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Joyce Riley Interviews Mayor Tony Keenan, Orange Beach, Alabama

June 25, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster

A special thanks go out to the McNeil's who did a wonderful job in transcribing this June 25, 2010 program.


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[Joyce]      For some reason the phone situation is real tough in the beach area. I will remind you that we’ve also received word that yesterday just as Erin was heading into Pensacola they shut down the beaches, those beautiful, beautiful white sand beaches are no longer, ladies and gentlemen—that’s just part of the story. Now, I’m going to bring on Mayor Tony Keenan to the Power Hour today. Thank you so much, Mayor, for joining us on the Power Hour this morning.


 [Mayor TK]    Ma’am, thank you, I appreciate it very much.


[Joyce]     I don’t know what to say, sir, and I know you don’t either but there’s something horribly wrong in this whole entire Gulf area and it’s breaking everyone’s heart and I cannot imagine what it’s doing to your people right now.


[Mayor TK]     Well, thank you for that. It’s just a never ending nightmare. It’s like a hurricane that just never stops. Reality set in over the last two weeks. We’ve been blessed not to be impacted severely up until the last two weeks, but it has really, really affected us drastically.


[Joyce]       Well, I appreciate that you spent time with us on the air and I know you have very limited time. Erin Denkins who met with you yesterday said that you have some very sharp opinions about what’s going on. I would be concerned saying anything right now given the fact that I may be wanting some kind of federal support so I might be a little bit hesitant to say what I’m thinking. Just tell us and protect your area and protect your people but what is going on in your area right now?


[Mayor TK]     Well, it’s probably a little too late for that for me. Guess I’ve been pretty vocal for some time now. It’s on two fronts. I feel like, for the most part, we’re being used—we’re pawns in the political game and that’s on both sides, not just the White House. I don’t feel like the President has been engaged personally. I don’t think he has a fire in his belly to attack this problem and make us feel like he’s going to fight this offshore and be able to look at …. Hey, we may fail but it won’t be for lack of effort. And then the other front is the fact that BP is a callous cold calculating faceless entity in my opinion. They know we’re hurting down here. They know the only thing they can do for us is financial because our tourist season has been absolutely devastated and our folks can’t make it. There’s no resources for them to make it through the year.


[Joyce]             You have just overcome Hurricane Ike, Katrina, all kinds of incredible fishing regulations and now to have this happening and, of course, with this latest story of Richard Kruse and him dying of a self inflicted wound. He may have brought a lot of attention to that area by his death and we honor this man in his tragedy. He must have been so incredibly despondent that he couldn’t even look at his water any longer.


[Mayor TK]     Yes, ma’am he was a buddy of mine and I thought the world of him. He was a great dad, a great husband. I was with the family yesterday when they brought the boat back over to the marina and we will do everything we can to make sure his life wasn’t taken in vain. I’m very saddened but then at the same time I just get angry the more I think of those eleven lives lost at the explosion all because of what I feel like was a corporation that was chasing the buck at the expense of everyone else. And, then, I’m a Catholic. I’m going to make that clear. I absolutely have no problem with somebody making a profit but when you sidestep safety, when you…{satellite drop out}   …small people hurting right now and BP’s doing nothing whatsoever to step up and take care of the problem.


[caller]       We had a geologist, Chris from California was on the program, Chris Landau and he said, ‘there’s something really wrong with this.’ He said, ‘any geologist in their right mind knows this could have been eliminated. It should have not happened and there’s something else going on here.’ He said, ‘for the life of me, I can’t figure it out because this kind of McGruber approach is just making no sense whatsoever with what they’re doing in the Gulf. Now, that’s got to be the problem that everybody’s having. It’s just a whiplash situation. What is going on? Why aren’t they fixing it?


[Mayor TK]     Yeah, I’m like you. Just got this gut feeling that something’s not right, something’s not being shared with us and I don’t know whether it’s the federal government with BP and you hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist. But something just doesn’t seem right and BP will not come out and talk about why they don’t use X,Y and Z methods which are all over the place. Why don’t you nuke it? Why don’t you napalm it? Why don’t you do all these suggestions and they’re just absolutely closed mouth on it all. I don’t know. Like I said, maybe I’ve been reading too many tech sheets. There’s some real scary catastrophic scenarios out there. And I don’t know if those are possible. I don’t have that kind of expertise but, again, I don’t trust anybody. They told us it was 1000 barrels a day and they stuck to that for weeks and now we’re finding out it’s 70,000 to 100,000. I mean, how do you miss that? How do you drill 5000 feet deep and not know what the volume of oil coming out of the pipe but you know the diameter and the pressure of is—I mean, come on.


[Joyce]      And they know that and Chris Landau said that all those—he said he kept the mud sheets for rigs before. He said, ‘they know down to the gallon how much is coming out of those. The other thing that he… {sat break}  …Schlumberger had their own, since there was no helicopters coming for two weeks, had their own company send in helicopters and remove their people from the rig just minutes in advance. Now, I know causation is not a real issue, right now, or what happened before because you’re just trying to get it stopped. But the other thing that makes no sense, right now, that I understand is that you’re not being told what the environmental monitoring is there. You’re not being told what the benzene levels and hydrogen sulfide levels are. Can you tell us whether or not the EPA and Homeland Security are addressing that with you?


[Mayor TK]     Well, I don’t know that that is the case. Supposedly, there’s a considerably  more tech sheet and data sheet published on their website and other…  But for the layman, I guess what we want is someone to come in and sit down and say, ‘hey, guys, this is how it is, this is what it’s all about.’ And we’ve actually just hired our own geologist with a specialty expertise in hole remediation and spills and we’re going to bring him in and we’re going to do all of our own testing, our own soil testing.  We’re going to make sure that we know what we’re dealing with and going forward if we have to go to court, if we have to do it, we have to do it. We want to start documenting it now.


[Joyce]       We’ve got a lot of listeners in your area there that tune in every day to the Power Hour and we’re getting a lot of conflicting reports. They’re concerned about reports that people are being told to get ready to evacuate. Maybe a lot of this is just internet writing but what are you hearing from FEMA or from Homeland Security, whomever, the Department of Interior or anybody? Is there any talk about preparations for evacuations from the area?


[Mayor TK]     Not with me. I’ve heard absolutely nothing whatsoever about evacuating the area. The odor has not been real strong here. We’ve had some days where, yeah, it was strong enough so you needed to get off the beach, but it’s not persistent.   Of course,

I wouldn’t want anybody in it for any length of time, obviously. But, no, I have not heard anything like that. Now, I have a meeting scheduled with Homeland Security coming up and I guess they’ll brief me on what’s going on if there’s anything to be briefed on. They may be just coming to ask what they could do—I don’t know. I hope that’s what they’re doing. I hope they’re coming to ask if they can help and maybe they’ll give my phone number to Mr. Fineberg so he’ll come down here and find out what’s going on, on the ground.


[Joyce]             The idea that he was involved with the 911 distribution of money and some of the agent orange distribution. All these kinds of things start to make you wonder who and what this guy is and what his job is. I mean, we want to believe, we want to believe that it’s going to be better than the Exxon Valdese disaster where everybody got an average of $15,000. We want to believe that he’s going to do the right thing. Have you seen the monies coming to your people appropriately in your estimation?


[Mayor TK]     No, what I’m seeing is small amounts—I call it hush money. I think the average payout is like $2,300, right now. I mean, that’s nothing. I mean, we’re talking about a 2.3 billion dollar tourism industry, right here, in this Gulf Orange Beach area. We have large employers with 700 to 1000 employees on the beach that have never seen anything. And none of us are prepared to have the cash to carry these businesses. See, we’re all locally owned. We’re a home-owned family owned—I mean, even our biggest companies—these folks live right here in town. We don’t have deep, deep corporate pockets to carry us. Like you said, this last five years have been devastating and it has essentially exhausted everybody’s funds so just I am so frustrated. Give you an example, we have a tremendous number of commissioned sales people around here. They just decided they’re no longer going to pay commissioned sales people anything because they haven’t decided how to do it so it’s tied up in legal.  Well, wait a minute, guys, we’re ten weeks into it, how we going to reimburse them? Well, that didn’t happen and that’s one example of something, time after time after time where they just don’t follow through. It’s tied up in legal; it’s just so frustrating. And, again, it just shows to me how disingenuous they are. And then they’ve got this fifty million dollar PR machine, the spin machine, going that literally makes me sick every time I see one of their commercials.


[Joyce]      Are you seeing BP on the beach cleaning up like they tell us they’re cleaning up?


[Mayor TK]     Well, it was not good. We had the first group was fired and run off. OSHA’s in the way. OSHA’s got them out here working anywhere from ten minutes on, twenty minutes off, fifteen minutes on, fifteen minutes off. They literally work a half a day at the very most because they’re afraid they might get hot. It’s just the safety rules and federal rules and regulations on the boats, it’s just everything. Everything about the federal government is in the way to be honest with you. It’s just in the way. It doesn’t allow us—we’re just like Bobby Gendle down there. He just wants to build a berm. So build a berm to keep the oil out and he can’t get it and it’s the same thing here. I feel like I am living in the Land of Oz. America has become the Land of Oz, I’m telling you. 


[Joyce]      It is so frightening. It is as if you have gone into a nightmare and can’t find the room to get out of it and Bobby Gendle, bless his heart has been stronger. You and he have the strongest people from your respective vantage points that I have seen and I’m really am amazed that he has been as verbal and you as verbal as you have been. If you could say anything to them as to what’s going on, right now, I mean, you of all people responsible for your people trying to do the right thing must feel like they’re just is no answer right now and what would you say to them if you could get them to listen and do what you think they need to do?


[Mayor TK]     I’ve come to the conclusion that it is an absolute waste of time to say anything to them because there’s no interest in the human tragedy. I mean it is strictly numbers. It is shareholder interest, it’s dividends. It’s almost like a science fiction movie to an extent where everything again is by the numbers. And that’s what’s so frightening and so disheartening about it is you can’t really reason—you and I were across the table and we had a disagreement we could probably reason through it because if we both had sincere desires to make it right we’d figure out how to do it. I don’t think they have the sincere desire to try to make it right. They have the sincere desire to deflect, delay and to confuse and that’s my belief. And I believe that they will walk away in a heartbeat at the point in time that it suits them and the shareholders. And the only thing they’re going to throw us is what is…in the PR advantage. So, I don’t know what to say to them. I’ve said everything I can say for ten weeks begging them to please help our people. Alan Kreuse committing suicide, what an eye-opener to how stressed our people are, I don’t know what else will open their eyes but I don’t believe they care—I really don’t.


[Joyce]      No, and I think we’d have to agree with that. When the information surfaced that Goldman Sacs had short sold the stock on BP that Tony Haywood had sold it short, his stock just prior to this event occurring. People are starting to look at this and say, ‘wait a minute, are we talking about intent here? Are we talking about something that’s so much further down the road worse than we can ever imagine?’ I know that it doesn’t do any good to think about those things right now, but that may be reaching, we may be going toward the reason why they’re not doing anything and taking care of the people. Are you getting any kind of response from people as far as illnesses, increased respiratory problems, that kind of thing?


[Mayor TK]     Well, I’ve had some empirical conversations with folks. I don’t know that I have anything documented. We have, like I said, pharmacies, those types of conversations, they’re saying that people are coming in with respiratory distress but most of those are on the high risk side, elderly or asthmatics or some type of respiratory issues. There’s a gag order essentially with all of their employees so we really don’t have any clue what’s going on…


[Joyce]      Wait a minute, a gag order. A gag order from whom to whom?


[Mayor TK]     Well, from what I understand, essentially the contract—every employee of the BP contractors or BP are pretty much eliminated from speaking to the media or anyone about anything. If you walk down the beach and you if you try to carry on a conversation they could not, they would look away and just absolutely go mum. So, I don’t know, again, what they’re hiding. I don’t know why it is they don’t want to discuss or what they don’t want to discuss. But, again, it may be absolutely nothing. That may be standard for the industry—I don’t know. But I don’t run my business with the city like that. To me, if you don’t open up and talk all it does is create questions and suspicions and conspiracy theories. And that’s one thing that is difficult. We can’t assess a lot of times what is happening because there’s no real dialog.


[Joyce]       We have learned from some of our people that have contacted us that activated charcoal will mitigate the symptoms or can neutralize benzene and it neutralizes 3000 other items. I’d like to offer to you that we’d like to get you started with a case of activated charcoal, send that down to you. You can use it at your discretion or not use it at your discretion. I think we need to do and inform our people in any way that we can. {break}

We are so honored to have the mayor of Orange Beach and I think that the people of Orange Beach are so honored to have the mayor there, Tony Keenan. When I talked with Erin yesterday, she said, ‘Joyce, you got to have this guy on as long as you can.’ If he was president of the United States we would have no problem. Well, I just appreciate your speaking out. During the break you told me that you’re concerned because you have a four year old and a fourteen year old so you have a vested interest in what is going to be the future down the road five years as a result of this spill.


[Mayor TK]     Oh, absolutely, I mean, you know all the horror stories of all the other super toxic sites, Love Canal, and all them throughout history and we worked all our lives to be able to have this quality of life and have a home here and now I don’t know if we’re going to have it or not. I don’t know what the threat is with the long term ramifications are but I will not take any chances with my children—I can tell you that, right now. So, that’s one of the reasons we’re going to have our specialist evaluate it because I’m going to know what the threat is for our folks and they’re going to know what the threat is. We’re not going to hold anything back.


[Joyce]      Well, that is encouraging and I know that Chris Landau said that—well, he’s an environmental geologist and I mean he’s an incredible person {sat break}…    …every mile monitoring stations. We want monitoring stations for the hydrogen sulfide, for the benzene, for all of these items and components and then put them in buoys five miles out so we know what is fixing to happen to us. And I think that’s a very important point, that the least that they could be doing is the monitoring stations for the citizens that live there.


[Mayor TK]     Absolutely, that’s just a…of our health. I mean, that’s stating the obvious. With you and all my folks, my word, we’re going to know what’s going on, whatever it takes, whatever it costs.


[Joyce]     Well, that is excellent and we’d like for you to keep us up to speed on that. As soon as you find out what the status of the air quality is we’d like to know it and we’d like to spread the word and I know a lot of our listeners in that area are desperately wanting to know also. If I see one more BP commercial knowing how much these commercials cost…  {sat break}  …oh, really?


[Mayor TK]     Yeah, so it is interesting, isn’t it?


[Joyce]      How convenient, isn’t it?


[Mayor TK]     Yeah. And I feel bad for the independent owners, the local folks. But at the same time you know if you make a deal with the Devil it sort of comes back to haunt you. I’m the same way, I watch these commercials and it’s the perfect example of that little book we see, How to Lie With Statistics and see them throw out these faces of these guys who are volunteering and they’ve been here all their lives and then they throw out these numbers and it really upsets me because if you got to spin to make yourself look good you must really, really be bad.


[Joyce]      You must really have something to hide if it costs you fifty million dollars to polish this pig up and put the lipstick on it—fifty million dollar lipstick is an awful expensive little…  


[Mayor TK]     All they got to do is do the right thing and they wouldn’t have to spend a dime because we would be their best PR machine. We would be singing their praises to high heaven.


[Joyce]      I’d like to open up our phone lines. Now, the first priority are people in this area, people in his area. The first priority for phone calls will go to people in Alabama. If there’s none of those calling in that have a question then we will go to other callers. So, I want to open up the phone lines to just a few callers. He’s being very kind to give us this time, right now, ladies and gentlemen. Can you imagine the people coming to him and saying, ‘what are we going to do, what are we going to do?’ I don’t know if I could deal with all of that but this is a man who has a job of trying to take care of his people. 800-259-9231, question or comment for Mayor Tony Keenan?

We’re talking to Mayor Tony Keenan. It’s a job I wouldn’t want to have right now, ladies and gentlemen. He never thought that this would be part of his job description, saving the ocean and saving his people. He joins us today as a very stand-up person who obviously has the faith and the direction and the support of a lot of people down there. We don’t have any callers from his local area. They filled up real fast with callers from other areas so if you do call in if there’s any phone lines left you’ll go to the front of the line if you are from Alabama or the Gulf area. John, who have we got—Lola, from Kansas City. Lola from Kansas City, you’re the first up with our Mayor, Tony. Go ahead please.


[Lola]       It’s an honor to listen to him this morning. It makes me very sad. I’m going to try to keep my composure. Just a moment because I’m so sad for these people. What I’m hearing is a mayor that is…to really fight. Is there a possibility that these states down there can finally get together? I believe that this is a war that they have set up for us to see if we’re going to lay down one more time or is there a possibility that these states can start to get together and go around the federal government at this point and do all the things that they should be doing…


[Joyce]      Ok, let me go to Mayor Keenan because that’s an excellent question. A lot of people are saying, ‘are we going to finally get it, the federal government is not there to protect us. I mean, they’re talking, Tony, about everything from this being genocide on the people to who knows what. Your response to Lola, please.


[Mayor TK]     Thank you Lola for caring. I just really appreciate it and people from all over this country have reached out to us and it means so much. Joyce, I’m going to be very honest with you, I fear the federal government.

Bobby Gendle, I think, he has done a wonderful job but you haven’t seen him violate federal law. I think people have to understand that there’s many times and things that we would like to do and take it upon ourselves to do. That hammer that the federal government swings is huge. And I don’t know, I don’t know at what point I become brave enough to step out there and say the heck with federal regs and all these folks. I’ll be honest with you, they scare me to death. I don’t want to sound like a coward but I would hope that the entire nation would rally to our side. I don’t know, I think we’re all very weary.


[Joyce]      Yes, and you’re seeing everything dissolve right in front of your eyes, not even just into a neutral but into such a negative situation. You fear the federal government, I don’t think there’s anyone in this country, right now, if they were honest that would not say that and so I think you’re being very up front and very forward on this and the country needs to unite behind these people is right. I know Louisiana had a prayer day the other day, everybody at prayer over this issue. I know we’ve been supporting it in prayer but there’s got to be some action now. We’ve got to separate ourselves from the evil doers, if you will. Let me go to Mary in New York. Mary in New York, you’re on with Mayor Keenan—go ahead, please.


[Mary]    Hi, it’s an honor to talk to you both. I was just…in an e-mail from unleavened bread which is ~  . They are monitoring the levels of poisoning that’s going on around the Gulf area and that when it gets…south of Florida will be evacuating and that was probably a week ago, I’m not sure, over a week ago, that I got that e-mail.


[Joyce]     Yeah, we don’t know if that’s official or not. So, let me just go back to Mayor Keenan. There’s a lot of things surfacing like this, sir, and it’s got to be hard to know what to believe.


[Mayor TK]    And again, I’ve heard nothing…{sat break}  Now, EPA is monitoring and again it’s one of those things where I just want to do it myself but they have said there’s been zero pickup to their monitoring devices of any type of toxic or benzene or anything of that nature. What do you do, I mean, it’s not my area of expertise. I don’t know that I want to trust anybody so we’re going to trust and verify ourselves.


[Joyce]     Love it—yes, absolutely. So we need to have independent monitoring stations, ladies and gentlemen, and where does the state get all this money? I mean, the federal government’s still got 500 million bailout money for bankers available but none for Orange Beach.

We have an incredible mayor joining us today who has said that he will agree to stay with us to the bottom of the hour and, believe me, he’s got a lot of other things to do so we thank him very much for giving us this much time. I just received pictures from Erin from the area and we’re going to pass those on to Wanda and also to the e-mail blast. So if you’re a part of the e-mail blast you’ll be kept up to date on this, pictures of the destruction of his area, the workers, the incredible number of school buses that they are bussing in people in your area. Mayor, we’re seeing all these buses that are bussing in people to your area when obviously you have people that need work there. Do you have any idea what this is all about?


[Mayor TK]     Well, we’ve had some issues. I know that initially on the startup of something this massive—I understand you have to bring in your own contractors and you have to make sure you have resources available to you and I understand that. But over a ten-week period you hope that you can start seeing the locals being integrated into the process, our local businesses integrated in and to some degree that’s happening. It hasn’t happened as quick as I would like. It seems like I have to pull teeth to get anything done. I’ll be honest with you, Joyce. If it weren’t for the national media and the exposure which is the only leverage I’ve got, still don’t think they’d be returning my phone calls.


[Joyce]      Oh, my goodness. Well, thank goodness Fox put you on the air and we’re going to include that Fox audio with the e-mail blast so you can see the mayor himself. Also Erin took a really nice picture of you in the office and we appreciate that also.


[Mayor TK]     That was very nice and I appreciate her and her husband.


[Joyce]     He’s a disabled Gulf War veteran and has a lot of challenges in his own life—he’s 100% disabled and, of course…


[Mayor TK]     I didn’t know that.


[Joyce]     Yeah and it’s just incredible these people that say, ‘I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll do it,’ and I want to know what’s going on and we’re just so grateful that you received her in a very positive way also and she would be willing to go and find out what’s happening down there. Mary in New York, I apologize, if there was anything else that you left that needed addressing, give me a call back, Mary. Let’s go to Mike with Mayor Keenan—go ahead, please.


[Mike]   Joyce, I just though I’d pass this news item to you. They’ve closed the beaches from Navarre beach over to Destin, Florida now because the oil is getting so thick on there and they’re trying frantically to keep it out of the Choctawhatchee Bay. That’s east of Orange Beach. It’s actually going toward—they think it will be in Panama City by Sunday.


[Joyce]   Aren’t you grateful that we have somebody like Mayor Keenan to help us out here?


[Mike]   Oh, yes. I tried to hear the first five minutes of the interview but the static was so bad. Ask him, is the situation in Orange Beach, is it getting any worse down there?


[Joyce]   Ok, good question. Mayor, is it getting worse or is it just staying the same?


[Mayor TK]     It has gotten—the incidents are not any worse, they’re just becoming more frequent. But what it looks like is that east of us they’re getting hit much, much harder with a much thicker type of tar than we have. And, again, we’re blessed and I would wish that on no one. I hate their having to go through it but I’m actually going to go up and fly over this afternoon at 12 or 1 to just get an idea of what’s going on.  But to the east of us there’s a really, really large…{sat break}


[Joyce]   …everywhere. We had been told initially that in certain towns they were being told that FEMA was going to book all of their rooms. Now, this was as far out as Tillman’s corner in Tennessee and we announced this last week that we were getting word that Tillman’s Corner was booked by FEMA two weeks in advance, two weeks in advance of this time—Tillman’s Corner in Tennessee. Now, we get word that this was, in fact, true and it is totally booked there at Tillman’s Corner—for what reason we don’t know. Let me go to—thank you…for the phone call. Let’s go to Annette in West Virginia. Annette you’re on the air—go ahead, please, with Mayor Keenan.


[Annette]     Good morning. I have a few comments related to this terrible calamity in the Gulf. For one thing, it just seems that there’s a pattern, that those who are supposed to respond to calamity just don’t seem to do it and the American people are not being told by the broadcasters that they have their ninth and tenth Amendment of rights to follow through on and they do not have to wait for the government to tell them to do anything.


[Joyce]    Yeah, and I think that he understands that now and it’s like, ok, where do you begin, where do you start with something this big? Do you have a question for the mayor because I’ve got lots of people who want to talk to him?


[Annette]    Well, the American Free Press,…very good correspondent and he has the title to an article in the June 28th issue, Will Gulf Calamity Lead to Rothschild’s Financial Takeover? Has he heard of anything along these lines?


[Joyce]    A  Rothschild takeover out of the Gulf Calamity? Ok, in other words, you’re talking about something a whole lot bigger than what we’re seeing the Gulf? Sir, any response to that?


[Mayor TK]     No, ma’am. I have not heard anything of that nature. I mean, now obviously, there’s a possibility of a corporate takeover because all of our family businesses could go under and sell for pennies on the dollar and that’s what scares us as it would absolutely change the face of our community. But I have heard nothing on the scale of what that question was framed.


[Joyce]  I would be afraid of eminent domain or your property is now ours and we’ll give you, like you See, Monongahela Navigation Company v. U.S. (Supreme Court) You have the right to set your own price – don’t give those cheating bastards anything except at your price!! Take them to court. In the Kelo New London property case, the idiot lawyers fought the wrong issue so they lost. The government does have the right to eminent domain in cases of public necessity but you have the right to set your price. So don’t learn the law yourself and hire a thieving lawyer and go down in flames every time. } And let’s pray that doesn’t occur, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you, Annette from West Virginia. Fred in Missouri, you’re on the air with Mayor Keenan—go ahead, please.


[Fred]      Mayor Keenan, evidently you say he was a reverend up there, he’s coming out saying that it was either the benzene levels or the hydrogen sulfide, one of those two, you’re supposed to put on a gas mask at 4 parts per billion and one of those officials measured it at 3000 to 3400 parts per billion coming out of there.


[Joyce]      Let me just add, Fred, yeah this is hearsay. I’ve heard what Lindsay has said, this is hearsay. I want to see some documented fact and I think also our guest wants to see some documented fact also as to the true air quality. Do I speak for you correctly, sir?


[Mayor TK]     The last thing we need is more just rumor. We really need to document. We don’t want to create a panic but at the same time I want the truth out there. And, again, that’s why we’re going to hire—and I promise you, Joyce, as soon as we get the numbers you’ll be one of the first we’ll let know.


[Joyce]     Oh, thank you very much.


[Mayor TK]     We’re going to find out. I mean, this is personal to me. It’s not about politics or business. This is strictly about my kids and making sure my family is safe. I’m selfish and that’s where I’m going with it.


[Joyce]      Bingo—this is about a four-year-old and a fourteen year-old who is very dear to you and nobody wants to put anyone in a position of danger…and I think that it’s fine for Lindsay Williams to say that but, again, I want to see the documents. I’m a forensic document reviewer for certain issues and I want to see that because I don’t want anybody being scared out of their skin for no reason nor do I want to see anyone suffer when they should be out of there.


[Mayor TK]     That’s right, exactly. Ok, let’s go to—thank you, Fred in Missouri. Let’s go to {sat break}.


{a caller}     I’m a firm believer in the 9th and 10th amendment and I just don’t understand why governors and mayors just don’t get together and tell the federal government you are subject to us. We are not subject to you. And this has been going on for years. We no longer are citizens any more of a state or a resident of a state we are subject of Washington, D.C. {News flash: If you are a resident (res-ident) you are a subject of D.C. since you’re an agent of the principal which is Washington, D.C.  You don’t really want to be a res-ident and under contract to D.C. with your various adhesion contracts like the birth certificate, the social security, marriage certificate, driver’s license, business licenses, dog licenses, etc. If you are under license you perform to a contract—period! The same goes for the state. The governments are only subject to us if we are not agents of them by contract. If you are their agents you tell them nothing—they tell you everything!} and we automatically have to do what we’re told. Federal revenue sharing is the most evil thing that was ever perpetrated on the states. You have to stay in line or else you don’t get your little cookie, ok? {agents stay in line}


[Joyce]      Alright, let me go to the mayor. Mayor, now it’s hitting home now. Counties versus cities versus the federal government versus state—I mean we’re seeing it right now and we’re seeing a very ugly picture as a result of it. {stay private!!!}


[Mayor TK]     Well, we’re reaping the benefit of what we’ve sown {amen} where our apathy and ignorance over the last whatever. This is how it’s going to manifest itself. I would hope that the rest of America would realize that if this can happen to us it can happen to you. But when folks talk about the federal government, we do this, do that, I mean, I’d like to ask most of the people do you pay your income tax, your federal income taxes {to the IMF} and most of them say, ‘well, yes {sat break}. Again, I don’t want to sound like a coward but I have seen the heavy hand of the government on colleagues of mine in the health care business and in other areas and I’m going to tell you if there’s a unified effort to move forward, I’ll be right in the middle of it but to stick my neck out alone and go against the federal government I’m not going to stand here and try to be a hero. I’m going to be right up front with everybody. That’s not something I’m willing to do or sacrifice my family and life for.


[Joyce] Well, and there is a certain risk when you stand up and you’re the tallest nail on the board—for sure.


[Mayor TK]     There’s certain things, Joyce, that I would do that for. I mean, I’ll take a bullet for my family, for my friends, for my neighbors, but you also got to pick your battles to know what battles you can win. I have no desire—and I’ll take…in failure and get nothing done.


[Joyce]      That’s exactly right. The risk versus the benefit of all of this, ladies and gentlemen. If there are people listening from other states, other mayors. I know we have a Congressman that listens to this program all the time. Hey, let’s look at the facts for what they are. The system is not working.

The Power Hour is reaching out to Orange Beach because they have a mayor who is standing. He is willing to be the watchman on the wall. He is not backing down. He’s saying it like it is. I’m just going to say this to the mayor, I’m going to say it to him off the air, there’s an extra home here at the Power Hour. It’s all ready to do, already to go, that if the mayor has to leave we’ve got a home for the mayor here at the Power Hour. I’m reaching out with that because we put what we believe—I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we know the pain they’re going through and we can only feel this to the point of just so much. He has to live it every single day that this is bad and it’s going to get worse. Let me go to Chris in Florida. Chris in Florida, you’re on the air—go ahead, please.


[Chris]       Joyce, as we know Christine Todd Whitman just after 911 allowed Wall Street to be opened again by declaring…so we couldn’t expect anything different from this administration like when it comes to the Gulf disaster. Maybe I was thinking other toxins like benzene could be neutralized with ozone and broken down with ozone your personal air ionizer I was thinking might be feasible to be used inside something like a welder’s mask so it’s closer to your nose and mouth and you get more contact with the ozone or ionized air so that you ionize the breakdown of these kinds of toxins. I’ve seen studies on-line, there are quite a few that with ozone and even including magnesium peroxide or magnesium oxide, manganese oxide that it does the same thing…


[Joyce]      Chris, let me just add, I think ozone is an awesome idea. I think that ozone is probably an answer for that area too. We can’t go into all of that right now because we’ve got so many callers but you know what, thank you so much for that. I know you’re opening up a lot of areas for the mayor, right now, and I’m sure his mind is swimming with all these options that might be available and we’ll certainly help him if we can. Mayor, any response before we go to Donna in Florida?


[Mayor TK]     Again, out of my area of expertise. I’ve got a little bit in that area and it sounds like a great hypothesis to me and it’s just one example of how there’s a ton of people on the ground that have some great ideas that unfortunately have sort of been pushed aside in this whole process.


[Joyce]     That’s right and there’s a lot of bright people and there’s a lot of people that know. Alright, let’s go to Donna in Florida.


[Donna]      …as a young kid and we’re in Florida about fifty miles north of Tampa. Our kids live a mile from the beach down there. The only thing going on down there is that they’re putting all the fisherman out of business because no one will buy Florida seafood and it’s a mess down there. Lindsay Williams was on a show in Orlando the other day. He reported on one of the shows that people were extremely sick. Wait a minute, they’re on the Atlantic Ocean. He said they’re packing up and moving out terribly. Another pastor was on Pastor Butch and he gave a report out of Winter Haven which is much farther inland than we are but everybody was sick. Why are these…


[Joyce]       …and like he said he’s trying to get the monitoring systems as fast as he can. Mary in New York, final comment. I apologize for not getting to your question earlier. Go ahead with the mayor.


[Mary]      Ok. I just wanted to say if you’ve ever heard of John Moore, the liberty man?


[Joyce]      Ok, there’s a lot of radio shows and a lot of people out there and unfortunately we can’t deal with all of the…  He’s not listening to radio shows right now. Did you have something that you wanted him to hear that John Moore had to say?


[Mary]       Yes. He said that the rising ocean levels are imminent and that people should watch Al Gore’s movie on Inconvenient Truth and think about that we don’t have twenty or thirty years. The government prepared and they got everything moved by December 31st of 2009. I wanted to suggest that it’s yeshuah’s way of protecting us and getting us out of harms way before the ocean…


[Joyce]       I don’t know, a lot of people believe that this is prophesy that’s happening here. Let me get a final comment from our guest, Tony Keenan. I’ll have to let him go but I don’t want to but I’ll have to let him go. Go ahead, Mayor, any comments you’d like to make.


[Mayor TK]     I tell my people, right here in town, I’ll fight these guys and I’ll lead the battle but when I turn around you’d better be behind me. And I think America had better sort of subscribe to that same type of policy. Maybe the catalyst to wake everybody up and realize our government doesn’t have any interest in our well-being. They have an interest in our keeping and we have got to change things through a mass effort—one person, two person’s, I mean I’m stating the obvious.


[Joyce]       Yes, you are. We got to go. Sir, thank you so much. We’ll be back in touch with you. Call us any time—you’ll be on the air.


[Mayor TK]    And you call me as well.


[Joyce]     You bet, have a blessed day.








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