American Veterans' Justice Foundation
Anyone willing to help out or if you are just interested in learning more about the American Veterans' Justice Foundation, please contact:
     Dannie Wolf B.S., Th.M.
    American Veterans' Justice Foundation
    3303 N.W. Atlanta Avenue
    Lawton, Ok. 73505

Phone: 580-355-3811

Please sign the petition requiring the Government to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need your help to save this country. Please help distribute!

Joint Terrorist Task Force Pamphlet Issued by the Phoenix Office of the FBI.  (see below link)

Dannie Wolfe saw this FBI pamphlet and was concerned as to it's authenticity and wrote his Senator from Oklahoma...James Inhofe. The Senator wrote back to him and confirmed the pamphlet as authentic.  The FBI has been training uniformed police officers to be able to identify "domestic terrorists" (Christians, Constitutionalists included along with Nazi's).  This means that for some time the FBI has considered Christians and those who defend the US constitution as domestic terror suspects. (see FBI pamphlet...front and back below along with the letter from Dannie's Senator confirming it as AUTHENTIC.   Click the above link to see the Pamphlet and letter!