First of all, thank you for all the inquires regarding the "BIG" two major questions regarding
9-11 In Plane Site.

  After viewing, most ask: "Where are the planes?... The passengers?

Consider this analogy:

Let's say you are in NY and you have to put a loved one on a bus to Boston.
You go to the GREYHOUND bus terminal, buy a GREYHOUND bus ticket and put them on
the GREYHOUND bus.
Several hours later, it is reported that  "A GREYHOUND"  bus bound to Boston from NY lost control
as it entered the city, crashed and exploded and all aboard perished.
Not long after, someone who was sightseeing in Boston with a video camera shows up with a
video of the tragedy an upon inspection of the video, we see the bus just as it is about to crash.
However, this bus says, "TRAILWAYS" on the side!
* Question 1:  Where did the GREYHOUND bus go?
* Answer:  I don't know! But if your loved one was on that bus wouldn't you
want a full investigation?
* Question 2:   Should we ridicule, demonize and discredit anyone who dares ask
about the GREYHOUND bus?

Should we also ignore the video and condemn the person who produced the video
simply because we can't answer the question?

I would suggest that you listen to the 8/8/05 program:
A 30 yr USAF vet and expert in ID'ing aircraft parts agrees with me and so does
a 33 yr missile defense worker at the DoD!

I'm sure you will agree that inasmuch that the planes "disappeared" for a half an hour before
the targets were hit, there was ample opportunity for substitution and diversion.

We all need to demand a new independent investigation into 911 and maybe THEN we will  find out what
happened to #175 AND #11 AND #77 AND #93.

Let's all think outside the "cage"!

NOW The Issue of Witnesses

   Witness testimony is not evidence. Witness testimony is commonly dispelled especially if it is contrary to the official story. Examples: Witnesses in OKC stated that the Murrah bldg blew "out". One woman stated that she was blown across the street as she was about to enter the bldg.

726 witnesses stated that they had seen something shoot up and strike TWA flight 800. Over 200 signed affidavits to that affect. However, all of the above testimonies were ignored despite the physical supporting evidence because their testimony was contrary to the "official story".

In the case of the Pentagon, some have stated it was a small aircraft. Some have said it sounded like a missile. However, a mere handful of witnesses stated that they saw a plane hit and these testimonies are being held up as "evidence" despite physical evidence to the contrary.

I find it absurd that some folks can't/wont think outside the "cage" that has been prepared for them by the mainstream media and gov't. officials.

A USA today poll found that 24% of Americans trust the media and only 6% trust the govt to tell them the truth. Why is it then that when in idea that is contrary to the "official story" is presented, is is met with ridicule and condemnation?

When an animal is raised in confinement, it is sometimes terrified when the cage is opened for the first time and the possibility of realizing the dream of freedom presents itself. America and the world have been raised in the "cage" that condemns and ridicules free thought and some are more comfortable believing the lie rather that face the truth. In the case of the events of 9/11, we are now faced with an open door and many are taking their first steps through it. Some are damning those that opened it.

We must all live with our decisions.

Welcome to the outside of the cage.

Dave vonKleist
The Power Hour
Joyce Riley & Dave vonKleist