Underwater Drones Deployed To The Waters Of Iran - What to do when international talks begin falling apart? Send a fleet of unmanned submersibles in preparation for a waterway showdown.... Each SeaFox is outfitted with an underwater television camera, homing sonar, an explosive charge, and is controlled through an optic fiber tether. None of the submersibles, however, return from a successful mission as they end, not only with the destruction of the mine, but the craft itself, each costing about $100,000. The SeaFox can sniff out both submerged and surface mines.

Two earthquakes in Iran kill 300 and injure 5,000
Reuters August 12, 2012 - Two quakes hit northwest Iran near city of Tabriz. Quakes were 6.4 and 6.3 in magnitude.... Thousands huddled in makeshift camps or slept in the street after Saturday's quakes for fear of more aftershocks, 60 of which had already struck. A lack of tents and other supplies left them exposed to the night chill, one witness told Reuters. "I saw some people whose entire home was destroyed, and all their livestock killed," Tahir Sadati, a local photographer, said by telephone. "People need help, they need warm clothes, more tents, blankets and bread." The worst damage and most casualties appeared to have been in rural villages around the towns of Ahar, Varzaghan and Harees, near the major city of Tabriz, Iranian media reported.

Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' in Afghanistan
Guardian - Britain's role in supplying information to an American military "kill list" in Afghanistan is being subjected to legal challenge amid growing international concern over targeted strikes against suspected insurgents and drug traffickers. An Afghan man who lost five relatives in a missile strike started proceedings against the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Ministry of Defence demanding to know details of the UK's participation "in the compilation, review and execution of the list and what form it takes".

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six – Olympic Bioweapon Foretold?
Zen Gardner - was sharing with a friend about the possibility of a biological false flag at the Olympics that Clif High mentioned recently and he shot this back to me. “There was a Tom Clancy book called Rainbow Six with exactly that scenario… a hyperactive flu bug that they release at the Olympics and spread it around the world… but in the book the International Police Force saves the day and puts the wacko vegan extremists on ice. he wrote it in 1998… more device forecasting?”

Scottish Government Plans Gardasil Vaccinations During New School Term
Adan Salazar - According to the BBC, the Scottish government says it will begin implementing the vaccinations to “protect thousands of Scottish women” during the new school term. “The HPV vaccine…will continue to be offered to girls in their second year of secondary school, when they are about 13 years old,” the article states. Reportedly, the vaccine is replacing the Cervarix vaccine, which only offers “protection” against two strains of HPV, while Gardasil offers “protection” from four.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Darrell Issa to Sue Eric Holder Monday
Roll Call - House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa plans to sue Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday for refusing to provide documents related to the "Fast and Furious" gun-smuggling operation.... The action is the latest escalation in the dispute between House Republicans and the Justice Department over the documents, which relate to a botched gun-smuggling operation.

"Wider pedophile ring" at Penn State points to explosive connections
(NaturalNews) How high does the corruption go? Was Jerry Sandusky the only pedophile at Penn State? Federal investigators are now looking into an unnamed prominent Penn State booster who may have been molesting young boys. This would go a long way toward explaining why University officials covered up Sandusky's crimes at Penn State for many years. He wasn't the only one who need protecting.

No Consent: Your Child Can Now Be Sterilized In Oregon For Free
Examiner - There is a shocking development in the newObamacare Contraception Mandate that went into effect in Oregon on August 1. Your 15-year-old (as young as 12 in some cases) childcan be sterilized for free, without your consent. Sterilized, not reversible but a permanent end to your child’s ability to reproduce. Do you feel a 15-year-old is mature enough to make that decision?

NaturalNews exclusive: UNITED-Continental airline pilots forced to fly with as little as 3 hours' sleep, 'worked until we drop'
(NaturalNews) Whistleblower pilots flying for United / Continental airlines warn that they are being "worked until we drop," forced to pilot consecutive long-distance flights with as little as three hours' sleep. In a series of secret meetings with NaturalNews, three United / Continental pilots described the "utter hell" they are being put through: "We are being worked until we drop," one pilot to me in a recent face-to-face meeting in Texas. "United-Continental is flying us in violation of FAA legal requirements. Pilot fatigue is at red alert levels. This is an accident waiting to happen."

NDAA on trial: White House refuses to abide with ban against indefinite detention of Americans
RT August 10, 2012 - Not only is the White House fighting in court for the power to jail Americans indefinitely without trial, but the Obama administration is refusing to tell a federal judge if they've abided by an injunction that prohibits them from such. Attorneys for the White House have been in-and-out of court in Manhattan this week to argue that the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, or NDAA, are necessary for the safety and security of the nation.

Domestic Spying: Mini-Drone Can Watch Neighbors From Above
CBS News - While President Obama takes flak for the US’s use of unmanned drone attacks abroad, there is a smaller, smartphone-controlled drone hovering above urban rooftops and suburban backyards: The Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The Parrot AR Drone 2.0, listed on Amazon just below $300, is the best way to live out one’s fantasy of being a spy. The miniature drone is controlled through your iPhone or iPad and features multiple sensors, including a hi-definition front-facing 720-pixel camera and a vertical camera looking straight down from the bottom of the miniature quadricopter (four propellers).

Tracking the NYPD's Full Spectrum "Ring of Steel"
Activist Post - By utilizing biometrics, a massive city-wide camera system supplying real-time data to law enforcement, and a physical militarized presence that has turned the city into an armed encampment capable of shooting down planes; New York's surveillance city has no rival in the realm of Big Brother worship. New York has become the testing ground for the implementation of military-level counterterrorism operations on American soil. According to a 60 Minutes interview with Commissioner Ray Kelly [Video], he commands a force larger than the FBI, consisting of 35,000 uniformed officers and 15,000 civilian employees.

YouTube: Police: "When the President Follows the Constitution, I will"
Illegal Stop Over Open Carry.

White House removes petition with over 22,000 signatures calling for the TSA to follow the law
Activist Post - When I first mentioned the petition in my August 1, 2012 article, “Federal court calls for TSA to explain defiance of naked body scanner order,” the petition had just over 16,000 signatures. According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the White House removed the petition at around 11:30 am EDT, August 9, 2012, with about 22,500 signatures.

2012 Election News

You Tube: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/13/12
End The Fed's Monopoly: Legalize Competing Currencies!

Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’
Tampa Bay Online - Ron Paul has announced he'll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention, and even will snub some gatherings planned by supporters because his campaign isn't controlling them. Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn't discuss negotiations biberty Crier - will be a very prominent time." Benton said by email that Ron Paul is not expected to speak, but that Romney representatives "are working with us (on) other ways to recognize and honor Ron at the convention.

Dramatic Video: 71-year-Old Taken to the Ground for Questioning Paul Ryan
Liberty Crier - As Congressman Paul Ryan cracked a joke about a senior citizen, Tom Nielsen found himself face down on the floor being handcuffed by police. The 71-year-old retired plumber from Kenosha was thrown to the ground, placed in handcuffs, and arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest after objecting to Ryan’s plans to gut Social Security and Medicare during his congressman’s only public appearance scheduled during the August 2011 recess — a $15 Rotary Club luncheon in West Allis on Tuesday.

Romney's VP Pick Paul Ryan Is No Conservative
New American - If Republican voters have any doubts about Ryan’s commitment to budget austerity, they need only hear the Democrats’ outcry that Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” will be a road to the poorhouse for elderly and low-income Americans.... Ryan’s voting record shows a robust support of big-spending programs to enlarge the role of the federal government, especially when they are promoted by a Republican in the White House.

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Fox Business: Paul Ryan's Budget Doesn't Cut Anything of Substance
Daily Paul - Here is also Tom Woods: Paul Ryan is Another Status Quo, and Jack Hunter on Ryan's Budget Plan: 30 Years to Balance the Budget?

Louisiana Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal
Liberty Crier - On Friday, August 10, the RNC Committee on Contests issued a ruling in favor of seating the national convention delegation elected and certified by the Republican Party of Louisiana. “The Committee recommends that the contested delegates and alternates certified by the Republican Party of Louisiana be credentialed and seated for the 2012 Republican National Convention,” read the Contest Report.
* Related Article: Louisiana NOT over...

Maine Gov. LePage Threatens RNC Boycott if Ron Paul Delegates Are Not Seated
Mike Tipping August 19, 2012 - Today, conservative talk show host Ray Richardson announced on Facebook that Governor Paul LePage, the only elected member of the delegation not challenged by Romney’s supporters, has announced that he will boycott the convention if the Ron Paul delegates are not seated.... This declaration ups the ante in this conflict and, if the challenge to the delegates is not resolved amicably before they arrive in Tampa, will likely make the Maine disagreement into national news.
* Related Video:
Tea Party leader and Ron Paul delegate on GOP Compromise

5 Issues That Prove Ron Paul is Ahead of His Time
Liberty Crier - A few weeks ago, a speech [Video] Congressman Ron Paul gave on the House floor in 2002 resurfaced on the web and went viral. At that time, the Bush Administration was planning for war in Iraq and a “global war on terror,” the PATRIOT Act had been passed, and the Federal Reserve had lowered interest rates near zero. In the speech, Paul clearly and consisely articulates the dangers of what the U.S. was embarking on and the results that would likely occur.


Warning: Get Your Money Out: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone”
Mac Slavo - Former money manager Ann Barnhardt, who in November of 2011 made the decision to cease operations of her brokerage firm and return funds to her customers citing “systemic” problems within the entire financial industry, has issued a new warning about the stability of US banks and the safety of individual deposit accounts. The implications of the ruling, according to Barnhardt, will affect the monies of all private individuals who have seen their deposit accounts wiped out in the collapse of firms like John Corzine’s MF Global and put all deposit account holders in the country at risk should their bank be faced with a financial windstorm:

Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?
The Economic Collapse - If federal officials do expect a financial collapse to occur, they would not be the only ones. An increasing number of very respected economists are speaking about the coming financial collapse as if there is a certain inevitability about it. For example, check out the following quote from a recent Money Morning article.... Richard Duncan, formerly of the World Bank and chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Mgmt., says America's $16 trillion federal debt has escalated into a "death spiral," as he told CNBC. And it could result in a depression so severe that he doesn't "think our civilization could survive it." A former World Bank executive is warning that our civilization might not survive what is coming? That is pretty chilling.

Exclusive: U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse
Reuters August 10, 2012 - U.S. regulators directed five of the country's biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help. The two-year-old program, which has been largely secret until now, is in addition to the "living wills" the banks crafted to help regulators dismantle them if they actually do fail. It shows how hard regulators are working to ensure that banks have plans for worst-case scenarios and can act rationally in times of distress.

U.S. Won’t Prosecute Goldman Sachs, Employees in Financial Probe Fraud
Bloomberg - The U.S. Justice Department won’t pursue criminal charges against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) or its employees for allegedly concealing that the bank bet against securities related to the housing market that it sold to investors.... Prosecutors “determined that, based on the law and evidence as they exist at this time, there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution with respect to Goldman Sachs or its employees in regard to the allegations set forth in the report,” the Justice Department said yesterday in a statement. Fox News related video here.

Higher gas prices expected after refinery fire
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Analysts expect West Coast gas prices to rise beyond $4 a gallon after a fire knocked out a key section of one of the nation's largest oil refineries. Meanwhile, the same U.S. Chemical Safety Board team that investigated the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico was standing by with state and company inspectors waiting for structural and environmental tests to see if it was safe to enter the unit.

11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To Become Enslaved By Bankers
Activist Post - Borrowing money from the bankers can allow a nation to have a higher standard of living in the short-term, but it always results in a lower standard of living in the long term. Why is that?

Teenager not allowed to sell hot dogs now homeless
Daily Caller - Nathan had saved up money for a hot dog cart to help his parents pay their bills. His mother suffers from epilepsy and his father suffers from multiple sclerosis, limiting their ability to work. The 13-year-old had worked out an arrangement to sell hot dogs in the parking lot of a local sporting goods store. His mom felt the location was great since it was on private property, so his age wouldn’t be an impediment. Before opening up shop, Johnson said [Video], they stopped by city hall, just across the street from the cart’s location, to ask if they needed a permit to sell food. His mother explained that a woman at city hall told her no permit was necessary.

Veteran News

VA Supports Gulf War Veterans on Multiple Fronts
It has now been 22 years since the start of the 1990-1991 Gulf War which comprises the deployment and combat operations known as Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Almost 700,000 Servicemembers were deployed during this period. Those Veterans who have enrolled in the VA health care system have made over 2 million outpatient visits for health care and had over 20,000 inpatient admissions in the VA health care system. Read More...

Army of the future: Soldiers will be able to run at Olympic speed and won't need food or sleep with gene technology
Tomorrow's soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

VA taps vets groups to help fast track claims
Veterans Affairs officials hosted a workshop last week to brief 10 veterans service organizations on plans to fast track certain veterans benefits claims, and how they can help in the process.

Energy & Environment

Meteorite report grounds Colo. firefighting planes
Denver Post - Authorities grounded firefighting aircraft battling an out-of-control blaze scorching central Colorado on Wednesday, reacting with caution to witness reports of meteor sightings. The temporary move came amid several reported sky sightings near the 1,100-acre Springer Fire west of Colorado Springs.

VIDEO: Louisiana probes cause of massive bayou sinkhole
CNN News - Measurements taken Monday showed the sinkhole measures 324 feet in diameter and is 50 feet deep, but in one corner it goes down 422 feet, said John Boudreaux, director of the Office of Homeland Security in Assumption Parish, about 30 miles south of Baton Rouge.... Sheriff Mike Waguespack said Thursday he is now concerned the sinkhole is close to a well containing 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, a highly volatile liquid that turns into a highly flammable vapor upon release. A breach of that well, he said, could be catastrophic.

9 Tips for Food Safety When the Grid Goes Down
Activist Post - Recently, 600 million people in India were without power for two days. According to news sources, the suspected cause was one of simple supply and demand: more people wanted power than the Indian infrastructure was able to deliver. It was not only lights out – but lights out for half of the population. Even I have a problem wrapping my brain around a blackout of that magnitude.


Superfoods loaded with probiotics deliver a variety of flavors and span seven food groups
(NaturalNews) Good nutrition includes eating fresh organic foods, and also means getting a healthy supply of "friendly" bacteria, or probiotics, to maintain balance in the intestinal tract.... Not all fermented foods taste like sauerkraut. Read about the variety of tasty foods that are actually good for you.

Your guide to eating alkaline - What are the top alkaline-forming foods?
(NaturalNews) One of the keys to maintaining optimal health is discovering the correct way to eat food in order to maximize your alkaline potential, and in turn prevent chronic disease from developing in your body. But in order to do this, you have to first learn which foods are alkaline-forming, and which are acid-forming, as well as how to eat them in balance.

Is sugar toxic? - CBS News
If you are what you eat, then what does it mean that the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year? Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing that beyond weight gain, sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer. Some physicians go so far as to call sugar a toxin. Watch the 60 Minutes segment here.

Pfizer forced to pay $60 million court settlement after bribing foreign officials to dispense more drugs
(NaturalNews) According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which will receive a $45 million cut of the settlement, Pfizer was in direct violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) when it illegally boosted its profits by bribing doctors and public health officials in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Serbia. Pfizer officials allegedly rewarded doctors in these countries with cash and vacations to prescribe more Pfizer drugs.

Combat the rise of superbugs and infectious disease with lavender
(NaturalNews) Since antiquity, lavender has been remarkably effective against life-threatening illness and infection. Today, lavender is garnering attention as a safe alternative to risky chemical disinfectants, dangerous antibiotics and hazardous antiviral medications. As an added health protecting benefit, lavender naturally stimulates the immune system to guard against invading bacteria and viruses.

Bizarre: Woman Grows Fingernails Instead of Hair After Taking Asthma Drug
Natural Society - Sadly, this story is not a parody. After taking steroids for an asthma attack, one young woman named Shanyna Isom developed a very strange and disturbing reaction. First displaying a serious allergic reaction to the drugs and turning her legs black, Isom ultimately developed a life-crushing skin disease that causes her to grow fingernails instead of hair.

Don't Fall for the Cholesterol Myth - Revealing the Cholesterol Scam and True Heart Health
Natural Society - Could you be falling for the cholesterol scam and not even know it? Just two outcomes of the cholesterol myth are individuals obsessively avoiding fat in their diets, especially saturated fats - and ultimately turning to dangerous cholesterol-reducing drugs known as statin drugs.

Anti-Psychotics Double Risk of Pneumonia in Elderly
Natural Society - Alzheimer’s patients are often given anti-psychotic drugs to help treat aggression, among other things. But scientists have found that this class of drugs has unintended side effects, including doubling the risk of possibly fatal pneumonia in elderly.

Drug War Attacking Another Beneficial Plant: Kratom
Activist Post - Kratom is a substance that falls on the more innocuous side of the psychoactive spectrum. It is the leaves of the kratom tree,mitragyna speciosa, which is native to Thailand and Indonesia, where the leaves have been chewed or brewed into a tea and used for therapeutic and social purposes for years. According to the online repository of psychoactive knowledge, the Vaults of Erowid, kratom acts as both a mild stimulant and a mild sedative, creates feelings of empathy and euphoria, is useful for labor, and is relatively short-acting.

VIDEO: This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like
Natural Society - You’ve probably read countless articles about the horrendous quality of tap water and its numerous contaminants that attack your biology and have been tied to a multitude of health ailments. It is very rare, however, that you can actually see just how terribly polluted your tap water truly is. In the video above, I show you the ‘overflow’ tray of my 12 stage water filtration device that collects the excess amount of gunk that the filters discharge. In other words, this is actually the extra amount of build up amounted from 12 different stages of water filtration and it’s still disturbingly-putrid.

Steve Cooksey, Unlicensed Paleo Diet Blogger, Muzzled By North Carolina Law
Huffington Post - ...Charla M. Burill, the executive director of the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition, targeted Cooksey's website, The New York Times explains how Burill, supported by a North Carolina state law, succeeded in getting Cooksey to alter the site, which shared experiences about his "cave man diet" and how he believes it helped him overcome diabetes. But now, Cooksey has filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Charlotte, N.C. claiming that his First Amendment rights have been violated.

Parental Use of Pesticides Increases Risk of Brain Cancer in Children
Natural Society - A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives has linked parental use of pesticides with an increased risk of brain cancer in children. Bug sprays, around the home and in the garden, could increase the chance that you will give birth to a child that develops brain cancer, say researchers.

YouTube: Naked Wraps: Using collard greens for your burritos and wraps
Margaret Floyd demonstrates how to use collard green leaves as a wrap. This replaces the use of a tortilla. Collard wraps are a great solution for those who are gluten sensitive or watching their starchy carb intake. Use this technique for burritos, enchiladas and wraps of any kind.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Monsanto Award of $1 Billion Against DuPont Reveals New Dimension of Genetic Patent Wars
Activist Post - The legal battle between Monsanto and farmers around the world continues unabated. On one hand, farming groups of all sizes, as well as seed businesses, are increasingly suing Monsanto for widespread genetic manipulation; and also to counter Monsanto's own vast patent infringement attacks against those unwitting enough to have their (even organic) crops cross-pollenated by Monsanto's GM products.

Walmart and Monsanto - the power of money in food
RT - A new report by Food and Water Watch shows that more than 1,000 outside interests and more than $170 million went into the 2008 Farm Bill. With the newest law up for debate, what will Congress and lobbyists do to see their interests met?... Major lobbying influences include Monsanto, Kraft Foods, The American Sugar Alliance and The National Restaurant Association. But perhaps the company with the greatest influence is Walmart. They’ve got 4,000 stores across this country – many of them SuperCenters- and just in the last 15 years have gone from having 6 percent to a full quarter of nationwide grocery sales. And that means not just more profit, but much more power as well.

YouTube: GMO tomatoes: good-looking poison
RT - Ever since industrial agriculture has started producing tomatoes, they have all started looking the same. That's because consumers want the ripest, reddest, roundest tomatoes they can get, and big business makes sure they got it. The question though is what producing genetically identical tomatoes does for the taste and nutritional value. Barry Estabrook, author of "Tomato-land: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit," joins RT's Liz Wahl to discuss the matter.

How to Dry and Store Foods
Mother Earth News - Drying fruits and veggies is easy and inexpensive, and it's one of the best ways to enjoy local foods all year. Learn all about it in this info-packed guide.

Preserving Herbs for Best Flavor
Mother Earth News - Do you have extra herbs on hand? We'll tell you which ones to dry and which ones to freeze, and give you tips for both methods.

Pet News

Why Do So Many Domestic Cats Have Chronic Kidney Failure?
Dr.Becker - Since kidney disease is a leading cause of death for housecats but not for wild cats, we must ask why feline renal failure in domestic cats is at epidemic proportions. In my opinion, feeding high-quality protein in its natural, unadulterated form as soon as a kitten is weaned means that cat will have a moisture-dense diet over a lifetime. This takes an enormous amount of stress off the kidneys... Feeding kitties over-processed dry food for a lifetime will absolutely increase kidney stress. A combination of dry processed diets, toxins in the environment, poor water quality, inbreeding, and too many vaccines makes kidney disease inevitable for today’s housecats.

Today in History - Friday - August 10, 2012
1809 - Ecuador began its fight for independence from Spain.
1821 - Missouri became the 24th state to join the Union.
1846 - The Smithsonian Institution was chartered by the U.S. Congress. The "Nation's Attic" was made possible by $500,000 given by scientist Joseph Smithson.
1859 - In Boston, MA, the first milk inspectors were appointed.
1881 - Thomas Edison's exhibit opened the Paris Electrical Exhibition.
1885 - The first electric streetcar, to be used commercially, was operated in Baltimore, MD, by Leo Daft.
1914 - Austria-Hungary invaded Russia.
1921 - Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken with polio.
1927 - Mount Rushmore was formally dedicated. The individual faces of the presidents were dedicated later.
1944 - U.S. forces defeated the remaining Japanese resistance on Guam.
1945 - The day after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan announced they would surrender. The only condition was that the status of Emperor Hirohito would remain unchanged.
1947 - William Odom completed an around-the-world flight. He set the solo record by completing the flight in 73 hours and 5 minutes.
1949 - In the U.S., the National Military Establishment had its name changed to the Department of Defense.
1954 - Construction began on the St. Lawrence Seaway.
1965 - In Austin, TX, a fire burned part of the 20th floor of the 27-story University of Texas main building. A collection that contained items once owned by escape artist Harry Houdini and circus magnate P. T. Barnum were damaged by smoke and water.
1988 - U.S. President Reagan signed a measure that provided $20,000 payments to Japanese-Americans who were interned by the U.S. government during World War II.
1993 - A massive deficit-reduction bill was signed into law by U.S. President Bill Clinton.
1994 - U.S. President Clinton claimed presidential immunity when he asked a federal judge to dismiss, at least for the time being, a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Corbin Jones.
1995 - Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, announced that she had joined the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue.
1999 - Near an India-Pakistan border area an Indian fighter jet shot down a Pakistani naval aircraft. Sixteen people were killed.
2003 - Ekaterina Dmitriev and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko were married. Malenchenko was about 240 miles above the earth in the international space station. It was the first-ever marriage from space.

World News

New US report on Iran nukes 'makes issue urgent'
RT - Time is running out to contain the Iranian threat, Israel’s defense minister has warned. Israel is raising the alarm following a new US National Intelligence Estimate which says Tehran has made significant strides towards joining the nuclear club. US President Barrack Obama was supposed to have received the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) weeks ago, but it was delayed in order to include “new and alarming intelligence information” concerning the military nature of Iran’s nuclear program, Haaretz reports. The report’s conclusions are said to converge with those of the Israeli intelligence community.

VIDEO: Iranian threat - Pretext for US global dominance?
RT - Amid growing tensions with Iran, the US is piecing together a missile defense system across the Persian Gulf. However, writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich believes the US is using Iran as an excuse in its push for global dominance. The system would require partner nations in the gulf to share information and coordinate their individual arsenals of interceptor missiles to create a defensive shield encompassing all the regional allies, The New York Times says.

Veteran UN envoy Brahimi to replace Annan in Syria – diplomats
RT - Former Algerian foreign minister Lakhdar Brahimi is expected to replace Kofi Annan as the new UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, diplomats say. Annan announced last week that he would step down as the mediator in the crisis. Known as a diplomatic trouble-shooter, Brahimi served as United Nations special envoy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and South Africa. He retired from his duties at the end of 2005. Former UN chief and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kofi Annan said last week that he was leaving his post due to a lack of international support for his effort to end the 17-month conflict in Syria, which has reportedly claimed 17,000 lives so far.

US troops still fighting in Afghanistan
Press TV - Contrary to Obama’s campaign rhetoric, the “tide of war” in Afghanistan is not “receding.” The number of insurgent attacks for the three months ending June 30 was up 11 percent over last year; in June, when 39 coalition troops died, there was an average of 110 attacks per day.

Afghan in uniform kills 3 US soldiers
Press TV - Three American soldiers have been killed by a man in an Afghan police uniform in yet another so-called 'green-on-blue' attack, the US military says. The incident occurred in the southern province of Helmand on Friday.

US-led soldier killed in Afghanistan
Press TV - Another US-led soldier has been killed in a militant attack in southern Afghanistan on the same day that a man in Afghan army uniform killed three American soldiers in the south of the country. The US-led NATO announced the death on Friday without revealing the nationality of the soldier or the exact location of the incident.

US deploying surveillance drones near China
Press TV - The Pentagon will begin flying surveillance drones off the coastlines of Japan, China and Taiwan, an agreement reached after talks between Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto at the Pentagon on Sunday. The unmanned aerial missions will focus on a Pacific island chain called the Diaoyutai Islands, which have become the focal point of a simmering territorial dispute between China and Japan. Even Sen. John McCain, one of the biggest hawks in Congress, called the deployment “unnecessarily provocative.”

10 Facts about Saudi Arabia; and an Introduction to the Gulf Despots Supported by the West
Activist Post - The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) comprises of 6 nations, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. In principle, Kuwait and Bahrain are considered "constitutional monarchs;" in practice, all 6 are despotic autocracies with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman overtly "absolute monarchs." Devoid of even a feigned semblance of representative governance, these regimes brutally repress not only their own subjects, but play active roles in repressing the people of other nations, both on their borders and well beyond them.

Leader of armed group killed in Aleppo
Press TV - The leader of the Ayman Lifo anti-government armed group has been killed by Syrian security forces in the country’s northern city of Aleppo... Security forces have also killed and injured a large number of insurgents in the Daret Azzeh and al-Halak neighborhoods of the city.

Security breakdown in Sinai: Army battles it out with militants
RT - Clashes in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula are raging for the second day as the military attempts to combat militants who have taken a foothold in the region since Mubarak’s ouster.

France deploys troops to Syria-Jordan border
Press TV - France has sent troops to the Syrian border with Jordan amid reports of escalating foreign support for the insurgents fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.... Reports also indicate that the notorious US security firm Blackwater is reportedly training al-Qaeda militants in Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s border areas to fight in Syria.

Israel: Group smuggled in IEDs from Lebanon
Daily Star - Israel charged a group of Israeli Arabs Wednesday with involvement in the smuggling of 20 kilograms of explosives into the country via the border with Lebanon, the Jerusalem Post newspaper reported. A senior official with the Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency, accused Hezbollah of being behind the operation, the report added. There are conflicting reports on the number of individuals arrested. The Post reported eight while The Times of Israel newspaper and Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television network said 10. Other reports said the number was 13.

Israeli Mayor to Demolish UN Humanitarian Agency Emergency Shelter - Israel strongly condemned the erection of the emergency shelters in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. Israel accused the UN of overstepping its bounds and asserted that the trailer homes are illegal and should be demolished according to reports in the Israeli dailies Ha’aretz and The Jerusalem Post as well as the Palestine News Network.

Stuxnet, Flame...Gauss: New spy virus found in Middle East
RT - A new virus dubbed Gauss has attacked computers in the Middle East spying on financial transactions, emails and picking passwords to all kind of pages. The virus resembles Stuxnet and Flame malware which was used to target Iran, Kaspersky Lab says. Gauss has infected hundreds of personal computers across the Middle East – most of them in Lebanon, but also in Israel and Palestinian territories. Kaspersky Lab has classified the virus, named after one of its major components, as “a cyber-espionage toolkit”.

VIDEO: 5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Turkey and Greece
RT - A magnitude 5.6 quake has hit east of the Greek island of Rhodes and south of the Turkish mainland, with tremors felt as far away as the Egyptian capital Cairo. Turkish media report a 6.0 magnitude quake. No reports of deaths or damage in Greece and Turkey have followed thus far. No tsunami warning has been issued. The latest major earthquake shook Turkey in October 2011, as a powerful 7.1-magnitude seism hit near the eastern city of Van. Over 600 people were killed and over 4,000 others injured in the disaster.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Government media sugar coats recent high explosive solicitation and then DHS hides the request
Activist Post - Just hours after the PPRN News published the story of the request by the Department of Homeland Security / Transportation Safety Administration, Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News released an article explaining how innocuous and safe this request is. The invitation to bid is a 100% small business set-aside opportunity, and prospective vendors have until August 13 to submit their bids. Delivery of the explosives, which must be packed in bags, is required within 15 days, says the TSA notice.

US Army Tactical Manuals Describe How to Control Domestic Insurrection
Activist Post - In 2010, the US Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028 was published; it explains how armed forces in the US and overseas will behave in the future. Specific tactical operations, special “theater”, and organized forces are outlined along with the capabilities and priorities of the US armed divisions. In simple terms: a full spectrum operations manual that details stratagems both domestic and foreign.

YouTube: Ben Swan Reality Check: Operation Fast and Furious Was Really About U.S. Supporting a Drug Cartel?
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at some stunning new accusations by a high ranking member of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel that Fast and Furious was about the U.S. supporting one cartel while attempting to shut down others.
** Related Article:
High-Ranking Mexican Drug Cartel Member Makes Explosive Allegation...

Tarantino sues Florida police over strip search
RT - Leila Tarantino was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign last year, but being caught by the cops wasn’t what surprised her. The woman has filed a lawsuit because she claims an officer “forcibly” removed her tampon during a strip search. Attorneys for Tarantino have filed a civil action suit against the government of Citrus County, Florida, Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsey and six unnamed police officers whom she says were involved in an irregular traffic stop last July that constitutes what they believe is excessive use of force.

Congressman: Repeal everything Obama signed!
WND - According to a report in the Messenger News, U.S. Rep. Steve King, who represents a portion of Iowa, made the suggestion this week at a stop in Humboldt. He said he was thinking about introducing a bill, which if it became law, would repeal everything Obama has signed into law. The issue arose as part of a conversation King, who is running against Democrat Christie Vilsack in the state’s 4th congressional district, was having over his plans to sue Obama over a White House decision to stop the deportation of some illegal immigrants.

U.S. gives military aid to nations with child soldiers
The Trenches - As the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama co-sponsored a bill to restrict the U.S. government’s military support of countries that use children as soldiers. But President Obama has waived those very same sanctions in the name of “national interest,” bypassing the findings of a State Department report and allowing millions of dollars in military aid to flow to countries where children as young as 11 have been conscripted to fight — many of whom have died in one bloody conflict after another.

YouTube: Pro-Palestinian Ads Ignite Firestorm Of Controversy
A seemingly endless debate over politics, religion and territory is coming to a train station near you. An explosive ad about Israel is now igniting a firestorm of controversy. The display shows shrinking Palestinian territory in Israel over the years and refers to 4.7 million Palestinians there as refugees. The ads are appearing in 50 Metro-North stations.... Some Jewish leaders said they were concerned. "I think the ad is very offensive, it's certainly offensive to Jews," said Dovid Efune, the the editor of the Jewish newspaper "The Algemeiner."

VIDEO: Army Tests Spy Blimp Over NJ
NBC News - The Army is testing its $517 million spy blimp in the skies over the New Jersey military base where the German airship Hindenburg crashed in 1937. The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle spent more than 90 minutes around Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Ocean County on Tuesday. Manufacturer Northrop Grumman says the 302-foot long airship is designed to be a high altitude observation platform. It can be operated by a crew or by remote control.

Joker case gagged: Media fight Colorado court ban
RT - Attorneys representing media outlets are in court to push for the publication of files concerning the Colorado cinema murders. The judge put a gag on the files at the behest of prosecutors, but the press argues the public has a right to see them.The decision to seal the documents off from public access "undermines our nation's firm commitment to the transparency and public accountability of the criminal justice system," said media lawyer Steven Zansberg in a written statement.

New York Times fights NYPD after photographer brutally arrested
RT - A credentialed photojournalist contracted to work for the New York Times was assaulted by officers with the NYPD and charged with two criminal counts over the weekend for covering the arrest of a 16-year-old girl in the Bronx. Robert Stolarik, a 43-year-old photographer with more than a decade under his belt with The Times, was arrested on Saturday night for allegedly obstructing government administration and violently resisting arrest. He was taking photographs of New York Police Department officers responding to a fight in the Councourse neighborhood of the Bronx when he was assaulted, handcuffed and hauled off to jail, he says.

Judge Napolitano on Rand Paul's Classified Briefings - "The rules for classified briefings of members of Congress on areas of government behavior that the government wants to keep from its employers -- the American people -- are a real Catch-22. Those rules allow representatives and senators to interrogate government officials about government behavior that they are afraid to reveal, and they require those officials to answer honestly and completely. But the rules keep the interrogations secret, and they expressly prohibit members of Congress from telling anyone what they have learned."

VIDEO: Man Jailed For Collecting Rainwater Begins Sentence
Paul Joseph Watson - An Oregon man sent to prison for collecting rainwater on his own property began the first day of his jail sentence with a warning that the American people need to stand up to a government that is operating completely outside the boundaries of common sense unless they wish to see liberty vanish. After an 11-year battle with the state of Oregon, landowner Gary Harrington was found guilty under a 1925 law and sentenced to spend 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater in three “illegal reservoirs” despite the fact that they are on his property.

VIDEO: Police: 17-Year-Old Strangled Himself With a Seat Belt In The Back of a Police Car
Federal Jack - State police are investigating the death of a 17-year-old who they say strangled himself with a seat belt in the back of a police car.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Tom Davis Speaks at Fundraiser with Special Guest Ron Paul
South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis speaks at a fundraiser in Columbia, SC on August 6, 2012 with Congressman Ron Paul.

rEVOLution in Michigan’s 11th: Paul – 1, Santorum – 0 - Kerry Bentivolio is a great liberty candidate running for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District. Bentivolio has been endorsed by Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Justin Amash. His Republican primary opponent was Nancy Cassis, endorsed by Rick Santorum and much of the Illinois GOP establishment.

Boats Armed with Machine Guns to Patrol RNC
The RNC will be held later this month on the city's waterfront. Federal and local law enforcement agencies say they'll saturate the waterway with armed boat patrols. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says machine guns and infrared technology that can pick up body heat are among the new tools being mounted onto boats for the patrols. U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman Judy Silverstein says the marine units are prepared for "everything that could possibly happen." Tampa Police Cpl. James Reiser says anyone swimming or paddling in security zones will be detained and probably arrested.


U.S. Postal Service loses $5.2 billion, warns of low cash
Reuters - The Postal Service, which relies on the sale of stamps and other products rather than taxpayer funding, has been struggling for years as Americans increasingly communicate online and as payments for future retiree health benefits and other obligations drain its cash. A week after its first-ever default on a legally required payment to the federal government, officials called on Congress to pass postal legislation that would overhaul the mail agency’s business model and offer some relief from its dire financial situation.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy Honolulu occupies main police station
Star Advertiser - Occupy Honolulu protesters set up a new encampment at the Honolulu Police Department's headquarters on South Beretania Street, asserting that city workers improperly seized their items. Their presence quickly caused tension as one protester claimed he was assaulted by a police officer who pushed him aside at the entrance about 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Energy & Environment

Greenland ice more resistant to climate change than feared, study shows
(NaturalNews) The ice in Greenland appears to be less vulnerable than earlier believed to uncontrolled melting that some scientists and climatologists said would drive up sea levels and lead to a host of environmental issues, according to a new study that found a spike in loss of ice had declined.


Drug scarcity hits Medicaid as states limit spending
(NaturalNews) According to Kaiser Health News, 16 states have already set limits on the number of prescription medications they will cover for Medicaid patients. Illinois, the president's home state, was the latest to impose prescription drug caps for Medicaid patients: four. Alabama has an even tighter limit: one. "Doctors fear the state's cost-cutting move could backfire on patients, who have to get state permission to go beyond the limit," said KHN.

High-dose vitamin D needed to prevent bone fractures
(NaturalNews) If you had a major health risk you could mitigate with an inexpensive yet very effective, safe, easy treatment, would you do it - or would you think it's too good to be true? A new analysis of multiple studies on vitamin D has proven its effectiveness at preventing broken bones in elderly individuals. Yet, perhaps because there are no lobbyists for vitamin D or because of the disinformation out there, considering vitamin D usage for people with a high risk of fracture is a low priority in the medical world.

Boost vigor and mental well-being by harmonizing copper levels in the body
(NaturalNews) Since copper is important for many bodily processes, deficiency manifests in a variety of ways. Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, hair loss, low immunity, thyroid problems and irregular heart beat. Copper deficiency is rare although those suffering from chronic diarrhea, Crohn's or celiac disease can develop malabsorption issues. Regular use of antacids can also hinder assimilation.

The Human Feeding Experiment and New Disease
Green Med Info - Could we be human guinea pigs being fed food that hurts us and causes new disease? Despite intense protests from consumer groups and environmentalists, genetically modified organisms, (GMOs) foods, have been dubbed as the 'human feeding experiment' and are continuing to be integrated into the food supply. Most of us do not even know the extent of it, as it is not in mainstream news.

VIDEO: Parents who couldn't stand agony of seeing daughter, 8, with brain tumor go through chemotherapy ordered by judge to give her treatment they refused
Daily Mail - A couple has been pulled before a judge after they refused to let their eight-year-old daughter undergo chemotherapy for a brain tumour, opting for alternative treatment instead. Sarah Parisian, from Minnetonka, Minnesota, had 90 per cent of the cancerous tumour removed last December and underwent a cycle of chemotherapy - but endured painful suffering, her parents said. When they told doctors they would not allow her to go through it again, Jon and Karen Parisian were reported to Child Protection Services and ordered into court.

Illinois Sees First Case Of New Swine Flu Strain
CBS Chicago - Will government hype a new vaccine? State health officials have confirmed Illinois’ first case of Swine Flu this year. WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports Illinois Department of Public Health director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck said the U.S. has seen an uptick this year in the number of cases of H3N2v Swine Flu, a relatively new strain. But the case of an Illinois boy who contracted it is the only one of 146 cases nationwide that is in Illinois. “Four states total, and the vast majority have been in Indiana, followed by Ohio,” he said.

US health watchdog warns of swine flu risk as agricultural fairs get under way
Guardian - The US government's health watchdog is warning children and the elderly to avoid contact with pigs at agricultural fairs following a surge in humans infected with swine flu over the past month.... Dr Joseph Bresee, of the CDC's influenza division, said: "Right now a large number of agricultural fairs are ongoing around the country and the direct exposure of people to pigs has been the primary cause of infection." Bresee said that anyone coming into contact with swine should avoid eating, drinking or putting anything in their mouths while around pigs. He said that children and the elderly or anyone with a weakened immune system should not go near pigs at all.

Science & Technology

Google On The Hook For A Record $22.5 Million In Safari Privacy Case
Consumerist - Better start digging around in those couch cushions, Google. The company has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it fudged privacy settings of Apple's Safari Internet browser when it told users it wouldn't place cookies or serve targeted ads. It's going to cost Google a pretty penny to pay the civil penalty — a record $22.5 million.

Google Apparently Wants To Get Sued Again, Now Including Gmail Content In Search Results
Consumerist - Because Google didn't learn anything from the Google Buzz privacy debacle, the company has now decided to begin testing the integration of users' Gmail content into general search results. So a search for Amazon on would also bring up a sidebar with e-mails from or related to your Amazon purchases. Well, that's all well and good. Until someone's spouse, significant other, or co-worker unwittingly uses that person's computer to search for something like "restaurants in Chicago" and up come e-mails about a secret rendezvous at the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's.

CNN: Mars rover: Is all this really necessary?
What Really Happened - During its expected lifespan of 23 months, all this cool hardware could help solve big mysteries: Has life ever existed on Mars? What can Mars tell us about our own planet? Can we benefit from Martian resources?... Is the price tag really worth it?... Everyday products we take for granted today were created by the Moon program, including the technology inside the laptop which Thom Patterson is presumably able to use to write his articles, hopefully without hurting himself. Some numbers (on the assumption Thom Patterson can do simple math.)... CNN article/photos here.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

PETITION: Montgomery County Board of Education Member: Save Brickyard Educational Farm and 32 years of organic soil!
Nick's Organic Farm has been under continuous organic management for the last 32 years. It is less than 15 miles from The White House and is one of the oldest organic farms in Maryland with rich soils from the past three decades of careful stewardship. It is also one of the only farms in the region that produces organic seeds.... If we do not convince our legislators to stop soccer field development by August 15th, 2012, our lease will run out, and we will lose this invaluable farm and educational center. Every county has soccer fields, but we have the opportunity to lead the country with a program that integrates farm-to-school principles with farmer training, on an nationally renowned organic farm.

Your Autumn To Do (and Don’t) List
Organic Gardening - Gardening in the late summer and early fall can barely be called working. Cooler, crisper days and the knowledge that time outdoors will soon be limited gives every task a bittersweet flavor. That said, there’s still plenty to do, so don’t waste time on unnecessary chores. We’ve taken the work out of deciding what to do for you. No need to thank us; just have fun out there.

Pet News

Petco Warning on Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowls
Susan Thixton - Provided by one of you great attentive pet owners out there - Petco has issued a warning about some of its stainless steel pet food bowls. A radioactive material - Cobalt-60 - was found in the bowls.

VIDEO: Watch the New Pet Food Documentary Trailer
Susan Thixton - Here is the promotional trailer for the new pet food documentary Pet Fooled.

The Media Warnings Begin
Susan Thixton - As expected, the media warnings have begun warning pet owners against the feeding of raw pet food. This media warning - at least - had one pet owner opposing opinion. But they did not bother to find veterinary opposing opinion (which are many).

Today in History - Thursday - August 9, 2012
1831 - The first steam locomotive began its first trip between Schenectady and Albany, NY.
1842 - The U.S. and Canada signed the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, which solved a border dispute.
1848 - Martin Van Buren was nominated for president by the Free-Soil Party in Buffalo, NY.
1892 - Thomas Edison received a patent for a two-way telegraph.
1910 - A.J. Fisher received a patent for the electric washing machine.
1942 - Mohandas K. Gandhi was arrested Britain. He was not released until 1944.
1944 - The Forest Service and Wartime Advertising Council created "Smokey the Bear."
1945 - The U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The bombing came three days after the bombing of Hiroshima. About 74,000 people were killed. Japan surrendered August 14.
1945 - The first network television broadcast occurred in Washington, DC. The program announced the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.
1956 - The first statewide, state-supported educational television network went on the air in Alabama.
1965 - Singapore proclaimed its independence from the Malaysian Federation.
1973 - The U.S. Senate committee investigating the Watergate affair filed suit against President Richard Nixon.
1974 - U.S. President Richard Nixon formally resigned. Gerald R. Ford took his place, and became the 38th president of the U.S.
1975 - The New Orleans Superdome as officially opened when the Saints played the Houston Oilers in exhibition football. It cost $163 million to build.
1985 - Arthur J. Walker, a retired Navy officer, was found guilty of seven counts of spying for the Soviet Union.
1996 - Boris Yeltsin was sworn in as president of Russia for the second time.
1999 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin fired Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin and his entire cabinet for the fourth time in 17 months.
2001 - U.S. President George W. Bush announced he would support federal funding for limited medical research on embryonic stem cells.
2004 - Trump Hotel and Casion Resorts announced plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

World News

Syrian troops kill insurgents in eastern city of Deir al-Zour
Press TV - Syrian security forces have killed several insurgents during clashes in the eastern city of Deir al-Zour. The fighting comes a day after similar clashes broke out between the government troops and insurgents in the city on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the foreign-sponsored insurgents announced withdrawal from the Salahuddin neighborhood of the northwestern city of Aleppo. The Syrian army said on Thursday that its forces are in full control of Salahuddin.

Egyptian Police, Armed Men Clash in Sinai
VOA News - Egyptian police have clashed with armed men in the Sinai peninsula, a day after military airstrikes killed 20 suspected militants in the area. State television said the fighting resumed Thursday outside a police station in El-Arish, about 50 kilometers from the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi fired his intelligence chief and the governor of North Sinai on Wednesday in a major reorganization. The military said it carried out its operation Wednesday to restore peace and regain control after an increase in lawlessness following the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Suicide Bombers Kill 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan
VOA News - Three NATO troops have died in eastern Afghanistan in what local officials say was an attack by two suicide bombers. A NATO statement said the troops died Wednesday after an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan, but gave no further details. Local officials said the suicide bombers struck a NATO foot patrol in Kunar province. Also Wednesday, the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan released a new report saying civilian casualties declined by 15 percent in the first half of this year.

US urges Palestine to postpone UN petition
RT - The US is pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) to delay its efforts on upgrading its UN membership in September until after the American presidential election, according to a senior Palestinian official. “There are pressures from the United States and some Arab parties to delay the voting until after the United States presidential elections, due in November,” Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member Saleh Raafat told Voice of Palestine radio.

‘France to hit recession in Q3 of 2012'
Press TV - The Bank of France has predicted that the European state is set to head toward recession in the third quarter of the current year as the eurozone continues to grapple with economic woes. The bank warned on Wednesday that Paris is likely to enter recession in the third quarter of the year as its economy is expected to contract by 0.1 percent for the second quarter in a row.

Greece's Unemployment Rate Just Got Even More Horrifying
Business Insider - Greece's unemployment rate climbed to 23.1 percent in May, up from 22.6 percent in April. The youth unemployment rate is sitting at a jaw-dropping 54.9 percent.

US starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam
AP - The United States on Thursday began a landmark project to clean up a dangerous chemical left from the defoliant Agent Orange — 50 years after it was first sprayed by American planes on Vietnam's jungles to destroy enemy cover. Dioxin, which has been linked to cancer, birth defects and other disabilities, will be removed from the site of a former U.S. air base in Danang in central Vietnam. The effort is seen as a long-overdue step toward removing a thorn in relations between the former foes nearly four decades after the Vietnam War ended.

Olympic logo: messy racist irrelevance?
Press TV - Iran said a few months ago that the logo design spells out the word “Zion” (biblical term for Bait-ul-Muqaddas) that is the perceived promise land in the Bible and the basis upon which Zionists justify their illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands. The country sent a letter to president of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge in which it threatened to boycott the Games over the “revolting” politicized logo. The move came as internet users started seeing “Zion” in the logo almost immediately after its launch.

India government outraged at Sikh shooting deaths of six people, but says nothing about Monsanto-linked deaths of 200,000 farmers
(NaturalNews) The shooting deaths of six members of a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., recently was a genuine tragedy, to be sure, but the Indian government seems to be engaging in selective outrage when compared to the number of Indian farmers who have died under Monsanto-linked circumstances.

U.N. pulls all monitors out of Syrian town because of security concerns
CNN News - The United Nations has pulled all of its 24 monitors out of the Syrian city of Aleppo because of the "deteriorating security situation," a spokeswoman for the mission there told CNN.

VIDEO: Parkinson’s Sufferer Arrested for ‘Not Smiling’ at Olympic Men’s Cycling Race
Adan Salazar - A spectator seeks an exoneration after he claims he was arrested for “not smiling” during the 2012 London Olympic Men’s Cycling Road Race. Mark Worsfold, 54, a martial-arts trainer who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, wants a “letter of exoneration” after what he claims was a gross over-reaction on the part of Surrey Police. Worsfold explains, “I was sitting minding my own business…Before I knew anything the police grabbed me off this seven-foot wall, threw me to the floor and cuffed me so all I saw of the cycle race was between the feet of people from the pavement.”

Rare Snowfall Stuns Johannesburg - Temperatures dropped to below freezing Tuesday morning as snow flurries blew through South Africa's commercial hub, dusting the city in white.... Snowflakes are a rare commodity in Johannesburg, even as South Africa endures its winter months. The South African Weather Service says it has only snowed in Johannesburg 22 other days in the last 103 years. Related: In pictures: Rare snow...

U.S. News, Politics & Government

YouTube: Reality Check: The U.S. Government Created Al Qaeda?
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the United States government created Al Qaeda and yet in some countries is still fighting them while in others is supporting them.

NYPD Unveils Crime- And Terror-Fighting ‘Domain Awareness System’
CBS News - A dramatic new way to track criminals and potential terrorists was unveiled Wednesday by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. It melds cameras, computers and data bases capable of nabbing bad guys before they even know they’re under suspicion. If a suspicious package is left at a location by a terrorist the NYPD will now be able to instantly tap into video feeds to look back in time to see who left it there, and that’s just one of the many things the NYPD’s new high-tech “Domain Awareness System” can do, CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported

Check out this Homeland Security armored vehicle being hauled through Kentucky
Daily Paul.

DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law?
Susanne Posel - informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future. Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

TSA harassment sends rape victim to emergency room
RT - What would have likely been a routine flight out of a Florida airport this weekend ended with a woman being sent to the emergency room after TSA agents insisted on groping a traumatized rape victim in a security pat-down that put her in the hospital. A user of the online Web forum writes that his wife was admitted to the ER for treatment after agents with the Transportation Security Administration cited an “anomaly” in her bra as a reason to subject her to an intrusive closed-door screening on Sunday at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Department of Homeland Security orders over a half ton of high explosives
Activist Post - A solicitation placed today at the Government marketplace shows that the Department of Homeland Security, via the Transportation Safety Administration has requested 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX, with a delivery date by 31 August, 2012. That is less than 4 days before the start of the Democratic National Convention. Why would the DHS/TSA order such material? From their Statement of Work.

Sikh temple gunman killed himself after rampage
CBC News - The gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple in the U.S. died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after he was shot by police, the FBI announced. FBI Special Agent in Charge Teresa Carlson told a news conference Wednesday that investigators have not yet "clearly defined a motive" for Sunday's shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

FBI arrests Sikh temple shooter’s ex-girlfriend
The Trenches - Why was her place searched in the first place? Authorities in Wisconsin have arrested the ex-girlfriend of the man believed responsible for Sunday’s shooting rampage at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee. Misty Cook was brought into custody on Tuesday night for illegal possession of a weapon.

US Government Proposes Law Making It Illegal For Them To Kill You
Zero Hedge - Last Friday, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6357, a bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government. In other words, in the Land of the Free, they need to pass a law to prevent the government from indiscriminately murdering its own citizens. Now if this doesn’t give one reason to pause and consider the distortions of liberty that have taken place in western civilization, I don’t know what will. Think about it.

Blackwater Pays $7.5 Million To Avoid War Crimes Prosecution
Alexander Higgins - The notorious mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater and then XE services, among other names has just paid a $7.5 million fine as part of a deferred prosecution agreement that let’s them get off the hook for a wide range of criminal activities – from smuggling arms to providing weapons to a foreign head of state to supplying mercenary forces to government under US sanctions – as long as they don’t get caught again within the next 3 years.

Justice for Deaf Woman Tasered and Jailed by Police
Care2 - Lashonn White is a deaf woman who called 911 after being attacked in her apartment. Instead of helping her, Tacoma police tasered her and put her in jail for 60 hours without an interpreter. Two police officers were dispatched who had been told that she is deaf. She ran outside to meet them, and immediately, Officer Koskovich tasered her in her rib and stomach. Because of the fall, she suffered heavy bleeding from her knuckles, injuries to her cheek, chin, ribs, neck, and arms, and swelling on the right side of her face. Then they handcuffed her.
Related Video:
Deaf woman helpless...

Colo. Health Officials to Thief: Don’t Open That Box!
Time News - If the person who removed a radioactive sensor from a local construction site would please return it unopened, the people of Denver would be very grateful. Colorado health officials have a warning for whoever stole a Troxler 3430 Surface Moisture Density Gauge last week: Whatever you do, don’t open it. It’s radioactive.... According to Jim Hill of KUNC radio, the Troxler 3430 contains the radioactive isotopes cesium-137 and americium-241/beryllium, both “in sealed and welded containers.”

2012 Election News

IMPORTANT: If RNC insists Maine Convention was held improperly then there was NO Convention and Mitt is OFF the state ballot
Daily Paul - As I was reading the election law code for the State of Maine I came upon one very important bit of information that might just put an end to the RNC questioning if the Maine GOP state convention was held properly or not. In Maine, the law states that there has to be a State Convention for that political Party's Presidential Candidate to appear on the ballot. If the RNC insists that the selection of the delegates was not properly done, not only do they void the delegates elections, but by default they void out the entire State Convention. At that point no Republican nominee is allowed on the State Ballot, and Obama wins by default.

YouTube: Kokesh: PaulFest You don't want to miss this!
Published on Aug 6, 2012 by AdamKokesh.

Conservatives Saying This Could Have Been The Moment Mitt Romney Lost The Election
Business Insider - Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul appeared on Fox News' America's Newsroom this morning to hammer the controversial ad from a pro-Obama SuperPAC that blames Romney for the death of a steelworker's wife. But in defending Romney, she veered way off message, explaining that if the steelworker, Joe Soptic, had lived in Massachusetts, he and his wife would have been able to get health insurance under Romney's health-care reform legislation.

Kurt Haskell Wins House of Representatives Primary in Michigan
Kurt Nimmo - Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell has beaten his opponent in the August 7 primary for a seat in the House of Representatives. Haskell defeated fellow Democrat Ruben Marquez and will face Republican Tim Walberg in November. Walberg is the current Representative for Michigan’s 7th congressional district. Kurt Haskell came to public attention following the so-called underwear bomber incident on Christmas Day, 2009.

’9/11 Truther’ Willie Nelson To Sing at Republican National Convention
Op-Ed News - In a priceless touch of irony, 9/11 truth advocate Willie Nelson will be cheered by the Republican neocon establishment as he sings for them in Florida later this month. Mainstream political sites such as Politico and Breitbart have reported on the fact that legendary entertainer Willie Nelson will perform at the Republican National Convention. But neither has dare made mention of the fact that Nelson, a multi-generational favorite and cultural icon, is an avid advocate of 9/11 truth, insisting that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were an implosion that hasn’t been properly investigated.


Cronyism, political donations explain Obama and Holder's failure to charge top Wall Street bankers
(NaturalNews) Chicagoland politics are alive and well in the Windy City under the "leadership" of former Obama chief of staff-turned-mayor Rahm Emmanuel, but that political style is being emulated by a former native son and seasoned practitioner and his cronies in the nation's capital.

Over 100 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare - A new chart set to be released later today by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee details a startling statistic: "Over 100 Million People in U.S. Now Receiving Some Form Of Federal Welfare." "The federal government administers nearly 80 different overlapping federal means-tested welfare programs," the Senate Budget Committee notes. However, the committee states, the figures used in the chart do not include those who are only benefiting from Social Security and/or Medicare.

VIDEO - Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher: 'The Fed Has Done Its Job, Doing More QE Doesn't SOLVE The Problem'
Daily Bail - Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher talks about what the Federal Reserve has done what is needed to stimulate the economy and that it is now up to the private sector.

14 Questions People Ask About How To Prepare For The Collapse Of The Economy
Economic Collapse - How in the world is someone supposed to actually prepare for an economic collapse? What should you do with your money? How can you make sure that your family is going to be okay? How can you prepare if your resources are extremely limited? These are the kinds of questions people ask me all the time. Once people understand that the economy has been collapsing and will continue to collapse, then the next step for most of them is that they want to get prepared for the storm that is coming.

Veteran News

Afghan war hero denied Medal of Honor for criticizing commanders?
RT - Army Capt. William Swenson ran through a barrage of bullets in Ganjgal, Afghanistan for six hours during a 2009 firefight that left dozens dead and earned him a Medal of Honor nomination. Three years later though, he’s yet to see that award. Now a new report from one of the journalists who was alongside Capt. Swenson when he risked his life during one of the three tours he served abroad suggests that the soldier would have already received his prestigious medal from the president if it wasn’t for comments he made to his superiors after explaining his role overseas.

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupier charged with terroristic felony for protesting in front of bank
RT - A protester belonging to an Occupy Wall Street group in rural Pennsylvania is being charged with felony attempted bank robbery and a terrorism-related charge for holding signs up during a demonstration at a local Wells Fargo branch. David C. Gorczynski, 22, was charged on Tuesday with attempted bank robbery and terroristic threatening, both felonies, as well as one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. Police detained him after he walked into an Easton, PA Wells Fargo branch with a sign that read “You’re being robbed” and another that said “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.”

Housing Market

VIDEO: Nevada Foreclosure Fraud Stopped – As Soon As It Was Made A Felony
Alexander Higgins - Once Nevada made it a crime (a felony) to file fraudulent mortgage foreclosure paperwork with the courts, subject to 10 years in jail and fines of $10,000 per violation… foreclosures stopped. Fighting ‘fraudclosure’ Nevada State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto explains why she’s suing Bank of America for a range of violations.

Energy & Environment

Southern California rattled by two 4.5 quakes within 10 hours
Reuters - A pair of moderate earthquakes, both registering a magnitude 4.5, struck the Southern California town of Yorba Linda on Tuesday night and Wednesday, rattling the region twice within 10 hours, but no damage or injuries were reported.... Seismologists at USGS and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena said the twin quakes, called "doublets," occurred near the so-called Whittier fault, one of the larger underground fissures running through Southern California.

'A sudden increase in extreme weather events': the new Big Lie
Telegraph - The Warmists are getting desperate. Their attempt to make much of the Muller non-story backfired horribly. Their yarn about melting Greenland turned out to be ludicrously overdone. Then, of course, there was Watts et al's paper showing that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – the US government department responsible for keeping tabs on America's temperature data – has been fiddling the data so as to exaggerate late 20th-century warming by 100 per cent.


Is there fluoride in your grapes?
(NaturalNews) Most of the talk concerning fluoride exposure these days centers around the chemical's forced presence in many public water supplies, and how this is causing an epidemic of chronic health problems. But little do many people realize that fluoride exposure is also problematic throughout the food supply, including in fresh food crops that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides made from fluoride compounds.

Are onions healthier than many superfruits?
(NaturalNews) Onions are not only a savory cooking staple to use as an inexpensive seasoning and flavoring agent in your favorite recipes. They also happen to be literally packed with beneficial compounds. So packed in fact, that they are actually healthier ounce for ounce than most "superfruits" like pomegranates, goji berries and blueberries.

Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills ALL Bacteria Scientists Throw At It - AUSTRALIAN researchers have been astonished to discover a cure-all right under their noses -- a honey sold in health food shops as a natural medicine. Far from being an obscure health food with dubious healing qualities, new research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world. Some bacteria have become resistant to every commonly prescribed antibacterial drug. But scientists found that Manuka honey, as it is known in New Zealand, or jelly bush honey, as it is known in Australia, killed every bacteria or pathogen it was tested on.

National disaster: Millions of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs they don't need
RT - US psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotic drugs to children in one third of all visits, which is a rate almost three times higher than during the 1990’s. Roughly 90 percent of antipsychotic prescriptions written between 2005 and 2009 were prescribed for something other than what the US Food and Drug Administration approves them for. Researchers say the increase in antipsychotic drug prescription is largely to treat disruptive behaviors, including attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – even though those disorders are not treatable by antipsychotics. Medications such as Abilify and Risperdal, which are used primarily to treat patients with schizophrenia, are increasingly being prescribed “off label” to control youngsters with ADHD who have problems controlling their behavior.

Popcorn ingredient found to be linked with Alzheimer’s
Fox News - A recent study has found that diacetyl, an ingredient in popcorn responsible for its buttery flavor and smell, may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, reported. The scientists said they focused on the substance, because it has already been associated with respiratory and other health issues in workers at microwave popcorn and food-flavoring factories. According to, diacetyl is used in other products such as margarines, snacks and candies, baked goods and in some beers and chardonnay wine.

U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study
Reuters - Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system, according to a report released on Wednesday. The United States ranked last when compared to six other countries -- Britain, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, the Commonwealth Fund report found.

Adrenal fatigue and the road to ruin
(NaturalNews)(NaturalNews) Are you tired all the time? Sleepy during the day but can't sleep at night? So stressed out you can't think straight? Crabby, depressed, sick all the time? Muscle weakness, chronic pain, dizziness? These are just a few of the classic symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

New study establishes a link between magnetic field exposures and obesity
(NaturalNews) A study published last month, by the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California, points to another kind of epidemic. Lead researcher De-Kun Li was prompted to examine how exposure to magnetic fields might be related to pregnancy and obese children.... Dr. Sam Milham, a leading electromagnetic fields (EMF) epidemiologist (retired) and author of "Dirty Electricity," shares his view on Li's research findings, "Childhood obesity is unheard of among the Amish and I believe that at least part of the reason is that they don't have electrical service in their homes, they don't drive cars and don't use cell phones." [We have EMF Stezer filters at the Power Mall!]

Today in History - Wednesday - August 8, 2012
1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for St. Helena, in the South Atlantic. The remainder of his life was spent there in exile.
1844 - After the killing of Joseph Smith, Bringham Young was chosen to lead the Mormons.
1876 - Thomas Edison received a patent for the mimeograph. The mimeograph was a "method of preparing autographic stencils for printing."
1899 - The refrigerator was patented by A.T. Marshall.
1911 - The number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives was established at 435. There was one member of Congress for every 211,877 residents.
1940 - The German Luftwaffe began a series of daylight air raids on Great Britain.
1945 - The United Nations Charter was signed by U.S. President Truman.
1945 - During World War II, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan.
1953 - The U.S. and South Korea initiated a mutual security pact.
1956 - Japan launched an oil tanker that was 780 feet long and weighed 84,730 tons. It was the largest oil tanker in the world.
1966 - Michael DeBakey became the first surgeon to install an artificial heart pump in a patient.
1974 - U.S. President Nixon announced that he would resign the following day.
1978 - The U.S. launched Pioneer Venus II, which carried scientific probes to study the atmosphere of Venus.
1988 - It was announced that a cease-fire between Iraq and Iran had begun.
1989 - The space shuttle Columbia took off from Cape Canaveral, FL. The trip was said to be a secret five-day military mission.
1990 - American forces began positioning in Saudia Arabia.
1991 - John McCarthy, a British TV producer was released by his Lebanese kidnappers. He had been held captive for more than five years. A rival group abducted Jerome Leyraud in retaliation and threatened to kill him if any more hostages were released.
1991 - The U.N. Security Council approved North and South Korea for membership.
1994 - The first road link between Israel and Jordan opened.
1995 - Saddam Hussein's two eldest daughters, their husbands, and several senior army officers defected.
2000 - The submarine H.L. Hunley was raised from ocean bottom after 136 years. The sub had been lost during an attack on the U.S.S. Housatonic in 1864. The Hunley was the first submarine in history to sink a warship.

World News

Syrian army in full control of Aleppo’s Salahuddin
Press TV - According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, Syrian troops regained control of Salahuddin on Wednesday after days of heavy clashes with terrorist groups. Fighting, however, continues between the Syrian army and the insurgents in several other areas of Aleppo, including the northern neighborhood of Ashrafyiah, the southern district of Sokkari and the central area of Seif al-Dowla.

Egypt fires missiles against suspected militants in Sinai
RT - The Egyptian military has launched an assault against suspected Islamist militants after they attacked security checkpoints along the Egyptian-Israeli border. At least 20 people have reportedly been killed. This comes just two days after 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed in similar attack.

US courts Taliban with ‘high risk’ prisoner exchange
RT - The US plans to transfer several key Taliban figures from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for a US POW, reports Reuters. Washington seeks to curry favor with the terrorist organization with the new concession in a bid to open the door to negotiations. The new initiative would see all five terrorist leaders transferred to Qatar in a gesture of goodwill to the Taliban, Reuters says, citing anonymous sources.

VIDEO: Iranian News Reports Child Hanged by Syrian 'Rebels'
Activist Post - According to a report made by Iraq’s Qanon news website, Iraqi human rights activists are claiming that “armed rebel groups attacked the house of a Shiite Iraqi family in the Seyede Zainab neighborhood in the capital city of Damascus, killed all members of the family and hanged the last one, a little child.” FARS News Agency accompanied their own article with an alleged picture of the child, as seen above. At this point, we cannot independently confirm the accuracy of these reports.

Six degrees of absurdity: Iranian sanctions regime highlights US political hypocrisy
RT - Washington has often been described as a revolving door, but when it comes to Iran, the ever expanding sanctions regime risks catching both Romney and Obama in an absurd trap of their own making, exposing the politicization of the Iranian issue.

Syria’s Assad returns to public eye with ally Iran
NY Daily News - Syrian President Bashar Assad made his first appearance on state TV in nearly three weeks Tuesday in a show of solidarity with a senior Iranian envoy even as the U.S. secretary of state urged stepped up international planning for the regime’s collapse.

Syrian Army kills leader of Aleppo insurgents
Press TV - Abdul Jabbar al-Oqeidi, the leader of the Aleppo military council of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army, has been killed in an operation conducted by the Syrian Army, Press TV reports. On the same day, the Syrian Army attacked insurgents in the al-Asileh neighborhood of Aleppo, killing and injuring 150 insurgents. In addition, insurgents’ vehicles equipped with machine guns were damaged in the operation.

Syria insurgents massacre 16 civilians near Homs
Press TV - Insurgents have killed at least 16 civilians, mostly Alawites and Christians, near the western Syrian city of Homs. Earlier in the day, insurgents carried out mortar attacks on several neighborhoods in Homs, damaging residential areas and injuring many people.

CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria
Paul Joseph Watson - Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels while also lauding the increasing number of successful bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda fighters. In case you didn’t get the memo – Al-Qaeda – the same group the United States accuses of carrying out the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history, is now our ally in Syria. Terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda in Syria are inherently moral and good. Down is the new up.

Dire shortage of medicine reported in Syria as clashes escalate
LA Times - Escalating violence in Syria has shut down pharmaceutical plants, piling another worry onto the woes facing the Syrian people: Severe shortages of medicine. The World Health Organization warned Tuesday that growing clashes between forces loyal to President Bashar Assad and opposition fighters around the cities of Damascus, the capital, and Aleppo have damaged and closed many of the local plants that make the vast majority of medicines. The country produces most of its own pharmaceuticals.

France Plans A 75% Tax Rate On The Rich
NY Times - President François Hollande is vowing to impose a 75 percent tax on the portion of anyone’s income above a million euros ($1.24 million) a year. “Should I be preparing to leave the country?” the executive asked Mr. Grandil. The lawyer’s counsel: Wait and see. For now, at least.

Canadian military to spend $1 billion on unmanned armed drones - According to a report in the Ottawa Citizen, the Harper government recently approved a military 'request to aerospace firms' to provide details about the types of drones now available in the marketplace. The 'request' pointed out the need for the unmanned aircraft to operate in the Arctic. The aircraft should also be able to carry precision-guided munitions, the government said.

Olympic Political Correctness
National Review - Who will win the racial-sensitivity gold medal? The London Olympics features 302 events. But this year there clearly is a new category: racial sensitivity. These Olympic Games are rife with examples of people taking offense, and it’s time to discuss some guardrails and guidelines before political correctness takes over completely.

Psychologists Say Not Joining Facebook is ‘Suspicious’
UK Daily Mail - The German magazine Der Taggspiegel went so far as to point out that accused theater shooter James Holmes and Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik have common ground in their lack of Facebook profiles. On a more tangible level, reports that human resources departments across the country are becoming more wary of young job candidates who don’t use the site.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Claim: 'Absolute proof' Obama was Indonesian citizen
A college classmate of Barack Obama who wrote a column asserting “The Obama Scandal is at Columbia” says he received a call from a reporter who claims to have “absolute proof” Obama became an Indonesian citizen. World Net Daily has reported since 2008 that an Indonesian school record shows Obama attended school in the Asian nation registered as an Indonesian citizen and as a Muslim. Read More...

Immigration program could legalize 1.8 million people - As many as 1.76 million young illegal immigrants could qualify for temporary legal status under President Obama's deferred action program, says a new report from the Migration Policy Institute. That's more than double the Obama administration's initial estimate of 800,000 people who would benefit from the program.... The government will begin accepting applications online on August 15, and administration officials said the nearly $500 application fee will completely pay for the administrative costs of reviewing the applications. Those accepted will also get work permits, and will have to renew their legal status every two years.

Loughner pleads guilty to Tucson shooting - Loughner's plea, coming after a federal judge ruled that he was competent to stand trial, means he will not get the death penalty. He now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

BATMAN movie-goer brings guns, knives for 'protection'
A lawyer says there could be a simple explanation for why an Ohio man allegedly armed himself to the teeth for a Saturday night screening of "The Dark Knight Rises": He wanted the protection. Scott A. Smith, 37, of North Ridgeville allegedly packed a bag with a loaded 9-millimeter Glock, extra ammunition clips and four knives for his trip to the movie theater, according to

YouTube: GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer
GRAY STATE SYNOPSIS: The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

Get Tested Or Get Out: School Forces Pregnancy Tests on Girls, Kicks out Students Who Refuse or are Pregnant - In a Louisiana public school, female students who are suspected of being pregnant are told that they must take a pregnancy test. Under school policy, those who are pregnant or refuse to take the test are kicked out and forced to undergo home schooling.

Obama fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans
RT - Manhattan federal court Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in May that the indefinite detention provisions signed into law late last year by US President Barack Obama failed to “pass constitutional muster” and ordered a temporary injunction to keep the military from locking up any person, American or other, over allegations of terrorist ties. On Monday, however, federal prosecutors representing President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta filed a claim with the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in hopes of eliminating that ban.

VIDEO: Armored Military Vehicles To Patrol Wisconsin Neighborhoods
Paul Joseph Watson - Armored military vehicles of the type used to hunt for insurgents in Afghanistan are set to patrol roads in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin as part of a training exercise on behalf of the U.S. Army Reserve. “(Capt. William) Geddes said the U.S. Army Reserve wanted to alert the public to the training dates so residents are not alarmed when a pack of heavily armored military vehicles is driving around the county,” reports The exercises are being run despite the fact that troops driving the M1117 Armored Security Vehicles have already received their basic training.

San Francisco mayor drops 'Stop and frisk'
RT - Mayor Lee had previously endorsed a proposal to bring the controversial policies across the country to the Bay Area and, as recently as this June, said he supported the plan after a sit-down with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. After opposition erupted across the city, though — including from the entire Board of Supervisors, the San Francisco Chronicle reports — Mr. Lee is now abandoning his previous stance on implementing similar procedures in his city.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Reality Check: GOP refuses to seat Maine delegation unless they agree to "Compromise"?
Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at the Republican National Committee's attempt to keep liberty delegates who support Ron Paul from being seated at the RNC unless they vote for Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul supporter Robyn Hamlin wins Missouri Congressional Dist 1 with 97% Reporting she WON with 58% of the vote
Daily Paul 8/7/2012.

RNC refuses to seat Maine delegation unless they agree to "compromise"
Fox News - In the state of Maine, it is well documented that 21 of the 24 delegates are strong supporters of Congressman Ron Paul. Those 21 delegates plan to go to Tampa later this month and cast a vote for Dr. Paul to receive the nomination. A little over a week ago, 20 of those 21 delegates were told that their credentials were being challenged by Mr. Peter Cianchette (who headed the Romney campaign in Maine). The grounds for the challenge; that 20 of these 21 delegates were illegally elected to represent Maine. As a result, the RNC planned to not seat the entire Maine delegation at the RNC in Tampa. Now, here is where it gets really interesting.

Santorum To Speak At GOP Convention
Reuters - Rick Santorum, the former presidential candidate who lobbed harsh criticism at Romney during some bitter primary contests, will join a host of other big-name Republicans as headline speakers, according to Republican sources. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will also speak at the convention, along with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Tea Party hero and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Paul spent much of the year campaigning against Romney on behalf of his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

VIDEO: Media Reports Paul Won Five States Needed for Nomination, Romney Breaks Rules to Deny Speaking Slot - Continuing the bizarre shadow dance with reality with respect to the candidacy of Ron Paul, the major media has reported that Paul has indeed won the five state minimum required to be on the ballot for nomination at the Republican Convention this month, even as it continues to imply the opposite. The latest parallel universe is the Nebraska story, in which "Ron Paul's Delegate Insurgency Ends." This is ABC News. That's right, ABC News.


For Unpaid College Loans, Feds Dock Social Security - According to government data, compiled by the Treasury Department at the request of, the federal government is withholding money from a rapidly growing number of Social Security recipients who have fallen behind on federal student loans. From January through August 6, the government reduced the size of roughly 115,000 retirees' Social Security checks on those grounds. That's nearly double the pace of the department's enforcement in 2011; it's up from around 60,000 cases in all of 2007 and just 6 cases in 2000.

Debt Collectors Real & Fake Top List Of Most-Blocked Phone Numbers
Consumerist - According to a new list of most-blocked telephone numbers, the only people more tenacious than debt collectors about making non-stop calls to consumers are bogus debt collectors possibly looking to steal your information or trick you into making a payment.... So without further ado, here are the 10 most-ditched numbers from YouMail users, along with crowd-sourced identification of the callers.

9-Year-Old Boy Manages Makes $3,400 With Lemonade Stand To Help Out His Hometown Of Detroit
Consumerist - Some children these days aren't always peddling lemonade just to give their allowances a boost — in fact one Detroit kid sold his wares last week in order to give whatever boost he could to his entire city and pulled in quite a pretty penny for such a young entrepreneur. He managed to sell almost $3,400 from his stand as of last Friday to help Detroit through its financial struggles.

VIDEO: Congress Proves They Don’t Care About Nearly 100 Million Poor Americans
Alexander Higgins - Despite hyped up rhetoric claiming they care about the skyrocketing number of poor in the US Congress goes on summer recess without taking action.... Senators claim they want to focus on jobs, but lawmakers have already gone on their summer break and have taken little action in the creation of jobs and stimulating the economy in the last couple years.

VIDEO: Gas prices climb 30 cents a gallon
CNN Money - Gas prices continued their slow but steady march higher Tuesday, surpassing a nationwide average of $3.63 cents a gallon on the back of refinery problems in the United States and higher crude oil prices globally. Nationwide average gasoline prices are now 30 cents higher than they were just five weeks ago. They are now at the midway mark between this year's high price of $3.94 a gallon -- hit April 5 -- and the recent low of $3.33 hit just over five weeks ago, according to AAA.

School system borrows 105 million, will pay 877 million in interest - With advice from an Orange County financial consultant, the district borrowed the money over 40 years in a controversial loan called a capital appreciation bond. The key point for the district: It won’t make any payments on the debt for 20 years. The bottom line: For borrowing $105 million in 2011, taxpayers will end up paying investors more than $981 million by 2051, or almost 10 times what the district borrowed. That’s wildly more expensive than a typical school bond, in which a district pays back two or maybe three times what it borrowed.

Emails: Geithner, Treasury drove cutoff of non-union Delphi workers’ pensions
Daily Caller - Emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that the U.S. Treasury Department, led by Timothy Geithner, was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 salaried retirees at the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company. The internal government emails contradict sworn testimony, in federal court and before Congress, given by several Obama administration figures. They also indicate that the administration misled lawmakers and the courts about the sequence of events surrounding the termination of those non-union pensions, and that administration figures violated federal law.

VIDEO: Police State (Mastercard Parody)
Liberty Crier - An excellent parody of the Mastercard commercials, starring the Police state we all pay for. Is it time for a tax revolt?

Energy & Environment

U.S. Freezes All Nuclear Power Plant Licensing Decisions
PR Newswire - Federal nuclear regulators today froze at least 19 final reactor licensing decisions in response to a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit that spent nuclear fuel stored on-site at nuclear power plants “poses a dangerous, long-term health and environmental risk.”... The NRC action was sought in a June 18, 2012 petition filed by 24 groups urging the NRC to respond to the court ruling by freezing final licensing decisions until it has completed a rulemaking action on the environmental impacts of highly radioactive nuclear waste in the form of spent, or 'used', reactor fuel storage and disposal.


Big Pharma shifting from deadly chemical drugs to bioelectric implants
(NaturalNews) Not content simply drugging its millions of victims with mind-altering chemical and biological inputs, the pharmaceutical industry is now developing ways to literally transform the human brain into a drug industry-controlled, biometric computer that will basically turn human beings into nothing more than mind-controlled robots.

Google complies with FDA demands to secretly disable Adwords accounts of nutritional detox companies
(NaturalNews) The latest attack on free speech in America comes from the FDA and is supported by Google Adwords. NaturalNews has learned that the FDA is quietly, and without notice to affected companies, commanding Google to disable the full Adwords accounts of nutritional supplement companies offering "detox" or "chelation" nutritional products.

Research proves stress really does shorten your life span by damaging DNA
(NaturalNews) Researchers at the University of Colorado recently identified a potential link between micronutrient deficiencies and the development of postpartum depression. Up to 15 percent of women experience a period of depression after giving birth, and a link between nutrition and the psychoneuroimmunology behind symptoms of depression may help prevent or remedy postpartum depression with natural supplements or a targeted diet.

Ginger could manage diabetes
Science Alert - Ginger, the common spice and ancient Asian remedy, could have the power to help manage the high levels of blood sugar which create complications for long-term diabetic patients, a University of Sydney study reports. The study, published in the prestigious natural product journal Planta Medica, reveals the potential power of ginger to control blood glucose by using muscle cells. Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry Basil Roufogalis who led the research says ginger extracts obtained from Buderim Ginger were able to increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells independently of insulin.

America's largest for-profit hospital chain unnecessarily putting lives at risk
Press TV - Doctors at America's biggest for-profit hospital chain performed needless and dangerous cardiac treatments for years in an apparent attempt to bring in more money, the New York Times reports. Prodded by a nurse, hospital giant HCA investigated itself in 2010 and uncovered cardiologists who couldn't justify their procedures at Florida hospitals over the previous eight years. HCA insists it took "action where necessary," but there's no evidence it reimbursed Medicare or Medicaid for the procedures.

VIDEO: Flesh-eating bacteria victim: 'It was a simple cut' - A simple cut nearly killed an Alaska man, who ended up getting flesh-eating bacteria. The horrific condition attacked his arm and nearly took his life.... After three trips to the emergency room, doctors in Alaska realized Pereyra was near death and flew him by helicopter to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

YouTube: Robert F Kennedy Jr Shocking Vaccine Cover Up

This "Twisted-Vegetable" Makes Animals Fat - Are You Eating it?
Dr. Mercola - According to results from a 10-year long feeding study on rats, mice, pigs and salmon, genetically engineered feed causes obesity, along with significant changes in the digestive system and major organs, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, genitals and more. Animals fed genetically engineered Bt corn were less able to digest proteins due to alterations in the micro-structure of their intestines. They also suffered immune system alterations. Impaired ability to digest proteins can have far-reaching implications for your health.

Splenda soon to unleash 'Nectresse' - Here's what you need to know about this new 'natural' sweetener
(NaturalNews) According to the Nectresse website, the product is "100 percent natural," and is made from the heat-stable extract of an Asian melon known as monk fruit, or Lo Han. But monk fruit is not the only ingredient in Nectresse, nor is it even the primary ingredient. The first and most abundant ingredient in Nectresse is actually erythritol, a sugar alcohol commonly derived from corn, the vast majority of which has been genetically modified (GM) in the U.S. And the second ingredient in Nectresse is sugar, which is refined and more than likely comes from GM sugar beets.

Digestive enzymes enhance nutrient absorption, gut health and longevity
(NaturalNews) A survey of holistic practitioners by Ed McCabe, author of Flood Your Body with Oxygen [available at The Power Mall], for the order of nutrients' importance consensus was: Oxygen, water, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.... Enzymes are energized, active protein compounds that are involved with every aspect of digestion and all cellular metabolism throughout our bodies. Without enzymes, food, minerals, and vitamins are useless. In fact, every activity in our body from creating cellular energy to building bone and muscle to hormonal production and distribution, and even thinking are governed by enzymes.

Doctors Advising Pregnant Women To Avoid TSA body Scanners
Steve Watson - An article in the New York Times health and science section today carries several revealing details indicating that doctors and scientists are extremely wary of the TSA’s use of full-body “backscatter” X-ray scanners. The article details an account from pregnant Yolanda Marin-Czachor, a 34-year-old mother and teacher from Green Bay, Wis., who says: “one of the first things my doctor said was: ‘Do not go through one of those machines. There have not been any long-term studies. I would prefer you stay away from it.’ ”

Science & Technology

20,000 AT&T Workers Go On Strike
Consumerist - UPDATE: The CWA has released a statement regarding the strike, and also says the total number of striking workers is around 22,500 (18,000 out west and 4,500 in Connecticut). "Contract negotiations are never easy," said CWA District 9 Vice President Jim Weitkamp. "But when AT&T violates the law repeatedly, the process really can't work. Given AT&T's record profits, tax breaks and jaw-dropping executive compensation, there is no reason for them to insist on lowering the standard of living of a single worker."

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Federal government now ruthlessly stealing thousands of dollars from small farmers' bank accounts via 'Bank Secrecy Act'
(NaturalNews) If you run a family farm or other small business in which you regularly make large cash deposits at the bank, you could be in violation of a little-known federal law called the Bank Secrecy Act. Making regular cash deposits of any amount, in fact, could land you in the crosshairs of government tyrants who, according to CBN News, have already seized tens of thousands of dollars from family farmers whose only "crime" was depositing their hard-earned cash in their bank accounts.

Today in History - Tuesday - August 7, 2012
1789 - The U.S. War Department was established by the U.S. Congress.
1782 - George Washington created the Order of the Purple Heart.
1888 - Theophilus Van Kannel received a patent for the revolving door.
1914 - Germany invaded France.
1928 - The U.S. Treasure Department issued a new bill that was one third smaller than the previous U.S. bills.
1934 - The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling striking down the government's attempt to ban the controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses."
1942 - U.S. forces landed at Guadalcanal, marking the start of the first major allied offensive in the Pacific during World War II.
1959 - The U.S. launched Explorer 6, which sent back a picture of the Earth.
1960 - The Cuban Catholic Church condemned the rise of communism in Cuba. Fidel Castro then banned all religious TV and radio broadcasts.
1964 - The U.S. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which gave President Johnson broad powers in dealing with reported North Vietnamese attacks on U.S. forces.
1974 - French stuntman Philippe Petit walked a tightrope strung between the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center.
1976 - Scientists in Pasadena, CA, announced that the Viking 1 spacecraft had found strong indications of possible life on Mars.
1981 - After 128 years of publication, "The Washington Star" ceased all operations.
1983 - AT&T employees went on strike.
1987 - The presidents of five Central American nations, met in Guatemala City, and signed an 11-point agreement designed to bring peace to their region.
1990 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush ordered U.S. troops and warplanes to Saudi Arabia to guard against a possible invasion by Iraq.
2003 - In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he would run for the office of governor.

World News

Israel bars five foreign ministers from entering West Bank in ‘flagrant violation’ of international law
Activist Post - Five foreign ministers of nations belonging to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) harshly criticized Israel for refusing to allow them to enter the city of Ramallah in the West Bank for a meeting, with one calling the move “a flagrant violation of the principles of international law and of Israel’s obligations as the occupying power.”

Muslim Brotherhood establishes militia inside Syria
London Telegraph - Calling itself the "Armed Men of the Muslim Brotherhood", the militia has a presence in Damascus as well as opposition hot spots like Homs and Idlib. One of their organisers, who called himself Abu Hamza, said that he started the movement along with a member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), the opposition alliance.

Egyptian Islamists blame Mossad for deadly Sinai attack
RT - Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has blamed Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, for a terrorist attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on Sunday night. The act had further escalated tensions between the formerly allied nations. The group’s official website posted that the attack “can be attributed to Mossad, which has been seeking to abort the revolution since its inception,” and went on to claim that that act was an attempt to cast a shadow on the administration of President Mohamed Morsi.

Shell pulls $15bln cash out of Europe
RT - Royal Dutch Shell has unveiled plans to move some of its cash from Europe to the United States because of the growing fear of macroeconomic risk. The Anglo-Dutch oil major may put about $15 billion into non-European assets such as U.S. government bonds and bank accounts, according to the company’s Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry. "There's been a shift in our willingness to take credit risk in Europe," Henry told The Times newspaper.

Why Is the U.S. Government Funding Islamic Terrorists Who Are Killing Christians?
Washington’s Blog - According to the Vatican’s official news service – Fides – and many other Christian news sources, the Syrian opposition is targeting Christians. Priests and bishops on the ground in Syria confirm these reports.

Police disperse Occupy Frankfurt camp (PHOTOS)
RT - Police have cleared an Occupy Frankfurt camp after ten months of demos outside the European Central Bank headquarters. Barricades were set up around the camp as police asked people to leave voluntarily, forcibly removing those who sat down instead. The protesters have been next to the European Central Bank since last October, demanding that authorities to put an end to social and economic inequality.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: Trump renews push to unseal Obama records
WND - Donald Trump is calling on Obama to release his sealed records in exchange for Gov. Mitt Romney’s tax returns, declaring it would be “a wonderful trade.”... Trump offered a list of sealed documents he believes Obama should present for the deal. “I’d like to see his college records,” he said. “I’d like to see his college applications. I’d like to see something about his past, which many people know nothing about. I’d like to see his passport records, which are sealed.

Was the Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Also Dosed Up on Legal Drugs?
Activist Post - Was the suspect in the ‘Sikh temple shooting‘ case on a medley of pharmaceutical drugs like James Holmes, Columbine shooter Eric Harris, Ted Kaczinski the “Unabomber”, and virtually all others? The latest incident in which a minimum of seven innocents were killed at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee, now known as either the ‘Sikh shooting’ or the ‘Sikh temple shooting’, has shocked citizens both nationally and internationally.

Gibson Guitar to Pay Fine Over Wood Imports
The Trenches - Gibson Guitar Corp. agreed to pay a $300,000 fine to resolve a federal criminal investigation into allegations that it illegally imported wood from Madagascar and India, in a case that has fanned debate about whether the strict enforcement of a century-old conservation law poses a threat to jobs.... Gibson Chief Executive Henry Juszkiewicz said he felt Gibson was targeted inappropriately. He added that the company settled the dispute to avoid the cost of litigation, and said he was “gratified” that no criminal charges were brought.

Texas set to execute mentally disabled prisoner
RT - A medically diagnosed “mentally retarded” prisoner will be executed by lethal injection in Texas on Tuesday, even though it violates the US Constitution.

Washington green-lights American donations to Syrian rebels
RT - The US government has permitted its citizens to start donating money to Syria’s opposition, paving the way for direct help from US nationals to the rebel fighters. The Syrian Support Group (SSG), a Washington-based organization closely connected to rebel forces, has been granted a license by the US Treasury to begin fundraising on behalf of the opposition. The move allows the group to provide the rebels with “financial, communications, logistical services otherwise banned” by American sanctions on Syria, the Daily Telegraph reports.

VIDEO Sikh Temple Massacre: Multiple Shooters and Domestic Terrorism
Kurt Nimmo - “Unnamed officials told NBC News that the suspect had served in the U.S. army, had many tattoos, and held ‘some kind of radical or white supremacist views’ but was not known to be affiliated with any radical group. The suspect had only traffic tickets on his criminal records, the officials told NBC News,” the Daily Beast reported late Sunday.... The shooting appears to be the work of an organized team. Despite the police and FBI stating there was only one shooter who was shot dead by police, people at the scene insist there was multiple shooters.

VIDEO: Eyewitness: 4 Man Team Behind Sikh Temple Shooting
Paul Joseph Watson - UPDATE: A separate source has corroborated the other eyewitness claim – a family member whose parents were victims of the shooting said his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack. An eyewitness to the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre, contradicting the official narrative that a lone gunman was the culprit.

Sikh Temple Shooter Was In Army Psychological Operations
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones “A U.S. Army spokeswoman told Yahoo News that Page served from April 1992 until October 1998 as a member of the psychological operations unit. He was never deployed, but won numerous medals, including two for good conduct and one for humanitarian service. Wade received basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, moved to Fort Bliss in Texas and finished at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.” 40-year-old Wade Michael Page’s involvement with psychological operations bears similarities to accused Colorado shooter James Holmes, who was treated by University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton, a former U.S. Air Force doctor.

Sikh Shooting Ties Into DHS ‘Veterans as Terrorists’ Narrative
Paul Joseph Watson - Lone gunman identified as US Army vet while reports of multiple shooters ignored. “The gunman who shot six people to death and wounded three others during a rampage at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb was an Army veteran who may have been a white supremacist, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation,” reports CNN.

VIDEO: Shade The Motion Picture "Official Trailer"
For hundreds of years an elite group of oligarchs have ruled the land, fueled by a legacy of sex, money, power and greed. .in the last 60 years their power has become more consolidated as they have become more organized. Their own white papers and other documents show the diabolic plans they have in store for the population. Produced & Directed by Shepard Ambellas & Jason Bermas.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Bruce Fein Explains The Snub Of Ron Paul By The RNC On The Jerry Doyle Show
Bruce Fein was on The Jerry Doyle Show to talk about the RNC not inviting ROn Paul to speak at the GOP convention in Tampa.

Nevada finishes paperwork to officially nominate Ron Paul at Convention!
Daily Paul - I was reading a thread on another forum from a Nevada delegate and he said he was the 15th signature on the nominating form. (15 = plurality). This is big news right?

Sign the Petition to get Ron Paul's Maine Delegates seated at the GOP Convention
Daily Paul - After her loss at the Maine Republican Convention last May, Jan Staples (along with Peter Cianchette, Chairman of the Maine Mitt Romney Campaign), is now spearheading an effort to unseat the National Delegates who were rightfully elected at that convention. These National Delegates were voted on and properly elected by a majority of the State Republican Delegation. Now, Jan Staples is attempting to undo the democratic process we all participated in during last May's Convention.

Paul Not Given Role at Republican Convention
Examiner - In a political move that defies logic, CNN is reporting that presidential challenger Ron Paul has not been asked to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Instead, the Romney team has invited Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Arizona Senator John McCain and Florida Governor Rick Scott will also have prime time speaking roles.... It seems likely that Congressman Paul's Audit the FED bill and his stance on military intervention, while popular nationally, may be displeasing to the big money interests that are funding Governor Romney's campaign.


Harry Reid NOT releasing his own tax returns
Politico - Senate Majority Harry Reid again deflected questions Monday about releasing his tax returns, even as he continued to pound the demand for Mitt Romney to make more of his own public. Instead, Reid pointed to the financial disclosure forms he files as a member of Congress, which provide different information.

Stockton police and firefighters have no money to buy gas
RT - One of California’s bankrupt cities is struggling to keep its police and firefighters in service. The two public safety departments have no gasoline in the pumps at their stations, because companies refuse to service those in bankruptcy. Stockton, which filed for bankruptcy protection last week, said its police can no longer pay its gas vendor the money it owes. After running out of gas last week and finding a way to refill it, the city has empty stations for the second time in a week.

YouTube: Death to Pennies
Why Pennies are economically inefficient and should be abolished.

Housing Market

VIDEO: Millionaire Buys Every Foreclosed Home in Michigan County for $4.8M reports Bill McMachen, a businessman and former yacht dealer, paid about $4.8 million for all 650 tax foreclosed properties at Macomb County's July 31 sale. Authorities had announced at the auction that the properties could be sold as a package deal for the price of the back taxes, which totaled about $4.8 million. McMachen jumped at the chance.

Energy & Environment

Massive fire engulfs Chevron California refinery (PHOTOS)
RT - Firefighters are battling with a blaze that has torn through oil giant Chevron’s Richmond refinery in California. Officials have warned residents to stay indoors as toxic fumes have been released during the fire. The blaze has been brought under control by firefighters, but has not been put out. The fire reportedly started in the facility’s main processing unit at 6:15pm local time Monday (01:15 GMT Tuesday).

US infrastructure, highways and power grids, failing under relentless heat wave
(NaturalNews) America is falling apart, literally, and the extreme weather events of the past few months and years surely have not helped the situation any. A recent New York Times (NYT) piece explains that various roads, bridges, and even nuclear power facilities all across the country are crumbling, or otherwise undergoing severe structural damage, as a result of the extreme heat waves that continue to sweep the nation.

VIDEO: Towns' Residents Flee Oklahoma Wildfires That Have Destroyed Dozens of Homes
NBC NEWS - Firefighters are struggling to control more than a dozen blazes that have scorched thousands of acres. NBC's Gabe Gutierrez reports. New evacuations were under way Saturday as well: Authorities ordered evacuations in the towns of Glencoe, population of around 600, and Mannford, population about 3,000 in Creek County about 20 miles west of Tulsa. Thousands were on the move as the fire in Creek County spread quickly, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.


Chemotherapy backfires - causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors
(NaturalNews) It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors.... This protein, dubbed "WNT16B," is taken up by nearby cancer cells, causing them to "grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy," said Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. He's the co-author of the study that documented this phenomenon, published in Nature Medicine.

The Martial Flu: U.S. Pandemic Laws Align with International Health Regulations
Activist Post - All of the new vaccines are DNA vaccines which contaminate normal human DNA with patented GMOs, just as Monsanto has been doing to organic fields with pollen drift. The public has not been informed of this or given legal papers to release their intellectual property rights over their own unique DNA.

Consuming Large Amounts of This Mineral Reduces Cancer Risk By 67 Percent
Prevent Disease - Who would have thought that the earth beneath our feet could be to blame for health woes ranging from heart disease to thyroid problems to cancer? Yet that’s the view of some experts who say levels of selenium, a mineral essential for good health, are so low in soil in Europe that it’s affecting the food chain, diets and, ultimately, the risk of disease.

Sprouts: So fresh, they're still growing!
(NaturalNews) Sprouts are a miracle food. As a 'living' food, sprouts continue to grow higher in nutritional value after being harvested. Sprouting is the process of germinating seeds to be eaten raw or cooked. When seeds are soaked, the dormant seeds turn into a nutritional powerhouse. For instance, when peas are dry they have no Vitamin C; however, when sprouted for 48 hours, they provide more Vitamin C than fresh oranges while Broccoli sprouts help protect the body against cancer. A salad made from an assortment of sprouts, compared with the traditional lettuce salad, provides five times as much protein, six times as much Vitamin C and seven times as much of the B Complex Vitamins and costs less than half as much.

Seven toxic foods, drinks, and additives to cut out of your diet for good
(NaturalNews) With so much conflicting information out there about which foods are healthy and which foods are not, it can be difficult for many people to determine how best to approach a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well. But a good place to start is to avoid these seven toxic foods, beverages, and additives that are quite common in the American diet.

Flame retardants are causing autism
(NaturalNews) More and more over the past 25 years, brominated flame retardants have been used in home furnishings and electronics to slow down fires. These chemicals are now routinely found in household dust, food, air and in the umbilical cords of newborns.

A New Name for Statin Drug Poisoning: Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Green Med Info - Few drugs are as toxic to the organ they are prescribed to "treat" as statins. There are already hundreds of studies indicating that statin drugs are muscle-damaging (myotoxic) and nerve-damaging (neurotoxic), and yet they are somehow still legally allowed to be sold to millions of patients worldwide, ostensibly to protect the human heart -- which is, mind you, a muscle with an exceptionally high density of nerves.

Cash rewards keep people on their medications
Reuters - Weekly rewards of as little as $5 could keep people on track with their medications, says a new study. “It helps the patient understand that we are serious about helping them get treated,” said Dr. Deb Sodt, who leads the Minnesota Department of Health Tuberculosis Prevention & Control Program and was not involved in the new work.

In Praise of the Lowly Cucumber
Green Med Info - With no pretensions or aspirations for superfood status, the lowly cucumber still offers a surprising range of nutrients, and even some recently discovered health benefits for diabetics. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy its refreshing flavor paired with avocado is this quick and easy cold soup.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Insecticides Modified in GM Corn Polluting U.S. Waters
Activist Post - The research was conducted in the states of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, where corn fields are abundant. Scientists found the bacterial protein washed off the corn and directly into the streams. While they won’t say for certain what this means for human health, the consensus is that it can’t be good.

Pet News

Hartz ultra guard pro is poison - I recently moved into my own apartment, taking my kitten with me. My mom’s house was really damp and we were never able to stop the fleas, so I asked my bf to pick up some flea drops on the way home so we wouldn’t have an infestation here too. As soon as I put the product on I could tell something was not right, she just seemed depressed. A few hours later I noticed the back leg twitchs that were so violent I was worried she was going to break her foot or something, along with shaking, not eating, and weird breathing.

Today in History - Monday - August 6, 2012
1787 - The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia began. The articles of the U.S. Constitution draft were to be debated.
1806 - The Holy Roman Empire went out of existence as Emperor Francis II abdicated.
1825 - Bolivia declared independence from Peru.
1914 - Austria-Hungary declared war against Russia. Serbia declared war against Germany.
1926 - Gertrude Ederle became the first American woman to swim the English Channel. She was 19 years old at the time. The swim took her 14 1/2 hours.
1945 - The American B-29 bomber, known as the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on an inhabited area. The bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped over the center of Hiroshima, Japan. An estimated 140,000 people were killed.
1960 - Nationalization of U.S. and foreign-owned property in Cuba began.
1962 - Jamaica became an independent dominion within the British Commonwealth.
1965 - The Voting Rights Act was signed by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.
1985 - The 40th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing brought tens of thousands of Japanese and foreigners to Hiroshima.
1986 - William J. Schroeder died. He lived 620 days with the Jarvik-7 manmade heart. He was the world's longest surviving recipient of a artificial heart.
1990 - The U.N. Security Council ordered a worldwide trade embargo with Iraq. The embargo was to punish Iraq for invading Kuwait.
1993 - The U.S. Senate confirmed Louis Freeh to be the director of the FBI.
1995 - Thousands of glowing lanterns were set afloat in rivers in Hiroshima, Japan, on the 50th anniversary of the first atomic bombing.
1996 - NASA announced the discovery of evidence of primitive life on Mars. The evidence came in the form of a meteorite that was found in Antarctica. The meteorite was believed to have come from Mars and contained a fossil.
1997 - Apple Computer and Microsoft agreed to share technology in a deal giving Microsoft a stake in Apple's survival.
1998 - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spent 8 1/2 hours testifying before a grand jury about her relationship with U.S. President Clinton.


Biochar and LIFE 2012 by Doug Brethower
The first North American Biochar Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado, August 2009. In 2012, a meeting of the US Biochar Initiative was held the first week of August 2012 in Sonoma, California. Despite years of high level meetings, to this day, the most often asked question by traditional farmers is, "What is biochar?"

World News

NATO airstrike kills Haqqani leader
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- NATO forces killed a local commander for the Haqqani insurgent group in an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan, the military alliance said Monday. Sher Mohammad Hakimi was hit on Sunday in Logar province, the coalition said.

US, Israel arranging roles in Iran war theater?
RT - Reports are surfacing of a US-Israeli plan to attack Iran’s ballistic missile batteries, giving Israel extra space to tackle Syria and Hezbollah. While no talks have been confirmed, anonymous sources claim that war plans have been put to paper. While it’s unclear how far-reaching the US and Israeli plans are, some say the allies have detailed intentions to destroy the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missiles – and let Israel launch an assault on Syria and Hezbollah to boot. An anonymous US military source told DEBKAfile, a website covering Israel-related security issues, that the US Air Force will be tasked with destroying Iran’s Shahab-3 ballistic missile batteries.

Imminent terror attack on London?
Press TV - With regard to Lowy’s talent for investment in places that are victims of terrorist attacks, the question raises that whether the Olympic Park would be a possible target for terrorist attacks? Frank Lowy is one of the Zionist capitalists, who you may have heard less about. He tends not to be raised in the press and media in order to pursue his own commercial and political affairs comfortably.... He is among the founders and mangers of influential Israeli and American think tanks; He has paid enormous amounts of money to influence large governments’ foreign policies towards the Middle East, especially in the Israeli-Arab conflict; finally he is one of the Zionists who received heavy compensation from insurance companies after the 9/11 attacks.

Greece: 6,000 detained during raids on immigrants
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greek police say they have detained some 6,000 people in Athens on suspicion that they have entered the country illegally and will deport more than 1,600 of them to their home countries.

Israel upgrades missile shield over Iran, Syria fears
RT - Israel is upgrading its ‘Arrow II’ missile shield over fears of possible attacks by Iran and Syria. The ‘Block-4’ upgrade is currently being installed and deployed across the country, a senior Israeli defense official said on Sunday. The US Missile Defense Agency and the Israeli Missile Defense Organization completed a successful test-run of the Block-4 in February.

Iran Says Test-Firing Of Missile a Success
NY Times - Iran said Saturday that it had successfully test-fired an upgraded version of a short-range ballistic missile with improved accuracy, increasing its capacity to strike land and naval targets. Iran’s defense minister, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, said the solid-fueled Fateh-110 missile had a range of 185 miles. He also said the weapon could strike with pinpoint precision, making it the most accurate weapon of its kind in Iran’s arsenal.

Syria conflict: Troops 'mass for Aleppo assault'
BBC August 5, 2012 - More than 20,000 Syrian troops are massed around Aleppo, military sources say, as fighting rages for control of the country's second city. Fighter jets, helicopters and artillery have pounded rebel positions ahead of a feared full-scale assault within days. Tanks are trying to push into two key rebel-held areas, the opposition says. In Damascus, another vital battleground in the war, army sources said rebels had been pushed from a last stronghold. The rebels said they had withdrawn.

Britain secretly equipping Syrian rebels with latest satellite phones to help topple Assad
Daily Mail - The supply of the latest generation of handsets is part of the Foreign Office’s mission to mould militias into a coalition capable of governing the country. The phones, used by the Ministry of Defence, are designed for rugged environments and are shock, dust and water resistant. Whitehall sources also confirmed the Foreign Office is teaching negotiation and ‘stabilisation’ skills to opposition leaders, and advising on how to address the Syrian people and international audiences.

U.S. To Start Carving Up Afghanistan's Vast Resources
Activist Post - As part of the DOD’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operation (TFBSO), the DOD and USGS (United States Geological Survey) are working together to “map more than 70 percent of the country’s surface and identify potential high-value deposits of copper, gold, iron, and other minerals.

VIDEO: London Olympics 2012 ' Zion' Logo
[Editor's note: "ZiON" If it is 2012, why the second "2" is different from the first "2" ? Also there is no dot in the "2012" figure. The London 2012 logo seen here.

YouTube: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England
A quick explanation of the terms United Kingdom, Great Britain, England and much much more.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Shooting at Sikh temple: who benefits big-time?
(NaturalNews) The official and repeating scenario ("we believe there was only one shooter") has already been contradicted.... The FBI is calling this an act of domestic terrorism. Why? No reason given. Domestic terrorism would indicate the intent to attack America itself. Even if this is called a hate crime, that doesn't automatically equate with "domestic terrorism." The authorities are going to work with this idea of domestic terrorism and make some hay out of it for themselves. Coming on the heels of the Batman murders, this attack is sure to spur efforts to enact tighter gun control. As with the two witnesses in Aurora who contradicted the official scenario, these two in Wisconsin are remarkably calm.

Fact or fiction: Holmes father to testify; James Holmes photos don't match
(NaturalNews) Two issues in the Aurora shootings are red hot at the moment, and are being presented and discussed all over the Internet. The first is the claim that Robert Holmes, James Holmes' father, was or is to testify before a senate panel on the Libor scandal.

Police raid wrong house, kill family dog and make children sit with its bloody corpse
(NaturalNews) According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Minneapolis, members of the St. Paul Police Dept. drug unit broke down the door to the home of lead plaintiff Roberto Franco and shot the family dog before handcuffing all nine occupants - including three children - who were then forced "to sit next to the carcass of their dead and bloody pet for more than an hour." The suit states the anti-drug team continued to search Franco's property even after realizing they raided the wrong house.

VIDEO: Should Obama And Congress Be Arrested Under The NDAA?
Azizonomics - If providing material assistance to al-Qaeda is illegal under the National Defence Authorization Act (2012), and Obama and Congress are sending $25 million of aid to al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrian opposition, aren’t Congress and President Obama violating their own law?

Shooting at Wis. Sikh Temple Called “Hate Crime”
Paul Joseph Watson - The narrative behind the shooting is already being manufactured to demonize conservatives. Police and fire departments are handling a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., south of Milwaukee, where at least seven people, including the gunman, are dead, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and other news organizations. At least three people, including a police officer who exchanged shots with the suspect, have been injured and taken to a hospital.... The shooter was a white male in his 30s, Ven Boba Ri, one of the temple’s committee members, tells the Journal-Sentinel. “It’s pretty much a hate crime,” he tells the news organization. “It’s not an insider.” RT related article/potos here.

Homeland insecurity: DHS drops proposal to screen chemical plant employees over industry complaints
End the Lie - When the massive Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ditched their proposal to screen employees working at chemical plants after major industry players complained, I realized that indeed the naked falsehood behind the war on terror could actually become more evident.

VIDEO: Giant Drone’s Laser Cannon Nixed by Congress
Wired - Despite the best efforts of the Missile Defense Agency and its allies in the House of Representatives, the Pentagon will not be giving Boeing a multi-million dollar contract to equip its king-sized, experimental “Phantom Eye” unmanned aerial vehicle with a directed energy weapon. Not if the Senate’s moneymen have anything to say about it.

New Effort To Curtail Posse Comitatus After Colorado Massacre
Paul Joseph Watson - ‘Citing an alleged increase in the use of improvised explosive devices on U.S. soil, including last month’s Colorado massacre, the federal government and members of Congress are pushing for Posse Comitatus to be curtailed and for the U.S. military to work closer with law enforcement in fighting “homegrown terrorists”.

Report: Jared Loughner to plead guilty in Tucson shooting massacre
Raw Story - According to the [Los Angeles Times]... two sources familiar with the trial’s proceedings said mental health experts had determined Loughner was fit to stand trial, and that they would testify to that effect on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Arizona. Some had speculated whether Loughner was criminally insane and should be institutionalized, not incarcerated, for allegedly carrying out the shooting. The Times said it was unclear whether Loughner would plead guilty to every charge against him, or only to some.

Man with concealed gun stops stabbing massacre
(NaturalNews) As the political debate heats up once more in the wake of yet another shooting massacre, it again becomes necessary to ask the nation to take a collective deep breath and stop to think about the real reason why the founding fathers included the right to keep and bear arms in our Constitution.

VIDEO: Vermont Man Uses Tractor to Flatten 8 Police Cars
Liberty Crier - A man who was allegedly angry about criminal charges crushed multiple police cruisers with a farm tractor.

Lemonade Freedom Day 2012 – August 17-18, 2012
Liberty Crier - Learn about a history of peaceful non-compliance, how to peacefully stand up for your rights in confrontational situations and how to take responsibility for your freedom. Farm fresh dinner to follow.

2012 Election News

YouTube: Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 8/6/12
Sanctions on Iran and Syria: Closer to Another Criminal War.

Ron Paul Supporters Fighting for Control of Oregon Republican Delegation to RNC
Oregon Live - Texas Rep. Ron Paul won less than 13 percent of the vote in Oregon's Republican presidential primary, but his supporters now make up at least half of the state's delegation to the national convention in Tampa later this month.

Obama campaign, DNC sue Ohio to restrict military voting
Examiner - The Obama re-election campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in Ohio to strike down part of that state's law regarding military voting, reported Thursday. "Currently, Ohio allows the public to vote early in-person up until the Friday before the election," Mike Flynn wrote. Military members, he added, are "given three extra days to do so."


9 big companies that will never recover
Press TV - To compile a list of names that were once leaders in their industries, but are no longer and likely will never be again, 24/7 Wall St. looked at companies that have lost most of their market share, suffered sharp share price erosion, and posted a sharp drop in earnings, or even losses.

'US economy lost 1.2 million jobs in July'
Press TV - The U.S. economy lost 1.2 million jobs between June and July, according to Jacob Goldstein of Planet Money. There are huge seasonal fluctuations in employment that occur in a predictable way, year after year. Retailers staff up before Christmas, and lay people off in January. Public school districts staff up in the fall — and let people go in July, after the school year ends.

Treasury Auditing Gold at the NY Fed for the First Time Ever
LA Times - The federal government has quietly been completing an audit of U.S. gold stored at the New York Fed. The effort included drilling small holes in the bars to test their purity. The Treasury Department has refused to disclose what the audit has revealed so far, saying the results will be announced by year's end. But as one former top Fed official said recently, the testing may finally prove that "Goldfinger didn't sneak in at night" and take the gold.

VIDEO: 'We Built China Into A Monster And Getting Our Just Reward’
Alexander Higgins - Congressman Rohrabache says the US has created a monster in China that steals our technology, jobs, sabotages our economy and literally gets away with murder. As America battles a crippled economy and high unemployment, its superpower status seems to be ever more fragile. Meanwhile, China’s economy and military continue to grow at an amazing rate — and some US politicians say America is to blame.

How the IRS Takes the Gold After the Olympics
The Trenches - Our Olympic medalists will rake in handsome rewards for representing their country, but they will also have to give a chunk back to Uncle Sam in taxes, notes the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation. Under U.S. tax law, they must include the value of their Olympic medals and prizes in their taxable income. The precious metal in the medals is worth about $675 for gold, $385 for silver and under $5 for bronze. But medalists take in handsome cash prizes, too: $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. Assuming they’re paying the top U.S. tax rate of 35%, that means Olympians would have to shell out $8,750 for winning gold, $5,250 for silver and $3,500 for bronze.

Bankrupt California cities slash public services to fund six-figure pensions
RT - As some California cities face bankruptcy, public services are being slashed so unusually high pensions can stay on the books. Stockton’s former police chief rakes in a pension of more than $200,000 a year, while also working another job. The former police chief retired at age 52, and was among four of the city’s chiefs who held the job for less than three years, while retiring with an average of 92 per cent of their final salaries.

12 Million Americans Are Sociopaths
Washington's Blog - We’ve extensively documented that sociopaths in D.C. and on Wall Street caused the financial crisis. But we didn’t realize how many people are sociopaths. Psychologist Martha Stout – who – clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for 25 years – estimates in her book The Sociopath Next Door that as many as 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or affectionate feelings for humans or animals. ...using the U.S. as an example, that means that 12 million Americans are sociopaths.

Energy & Environment

EPA violated 10th Amendment and state rights - Virginia coalition files federal suit over unconstitutional rain water collection mandate
(NaturalNews) The Tenth Amendment has been described by some constitutional scholars and experts as the Bill of Rights' catch-all amendment, in that it was written into the nation's founding document as a way to remind future federal lawmakers and officials that unless the Constitution explicitly allows it or bans it, states - as sovereign entities - are free to do as they please.

Nun shuts down the only weapons-grade uranium facility in US
RT - A group of protesters, including an 82-year old nun, broke into the only US government’s facility for enriching and storing weapons-grade uranium, smearing human blood on the walls of the unit where the nuclear bomb component is stored. The facility, located in Tennessee, was shut down after it failed to keep out the trespassers. The private contractor responsible for its protection, WSI Oak Ridge, is a wing of the same company that failed to provide enough staff at the London Olympic Games. As a result, the British government was forced to deploy extra British Army troops.


Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows
(NaturalNews) Emerging research on the widespread degenerative brain disease known as Alzheimer's suggests that this prevalent form of dementia is actually a type of diabetes. Published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, a recent study out of Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) confirms that Alzheimer's is marked by brain insulin resistance and corresponding inflammation, a condition that some researchers are now referring to as type-3 diabetes... Coconut Oil available at the Power Mall here!

Inflammation is a major reason why you can't lose weight
(NaturalNews) It's well established that obesity is characterized by low-level chronic inflammation. Several theories as to how this inflammation occurs have been proposed, but dietary choices seem to be the most important factor involved. It's increasingly recognized that regular consumption of certain foods leads to diet-induced inflammation; which in turn sets the stage for insulin resistance, leptin resistance and other conditions that go hand in hand with overweight and obesity. These conditions make it very hard to lose weight and maintain healthy body weight.

Komen for the Cure caught in mammography propaganda fraud; scientists blast agenda of deception
(NaturalNews) It is time for the truth to be told about Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The organization is, flatly stated, engaged in fraud.... All across America, men and women participate in "run for the cure" events, raising tens of millions of dollars each year that go into the hands of Komen for the Cure. What these people don't know is that much of that money is spent on "free" mammograms. Those mammograms, in turn, actually cause breast cancer because they subject women to high doses of ionizing radiation.

Killing children with X-ray images - Death by procedure
(NaturalNews) Children are more radio-sensitive than adults and children undergoing CT scans have triple the risk of leukemia and brain cancer after two or three CT scans according to a recent article in the Lancet. Doctors think the benefits usually outweigh their risks, but "radiation is known to carry a hard-to-calculate, elevated, long-term probability of induced cancers", according to Marta Hernanz-Schulman, MD, chair of the American College of Radiology Pediatric Imaging Commission.

Doctors' woeful lack of training about nutrition dooms millions to early graves
(NaturalNews) Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health and warding off illness. Nutrition can also play a pivotal role in healing illness of all kinds, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the three leading illnesses which cause deaths. It is thus shocking that our doctors - whom most people turn to for advice on diet and nutrition - receive little to no training on the subjects in medical schools.

Ron Paul’s Statement on Introducing the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act
Liberty Crier - Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the “Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act.” This legislation allows terminally ill patients to use drugs, treatments and devices that have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if their physicians certify: (i) such patients have no other treatment options; and (Ii) the patient executes written, informed consent that they are aware of any potential risks from the drug, device, or treatment. It is important to remember that this legislation only applies to otherwise terminally ill patients. Denying these patents a possible opportunity to cure their illness-or at least reduce their suffering—is nonsensical and cruel.

VIDEO: Why doctors are more dangerous than guns - new Health Ranger investigation video
(NaturalNews)This mini-documentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is based on U.S. government statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, combined with doctor-caused deaths published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. These data show that FDA-approved prescription drugs kill 290 Americans every single day, meaning that for mass shootings to approach that number, you'd have to see a Colorado Batman movie massacre take place EVERY HOUR of every day, 365 days a year.

Biologist calls sodas and fizzy beverages 'evil'
(NaturalNews) Have a Coke and a smile. Or, if you're part of the 'new generation,' a Pepsi. One taste of those excito-toxins and you won't worry about aborted fetal cells or cancer-causing chemicals. After all, who wants to think about Type 2 Diabetes when they just want a sweet reward, and a moment to relax?

Is your diet toxic?
(NaturalNews) It's common knowledge that diets rich in processed, preserved and GMO-laden ingredients are highly toxic. But, what you may not know is that a completely home-grown, organic, non-GMO meal can also be toxic - if your body can't digest it.

The Potential Effects of Soy, and How it Might Decimate the Health of Your Unborn Baby and the Fertility of Future Generations
Dr. Mercola - If you're pregnant or thinking of having a baby, you might want to take a look at some new research on the effects of plant estrogens, such as that found in soy, on a developing fetus. According to Medical News Today1, a paper published in Biology of Reproduction2 suggests that exposure to estrogenic chemicals in the womb or during childhood has the potential to negatively affect a woman's fertility as an adult. This coincides with earlier research on neonatal effects of exposure to plant or environmental estrogens.

Science & Technology

After defeat of cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive order
The Hill - Senate Republicans recently blocked cybersecurity legislation, but the issue might not be dead after all. The White House hasn’t ruled out issuing an executive order to strengthen the nation’s defenses against cyber attacks if Congress refuses to act.

'Top Cyber Cop' Says Internet Way Overdue For Attack
Activist Post - Shawn Henry, 24-year veteran of the FBI's cyber security division, stated that he is surprised a massive cyber attack hasn't happened yet, and feels it is "very very likely" that one is due to happen in the near term. In the CBS interview, Henry claims state-sponsored actors like China and Russia are already infiltrating and causing damage to networks, yet he provides no proof of this. To date, all suspected attacks have been proven to be false alarms despite the media hype. Furthermore, it is the U.S. and Israel who are among the leaders in the rapid evolution of the offensive cyberwar arms race.

Pre-Crime Software Moves One Step Closer to Reality
Activist Post - This data integration initiative is taking place across the board in our largest federal agencies and departments as part of an Office of Science and Technology outline (PDF) that includes a $200 million upfront investment, as well as a $250 million annual investment by military departments into human-computer interaction. The $200 million in the Obama program will be spread among the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the U.S. Geological survey, and DARPA to see that the information they collect will move quickly "from data to decisions."

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

GMOs cause animals to lose their ability to reproduce, Russian scientists discover
((NaturalNews) A study presented at the Days of Defense Against Environmental Hazards in Russia has unveiled once again the implicit dangers associated with the consumption of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). According to Voice of Russia, scientists from the National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problems discovered that animals fed GMOs as part of their normal diet eventually develop the inability to reproduce.

Kevlar Tires Now Required to Traverse ‘Spear-Like’ GMO Crops
Anthony Gucciardi - The latest news comes from an unlikely source — an automotive publication known as Autoblog. The website reports that farmers who have opted to plant Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds have run into one daunting problem... little ‘spear-like’ stalks from the harvested GMOs are absolutely wreaking havoc on the heavy duty tractor tires. In case you’re not aware, kevlar is the same material used in bulletproof vests to protect from gun bullets.... Furthermore, a single tractor tire can easily cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to the GMO crops, the average lifespan of a tractor tire has dwindled from five or six years down to just one or two — if the farmer is lucky.

Pet News

Cancer and Your Pet: Two Things to Avoid
Dr. Becker - The study of the relationship between nutrition and cancer in companion animals is in its infancy. However, it is assumed there is a link between obesity and cancer in dogs and cats – just as there is a link between the two in humans. Fat doesn’t just sit on your pet’s body harmlessly. It produces inflammation that can promote tumor development. In fact, cancer is actually a chronic inflammatory disease.... A healthy, species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats – one that is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer – consists of real, whole, fresh foods, preferably served raw.

The AAFCO has no definition of human grade ingredients
Susan Thixton - This is one of my many pet food peeves. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has no definition of human grade ingredients, but the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does (inspected and approved). What makes this so frustrating is that members of AAFCO are state representatives of Department of Agriculture.

Today in History - Friday - August 3, 2012
1750 - Christopher Dock completed the first book of teaching methods. It was titled "A Simple and Thoroughly Prepared School Management."
1900 - Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. was founded.
1914 - Germany declared war on France. The next day World War I began when Britain declared war on Germany.
1923 - Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th president of the U.S. after the sudden death of President Harding.
1933 - The Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced for the price of $2.75.
1936 - The U.S. State Department advised Americans to leave Spain due to the Spanish Civil War.
1936 - Jesse Owens won the first of his four Olympic gold medals.
1943 - Gen. George S. Patton verbally abused and slapped a private. Later, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered him to apologize for the incident.
1956 - Bedloe's Island had its name changed to Liberty Island.
1958 - The Nautilus became the first vessel to cross the North Pole underwater. The mission was known as "Operation Sunshine."
1981 - U.S. traffic controllers with PATCO, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, went on strike. They were fired just as U.S. President Reagan had warned.
1984 - Mary Lou Retton won a gold medal at the Los Angeles Summer Olympics.
1988 - The Iran-Contra hearings ended. No ties were made between U.S. President Reagan and the Nicaraguan Rebels.
1988 - The Soviet Union released Mathias Rust. He had been taken into custody on May 28, 1987 for landing a plane in Moscow's Red Square.
1989 - Hashemi Rafsanjani was sworn in as the president of Iran.
1990 - Thousands of Iraqi troops pushed within a few miles of the border of Saudi Arabia. This heightened world concerns that the invasion of Kuwait could spread.
1992 - The U.S. Senate voted to restrict and eventually end the testing of nuclear weapons.
1992 - Russia and Ukraine agreed to put the Black Sea Fleet under joint command. The agreement was to last for three years.
1995 - Eyad Ismoil was flown from Jordan to the U.S. to face charges that he had driven the van that blew up in New York's World Trade Center.
2004 - In New York, the Statue of Liberty re-opened to the public. The site had been closed since the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.
2004 - NASA launched the spacecraft Messenger. The 6 1/2 year journey was planned to arrive at the planet Mercury in March 2011.
2009 - Bolivia became the first South American country to declare the right of indigenous people to govern themselves.

World News

Report: Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles to Cuba
Paul Joseph Watson - Cuban missile crisis part two? A report out of Pravda quotes President Vladimir Putin as saying that Russia has moved strategic nuclear missiles to Cuba in response to the United States’ continuing efforts to encircle Russia in Eastern Europe. The article, written by Lyuba Lulko, explains how Russia is reviving its military operations in Vietnam, Cuba and the Seychelles.

UN Assembly to vote on harsh Syria resolution
RT - A non-binding draft resolution on Syria pushed by several Arab states is about to be put to vote at the UN General Assembly. Russia has already announced that it does not support the resolution, claiming it is unbalanced. The new draft, authored by Saudi Arabia and actively supported by Egypt and Bahrain, demands that President Bashar al-Assad transfer power to a transitional government and that the Syrian army ceases its tank and helicopter attacks against rebel forces. The resolution also demands that Syria refrain from using chemical and biological weapons.

Kofi Annan resigns as Special Envoy to Syria
Kofi Annan, who has been mediating the Syrian crisis as a special UN-Arab League Envoy, is stepping down from the post, UN chief Ban Ki-moon says. "Mr. Annan has informed me, and the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Mr. Nabil Elaraby, of his intention not to renew his mandate when it expires on 31 August 2012," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement. Annan blames “the increasing militarization” in Syria, along with the international community's inability to come to a consensus over the conflict, for his departure.

VIDEO: US sanctions on Iran constitute crimes against humanity
Press TV - The latest round of illegal US sanctions on Iran constitutes crimes against humanity as they have been designed to hurt ordinary Iranian civilians, a political commentator... “Iran is a grain importer and the US knows that and, by creating obstacles in the way of grain exports to Iran, the US is clearly committing crimes against humanity because it only affects ordinary Iranians who have got nothing to do with the country’s nuclear energy program,” Hamid-Reza Emadi said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

Australia refuses to host US nuclear carrier strike group
Press TV - A Pentagon-commissioned report on repositioning US forces in the region had suggested relocating a carrier from the US East Coast to an Australian naval base south of Perth as part of a shift in the US military’s overseas deployment to the Asia-Pacific region. The report had been drafted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think tank.

European Commission Report Recommends Phasing Out Dental Amalgam
Dr. Mercola - A European Commission report by the BIO Intelligence Service (BIOS) recommending the phase-out of dental amalgam and mercury in button cell batteries has many wondering if the whole of Europe will ban dental mercury by 2018.... Sweden has already phased out dental mercury, and several other European countries have either significantly reduced its use or have imposed restrictions on it. The United States has been shockingly slow to respond to mounting evidence of significant harm from dental amalgam.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

House passes bill eliminating Senate confirmation for presidential appointees
Daily Caller - UPDATE: The House passed the legislation Tuesday night by a vote of 261-116. The bill now goes to President Obama’s desk for his signature.... But a number of conservative groups are arguing that the “Presidential Efficiency and Streamlining Act” amounts to Congress neutering itself and giving the executive branch unprecedented power. Presidential appointees that would no longer require Senate confirmation under the legislation include the treasurer of the United States and the deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

VIDEO: FBI admits Pentagon dinner guest Al Awlaki worked for them
Kurt Nimmo - Pentagon dinner guest and Osama bin Laden fill-in Anwar al-Awlaki was in FBI custody but the agency let him go, FBI assistant director Mark Giuliano has told the House Appropriations Committee. The incident occurred in October, 2002, at the JFK airport. The American born cleric was a top CIA target and named a serious threat by the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service at the time. Former FBI agents explained that the release was likely because the agency wanted to track him or work with him as a contact. A more likely explanation is that al-Awlaki worked as an operative for the agency.

NJ Gov. Imposes New Iran Sanctions
Israel National News - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law new sanctions against Iran that prohibit public contracts with any company or person who invests in Iran’s energy and finance sectors. Christie said he supported the legislation in an effort to further curtail “Iran’s continued pursuit of an illicit nuclear program and unconventional weapons development, support for international terrorism and continued threat to the state of Israel.”

Missile Defense Staff Warned to Stop Surfing Porn Sites - The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency warned its employees and contractors last week to stop using their government computers to surf the Internet for pornographic sites, according to the agency’s executive director. n a one-page memo, Executive Director John James Jr. wrote that in recent months government employees and contractors were detected “engaging in inappropriate use of the MDA network.”

Colorado shooting: If not gun control, then bullet control, lawmakers say
Press TV - Called the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, the idea behind the legislation is that federally licensed gun and ammunition dealers would have to alert the police that an unlicensed individual is buying a lot of ammo. What will the police do? As much as anything Senator Lautenberg sees them as a deterrent: a policeman calling to ask why someone is buying thousands of rounds of ammo might become suspicious if someone gives evasive answers. "I want them to be real nasty," says Sen. Lautenberg, who, along with Rep. McCarthy, is known for his anti-gun efforts in Washington.

VIDEO: 65 year old woman hero uses gun to defeat 5 armed robbers - A Garden Grove, California, jewelry store owner thwarted an armed robbery with a handgun on Sunday and sent masked robbers scurrying for their lives. A surveillance video shows the gutsy 65-year-old woman with gun in hand chasing the would-be robbers outside.... The foiled robbery follows an incident in early July when a senior citizen in Florida defended patrons of a gaming cafe against two armed robbers.

VIDEO: Heavily Armed FBI Agents Raid Home, Seize “Anti-government” Literature - The National Lawyers Guild in Seattle issued a statement Thursday condemning the raids, calling them "a pretext for harassing political activists. The Federal Bureau of Investigation served the subpoenas at the same time that heavily armed agents raided homes in the Portland area, reportedly seizing anarchist literature, black clothing, and computers.

VIDEO: Handcuffed Man Shot in Back of Police Car
Adan Salazar The circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Chavis Carter have left many unanswered questions: - How does a handcuffed man that’s been searched twice still manage to shoot himself in the head? - Even if he managed to sneak a gun, how did he shoot himself in his right temple? - How convenient is it that a suspect is killed in the only place that isn’t being monitored by a camera?

Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen
US News - A judge denied a request to dismiss charges Wednesday against Rodney Brossart, a man arrested last year after a 16-hour standoff with police at his Lakota, N.D., ranch. Brossart's lawyer argued that law enforcement's "warrantless use of [an] unmanned military-like surveillance aircraft" and "outrageous governmental conduct" warranted dismissal of the case, according to court documents obtained by U.S. News.... Court records state that last June, six cows wandered onto Brossart's 3,000 acre farm, about 60 miles west of Grand Forks. Brossart allegedly refused to return the cows, which led to a long, armed standoff with the Grand Forks police department.

YouTube: Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass RT Journalist After A Youtube Video
Luke Rudkowski talks with Abby Martin of and RT about U.S. Senator Rand Paul's attempt to get her arrested and stripped of her press credentials for asking him tough questions in the Capitol building. A week after our video with Abby Martin came out on YouTube, the RT office, where Abby works, got an ominous phone call from the Senate Media Relations Committee. The Committee was acting on behalf of Rand Paul and threatened both Abby and the entire RT news organization. The threats included ambiguous "charges" for violating the rules of the Committee floor, Abby's possible arrest and the termination of her and the entire office's press credentials.

CNN ratings drop 20 percent again
RT - Entertainers advise to always leave the stage on a high note. Just days after CNN President Jim Walton announced his departure from the network, though, the latest ratings suggest he never got the memo. CNN’s numbers are once again plummeting fast.

The Next Four Years by Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente - The Only Change You Can Believe In: For anything significant to change, people must stop playing “follow the leader.” But, if people stop following the leader, then who will lead them? The answer: No one! You must lead yourself. But self-leadership cannot be bought, given, or imposed. It has to come from within. It begins with expecting nothing from your “leaders” and understanding that everything has to come from you. It means having the courage not to cower to power. The dignity to claim your rightful and sacred place on earth.... To respect yourself, demand it of others and show respect to all who merit it …

2012 Election News

Dispute Over Louisiana Delegates to GOP Convention Goes National - A dispute over Louisiana's delegates to this month's Republican National Convention has shifted to the national GOP level. State Republican Party leaders lining up behind presumed nominee Mitt Romney and supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul couldn't reach an agreement over delegates by the deadline to submit them to the Republican National Committee.


The Fed’s Gold Is Being Audited… By The US Treasury
Zero Hedge - When we started reading the LA Times article reporting that “the federal government has quietly been completing an audit of U.S. gold stored at the New York Fed” we couldn’t help but wonder when the gotcha moment would appear. It was about 15 paragraphs in that we stumbled upon what we were waiting for: “The process involved about half a dozen employees of the Mint, the Treasury inspector general’s office and the New York Fed. It was monitored by employees of the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative arm.” In other words the Fed’s gold is being audited… by the Treasury.

Your 119 Billion Google Searches Now a Central Bank Tool
Bloomberg - The central bank stands at the forefront of the world’s hunt for new economic indicators, analyzing keyword counts for everything from aerobics classes to refrigerators -- reported by Google almost as soon as the queries take place -- to gauge consumer demand before official statistics are released. The Federal Reserve and the central banks of England, Italy, Spain and Chile have followed up with their own studies to see if search volumes track trends in the economies they oversee.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Opening Statement - Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee
August 2, 2012.

Tax Scam: IRS Pays Out Billions in Fraudulent Refunds
CNBC News - In a new report to be issued Thursday, the inspector general for the IRS says that tax thieves are stealing the identities of taxpayers and then filing bogus returns on their behalf and collecting fraudulent refunds as a result. The inspector general estimates that the IRS could issue as much as $21 billion in fraudulent tax refunds over the next five years. The scam is so rampant that thieves are apparently sending in false returns in bulk without even bothering to change the mailing address on the returns.

The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare
Huffington Post - At the center of their proposal are big cuts in Social Security and Medicare. The most popular Social Security cut among this gang is a reduction in the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by 0.3 percentage points.... The corporate CEO crew is also considering a plan to raise the normal retirement age for Social Security to 69. And, they want to reduce the benefit formula for high income workers which, incredibly, they define as people who earn more than $40,000 a year.

Bristol-Myers exec charged with insider trading
Guardian - The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed civil insider-trading charges against a Bristol-Myers Squibb executive who has also been charged by federal prosecutors. The U.S. attorney's office in Newark, N.J., says Robert Ramnarine made more about $310,000 in profits buying and selling stock in companies that his pharmaceutical firm was considering buying.

GM profits slip 41% as European struggles take their toll
Guardian - America's largest automaker made $1.5bn in the second quarter of 2012, compared with $2.5bn for the same period last year. Revenue fell to $37.6bn from $39.4bn in the second quarter of 2011. The results exceeded analysts' estimates, but further underlined Europe's drag on the US economy.

What Would Jesus Do with Bankers?
Washington's Blog - The head of Goldman Sachs said he’s doing “God’s work” with his banking activities. The head of Barclays also told his congregation that banking as practiced by his company was not antithetical to Christian principles. Are they right? Is big banking as practiced by the giant banks in harmony with Christian principles?

Energy & Environment

VIDEO: Roseanne Barr to Speak at Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering Conference in Los Angeles and Live Online
Activist Post - Award-winning actress, author, activist, and presidential candidate Roseanne Barr will join weather experts, researchers, journalists and filmmakers to discuss Geo-Engineering based Weather Modification Programs at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference & Fundraiser. be held from August 17–19, 2012, at the historic Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. The entire event will also be available live online.

Amount of CO2 being sucked away by Earth 'has doubled in 50 years'
The Register - 'Surprising study' means models need changing. Again.... According to the NOAA: This new global analysis makes it clear that scientists do not yet understand well enough the processes by which ecosystems of the world are removing CO2 from the atmosphere, or the relative importance of possible sinks: regrowing forests on different continents, for example, or changing absorption of carbon dioxide by various ocean regions. "We don't know why or where this process is happening," commented NOAA boffin Pieter Tans. "We need to identify what's going on here, so that we can improve our projections of future CO2 levels and how climate change will progress in the future."


Healing Naturally: Fasting and Elimination (opinion )
NaturalNews) The evidence throughout time supporting fasting is incredible. There was a guy back in ancient Greece named Aesculapius that said, "Instead of using medicine, fast. "Hippocrates recommended prolonged fasting instead of taking health-destroying pharmaceuticals, which is the God of modern day medicine, most of the religions in the world advocate periods of "abstinence" from food to attain physical and spiritual purity and even animals and babies, through their natural instincts, refuse to eat food when they feel ill. Yet, most people are clueless about the benefits of fasting when sick and always advise those that they care about to "Eat to keep up your strength." During illness, there can be no worse advice to lower vitality.

Try some of these top summer superfoods to help you cool off
(NaturalNews) As many areas of the country perspire their way through record-breaking summer heat, staying hydrated is of the essence, as is keeping your body nourished with life-giving, health-promoting superfoods. And since warm and hot foods are not always desirable during this time of year, here are a few "cool" superfood ideas to help you beat the heat and nurture your palate.

Protect yourself from West Nile virus naturally
(NaturalNews) Mosquitoes are on the rise this summer, and several cases of West Nile virus infections from mosquitoes have been reported in Texas along with a few deaths. Other states have reported cases of West Nile virus infections as well.... Fortunately, there are some good, natural alternatives....

Zinc plays key role in supporting key biological processes
(NaturalNews) Zinc is an essential mineral which, although required in only limited amounts, the body cannot produce and a steady supply must be maintained in order to support important bodily processes like strengthening the immune system, wound healing, cell division and supporting the catalytic activity of various enzymes essential in DNA. It has also been reported to encourage hair growth, as cells in the hair follicle contain zinc, and promote healthy skin, as zinc manages the skin's oil content and the androgenic hormonal effect that produces acne.

Milwaukee lowers fluoridation level and will advise parents about infant formula
(NaturalNews) Milwaukee alderman Jim Bohl wanted to stop fluoridation in his city. But he had to settle for a compromise. The city's aldermen recently voted to reduce the fluoride level from 1.1 to .7 parts per million. .7ppm is the proposed lower level for fluoridation from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Pregnant women were used as human guinea pigs in thalidomide trials
(NaturalNews) Newly uncovered documents reveal that pregnant Australian women were used as guinea pigs for the morning sickness drug thalidomide in a series of clinical tests some 50 years ago that left a number of children with substantial birth defects.

More Pseudo Science to Give Another Vaccine: This Time It’s Shingles
Gaia Health - Shingles is a painful nerve disease that results from the same virus that causes chicken pox. It tends to strike people whose immune systems are compromised, such as those with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or Crohn’s disease. These are all autoimmune conditions and, as Gaia Health has documented, are associated with vaccinations. They are, in fact, largely caused by excessive vaccinating.

When life gives you lemons, make 100 home remedies to improve your health
(NaturalNews) When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and dozens of other foods and home remedies from this versatile fruit. Lemon's health benefits are due to the high concentration of vitamins B and C, antioxidants, protein, flavonoids, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and volatile oils. Whether you're using this superfood to prevent kidney stones or making lemon-flavored cake icing, you'll reap the benefits in flavor and good health.

Oregano Oil Health Benefits - Applied topically or ingested orally oil of oregano helps inhibit (and sometimes kill) ninety different types of detrimental bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoa, yeasts, and molds. It is said to even treat Candida and Staph infections! Wild oregano [Origanum vulgare] is recognized as having one of the broadest ranges of antimicrobial effectiveness known among plants. It has been regarded for the following properties...

Free methods to lower stress
(NaturalNews) Lower stress, lower disease: Cortisol, AKA the "stress hormone," is a steroid produced by the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys. It is usually released in times of stress to maintain homeostasis in the body. However, chronic stress that causes sustained release of cortisol has serious, negative effects on health. Not only does it stress the cardiovascular system, it decreases immunity as well. High cortisol levels can contribute to type II diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure, and the loss of reproductive health, just to name a few.

White Wine Shown to Damage Tooth Enamel
Natural Society - If you enjoy a glass or two of wine now and then, you may have thought red wine would be worse for your teeth after the Merlot-stained smile stared back at you in the mirror. But, scientists say white wine is actually worse for your teeth, damaging your tooth enamel after just one glass.... Also, the scientists say brushing immediately after indulging could actually make matters worse. This is because your toothbrush could essentially brush away the enamel that the wine has loosened. Instead, they suggest you eat something with it and wait at least 30 minutes before going after your teeth with a toothbrush.

Science & Technology

Speed kills! US Navy targets hypersonic, GPS-guided bullets (PHOTOS)
RT - Remember the old cartoons where a bullet could chase you around a corner? What if that bullet was fired at 5,600 mph from an Electromagnetic Rail Gun? If the US Navy has its way, these sci-fi,supersonic GPS-guided projectiles could soon be a reality. The futuristic munitions come as part of the US Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Hyper Velocity Projectile program, which was announced on July 19. The agency's researchers hope to develop equipment that would allow high-velocity weapons to accurately strike far-away targets – without having to depend on rocket propulsion, Military and Aerospace Electronics reports.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

USDA Alert: Half of U.S. Counties Designated Primary Disaster Areas; Financial Fallout “Intensifying” - The situation is so dire that it has prompted the US Department of Agriculture to declare more than half of America a disaster area. …more than half of all U.S. counties – 1,584 in 32 states – have been designated primary disaster areas this growing season, the vast majority of them mired in a drought that’s considered the worst in decades.... The USDA uses the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor to help decide which counties to deem disaster areas, which makes farmers and ranchers eligible for federal aid, including low-interest emergency loans.

Piles of Black Gold (Dirt)
Mother Earth News - While turning a compost pile may not seem like a fun task, it is this maintenance work that helps to create the organic fertility base for the garden beds at D Acres Permaculture Farm. Learn why a compost pile is worth the effort and start one of your own.

Humor & Satire

VIDEO: Clarke and Dawe Explain Quantitative Easing
Daily Bail - New clip. The classic Aussie duo take on Ctrl-P. Do not have any food or drink near your computer when you watch. This is very good work.

Today in History - Thursday - August 2, 2012
1776 - Members of the Continental Congress began adding their signatures to the Declaration of Independence.
1782 - George Washington invented the Honorary Badge of Distinction.
1791 - Samuel Briggs and his son Samuel Briggs, Jr. received a joint patent for their nail-making machine.
1824 - In New York City, Fifth Avenue was opened.
1858 - In Boston and New York City the first mailboxes were installed along streets.
1861 - The United States Congress passed the first income tax. The revenues were intended for the war effort against the South. The tax was never enacted.
1887 - Rowell Hodge patented barbed wire.
1892 - Charles A. Wheeler patented the first escalator.
1921 - Eight White Sox players were acquitted of throwing the 1919 World Series. 
1939 - Albert Einstein signed a letter to President Roosevelt urging the U.S. to have an atomic weapons research program.
1939 - U.S. President Roosevelt signed the Hatch Act. The act prohibited civil service employees from taking an active part in political campaigns.
1943 - The U.S. Navy patrol torpedo boat, PT-109, sank after being attacked by a Japanese destroyer. The boat was under the command of Lt. John F. Kennedy.
1945 - The Allied conference at Potsdam was concluded.
1964 - The Pentagon reported the first of two North Vietnamese attacks on U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.
1983 - U.S. House of Representatives approved a law that designated the third Monday of January would be a federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The law was signed by President Reagan on November 2.
1990 - Iraq invaded the oil-rich country of Kuwait. Iraq claimed that Kuwait had driven down oil prices by exceeding production quotas set by OPEC.
1995 - China ordered the expulsion of two U.S. Air Force officers. The two were said to have been caught spying on military sights.

World News

Fresh US terror drone kills 6 in Somalia
Press TV - The attack took place in the southeastern Afgoye region near the capital, Mogadishu. Some Somali government sources say all the six dead were al-Shabab fighters and ten others were also wounded in the attack. The aerial attack comes one day after the deaths of at least 25 people in eastern Somalia in a US terror strike.

VIDEO: Iranian Ayatollah: “War Within Weeks”
Paul Joseph Watson -Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told top Iranian military chiefs to expect “war within weeks,” at a recent war council meeting, according to Israeli news outlet DebkaFile.

Putin: NATO Should Stay in Afghanistan
Reuters.- NATO forces should stay in Afghanistan until their job is done, Russia President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, suggesting they should stay beyond a planned withdrawal of most combat troops in 2014. “It is regrettable that many participants in this operation are thinking about how to pull out of there,” Putin said at a meeting with paratroopers in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk. “They took up this burden and should carry it to the end.”

Obama authorizes covert US support for Syrian rebels – reports
RT - US President Barack Obama has signed a secret order allowing the CIA and other American agencies to support rebels seeking to overthrow the Assad regime, a US government source told Reuters. Obama reportedly gave the order, known as an intelligence “finding”, earlier this year. The presidential finding also provides for US collaboration with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.

VIDEO: War crime? Syrian rebels execute POWs
RT - (Graphic video) Clive Baldwin, a senior legal adviser for Human Rights Watch (HRW), told BBC News: "What it looks like is execution of detainees and if that is the case, that would be a war crime." Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gennady Gatilov condemned the shooting. "The brutal massacre of government supporters by the opposition in the city of Aleppo shows that human rights violations are being committed by both sides,” he wrote on Twitter. It is not the first time that reports have emerged of rebels carrying out executions against pro-Assad forces without trial.

Turkey gives surface-to-air missiles to Syrian rebels: Report
Press TV - According to a July 31 report by the NBC News, nearly two dozen missiles have been delivered to the rebels in Syria by Turkey. The report, however, did not provide details on the exact type of the missiles, also known as MANPADs (man-portable air-defense systems). Over the past weeks, some anti-Syria regional countries, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been calling for such arms to be sent to the terrorist Free Syrian Army.

Iran sentences 4 people involved in biggest bank scam to death
Press TV - “Of 39 defendants, whose charges were heard, the court’s judge has sentenced four to death and two others to life imprisonment. The remaining defendants received prison terms of 25 years, 20 years, 10 years, and less,” Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei was quoted by IRNA as saying on Monday.... The defendants were charged with misappropriating a total of USD 2.6 billion of funds by using forged documents to obtain credit from banks to purchase state-owned companies.

Yemeni protesters slam US interference
Press TV - Yemeni demonstrators have taken to the streets of the southwestern city of Taiz to protest against the US interference in the country’s internal affairs. The protesters chanted slogans to condemn Washington’s meddling on Wednesday. The demonstrators also criticized “US and Israeli domination in the Arab world.”

'End of capitalism': Bolivia to expel Coca-Cola in wake of 2012 Mayan 'apocalypse'
RT - In a symbolic rejection of US capitalism, Bolivia announced it will expel the Coca-Cola Company from the country at the end of the Mayan calendar. This will mark the end of capitalism and usher in a new era of equality, the Bolivian govt says.... Last year, Bolivia became the second Latin American country not to have a single McDonald’s. The fast food giant finally gave up on Bolivia after being unable to turn a profit in the country for over a decade.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Most dangerous drug in the world can block free will, wipe memory - Was it involved in Batman shooting?
(NaturalNews) Back in May, the U.K.'s Daily Mail ran a report on the borrachero tree, also known as the "drunken binge" tree, explaining how a substance derived from it, scopolamine, blocks a person's ability to form memories, and temporarily inhibits his ability to make free will choices.... "The drug ... turns people into complete zombies and blocks memories from forming," wrote the U.K.'s Daily Mail about scopolamine, which is technically a refined, chemically-altered version of the natural, mind-altering substances found in the borrachero tree.

ABC to Run Drama Demonizing Militias
Kurt Nimmo - In keeping with the federal government’s ongoing effort to cast state militias in a sinister light, ABC has given the go-ahead to Hollywood darlings Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott to produce a “drama” demonizing a fictional Texas militia.... Founding Fathers is not about drama or primetime entertainment. It is about continuing and amplifying the government’s domestic terror narrative focused on its most politically dangerous opponent – the patriot movement now characterized as “rightwing extremism” by the Department of Homeland Security.

VIDEO: Illinois governor wants ban on assault weapons
NBC News - Quinn, a Democrat, called himself a “strong supporter” of the constitutional right to bear arms, but said in a letter to state legislators that the proliferation of military-style assault weapons undermines public safety. “There is no place in the state of Illinois for weapons designed to rapidly fire at human targets at close range,” said Quinn, who also proposed a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

VIDEO: Head of DEA Says He Intercepted CIA Cocaine Shipments
Alexander Higgins Federal Judge Bonner and Former head of the DEA reveals he intercepted CIA cocaine shipments This news reports reveals how Federal Judge Bonner intercepted CIA cocaine shipments when he was the head of the DEA. In this video reveals the CIA is working the Venezuela military to smuggle drugs into the United States.

YouTube: Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions Bill
Published on Aug 1, 2012 by Congressman Ron Paul.

VIDEO: Obama’s Real Father: Director Joel Gilbert Blasts Media for Ignoring Bombshell - Filmmaker and researcher Joel Gilbert, speaking at the National Press Club, blamed the role of the national media, who’ve violated their journalists’ creed by refusing to investigate and expose the obvious issues with the sitting President and his claimed, indeed hailed, background. Instead, reporters could win a Pulitzer Prize just by reporting on Gilbert’s DVD and research (yet they won’t touch the story).

Specialized Military Police Deployed in America During Civil Unrest
Intel Hub - In Camp Pendleton, California, the Marine Corp have created a law-enforcement battalion (ELB) consisting of specialized military police officers (SMP) that will be deployed to assist in investigating crimes dealing with drug trafficking, train security and terrorism. The ELBs contain an estimated 500 SMPs and trained dogs. While capitalizing on their investigative and police training, they will take the role of current street cops while still remaining part of the Marine Corp.

YouTube: Something is happening in Anaheim - Why the Media Blackout?
RT - Amber Lyon, award-winning investigative journalist and filmmaker, joins Thom Hartmann. Something is happening in Anaheim, California – despite a complete blackout from the mainstreem media. Take a look at some of these pictures by award-winning investigative journalist Amber Lyons from Anaheim over the weekend. When we hear terms like militarized police – this is what comes to mind. Officers decked out in full military gear as though they’re about to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Democrat drafts drone privacy bill
The Hill - Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) released a draft bill on Wednesday that would require drone operators to meet certain privacy standards. The bill would require the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to consider privacy issues in its rule-making process for granting licenses to commercial drone operators. The bill would also require the drone operators to disclose the kinds of data they plan to collect and how they plan to use it.

YouTube: Filming TSA, Out of Control Cops, and the 2nd Amendment - I keep hearing all this hate for the 2nd Amendment and how we need to have our rights taken away in the wake of the Colorado shooting. It seems people are so far disconnected from our country's roots that they do not realize the whole point behind that Amendment's existence in the first place: to fend off tyrannical government.

2012 Election News

The rest of the world is laughing at us and asking: " Why are you not electing Ron Paul? "
Daily Paul - Romney and Obama have been globe trotting in attempts to get financial support for their campaigns from foreign nationals. England....France....Germany.....Israel....Poland.....this list goes on and on. And while Obama has met with some small success....Romney has managed to be an utter failure at it. So what is keeping both men from being international " super stars " while on their world tours? Ron Paul. The people of the world LOVE Ron Paul. Everywhere that Obama and Romney have gone in Europe and the middle east, they have met a sea of Ron Paul supporters waiving signs and banners.

Inside the Beltway: Ron Paul’s not done yet
Washington Times - The dedicated fans of Rep. Ron Paul are determined to make a big noise at the Republican National Convention, and the Texas Republican is raising money to get them there. Mr. Paul says he’s told his campaign staff to offer financial assistance to “pro-liberty delegates” who can’t afford to journey to Tampa, Fla., at month’s end; the lawmaker has sent out an impassioned plea for contributions to help with their travel and lodging.


VIDEO: Reality Check: Is Congress The Real Source Of Postal Service Problems
Liberty Crier - Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the U.S. Postal Service is dealing with major financial problems… many of which have been caused by Congress.

Latest Market Glitch Shows 'Trading Out of Control'
CNBC Hews - Wednesday morning's stock snafu had a familiar ring to it — mysterious volume in trades that simply could not have been made by a human comes surging out of nowhere, causing brief but acute market mayhem. By now, many players on trading floors have gotten used to the disruptions that can come from the highly automated new world of high-frequency trading.

YouTube: Ron Paul on CNBC's Closing Bell
CNBC 8/1/12 - Ron Paul on his "Audit The Fed" bill.

Fed downgrades economy view, doesn't alter policy
MarketWatch - The Federal Reserve on Wednesday downgraded its view on the economy but otherwise didn't make make any changes to its key interest rate, low-rate pledge, or asset-buying plans. The Federal Open Market Committee now says "economic activity decelerated somewhat over the first half of the year," vs. a prior description of saying the "economy has been expanding moderately." The decision not to extend its low-rate pledge beyond the current "late 2014" came as a surprise.

Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination
Washington's Blog - Not all banks are criminal enterprises. The wrongdoing of a particular bank cannot be attributed to other banks without proof. But – as documented below – many of the biggest banks have engaged in unimaginably bad behavior. You Wont Believe What They’ve Done.

Bonus checks for GSA workers total far more than previously reported, lawmaker reveals
Fox News - The $44 million amount is far more than was previously reported. As House lawmakers convened a hearing Wednesday digging deep into alleged mismanagement and waste at the embattled agency, Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica, R-Fla, called the latest revelations "absolutely outrageous."

Occupy Wall Street Protest

Infographic: Less-Lethal Weapons and the Occupy Movement - The infographic identifies top examples of less-lethal weapons deployment within the Occupy movement. These capabilities are used globally by law enforcement and military personnel, and the demand for them is steadily rising.

UC Davis pepper-spray cop finally off the force
RT - Lieutenant John Pike’s long reign of burning, eye-watering terror is over. The University of California, Davis, cop that made headlines for blasting peaceful protesters with military-grade pepper-spray last year is no longer employed by the school.... Pike was on paid administrative leave up until as recently as mid-July, and the Sacramento Bee reports that his 2010 salary brought him a paycheck of more than $110,000 annually.

Housing Market

The Meat Grinder: When the debt-collection machine comes for its pound of flesh - Miller, a young, tireless consumer law attorney, is after information about the robo-signer’s work at Midland Credit Management, an arm of Encore Capital. Every year, Encore buys billions of dollars in credit-card debts and then sets out to collect — filing hundreds of thousands of lawsuits against the debtors. That’s where robo-signers, like the one Miller is deposing, come in.

Energy & Environment

JPMorgan subsidiary accused of manipulating California electric market - Enron went out of business long ago, and California's energy market has been a place of relative calm. Now, however, another big power trader is being investigated for allegedly gaming the state's electricity system. State officials believe a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co., the New York investment bank, pulled down an extra $73 million by exploiting a small wrinkle in California's electricity market over several months in 2010 and 2011.

MAPS: The Secrets Drillers Can Hide About the Fracking in Your Backyard
The Trenches - A new analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that most states where fracking occurs have no disclosure laws at all, and that those that do are woefully behind when it comes to revealing behind-the-scenes details of their operations. While the Obama administration has put some new rules in place, many decisions about what drillers are allowed to hide are left to the states; Interior Secretary Ken Salazar complained to Reuters that state-level regulation is “not good enough for me, because states are at very different levels, some have zero, some have decent rules.”


Chick-fil-A sandwiches contain MSG, HFCS and anti-foaming chemicals; eating them is a sin in the eyes of God
(NaturalNews) This article is sure to get me in trouble with everybody, but I just had to cringe yesterday when I heard news reports of people lining up at Chick-fil-A restaurants all across the country to protest the attack on the restaurant's CEO by the LGBT community (and same-sex marriage advocates).

Super human strength created by superfoods and herbs
(NaturalNews) Imagine living life without (chronic) unwarranted fear and never having to experience degenerative disease. This is NOT just a silly idea - it's reality for many people throughout the world. Epidemiological studies prove that the longest living (happy) people remain connected to the earth and thrive on whole, natural foods - filled with nutrients but low in calories. Eating spirulina, chlorella, goji berries, chaga mushrooms and ashwagandha can balance blood sugars, boost the immune system and help detoxify unwanted poisons from the body.

Newly Emerged H3N8 Seal Flu Virus Touted as Next ‘Pandemic’
Natural Society - Of course the largest concern with this virus is the possibility that it will spread to humans from animals. Considering that it has already mutated somewhat substantially, mainstream media organizations are already sounding the alarm for pandemic mode. Experts say, however, that it’s highly unlikely that the H3N8 seal flu virus will even spread to humans. That is unless, of course, the mammal-adapted H3N8 were to combine with the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Martial law shakes hands with the US vaccine program
(NaturalNews) Who knew the Pentagon had muscled into the US vaccine program? DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been doing research on vaccine production. They've found a way to produce flu vaccines a lot faster than Big Pharma. Utilizing vaccines grown on tobacco cells, instead of the traditional chicken eggs, DARPA has turned out a staggering 10 million doses of flu vaccine in just one month. This "Blue Angel" project, as it's called, suddenly puts the Pentagon in the forefront of the vaccine business. The big question is: why is the Army involved in vaccines at all? And the answer is no surprise. According to DARPA, it's all about readiness in containing bio-threats. Translated, that means terrorist attacks that could use flu viruses.

BPA tooth fillings linked to behavior disorders in children
(NaturalNews) Researchers have found a link between dental fillings made using bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, and behavior and emotional problems in children. Scientists from New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Mass., say the effects generally show up a few years later and they were generally small but were nonetheless measurable.

VIDEO: Lawsuit Against Nature Valley: Food Products Not so "100% Natural"
Natural Society - You may think that a food product gifted with the phrase "all natural" has, you know, all natural ingredients, but this unfortunately is not always the case. The latest falsely marketed product being exposed is Nature Valley's granola bars. In fact, the company is being sued.... The problem? The product actually contains high-maltose corn syrup and maltodextrin, two not-so-natural ingredients.

Digital pills make their way to market
Nature News Blog - Digestible microchips embedded in drugs may soon tell doctors whether a patient is taking their medications as prescribed. These sensors are the first ingestible devices approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To some, they signify the beginning of an era in digital medicine.

Your Diet Affects Your Grandchildren's DNA, Scientists Say - Diet, be it poor or healthy, can so alter the nature of one's DNA that those changes can be passed on to the progeny. While this much has been speculated for years, researchers in two independent studies have found ways in which this likely is happening. The findings, which involve epigenetics, may help explain the increased genetic risk that children face compared to their parents for diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Psyllium husk - Promote weight loss and cleanse your colon
(NaturalNews) Psyllium husk is an amazing shrub-like herb that is most commonly found in India. It possesses a plethora of health benefits and has proven effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome, colon caner, constipation, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, ulcerative colitis and atherosclerosis among various other health conditions. Akin to flax seed and oat bran, the fiber in psyllium husk is soluble. Soluble fiber is useful in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) which reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes overall health. [The Power Mall carries Certified Organic Psyllium Husks.]

Science & Technology

5 Reasons Why The NSA Can’t Be Trusted to Run U.S. Cybersecurity Programs
EFF - This week, the Senate will be voting on a slew of amendments to the newest version of the Senate’s cybersecurity bill. Senators John McCain and Kay Bailey Hutchison have proposed several amendments that would hand the reins of our nation’s cybersecurity systems to the National Security Agency (NSA).... The NSA's dark history of repeated privacy violations, flouting of domestic law, and resistance to transparency makes it clear that the nation's cybersecurity should not be in its hands.

Internet Giants Combine Forces Creating New Lobby to Control Capitol Hill
Blacklisted News - The titans of the Internet, including Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, are combining forces under the blanket of a newly formed lobby group that wants to influence lawmakers on how they can manipulate the Internet, as well as how important they truly are. In September of this year, the lobby groups called the Internet Association, will be based in Washington, DC, and headed by Michael Beckerman, former adviser of the Energy and Commerce Committee within the House of Representatives.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

US farmers urge Obama administration to suspend ethanol quota amid drought
Guardian - Under the EPA's renewable fuel standard programme, oil companies are required to dilute their gasoline with increasing amounts of biofuel every year. This year's mandate calls for the production of 13.2bn gallons of biofuels – almost all of it produced from corn. Food security experts and international aid organisations have also warned that ethanol could be tightening up supplies and pushing up prices in the global food market during the drought.
* Related Article: U.S. government is unlikely to bow to pressure for a waiver on quotas...

Call to Action - Join the 'Occupy Monsanto' movement this September
(NaturalNews) Beginning on September 17, 2012, and lasting for one week, Occupy Monsanto, an international, grassroots effort fighting back against the corporate takeover of agriculture, is calling on health freedom advocates across the globe to stage mass protests at the many worldwide facilities owned by the Monsanto corporation. You can access a full list of the locations of Monsanto's facilities around the world here.

Today in History - Wednesday - August 1, 2012
1774 - Oxygen was isolated from air successfully by chemist Carl Wilhelm and scientist Joseph Priestly.
1790 - The first U.S. census was completed with a total population of 3,929,214 recorded. The areas included were the present states of Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia
1834 - Slavery was outlawed in the British empire with an emancipation bill.
1876 - Colorado became the 38th state to join the United States.
1893 - Shredded wheat was patented by Henry Perky and William Ford.
1907 - The U.S. Army established an aeronautical division that later became the U.S. Air Force.
1914 - Germany declared war on Russia at the beginning of World War I.
1936 - Adolf Hitler presided over the Olympic games as they opened in Berlin.
1944 - In Warsaw, Poland, an uprising against Nazi occupation began. The revolt continued until October 2 when Polish forces surrendered.
1946 - In the U.S., the Atomic Energy Commission was established.
1953 - The first aluminum-faced building was completed. It was the first of this type in America.
1956 - The Social Security Act was amended to provide benefits to disabled workers aged 50-64 and disabled adult children.
1957 - The North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) was created by the United States and Canada.
1973 - The movie "American Graffiti" opened.
1995 - Westinghouse Electric Corporation announced a deal to buy CBS for $5.4 billion.
1998 - The U.S. books and music chain Borders opens its first European outlet with a 40,000-square-foot store on London's Oxford Street.
2006 - Cuban leader Fidel Castro turned over absolute power when he gave his brother Raul authority while he underwent an intestinal surgery.

World News

China slams new US-Iran sanctions as 'serious violation of intl rules
RT - Fresh US sanctions against Iran, targeting not only the country’s oil industry but also foreign banks have sparked a furore. China warned Washington of a worsening in Sino-American relations, while Iran said the penalties amounted to "military war." The new set of sanctions is aimed at forcing Iran to end its supposed development of nuclear arms. The financial penalties will target the Chinese Kunlun bank and the Iraqi Elaf Islamic bank as they have participated in million dollar transactions with Iranian banks and are as such subject to sanctions.

Ecuadorian Court Orders Chevron to Pay $19 Billion for Environmental Damages
Natural Society - An Ecuadorian court recently demanded Chevron to pay $19 billion in environmental damages. This includes $900 million for the Amazon Defense Front—a coalition of plaintiffs in this decade-long legal battle—and an additional $8.6 billion because Chevron refused to apologize.

30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government lies
(NaturalNews) According to Dr. Lucija Tomlijenovic, Ph.D., from the University of British Columbia in Canada, the advisory and governing bodies that set vaccination policy in the U.K. have, for many decades now, hidden the truth about vaccine dangers, and deliberately pushed unsafe vaccines on the public in order to uphold the official vaccination schedule.
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Netanyahu reasserts right to decide on Iran attack
RT - The Israeli Prime Minister said the decision to attack Iran was up to elected officials, and not the military. This comes amidst reports that the country’s military and intelligence are opposed to a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran. In separate interviews with four separate Israeli news channels, Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that the military would not have the final say on whether or not a strike on Iran was in the cards. “In a democracy, only the political leaders decide, and the military executes,” he told Israel’s Channel 2. “That is the way it has always been, and will always be.”

VIDEO: Wag the Dog: Media Publish Photoshop to Sell Image of War Torn Syria
Aaron Dykes - The media have been caught once again “faking the war” to play up sympathy for an all out invasion in Syria. Austria’s largest daily paper, Kronen Zeitung, with some 3 million readers daily, published this sympathetic photo, seemingly portraying a man carrying a baby and a woman in burka fleeing from some war-torn corner of Syria. However, it was later exposed to be a Photoshop forgery, juxtaposing the people walking on a normal looking corner with that of a blown out city block, ravaged with heavy damage.

VIDEO: The Paragraph In Deutsche Bank's Layoff Statement That Should Scare All Of Wall Street
Business Insider - This morning Deutsche Bank announced that it would lay off 1,900 people — 1,500 of whom would be in the investment banking sector... They put out a press release to explain these job cuts (they said government capital requirements were forcing them to search for cash), so we gave it a close read. We found one paragraph that gives you a hint of what will happen if you do get to keep your job at Deutsche Bank. Basically, you should expect some changes in your compensation. Related article here.

UPDATE: India's Power Grid Collapses
WSJ - Much of India's electricity supply network collapsed Tuesday in the country's second major outage in two days, affecting more than 680 million people-double the population of the U.S.-and causing business losses estimated to run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

China rejects US report on religious freedom, calling it biased and ignorant
Press TV - A commentary published Tuesday by the official Xinhua News Agency said the report was "continuing a notorious practice of blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries." The annual State Department report released Monday criticized Egypt, China and European nations of harming religious freedom.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

VIDEO: DOJ Suggests Criticism of Islam Could Be Criminalized
Paul Joseph Watson - In refusing to rule out a future law that would criminalize criticism of religion as racist hate speech, the Department of Justice has left the door open to the prospect of Shariah-style law in the United States that would forbid criticism of Islam. During a House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz) questioned Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez on whether the Justice Department would ever consider banning free speech critical of religion.

US to al-Qaeda, Iran and Taliban: You owe us $6 billion for 9/11
RT - A US Federal Judge has a message for al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the Islamic Republic of Iran: pay up. Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas ruled that those three entities must compensate victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the tune of $6 billion.

Congress wants to see Obama's "License to Kill"
Press TV - Congress is finally standing up to President Barack Obama on targeted killing. Almost a year after three American citizens were killed in U.S. drone strikes, legislators are pushing the administration to explain why it believes it's legal to kill American terror suspects overseas.

Thornton police arrest man after gun carried into movie theater
Press TV - James Mapes, 48, of Northglenn was taken into custody Sunday after patrons reported he was carrying a handgun strapped to his waist. He was released after being cited and given a summons. Mapes told the Denver Post he has a concealed weapons permit issued by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in 2003. He said he has lived in the area for nine years and gone to movies at the Cinebarre theater dozens of times carrying a pistol openly and concealed. "I was a threat to no one, I didn't threaten anybody," Mapes said.... "We had people fleeing the theaters, with people yelling there was a man with a gun," [Thornton police spokesman Matt] Barnes said

White House gives cool welcome to bill restricting online ammo sales
Yahoo! News - President Barack Obama has called for a common sense response to the slaughter in Aurora, quiely embracing a new bill to restrict ammo sales.... It requires anyone selling ammunition to be a licensed dealer. It requires ammunition buyers who are not licensed dealers to present photo identification at the time of purchase, effectively banning the online or mail order purchase of ammo by regular civilians. It requires licensed ammunition dealers to maintain records of the sale of ammunition. It requires licensed ammunition dealers to report the sale of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to an unlicensed person within any five consecutive business days.

VIDEO: FBI Nazi Bikers Bust FBI Nazi Group
Kurt Nimmo - Oh what a tangled web the FBI weaves. If the case of white supremacist Hal Turner taught us anything, it is that the government manufactures Nazis and racists from whole cloth and then uses them to push hysterical domestic terrorist propaganda and self-aggrandizement. It came out during Turner’s trial that he was a “National Security Intelligence” asset working for the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. His code name was “Valhalla” and “he received thousands of dollars from the FBI to report on such groups as the Aryan Nations and the white supremacist National Alliance, and even a member of the Blue Eyed Devils skinhead punk band,” according to The Record.

VIDEO: Sacramento International Airport Evicts TSA Screeners
Steve Watson - In San Francisco, where TSA screeners have already been replaced, private security has been a success. “It’s been awesome in San Francisco.” said one flyer. “They get travelers through faster, they do a better job finding test devices, and the morale is better than the TSA.” Although the eviction of TSA screeners is growing, many will be concerned by the fact that in accordance with federal law, private contract screeners are still trained by the TSA, and must adhere to TSA procedures.

Airport To Offer Iris Scanning To Bypass Security Line
CBS -A company called CLEAR is offering the option to subscribers. After detailed verification, a member is issued an encrypted identity card that offers security gate privileges at participating airports. “So when you enroll we authenticate your driver’s license and your passport,” CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker explained. “We then gather your fingerprints, your iris images and your photo; building that impermeable link between your identity and your biometrics.”... CLEAR members are still required to go through the standard security check — the difference is, they don’t have to wait in line.

2012 Election News

Paul Campaign Leader is Cleared of Charges Related to St. Charles County GOP Convention
Liberty Crier - A local campaign leader for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Tuesday night was acquitted of trespassing in the wake of the unruly St. Charles County GOP caucus that broke up in disarray March 17. Municipal Judge Donald Kohl cleared the defendant, Brent Stafford, 45, of O’Fallon, Mo., after hearing testimony from witnesses Tuesday night and on July 24. Stafford had been arrested on the sidewalk outside the caucus site, the Francis Howell North High School gym, as he was trying to get caucus participants to reconvene.

Paul Festival Commemorative Dime Cards Fundraiser
Daily Paul - This is a fundraiser for the PaulFestival. $6.50 goes directly to them with the balance just covering costs. Edition limited to 1,000 cards. Order at Freedom's Phoenix.

GOP establishment continues to fight Ron Paul on the eve of RNC
RT - Rep. Paul managed to rake in a healthy amount of delegates at state conventions leading up to the upcoming RNC, but the Republican Party establishment isn’t entirely okay with how the congressman could sweep the big gathering of GOP members only weeks away. Now it looks like both sides are causing a splash over how the congressman will be represented at the RNC and to what extent, which is all but certain to intensify in the few weeks leading up to the convention, slated for August 27 through 20 in Tampa, Florida.

VIDEO: Ron Paul Supporter Interviewed in Poland
Jul 30, 2012 Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren Interviews Ron Paul Supporters in Poland.


VIDEO: Reality Check: Do We Really Need To Audit The Federal Reserve?
Liberty Crier - Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at history and present activities of the Federal Reserve Bank and whether the Fed needs to be audited.

Fed seen forgoing next round of asset purchases
Press TV - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will probably forgo announcing a third round of large- scale asset purchases this week, and is more likely to wait until September to unveil plans to buy $600 billion in housing and government debt, according to median estimates of economists in a Bloomberg News survey.

YouTube: END the FED! Nationwide protest September 22nd
Published on Jul 30, 2012 by AdamKokesh. Event information here.

Postal Service to Miss $5.5 Billion Payment to Treasury
Bloomberg July 31, 2012 - The U.S. Postal Service affirmed it won’t make a required $5.5 billion payment due tomorrow to the U.S. Treasury for future retirees’ health care, an obligation the agency said must end for it to become financially viable.... The service, which receives no direct funding from U.S. taxpayers and is supposed to be self-sustaining, last made a quarterly profit in 2009 and has said it is losing $25 million a day from operations. It has forecast it will lose $9.1 billion in the 12 months ending Sept. 30, not including the $5.5 billion payment.

Housing Market

FHFA: Cuts to mortgage principal would not ‘meaningfully’ reduce foreclosures
MarketWatch - Ed DeMarco, the acting chief of the regulator for Fannie and Freddie, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, said in a letter to the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee that “after much study,” he has concluded that Fannie and Freddie’s participation in the Obama administration’s program to cut the amount owed by underwater borrowers would “not make a meaningful improvement in reducing foreclosures in a cost effective way for taxpayers.” Fannie and Freddie already have cost taxpayers over $188 billion, DeMarco said.

Goldman Sachs to Pay $26 Million to Settle Investor Suit
Bloomberg - Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will pay $26.6 million to settle a lawsuit brought by investors in a $698 million mortgage-backed securities offering, according to papers filed in Manhattan federal court.

Energy & Environment

Taxpayers Help Fund Chevrolet Volt Smart Community - OnStar and General Motors have become official partners of Pecan Street Inc., the country's first nonprofit research and development consortia, where residents agreed to be part of a clean-energy smart grid test for sustainable living. The Mueller community, 3 miles outside Austin, provides a real-life lab for the automaker to observe charging patterns and how consumers and clean-energy technologies interact and support electric-vehicle charging. The project runs for five years.
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OnStar markets ‘family-friendly’ spy system

Pennsylvania towns win a round in court against unfettered fracking
Philadelphia Daily News - In a 4-3 decision, Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court said the state did not have the right to strip local municipalities of zoning rights solely for the benefit of the fracking industry. It may buy some time to finally exercise some due scientific diligence on the industry.


Mom booted from hospital as baby snatched
WND - A social worker who called police after apparently making up a story about a possible danger to a newborn, and the hospital that then gave a shot to the infant based on the social worker’s story, now want a federal court to ignore their actions. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, which brought a case against the Hershey Medical Center and social worker Angelica Lopez-Heagy on behalf of Scott and Jodi Ferris, the defendants have asked the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania to dismiss the claim.

US blood supply at emergency levels
RT - Accident-prone Americans: be aware! The Red Cross says that they are experiencing a 15-year low with blood supplies, and to make matters worse the country is also being hit with a severe shortage of doctors. The American Red Cross says that the number of blood donors they saw in June was around 50,000 fewer than expected, and now the agency’s supply is the slimmest it has been since the end of the twentieth-century.

New Study Shows This Potent Vitamin Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
Dr. Mercola - Estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells are no match for this potent cancer fighter. Scientists have found about 3,000 genes that are upregulated by vitamin D; the vitamin has an impact on not only cancer but also autoimmune diseases, heart disease, obesity, dementia, and more

Synthetic vitamins fuel sickness while enriching the corrupt medical industry
(NaturalNews) Have you really read the label, researched any of the synthetic additives, or checked out the "other ingredients," or did you just figure that was irrelevant? If you are guilty of taking any of the aforementioned supplements, it's time to buy some liver, kidney, and colon detoxification, and you better educate yourself about those too, because "The Man" wants you sick and dying, not avoiding toxic vitamin imposters that are NOT ABSORBABLE by the body.

More than 80 reasons to use honey as a DIY home remedy for better health and good eats
(NaturalNews) Everyone knows honey tastes sweet and is delicious mixed with tea and lemon; but chances are you never realized how many health-related uses this versatile food possesses.... The best honey is one that is totally raw, organic and contains the honeycomb in the jar. It should include royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen for maximum health benefits.

VIDEO: Jason David: A Father's Plea (Emotionally gripping video in favor of medical cannabis)
Daily Paul - This video is really one of the most sad I've seen on the topic of the Feds verses cannabis users for medical reasons. We've all seen the wheel chair bound guy asking Romney and Paul what they thought about legalization of cannabis for medical reasons. This is the effect of the policies that the executive branch is bringing down on people who truly need cannabis for survival every day.
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Feds Target Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary...

6 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Real Cinnamon (Not its Cousin)
Green Med INfo - True cinnamon is usually labeled "Ceylon cinnamon" and comes principally from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil and the Caribbean. Cassia, on the other hand, is often designated as "Chinese cinnamon" or "Saigon cinnamon" and comes principally from Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea.

Food Industry Won’t Take out Harmful BPAs
Natural Society - According to a past study conducted by the nonprofit Consumers Union, 18 of 19 canned foods contained 22 micrograms of BPA per serving—116 times more than the ‘daily recommended limit.’ Progresso, Del Monte, Campbell’s, Annie’s, and Hormel soups took the BPA lead. Unfortunately, BPA still continues to taint food cans today. Researchers have linked BPA consumption to hyperactivity, aggression, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, and reproductive difficulties including Anogenital distance.

Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients - Sixteen states impose a monthly limit on the number of drugs Medicaid recipients can receive and seven states have either enacted such caps or tightened them in the past two years, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KHN is a program of the foundation). The limits vary across the country. Mississippi has a limit of two brand-name drugs. In Arkansas adults are limited to up six drugs a month. Since June, Alabama has had the nation’s stingiest Medicaid drug benefit after limiting adults to one brand-name drug. HIV and psychiatric drugs were excluded.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi – A Chinese Art
Natural Society - A 2006 study at Stanford University demonstrated how Tai Chi has a significant impact on overall mental and emotional wellbeing. 39 subjects were given 12 weeks of Tai Chi instruction and their mental health was assessed before and afterward. The participants were evaluated for overall mood, stress levels, perceived social supports and self-confidence measures. ...the subjects showed significant improvement in all four of these categories. Perceived stress levels showed the largest decline, demonstrating how Tai Chi is a safe, effective way to improve mood.

Legal battle erupts over whose plastic consumers should trust
NPR - In 2007, Eastman Chemical began marketing a tough new BPA-free plastic called Tritan. Business was good, says Lucian Boldea, a vice president at Eastman. But then a study reported problems with a wide range of BPA-free products, including Tritan. Now Eastman is suing the chemical testing companies behind the study.

Science & Technology

Is your power strip spying on you? Complex hacking device looks like extension cord
(NaturalNews) You've heard of power strips. Heck, you've probably got several of them in your home, powering your various electronic devices, television sets, DVD players, etc. But did you know a company now makes a power strip that can actually spy on you. According to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at, this insidious new device looks, for all intents and purposes, like an ordinary power strip.

12 Ways The 'Law Of Attraction' Can Improve Your Life
Business Insider - Psychologists, New Age thinkers and religious leaders have been talking about the Law Of Attraction for years, though it gained popularity again when the book "The Secret" made waves in 2006. The law is simply this: We attract whatever we think about, good or bad.... Whether or not you believe in the power of the universe, there is scientific research that proves the effects of positive thinking.

Twitter Apologizes for ‘Mess Up’ in Suspending NBC Critic
Bloomberg - Twitter blocked Adams’s account after he posted the work e- mail address of NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel, urging people to complain about the network delaying broadcasts of events. Twitter said today that some of its staff, who were working with NBC in covering the Olympics, identified the tweet as a violation of its terms of use and then encouraged the broadcaster to report the violation.

Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

EPA Asks for Public Comment on Petition to Ban Pesticide Deadly to Bees, Senators Urge Expedited Action
Beyond Pesticides, July 30, 2012 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opened a 60-day public comment period on the agency’s decision to deny the request by beekeepers to immediately suspend the use of clothianidin, a pesticide that poses harm to pollinators. The legal petition was filed earlier this year by 25 beekeepers and environmental organizations, and cites significant acute and chronic bee kills across the United States linked to neonicotinoid pesticides, particularly clothianidin.

Pet News

Cancer and Your Pet: Two Things to Avoid
Expect to see "cancer prevention" processed pet diets coming soon to a store and/or veterinary office near you. It's just a matter of time.


The Most Often Forgotten Survival Preparations
Activist Post - Sadly, having a stockpile of food, weapons, and some slick tactical gear is not enough to ensure a high likelihood of survival, at least not in any of the social collapses that have occurred in the past century around the world. It’s a start, but only just…




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