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Note: The below was written by Joyce Riley and aired April 11, 2014 on The Power Hour radio show....enjoy!!!

Now Let Me Get This Straight..........................

Now let me get this straight.....YOU and your cabal created a system of control where I'm expected to adhere to your rules, regulation, codes and statutes, all
14,000 plus of them in order to make me subservient to you, for you to control my "natural person."

Let me get this straight.....YOU created a false monetary system backed by our future wages, labor and earnings, whereby I put my money in your bank and you loan our
$1.00 for every $9.00 I put in.

Let me get this straight.....YOU create a world of illness and disease and then want to put your further-created mix of heavy metals, toxins and animal tissue thing and inject
said poison in me and my children's bodies because you say it is good for us. I remember some gas chambers where that line was used on the people also.

Let me get this straight.....As a child of the Living God, I was given rights and since then, you as a "government" have systematically attempted to make believe those rights
came from you. You have incrementally removed those rights one at a time from us.

Let me get this straight.....YOU expect me to joyfully and forcefully (albeit voluntarily) give you more money than it costs for my family to have housing, clothing and food.
You expect me to voluntarily give you money to waste like it doesn't matter. 6 Billion dollars the State Department can't find, are you kidding me? And you expect us to
voluntarily give you more on April 15th when you can't find what you already have? You don't think we know it goes to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Federal

Let me get this straight.....YOU want me to give you money for more depleted (not) uranium bombs to kill innocent people attending weddings, in whatever country you
desire to attack, for humanitarian purposes, of course. You expect me to fund DU to make deformed babies unrecognizable as humans, let alone, some parents child?
You expect me to help fund more wars in places like Mali where their best weapon of defense if a rock?

Let me ge this straight.....YOU expect me to fun law enforcement exercises that turn into shootings like Sandy Hook and the Aurora Theatre? You expect me to fund the
giving of SSRI drugs and antidepressant drugs to military who have real physical organic problems only to watch them open fire at the DC Naval Base and Ft. Hood?
We fight to save them, you sacrifice them.

Let me get this straight.....I served my country as a Flight Nurse, YOU poisoned me with 10 vaccines in one day, I could barely walk six months later. A very high
percentage of those I served with got cancer--and now me--I join them-you want me to support your killing me, our peers and the future soldiers? You want to take away
their weapons--those who stand between you and us?

Let me get this strait.....YOU hire the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) to destroy our good names-hundreds of bloggers to attack us on line, all of this so you can label
us "Bad Americans?" So you can convince someone like Bill O'Reilly to tell America that we must hate our country.

Let me get this straight.....YOU poisoned the water with Fluoride, contaminated our God given food with GMO's and now want to force us to eat poisoned man-made food,
and we are supposed to take it like good little controlled citizens?

Let me get this straight.....YOU, the alleged President of this incredible country have a stolen SSN (social security number) and Selective Service number, you hide
where you were born and nearly every official document regarding your life and WE have to make everything known to you? You and your wife lost your law licenses yet
continue to say you are a Constitutional lawyer who operates by Executive Order?

Let me get this straight.....YOU and the rogue government created an alleged healthcare program which invades all our personal lives (not yours, of course-as you have secrecy.)
This plan is essentially unaffordable and unconstitutional but we are supposed to agree to it because YOU say it is law.

Let me get this straight.....We are made to feel intimidated by IRS, FBI, FEMA and any other government organization who carries weapons as you use the falser flag scenarios
to remove ours........

Let me get this straight.....A Smelt fish has been given more right to live in California than the farmers, their animals and fruits and vegetables because of your phony endangered
species laws.

Let me get this straight.....YOU are willing to kill farmers like Clive Bundy because he wants to protect his private property, and you say it's for the Desert Turtle?

Well, Mr. alleged President and all corrupt members of the House, Senate (John McCain, are you listening? We really know what YOU did in Viet Nam.........

Well, Then-----------YOU NEED TO GET THIS STRAIGHT.........

I am only ONE and my name is Joyce Riley, but I AM ONE and thousands not believe as I do.......Memo to you all, We don't buy your fraudulent game. WE will do
the next right and honorable thing. We don't torture, kill, intimidate, destroy and plunder like you do. We will STAND and then STAND, someone must start it, and
I WILL. As a 65 year old grey-haired, former Air Force Flight Nurse who really loves this country and cherishes freedom............and who by the way, would much
rather be quilting, please believe me when I say every word comes straight from my heart.

Do not think that silencing any of us will silence our story---------it will only make us stronger. I am no match for your tanks, your eves dropping, your lasers, your
drones and your violent weapons, but I DO have a Heavenly Father who is so powerful he keeps me from the "Terror in the Night." I will cling to that as I cling to preserving

I quote from Joan of Arc, who it is rumored (at her burning at the stake at the tender age of 19), to have said:


And yes, you need to get it straight, there are now thousands and thousands of us who now repeat and mean every word..............


For Health and Freedom,
Joyce Riley, RN, BSN
Captain, Former USAF Flight Nurse
Host of The Power Hour Radio Show
Dedicated to, and in support of, My Power Hour listeners
April 11, 2014




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