A Response and Challenge


To Those Angered by the Inquiry Into the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon

 By Dave vonKleist

The recent increase of interest into the 9/11attack on the Pentagon has angered many people for various reasons. It has therefore become necessary to clarify the position taken on this issue, due to the fact that so many have either misunderstood the questions raised, or have taken offense at the mere fact that one would dare question the government and media reports of the events in Washington on September 11th.

  I, like most of those responding, feel that America deserves to know that every effort will be made to bring the guilty parties to justice. When the French website “Hunt the Boeing” surfaced, the assertion that no plane hit the Pentagon was repugnant to me, and to many of the thousands that read the information and viewed the photographs posted. I state now for the record that I have never subscribed to the theory that NO plane hit the Pentagon. The photographs did raise the question as to WHAT hit the Pentagon and what really happened that morning.

I began to pour through the many photographs released in magazines and other publications in an effort to SUPPORT the assertion that a Boeing 757 was responsible for the damage inflicted on our nations military headquarters. However, the more I examined the photographic EVIDENCE, the more that I realized that very serious questions were being raised that demanded some kind of explanation as to how this event could have occurred as presented by the powers-that-be.

  The most important photographs are the ones taken shortly after firefighters arrived on the scene, BEFORE THE COLLAPSE OF THE PENTAGON’S OUTER RING! As of this writing and to the best of my knowledge, no one has addressed this issue and offered a reasonable explanation as to how this sequence of events occurred. The initial reports from the media were that a small plane had hit the Pentagon, or that a bomb had gone off, or that a helicopter had crashed near the heliport. Shortly after these reports, network anchors reported that a commercial airliner had crashed into the Pentagon, (effectively overriding reporters on the scene), and had ripped a jagged hole, destroying a portion of the building.

  Many of those who reject this line of inquiry respond with the question: “If the 757 didn’t hit the Pentagon, then where did it go?” Answer: “I don’t know!” The question should be: “If a 757 hit the Pentagon, then where is it?”  I, like everybody else want to know the fate of the souls that perished on flight 77 and at the Pentagon on 9/11 and for the sake of the families whose lives were destroyed by this act of terrorism, we deserve to know the truth about what really happened.

  The other argument that is made in support of the conventional story is: “What about the witnesses that said they saw a 757 hit the Pentagon?” Historically, whenever witnesses report seeing an event that is contrary to the party line, they are immediately dispelled as unreliable and not credible. The result is that their testimony is ignored and discredited. (Example: 741 witnesses have signed affidavits stating they had seen a missile hit TWA-800, hundreds said the Murrah building in Oklahoma City blew OUT and that there were TWO explosions, etc.) If eyewitness accounts are summarily and routinely dismissed in all other cases, why should this issue be any different? Especially when the photographic evidence does not support their testimonies?

  The photographic evidence, common sense and the consistent track record of the government lying to the American people, (Ruby Ridge, Waco, TWA-800, OKC, Flight 587, etc., etc., etc.), bring into serious question the motives and agenda of not just the government and the Pentagon, but the enormous media networks that have participated in perpetuating stories that fly in the face of thinking individuals who exercise their right and duty to question authority. Maybe if we as Americans had pressed for answers on past issues, we wouldn’t have to ask these questions today.

  I urge anyone who has evidence of the 757 hitting the Pentagon to come forward and present it publicly to put this issue to rest. I also ask those who e-mail us at the website to either present their argument in an intelligent manner and address the issues raised by the photographs mentioned, or don’t waste our or your time. Those who rely on profanity and vulgarity to make their feeble and meaningless points only publicly demonstrate their ignorance.  

I also hereby officially challenge the media to prove its independence from the government by honestly addressing the issues raised by these photographs, (which are in and of themselves newsworthy), with some explanation other than, “They’re crazy!” or, “They’re conspiracy theorists!” The old technique or “destroying the messenger” rather than addressing the message just doesn’t work anymore. The credibility of ALL the news networks is quickly attaining the same status as the Pentagon because they are working WITH the Pentagon! I hope and pray to be proven wrong and would be very happy to publicly admit my error. Sadly, I believe the national news agencies have passed the point of no return, as they have traveled so far down the road to corruption that admission now would totally obliterate any hope of believability in the future.  

Finally, to those who question the patriotism of those who would dare ask such questions, I would ask that you do a little research. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. This is supposed to be a government of, by and for the people and our first document of law, (The Constitution) is the rulebook. There are those in positions of authority who have subverted and ignored the laws of this country, and it is up to the people to restore our Republic to its Constitutional principals. We were proudly flying our P.O.W. and U.S flags long before 9/11, and were labeled as “Patriots” (with negative connotation) for doing so. By the way, to the best of our knowledge, we were the ONLY source of official U.S. Title 4 Flags for the general public until the supply ran out. That’s right, the Official U.S. Flag is NOT available to the general public. Those who want more background on our patriotism can visit our sister website: www.gulfwarvets.com.

  How can we dare call ourselves the “Land of the Free and the home of the Brave?” when we are not free enough to ask questions for fear of reprisal? Or brave enough to face the truth when it surfaces? America needs to do some serious soul searching and look itself in the mirror. Our collective denial will be our own undoing unless we quickly figure what and who we are supposed to be as a free and open society.  

“My Country, Love it or Leave it!” represents a very dangerous “blind patriotism” attitude that enables dictators like Adolph Hitler to come into power. Those that subscribe to this philosophy and “simply follow orders” are the greatest threat to a free nation that there is. I say “My Country, Love it and Fix it!” That’s what we as Patriots are supposed to do!

“… it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government and to provide new guards for their security.” – The Declaration of Independence  




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