Nonviolent DU Campaign
June 21, 2006


This message is an invitation to actively participate in a nonviolent campaign to stop the production of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry. This effort allows you to take back control of decisions that impact your life. The campaign focuses on DU production sites, such as the ones in Rocket Center, West Virginia and in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Both are operated/contracted by Alliant Technologies, ATK on the New York Stock Exchange.

This nonviolent action is both locally and nationally based with a growing coalition of organizations and concerned citizens working to only stop the DU production, not shut down the plants.

The spiritual undergirding called for in this campaign is very intentional because it is clear that the struggle is much bigger than people. Every Friday noon, from 12 to 1, all those who are working with this campaign are urged to spend that focused hour in silence and/or fasting. In addition, each participant is encouraged to examine her/his lifestyle - How does one live a life that does not need to be defended by war? What changes can be made?

This campaign is multi-pronged, with many different groups working on dozens of different tasks simultaneously. These tasks range from monitoring trucks in and out of the Alliant plants, to prayer vigils for the victims of DU weapons, to scheduling public forums on DU with representatives from the Pentagon, Iraq veterans, health professionals, and the religious community, to building union coalitions with strike plans against DU employment, to planting Camp Caseys at the entrances to the plants, to calling for a boycott by military personnel against loading and using DU weapons, to bringing stockholders resolutions to the ATK board meeting to stop DU production, to urging Seymour Hersh to do a thorough expose on DU, to ... You get the idea! This must be so comprehensive that the campaign builds itself.

You can find resources on DU at the new campaign web site -  Write to us at  to let us know where you want to put your efforts. Commit yourself to the nonviolence guidelines found at the web site. Call us at 260-982-2971 or 574-537-4212. To support this effort financially, check the web site for the address and designate your gift for the DU Campaign.

John Dear wrote in  on Sunday, May 21, 2006:
You may have heard the true story of some church activists who met in a church basement in East Berlin in the dismal days of the early 1980s around the ridiculous topic, "What Will It Be Like 1000 Years From Now When the Berlin Wall Finally Comes Down--And--What Do We Have To Do Now To Help That Great Day Happen?" They were dismissed as idealistic fools. But their meeting was exciting and energized them, so they decided to meet again, and more people showed up, and they kept meeting, and soon, people were meeting in church basements across East Germany, and within a few years, in November 1989, we watched in astonishment on TV as hundreds of thousands of people marched every day throughout East Germany and the unthinkable happened, the newly imaginable happened, the Berlin Wall came down peacefully.

For such a day we work! Will you join us?

Ben Long, Mabel Brunk, Tom Benevento, Juanita Shenk, Chris Long, and Cliff Kindy with Christian Peacemaker Teams, Northern Indiana