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No requirement for DU weapons shipped to have radiation symbol or DOT markings   MORE U.S. Department of Transportation: This special permit authorizes the transportation in commerce of munitions which contain components manufactured of depleted uranium metal, classified as Class 1 with a subsidiary hazard of Class 7, subject to the limitations and special requirements specified herein.
Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions - COL J. Edgar Wakayama - OSD/DOT&E/CS     MORE Internal DOD - Pentagon briefing is frightening as it confirms all they deny!
Depleted Uranium for Dummies   MORE The Most Toxic Battle In Western Military History by Irving Wesley Hall
DU: One Of The Greatest Environmental Horrors In The History Of The World   MORE Most Americans have no idea that depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military are causing one of the greatest environmental nightmares in the history of the world. (Feb. 2010)
Iraq to sue US, Britain over depleted uranium bombs  MORE Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the US over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says. According to the reports, during the first year of the US and British invasion of Iraq, both countries had repeatedly used bombs containing depleted uranium. (Feb. 2010)
U.S. Importing 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand From Kuwait    MORE Half of the containers will be loaded onto 76 rail cars and transported to an American Ecology disposal site in Idaho. The other half will remain at the port until the trains return to haul them to Idaho. The containers all will be at the disposal site in Idaho within 15 to 30 days, Hyslop said. (Aril 2008)
Former Director of the U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium Project reveals toxic effects of America's Military Operations    MORE  
VA DU Fact Sheet   MORE Fact Sheet from the VA on Depleted uranuim
Analysis of VA Health Care Utilization Among US Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Veterans MORE Jan. 2008
Depleted Uranium Follow-Up Program  MORE Publications and Forms
DU VA Search       MORE Many Articles on Depleted Uranium
Doubts remain about depleted uranium  MORE The Army says its Stryker armored vehicles have never fired depleted uranium rounds in Hawaii, and there is no intent for them to ever do so. "I guess the community is a little bit worried about (the Army's) credibility, so they would like to set up for monitoring," said Pang, the state Health Department's district officer for Maui County.
National Depleted Uranium Conference 2007 MORE Saturday, May 19, 2007 a major conference on depleted uranium is scheduled for East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.
DU: Soldier Health Scare Back in News MORE While the military continues to deny the connection of depleted uranium to sicknesses plaguing returning servicemen and women, a newly mandated study stemming from legislation signed by President Bush in October is just getting under way.
Depleted Uranium in explosives tests west of Tracy scheduled for this year MORE Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories has applied for a permit to blow up as much as 450 pounds of depleted uranium in explosives tests west of Tracy this year.
Australian Soldiers test positive to DU MORE TWO Australian soldiers who served in the first Iraq war have tested positive to depleted uranium (DU) contamination despite assurances from the federal Government they had not been exposed, an anti-nuclear group said. (March 27, 2007)
Do a Google search on "depleted uranium babies" and see how many pages it yields! MORE
WARNING: Photos are extremely graphic.
MEETING: Gulf War and Health: Updated Literature Review of Depleted Uranium MORE Updated Literature Review of Depleted Uranium will hold a public meeting from 1:00 to 2:30 PM on Thursday, March 22. This meeting will be held in Room 101 at the Keck Center of the National Academies, 500 Fifth St., NW (between E and F St.), Washington, D.C. Click on the above hyperlink for more information.
Depleted Uranium: Pernicious Killer Keeps on Killing MORE
By Craig Etchison, Ph.D.
February 19, 2007
CNN News Video on Depleted Uranium and Iraqi troops MORE
Do US troops know about the dangers of depleted uranium? CNN's Greg Hunter reports (Feb. 5, 2007)
Is Depleted Uranium the suspect behind Military Suicides? MORE The use of depleted uranium (D.U.)—more properly nuclear waste—and other substances in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be ruled out as a cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reported by U.S., Coalition, and NATO veterans.
Depleted Uranium behind the surge in Cancer rates in Iraq MORE Up till now, the battlefield remains a radioactive toxic wasteland -- and depleted uranium munitions remain a mystery despite many studies and many attempts by scientists to fully discover its secrets.
DU Informational Website Website MORE
Take time to check out this website!
Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination In Iraq: An Overview MORE
by Prof Souad N. Al-Azzawi.
Aug. 31, 2006
Depleted Uranium is WMD by Leuren Moret MORE Depleted uranium is very, very, very nasty stuff! A MUST READ ARTICLE!
Britain, U.S. Using Radioactive ‘Dirty Bombs’ MORE
Dr. Doug Rokke-World’s foremost expert on the U.S. military’s use of depleted uranium speaks out
Leuren Moret & Dr. Mishra Threatened over DU/Diabetes Worldwide MORE
Confident U.S. generals commit war crimes - Uranium as a force multiplier MORE The Pentagon reported 320 tons of deadly, radiation-dispersing weaponized ceramic uranium oxide gas weapons were deployed on the nearly defenseless Iraqis in 1991. Cancers and other diseases soared. Ever since the American atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August 1945, radiation dispersing uranium weapons have been war crimes and illegal. Read More...
Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens Requiring Immediate Action By President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and Prime Minister Olmert by Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD. MORE The delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker busters bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States to Israel for use against targets in Lebanon will result in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the middle east. July 24, 2006
Nonviolent DU Campaign MORE This message is an invitation to actively participate in a nonviolent campaign to stop the production of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry. This effort allows you to take back control of decisions that impact your life. The campaign focuses on DU production sites, such as the ones in Rocket Center, West Virginia and in Jonesborough, Tennessee.
John DiNardo's New Website -- MORE 
The Toxic Poisoning of the World (May 2006)
Depleted Uranium - The Greatest Crime of Historic Time by Victor Connor MORE Since October of 2001, the United States military has used approximately 3,000 tons of depleted uranium munitions against people in Afghanistan and Iraq. This will soon cause the serious health problems to include respiratory disease, kidney problems, rashes, birth defects, and the number of cancers of those people to jump to over 500,000 people each year.
Depleted Uranium - Far Worse Than 9/11 MORE If terrorists succeeded in spreading something throughout the U.S. that ended up causing hundreds of thousands of cancer cases and birth defects over a period of many years, they would be guilty of a crime against humanity that far surpasses the Sept. 11th attacks in scope and severity. Although not deliberate, with our military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have done just that. READ MORE...
Radioactive Tank No. 9 comes limping home MORE Across the plains of Kansas, destroyed, radioactive Abrams tanks, perched on railroad flatcars, rolled towards an uncertain future. Only one thing was certain. They would be radioactive forever. This would be their everlasting death mask. The Pentagon deceptively calls it "depleted uranium."
The U.S. Military is in DU Denial MORE "They ask us to go fight their wars, do the dirty work and then they can’t take care of you.”
U.S. turns the globe into toxic wasteland MORE When media reports first uncovered the use of banned weapons in Iraq by the U.S. occupying forces, the American Army and the Pentagon were quick to reject those reports as unfounded. Later on, the Pentagon admitted using chemical weapons in Iraq.
Lung Cancer Epidemic from DU Has Begun in U.S. MORE In the year 2005 there were 175,000 new cases of lung cancer in the United States. The months of January and February of 2006 have already yielded 172,000 new cases of lung cancer in our nation. What has lead to this shocking new development?
Uranium’s Effect On DNA Established MORE The use of depleted uranium in munitions and weaponry is likely to come under intense scrutiny now that new research that found that uranium can bind to human DNA. The finding will likely have far-reaching implications for returned soldiers, civilians living in what were once war-zones and people who might live near uranium mines or processing facilities.
Depleted Uranium is "blowing in the wind" by Arun Shrivastava MORE March 2, 2006 Article - "US Government kills its own soldiers….and us….and lies…and signs deals." “Depleted uranium dust will continue to be an extreme hazard to soldiers, civilians, populations in countries downwind6,8, and the environment as a radiological contaminant to all living systems for ten half-lives or 45 BILLION years.”
Current Issues on Depleted Uranium Weapons Tests and Incidents MORE
WISE-World Information Service on Energy Uranium Project.
Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium' MORE Disturbing photos of children (Warning: This is very upsetting)! (Jan. 2006)
The Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC) MORE UMRC's mission is to contribute to the vision by providing independent, objective, and expert scientific and medical research on the effects of uranium and transuranic elements.
Tests point to health damage of DU in Iraq MORE No one knows how many U.S. soldiers have been contaminated. Despite regulations authorizing DU tests for anyone who suspects exposure, the military avoids doing them—or delays until they are meaningless, Lindorff writes.  (Sept. 6, 2005)
Killing our own with depleted uranium MORE The United Nations classifies depleted-uranium ammunition as an illegal weapons of mass destruction because of their long-term impacts on the land over which they explode and the long-term health problems they cause when people are exposed to them. Sept. 2005 MORE International Depleted Uranium Study Team - MISSION STATEMENT--To disseminate information and coordinate advocacy efforts worldwide; To bring about a total ban on weapons that contain depleted uranium.
Depleted Uranium Munitions Study Act MORE HR 2410 - Bill Introduced into the House
               ( May 17, 2005)
Depleted uranium tests for US troops returning from Iraq MORE 09/28/05 "The Independent"- US troops returning from Iraq are for the first time to be offered state-of-the-art radiation testing to check for contamination from depleted uranium - a controversial substance linked by some to cancer and birth defects.
Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq MORE By Scott Peterson The Christian Science Monitor. The Monitor visited four sites in the city - including two randomly chosen destroyed Iraqi armored vehicles, a clutch of burned American ammunition trucks, and the downtown planning ministry - and found significant levels of radioactive contamination from the US battle for Baghdad.
Radiation Expert Claims High-Radiation Readings Near Pentagon After 9/11 Indicates Depleted Uranium Used MORE
By Greg Szymanski / 8-19-5 /
Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq MORE By Scott Peterson The Christian Science Monitor-Older article (Thursday 15 May 2003) but worth the read.
Newly Posted Article By Dr. James Howenstine, MD. August 14, 2005 A MUST READ!!
Depleted Uranium Training Film MORE Why Has Our Military Refused to Show This Training Video To Our Troops Now Serving In Iraq?
Silver Bullet: Depleted Uranium MORE
Very informative website concerning DU.
Very important document about DU - The Los Alamos Memorandum MORE
"There has been and continues to be a concern regarding the impact of DU on the environment."
Uranium Enrichment Project Newsletter MORE The Uranium Enrichment Project plans to publish a monthly online newsletter summarizing events within the US uranium enrichment establishment. Thanks to ShOShanna at the X-Zone for sending this our way!
DU Death Toll Tops 11,000 MORE The death toll from the highly toxic weapons component known as depleted uranium (DU) has reached 11,000 soldiers and the growing scandal may be the reason behind Anthony Principi’s departure as secretary of the Veterans Affairs Department. (March 2005)
LISTEN TO Archived 4-HOUR DEPLETED URANIUM SPECIAL MORE Hear Maj. Doug Rokke, PhD, Ret., article below, tell his
story, along with 5 other DU Experts -Leuren Moret, Bob Nichols, Dennis Kyne, Sue Riordan, Karen Parker & more.
Depleted Uranium Situation Requires Action MORE Please read and sign this petition.
Heads roll at Veterans Administration MORE by Bob Nichols-Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed.
Depleted Uranium Munitions Disabling Hundreds of Thousands of Vets MORE “This malady (from uranium munitions), that thousands of our military have suffered and died from, has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness, eliminating the guessing. (March 2005)
Details on Depleted Uranium MORE “DU dust does more than wreak havoc on the immune systems of those who breathe it or touch it; the substance also alters one’s genetic code.” (March 2005)
Latest DU article by Dennis Kyne MORE Entitled: What happened to the test tube paradigm?
DU and Gulf War Syndrome MORE "This malady [from uranium munitions], that thousands of our military have suffered and died from, has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness, eliminating the guessing."
The War Against Ourselves MORE An Interview with Major Doug Rokke, Army Reserve Major and Health Physicist in charge of DU cleanup after the Gulf War.
United States to use DU MORE A US defence official has said moves to ban depleted uranium ammunition are just an attempt by America's enemies to blunt its military might.
Handling Procedures for Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uranium of Radioactive Commodities MORE
From The Dept. of the Army (WARNING: This is a .pdf file)
DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care MORE
American Free Press article-August 2004
Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets MORE
A Death Sentence Here And Abroad by Leuren Moret August 22, 2004
Issues on the Use and Effects of RADIATION Weapons
Depleted Uranium - Silent Genocide MORE
Compiled by Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition - first published January 2003
Depleted Uranium: Dead Children, Sick Soldiers MORE
The use of Depleted Uranium (DU) armor piercing shells by U.S. forces in the 1991 Gulf War was uncovered by the German professor, Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther.
Impact of Depleted Uranium on Man and Environment in Iraq MORE An international scientific symposium on the use of Depleted Uranium and its impact on man and environment in Iraq was held in Baghdad between December 2-3, 1998. (Excellent Information!)
Further Evidence on Relation between Depleted Uranium, Incidence of Malignancies among Children MORE
Information on the incidence of malignancies among children below 15 years of age in Basrah, southern Iraq was updated to include 1999 in addition to the already reported for the period 1990-1998.
The Perpetual Death from America MORE By Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, PhD... Director Afghan DU & Recovery Fund (Warning:This is a .pdf file)
The War Against Ourselves MORE
An Interview with Major Doug Rokke
Appeal for the Release of the three Japanese Taken Hostage in Iraq Issued by the Anti-DU (Depleted Uranium) Groups in Japan MORE
Issued by the Anti-DU (Depleted Uranium) Groups in Japan
April 8, 2004
Perpetuation of War Damage by Radiation MORE This article is written for an educational text of depleted uranium munitions for Japanese general citizen and is translated to English for the World Uranium Weapons Conference 2003.) ( August 2003)  (Warning: this is a .pdf file)
Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D. Speaks out MORE Depleted Uranium Casualties: Care Denied -- THE DENIAL OF MEDICAL CARE MUST STOP!
Army to test N.Y. Guard unit MORE Army officials at Fort Dix and Walter Reed Army Medical Center are rushing to test all returning members of the 442nd Military Police Company of the New York Army National Guard for depleted uranium contamination.
U.S. Soldiers Contaminated With Depleted Uranium Speak Out MORE
three of the contaminated soldiers speak out.
US Soldiers returning from Samawah/Iraq contaminated with uranium MORE
Four of nine soldiers from a New York Army National Guard unit serving in Iraq have tested positive for depleted uranium.
Poisoned? MORE Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of America's high-tech weapons. Soldiers demand to know health risks!
Silent Genocide MORE A great DU Article!  DU dust is everywhere. A minimum of 500 or 600 tons now litter Afghanistan, and several times that amount are spread across Iraq.
Soldiers Manual Of Common Tasks
A Radioactive Nightmare In Concord, Massachusetts MORE
Who says DU is not dangerous?
Former Chief of the Naval Staff, India  (FEBRUARY 29, 2004).
US Army Depleted Uranium Hazard Training Video MORE
Why Has Our Military Refused to Show This Training Video To Our Troops Now Serving In Iraq?
First award for depleted uranium poisoning claim MORE
A SCOTS ex-soldier has become the first veteran to win a pension appeal after being diagnosed with depleted uranium (DU) poisoning during the 1991 Gulf war.
WHO suppressed scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq MORE
An expert report warning that the long-term health of Iraq’s civilian population would be endangered by British and US depleted uranium (DU) weapons has been kept secret.
UK MoD: "DU Info Card" MORE
Depleted Uranium has the potential to cause ill health....see the DU card!
DU warning to those in IRAQ MORE
UMRC Information Bulletin - Issued via email February 9, 2004
Contact Media: Ask for Coverage of 'Depleted Uranium' Story MORE
(For full details on Depleted Uranium...follow the links on this page.)
Evidence of DU danger MORE
World Uranium Weapons Conference...Depleted Uranium and other Uranium Weapons.
Letter from Doug Rokke MORE Regarding "Army Times" Article "Sick Guard members blame depleted uranium." I Implore you to act!



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